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A Guide to the Robert Trout Papers, 1930-2003

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Trout, Robert.
Title: Trout, Robert, papers
Dates: 1930-2003
Abstract The Robert Trout Papers, 1930-2003, contains six series: I. Professional career, 1931-1992; II. Memos and correspondence, 1931-1992; III. Personal and reference files, 1930-1991; IV. Oversize materials; V. Sound recordings; and VI. Photographic material. Scripts, transcripts, notes, correspondence, clippings, ephemera, photographic material, sound recordings, and artifacts document Trout's career in network broadcasting. Included are Trout's chronological files on his radio and television appearances (1931-1992), which contain scripts, correspondence, clippings, network promotional materials, and such ephemera as tickets and press passes. Also included are files documenting Trout's writing and media projects, his correspondence with colleagues and the public, reference files pertaining to his work and interests, personal and publicicty photos, and Trout's collection of tape and disc recordings.
Accession No.: 2000-69; 2000-254; 2001-011; 2009-300; 2014-057
Extent: 67 ft., 5 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Robert Trout's career as a radio and television broadcaster spanned almost the entire history of those media in the twentieth century. His colleagues and the public admired the intelligence, fairness, subtlety, and self-depreciating wit that informed his work. Trout, born Robert Blondheim in Washington D.C. in 1909, originally aspired to a writing career. In 1931, he was doing odd jobs and developing scenarios for plays at radio station WJSV in Alexandria, Virginia, when he filled in on the air. Soon, he was writing, editing, and broadcasting regularly. The Columbia Broadcasting Network (CBS) took WJSV as its first Washington, D.C. area affiliate in 1932, and Trout covered the election and inauguration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt for the network. In 1935, CBS transferred Trout to New York City and designated him its first Special Events Reporter. The network had no news department at that time. Trout reported news events, conducted interviews, hosted entertainment programs, and became radio's first news anchor. In 1938, Trout wed Catherine "Kit" Crane. She became a significant partner in his career, serving as his personal manager, providing him with research for his broadcasts, and critiquing his on-air performances.

For over sixty years, Trout worked in American broadcasting. He could remain on the air for hours at a time, reporting calmly and accurately, which earned him the nickname, "The Iron Man of Radio." His coverage of breaking news during World War Two shaped the memories of many Americans, and his reports from political conventions and presidential inaugurations became institutions. Ultimately, he covered almost all of America's major party conventions, presidential elections and inaugurations between Roosevelt's election in 1932 and the conventions of 2000. Though Trout spent most of his career at CBS, he also broadcast for the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

In 1965, the Trouts moved to Europe, residing in Paris and later Madrid. Trout wrote commentary pieces and acted as a European correspondent on radio and television for CBS and later ABC. Following Kit Trout's death and his retirement from ABC in the mid-1990s, Trout divided his time between New York and Madrid. His commentaries appeared on National Public Radio (NPR) from 1995 until two weeks before his death, at the age of ninety-one, in November 2000.

Scope and Contents

The Robert Trout Papers, 1930-2003, contains six series: I. Professional career, 1931-1992; II. Memos and correspondence, 1931-1992; III. Personal and reference files, 1930-1991; IV. Oversize materials; V. Sound recordings; and VI. Photographic material. Scripts, transcripts, notes, correspondence, clippings, ephemera, photographic material, sound recordings, and artifacts document Trout's career in network broadcasting. Included are Trout's chronological files on his radio and television appearances (1931-1992), which contain scripts, correspondence, clippings, network promotional materials, and such ephemera as tickets and press passes. Also included are files documenting Trout's writing and media projects, his correspondence with colleagues and the public, reference files pertaining to his work and interests, personal and publicicty photos, and Trout's collection of tape and disc recordings.

Archivist’s note: The Robert Trout Papers no longer reflect the original order received by The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History. The filing structure Robert and Kit Trout established has been restored where possible, but much of the material has been rearranged and new series names assigned.

I. Professional Career Series, 1931-1992:

A variety of records document the length and breadth of Robert Trout's professional career, 1931-1992. Trout created the bulk of the material in the course of his work as a radio and television broadcaster. The Broadcasting files (bulk 1931-1974) include manuscripts, printed material, correspondence, and ephemera related to specific broadcasts or series programs. The Political Broadcasts (1936-1989) include Trout's notebooks on American politics. The form of the material in the Films and Recordings files (bulk 1939-1954) and the Personal appearances files (bulk 1936-1965) is similar to that in the Broadcast files. Trout documented his own professional career with his Publicity and Promotion files (bulk 1935-1965), which consists primarily of clippings and other printed material. Trout's work as an author and his efforts to create new ideas for radio and television are reflected in the Literary Productions and Other Creative Works (bulk c. 1930-1960), which includes manuscripts, notes, and printed material.

Robert and Kit Trout both maintained the files, ordering and titling them systematically in the early 1960s. After their move to Europe, they did not maintain their filing system as consistently, and files were stored in various locations. The following arrangement approximates the Trouts' original filing structure. Titles have been assigned to some untitled files. Indexes to the broadcast files, created by the Trouts, are at the head of the Broadcast files. Photographs, audio tapes, and three-dimensional and oversize items have been separated from folders in this series to the Photographic Material Series, Sound Recordings and Videotapes Series, Oversize Material Series, and the Artifact Collection.

A. Radio and Television Series, 1931-1992; B. Films and Recordings Series, 1935-ca. 1983; C. Personal Appearances Series, 1936-1989:

Robert and Kit Trout maintained chronologically arranged files on his appearances as a broadcaster, film or recording personality, and public speaker. The Radio and Television files include preparatory materials, notes, scripts written by Trout and others, transcripts, and such printed material as press passes, fact books, programs, tickets, clippings, press releases, and publicity materials. Some files include correspondence with broadcast participants, producers and network executives, and with listeners or viewers. Trout's files for his political broadcasts are similar in content. They include notebooks, created by the Trouts, of historical and reference material for use during broadcasts. Trout's files on his film and recording work and his Personal appearances, a small part of the series, are similar in arrangement and form.

The Radio and Television files reflect the changing nature of Trout's career. In its first phase, 1931-1941, Trout performed on the air in a wide variety of capacities for WJSV and CBS. As a Special Events Reporter, he covered speeches, parades, dinners, sports and other public occasions, as well as reading news reports and appearing on entertainment programs. He covered President Franklin Roosevelt (FDR) extensively. Trout was CBS's correspondent in London, 1941-1943. After his return to New York and before his move to Europe, Trout worked primarily as a news broadcaster for CBS (1943-1948, 1952-1965) and NBC (1948-1951) and made fewer special events broadcasts. Trout saved few records of routine daily news programs, which he made for both the CBS network and its New York television affiliate, WCBS (1954-1965). In the final phase of his career, after moving to Europe in 1965, Trout created commentary pieces, primarily on European news and culture. The Radio and Television subseries contains more records of his later television commentaries than has radio work.

The broadcasting files document the many radio innovations and milestones in which Trout participated: coining the term "fireside chat" for Roosevelt's informal broadcasts, being the only American broadcaster at King George VI's coronation, becoming broadcasting's first news anchor on World News Round-Up, remaining on the air for seven hours during the Allied invasion of Europe, covering the United Nations Charter Conference, and announcing the surrender of Japan in 1945. Trout also participated in pioneering entertainment series, including the early radio game show Professor Quiz, and the celebrity panel show Who Said That?, which was broadcast on both radio and television. During the last decades of his career, Trout worked primarily as a commentator, further developing the urbane, wry persona that his audience already knew.

The Political Broadcasts document both Trout's abilities as radio's "iron man" and the evolution of that persona. Trout made a number of marathon political broadcasts, including one of fifteen hours during the Democratic national convention in 1952. His career longevity and storytelling ability also made him radio's unofficial political historian, a role that he began to play in the 1950s. Political Broadcasts also include Trout's critiques of broadcasts, correspondence with colleagues, and network memos and ads, which illuminate changing methodologies and philosophies of political coverage.

Trout maintained separate files on one-time special events broadcasts and on series programs. Because Trout often revisited topics of old broadcasts or commemorated their anniversaries on the air, he added clippings and other collected material to the broadcast files, and sometimes moved scripts between the files. In effect, he used the broadcast files as reference files. Though the files have been grouped in folders and inclusive dates added to indicate Trout's additions to the files, they have been left as he ordered and titled them. The inventory of the Radio and Television subseries includes the titles of the broadcasts within the individual folders.

During processing, Trout's conventions of separating broadcast files from series program files and radio work from television work were made consistent. The Political Broadcasts division was created during processing. The Trouts filed many scripts, transcripts, mementos, and notes related to specific broadcasts in the folders grouped as the General Information files, and advertisements and other promotional materials in their Promotion and Publicity files. That material has been left in place. Trout's autobiographical writing about his career is in Promotion and Publicity and in Literary Productions. Information, including legal documentation, about Trout's broadcasts is also in the Memos and Correspondence series. Stories Trout researched but did not broadcast are among the General Information files, as are further reference files for broadcasts and material Trout collected about radio and television history. Proposals for Media and Creative Works documents broadcasting projects Trout created or proposed which were not completed.

Trout's speaking skills and celebrity, gained through his broadcasting career, made him desirable as an announcer and lecturer to groups aside from his network employers. Trout made films and recordings for media outlets, advertisers, charitable organizations, and broadcasting colleagues. He made speaking appearances before advertisers, public and private associations, and industry groups. Some of the Personal Appearance files include documentation of film work. In films and recordings, Trout generally acted as a narrator for the work's sponsor. Trout wrote the speeches, which typically include anecdotes from his career and political analysis, for his public appearance.

Notes and clippings related to film, recording, and public appearance work are in the General Information files. The Proposals for Media and Creative Works subseries includes information regarding uncompleted film and recording projects. Correspondence and printed material related to Trout's lecture bureau, W. Colston Leigh, is in the Professional Correspondence Subseries. Some audio tapes related to Trout's career are in the Sound recordings series. Photographs from the files have been separated to the Photographic materials series and photocopies put in their places.. In the early 1980s, Trout made a series of audiotaped recollections about his career for ABC News. Transcripts of those tapes were added to Films and Recordings during processing. A videotaped interview of Trout by the Archive of American Television (1999) and its transcript has been added to the Photographic material series.

D. Promotion and publicity subseries, 1931-1989

Printed material, literary productions, notes and correspondence make up Trout's files about promotion of and publicity for him and his work. Robert and Kit Trout obtained and saved copies of most of the articles published by or about Trout in the popular and industry presses. The subseries also contains promotional kits and books, created by advertisers or CBS. Photos and oversize materials have been separated. Promotion and Publicity contains rich documentation of the advertising campaigns for Trout's broadcasts and press releases about him, as well as notes about network publicity, particularly from Trout's period at NBC (1948-1951), and some of Trout’s own writing about his career. Trout occasionally employed a clipping service, and his Publicity Duplicates files include stories and from newspapers around the U. S. mentioning Trout.

Publicity-related correspondence can be found in the Professional Correspondence files in the Memos and Correspondence series. Trout collected many network press releases in the late 1930s, which in the General Information files under various headings. Numerous individual files in the Broadcast files contain promotional and publicity material. During processing, Trout’s information files on publicity-related were added to the subseries. A folder containing copies of some of his byline pieces was created.

E. Literary Productions and Other Creative Works, c. 1930-1983

Notes, correspondence, and manuscripts reflect Trout's efforts to publish and his pursuit of creative ventures. The manuscript material includes Trout's early short stories, written in the 1930s, when he aspired to a career as an author. Later, Trout published on politics, broadcasting, and his experiences in London during World War II in the Collier's Encyclopedia yearbooks and such periodicals as Reader's Digest, This Week, andThe American. Among the Literary Productions are outlines and notes for projected memoirs and a complete manuscript in diary form about Trout's flight around the world in 1945 with the Army Air Transport Command. Some of the autobiographical writing contains details and insights about Trout's professional career not found elsewhere.

The Proposals for Media and Creative Works subseries includes scripts, notes, correspondence, and printed material detailing ideas for games, television shows, films, and radio programs. The bulk of the material is from the late 1940s into the mid-1950s, when Trout attempted to become better established as a television personality. Trout originated many of the projects. Others were brought to him by creators wanting his participation.

Documentation of other unfinished projects may be in the General Information files. Correspondence with literary agent Sterling Lord, editor Thomas H. Uzzell, and authors’ representative Willis Wing is in the Professional Correspondence Subseries. The Promotion and Publicity Subseries contains other autobiographical writings, in published and manuscript form. The files have been rearranged chronologically and titles assigned to some of them.

II. Memos and Correspondence, 1931-1992 (4 ft., 7 in.)

Correspondence, memos, and photographs retained by Robert Trout document his career, personal life, and his relationship with his audience, 1931-1992. Highlights include World War II correspondence with Edward R. Murrow, Trout’s impressions of current events, and his views on his own career, his employers, and broadcasting history.

Professional correspondence (1935-1992) contains letters and memoranda exchanged with broadcasting executives and producers, agents, and editors. It includes network press releases, broadcast assignments, policies and procedures, contract negotiations, and critiques of Trout's broadcasts from network executives, as well as correspondence with sponsors and guests. The correspondence documents Trout’s frustrations at his perceived lack of television work and, after he relocated to Europe, his need to find and propose story topics. Trout’s files of correspondence with agents Tom Stix, Jap Gude, Marvin Josephson, and representatives at International Creative Management, include related material such as promotion schedules, notes, scripts, and news clippings. The series includes some of Trout's contracts dating back to 1937, and documents Kit Trout’s role as Robert Trout’s personal manager. Information about Trout’s career is also in the General Correspondence (1931-1992), which includes exchanges with colleagues, personal friends, and some professional associates. Viewer and Listener mail (1931-1981) documents public response to Trout’s work, primarily from the 1960s.

Trout’s files of network memoranda, general professional and personal correspondence, and fan mail formed the core of each subseries, but loose correspondence was added to each during processing. The Trouts filed a considerable amount of correspondence in the other two series, which was left in place during processing.

III. Personal and reference files, 1930-1991 (9 ft., 6 in.)

Throughout his career, Trout collected clippings and other printed materials, correspondence, and his own notes for files which were not directly related to specific broadcasts or creative projects (bulk 1935-1991). Kit Trout contributed to the maintenance of these files and created some of the notes in them.

The Personal and Reference Files Series consists of four subseries. The Travel files (bulk 1939-1962) include notes, correspondence, scripts and printed material, including clippings and souvenirs, from the Trouts' period in London (1941-1943), their Caribbean sailing trip (1946), and from their summers in Europe (1953-1961). Material documenting Trout's broadcasts, writing, and other professional activities remains in these files. The Professional Associations files (1939-1970, 1982-1986) contain correspondence and printed material relating to Trout’s membership in broadcasting and press groups. The General Information files (1939-1989) are most numerous. They include reference files, project files related to stories Trout considered covering on the air, background material for fiction, and material collected out of personal interest. A number of files concern broadcasting’s history and influence. In general, the oldest files reflect Trout’s desire for a writing career. When his broadcasting career was at its height, Trout often collected background material about current affairs. Later, after his move to Europe, the files often concern possible topics for his broadcast commentary pieces. Financial Records (bulk 1934-1970), including personal income tax returns, bank statements, receipts, check stubs, correspondence and legal material, document the Trouts' finances, 1934-1993, with the bulk of the material predating 1970. Two files relate to Trout’s boat-chartering business.

Many of the information files contain information about Trout’s career that is unavailable elsewhere. Some of his "Lit" files contain notes about his co-workers, information on network politics, recollections of conversations and events, and other behind-the-scenes information about broadcasting. The Information files series includes some broadcast scripts and transcriptions, in instances where Trout chose to file a news script because of its thematic content or the circumstances of the broadcast. The files also contain collected scripts for other broadcasters and network press releases.

During processing, this material was rearranged chronologically, because the original classifications of the filing systems employed by the Trouts at different times and the placement of folders within them were lost. The General Information files probably combines folders from several filing categories. Personal and unprocessed material is at its end. Loose and collected material included in the Trout papers was added to the General Information files and the Financial Records during processing, and assigned general folder titles.

IV. Oversize material, 1934-1984 (8 in.)

Large-size records, primarily printed material removed from the Professional Career Series and the Personal and Reference files Series, make up the Oversize Material Series. The series contains blueprints for the Trouts’ home in Jávea, Spain. The series also includes an original charcoal sketch of Trout at the microphone by James Montgomery Flagg.

V. Sound recordings (2 ft., 5 in.)

Cassette tapes, reel-to-reel tapes, and audio discs comprise Robert Trout’s copies of his own broadcast work. Many of the sound recordings are of special programs in which Trout participated or appeared as a guest. Audiocassettes which Trout created in the course of researching stories, removed from the Broadcast files, are also included in this series. The audio discs include both broadcast transcriptions and commercial records marketed by CBS.

Four cassettes, containing material copied from other sources with in this series, were created at the Center for American History for use in the Robert Trout exhibit (Fall 2000). They have been added to the series.

VI. Photographic material, 1931-1999 (ca. 7 ft.)

Prints, negatives, positive transparencies, postcards, film reels, and videotapes comprise Robert Trout’s photographic records. The series includes personal snapshots, portraits, network publicity photos, and other promotional images. A number of prints were separated from other series in the papers, and photocopies left in their original places. Photos of the Trouts attending bullfights, shot by their friend Paco Cano, make up a large portion of the photographic material. A small postcard collection reflects the Trouts’ travels. The series includes two albums. One includes personal views of the Trouts in the earliest years of their marriage, the second was presented to Robert Trout upon his retirement from WCBS and contains mounted prints of photos of him and his colleagues. Two videotapes contain privately dubbed copies of older television appearances and films (1947-1964), consisting of both broadcast and personal material. In 1999, Trout was interviewed for the Archive of American Television. A transcript and videotape copies of that interview were added to the series during processing. Movie film reels, U-matic videotapes, Betacam videotapes, and VHS videotapes document Trout’s research and interviews.



I. Professional career, 1931-1992
  • A. Radio and television
    • 1. List of files
    • 2. Radio broadcasts and series
    • 3. Television broadcasts and series
    • 4. Political broadcasts
  • B. Films and recordings
  • C. Personal appearances
  • D. Promotion and publicity
  • E. Literary productions and other creative works
    • 1. Literary productions
    • 2. Proposals for media and creative works
II. Memos and correspondence, 1931-1992
  • A. Professional
  • B. General
  • C. Viewer and listener
III. Personal and reference files, 1930-1991
  • A. Travel files
  • B. Professional associations
  • C. General information files
  • D. Financial records
IV. Oversize material
V. Sound recordings
VI. Photographic material


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Professional career, 1931-1992

4Ze265 Radio and television:
Lists of files:
List of files, photos, other history, undated
List of broadcast highlights, undated
Radio broadcasts and series:
Broadcast files:
[WJSV], December 1931 - February 19321931-1933,undated:
Hoover, lighting nation's Christmas tree
Newsboys' pilgrimage
Jackson Day dinner
R. E. Lee Camp Confederate Veterans annual banquet
George McManus testimonial dinner
Women's Bar Association banquet
Arts Club Bal Boheme
George Washington bicentennial
[WJSV and CBS], October-December 19321932-1939,undated:
WJSV inaugural broadcast
Candidate FDR's Alexandria stop
Armistice Day at Washington Cathedral
Carter Glass, battle of the Potomac
Hill billy broadcasts
Gorgas memorial - Admiral Carter Grayson
Final session, 72nd Congress
Dedication new Labor building, H. Hoover
Christmas in Alexandria
[WJSV and CBS], January-February 19331933,1944-1952,1978:
Coolidge memorial - Washington Cathedral
"Three X Sisters"
Coolidge memorial, House of Representatives, joint sessions
Memorial exercises, deceased Members of Congress
Senate subcommittee hearing broadcast
Fireside chats
[CBS], April 19331933-1964,1977:
Pan American Day
White House Easter egg roll
[CBS], June 1933-August 19331933:
FDR - Annapolis commencement
Congressional baseball game
U. S. Service Band
N. R. A. [National Recovery Administration]
4Ze266 [WJSV and CBS], September-October 19331933-1948:
Textile strike
"Mystery Girl," WJSV
FDR, Catholic Charities
FDR, Samuel Gompers memorial
Admiral R. Byrd's sail from Norfolk
FDR, Chestertown, Maryland
FDR, Mobilization for Human Needs
FDR, birthday ball
[WJSV and CBS], December 1933 - January 19341933-1934,1955:
U. S. repeal
National Housing Act, broadcast from House
FDR, messages to Congress
D. C. Police radio calls
Robert E. Lee broadcasts
4Ze376 Starlings ( ) [CBS], 4 February 19341934,1968,1975
4Ze266 [WJSV and CBS], February-April 19341934:
FDR and Boy Scouts
John Doe, Jr.
Representative Sol Bloom interview
First D.C. liquor license
First anniversary of New Deal
Blue and Grey Line bus barkers graduation
Washington cherry blossom
[CBS], May 19341934,1949,1977:
Spelling bee broadcast
Anniversary of Lafayette death
FDR, Gettysburg, Groton, Hyde Park
U. S. fleet review
[CBS and WJSV], July-August 19341934:
Wrestling match
FDR, Portland, Oregon to Washington, D.C. (Glacier Park)
2.325/K64b Spokane (Washington) Daily Chronicle, August 4, 1934
Great Falls (Montana) Tribune, August 6, 1934
4Ze266 [CBS], October-November 19341934,1948,undated:
Dedication of veterans' hospital
Boxing match
Inauguration of College of William and Mary president
Washington Monument bath
FDR, Harrodsburg
[CBS], December 1934 - January 19351934-1935:
Senator George W. Norris, unicameral legislature
Mrs. FDR's broadcasts
"The American Scene"
Associated Press wirephoto opening
FDR, opening of Congress
Elder Michaux's Potomac bath [WJSV], undated
4Ze267 [CBS], March 19351935:
2nd anniversary of New Deal
[CBS], March-April 19351935,1949-1958,undated:
Pinochle championship match
Stoopnagle & Bud
America's little house, A. E. Smith
Culbertson vs. Sims [Bridge]
Circus opens in New York
Eye vs. ear test, Columbia University
[CBS], May 19351935-1939:
61st Kentucky Derby
[CBS], May-July 19351935:
Al Smith, Mayor LaGuardia Minstrels
Gertrude Niesen-Benay Benuta interview
Horse Race, Belmont Park
FDR, West Point graduation
Beat the heat
[CBS], August-September 19351935:
Bar Harbor, Maine, visitors day
U. S. Army maneuvers, Pine Camp
Eucharistic Congress
[CBS], September-October 19351935:
FDR, West Coast trip
[CBS], November 19351935:
Einstein-Al Smith dinner
Navy Day broadcast
3rd anniversary of WJSV
FDR, Hyde Park church service
Herbert Hoover - Ohio State Society
FDR, Atlanta
United Hospital series
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Anning Prall
[CBS], December 19351935,1981:
Mrs. FDR, N. Y. housing
FDR receives honorary law degree from Notre Dame
FDR, American Farm Bureau Federation convention
2.325/K69a Chicago Daily Times, December 9, 1935
4Ze267 Vernay expedition to Tibet
Pocket billiards
Carillon recital
New Year's Eve, Times Square
4Ze268 [CBS], January 19361936-1961,1978-1986:
"12 Crowded Months"
FDR opening of Congress
Forecasting 1936
"And Sudden Death"
Jackson Day dinner
Women's National Republican Club lunch
FDR, T. Roosevelt Memorial dedication
Man in the sleet
First Airmail rocket flight
Memorial services for George V
[CBS], February-March 19361936-1949:
Boy Scouts anniversary
FDR, Temple University
Leap Year Day/leaping out of character
Goat beauty contest
Flood over Connecticut and New Jersey
[CBS], April 19361936:
FDR, Baltimore
Lincoln Ellsworth arrives New York Harbor
H. V. Kaltenborn, 15th anniversary on the air/Return from Spanish War
FDR, Jefferson Day dinner (NYC)
[CBS], May 19361936,1948:
Kentucky Derby, 1936
Oberlin Mock Convention
Fort Ticonderoga celebration
Socialist National Convention
M/S Batory, maiden voyage
[CBS], June-July 19361936-1937,c. 1958:
National Headliners' Club convention
FDR, Shenandoah Park and Monticello
Sports review (pinch-hitting for P. Douglas)
[CBS], July 19361936,1948,1974:
FDR, Triborough Bridge opening
Olympic Trials, Randall's Island
Landon notification
FDR, Quebec
[CBS], August-September 19361936:
Coney Island
Fort Knox Army maneuvers
Round the world race
Honest Ballot Association skits
FDR, drought trip
4Ze376 Chicago and North Western Railway menu, August 29, 1936 - September 1, 1936
4Ze268 [CBS], November 19361936:
FDR, welcome home to Washington
FDR, first Mobilization for Human Needs
Family of nations
National automobile show
Armistice Day, Senator Nye
Norman Thomas testimonial dinner
Pan American Conference (Buenos Aires)
[CBS], December 19361936:
King Edward VIII & Mrs. Simpson
Child Welfare League lunch
Beaux arts ball
Christmas at sea
Christmas Eve publicity party
A. T. & T. interferes with Christmas
Twelve crowded months
4Ze269 [CBS], January 19371936-1937:
Forecasting 1937
Opening of Congress
FDR addresses Congress
Benjamin Franklin's Philly phlop
Kostelanetz Aviation Award
Aviation show, New York
Cruise of the Conrad, etc.
[CBS], February 19371937:
James A. Farley testimonial dinner
White House correspondents' dinner
[CBS], March-April 19371937:
American Bowling Congress
Columbia University tryouts
Easter parade
Women's National Radio Committee
Chicago-New York announcers' battle
Women explorers
Press photographers ball
[CBS], May 19371937-1944:
Coronation of George VI
Broadcasts from France
[CBS], June-July 19371937,1955:
Boy Scout jamboree
Front page varieties
Fumitaka Konoye interview
U. S. Ryder Cup golf team
Liberty Bell
Strike interview, Mayor Wilson (Philadelphia)
Northwest Territory celebration
Allspice in aviation
Pennsylvania Folk Festival, Bucknell
[CBS], August 19371954:
Representative C. G. Binderup interview
Senile Shakespeare
FDR, Roanoke, the lost colony
Senator Gerald P. Nye on neutrality
Senator Dixie
Cabinet series, Harold Ickes
Curtain calls
International Girl Scouts
[CBS], September 19371937:
Lucien Lelong interview
Oberlin 100th anniversary coeds
Police Athletic League
4Ze270 [CBS], September-October 19371937:
FDR, inspection tour of Northwest
[CBS], October 19371937:
FDR, Pulaski Day
FDR, fireside chat
Reading clinic
Mrs. FDR, Campfire Girls
FDR, Mobilization for Human Needs
Future of sailing ships (Villiers)
Navy Day, Annapolis
[CBS], November 19371937-1938:
"American School of the Air" (Comment on Nine Power Conference)
New York City elections
Bruce & Sheridan Fahnestock
Armistice Day, Arlington
FDR, fireside chat
Opening of Congress, special session
Unemployment census
FDR, 75th anniversary of Department of Agriculture
Old Glory sale
Baroness Ungern Sternberg
[CBS], December 19371937:
Trotsky inquiry, Corliss Lamont, John Dewey
Artists Congress
James Flanagan Youth Center, P. A. L.
[CBS], January 19381938:
FDR, message to Congress
National Society for Prevention of Blindness
Leviathan [ship] farewell
[CBS], February 19381938:
Washington's Birthday
Honorable Robert H. Jackson
Kate Smith interview
Boy Scout Week
[CBS], March-April 19381938:
Blizzard men of '88
Spring show
Catholic Charities
April Fool's Day
Interview, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr.
Harry Cooper interview (U.S. Secret Service)
"Americans at Work," sandhogs
[CBS], May 19381938:
"American School of the Air," Professor Quiz
"Americans at Work," railroad
Kentucky Derby
"Americans at Work," milk
Holland Tulip Festival
20th anniversary founding of airmail
Farmingdale blackout
Communist Party convention
FDR, Old Northwest Territory trip
4Ze271 [CBS], June 19381938,1983:
FDR, Annapolis commencement
Griffin All-White, guest show
Arrival of Oslofjord
National Salesmen's Crusade
Twentieth Century Limited [train]
Bowl of rice party, Chinatown
FDR, fireside chat
FDR, Swedish-Delaware tercentenary
FDR dedicates Federal Building, N. Y. World's Fair
FDR, NEA Meeting
"Americans at Work," airplane
[CBS], July 19381938:
FDR, Gettysburg
Mt. Vernon, CBC-CBS program
FDR, Old Northwest Territory trip
Howard Hughes flight
Douglas P. Corrigan broadcast
"Americans at Work", Submarine R-14
Swedish crown prince
[CBS], August-September 19381938-1945,1983:
FDR, 3rd anniversary Social Security - fireside chat
FDR, Kingston, Ontario & Hyde Park
3.325/K69a Table plan of luncheon, August 18, 1938
4Ze271 "News of Today" pieces
FDR, Denton, Maryland
[CBS], September 19381938:
Czech crisis
[CBS], October 19381938,undated:
"People's Platform"
FDR, Herald Tribune forum
G. P. Putman's Sons 100th anniversary dinner
[CBS], November 19381938-1945:
FDR, Hyde Park
"Prediction, Please"
Eclipse of the moon
Mid-term elections
FDR, Warm Springs
[CBS], December 19381938:
Akron Rubber Ball
FDR, Jefferson Memorial groundbreaking
"This Is New York"
4Ze272 [CBS], January 19391939
Forecasting - 1939
American School of the Air, Congress
FDR, Opening of Congress
Re-Declaration of American Faith
What Next in Europe?
Esso Baytown Arrival with Survivors
[CBS], February 19391939:
"Big Sister" soap opera
Pope Pius XI dies
Washington's birthday
[CBS], March 19391939:
Santa Anita handicap
"Listen Ladies" guest shot, KEHE, L. A.
[CBS], April 19391939:
New York World's Fair opening
"American School of the Air" - Cordell Hull
Fleet review (cancelled)
Hitler speech, editorial Roundup
[CBS], May 19391939-1940,1965,1986:
Holland Tulip Festival
2.325/T64b Holland (MI) Evening Sentinel, May 13, 1939
4Ze272 King and Queen in Quebec
2.325/T64b Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph, May 15, 1939
4Ze272 Submarine Squalus
"The World Today"
"Americans at Work," radio technician
[CBS], June 19391939-1959,1987-1991:
King and Queen in U. S.
2.325/T64b World's Fair map, 1939
4Ze273 FDR, West Point
Atlantic Clipper flight
[CBS], July-October 19391939:
"Believe It Or Not"
N. Y. World's Fair
Army maneuvers, Manassas
Army maneuvers, Plattsburg
Danzig crisis
"Question and Answer Show"
"American School of the Air"
[CBS], November 19391939-1941:
Air-Navy aspects of war
Salute to Shreveport (KWKH)
FDR, Hyde Park library dedication
FDR, Warm Springs
Substitute for Kate Smith
[CBS], December 19391939:
Tommy Riggs show
Committee for celebration of FDR's birthday
New York Stock Exchange
4Ze274 [CBS], January 19401939-1940,1985:
Opening of Congress
"Headlines and Bylines"
FDR - Jackson Day Dinner
"Familiar Voices"
"Americans at Work," census
FDR, Birthday Ball
[CBS], February-April 19401940:
"Leaping out of Character"
Dedication WJSV transmitter
"Americans at Work," circus
[CBS], June-September 19401940,1965,1980:
U. S. S. North Carolina launching
First anniversary World War II
FDR, University of Pennsylvania bicentennial
FDR, Washington Airport cornerstone
FDR, Recorder of Deeds building - groundbreaking
[CBS], October 19401940-1948,1967-1969:
FDR, Dedicating Dutchess County school
Wendell Willkie - Herald Tribune forum
FDR, Herald Tribune forum
FDR, Selective Service lottery
FDR, Boston Gardens
FDR, Bethesda Cancer Research Center
Selective Service drawing
[CBS], November-December 19401940:
WREC Memphis dedication
Wendell Willkie Madison Square Garden
Willkie rally
Red Cross roll call
Professor Quiz Christmas party
William L. Shirer return from Europe
"Twelve Crowded Months"
[CBS], January-April 19411940-1941:
Opening of Congress
Wendell Willkie returns to U.S.
Substituting for Paul Douglas
Commissioning U. S. S. North Carolina
St. Thomas, Bundles for Britain service
[CBS], May-June 19411941:
FDR, fireside chat
United Service Organizations
[CBS], July-August 19411941:
FDR, Hyde Park
FDR, Return from Atlantic Charter conference
4Ze275 [CBS], September-October 19411941,undated:
FDR, Labor Day (Hyde Park)
Death of Mrs. James Roosevelt
FDR, "Shoot on Sight"
"Proudly We Hail"
FDR news conference
Andre Baruch interviews R. T.
[CBS], June-August 19431943:
"Report to the Nation"
"BBC Answering You # 14"
"Vox Pop" from H. M. S. Asbury
[CBS], September-December 19431943,undated:
Invasion of Italy
"Woman's Page of the Air," [Kit Trout appearance]
Night of Stars, Madison Square Garden
Cairo conference
Tehran conference
"Transatlantic Call"
[CBS], January-May 19441944:
"People's Platform"
"We the People" (Shangri-La)
Circus broadcast with Kate Smith
Gripsholm arrival
"You Can Dream, Inc."
"The Cliche Expert"
Invasion roundup
[CBS]: June 1944
[CBS], November 1944 - March 19451944-1945:
"Radio Reader's Digest"
"We the People"
4Ze276 [CBS], April-May 19451945-1945,1963,1974-1986:
Death of FDR
4Ze376 Transcript copies, undated
4Ze276 United Nations Charter Conference
4Ze277 [CBS], May 19451945-1955,undated:
V-E Day(s)
10th anniversary, V-E Day
[CBS], June 19451945:
Eisenhower returns to U.S.
[CBS]: August 1945
V-J Day
[CBS], September-November 19451945:
General Wainwright returns
Round the World Flight
[CBS], December 19451945:
Page One Awards, Madison Square Garden
Navy Victory Loan train
[CBS], May-August 19461946:
"Operation Crossroads"
Woman's Club
[CBS], September 1946 - January 19481946-1948,1984-1984:
"Stars in the Afternoon"
Opening of U. N. General Assembly
Henry Wallace, London ( "News Till Now")
German-Russian documents - roundtable
4Ze278 [NBC], May-October 19481948:
100th anniversary Associated Press
Liberal Party Convention (N. Y.)
Cavalcade of America
[NBC], April-September 19491949
"Windfall Is Missing"
"Could Be"
[NBC], October 1949 - May 19501949-1950:
18th anniversary on Air
Election (New York)
Pius XII proclaims holy year
British election
Primary election preview series
"Sounds of the World"
[NBC], June 19501950:
Marietta Regatta
Korean War starts
[NBC], September 1950 - February 19511951,1982:
Republican state convention
Midterm election
Norwich news
[NBC], March-September 19511951,1982:
Armed Forces Day
"The Quick and the Dead"
"Tex and Jinx" broadcast
Salute to Winston Churchill
25th anniversary American commercial aviation
and [NBC], October 1951December 19511951,1982,undated:
British election
NBC Radio Broadcasts from Madrid (November 1951),1951
4Ze279 [CBS], January-April 19521952-1959,1982:
"The People Act"
Death of George VI
Funeral of George VI
H. V. Kaltenborn 30th anniversary on the air
[CBS], April-December 19521952:
"World News with Robert Trout" (Admiral)
[CBS], March-April 19531953:
Stalin's death
Exchange of sick P.O.W.'s in Korea
[CBS]: June 1953
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
2.325/T64b Daily Telegraph (London), June 3, 1953
Daily Mail (London), June 3, 1953
4Ze280 [CBS], August-November 19541954:
Soap Box Derby
Election [WCBS]
[CBS], January-May 19551955:
Motor boat show
British election
[CBS], October 19571957:
Visit to U. S. by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
2.325/T64b Evening Star (Washington, D.C.), October 17, 1957
4Ze280 [CBS], August-September 19591959,1982:
Eisenhower in London
Khrushchev visit to U. S.
[CBS], May 19611961:
February 1964-May 1965,1964-1965:
"Farewell to Studio Nine" [CBS]
"Radio: Then, Now and Later" [WOR/RKO General]
4Ze281 [CBS], January 19651965:
Winston Churchill's funeral
[CBS and WCBS], 19701970:
British election
Nixon, Europe
New York governor election
[CBS], 1973-19741966-1976:
Tres Vacas
Rescue at sea, Calais
4Ze376 45th anniversary [ABC], (8 November 1976)1975-1976
British election [ABC], (3 May 1979)1978-1979
Vendimia [ABC], (21-23 September 1980)1980
Carter - Reagan debate [ABC], (28 October 1980)1980
Gilroy Garlic Festival [ABC], 1984
4Ze281 [ABC]: 1981-1985
Royal wedding [Prince Charles and Lady Diana]
Portuguese train wreck
Anti-NATO demonstration, Madrid
4Ze282 [ABC], May-June 19861936,1966,1986:
Statue of Liberty [includes broadcast] 1936
[ABC]: February 1989
Funeral of Emperor Showa
[Script material, miscellaneous]
4Ze376 Business World [ABC], (1 December 1988)1988
Scripts [ABC], 1980,1987,1990
4Ze283 Series:
Wilkins Coffee variety programs [WJSV], 1933
WJSV Broadcasts, interviews, 1933-1934
Lieut. Larry Carr
Mary Garden
Jane Cowl
Sidney Franklin
Jack Whiting
Lulu McConnell
"The Sundial" [WJSV], 1933-1934
"Pietro the Hurdy-Gurdy Man" [WJSV], 1934
"Man in the Street," 1933-1937
"Kate Smith Matinee Hour" [CBS], 1935
"Professor Quiz" [CBS], 1936-1937
"Professor Quiz" [CBS], advertisers, 1938-1940
"World News Round-Up" [CBS], 1938
4Ze284 CBS news broadcasts, December 1938-February 1939
"Time to Shine" [CBS], 1939
CBS news broadcasts, April 1939-June 1939
CBS news broadcasts, September 1939
CBS news broadcasts, October 1939
Broadcasts from England, 1941-1943
4Ze285 "Transatlantic Call - People to People," 1943
"Calling America," 1943
Office of War Information broadcasts
8:55 P.M. News Broadcasts, 1943-1945
11:10 P.M. news broadcasts, 1943-1946
"Feature Story" [CBS], 1944-1945
4Ze286 Sunday news [ "The Charity Program"], 1945
6:55 P.M. news broadcasts, 1945
"The News Till Now" [CBS], 1946-1947
"The News Till Now," stolen items (items with no credit), 1947
"Who Said That?" [NBC], 1948-1951
"Who Said That?," proposed newspaper column, 1949-1950
4Ze287 Feature spots for 9 A.M. Sunday roundup, 1950-1951
"Dimension" [CBS], 1965-1969
Paris, radio [ "Dimension" scripts on riots], 1968
"Dimension" story ideas, 1964-1969
Reports for "The World Tonight," 1973-1974
"Your Earth," 1974
4Ze383 ABC commentary scripts, December 1974-December 1976
4Ze287 American Radio Entertainment Network commentaries [ABC], 1975-1981
4Ze376 "Perspective" [ABC]
June 1982
Perth, Freemantle, and round the world, January 1987-February 1987
Carnival, Nice, March 1988
November 1991
June 1992
January 1993
4Ze287 "Perspective" [ABC], [incomplete] 1983-1992
Possible "Perspectives," 1984-1987
"Listen Closely" [ABC], 1986,undated
4Ze377 Scripts [NPR], May 1998
4Ze288 Television broadcasts and series:
Broadcast files:
[NBC], September 1948 - May 19491948-1949
St. Louis T.V. network
"What I'd Like to See"
Easter parade
"Who Said That?" (Crosley) [WLW-T, Cincinnati]
[NBC], September-December 19491949-1950:
"Welcome to Ohio"
U. N. cornerstone laying
U. N. Human Rights Day concert and General Sarnoff Award
[NBC], February 1950 - April 19511950-1951,1982:
Radio Correspondents Dinner [ "Who Said That?"]
"Red Feather Review"
World Affairs Council of Rhode Island "Who Said That?"
MacArthur Returns
[NBC], July-September 19511951:
"America Speaks"
WTAR panel show [Norfolk, VA]
Eversharp Pens Commercial [advertisement]
[CBS]: April-June 1952
"Presidential Timber" series
[CBS], November 19521952-1961:
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
[CBS], December 19541954-1964:
New Year's Eve from Times Square [ and other years] 1954
[CBS], March 1955 - July 19561955-1956:
Television kine
"Bandwagon '56"
Closed circuit Republican and Democratic convention shows
[CBS], June 19571957-1958
Valle de las Caidos
[CBS], December 19571957
"The Big News of 1957"
4Ze289 [CBS], December 1958 - October 19591958-1959
"The Big News of 1958"
British election
CBS television and radio broadcasts from Europe (Summer 1959),1959
and [CBS], June 1960November 19611960-1961:
Mrs. America
Closed circuit broadcast from Democratic and Republican delegates national conventions
Mid-term election [WCBS]
CBS television and radio broadcasts from Europe (Summer 1960-Summer 1962),1960-1962
[WCBS]: April 1964
General MacArthur's funeral
[CBS and WCBS], August-October 19651965:
N. Y. water shortage (Zermatt)
Labour Party conference (Blackpool)
Mademoiselle from Armentieres
[CBS and WCBS], November 19651965-1973:
DeGaulle announces (Paris)
Policeman's moustache (Paris)
The hunt (Cheverny)
DeGaulle at Arc (Paris)
Christmas shopping (Paris)
Paris Metro
[CBS and WCBS], December 19651965:
Goldie lost (London)
Christmas (London)
900th anniversary of Westminster Abbey
New Year's Eve
[CBS and WCBS], January 19661965-1968:
Gambling, England [CBS]
Fish 'n chips
Le Bus Palladium
Ben Barka
Women's fashions
[CBS and WCBS], February 1966-May 19661966:
Seine flooding
Verdun U.S. bases
Silent city
London Times (Paris)
Senator Javits (Paris)
[CBS and WCBS], June-July 19661965-1977
Trianon Palace reopens
City lights (Paris)
Les Majorettes (Paris)
French leave NATO (Fontainebleau)
Sand castles
Garlic market
House of broken dishes (Chartres)
4Ze290 [CBS], July 19661965-1975:
"If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium"
[WCBS], August 19661962-1966:
Redskin valley
Lonja (Valencia)
Wild cows (Jávea)
Herald Trib (Paris)
[WCBS], September 19661966-1979:
Water shoes (Alicante)
Perrier-Vichy merger
Glockenspiel (Munich)
Paris auto
[CBS and WCBS], October-November 19661966-1976:
Water court (Valencia)
Broadcasts from New York
Campaign debates, Governor of New York
Pearl Harbor reminiscence (London)
[William] Manchester
[WCBS], December 19661966-1967:
Automated pub
Surrogate (London)
Kosygin (Paris)
Stray cats & dogs (Paris)
Theatres (London)
Captain Knowles (London)
NATO meeting (Last in France)
Christmas toys (Paris)
New Year's Eve (Paris)
[WCBS], January 19671967:
Seine boats, eviction
French judges
Mayor Yorty of Los Angeles (Paris)
Boat show (Paris)
WBBM, Chicago, Trout reports
Chinese cultural revolution (Paris)
[WCBS], February-April 19671967,1985:
French election
King Tut
April Fool's Day
[WCBS], September 19671967-1972:
Stockholm traffic change
Queen Mary
Pedestrian street
Drivers' drink (Stockholm)
Ship hotel (Copenhagen)
Stockholm buses
Tobogan [sic]
[WCBS], October 19671966-1973:
Tivoli (Copenhagen)
Bicycles (Copenhagen)
Danish sandwiches
Policeman's beard (Stockholm)
Northern mosque
Ten artist painting
Gaudí park (Barcelona)
"Juanita" (fish) (Villanueva y Geltrú)
"Oyster" farms (Barcelona)
Albino gorilla (Barcelona)
House of rock (Madrid)
Madrid's three plazas
Basketball (Madrid)
4Ze291 [WCBS], November 19671965-1979:
Salmon bank
Girl soccer coach (Madrid)
Firemen (Paris)
Guillotine doll
Swiss village
Denver shoe
Lady ref (Wrestling)
[WCBS], December 19671965-1967:
Bowling (flag) incident
Boutique windows
Christmas decorations
Aerotrain (Paris)
New Cars, artist designed anti-car
Sam's restaurant
Boxing, beauty treatment
Scripts, Spain
Gulping the grapes
4Ze380 Three kings [WCBS], (6 January 1968)1968-1986
4Ze291 [WCBS], January 19681965-1978:
Reaction to LBJ's balance of payments plan
Paris boat show
Paris night life
Kiosk, national monument
Winter Olympics at Grenoble
[WCBS], February 19681965-1973:
The tubes
Bird exhibit
Patisserie exhibit
International driving signs
Langlois and Cinematheque
[WCBS], March 19681968-1978:
Blown-up furniture
Churches - abandoned
Esperanto (Cheste)
[WCBS], April 19681964-1974:
Captain course
Port Revel
Drink wine not water (Beaune)
Easter eggs
Ham fair
Loi de 29 Juillet 1881
Chartres glass
Tree pruning
Paris cafes
4Ze292 [WCBS], May-June 19681965-1979:
Builder (monuments like Pisa on roof)
Tarzanettes in Bois
Piano-cocktail mixer
Bois baseball
Seine bridges
Burgundy snails
Paris, T. V. [WCBS broadcasts on riots], 1968,1988-1993
November-December 1968,1968-1969:
Merv Griffin Show
[Otto] Skorzeny [for CBS series "60 Minutes"]
[WCBS], April-May 19691969:
Investiture of Cardinal Cooke
Pompidou, U. S. Visit
Falcons (Madrid)
[CBS], April 19701958-1974:
French challenge yacht
[WCBS and CBS], June-July 19701966-1974:
French rent control
Pamplona, 1970
[WCBS and CBS], August-September 19701970-1973:
Decapitated skyscrapers
London parks
London underground
4Ze293 [WCBS and syndication], October 1970-November 19701970:
U. P. I.
"The Packaged Politicians"
"American Business Briefing"
[WCBS], January 19711971
"Manhattan Revisited" series
[CBS], June 19711971-1977:
Luis Miguel Domingu¡n
2X336 El Cordobes, Luis Miguel [cassette tape]
4Ze293 El Cordobes
and [WCBS], July 1971December 19711970-1971:
London's borough government
[WCBS]: January-February 1972
Thames flooding
London police
London taxis
Hamburgers in Paris
[CBS], September 19721972-1975:
Paloma's finca
4Ze380 Columbus [CBS], (12 October 1972)1972-1988
4Ze293 [CBS], May-June 19731973-1975:
T. V., C ndido
American guitar player
Breshnev depart
[CBS], July 19731967-1973:
Church in Spain doc.
[CBS], August 19731970-1973:
Bordeaux, wine prices
Poitiers, artificial insemination
Lady bullfighter
4Ze294 [CBS], September 19731965-1975:
Spaniards flock to French sex films
T-Shirts (Paris)
Saudi Arabian embassy (Paris) (satellite)
Incosol [Instituta Medica Costa del Sol] (Marbella)
Allende Film (Paris) (satellite)
Chinese movie made in Paris (Paris)
The happy hour
Bird sanctuary
[CBS], October 19731971-1974:
Animal parade
French cemetery crisis
Portugal - elections and feminism
General Georges Buis interview
[CBS], November 19731973:
Royal Wedding [Princess Anne and Mark Phillips]
2X336 BBC aircheck and cueline from wedding, special reports and hourlies including cue-line conversation Trout and Bennett, [cassette tape] November 1973
4Ze295 [CBS], November-December 19731973-1975:
British keep warm
Supermarkets in France
2.325/S71 Supermarché, [audio cassette] 3 December 1973
4Ze295 Energy crisis in France
Le Canard Enchanîné
Le Duc Tho
Assassination of Carrero Blanco
2.325/K69a El Alc zar, December 21, 1973
Nuevo Diario, December 21-22, 1973
4Ze295 Gulping the grapes
and [CBS], February 1974-July 1974undated1972-1978:
Gold - South Africa
2X336 Gold mine [audio cassette]
4Ze295 Mogens Glistrup
2X336 Copenhagen election [audio cassette]
4Ze295 Parents of sextuplets
2X336 Interview sextuplets [audio cassette]
4Ze295 Dr. Christiaan Barnard
2X336 Dr. Barnard, interview, [audio cassette] February 1974
2.325/S71 Barnard closing. Barnard with transplant patients. Theunis game farm [reverse side], [audio cassette] February 1974
4Ze295 British election
Madrid in May
Francisco Franco's illness
[CBS], September 19741973-1975:
Lady bullfighters
2.325/K69a Actualidad Espa¤ola, September 19, 1974
4Ze295 Fiesta de la Vendimia del Sherry
4Ze380 French strikes [also radio] [ABC], (13-14 November 1974)1974
Paris international food show [ABC], (15 November 1974)1974
General strike, Paris [ABC], (19 November 1974)1974
Giscard's [Valéry Giscard d'Estaing] life - Paris [ABC] (5 December 1975)
Gold supermarket [ABC], (11 December 1974)1974
Fleur's castle [ABC], (27-31 December 1974)1973-1978
Super Bowl [ABC], (2 January 1975)1975
2.325/S71 Super Bowl, semi-Obstrep. [ "Obstreperous Reporter" character], Madrid, [audio cassette] January 1975
4Ze380 Mama (spaghetti, Rome, ) [ABC], December 1974,15 January 19751969-1974
Orly hostages [ABC], (19-20 January 1975)1975
2.325/S71 Hostages Orly, [audio cassette] 19-20 January 1975
4Ze380 Sadat visit to Paris (Preview ) [ABC], 25 January 19751974-1975
Changing Paris [ABC], (27 January-14 February 1975)1974-1975
2X336 P[eter?] Ustinov, February 4, 1975
4Ze380 Silk hats (London, ) [ABC], 13-20 February 19751975-1978
Her majesty (money) (London, ) [ABC], 13-20 February 19751975
Mobile ski slope (London, ) [ABC], 13-20 February 19751975
Pandas (London, ) [ABC], 13-20 February 19751968-1985
Shakespeare theatre (Stratford-on-Avon, ) [ABC], 9 April 19751975-1976
Miles Copeland interview [ABC], (9 April 1975)1975
Record buff (Mr. Rust) (London, ) [ABC], 10 April 19751975
2X336 Mr. Rust, record buff, London, [audio cassette] April 1975
4Ze380 Eiffel Tower painting (Paris, ) [ABC], 28 April 19751968-1975
2.325/S71 Eiffel Tower interview M. Boudet, [audio cassette] April 1975
4Ze380 Indians at Printemps (Paris, ) [ABC], 30 April 19751975
2.325/S71 Indians, [audio cassette] 30 April 1975
4Ze380 Dunkirk anniversary (Dunkirk, ) [ABC], 23-25 May 19751965-1980
2.325/S71 Dunkirk, [audio cassette] May 1975
4Ze380 Advancer, Ford in Madrid (Madrid, ) [ABC], 28 May 1975
Street-walkers' strike (Paris, ) [ABC], 9-10 June 19751973-1975
2.325/S71 Prostitutes, [audio cassette] 9-10 June 1975
4Ze380 Wine doctor (Paris, ) [ABC], 20-24 June 19751970-1975
2.325/S71 Dr. E. A. Maury - wine Dr., [audio cassette] June 1975
4Ze380 Pamplona [ABC], (6-9 July 1975)1975
2.325/S71 Interviews, [three audio cassettes] 1975
4Ze380 Vendimia [ABC], (10-15 September 1975)1972-1976
2.325/S71 Vendimia, [audio cassette] September 1975
4Ze380 Pope John's birthplace [ABC], (22-24 September 1975)1974-1975
Port Revel [ABC], (17-20 September 1975)1975
Stutz car [ABC], (25 September-1 October 1975)1975
2.325/S71 Stutz car, [audio cassette] September 1975
4Ze380 French porn films [ABC], (October 1975)1975
Hole-in-the-wall art [ABC], (October 1975)1975
Franco obit [ABC], (October 1975)1975
Spanish "coronation" [ABC], (November 1975)1975
El Valle de los Ca¡dos [ABC], (13 November 1975)1975
Prince Juan Carlos profile [ABC], (November 1975)1975
Spain, economy [ABC], (19 November 1975),19591964,1973-1975
Death of Franco [ABC], (20-28 November 1975)1975
Succession (Felipe) [ABC], (November 1975)1975
King's problems [ABC], (9 December 1975)1975-1976
Malaga Cathedral [ABC], (31 January 1976)1975-1976
2.325/S71 Malaga Cathedral, [audio cassette] January 30, 1976
4Ze380 Palms of Elche [ABC], (2 February 1976)1974-1980
Lady mayors (Zamarramala, ) [ABC], 8 February 19761972-1976
Changing Spain, State of Spain ( [ "Good Morning America"], [ "Evening News"], [ "Evening News"]) [ABC], 9 February6 April7 October 19761975-1976
Fallas [ABC], (19 March 1976)1976
Italian election (also radio) [ABC], 1976
Bicentennial celebration of Independence Day [ABC], (4 July 1967)1976
Grapes of luck [ABC], (December 1976)1973-1977
New Year's Eve, Spain [ABC], (1 January 1977)1977
Adultery Spanish style [ABC], (December 1976)1976-1977
ABC Television scripts, February 1977-April 1977
Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee [ABC], May 1977-June 1977
4Ze296 [ABC], 1974-19811973-1981:
Valencia spring fair [1976]
4Ze381 Spanish election [ABC], (June 1977)1977
Nanny [ABC], September 1977
380 donkeys (London, ) [ABC], October 19771976-1982
Funeral workers' strike [ABC], (October 1977)1977
Polish government-in-exile [ABC], (October 1977)1977-1980
Death of Pope (Scripts, telexes, correspondence, badges) [ABC], (6 August-4 September 1978)1978
Death of Pope (clippings and notes) [ABC], (6 August-4 September 1978)1978
Spanish referendum [ABC], (5 December 1978)1978
Christmas Eve (23 December 1978),1978
New Year's Eve and New Year's morning ( "Good Morning America") [ABC], (31 December 1978)1 January 19791978-1979
"Directions," Cults [ABC], (7 January 1979)1979
"Directions," Chinese missionaries [ABC], (28 January 1979)1979
Carolyn Wyeth ( "Weekend News") [ABC] 11 February 1979
Pin yin ( "Weekend News") [ABC], 25 February 19791979
"Directions," Einstein [ABC], (4 March 1979)1979
"Directions," Puebla ( recording date) [ABC], 8 March 19791979
Leased clothes (London, "Weekend News") [ABC], 30 April 19791979
D-Day Anniversary [ABC], (6 June 1979)1979
Anniversary of first transatlantic flight [ABC], (17 June 1979)1979
Eiffel Tower and lifts [ABC], (25 June 1979)1979
End of guillotine [ABC], (25 June 1979)1979
Bombs, Atocha, Chamartin, and Barajas [ABC], (29 July 1979)1979
Mt. Etna ( "Good Morning America,") [ABC], 6 August 19791979
Car hire for dogs [ABC], (17 September 1979)1979
Pope, Washington, D. C. [ABC], (3-9 October 1979)1979
Basque referendum [ABC], (25 October 1979)1979
El Gordo, Granollers [ABC] (25 December 1979)
Civil defense [ABC] (February 1980)
Buckingham Palace housekeeper [ABC], (14 February 1980)1979-1980
Masquerade [children's book] [ABC], (19 February 1980)1979-1982
Cuban refugees [ABC], (21 April 1980)1980
2nd hand clothes [ABC], (11 May 1980)1980
Wing Commander Wallis's flying machine [ABC], (7 June 1980)1980-1981
Blitz (London, broadcast "World News Tonight,") [ABC], 7 June 1980,7 August 19801980
Carter visit, Madrid [ABC], (24-26 June, 1980)1980
"Directions," Brazil (three programs, ) [ABC], 16 August-2 September 19801979-1989
Madrid "Helsinki" meeting [ABC], (11 November 1980)1980-1981
4Ze382 El Gordo [ABC], (22 December 1980)1972-1980
Butler's school [ABC], (10 January 1981)1980-1987
Attack on Pope [ABC], 13 May 1981(14 May-23 May 1981)1981
Aftermath of England-Scotland football game [ABC], (23 May 1981)1981
"Nightline," bank siege in Barcelona [ABC] (24 May 1981)
Hijacking of Turkish plane [ABC], (25 May 1981)1981
OPEC meeting in Geneva [ABC], (26 May 1981)1981
World Wild Life Organization and Prince Philip [ABC], (May 1981)1981
Abington funeral [ABC], (27 May 1981)1981
Bicycle race [ABC], (29 May 1981)1981
Armed Forces Day parade (Barcelona, ) [ABC], 31 May 19811981
Royal Wedding [Prince Charles and Diana Spencer] [ABC], (29 July 1981)1980-1981
Extent (2 folders)
American sandwich [ABC], (August 1981)1981
Portuguese air controllers strike [ABC], (17 August 1981)1981
Guernica [ABC], (25 October 1981)1979-1981
Letter from Spain "20/20" [ABC], (6 November 1981)1981
4Ze296 "Letter from Spain"
4Ze382 "FDR" [ABC], (29 January 1982)1982
4Ze296 "FDR"
Transcript of Trout recollections for "FDR"
4Ze382 Picasso village (22-23 April 1982)
Andorra sovereignty [ABC], (26 April-1May 1982)1975-1984
Reagan in U. K. piece about mood in England over Falklands [ABC], (3-1 June 1982)1975-1982
Vendimia ( for WCVB-TV, Boston), 8-12 September 1982,1975-1982
Funeral of Princess Grace [ABC], (18 September 1982)1982
Spanish election [ABC], (82 October 1982)1982
Pope in Spain [ABC], (31 October-14 November 1982)1982
Opening Gibraltar Verja [ABC], (14 December 1982)1979-1982
Typewriter pix [ABC] (18 December 1982)
Self-defense (Paris [Mulhouse], ) [ABC], 24 December 19821982
Monopoly; Indian violence; crime [ABC], (21 February 1983)1983
Queen versus tabloids [ABC], (24 February 1983)1983
Fiftieth anniversary of last March 4th inauguration [ABC], (4 March 1983)1983
Felipe Gonzalez to U. S. Felipe to Central America [ABC], (20 June 1983),(27 May 1983)1983
"Nightline," Klaus Barbie [ABC], (7 February 1983)1983
Pamplona (July 1983),1983
Madrid discotheque fire [ABC], (17 December 1983)1983
4Ze296 [ABC], June 19841984:
"D-Day" [for "Nightline" series]
4Ze382 Fortieth anniversary death of FDR [ABC], (12 April 1985)1945,1985
Daniel Ortega to Spain [ABC], (11-12 May 1985)1985
40th V-E Day anniversary, "Perspective" and "Good Morning America" [ABC], (7-9 May 1985)1945,1985
Laytown (Ireland) horse race, [ABC] [September 1985]
4Ze296 [ABC], September 19851985:
Laytown (Ireland) horse race
4Ze382 Basques ( "Weekend News,") [ABC] 30 November 1986
America's Cup [ABC], (February 1987)1987-1990
4Ze296 [ABC], October 19871987:
Azafran de Consuegra
[ABC]: 1988-1991
The Hispano-Suizas
Nuns story
Bullfighting school
Wine piece
4Ze297 Series:
"NBC Television Newsroom," 1948
"See It Now" [CBS], 1952
Political conventions preview
Anniversary of the Wright Brothers' flight
"News of the Night" [WCBS], 1954
"Six O'Clock Report" [WCBS], 1954-1960
"Seven O'Clock Report" [WCBS], 1957-1962
"Calendar," 1962
CBS network news series, 1957-1964
"Robert Trout with the News" (1958)
"Saturday News with Robert Trout" (April 1959)
4Ze298 "The Evening News with Robert Trout" [WCBS], 1954-1960
Mike Wallace morning news [WCBS], 1963-1964
"The Obstreperous Reporter," 1962-1963
WCBS-TV documentary programs, 1962-1965
"CBS Reports," 1963-1964
"One of a Kind," 1964
4Ze380 Scripts [WCBS], 1962,1971,undated
4Ze299 Political Broadcasts:
Conventions and biennial elections:
1936 Republican National Convention
Retrospective material on Alfred Landon, 1965-1976
Democratic National Convention 1936
Presidential Campaign 1936
Presidential election 1936
Democratic Victory Dinner, 4 March 1937
Republican National Convention 1940
4Ze300 Wendell Willkie notification ceremony 1940
2.325/T64b Wendell Willkie acceptance speech, 17 August 1940
New York Times, 25 August 1940
2.325/K69a "The Story of Elwood is the Story of America,"Life Magazine, undated
4Ze300 Democratic National Convention 1940
Presidential election 1940
Democratic National Convention 1944
4Ze377 Clarence Cannon, compiler, Democratic Manual for the Democratic National Convention, 1944
4Ze301 Republican National Convention 1944
Presidential election 1944
2.325/K69a CBS Presidential Election Scorecard, 1944
Election score card, unidentified newspaper, 1944
4Ze301 Congressional elections 1946
Founding convention of the new party [Progressive Party] 1948
4Ze377 Philco Guide to the National Political Conventions, 1948
4Ze302 Republican National Convention 1948
2.325/K69a Robert Taft fan, [?] 1948
4Ze302 Democratic National Convention 1948
Presidential election 1948
2.325/T64b Election Scorecard, New York Journal-American, 2 November 1948
"Your America Day to Day in Pictures,"New York Journal-American, 2 November 1948
2.325/K69a Chimes, NBC Newsletter, November 1948
Articles, Broadcasting, 8 November 1948
4Ze303 NBC election factbook 1948
Presidential election coverage 1952
2.325/T64b "Election Scorecard by Electoral Votes,"New York Herald Tribune, 2 November 1952
4Ze304 Democratic National Convention 1952
4Ze377 Clarence Cannon, compiler, Democratic Manual for the Democratic National Convention, 1952
4Ze304 Congressional and gubernatorial elections 1954
Republican National Convention 1956
Democratic National Convention 1956
4Ze377 Clarence Cannon, compiler, Democratic Manual for the Democratic National Convention, 1956
4Ze304 National conventions and campaign coverage 1956
Presidential election 1956
2.325/T64b "Presidential Election Tally Sheet," unidentified newspaper, 1956
"Tally Sheet and Information on Voting in the Forty-Eight States,"New York Times, 6 November 1956
2.325/K69a Research Institute Election Guide Sheet, 1956
Presidential, Senate, House, and Gubernatorial races by region: East, Midwest, West, and South (four sheets), 1956
Electoral votes by state, 1956
4Ze304 Canadian Conservative Party Convention, Ottawa 1956
4Ze305 Congressional and gubernatorial elections 1958
national conventions: 1960
1959 - 8 July 1960
11 July - 29 July 1960
Democratic National Convention 1960
2.325/T64b New York Times, 14 July 1960.
2.325/K69a "How the Kennedys Beat Party Pros,"Life Magazine, 25 July 1960
"The Wild Convention Scrap and a Professor Won,"Life Magazine, 16 May 1960
4Ze305 Republican National Convention 1960
2.325/K69a Benjamin P. Thomas, Abraham Lincoln, "I-I a-a-rise Mr. Chairman..." [chapter except], 1952
"The Nixon-Lodge Ticket,"Life Magazine, 8 August 1960
Joseph W. Martin, "The Greatest Convention Ever,"Saturday Evening Post, [1960]
4Ze306 national conventions 1960
CBS News factbooks on conventions and elections 1960
Presidential election 1960
2.325/K69a "Rules of Thumb," 1960
4Ze307 Congressional and gubernatorial elections 1962
Factbook on Senate elections by state 1964
CBS correspondents' notebooks on House and Senate elections 1964
CBS correspondents' notebook on gubernatorial elections 1964
factbook on electoral votes by state 1964
election factbooks 1964
4Ze308 election coverage 1964
2.325/K69a CBS election graphics, 1964
2.116/OD1224 Plan for CBS election night set, 1964
4Ze308 election coverage (CBS press releases) 1964
Republican National Convention 1964
Democratic National Convention (Mudd/Trout team) 1964
4Ze309 Democratic National Convention (scripts and notes) 1964
Democratic National Convention (Trout factbook) 1964
Congressional elections 1966
4Ze310 CBS factbooks on Congressional and Gubernatorial elections 1966
4Ze311 election factbook (Trout's notes) 1968
CBS general election factbooks: 1968
East and South
Midwest and West
4Ze312 CBS factbooks on national conventions 1968
national conventions 1968
CBS factbooks on National Conventions 1972
National Conventions 1972
Democratic National Convention 1972
Republican National Convention 1972
4Ze313 ABC News election factbook 1974
Democratic National Convention 1976
Republican National Convention 1976
ABC News factbook on Republican National Convention 1976
4Ze381 U. S. mid-term election, November 1978
4Ze376 Democratic mini-convention, Memphis, 19786-11 December 1978
4Ze314 ABC News factbook on Congressional Elections: 1978
Northeast - South
Midwest - West
Democratic National Convention 1980
4Ze376 Scripts, Dem, and 19801984,1980-1988
4Ze381 Democratic convention, 1980
4Ze314 Republican National Convention 1980
ABC News Election Handbook 1980
Presidential Election (news clippings) 1980
4Ze381 Election (5 November 1980),1973-1980
4Ze315 Democratic National Convention 1984
Republican National Convention 1984
4Ze376 Democratic National Convention, Republican National Convention, 16-19 July 1984;20-23 August 1984
4Ze315 Presidential Election 1984
Presidential Election (Trout's notes) 1984
4Ze316 Democratic National Convention 1988
Republican National Convention 1988
Presidential Election: 1988
ABC News coverage
News articles and clippings
Factbook by Trout
4Ze317 Presidential inaugurations:
Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933,
Franklin D. Roosevelt 1937,
Franklin D. Roosevelt 1941,
Franklin D. Roosevelt 1945,
4Ze319 Harry S. Truman 1949,
Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953,
2.325/T64b Daily Mirror, 21 January 1953
2.325/K69a Life Magazine, 2 February 1953
4Ze319 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1957,
John F. Kennedy 1961,
2.325/K69a "A New Hand, A New Voice, and A New Verve,"Life Magazine, 27 January 1961
4Ze320 Lyndon B. Johnson 1965,
inauguration - Trout's notes on inaugural history 1965
2.325/K69a Life Magazine, 29 January 1965
2.325/T64b "Calendar of Inaugural Events,"The Sunday Star, Washington, D.C., 17 January 1965
4Ze320 Richard M. Nixon 1969,
Richard M. Nixon 1973,
inaugural book, The Spirit of '76 1973
Jimmy Carter 1977,
ABC News inaugural factbook 1977
4Ze321 inaugural schedule 1977
Inauguration notebook, 1977
Ronald Reagan 1981,
Ronald Reagan 1985,
4Ze376 Inauguration, 20-21 January 1985
4Ze322 Inaugural, George Bush 1989
American Bicentennial Inauguration Factbook [ABC]
4Ze376 Inauguration, 1989
4Ze377 Inauguration [Bill Clinton], 1993
4Ze322 Political broadcasting notebooks:
Unsorted political material
Democratic National conventions 1940-1948
Democratic National conventions 1952-1956
4Ze323 Democratic Convention 1960
Republican National Conventions 1956-1968
Notebook on Republican National Conventions, 1948-1969
Republican National Conventions, by state: 1940-1960
4Ze324 Nevada-Wyoming
Democratic National Conventions, information book by state 1940-1960
Notebook, and national elections 19361940
Notebook on elections, 1944-1960
4Ze325 state and national elections (by state) 1948-1960
4Ze377 Notebook, general election 1980
4Ze325 Films and recordings
Films, 1939-1970:
Boy Scout movie, 1939
Norfolk and Western Railroad, 1940
Professor Quiz movie (rugs), 1940
"America Moves Up," 1942
Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, 1949
"More Than Meets the Eye," 1952
Ebony film, 1954
Martin Senour film, 1954
Chevrolet film, 1954
Shefrin film, 1954
Abacus cassette, 1970
NBC newsreels, 1948
4Ze326 Recordings:
Recordings, 1935-1965:
Grand Caverns recordings, 1935
National Tuberculosis Association, 1939
National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, 1940
Recording for Bundles for Britain - V Campaign, 1941
Embassy cigarettes [advertisement], 1947
KIST, tenth anniversary, 1956
WGAC, A. D. Willard, Jr., 1965
Voice of the Army, "It Happened in America," 30 March 1949
Transcript of Trout recollections, c. 1983
Transcript notes, undated
4Ze365 Personal appearances:
Virginia Peninsula Association of Commerce, 19 November 1936
University of Akron (football team), 14 December 1937
Springfield, Vermont, 20 January 1938
Integrity Lodge, 8 February 1938
Bowling Green Park, 6 April 1938
Scarsdale Catholic Club, 15 November 1938
Nyack Police Department benefit, 10 December 1938
Brooklyn assistants to principals, 21 January 1939
"Hellzapoppin," 25 April 1939
New Rochelle conclave, 24 January 1940
Third war loan drive, 30 August 1943,22 January 1944,1 February 1944
Railroad Men lunch, 9 September 1943
White House correspondents' dinner, 22 March 1945
National Association of Broadcasters (Women), 8 March 1947
Merrill lecture, Exeter, New Hampshire, 2 December 1948
Grandview Hospital lecture, Dayton, Ohio, and 23 May 195023 June 1950
National Headliner award presentation, 9-10 June 1950
American Automobile Association, fiftieth anniversary, 23 September 1952
Chevrolet, San Francisco (Oakland) and Los Angeles, St. Louis, 24-27 August 1956,5 June 1956
4Ze366 Twenty-fifth anniversary, 29 October 1956
Westinghouse, Atlantic City, Chevrolet, Cambell-Ewald Lunch - Detroit, 9 July 195614 June 1957
Pittsburgh Speech (for Ad Club) (unsorted), 14 January 1958
Chevrolet, Cambell-Ewald lunch - Detroit, 30 September 1958
Boston, sales executives meeting, 15 January 1959
Fort Wayne, 31 January 1959-3 February 1959
2.325/T64b Fort Wayne (Indiana) News-Sentinel and Journal Gazette clippings, January-February 1959
4Ze366 CBS-radio affiliates lunch, 23 September 1959
Chevrolet, Cambell-Ewald, 15 December 1959
M. C. jobs, miscellaneous [Including films] (1949-1960)
Westinghouse, Graphic Arts Council, 22 January 1960
Chevrolet (General Motors)- Cambell-Ewald, 11 May 1961,1 May 1962,6 November 1963
Personal appearances [and film], 11 May 1960-26 September 1962
4Ze367 Smithsonian, fireside chat, 17 June 1964
The Beaver Club, 25 February 1965
G. E. closed circuit, Phoenix, 4 December 1969
CBS radio affiliates meeting, Phoenix, 26 September 1974
American Club, Madrid, 30 September 1976
Associated Press Broadcasters award, St. Louis, 3-4 June 1977
Speech about Paul White for Radio-Television News Directors Association (1979)
2.325/S71 "P. W. White," [cassette tape] August 29, 1979
4Ze377 Peabody Award, April 29, 1980
Overseas Press Club award, April 29, 1981
Hall of Fame, December 2, 1982
4Ze367 Radio-Television News Directors Association, New York City, 19 October 1984
4Ze377 Museum of Broadcasting, January 13, 1988
4Ze367 CBS "World News Roundup" fiftieth anniversary, New York, 21 March 1988
ABC meeting [dinner in honor of Trout], London, 2 June 1989-4 June 1989
Overseas Press Club of America, New York, 6 September 1989
4Ze368 Promotion and publicity:
Promotion and publicity:
4Ze369 1965-1989
2.325/K69a Oversize:
Extent (2 folders)
2.325/T64b 1933-1965,1982
Promotional posters, 1933-1944
4Ze369 Publicity duplicates:
4Ze377 1933-1941,undated
4Ze370 1944-1948,1964
4Ze377 1949-1952
4Ze384 1952-1981
2.325/K69a Oversize:
2.325/T64b 1950-1951,1968
4Ze370 Publicity to be filed, 1964-1966
Baloney stunt, 5 March 1936
Sailfish presentation, August 1950
4Ze371 Duplicates of Trout byline pieces
Autobiographical pieces for promotion/ publicity, 1933(?)-1963,1976
Network press releases on Trout, 1950-1963
CBS Artists' Questionnaire, 1935
Trout interview transcripts, 1980
4Ze372 Vienna, March 1938, 1938
Crisis-A Report from the Columbia Broadcasting System, 1938
Coronation Souvenir, 1953
CBS and NBC press releases, 1935-1939
4Ze377 CBS press release, "Robert Trout Recalls Some Early Days of News Broadcasting," [1948]
4Ze373 The News Till Now promotional kits, 1946
Robert Trout and the News promotional kits, 1952-1956
Annual Report to the Stockholders of the Columbia Broadcasting System, Inc., 1956
CBS Radio national political coverage [conventions] promotional kit, 1956
CBS Radio national political coverage [election] promotional kit, 1956
4Ze384 Capital Cities/ ABC biography, 1987
2.116/OD1224 Newspaper advertisement proofs, 1956,1967
4Ze338 Literary productions and other creative works:
Literary productions:
Notes from history sources, c. 1930
Free writing notes, 1932,undated
Drafts and notes, "Murder in Harlem," 1932
Diaries and writing exercises, 1933-1934,undated
Poetry and short stories, 1931-1937
4Ze339 Radio Guide articles, 1937
Unfinished manuscripts, 1937,undated
Song lyrics, Bushfield presidential campaign, 1940,1956-1959
Outline and notes, "Keep Tuned to This Station," 1941
"A Plan for the Establishment of an Affirmative Program to Defend the Democracies against Axis Propaganda," 1941
"The American Eagle Club," 1942
"Outside America Looking In," 1942
"Dover," 1942
"It's Like This Over There" [substitute column for Walter Winchell] 15 July 1943
4Ze340 Letter to American Speech, 1944
"D-Day," 1944
Flight round the world diary, (?) 1945
Story on John J. McCluskey, Jr. [ Foreign Service Magazine], 1946
"And Speaking of the Good Old Broadcasting Days...,"Variety, 7 January 1947
Submission to CBS Digest Talks, 1947
"What's the Answer to Television News,"Variety, 28 July 1948
4Ze341 Rough draft and notes for book on yacht trip, chapters 1-15, 1947-1948
4Ze342 Rough draft and notes for book on yacht trip, chapters 16, 22, 1947-1948
Yacht trip manuscript and notes, folders A and Z
Yacht trip notes and related material
"Short Shorts," 1948-1950
"The Year in Review" [1999],ca. 1949
"Danny Roscoe" short stories, 1949,undated
Grolier Society articles, 1949-1963
4Ze343 "Only in America," 1949
Biographical notes and manuscript on early radio career, 1950
"Conventions: Party Time for Politicians,"Collier's, 12 July 1952
"What to Look for on Election Night,"Collier's, 8 November 1952
"Presidential Campaign - New Style,"The Reporter, 1956
"And the Next Voice You Hear" [manuscript on political broadcasting], 1957-1958
4Ze344 "And the Next Voice You Hear" [manuscript on political broadcasting], 1957-1958
Broadcasting book outline, undated
"Words to Live By" [ "Five Ways of Knowing"], 1960
"The Last Time I Saw Elwood," 1960
"The Chase," ca. 1961
"The Chase" reference and San Gennaro files, 1961-1962
"Report on Professor Rapallo," 1979
Club Taurino essays, 1977-1986
Pamplona, Spain, International Herald Tribune, December 1979
Radio news history essay, 1983
4Ze384 Bullfighting essays, c. 1989
4Ze345 Proposals for media and creative works, 1947-1973
P. C. project, 1947
Record albums, 1946-1950
"How to Give a Party," 1949-1952
"TeeVee Jeebees" [television game], 1949-1951
Proposed television programs and series, 1947-1954
"Fone Booth Follies," 1949
"Where Are We?" [television], 1949-1950
"Photography By...YOU!" [television], 1948-1949
"Missing Line" [television], 1949-1951
"Fish Fair," 1951
"$1,000 A Question" [television], 1953-1954
"Yesterday" [television series], 1954
4Ze346 "T. V. Newsroom" [television], 1954-1956
"U. S. Musical Almanac" [television], 1956
"So It Seems" [television], scripts, ca. 1955
"So It Seems" [television],story boards, ca. 1955
"So It Seems [television], clipping file, ca. 1955
4Ze347 "So It Seems" includes "Musical Almanac," 1953-1955
T. V. news program [ "So It Seems"], 1952-1954,1966-1968
"Quiz Kit" [record album], 1958
"First Hand" [television], 1958
"Star Spangled Review," 1955-1968
"Lady of the House," 1959
Proposal for television business program 1959
Film proposal 1959
"That's the Ticket" [musical comedy], 1959-1963
"Comedy Court" [radio], 1960
4Ze348 Proposed television programs and series, 1960
Proposal for album recording of commercial jingles, 1960
"Biz T. V." [television], 1959-1961
"Mr. T and Bob," 1962-1963
T. V. script ideas, ca. 1965
"The Ombudsman," 1967
Business project, 1957-1968
Proposed television programs or series, 1967-1970
"US" [television], 1971
"The Secret Life of Walt Disney," 1971
"Mr. Ambassador" [television], 1972-1973
Consumers Union television project, 1972-1973
"Present Indicative" [television], undated
Cartoon ideas, 1960
[Artwork], undated
4Ze384 Conchita Cintr¢n, 1968-1969
"Inside Story," 1981
Info and scripts 1992,1991-1992


Memos and Correspondence, 1931-1992
Extent (4 ft., 7 in.)

4Ze327 Professional:
CBS memos and correspondence, 1935-1963
4Ze328 CBS memos and correspondence, 1964-1978,undated
Move to Europe, correspondence, working notes, 1965
4Ze329 ABC memos and correspondence, 1966-1991
ABC correspondence, Richard Richter, 1975-1978
ABC correspondence, Jon Schriber, 1991-1992
4Ze384 CBS correspondence, 1969-1973
American Express (includes Fred Rosen), 1973
Professional correspondence, 1965,1977,1987-1997,undated
Tuy telex, 1986
4Ze329 Colston Leigh, 1944-1945,1964
Leslie Lieber, 1948-1949
Sterling Lord, 1939,1957-1958
Thomas H. Uzzell, 1936
Willis Wing, 1961-1969
Publicity and promotion correspondence, 1935-1976
Contract correspondence, 1937-1966
4Ze330 Contract negotiations, 1954-1962
Correspondence with agents, 1945-1956
Correspondence with agents, 1964-1970
International Creative Management, 1963-1980
4Ze331 General:
Correspondence, 1931-1957
Correspondence with Edward R. Murrow, 1937-1965.
4Ze332 Correspondence, 1958-1966
Christmas Cards, 1956-1966
4Ze333 Correspondence, 1967-1974
4Ze334 Correspondence, 1975-1980
Christmas Cards, 1980
4Ze335 Correspondence, 1981-1992
Correspondence, undated
4Ze384 Grace [Drachman], 1972-1975
Paco Cano, 1985-1986
Personal correspondence, 1977,1986
Personal correspondence with Robert Emanuel's family, 1971-1974
4Ze336 Viewer and listener
Viewer/listener mail, 1930s-1964
Form letters for answering viewer/listener mail ( ) 1938-1945,undated
4Ze337 Viewer/listener mail, 1965-1981
4Ze384 Viewer letter, 1982


Personal and reference files, 1930-1991
Extent (9 ft., 6 in.)

4Ze349 Travel files:
West Coast trip, February 1939-April 1939
California trip, Spring 1940
England, 1941-1943
Flight round the world, October 1945-November 1945
4Ze350 Flight round the world, October 1945-November 1945
Nassau-Miami, 12 February 1946-4 March 1946
Tonga trip, 1947-1948
Caribbean trip number two-official papers, 1947
4Ze351 Europe-financial, 16 October 1951-2 December 1951
Europe, 22 May 1953-5 August 1953
Europe-notes, 20 March 1957-4 June 1957
Europe-notes, 18 June 1958-20 August 1958
Europe, -financial 18 June 1958-20 August 1958
Russia, July 1958
4Ze352 Europe, 3 June 1959-11 September 1959
Europe, notes, 21 June 1959-29 September 1959
Europe, notes, 21 June 1961-29 September 1961
Europe, 20 June 1962-12 September 1962
Europe, -Financial 20 June 1962-12 September 1962
Queen Elizabeth 2, 1988-1989
Spanish tourism literature, c. 1953
Miscellaneous travel material
4Ze353 Professional associations files:
Overseas Press Club, 1939,1956-1970,1982
Association of Radio News Analysts [ARNA], 1943-1955
Association of Radio-Television News Analysts [ARTNA], 1958-1970
ARTNA demise, 1986
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, 1952-1968
4Ze384 Association of Radio News Analysts: History, Constitution, and Membership, 1942-1954 [ ] 1954
American Airlines commission for Trout as Admiral of the Flagship Fleet, Nov. 15, 1939
4Ze354 General information files:
Characters A. Men, 1933,1957,undated
Characters B. Women, 1935-1936,undated
Characters C. Children, undated
Complications C. Business, 1930-1935,undated
Settings A. City, 1935,1956
Settings B. Country, 1933-1934
Settings C. Radio, 1935-1940
Themes A. Social B. Domestic, undated
Press Radio Bureau reports, 1935
Art, 1936-1937
Football & R. T., 1936-1939
Dowling Leatherwood manuscript on radio journalism, 1939
Lit file, 1934-1941,undated
U. S. declares war, 1941
Hess flies to Scotland, 10 May 1941,1941
Radio stuff, 1941,undated
Enemy propaganda, 1942-1943,undated
London notes, 1941-1943
Movies and theater, 1942-1943
2.325/T64b Newspaper coverage of World War Two, 1944-1945
4Ze355 Lit file [CBS press releases, ] September 1941-October 1941
"People's Platform" scripts, 1938-1943
U. S. domestic "empire," 1944
U. S. foreign policy, 1944
News as a weapon, 1941-1944
Information services, 1941-1943
Anglo-American interpreter, books, grammar, words, 1942-1944
British politics, 1941-1945
Hun cartoons, c. 1945
The German problem, 1941-1945
Radio and T. V., influence and use, World War II, 1938-1945
India-China Division, Air Transport Command info folder, 1945
Propaganda and military, 1944-1947
Fluff material, 1947
4Ze356 Lit file, 1942-1948
Lit file, 1945-1948
Characters to be written, 1948-1972
NBC notes, 1948-1949
Lit file, inside television, ca. 1950
Lit file, "Short Shorts," 1948-1950
Radio, WJSV, miscellaneous, 1933,1948
Radio, T. V., stunts and "firsts," 1933-1948,undated
H. V. Kaltenborn, 1945-1950
Gifts, 1950,undated
Books, 1943-1951
4Ze357 Fishbowl, 1936-1938,1952,undated
U. S. politics notes and research, 1940-1953,undated
T. V., stories and anecdotes, 1939-1953,1972,undated
Last half hour, 1953
Radio and television, 1954-1955
Radio history, 1934-1956
Election broadcasting notes (not politics), 1952-1956,undated
Radio-T. V. news broadcasting, general, 1933-1957,undated
Hypnosis, Power Publishing, ca. 1957
Mideast crisis, 1956-1957
Mideast file no. 2, 1956-1957
NATO, 1957
Yugoslavia, 1955-1957
U.S.A., manners and mores, 1954-1957
Kashmir, 1957-1958
Psychology, 1950-1958
4Ze358 Notes about public appearances and other topics, 1948-1958
Lit notes, 1950-1958,1972,undated
Third World War, 1944-1946,1959
Influence of radio and television, international politics, 1942-1962
Independence, 1945,1959-1961
Kenya, 1961
Chevrolet sponsorship, 1954-1962
Alphabet, Sir Reilly, 1953-1958
Radio and T. V., influence and use, politics, national, 1944-1961
Anecdotes for lectures, 1950,1963-1972
4Ze359 Miscellaneous news reference, 1955-1964
Pronunciation guides, 1939,1954-1964,undated
I. bloc, 1960-1964,undated
Special events broadcasting, 1935-1952,1964
Words, 1933-1941,1962-1964,undated
"Speaking Out,"Saturday Evening Post feature, 1963-1964
Alexander Kendrick and Bill Leonard scripts, 1964,undated
Notes re: Broadcasting, criticism, 1957-1965
Hypnosis, 1952-1965
Lecturing, 1948-1965
Magazine, 1944,1958-1965
4Ze360 Election reform, 1956-1965
Unsorted network publicity and newsletters, 1940-1965
Fred W. Friendly, 1948-1965
Scenes, 1965-1966
Pedestrians, 1966-1967,undated
Shave, 1959-1968
Theater, 1946-1947,1961- 1968
Luna, 1966-1969
Words, 1944-1951,1966-1970
Lit file, BDC, 1969-1970
Lit file, Toros, 1969-1970
[Pablo] Picasso, 1971
4Ze361 Lit file, 1944-1972
Anecdotes and lit notes, 1949,1962-1972
Food and restaurants, 1958-1974
Project work for CBS, 1972-1974
De Soto celebration, Florida, U. S., 1975
Blue jeans, 1974-1975
Service bands, 1932,1950,1976
Broadcasting history, 1974-1977
Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee, 1977
England, 1941-1978
Television and news, 1960,1975-1979
4Ze362 American leave Europe, 1976-1979
Bum-bill collector, 1979
Tourists series, 1977-1979
Radio and television, presidential broadcasting, traveling, 1939-1979
ABC story proposals, 1980
Religion, 1975-1980
Anecdotes and writings, 1934-1940,1965-1980
Basketball in Europe, 1975-1981
France notes and clippings, 1978-1981
Professor Rapallo, 1979-1981
Rapallo, Winters, 1979-1980
Fireside chats, 1933-1981
[Raoul] Wallenberg, 1980-1981
Monaco, 1981-1982
Radio ideas, 1981-1982
4Ze363 Isabel Peron, 1981-1983
CBS and ABC directories, 1971-1972,1983
"Nightline," short pieces, 1984
Leon De Grelle, 1981-1985
ABC Meeting, May 1985
Presidential inaugurals, 1952-1985
Possible broadcast topics, 1967-1985
Gibraltar, 1948,1961-1986
Serenos, 1974-1986
"War of the Worlds" [Orson Welles broadcast], 1938-1949,1986
Champagne, wine, 1971-1987
Beer, 1961-1987
4Ze364 Notes for ABC futures meetings, 1987-1988
Tourism in Spain, 1988
Christopher Columbus, 1988
America's Cup, 1983-1987
Bases, 1973,1986-1988
Gypsies, 1963-1991
Anecdote file, undated
Political anecdotes, undated
Presidential broadcasting, undated
Word cliches and use, undated
Clippings of varied interest 4/92, 1969-1972
File with broadcasts, 1960-1965
Miscellaneous notes and to be filed, 1931-1934,1946,1957,undated
Gag file, 1937,1950,c. 1964
Material filed with photos
2.325/H68d Daily planners, 1959-1966,1968-1972
4Ze378 Boats, 1951-1958
Fishing, ca. 1947
Items regarding boats and fish, 1938-1941,1958
H. A. Association, 1951-1953
H. A. Association, Norton, Lasswell, Gibb, 1948-1958
H. A. Association, The Fleet, 1951
United States Coast Guard Reserve, ca. 1940
Water Witch, Circe, Columbia Yacht Club, 'Guana Island Club, 1934-1957
Club Taurino, 1961-1963
Confrerie des Chavaliers du Tastevin, 1959,1982
Friars' Club
Collected manuscripts, 1930,1956
American Weekly newspapers, 1933
Saturday Evening Post series on FDR, 1939
Phillips Code, 1945
Arthur Godfrey articles from Saturday Evening Post, 1955
Magazines and pamphlets, 1957-1964,1981
New York photo book, 1963
Broadcasting history series, 1980-1981
Food and diet publications, ca. 1981
New York Times, 1986
4Ze379 Gulf Oil Harbor guides, undated
Material removed from book collection, undated
Empty folders, undated
Household, 1976-1981,undated
House plans
Health notes and printed material, 1967,1979,undated
Dance and Spanish language lessons, 1941,1957
Household affairs notebook, ca. 1976
Household appliances, 1977-1979,undated
Driver's license, identification cards
Copies of legal documents, 1973-1974,undated
Unsorted printed material
Unsorted wire stories
Unsorted typewritten notes
Unused tablet and pad
Unsorted clippings, notes, forms, souvenirs
Unsorted clippings - broadcasting and bullfighting]
Handwritten notes and lists
Multiple copies of publicity / promotion material
4Ze384 Crisis broadcasting (1938?), undated
Appointment books, 1955,1959,1963
Pronunciation guides, 1959-1965
I. bloc, 1967-1968,1987
Papal election, 1978
Bulls, 1959,1974-1980,undated
Trout interview transcripts, 1980
Extent (2 folders)
Africa, 1977-1980
Election reform, 1967-1980
French and Spanish press credentials, 1967,1981
4Ze385 Collected transcripts, 1981,undated
Capes, 1967-1969,1976,1982
Leon De Grelle, 1986
Reports on the Spanish connection in Irangate, 1986
Fireside chat, 1984-1987
ABC meetings, 1986-1987
Notes and manuscripts, 1987,undated
Dickens Christmas, December 1987
Christmas, 1983-1987
Western Australia and America's Cup, 1987
Independence (colonialism), 1967-1988
Spain/Judías, 1966-1968
Malta meeting, 1989
Pigeons, 1967-1968,1982,1989-1990
Badges and souvenirs, 1933-1936,undated
Script drafts, undated
Identification cards, 1965,1977,undated
Passports, 1963,1973,1993
Notes and printed material, 1981,undated
Sudeten crisis [photocopies of broadcast file material], undated
Anecdotes, undated
Notes and printed material, 1983-1986,undated
Angus Macnab, The Bulls of Iberia [photocopies], undated
Notebook, undated
Notes and clippings, 1958,1964-1965,undated
Bull fight clippings, 1977
To be filed, 1962-1980
Extent (two folders)
To be filed, 1960-1988
Return to Madrid, 1984-1985
Printed material, 1963-1964,1977-1979,1991-1994
For Jávea files, 1965-1969,1985-1987
Clippings, 1986-1987
Business cards, undated
Info, Spain, 1984-1986
4Ze374 Financial records:
Tax returns, 1934-1936,1943-1959
Earnings statements, 1938-1940,1958-1962
Income tax, 1967-1968
Tax preparation correspondence, 1948-1949,1993
4Ze375 Tonga, Charters, completed, 1943-1949
Reprisals, Tonga, 1948-1949
Apartment leases, 1954-1965
Investment reports, 1964
AFTRA pension, 1965,1984-1985
Check stubs, 1966-1970
Bank statements, 1966-1969
Receipts, 1969-1970
Bank statements and transfers, 1970-1971
Loan records, 1977
Computer purchases, 1984-1992
ABC benefits, 1991-1993
Receipts and other financial records
4Ze385 Investment balance statement, June 28, 1994
WJR [William J. Rinehart] and SA [Stephen Abrams] 1992,1989-1992


Oversize material, 1934-1984
Extent (8 in.)

2.325/K69a Awards and certificates, 1940-1957,1970,1980
Broadcast files-oversize material, 1935-1938,1973-1974
Political broadcasts, oversize material, 1940-1965
"Bob Trout broadcasting the end of the Second World War, CBS, 1945," charcoal sketch by James Montgomery Flagg, 1945?
2.325/T64b Travel material and collected printed material, 1934,1945-1958,1974-1984
Broadcasting files, oversize material, 1934-1939
Political broadcasts, oversize material, 1940-1965
Broadcasting files separations, newspaper coverage of British Royal Family, 1939,1953-1957
2.116/OD1224 Boy Scout Week radio timetable, February 1939
Bullfight poster (U. S. Naval Station, Rota, Spain), 1974
"The Spanish Heritage and Contribution to the American Independence," 1982
House plans
3S191.1 Certificate for the George Foster Peabody Broadcasting Award from University System of Georgia, [ca. 1931]-1979


Sound recordings
Extent (1 ft., 5 in.)

2X336 Cassette tapes:
Recordings of D-Day broadcast, [11 audio cassettes] 6 June 1944
Audio cassette number 12
King and Queen train Canada-U. S. border, 7 June 1939
F. D. R. inauguration, 20 January 1945
Audio cassette number 13
How CBS covered D-Day, 11 June 1944
Elmer Davis, Paul White, Edward R. Murrow on CBS news, 1 June 1941
Report from London and false invasion broadcast, 3 June 1944
King and Queen arrive, 8 June 1939
Audio cassette number 14:
CBS discussion F. D. R. speech, 11 September 1941
Trout substituting for Elmer Davis on CBS news, 7 November 1940
F. D. R. funeral train, Warm Springs, 13 April 1945
Trout on F. D. R., 14 April 1945
Cassettes of Trout broadcast excerpts [created at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History for Robert Trout exhibit, ]: Fall 2000
Copy of (KUT) mastered audio tape
D-Day broadcasts [2 copies]
Trout broadcasts (4:30 edit), copy 2
Presidential election 1932
D-Day invasion
V-J Day
Alan Shephard, 1st man in space
Nomination of B. Goldwater at Republican Convention
Pedro Coelho and Alberto Arons de Carnavalho, October 1973
Marias, October 1973
Cruse executives, 15-19 November 1974
Trout broadcasts (e_rt_00036)
Trout dub, 4 selections, 11/9/2000
Trout NPR
Trout master, 5 selections
4Zf7 ca. 75 audiocassettes, including interviews with Gregory Peck, Bette Davis, Robert Preston, Alan Arkin, and Gene Wilder
"Welcome to LBJ Ranch!": The Robin-Doud Comedy Interviews by Earle Doud and Alen Robin, 1965
Tomorrow Media, 1980
Politics, U.S.A., narrated by Will Rogers, Jr.
Don’t Make Waves by Jim Moran, autographed and inscribed by Moran to Trout, October 1964
"I Can Hear It Now…", 3 vols., by Fred W. Friendly and Edward R. Murrow, 1951
>"I Can Hear It Now…", vol. 3, 1919-1932, by Fred W. Friendly and Edward R. Murrow, 1950
9:34 A.M., May 5, 1961: A Recording of the Historic Space Voyage of America’s First Astronaut: The Authentic Report and Sounds, produced by Dan Bloom, CBS News for CBS Radio with Bob Trout
Sir Winston Churchill: First Honorary Citizen of the United States, by Bud Greenspan and narrated by David Perry
I Can Hear It Now: Winston Churchill, edited by Edward R. Murrow and Fred W. Friendly and narrated by Murrow
"I Can Hear It Now…": 1933-1945, a Chronicle of the War and the Years of Crisis… by Edward R. Murrow and Fred W. Friendly
2X336 Reel-to-reel tapes:
Allied invasion, CBC coverage, 6 June 1944
"World Tonight" piece on inaugurations and (21 January 1957)
Remembrance of Cross and Dunn for WGAC (21 February 1963
Spanish Broadcasts [NBC], September 1951
Harry Butcher, tenth anniversary of KIST, 27 October 1956
Harry Butcher, tenth anniversary of KIST (second version), 27 October 1956
Trout reminisces about thirty years with Betty Furness, 1964
Fred Allen, and Lindburgh's arrival in Washington, 19481927
Cape Canaveral [Mercury recovery], 5 May 1961
Atlantic Clipper broadcast, June 1939
"Radio: Then, Now and Later" [RKO General], 1965
"There Is No Night," 1955
"Calendar" (interview with Harry Reasoner), 7 March 1962
CBS newscasts, Fall 1954
"Trout Takes Five" pieces, [two reels] undated
How America votes [2 reels], 1958
Background piece on T. V. newsroom, ca. 1955
Don Holenbeck News, 1951
Only in America, 1954
Agent conference with NBC, and Edward Murrow news broadcast, undatedca. 1951
Special broadcast from capitals of the world, 1938
Election broadcast, 1948
Madrid spots, 1955
Godfrey Time [two reels], 1960
[Harry] Reasoner on Trout, ABC-TV, [three-inch reel] March 1, 1973
Assimil Spain and France Pamplona '66:
Trout - Greene Pamplona:
Reel number one:
Wild track: "Penas" Pamplona clubs and organizations leaving the bull ring after the fights - dancing and drinking, etc. through the streets (with roll 4)
Same from balcony overlooking main square (with roll 4)
Fireworks (with roll 10)
Reel number two:
Wild track: Band and waiting ground
Entrance of runners and bulls into arena at end of "encierro" run (for use with roll 10)
Reel number three:
Souvenir streets
Giants and big heads
Amusement park
Music of encierro and atmosphere
Rocket (starting of encierro)
Assi Span, lec 1-66, April 1967
Assi Span, lec.67-111, April 1967
Assi Fnch, lec 1-66, April 1967
Assi Fnch, lec 67-138 1/2, April 1967
Assi Fnch, first 1/2, undated
Gift recording, June 1966
For Richard Merson "Weekend Dimension" CBS Radio News:
Sounds of encierro, Plaza Toros, Pamplona, July 1966
Two "Dimensions"0
Cricket explanation by Cyril Bliss ( "Weekend Dimension"), September 11-12, 1965
F. Binney, cockney, undated
Bon voyage, Charlie Manna, undated
New tape put on Uher to take to shop (for illustration) for repairs, April 26, 1967
Trout and Alf Landon, Miami, August 21, 1972
4Zf6 WEEI Radio 590, Three interviews with Robert Trout & Howard Nelson (also 2 promos)
Dr. Bellows, May 1952
(positive – subtle method)
2.325/S71 Princess Anne wedding, November 14, 1973
Assi Span, first half, undated
Assi Span slowest (old), undated
Tape found on Uher [unidentified], June 1967
Unlabelled reel, undated
Captain's table, S. S. Young America, February 1973
Interviews with Expresso editor and Capital editor, October 1973
Donteun[?] Villaberde [?], September 1973
Pub Geo IV (London), November 1973
P. Revel, undated
Sounds, Linares, Manzanares, Galloso, Fallas, 1972
Spurrier-Winroth, June 1975
Hole in Paris building, October 1975
ABC Radio News:
News demo, undated
Empty audio cassette cases [two]
Joan Burke material:
Five inch reel:
Robert Trout report for "Wallace at Large," undated
Seven inch reel:
Joan Burke/Robert Trout, undated
Pamplona background noises, undated
Joan Burke, Trout, undated
Not yet assigned Audio discs:
Bob Trout news 4/25/48, 4:30-4:35 P. M.
"More Than Meets the Eye," 1952
Bob Trout Interview, "Bob Elson on Century," 1949
"It Happened in America," (2 discs)
"Tex and Jinx," (3 discs) 1951
Mel Trout (how about that), [ "NBC Round-Up" spot] 1950
This Is Edward R. Murrow, 1965
9:43 A.M. E.S.T. May 5, 1961, 1961
An Ear to the Sounds of Our History, 1973
Farewell to Studio Nine, 1964
Sample individual call letter spots, 1954
Personal recording, 10 December 1935
European war situation, Columbia Appreciation Talk, [16" disc] September 30, 1938
"Trout Takes Five," CBS Radio News audition, [16" disc] November 11, 1953
2X291d Digital Copies of Cassette Tapes (Compact Disks):
Recordings of D-Day broadcast, [11 audio cassettes] 6 June 1944
Audio cassette number 12
King and Queen train Canada-U. S. border, 7 June 1939
F. D. R. inauguration, 20 January 1945
Audio cassette number 13
How CBS covered D-Day, 11 June 1944
Elmer Davis, Paul White, Edward R. Murrow on CBS news, 1 June 1941
Report from London and false invasion broadcast, 3 June 1944
King and Queen arrive, 8 June 1939
Audio cassette number 14:
CBS discussion F. D. R. speech, 11 September 1941
Trout substituting for Elmer Davis on CBS news, 7 November 1940
F. D. R. funeral train, Warm Springs, 13 April 1945
Trout on F. D. R., 14 April 1945
Cassettes of Trout broadcast excerpts [created at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History for Robert Trout exhibit, ]: Fall 2000
Copy of (KUT) mastered audio tape
D-Day broadcasts [2 copies]
Trout broadcasts (4:30 edit), copy 2
Presidential election 1932
D-Day invasion
V-J Day
Alan Shephard, 1st man in space
Nomination of B. Goldwater at Republican Convention
Pedro Coelho and Alberto Arons de Carnavalho, October 1973
Further Details with Robert Trout, NPR, 2002


Photographic material, 1931-1999
Extent (~3 ft.)

3Z321 Prints:
Photographs annotated by Trout and John McDonough
Kit Trout passport photos, 1986,undated
3Z322 Unsorted photographs, including bullfighting photos by Paco Cano
3S199d ABC publicity shot, (2 copies) undated
Portrait of Wildfrid Hyde-White, inscribed to Trout, undated
NBC group, including Trout, John Cameron Swayze, H. V. Kaltenborn and Oscar Levant, c. 1950
3S191.1 Oversized photos and drawings of Trout with others
3Y298 Motion picture film:
London buses (processed), c. 1966
(2 reels; color; 16 mm)
Three unidentified reels
(color; 16 mm)
4Zf8 "La Pasionaria", ABC, 16mm, negative
"Pasionaria Arrival", Madrid, 13-5-77
Revere Camera Company, 8mm
"Pasionaria" lib footage, Madrid, air piece and out takes, 13-5-77
"Valey [sic] of the Fallen [Gedrinsky?]"
"Indvielsen af Nurat Djahan Moskéen"
3X34 Videotapes:
Professional career:
VHS video cassettes:
Archive of American Television interview, [7 tapes] 1999
VHS tape number one, undated
"The Saturday News with Robert Trout" (CBS), 29 October 1960
"This Is Robert Trout" (WCBS), 7 July 1965
Canadian Conservative Party Convention (unedited footage), 1950
"Tonga Trip" (silent travel film), 1947
"The Obstreperous Reporter" (WCBS), c. 1965
Sports footage, undated
VHS tape number two, undated:
"The Evening News with Robert Trout" (WCBS, last broadcast), 1965
"The Many Worlds of Frank Gifford" [gag film], 1964
"The Obstreperous Reporter" (pilot), silent footage and outtakes, c. 1964
Videotape indexes
Archive of American Television Interview transcript, 1999
3X37 RT Atlantic Charter, not aired, taped just before Malta meeting 1990,December 1989?
"West 57" [CBS-TV], June 13, 1986
History part two, [ABC tape] October 7, 1985
Forum on guns, ABC-TV, tape one, January 24, 1990
Gun show, ABC-TV, tape one, January 24, 1990
American matador
Laytown races, [1985]
"Air" American matador (PASB)
Correspondence separated from cassettes, 1981,1989
U-Matic (small):
Trout inauguration, January 1981:
Personal history
Communication history
U-Matic (large):
GMA [ "Good Morning, America"] promo, undated
3X38 Collected material:
Bullfighting material taped from Spanish television, August 1985-September 1985
Bullfighting material taped from Spanish television, July 1985
Ten years of reign of Juan Carlos [tape of Spanish program "Informe Semanal"], and Novillada [bullfight], November 16, 1985,November 1, 1986
Bullfighting material, June 1985
Antonete's Madrid despedida, Sepember 30, 1985
Bullfighting material, 1985-1986
Pershing's victory parade in Washington, D.C. showing arch [1919],undated
"The Buried Army of Qin Shihuang," undated
Unlabelled cassettes (three)
Indexes and labels from videotapes, 1985-1986,undated
4Zf3 Assorted 93 videotapes:
U-matic (small)
Consuegra-Safron, Sept. 29, 1987
Cup reel, Belessing of the Beasts, NTSC
U-matic (large)
ABC News Close Up, 7/17/83
War Power, Sur 12, ABC News, 6/15/84
Bob Trout, March 27, 1983
Close-up, "Adapt or Die," 4/2/83
Close Up, "American Inquisition," 6/25/83
Safron – Consuegra, Fall 1987
ABC News Close Up, Vanishing America, 6/8/83
Bob Trout, #1 and #2, March 27, 1983
ABC News Closeup, Cocaine, 8/20/83
Betacam (small)
Betacam (large)
Interiores, Hotel Plaza Espana, 19.VI.1991
Saturday World News Tonight, 625 PAL, featuring Robert Trout, Hispano, Suisa Rally, November 5, 1989
4Zf4 VHS
Jativa – Vacencia, 1971 – continued: Antonio & Camino, etc.; Robert on "Nightline" on Klaus Barbie (Feb. 1983); ABC’s FDR Centennial Salute (Piece by Robert) – Aired January 29, 1982
Unknown, with letter from Trout to "Laws," [ca. 1985]
ABC News Tribute to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trout, 3 June 1989
Modern Maturity, Robert Trout Profile, Radio Days III, John Daly Profile
Robert Trout radio luncheon
Sneak Previews, 4/17/85, undated
45/85 History Pt. 1, 7 October 1985
Trout Columbus
Bob Trout Segments on Democratic National Convention, 7/10-15/92
WNT, March 19th thru March 22, 1991
La Hora de Vivir
PAL Sports, clips on spin, ABC news, Marta Williams
"Extra Rosa;" Eutreusta eu directo a Antonio Banderas (11/11/97)
Corrida de toros en Navacerrana, Cristina Sanchez, 6/9/97
Yorkshire TV – First Tuesday: Poisoned Lives (Spain’s Toxic Oil Scandal)
Eria de Bilbao, 1985; Feria de Salamanca ’85; Tendido Cero, November 18, 1986
U-matic (small)
Abe Lincoln Battalion, Spain, 22-10-86
Spain Appreciation, ABC, Trout, Pres. Carter Visit, 25/26 June 1980
Robert Trout Interview, Good Morning N.Y., 1/27/82
Trout, Pamplona, Spain, versions 1 and 2, air date: 7/14/83
Andorra Spot for Nightline, 30 April 1982
"Arms Dealer," Paris, France, 12/83
U-matic (large)
Soviet Breakfast TV affair
Truck/Transportation Strike Madrid (Spain), Oct. 17, 1990
Bomb blast, National Guard HQ, Madrid, 11/23/88
President Gonzalez – Spanish Opnion to War, 18-1-91, 15-2-91
Philip Agee/Trout, Sept. 1990
Mark Spitz comes to Barcelone, Nov. 1989
Return of "Infanta Cristina" and "Diana" on Feb. 10, 1991
4Zf5 U-matic (small)
Bull Fighter, Trout, 7/4/78
World News Roundup 40th Anniversary, CBS Morning News with Richard Threlkeld, March 13, 1978
Matt Carney Intv., 8/30/83
U-matic (large)
Robert Tout News, 6/17/65
WNT Clip Reel Spots, 1/17/88 Pigs, 12/19/87 Chess, etc., dub 5/3/88
National Archives, "Allendorfer," 5/23/89
XPase, WNT, Thursday, 7/14-15/83
ABC Close-Up, "Water," TWC-11, 8/5-6/83
Bob Trout, "Columbus," 10/1/88
Betacam (small)
Bernardo Atxaga, 6/8/90
Embasada USA, Emb. Panama, Ministerio A.E., Nuncio, 12/25/1989
Spain stories to Matt Softly, London, from Gail Zimmerman
Betacam (large)
Prime Time Live, February 7, 1996
Space Shuttle Explodes, 18/4/86
Nightline, London, 1. Atlantic Meeting, 2. PM Returns, 3. Historic meeting, [ca. 1989]
Close-up "Borrowed Time," 4/23/83
ABC Alberto Diaz Gomez, Noriega, Dec. 25, 1989
4Zf6 U-matic (large)
WNTH History, Tom Wolsky London, 4-25-86
Trout Royal Wedding Spots, July 29, 1981
Nightline Hist., 1-29-82
Robert Trout interview, (warm up for Mike Lee conversation), cameraman Hull (Rick), 11/2/83
Trout Spot, ‘D Day’, June 1984
JFK Part 2, 11/12/83
JFK special, Part 1, 11/12/83
ABC News, World News Tonight Sunday, Jim Bittermann CLS, Anti-semitism, 22 January 1995
Deutsche Welle radio & tv international
Good Morning America, 5.5.89, Malcolm Forbes in his ballroom
ABC News Business World, 26 July 1992, Trout cls Siesta Time
Tribute from ABC News to Robert Trout, 3 June 1989
WNT: March 22, 1988, Owen Spot : Kladstrup
Weekend Report, Hispano-Suisa Car Rally, 5 November 1989
ABC Sunday World News, Spanish Bullfighting School, Pal copy, 7/7/91
(2 copies)
"Guilty Until Proven Innocent", 02.04.88
Good Morning America, Malcolm Forbes, Ballrooms, 5/5/89
Business World, Spain’s Economy, Spain’s stock market, 1992
Business World, PAL 625
(3 copies)
Singing Monks, BBC 25 Feb. 1994 and ABC March 1994
You Must Remember This…A Night in Casablanca
4Zf7 20/20, Pamplona, entire show, 9/17/85 (9/5/85 show)
Bob Trout Honors
Trout – FDR spot and W.H. standups, 4/12/85
Saffron Bob Trout WT spot
Various interviews, 1983-1985
Complete dub of “45/85” (parts I, II, III), 9/25/85
Robert Trout
Edward R. Murrow, with letter from Jayne Hilary Bruns, Feb. 17, 1986
Luna de Miel en Egipto, Comeia/Musical, 2 horas, empieza a 400 en contador
"Nightline'Covers' D-Day"6/6/84; 1981 Corrida in Quismondo (Antonio & Dominguin); 1977 Goyesca-Antonio cuts a tail; 1971-Trouts, Conrad, & Antoinette (!) at Jativa – Biennenida, pt. I