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A Guide to the Abraham Robinson Papers, 1901, 1926-1976

Descriptive Summary

Creator Robinson, Abraham,
Title Abraham Robinson Papers
Dates: 1901, 1926-1976 and undated
Abstract The Abraham Robinson Papers consist of photocopies, reprints, manuscripts, mimeographed drafts, monographs, reports, theses, dissertations, and periodicals. Topics covered include symbolic and mathematical logic, algebra, non-standard analysis, model theory, philosophy of mathematics, and applied mathematics.
Accession No. 86-26
Extent 5 ft., 10 in.
Language English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Abraham Robinson was born in Germany in 1918. He was studying at the Sorbonne in 1940 when he (a Jew) went to England to escape Hitler's encroachment on France. While in England, he joined the Free French Air Force, but was sent to the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough so that his mathematical skills could be put to use for the war effort. After the war, he earned a Master of Science from Hebrew University in 1946 and a Ph. D. at the University of London in 1949. He taught different subjects at several prestigious universities, including aerodynamics at the College of Aerodynamics at Cranfield, mathematics at the University of Toronto, mathematics at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, mathematics and philosophy at the University of California, Los Angeles, and mathematics at Yale University. He died from pancreatic cancer in 1974, at the age of 56.

His interests included physics, pure mathematics, fluid mechanics, and relations between logic and mathematics. He contributed to the development of Model Theory and is known for inventing non-standard analysis.

Scope and Contents

The Abraham Robinson Papers consist of photocopies, reprints, manuscripts, mimeographed drafts, monographs, reports, theses, dissertations, and periodicals. Topics covered include symbolic and mathematical logic, algebra, non-standard analysis, model theory, philosophy of mathematics, and applied mathematics.

Note on the reprint collection: Title pages of reprints and preprints were copied and the originals were sent to the American Institute of Mathematics in Palo Alto, California for cataloguing. Unique manuscripts were kept in the reprint collection. Correspondence, notes, and other material were separated from the reprints and brought together at the end of the “Reprint Collection” series.

Note on the monograph collection: Title pages of monographs were copied and the original books, technical reports or bound theses/dissertations were separated to PCL Gifts for cataloguing in the Physics-Mathematics-Astronomy library, or separation to another campus. Unbound theses and manuscripts were discarded. Unique manuscripts and rare items were kept in the collection.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


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Index Terms

Robinson, Abraham, 1918-1974
Hebrew University, Jerusalem
University of London
Model theory
Non-standard analysis
Philosophy of mathematics and science
Symbolic and mathematical logic
Applied mathematics

Related Material

Another collection of Abraham Robinson's personal papers are located at the Yale University archives.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Abraham Robinson Papers, 1901, 1926-1976 and undated, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Archivist's Note

The materials in the Abraham Robinson Papers have not yet been arranged and described, and date information is not available for the materials located therein. This is reflected in the following box listing, and the lack of dates does not indicate that materials are necessarily undated. Reprints are filed by author or title if there is no obvious author. Monographs are filed similarly, but there are a few monographs without clear authors or titles filed in box 20.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Writings by Robinson [organized chronologically by publication number]:

86-26/1 Bibliography, [includes assigned publication numbers], undated
Numbers 1-25, [incomplete], 1939-1950
Numbers 26-50, [incomplete], 1950-1956
Numbers 51-75, [incomplete], 1957-1962
Numbers 76-90, [incomplete], 1962-1966
Numbers 91-105, 1967-1970
86-26/2 Numbers 106-122, 1971-1973
Numbers 123-134, 1973-1975
Unnumbered, undated
Manuscripts and drafts, 1971-1972


Writings by others:

86-26/2 Copies of published works, [1926?], 1963-1976 and undated
The New Scottish Book, Wrockaw 1946-1958, annotated [by Robinson?], undated
A. W. Tucker, bibliography on “New Patterns in Mathematical Education,” August 1957
“Set Theory and Logic II,” University of Houston, Spring 1969 and unidentified lecture notes, both by Dr. J. Schmidt, 1969 and undated
Gerald E. Sacks, manuscript version of Saturated Model Theory, page 129-325, ca. 1972
Manuscripts, undated


Unidentified authors:

86-26/2 Handwritten, undated
86-26/3 Manuscripts and drafts, undated
Bibliography on relevance logics, undated
Missing title:
Various pieces, undated
Manuscript, page 1-505, “Chapter 1. Symbolic Logic…,” undated
Manuscript, page 1.2-3.53, “representing individual light particles…,” undated
Manuscript, page I-7.13, “Preface (Vol. II)…,” undated
Manuscript, page 45-167, “Chapter II: Application of the Fundamental Properties of Cohomology Modules…," undated


Reprint collection, ca. 1930s-1970s and undated:

86-26/4 Abian - Ax
Babbitt - Barwise, and unidentified
Batschelet - Bender
Benioff - Beth
Bewley - Bottenbruch
Bowen - Butchart
86-26/5 Cabannes - Chao-Tien, and unidentified
Chao-Tien – Cole
Collins – Cusin
Dade – Dyson, and unidentified
Eberle – Engeler, and unidentified
Engeler – Evans
Fagg – Feldman
86-26/6 Felgner - Fraïssé
Fraïssé - Freudenthal
Fried – Friedman
Friedman – Furth
Gagliardo – Gautam, and unidentified
Geiser – Glimm
86-26/7 Glimm - Gonshor
Gordon – Gurevic
Haddard – Harper
Harries – Hinman
Hintikka – Hurd
ICSU World of Science – Iverson
Jabotinsky – Juzuk, and unidentified
86-26/8 Kaiser – Kasdan
Kato – Komkov
Komkov – Kreisel
Kreisel – Kyungpook Mathematical Journal
Labelle – Lang, and unidentified
Langewiesche – Lighthill
86-26/9 Lightstone – Luxemburg
Luxemburg – Lyndon
McCarthy – Macintyre, and unidentified
Macintyre – Maschler
Massey – Moody
86-26/10 Morawetz – Moschovakis
Moschovakis – Myhill
Nador – Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
Oberschelp – Ostrowski, and unidentified
Pabion – Podewski, and unidentified
Ponomarev – Puritz
Rabin – Reineke, and unidentified
86-26/11 Reineke – Robinson
Robkin – Ryll-Nardzewski
Sabbagh – Schmidt, and unidentified
Schmidt – Segal
Segré – Sengupa
86-26/12 Serre – Simmons
Simmons – Szmielew
Takahashi – Tamari, and unidentified
Tarski – Tugué
Uhl – Ursell
Valentine – Vuckovic
van der Waerden – Weispfenning, and unidentified
Weiss – Wyss
86-26/13 Yaffe – Zubieta
Correspondence, printed material and notes separated from the reprint collection, 1949-1973 and undated
Reviews and articles by Robinson, removed from reprint collection
4RM112 Photographs:
Two black and white photographic prints removed from reprint by L. A. Bokût, [Hoehmce, Smiznov and Lavzov{?} pictured], 1969


Monograph collection:

86-26/13 Conference proceedings, 1948-1968 and undated
Serials [Note: some serials were filed in the reprint collection], 1946-1974
Theses and dissertations, Bernstein – Wheeler, 1955-1973 and undated
Air Ministry – Valpola and unidentified, 1939-1970 and undated
American Mathematical Society, Lecture Notes Prepared in Conjunction with the Summer Institute on Axiomatic Set Theory held at University of California, Los Angeles, sponsored by the National Science Foundation under grant GP-6698, July 10 – August 4, 1967
Applied Logic Corporation, James H. Bennett, William B. Easton, James R. Guard, David B. Loveman and Thomas H. Mott, Jr., Semi-Automated Mathematics: SAM IV, Contract No. AF 19(628)-3250, Project No. 5632, Task No. 563205, Scientific Report No. 3, prepared for Air Force Cambridge Research Lobaratories, AFCRL 64-827, October 15, 1964
Behrens, M., Analytic and Meromorphic Function in the Open Unit Disk – A Nonstandard Approach, [typed manuscript], undated
86-26/14 Bernays, Paul, Logical Calculus, Notes by Prof. Bernays with assistance of Mr. F. A. Ficken, The Institute for Advanced Study, 1935-1936
Birkhoff, Garrett and Gian-Carlo Rota, Lecture Notes on Ordinary Differential Equations, revised for use at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ginn and Co., Part A and Part B, 1960-1961
British Intelligence Objectives Sub-Committee, German Aircraft Industry – Aeroelasticity, Final Report No. 12, Item No. 25, reported by A. R. Collar, H. A. Jahn, A. Robinson, and E. G. Broadbent, BIOS Team No. 792, Target No. 25/503, undated
Church, Alonzo, Mathematical Logic, lectures by Alonzo Church, notes by F. A. Ficken, H. G. Landau, H. Ruja, R. R. Singleton, N. E. Steenrod, J. H. Sweer, F. J. Weyl, Princeton University, October 1935-January 1936
College of Aeronautics Cranfield, “List of Publications,” list of reports and notes, March 1957
Dedekind, R., Ueber die Permutationen des Körpers aller algebraischen Zahlen, and David Hilbert, Ueber das Dirichlet’sche Princip, Berlin, Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1901
Grünbaum, B., Extensions, Retractions and Projections, The Hebrew University, The Department of Mathematics, Technical Notes No. 2, Prepared under contract AF 61(052)-04, Jerusalem, Israel, January 1958
Kaiser, Klaus, Über projective und quasi-universelle Modellklassen, Habilitationsschrift am Fachbereich Mathematik der Technischen Hochschule Darmstadt, Köln, April 1973
Kober, Dictionary of Conformal Representations, Admiralty Computing Service, Department of Scientific Research and Experiment, London, Ref. Nos. SRE/ACS 101 and 107, Parts one and two, 1945
Massey, W. S., Introduction to Homology Theory, Notes for Math 144 (a), Yale University, Department of Mathematics, 1968
Potthoff, Klaus, Über Enderweiterungen von Nichtstandardmodellen der Arithmetik und Anderer Strukturen, der Mathematisch, Naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Christian-Albrechts-Universität als Habilitationsschrift für das Fach Mathematik eingereicht, undated
Sacks, G. E., Saturated Model Theory, (rough preliminary version), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, preparation supported by NSF-GP-18728, February 8, 1971