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A Guide to the Emil Grosswald Papers, 1942-1988

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Grosswald, Emil
Title: Emil Grosswald Papers,
Dates: 1942-1988
Abstract: Collection documents the career of Emil Grosswald (1912-1989) in number theory, largely at the University of Pennsylvania (1952-1968) and Temple University (1968-1989).
Identification: 90-2
Extent: 8 ft.; manuscript, typescript, printed.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Emil Grosswald was born in Bucharest, Rumania, on December 15, 1912. He received a Masters' degree from the University of Bucharest (1933) and continued his studies in Paris and Montpelier. Grosswald arrived in the United States in 1946 and received his Ph.D from the University of Pennsylvania (1950). In 1952, after a lectureship at the University of Saskatoon and a year at the Institute for Advanced Study, he joined the Department of Mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania. Grosswald joined the faculty of Temple University (Philadelphia) in 1968, retiring and becoming professor emeritus in 1980. He has held visiting professorships at the Technicon (Haifa, 1980-81), Swarthmore College (1982), and the University of Pennsylvania (1984). He died on April 11, 1989.

Grosswald was an analyst, specializing in analytic number theory. His association with Hans Rademacher, also on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania, led to Grosswald's editing of Rademacher's Topics in Analytic Number Theory (1973) and Collected Papers (1974).

Scope and Contents

The papers contain substantial correspondence (1942-88; 3 ft.), including correspondence with P. Bateman, H. Rademacher, J.A. Shohat, C.L. Siegel, and many others. There are manuscripts and letters related to articles and books by, and edited by, Emil Grosswald (1942-88; 15 in.). Grosswald's teaching and lecture notes are included (2 ft.), together with a substantial body of notes on unpublished research (2 ft.). Also included are records of Grosswald's work on the Mathematical Association of America's Board of Governors (1965-68; 4 in.) and the Ford Award Committee (1970-77; 1 in.).


Series Outline

General Correspondence
Books by Emil Grosswald
Articles by Emil Grosswald
Books edited by Emil Grosswald
Teaching and Lectures
Old Research - Unsuccessful attempts
Notes on seminars and works of others
Mathematical Association of America records


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Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Bateman, P.T.
Grosswald, Emil
Rademacher, Hans, 1892-1969
Shohat, J. (James), b. 1886
Siegel, Carl Ludwig, 1896-
Subjects (Organizations)
Mathematical Association of America.
Temple University. Dept. of Mathematics
University of Pennsylvania. Dept. of Mathematics
Number theory.

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Emil Grosswald Papers, 1942-1988, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers


General correspondence:

90-2/1 A - Anderson
Andree - Ay
Barrucand, P.
Bateman, P.
Be - Bu
90-2/2 Berndt, B.
Ca - Ch
Ci - Cw
Epstein, B., 1957-1972
Epstein, B., 1973-1987
90-2/3 F
Ga - Goldsmith
Goldstein - Guy
I - J
Ka - Ki
90-2/4 Kl - Kn
Ko - Kw
Kohler, G.
Koninck, J. -M. de
Kotz, S.
La - LeVecque
Lewin - Lu
90-2/5 Ma - Mc
Me - Mil
Min - Mit
Mo - My
Pa - Pi
90-2/6 Pl - Q
Ra - Re
Rademacher, H.
Ri - Roselle
Rosen - Ry
Sa - Schild
Savitri, K.
Schinzel - Schoenfeld
90-2/7 Schnitzer, F. J., 1959-1977
Schnitzer, F. J., 1978-1987
Schoenberg, I. J.
Schonheim - Se
Sh - Sm
Sn - Sz
90-2/8 T
Terres, A.
U - V
Wa - We
Wh - Wu


Books by Emil Grosswald:

90-2/8 Dedekind Sums ( with H. Rademacher), 1972
Correspondence, typescripts
90-2/9 Manuscript lecture notes (Rademacher's?), typescripts
Correspondence, proofs
Bessel Polynomials, 1978
Typescripts, ms literature list
90-2/10 Typescripts
Notebook with manuscript material for book
Correspondence, critical reactions, 1977-79
Topics from the Theory of Numbers, 1966, 2nd ed.1984
Correspondence, 1963-67
Correspondence, 1979-86
Representations of Integers as Sums of Squares, 1985
Correspondence, 1980-88


Articles by Emil Grosswald:

90-2/11 Reprints, Bibliography, list of Ph.D. students, 1942-71
Reprints, 1971-88, also technical reports and mimeographed items, 1954-73 and undated, 1954-1988 and undated
Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences: Rademacher Functions, Riemann Zeta Functions - Manuscript, correspondence, 1986
Hans Rademacher, biographical sketch - Manuscript,
Brochure on Hans Rademacher Instructorships


Books edited by Emil Grosswald:

90-2/11 Topics in Analytic Number Theory, by Hans Rademacher, 1973
90-2/12 Galleys, page proofs
Collected Papers of Hans Rademacher correspondence, 1974


Teaching and Lectures (Didactical Material):

90-2/12 Tensor calculus
Advanced calculus, Rudin-Widder, 1964
Numerical analysis
90-2/13 Modern algebra
ME 600/601
Number theory
90-2/14 Theory of algebraic numbers
Lectures, Paris, 1964-65
Methodes elem. de Theorie des Nombres
Graduate course in number theory, 1978/79
Modular functions
Calculus of variations
Riemann surfaces
Complex variables, 1975/76
Meromorphic functions
90-2/15 Complex variables - applications to number theory
Theta functions, etc.
Complex variables
Theory of functions: Special topics
90-2/16 Differential equations
Probability, 1958/59
Newton's formulae
Old exams
Differential equations, Swarthmore, 1982
Examination, Calabri(?), 1966
Fredholm method


"Old research - Unsuccessful attempts:"

[Much is unlabeled, Includes material on the following topics]
90-2/17 Zeros of Riemann zeta function
Riesz function
Vinogradov's theorem
Reworking Rademacher's application of the sieve method to show…
Classical Diophontine equation
90-2/18 Goldsmith dissection
Heaviside and the operational calculus
Partitions of natural integers into prime powers
Littlewood's theorem
Theorem by Polya
Artin conj.
Various notes of other people's work
90-2/19 Epstein's zeta functions
Riesz function
Colloquium [in French] on (in part) methods of Landau and Polya
Pisot's problem
Theory of partitions
Zeros of zeta function
Bateman, Epstein(?) zeta; Real zeros of L-series
90-2/20 Bellman's problem
Divisor problem
Vinogradoff theorem valid up to…
Old notes, seminars, Siegel, transcendental numbers, etc.
Entropy, etc.
J.C. Lopez, 1963
Twin primes
Reisz functions
On Bateman's paper
Mill's problem(?)
90-2/21 Dissections and prime numbers
On Waring's problem
Irreducibility of BP


Notes on seminars and works of others:

90-2/21 Notes on conferences, works by others
Notebook: "Pisot Lectures of "Rademacher Year" 1961/62"
Princeton seminar, 1973-74
Research Institute on the Theory of Numbers, Boulder, Colorado, 1959


Mathematical Association of America records:

90-2/22 Board of Governors
January - March, 1967
April - December, 1967
Ford Award, 1970, 1974-1977