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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers

Descriptive Summary

CreatorBentsen, Lloyd
TitleLloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers
Dates: 1921-1998
Abstract:Correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, photographic materials, sound recordings, and works of art make up the papers of Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. (1930-1994, bulk 1971-1993). Bentsen and his staff created the bulk of the material during his term as United States Senator from Texas (1971-1993), though the papers also contain records from Bentsen's term as United States Secretary of the Treasury (1993-1994). A limited amount of the material documents Bentsen's career in business and his private life. Few records exist from his term in the United States House of Representatives (1948-1955).
Accession No.AR 88-066; 88-370; 88-395; 89-072; 90-100; 90-287; 91-002; 91-010; 91-028; 91-046; 91-047; 91-135; 91-182; 91-344; 92-043; 92-149; 92-165; 92-359; 93-061; 93-138; 93-162; 93-188; 93-239; 94-269; 94-347; 95-005; 95-017; 95-029; 95-064; 95-167; 95-210; 96-237; 96-274; 96-289; 97-092; 97-098; 98-236; 98-246; 99-175; 99-199; 2000-180; 2000-185; 2000-269; 2002-067
Extent2687 cubic feet
LanguageMaterials are in English.
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, U.S. Senator and Representative, businessman, Texas county judge, and decorated World War Two veteran, was born in Mission, Texas, on February 11, 1921. He ran for Vice-President of the United States in 1988 on the Democratic ticket with then Massachusettes governor Michael Dukakis. He served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1994. Bentsen kept up a full schedule until 1998, when he retired after a decline in his health. He died on May 23, 2006.

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Scope and Contents

Correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, photographic materials, sound recordings, and works of art make up the papers of Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. (1930-1994, bulk 1971-1993). Bentsen and his staff created the bulk of the material during his term as United States Senator from Texas (1971-1993), though the papers also contain records from Bentsen's term as United States Secretary of the Treasury (1993-1994). A limited amount of the material documents Bentsen's career in business and his private life. Few records exist from his term in the United States House of Representatives (1948-1955).

The material is organized in ten subgroups. The first seven subgroups consist of records from Bentsen's Senate offices.

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Click on a subgroup link below to view the detailed inventory for that subgroup.
I. Management/Administration Subgroup, 1971-1993 (26.5 cubic feet)
II. Legislative Section Subgroup, 1945-1993 (579.5 cubic feet)
III. Personal and Political Files Subgroup, 1923, ca. 1940-1993 (217.5 cubic feet)
IV. Correspondence Subgroup, 1971-1993 (1306 cubic feet)
V. Press Section Subgroup, 1930-1931, 1942-1994 (161.5 cubic feet)
VI. Constituent Services Subgroup, 1971-1993 (259 cubic feet)
VII. State Offices Subgroup, 1921, 1942-1993 (109.5 cubic feet)
VIII. Secretary of the Treasury Subgroup, 1981 (1993-1994) (25.5 cubic feet)
IX. Post Secretary of the Treasury Subgroup, 1995-1998 (5 items)
X. Lewis L. Gould Files Subgroup, 1942-1994 (1 linear foot, 8 inches)


Access Restrictions

Casework and personnel files are restricted for 75 years after creation, up to the year 2068.

Use of some audio and video materials is by appointment only; please contact sound archivist.

Use of digital material by appointment only; please contact digital archivist.

Use Restrictions

A portion of these papers is stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

Index Terms

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Bentsen, Lloyd--Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance.
United States. Congress. Senate.
Economics--United States.
Finance--Laws and legislation--United States.
Finance--United States.
Politics, Practical--Texas.
Texas--Politics and government--1951-

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers, 1921-1998, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Collection


VI. Constituent Services Subgroup, 1971-1993
Extent (259 cubic feet)

Administrative History
Projects and casework were the primary Constituent Service work of Senator Bentsen's staff. Typical projects, undertaken on behalf of groups, municipalities, or the state itself, included efforts to receive federal grants or designations, to gain inclusion in federal programs, and to affect the decisions of federal agencies. Cases involved specific individuals requiring assistance with Federal agencies and government departments, such as the Veterans and Social Security Administrations; the Internal Revenue Service; Immigration and Naturalization Service; Departments of Agriculture, Health, Education, Welfare, Justice and Labor; and branches of the armed forces.
Staff in Bentsen's Austin office performed most casework and project work. Dallas staff managed some local cases. The State Director, reporting to the Administrative Assistant, supervised the work. Bentsen's Administrative Assistant handled some special constituent problems personally.
Other routine constituent services included applications to the military service academies, coordinated by Houston staff, and routine congratulatory correspondence, managed by Dallas staff.
Scope and Content Note
Project Files created by Bentsen's Constituent Services staff include correspondence, reference and research materials, and administrative documents. The files provide an overview of the sorts of projects Texas communities undertook during Bentsen's term, as well as the methods and relationships Bensten's staff drew on to assist them.
Because of their private nature, individual case files are closed for 75 years from date of creation. The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History did not retain service academy files.
For routine constituent correspondence, see Correspondence Subgroup.
000-89-0006 (92-043)/73 (00096804)Project Files Series 1971-1992
Extent (226 cubic feet)
Scope and Content Note
Project Files created by Bentsen's Constituent Services staff include internal memos and correspondence with constituents and state and federal agencies, printed material such as reports and clippings, photographic materials, legal documents, and cartographic materials. Three series: Water resources projects, 1971-1979; Sequentially filed projects, 1971-1989; Project files arranged by county, 1982-1992.
The separate water resources project files may reflect Bentsen's membership in the Public Works Committee (renamed Environment and Public Works in 1977), which considered appropriations for such projects. The Sequentially filed projects series contains the bulk of the files. Staff assigned each case a descriptive title and a reference number, by which the files are organized in their particular year. In the reference number, the digits after the hyphen represent the year of the project (e.g., 1-77 for the first project in 1977).
Typically, the files include a coversheet, which lists actions taken by Bentsen's office on different dates. The later files often also include "snapshots" printed from the office computer system used to track case and project work. These documents state the status of the project, contacts made at federal agencies, actions taken, and the names and addresses of involved constituents. Some projects, such as the unsuccessful effort to prevent the closure of Ellington Air Force Base (1974-1981), involved many staff over a long period of time. In contrast, "one-shot" projects required only a single telephone call or letter to close.
The contents of the files vary. Generally, they include correspondence with constituents and administrators in federal agencies. Many of the files include the CMS work orders for Bentsen's correspondence. Occasionally, the constituent's original contact included printed material, such as reports and clippings. Some of the files include notes created by the staff member who worked on the project. Other materials in the files can include photographic materials, legal documents, and cartographic materials. In a few instances, legislative staff became involved in the project and their communication with the Senator is documented.
Lists and reports tracking project work can be found in the Austin office files, including several card files indexing projects 1971-1989.
Sequentially filed projects, 1971-1989:
449-80, Capital Area Rural Transportation System
450-80, Dallardsville-Segno Water Supply Corporation
451-80, UT Austin, NEA application
452-80, Texas Commission on the Arts, re: national arts funding discrepancy
453-80 [missing]
454-80, Texas Veterinary Medical Foundation funding sources
455-80, Health & Human Services, operating room circulating personnel
456-80, University of St. Thomas, HUD application
457-80, St. Anthony's Hospital Medicare problems
458-80, S.S. Water Supply Corporation, La Vernia, Texas
459-80, Gulf Coast Community Services Association
460-80 [missing]
000-89-0006 (92-043)/74 (00096633)461-80, Coal rail traffic impact on Texas cities
462-80, Rehabilitation Services Administration regulations for learning disabilities
463-80, Polonia Water Supply Corporation, Harwood, Texas
464-80, San Antonio Housing Authority, units proposed
465-80, Huffman ISD, alternative education program
466-80, HHS requirements, skilled nursing and intermediate care facilities
467-80, New Mexico oil lease problems
468-80, Hempstead Community Medical Supporters, Inc.
469-80, Eagle International, Brownsville, Texas, Economic Development Administration loan
470-80, Texas Paperwork Reduction study
471-80, Marion County, medical Health Manpower Shortage Area designation
472-80, Cameron County / Brownsville, Texas, Urban Development Action Grant
473-80, Office of Management and Budget regulations, educational institutions
474-80, Port Arthur, Texas, Senior Citizens Services, Inc.
475-80, Enviro-Trek, DOE application for alternative fuels
476-80, Proposed Camp Swift lignite leasing
477-80 [missing]
478-80, Houston: Riverside General Hospital HCFA application
479-80, EPA regulations on production of CFCs
480-80, Veteran's Cost of Instruction program
481-80, Houston: American Hoechst Corporation, Bayport Works
482-80, Eagle Pass: tar sands project
483-80, DOE regulations on Class A Petroleum Resellers
484-80, Medina: Emergency replacement bridge
485-80, Regional Center, Association for Retarded Citizens, Austin
486-80, Stockdale: Sunko Water Supply Corporation, FmHA application
487-80, Port Arthur Customs District consolidation with Houston. See also 98-72.
488-80, Del Rio Customs and INS office
489-80, Beaumont: Franklin House application to NIAAA
490-80, Health Systems Agencies autonomy versus HCFA
491-80, EPA pilot project of toxic substance information terminals
492-80, K Industries application for trade adjustment assistance
493-80, Catmull Oil Company, DOE problems
494-80 [missing]
495-80, Medina County Health Systems grant application to HHS
496-80, Richland Park HUD project, Walnut Place, Dallas
497-80, Voting irregularities in 1980 Democratic Primary for State Representative, Fannin County
498-80, Great National Corporation, DOE feasibility study, Dallas
499-80, Coal Degassification Development Corporation, DOE application, Dallas
500-80, Rural Resources of Texas, Inc.
501-80, Community Energy Projects, ACTION
000-89-0006 (92-043)/75 (00096407)502-80, FAA regulations on Supplemental Type Certificates to modify aircraft
503-80, City of Mexia needs water supply system
504-80, Dallas County Community College district, NEH application
505-80, Nacogdoches, Lanana Creek / University Drive project
506-80, TFPA, Title XX funds for family planning services
507-80, Buchanan Lake Health Services, Inc.
508-80, Abolition of Branch Office of Guidance Counseling, DOED, Silsbee, Texas
509-80, Pullman Kellogg, DOE grant application for methanol project
510-80, Limiting Agriculture Conservation Program funds
511-80 [missing]
512-80, Barrio Education Project, San Antonio, Texas
513-80, Citizens Task Force on Water, Comal County
514-80, Toxic Waste Dump Site, Pasadena
515-80, Albany EPA project
516-80, Synfuel coal gasifiers
517-80, Potter County renovation of firing range
518-80, TDH application for Indochinese refugee healthcare
519-80, Roland Hilliard Memorial Village, Bay City, Texas, HUD late payments
520-80, City of Gregory UDAG application
521-80, Laredo Zacate Parkway UDAG application
522-80, Austin Minority Economic Development Corporation
523-80, Harlingen, Roadrunner Marker grant for airport reflector use
524-80, Marshall, Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant management consolidation
525-80, Luling Senior Citizens, Inc.
526-80, Bertram Annual Report on Electric and Gas Utilities
527-80, UTSA, DOED application for teacher preparation program for autism
528-80, Aero Services, Inc., FTC financial statistics
529-80, Gulf Coast Medical Foundation, category change request
530-80, DOT highway funds, Minority Business Enterprise regulation
531-80, El Paso fuel retailers losses to Juarez [Mexico] retailers
532-80, Santa Rosa Nursery, Inc. FmHA application
533-80, Bayport Energy Project, DOE Alternative Fuels application
534-80, Lucas, proposed waste water treatment plant, Collin County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/76 (00096666)535-80, Athens: Bethel-Ash Water Supply Corporation, FmHA application, Henderson County
536-80, Atascosa County protests federal poll watchers, AG, DOJ, Atascosa County
537-80, [folder not found]
538-80, Association of Professional Flight Attendants, NIOSH, national
539-80, Magnolia: telephone service problems, PUC, Montgomery County
540-80, Yancey: Yancey Water Supply Corporation, FmHA application, Medina County
541-80, Mexican American Women's National Association (MANA) application to DOL, Project CARRERA, national
542-80, Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA) marginal cost pricing for electric ratemaking, DOE, ERA, national
543-80, NEA grants to literary magazines, national
544-80, Milam County need for 601 funds, FmHA, DOE, Milam County [folder empty]
545-80, Brownsville: enclosing two city pools, DOI, Cameron County
546-80, Wolfforth: drinking water from Ogalla Aquifer, EPA, Lubbock County
547-80, Round Rock: CDBG application, Williamson County
548-80, Killeen: industrial park, needs EDA funding, Bell County
549-80, Childress: UDAG for Lanchart Industries, HUD, Childress County
550-80, Corpus Christi: Carl Oil Co., 404 permit for Louisiana well, Nueces County
551-80, Houston: Harris County election date change by DOJ, Harris County
552-80, Dallas: Proctor and Gamble vapor cloud release, Dallas County
553-80, [folder not found]
554-80, Dallas: Hydrographic, opposes pending EDA loan application, Dallas County
555-80, Beaumont: UDAG, HUD, Jefferson County
556-80, Austin: Comprehensive Community Energy Management
Program task force, Travis County
557-80, Clarendon: Lakeview Watershed Project, SCS, Hall County
558-80, Delaware Basin Aquifers, EPA, multi-county
559-80, Abilene: EPA approval of new vehicles for county use, Taylor County
560-80, Corpus Christi: flood insurance study, FEMA, OMB, Nueces County
561-80, FmHA regulations on Section 601 Energy Impact Program, national
562-80, McLean: grants for Guide for Battered Women, HEW, Gray County
563-80, Hillsboro: Aquilla Water Supply District, TDWR, Hill County
564-80, Del Rio: CDBG application, HUD, Val Verde County
565-80, San Antonio: Institute of Texan Cultures application, National Museum Act, IMS, Bexar County
566-80, Corpus Christi: Shrimp mariculture grant, NOAA, DOAg, Nueces County
567-80, San Antonio: UDAG for retail shopping center (River Center Mall), HUD, Bexar County
568-80, land purchase for recreational activities, Hays County
569-80, Sulphur Springs: FmHA rural housing program, Hopkins County
570-80, Powder River Basin rail competition, DOT loan guarantees, national
571-80, MX missile sites in Texas, multi-county
572-80, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, DOI, Bexar County
573-80, Luling: CDBG application, HUD, Caldwell County
574-80, Houston: Program on Aging for the Jewish Family Service, Harris County
575-80, Lubbock: Texas Tech University enforcement of Title IX equal rights for women athletes, Lubbock County
576-80, San Antonio: NEA funded program, Influence of Circuses on San Antonio Life, Bexar County
577-80, Texas Tuition Equalization and State Student Incentive Grants, statewide
1-81, Nocona: Road paving needed in Montague County, TDHPT, Montague County
2-81, Palangana Salt Dome uranium properties sale to Chevron, Duval County
3-81, Navasota River Improvement Association, dummy file, multi-county
4-81, Big Spring: Southwest Collegiate Institute for the Deaf (Webb AFB), Howard County / statewide
5-81, Fort Worth: Blackburn Electric Company, energy tax credit, DOE, IRS, Tarrant County/national
6-81, San Antonio: Texas Institute for Educational Development, CSA application, Bexar County
7-81, FAA regulations on pilot duty and flight time limitations, national
8-81, Willis: Mercy Water Supply Corporation, FmHA, San Jacinto County
9-81, Immunology and Allergy Practice, HEW application, national
10-81, Wichita Falls: "pocket of poverty" criteria, UDAG, HUD, Wichita County
11-81, Buffalo: fencing of Buffalo Cemetery, Leon County
12-81, Seguin: UDAG application, HUD, Guadalupe County
13-81, Palestine: Coca-Cola bottling plant union election, NLRB, Anderson County
14-81, Temple: opposition to HUD project, Bell County
15-81, Hawkins: Jarvis Christian College royalty problems, Wood County
16-81, Onalaska: rural health care facility, HHS, Polk County
17-81, Kemah: CDBG application, HUD, Galveston County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/77 (00096393)18-81, Redistricting based on 1980 Census, Statewide
19-81, Introductory Cuban Resettlement, no region listed
20-81, Daisetta Imminent Threat application, gas system problems, Liberty County
21-81, Waco: Renovation of Performing Arts Theatre, McLennan County
22-81, Middle Yegua Creek, low water crossing in Brenham, Washington County
23-81, Opposition to fund transfers, Office of Vocational and Adult Education to National Institute of Education, National
24-81, Fairfield: UDAG Problems, Freestone County
25-81, Cuts in Reimbursements for School Lunches, Statewide
26-81, folder not found
27-81, Big Spring: Change in Voting Procedures, Howard County
28-81, U.S. Procurement Patterns of High Technology Industries, National
29-81, Travis County Intergovernmental Personnel Act Grant application
30-81, Nursing Home Ombudsman Program, Federal Older American Act, National
31-81, Pleasure Acres Lake Association, Inc., Smith County
32-81, Peoples Natural Gas Company rate hike, Dalhart, Dallam/Hartley Counties
33-81, Bryan: Office of Equal Opportunity problems, Brazos County
34-81, Deer Park: approval of PCB Incineration, Harris County
35-81, Radium in Brady Water Supply, EPA proposed treatment plant, McCullock County
36-81, Wharton County Water Control & Improvement District #1
37-81, Relocation of Cuban Refugees to Halton City, Tarrant County
38-81, DOE Thermostat Setting & Energy Conservation (Houston Plan), National/Harris County
39-81, Sealy CDBG Application, Austin County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/78 (00096462)40-81, Big Thicket, Hardin County
41-81, Refugees' Suit Against USA by Legal Services Corporation, National
42-81, Kingsland problems with Municipal Utility District, Burnet/Llano Counties
43-81, Round Rock: water intake structure, Lake Georgetown, Williamson County
44-81, Mathis Grain and Elevator FmHA loan application, San Patricio County
45-81, Anson: opposition to mentally retarded facility, Jones County
46-81, Fireman's Death Benefit funded under LEAA, Statewide
47-81, Institute for the Humanities at Salado, Bell County
48-81, Bovay Engineers-Contract with DOE, National
49-81, Hale Center ISD, Title VI and Title IX violations, region not found
50-81, Opposition to Adding Prestressing Strand to "Buy American" List, National
51-81, TWU, Group Counseling for Hispanic Parents of Handicapped Children, Denton County
52-81, El Paso: Elderly Housing Site, El Paso County
53-81, Red River Water System needs funding, Red River County
54-81, Starr County Young Adults Conservation Corps program
55-81, San Antonio: MBDA Contract, Bexar County
56-81, Projected Water Shortage in Texas, Statewide
57-81, Texas System of Natural Laboratories, Inc., Statewide
58-81, Restoration of the Old Bakery Building, Travis County
59-81, FmHA Housing Project for Sherman County
60-81, HHS Regulations for Home Health Agencies, National
61-81, Customs Officer needed at Port of Laredo, Webb County
62-81, Hiring Emergency Loan Personnel for Local FmHA Office, Gaines County
63-81, Beaumont Community Health Clinic, Jefferson County
64-81, Panhandle Rural Health Corporation, Multi-County
65-81, Brazos Valley Development Council, Multi-County
66-81, Brownsville: Tierra del Sol UDAG application, Cameron County
67-81, Walker County Housing Authority-Fair Market Rents
68-81, Hudson Water Supply Corporation, Angelina County
69-81, Annual Survey of Domestic Oil & Gas Reserves, National
70-81, Parkview Hospital, TTY (teletypewriters) requirement, Ector County
71-81, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council regulations, Public disclosure of small business loans, National
72-81, Wellman: FmHA funding needed for Sewage System, Terry County
73-81, Virginia Hill Water Supply Company extension, Athens, Henderson County
74-81, Trespass on Conchas Lake Property, National
75-81, St. Philip's College NIH application, Minority Biomedical Support Program, Bexar County
76-81, Lower Rio Grande Valley SER Project, Multi-County
77-81, Atlanta: wants natural gas services, Cass County
78-81, La Porte: wants overpass on S. H. 146 across Fairmont Parkway, Harris County
79-81, Texas 1986 Sesquicentennial Commission, Statewide
80-81, Texans' War on Drugs, Statewide
81-81, Job Credit Program, Community Council of South Texas, Guadalupe County
82-81, Air Traffic Hazards at Grawunder Airfield, Belleville, Austin County
83-81, Broaddus Sewer System, EPA grant problems, San Augustine County
84-81, Citizenship for Vietnamese in Rockport-Fulton area, Aransas County
85-81, U T at Austin proposal-DOED Minority Women in Graduate School, Travis County
86-81, Proposed HCFA regulation to raise "per visit" limit to Rural Health Clinics, National
87-81, Panhandle Rural Health Corporation support Rural Health Initiative programs, Multi-County
88-81, Investment Annuity Program, Statewide/National
89-81, Tom Frisby & Associates (Tyler), DOE proposal, Smith County
90-81, Austin Independent School District Displaced Homemakers proposal, DOED, Travis County
91-81, Proposed DOT-FHA regulations, motor carriers & private haulers, National
92-81, Hidalgo County Water Control-Reclamation Act of 1902, Hidalgo County/National
93-81, Village VI Beaumont, Jefferson County
94-81, Houston UDAG, Harris County
95-81, Santa Fe's National Flood Insurance problems, Galveston County
96-81, Community Action Corporation of Wichita Falls, Wichita County
97-81, Hospital for Northeast El Paso, El Paso County
98-81, Denison Lodge lease negotiations with Corps (Lake Texoma), Grayson County
99-81, Culberson County Hospital TDH waiver for 24 hour RN coverage
100-81, EPA regulations on Fluoride Content in Water Supplies, National
101-81, Edcouch Industrial Park development, EDA funding needed, Hidalgo County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/79 (00097670)102-81, FDA proposed regulations on Licensing Allergenic Extracts, National
103-81, FAA proposed regulations on standards for transport helicopters, National
104-81, Lampasas: EDA budget cuts, Lampasas County
105-81, East Texas Educators Research Council, Inc., Gregg County
106-81, UT Medical Branch at Galveston-NIH proposal, Galveston County
107-81, Brookesmith Water Supply Corporation Expansion, Browne County
108-81, Wharton County Junior College-DOED application for Registered Nurse program
109-81, Crosby: French Limited waste disposal site, Harris County
110-81, College Mound Water Supply Corporation, Kaufman County
111-81, Andrews Brothers Lines of San Antonio, Bexar County
112-81, San Antonio: 70001 Limited (Youth Employment Company), Bexar County
113-81, HCFA regulations on Medical Reimbursement System, National
114-81, Competitive Marketing of Air Transportation, National
115-81, Gulf Coast Claims Service of Houston-proposal-Coast Guard, Harris County
116-81, Proposed closing of Public Health Service Hospital in Nassau Bay, National
117-81, Shrimp Management Plan, Statewide
118-81, NEH grant, Houston ethnic groups, Harris County
119-81, Texas A & M DOE application High Energy Physics Research, Brazos County
120-81, Starr County application-Land & Water Conservation Funds
121-81, Fort Worth Voting Rights Act, Tarrant County
122-81, Houston: Freidman & Associates-HUD Projects, Harris County
123-81, Corps article on water conservation, National
124-81, South San Antonio ISD-ESEA application, Bexar County
125-81, Vida y Salud Health Systems, Inc.-HHS application, Zavala County
126-81, Fair Labor Standards Act, National
127-81, Lewisville Lake fencing, Denton County
128-81, Opposition to Fort Worth HUD project, Tarrant County
129-81, Caldwell County Senior Citizens Center, Inc.-FmHA regulations
130-81, folder not found
131-81, Huntsville: NEA proposal, Walker County
132-81, McMullen County ISD dispute with Bureau of Reclamation
133-81, Harris County Flood Control
134-81, Rebekah Baines Johnson Center-nursing home, Travis County
135-81, Pharr: UDAG application, Hidalgo County
136-81, Texas Southern law-related education program, Harris County
137-81, Houston Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Association wants additional inspection, Harris County
138-81, Austin Family House (Austin Women's Center) NIAAA funding, Travis County
139-81, Defaulted Student Loans, National
140-81, Opposition to federal funding of Injectible Contraceptives, National
141-81, Proposed rule-USDA Soil Conservation Service, National
142-81, Comprehensive Employment and Training Act-Opposition to program funding allocations, National
143-81, Opposition to DOED regulations-Education of Handicapped Children, National
144-81, Lake View Reservoir, Corps project, Johnson-Tarrant Counties
145-81, Free People Foundation-wants to sponsor 500 Cuban refugees, Dallas County
146-81, Alvin: proposed landfill near Chocolate Bayou, Brazoria County
147-81, San Felipe El Rio Consolidated School District-Title VII application, Austin/Val Verde Counties
148-81, Solar Kinetics, Inc.-DOE contract, Dallas County
149-81, National Demonstration Water Project, National
150-81, Satellite Airport-Southwest of Houston, Harris County
151-81, Irving: ISD Handicapped Children problem, Dallas County
152-81, Legal Services Corporation-Comprehensive Civil Rights Regulations, National
153-81, Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms Administration-Nationwide Reduction in Force, National
154-81, Mexico/U.S. Free Trade Zone, National
000-89-0006 (92-043)/80 (00880775)155-81, FAA proposed regulations, reducing required number of flight attendants, National
156-81, Possible closing of 1-81, Gas Corporation-Mt. Pleasant, Grayson County
157-81, Proposed increased flight activity-Bergstrom AFB, Travis County
93-188/231 (01844438)158-81, S & B Engineers, Inc. DOE proposal turnkey program
159-81, Gladys Porter Zoo, Brownsville, IMS proposal
160-81, Fort Worth proposed Southside Airport
161-81, City of Weslaco, disagreement with CDBG regulations
162-81, Denton Community Theater, two proposals, Texas Commission on the Arts
164-81, Wilmer-Hutchins ISD, water and sewer services from city
165-81, DOT regulations changing placard rules for common carriers
166-81, Development of Seguin and Guadalupe County Airport
167-81, EPA regulations, pretreatment standards on porcelain enameling
168-81, University of Texas at Arlington's Center for Community Services Planning
169-81, Marshall, discrimination complaint, Office of Revenue Sharing
170-81, Change in OSHA standards on safety equipment
171-81, DOT regulations, safety valve on trucks hauling asphalt
172-81, National Council of La Raza proposal, EPA to review 201 program
173-81, Pittsburg Camp County Arts Council
174-81, DOE Weatherization Assistance for Low Income Persons (WAFLIP)
175-81, Lake Wright Patman, private enterprises versus the Corps of Engineers
176-81, DOED expenditures for dial award calculators, Tarrant County Junior College
177-81, Texas Industrial Commission Texas First Project
178-81, abolishing Dallas Customs Air Support Unit
179-81, termination of Texas International's service to San Angelo
180-81, Hill-Burton income regulations for nursing homes
181-81, SBA's termination of contract with Johnson Textile & Plastics Co.
182-81, Freeport tidal gate, flood and storm damage protection
183-81, Laredo voting rights, new city charter
184-81, Longview Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas (SMSA) designation review
185-81, youth employment program, DOL, Big Brothers and Sisters
186-81, Timmons Lane widening
187-81, Flower Mound new town project, New Communities Administration, HUD
188-81, Fritch Day Care Center seeking funds
189-81, City of Point, HUD application
190-81, United States export of toxic wastes to Mexico
191-81, City of Poteet seeking federal financial assistance
192-81, Houston, May 1981 flooding
193-81, Webb County Detention Center
194-81, San Antonio UDAG application Eastport Industrial Park
195-81, Establish Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at ETSU Texarkana
196-81, Corpus Christi Grain Elevator Explosion, National Academy of Sciences (NAS) investigation
197-81, Edna FmHA loan application, community improvements
198-81, lease problems with Brazos River Authority
199-81, proposed chemical dump site in southwest Red River County
200-81, opposition to grants funded by National Eye Institute
201-81, City of Center revenue sharing problems
202-81, Texas Commission on Alcoholism's FY 81 formula funds
93-188/232 (01808434)203-81, Galveston UDAG application
204-81, IRS regulations, withholding exemption certificates
205-81, Southwest Airlines changes in ticketing procedures
206-81, Dallas-Fort Worth Airport use of runway 13L
93-188/232 (01808434)207-81, NEDA, Harlingen
208-81, arthritis research, NIAMDD budget restrictions
209-81, administration's proposed housing and community development amendment
210-81, water system for City of Alba
211-81, nursing staffing requirements of Medicare and Medicaid
212-81, Wintergarden water problems
213-81, Harlingen Irrigation District
214-81, Restoration of Tabernacle Park for Springtown, Texas Centennial
215-81, funding of Liberty City Fire Department
216-81, Lake Whitney project
217-81, energy grant for Memorial Medical Center
218-81, EPA construction grant program 66.418 for waste water treatment
219-81, proposed toxic waste disposal sites
220-81, McAllen public housing turnkey project
221-81, East Austin CDBG funding
93-188/233 (01808140)222-81, Austin flood, May 24, 1981
223-81, Portland, Oak Ridge Estates and North Shore development, City of Corpus
224-81, County of Sabine Jail Facility Construction
225-81, Biological products, vitamin and mineral drug products
226-81, Casa Norte Mobile Home Park, tenants' rights
227-81, formation of Lake Ray Roberts
228-81, Corpus Christi deletion from UDAG list
229-81, UDAG for Sinton, Texas
230-81, National FEMA flood insurance
231-81, Christmas in April, a volunteer housing repair program
232-81, reporting requirements, EIA Form 23, for 8/8 production and reserves of petroleum
233-81, Lubbock County Voting Rights Act
234-81, HUD multi-family housing Alice, Texas
235-81, Mexican-American Cultural Center for Youth
236-81, DOE, Foster-Miller Associates (FMA), Friedrich
237-81, LULAC Youth Home, Inc.
238-81, City of Runaway Bay Census
239-81, to abolish DOED
240-81, UDAG application for Weslaco, Texas
241-81, San Jacinto County Health Services, Inc.
242-81, Voting Rights Act, reduction in polling places
243-81, Granbury Airport expansion
244-81, factory for shrimping and commercial fishing industry
245-81, payment on EDA projects in New Mexico
246-81, Atkins Aviation, Moore Airfield parking space
247-81, Lowering freight rates on grain for Missouri Pacific
248-81, SBA's 8(a) procurement program
249-81, Loss of Social Security representative
250-81, Emergency School Aid Act (ESAA) application
251-81, Submarine, USS Corpus Christi
252-81, San Benito, EDA industrial park expansion and improvement grant
253-81, Granger Lake
254-81, Society for the Performing Arts
255-81, flooding of Manpower Education and Training (MET) Center
256-81, proposed industrial waste site by Rollins Environments Service
93-188/234 (01845339)257-81, Ellington Air Force Base as refugee detention center
258-81, Hays County flood, June 13, 1981
259-81, National Board of Chiropractic Examiners test scores
260-81, Bureau of Reclamation (BuRec) small reclamation loans
261-81, Drought related government loan programs
262-81, SMU implementation grant
263-81, Addison Airport
254-81, Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) in San Antonio
265-81, D/FW mail facility
266-81, Agena building contract adjustment matter
267-81, direct deposit of federal paychecks and allotments
268-81, Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) reporting regulations
269-81, United States Postal Service closing of 10,000 small post offices
270-81, Opposition to busing at Port Arthur ISD
271-81, Fish and Wildlife Wetlands inventory
272-81, 240 apartment units for rehabilitation from HUD Dallas and Houston
273-81, transferring 3 aircraft from NASA Johnson Space Center
274-81, Lubbock Cultural Affairs Council, Speaker Charlton Heston
275-81, extension of Lee Trevino Drive
276-81, City of Nassau Bay construction of sewer plant
277-81, RSVP, Retired Senior Volunteer Program
278-81, Centro Medico del Valle Urban Health Initiative (UHI) proposal
279-81, Starr County Memorial Hospital
280-81, Spring Branch ISD's complaint regarding DOE Office for Civil Rights
281-81, ALARA program, campus radiation safety officers
282-81, Diamond Shamrock incineration of PCBs
283-81, Doctor's Hospital of Victorio, Inc. FHA guarantee
284-81, Port Lavaca Shipyard Project
2.116/OD 1273Calhoun County Navigation District-Proposed Shipyard, December 11, 1980
3V228Photographic material
93-188/234 (01845339)285-81, Panhandle South Plains Community Service Corp. VISTA project
286-81, Immigration and Naturalization Service, West Gulf Maritime
287-81, DOE request for operation and maintenance of SPR facilities, etc.
289-81, closing of the Texas Employment Commission in Houston
93-188/235 (01843242)291-81, lead phasedown, small refiners
292-81, Bear Creek Park Youth Facility
2.116/OD 1273Houston Farm and Ranch Club Inc., Bear Creek Park Youth, June 10, 1981
93-188/235 (01843242)293-81, Housing of Haitian refugees in Big Spring for screening process
294-81, flooding in Highlands, Texas, San Jacinto River Authority
294-81, Laredo Foreign Trade Zone
296-81, Repeal of Hold Harmless Agreement with the National Flood Insurance Program
297-81, Wastewater Treatment Facility application for Winters
298-81, Minority Institutions Science Improvement Program
299-81, provision of day care services for 1981
300-81, J. T. Construction Co. SBA (a) program
301-81, Shermans wasterwater treatment facility, overland flow system
302-81, Beeville grant request regarding use of THA against acute PCP intoxication
303-81, Greater El Paso SER Jobs for Progress, Inc.
204-81, removal of heavy metals from wastewater by treatment with discarded automotive tires
305-81, Texas Union Cultural Entertainment Committies application for NEA grant
306-81, NFL's use of logo, colors, team and city names
307-81, increase of hydroelectric power capacity at Glen Canyon Dam
308-81, The Washington Post article regarding Waxahachie ISD
309-81, proposed Mueller-Bergstrom Airport location
310-81, City of Palacios funding for sewage treatment and collection system
311-81, CETA office equipment for Teague Police Department
312-81, closing of Huntsville Social Security Office
313-81, Great Plains Coal Gasification Project
314-81, Angel Aviation Inc. training simulators
3V228Photographic material
93-188/235 (01843242)315-81, Longview, reduction of airport traffic control tower hours
316-81, Nuclear waste disposal by Law Engineering Testing Co.
317-81, Killeen's application as a United States Customs Port of Entry
318-81, Dallas-Tarrant Counties, May 1981 flood
319-81, future water supplies for Georgetown and Williamson County
320-81, Village Creek wastewater treatment facility
321-81, Los Alamos Research Lab
322-81, White House Conference on Aging
323-81, federal funding for Van, Texas Community Center
324-81, GAO report, reduction of air traffic control towers' operating hours
236-81, FmHA funding for the Itasca Municipal Water District
237-81, Hays County Youth Athletic Association
328-81, Railroad Commission application for rehabilitation of Dublin-Gorman line
329-81, KUHT, channel 8, grant application
330-81, funds generated by The Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools
331-81, Port Arthur-Palamor addition low income housing
332-81, West Columbia, seizure of CDBG funds and records by FBI
333-81, Mission ISD, FBI investigation of misuse of Free Lunch Program funds
334-81, Round Rock ISD application for Marine Corps Junior ROTC
335-81, Cameron County Good Government League
336-81, Clear Lake City Water Authority's drinking water
337-81, Abandonment of Crystal City, Carrizo Springs rail segment
341-81, Galveston County Private Industry Council (PIC)
342-81, closing of SCS office in Wortham
343-81, Complaint by State Commission for the Blind for late notice on new projects
344-81, Sportsmen's Clubs of Texas request to reopen Brown Cedar Cut
338-81, Extension of non-stop limit into Washington National Airport
339-81, Omaha request for funding for police protection
340-81, Sudan CDBG funding error for street paving
345-81, one lane bridge closing at Grapevine Lake
346-81, Los Fresnos, 75 unit Low-Income Public Housing
347-81, Bonito Offshore Inc. grant application for Title XI guarantee
93-188/236 (01808139)348-81, CHAMPUS regulations on residential treatment centers
349-81, East Side Church of Christ highway accident
350-81, Levelland wastewater treatment plant EPA construction grant
352-81, Kaneb Services for Strategic Petroleum Reserve Sites, Petroleum Operations and Support Systems Inc. (POSSI)
353-81, University of Houston Downtown College, College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) application
354-81, La Villa, CDBG grant
355-81, Center Municipal Airport funding needs
356-81, HUD Runge Housing Authority Board of Commissioners and Mayor
357-81, Purchase of downtown Naval Reserve Center by HEB Corporation
358-61, Solar America computerized recruitment and referral system for Hispanics
359-81, support for D/FW GAO One Stop inspection procedure
360-81, Road construction in Montague County to Harlow's Resort
361-81, Oklahoma/Texas (OKT) Railroad application for assistance from FRA
362-81, Texas Tech's Research and Training Center, National Conference of Executives of Associations for Retarded Citizens (NCEARC)
363-81, Annexation of 125 acres for 60 unit HUD housing complex
364-81, AMF Tuboscope, Inc.
365-81, King Fisher Marine Service
366-81, Pearland, Meadowcreek Village Apartments
000-89-0006 (92-043)/80 (00880775)368-81, Texas Medical rate reimbursement for mentally retarded, Statewide
369-81, Huston-Tillotson College Title III Funding, Travis County
370-81, Junior League of Longview Voluntary Action Center-Senior Texans Employment Program
371-81, Millican Lake Project, Madison/Leon Counties
372-81, Rule-making proceeding designed to eliminate the fuel surcharge, National
373-81, Henry-Smith Properties, Inc., Anderson County
374-81, Bee County College housing project on campus
375-81, Lawn Water System, Taylor County
376-81, Cancellation of "Child Custody Project", National
377-81, Brenham: Support of a full-time TEC Office, Washington County
378-81, Galveston County Withdrawal from Social Security program
379-81, folder not found
380-81, Central and South Texas Flooding Statewide (August, September 1981),
381-81, Opposition to Big Creek Watershed Project, Multi-County
382-81, FHA loan for extension of Flo Community Water System, Leon County
383-81, Dekalb: Aid for new sewage plant, Bowie County
384-81, New Medicare Cost Reporting Forms, National
385-81, Fort Brown Resaca bank erosion, Cameron County
386-81, Delta Food Service SBA 8 (a) program, Bexar County
387-81, Point Comfort: National Flood Insurance Program, Calhoun County
388-81, Pecos Feed Yard, Reeves County
389-81, Incarnate Word College loan application assistance, Bexar County
390-81, Federal funding for school lunch program, National
391-81, Texas Industrial Commission: Tax exempt industrial development bonds, Statewide
392-81, Galveston: Blood Donor Center, Galveston County
393-81, East Austin Redevelopment Plan (Robertson Hill), Travis County
394-81, U.S. EPA Hazardous Waste Financial Responsibility Requirements, National
395-81, Hamilton: Proposed Pecan Creek Park, Hamilton County
396-81, Giddings: Oil Impact Problems, Lee County
397-81, Early: water rates and usage, Brown County
398-81, Henderson: Proposed 80-unit housing project, Rusk County
399-81, folder not found
400-81, DOW Chemical Company-PCB contaminated waste generated at the plant sites, Brazoria County
401-81, Pasadena ISD discriminatory employment practices, Harris County
402-81, folder not found
403-81, National Council of La Raza's Assistance Group for Rural Economic Development, National
000-89-0006 (92-043)/81 (00097750)404-81, Dr. Pepper Museum, McLennan County
405-81, Changes proposed by AT & T currently before FCC, National
406-81, Increase of oil and gas lease rentals on federal lands, National
407-81, Minority Business Development Agency Program-Innocept, Inc., Dallas County
408-81, Strategic Petroleum Reserve policies and general information, National
409-81, Irving Orchestra, Dallas County
410-81, Importation of autos not meeting U.S. emission standards, National
411-81, Timberlake/Kelly AFB toxic waste site, Bexar County
412-81, Imagineering, Inc. new housing construction methods, Cameron County
413-81, EPA for lead poisoning from local smelters, Dallas County
414-81, Worker exposure to Ethylene Oxide gas, National
415-81, Tyler: Texas College residence building fire, Smith County
416-81, HUD training to states for Civil Rights compliance, National
417-81, North Tyler County water system, Smith County
418-81, folder not found
419-81, "User fees" proposed by Federal Grain Inspection Service, National
420-81, Kilgore Wastewater Treatment facilities EPA grant, Gregg-Rusk Counties
421-81, folder not found
422-81, False arrest of Laredo businessman by MP's, Webb County
423-81, folder not found
424-81, Proposed closing of Fish & Wildlife Services in Corpus Christi, Austin, and Fort Worth, Statewide
425-81, Justiceburg Reservoir, Lubbock County
426-81, Accelerated mortgage principal payments if applied to individual mortgage accounts, National
427-81, Sherman Park Place 2 HUD Project, Grayson County
428-81, Proposed Lake Bosque, Multi-County/Bosque County
429-81, Sea Grant Program funding cuts at Texas A & M, Brazos County
430-81, Military aircraft maneuvers over Brownwood, Brown County
431-81, McLeod: FHA loan application for public water system, Cass County
432-81, Arizona Pacific Airlines application to Civil Aeronautics Board, Bexar County
433-81, ASARCO's permit request, El Paso County
434-81, October 1981-Flood/Tornado File, Multi-County
435-81, The Regency Apartments HUD project, Lamar County
436-81, Mid-Tule Village, Inc. for the elderly, Swisher County
437-81, Brenham: Restoration of historic building, Washington County
438-81, Application to NEA from Dallas Ballet, Dallas County
439-81, Round Rock's request for new post office facility, Williamson County
440-81, Garland Trails Apartments HUD project, Travis County
441-81, Closing of the VA's material computer center in Austin, Travis County
442-81, National Hispanic Youth Business Awareness and Motivation Project, National
443-81, Abilene-Dyess AFB/home of first B-1 training squadron, Jones-Taylor Counties
444-81, Flooding in Geronimo Creek and Elmwood Village area, Guadalupe County
445-81, Abuse subjected to EPA and disregard of Clean Air Act, National
446-81, Mercy Hospital FmHA loan application, Atascosa County
447-81, Bayport hazardous waste site/Gulf Coast Waste Disposal, Harris County
448-81, Bexar County Jail Guards wrongful discharge
449-81, Mesquite: "Conditional Approval" of city's CDBG, Dallas County
450-81, folder not found
451-81, Grant application for Foreign Trade Zone, Starr County
452-81, [folder not found]
000-89-0006 (92-043)/82 (00096350)453-81, San Antonio Community Action Agency funding, Bexar County
454-81, EPA Step III funding for a Wastewater Irrigation System, Ward County
455-81, TEC and the targeted job tax credit program, Statewide
456-81, George West: UDAG, Live Oak County
457-81, folder not found
458-81, Lake Texana, Jackson County
459-81, Pritchett: Water System loan approval, Upshur County
460-81, Social Security's Proposed move into Scanlan Building, Harris County
461-81, Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council's rural transportation program, Multi-County
462-81, Southern Steel Company Export-Import Bank loan application, Bexar County
463-81, Alamo: HUD's pending 6-acre purchase, Hidalgo County
464-81, Bryan: Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey, Brazos County
465-81, Allocation of funds for Comfort Gardens Home by FmHA, Kendall County
466-81, Granger: school funding needed to prevent consolidation, Williamson County
467-81, Huntsville: Water project construction grant # C480907-01-4, Walker County
468-81, Resource Conservation and Development Program funding, National
469-81, Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. loan assistance, Harris County
470-81, HHS Guidelines, National
471-81, Houston: Daud Chemical efficacy testing / roach problem, Harris County
472-81, New Braunfels Municipal Airport fixed base operation, Comal County
473-81, Canyon: Wastewater Treatment Plant Project, Randall County
474-81, Attempt to secure part of Federal Correctional Institution by Liberty-Eylan ISD, Bowie County
475-81, Catholic Archdiocese of Texas' problem with housing projects, Statewide
476-81, Texas Employment Commission job training proposal, Statewide
477-81, Leona River Watershed Project, Uvalde County
478-81, BV7G Employee's Pension Trust Exemption (Erisa), Collin County
479-81, 3 matters with East Texas Legal Services, San Jacinto County
480-81, Eagle Pass: Traffics Problems at International Bridge, Maverick County
481-81, Reduction of anti-tumor agents production from natural sources, National
482-81, Agricultural Credit Act of 1978 Moratorium Clause, National
483-81, Scholes Field lease for part time flight training school, Galveston County
484-81, Clarksville: UDAG application, Red River County
485-81, Brownsville/Matamoros Bi-National Transportation, Cameron County
486-81, HUD's Section 8 Minority Business Enterprise Program for Hunt Brothers Construction Company, Gregg County
487-81, Robinson Water Company, McLennan County
488-81, HUD project in Honey Grove, Fannin County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/83 (00096860)489-81, Nuclear Waste Disposal Site in Panhandle, Deaf Smith County
(9 folders)
490-81, UT at Arlington Education Opportunity Center, Tarrant County
491-81, Blood donor programs grant application, Galveston County
492-81, Whitesboro: Housing Authority location of 24 units, Grayson County
493-81, Jacksonville: HUD vs. public interest on housing projects, Cherokee County
494-81, Lubbock: Physician as Medical Director of Nursing facilities requirement, Lubbock County
495-81, "Cancer Research" on 20/20 program, Nueces County
496-81, folder not found
497-81, Greens Bayou inland navigable watering, Harris County
498-81, Senior Opportunities and Service Program, Multi-County
499-81, Construction of Barker Cypress Road, Harris County
500-81, Victoria County Redistricting Submission
000-89-0006 (92-043)/84 (00880287)501-81, PCB incineration in Gulf of Mexico, Statewide
000-89-0006 (92-043)/85 (00096451)502-81, Red River sloughing due to Lake Texoma Dam releases, Archer County
503-81, Richland Creek Project, Multi-County
504-81, Bridge over Nolan Creek at Twin Creek Drive, Bell County
505-81, folder not found
506-81, Texas Tech Pesticide Laboratories staff reduction, Lubbock County
507-81, Gonzales Multi Service Center office space, Gonzales County
508-81, San Antonio Metropolitan Transit Authority 60 bus passenger waiting shelters, Bexar County
509-81, Museum of American Aviation, Bexar County
510-81, Lignite-fueled generating plant, Henderson County
511-81, Consolidation of Edcouch & Elsa Post Office, Hidalgo County
512-81, FmHA loan for water and sewer improvements, Ellis County
513-81, Community Health Centers of Dallas-Urban Health Initiative-possible termination, Dallas County
514-81, Reduced spending levels for family planning program grantees in Texas, Statewide
515-81, Vida y Salud Health Systems Inc. de-designation of Medically Underserved Areas, Zavala County
516-81, Proposed Sewage Treatment Plant on Rummel Creek, Harris County
517-81, Cyanide poisoning in Heights section of Houston, Harris County
518-81, San Angelo: Redistricting plans minority voting strength, Tom Green County
519-81, Newark: Replacement of bridges damaged by flooding, Wise County
520-81, Pasadena: Effectiveness of Mobilization Designee by FEMA, Harris County
521-81, Preserving Existing Minority Status of Asian Indians, National
522-81, Baker's Port, Inc., San Patricio County
(9 folders)
523-81, Twin Buttes Dam, Tom Green County
524-81, EPA application for a 4% granular herbicide, Gregg & Rusk Counties
525-81, Closing of Kitt Peak National Observatory, National
526-81, Proposed rental rates on low income housing, Trinity County
527-81, Pearland: flooding problem, Brazoria County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/86 (00096564)528-81, Flooding in Southwest Harris County
529-81, Rio Grande-Falcon Thorn Woodlands area, Statewide
530-81, Texas Employment Commission-reduction in DOL funding, Statewide
531-81, Fire Ant Problem, Statewide
532-81, Eagle Pass: Application for Urban Development Action Grant, Maverick County
533-81, Closing of Artificial Kidney Centers, Statewide
534-81, Pottsboro: Pottsboro ISD Impact Aid Funds, Grayson County
535-81, FmHA Loan Policies, Statewide
536-81, Proposed Lignite surface mine, Rusk County
537-81, Perimeter fencing around Lake Aquilla, Hill County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/87 (00097749)538-81, Houston: Maintaining the GPO bookstore, Harris County
539-81, Reduction of programs for Autistic Children, Statewide
540-81, DOE Alternative Funds Program information (general), National
541-81, James Robinson FCC petition regarding religious broadcasting, National
(6 folders)
542-81, Kingsville: Bilingual Theatre Company & NEA application, Kleberg County
000-92-0006 (92-043)/1 (00880709)1-82, Hill Country Community Action Association base funding level
2-82, open season for federal employee's insurance
5-82, Effie & Wilton P. Hebert Library
6-82, waste disposal via injection well method
7-82, United States Synthetic Fuels Corporation
8-82, reduction in Title I teacher aid program
9-82, increased pricing structure for 1992, tandem loan commitment
10-82, closing of USCG licensing and documentation office
11-82, Galveston Hospice Group
12-82, Trio Educational Talent Search
15-82, Video cassette packages for working with multi handicapped child
16-82, Van Vleck Post Office
17-82, closing of Head Start Centers due to reduction in funding
18-82, Longview ISD vocational facility
19-82, Richmond withdrawal from National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
20-82, Corps of Engineers consolidation of park facilities
3V228Photographic material
000-92-0006 (92-043)/1 (00880709)21-82, Brownsville navigation district application to become a deepwater port
22-82, funding for Anson High School Auditorium
23-82, HUD policy on mortgages
25-82, Port of Bay City Authority, mouth of the Colorado
26-82, PAVE PAWS
27-82, City of Elsa, HUD projects
28-82, housing assistance payment contracts for Lincoln and Sam Houston Courts
29-82, Fort Worth Human Relations Commission, FY 1982 funding
30-82, Haitian American Refugee Center
31-82, Regional State Relations Advisory Council
32-82, Beaumont, EPA evaluation of public water supply
34-82, Columbus Bend water project
35-82, Post, HUD housing project
000-92-0006 (92-043)/2 (00880786)36-82, Conquista project, uranium mining in Atascosa, Bee, Duval, Karnes, Live Oak, McMullen and Webb Counties
37-82, United Citizens Project Planning and Operating Corp. HHS/OHDS proposal
38-82, Texas National Guard CH 47 modification
39-82, Whispering Pines Landfill
40-82, energy assistance for low income
41-82, Taylor Lake Village proposed hazardous waste treatment facility
42-82, Houston Foreign Trade Zone
43-82, FEMA designation on flood hazard
44-82, Austin, St. Edward's University Student Worker Assistance Program (SWAP)
45-82, Taylor Lake Village FEMA flood problems
46-82, Mason Creek channel into Barker Reservoir
3V228Photographic material
000-92-0006 (92-043)/2 (00880786)47-82, Kelly AFB replacement of Security Police with military personnel
48-82, Central East Austin Community Organization (CEACO)
49-82, architectural images, grant for construction techniques
50-82, Laredo State University's Strengthening Developing Institutions Program (SDIP) grant application
51-82, handicapped regulations under review by OMB
52-82, proposed bridges over Lakeview Lake
53-82, Hidalgo County Head Start Program
54-82, Barker and Addicks Reservoir Dam modification
55-82, proposed hazardous waste site in Devers
56-82, Galveston IRS being moved to Houston
57-82, Regional Transportation Authority for Dallas and Tarrant Counties
[empty folder]
58-82, waste disposal site in Martindale, Texas
59-82, Austin Community College (ACC) proposal for On-the-Job Training (OJT) for disadvantaged and displaced workers
60-82, Carrollton, Covenant Tower HUD project
63-82, United States Highway 83 as the Vietnam Veteran's Highway
65-82, DIDC's allowance for unregulated money market funds
66-82, proposed HUD housing project in Tenaha, Texas
67-82, Richardson Savings
000-92-0006 (92-043)/3 (00880731)68-82, City of Bishop, request for aid due to Hurricane Allen
69-82, Clear Lake City Community Association recreation facility
70-82, New Braunfels, McKenna Memorial Hospital application for mortgage insurance
71-82, combined federal campaign
72-82, H & S Consulting Services, Inc.
73-82, Arroyo Colorado erosion problem
74-82, Texas Medicaid program error
75-82, Water District no. 10
76-82, Texas A & M DOT research program
77-82, National Weather Service closing of Agriculture Weather Services
78-82, Amarillo Flight Service Station closing night operations
79-82, Day & Zimmerman Lone Star Ammunition Plant
80-82, Stacy Dam
82-82, FmHA 502 mortgage loan program
83-82, Mauriceville Water Supply Corp.
84-82, Laredo Housing Authority
85-82, Disposition of old San Antonio Post Office
86-82, Austin MHMR Center, DOL funding for Senior Aide program
87-82, El Paso, Francisco Alderete General Contractors problems with SBA 8(a) program
88-82, EPA regulations on unlined landfill disposal
89-82, Abbott Development Co. HUD Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) requirement
90-82, Seabrook, Todville Road Subsidence and reclamation project
91-82, Houston, Regional Mobility Plan (RMP) 15 year transit plan
92-82, off shore oil leasing on coast of Texas
93-82, Ground Zero, nuclear war education group
94-82, Beaumont, OSHA office reduction
95-82, national, Older Americans Act
100-82, Galveston, sale of Magnolia Homes by Galveston Housing Authority
101-82, Port Lavaca, 404 permit application by Bastian Enterprises, Inc.
102-82, Kingwood, International Business Management Services, Inc.
103-82, Laredo, UDAG application for hotel and convention center
104-82, Amarillo Public Library
105-82, Brenham Housing Authority
106-82, Felicia proposed hazardous waste site
107-82, Hemphill County Airport
108-82, Live Oak County, proposed nuclear waste storage site
109-82, Regional Organized Crime Information Center in Nashville
110-82, Randolph AFB, changes from civil service to civilian employees
111-82, Trinity UDAG used for motel construction
112-82, Kendelton, EPA construction grants program
000-92-0006 (92-043)/4 (00880877)113-82, Austin HUD low rent housing project, Cameron Road Villas
114-82, Nugent's Cove Municipal Utility District
115-82, Lake Proctor, closing of High Point Park
116-82, Port Isabel EDA project
117-82, Piney Woods Conservation Center on Sam Rayburn Lake
118-82, Matamoros Power Plant might be eligible for United States funds
119-82, Trinity River multiple purpose channel to Liberty
120-82, Alabama-Coushatta Tribal Council in need of Minority Business Development Agency assistance
121-82, Wolfforth, opposition to be in the Lubbock SMSA
122-82, Livingston, city having to justify its revenue sharing expenses and policies
123-82, Presidio, in need of a sewage system
124-82, availability of trade adjustment assistance to Texas firms
125-82, Paris, tornado April 1982
2.116/OD 1273Detail of Cities and Towns in Lamar County, Texas, May 1, 1979
000-92-0006 (92-043)/4 (00880877)126-82, Midland Regional Airport
127-82, Colorado City, proposes 30 unit housing project
128-82, Big Bend National Park, impact aid
129-82, Delta County, SBA disaster loan program
130-82, Abilene, access Dyess AFB road and base housing
131-82, Austin, advocacy systems for education
132-82, Tyler, Section 8, University Park Apartments
000-92-0009 (92-043)/4 (00880877)133-82, Gulf State Utilities Co. rate increase request before FERC
134-82, Plano, New Plano Co. HUD project in Big Spring
135-82, Hagansport, Senior Citizen Meal Center
136-82, DOT regulations on truck driving
137-82, Lubbock, Federal Credit Union closing
138-82, Dallas, Arredondo and Epperson consulting Engineers, Inc. SBA 8(a) designation
139-82, Midland, Trinity Towers retirement home
141-82, Hallettsville, flood control program on the Lavaca River
142-82, Irving, Jason Aviation Corporation
143-82, San Antonio, professional Financial Services contract for MBDA
144-82, Cattlemen's Association request for a special project on areas in Shelby County
145-82, Marshall, The Harrison County Airport
146-82, Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Park
147-82, Concho Valley Electric Cooperative REA problem
148-82, NTIA proposed regulations
149-82, Celeste in need of water supply
150-82, The Texas Shrimp Association
151-82, El Paso, UDAG Housing Development Action Grant, housing units
152-82, Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD
153-82, Houston, Emnora Street HUD project
000-92-0009 (92-043)/5 (00880571)154-82, Port of Corpus Christi, acquisition of Corps property on Mustang Island
155-82, Conroe, Sale of FDIC property on IH 45
156-82, Jefferson County Economics Development Corp. application
157-82, Austin ISD bilingual education program audit
158-82, Bee County College, talent search proposal
159-82, San Antonio, Holy Cross Center
160-82, Plainview, old Hilton Hotel, low cost housing for Senior Citizens
161-82, Pollard Creek flood prevention project, Mineral Wells
162-82, Repeal of EPA federal water projects
163-82, Consolidation of FmHA district offices
164-82, Josephine, need federal assistance for water and street improvements [empty folder]
165-82, Breckenridge, flood and SBA disaster assistance
166-82, Three Rivers, Nueces River Project
167-82, Washington, St. Charles Hotel government rates
168-82, Bandera, Mayan Dude Ranch
169-82, Dallas ISD, bilingual program audit
170-82, Clean Air Act
171-82, University of Houston Downtown College Title III application
172-82, OMB consideration of circular A-95
173-82, Donna High School, Marine Junior ROTC program
174-82, El Paso, UDAG application for Hilton Hotel
175-82, Hawkins-Jarvis Community Health Clinic, federal grant renewal
176-82, Covington, collection system for a planned sewage treatment plant
178-82, Orange Grove High School grant to attend festival in Vienna, Austria
179-82, Weatherford, Horseshoe Bend flooding problem
180-82, Midland, Muse Air, delay in granting time slots
181-82, Canutillo, opposition to HUD program
183-82, Wichita Falls, flood May 1982
2.116/OD 1273Weeks Park, Wichita Falls, Texas, January 4, 1973
000-92-0009 (92-043)/5 (00880571)184-82, Institute for Rehabilitation and Research, TIRR
185-82, Wichita Falls, alleged violations of entitlement funds
186-82, Tennessee Valley Authority deferral of nuclear reactors
187-82, Coastal Bend MBDA program
188-82, Wichita Falls, Community Action Corp. housing problem
191-82, Port Aransas drainage project
192-82, Harlingen, IBWC surplus property on F Street
193-82, Houston, Association for Advancement of Mexican Americans
194-82, Reorganization of Drug Enforcement Administration offices
195-82, Houston, NL Baroid Industries
197-82, San Antonio, South Texas Medical Center and San Antonio Medical Foundation
198-82, DOC suspension of Trigger Price mechanism for steel
199-82, Huntsville, Sam Houston State University Peace Corps draining program
200-82, OMB and marketing orders
201-82, Houston, Heights Savings Association for San Jacinto Savings
202-82, Yantis Post Office
203-82, Tyler, Thompson and Association bid proposal from the USDA
000-92-0009 (92-043)/6 (00880866)204-82, FAA regulations on medical requirement for airline pilots
205-82, Amarillo, HUD project
206-82, Houston, SER Jobs for Progress
207-82, Malakoff, Houston Lighting and Power Co. Electric Generating Station
208-82, Newton County Memorial Hospital
209-82, Lake Houston, Atascocita Shores VI
210-82, Haltom City, flooding problems
211-82, Senior Texas Employment Program, San Angelo
212-82, Texas Tech University, Great Plains Wildlife Habitat Research Unit
213-82, Whitesboro HUD project
214-82, Fort Worth, Fuerza de los Barrios
215-82, Edgewood ISD
216-82, Lake Texarkana, removal of electrical shore power
218-82, Del Rio, Buena Salud Health Systems Clinic
219-82, Del Rio, establishment of an institution of higher education
220-82, Baylor College of Medicine herpes research
221-82, Braniff employees
222-82, Ferrocarriles Nacionales de Mexico train service between San Antonio and Mexico City
223-82, Houston, mining equipment companies
224-82, San Diego ISD, Follow Through Program
225-82, Washington County, Phillips Petroleum proposed site for natural gas processing plant
226-82, Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council HUD grant for south Texas colleges
227-82, grasshopper infestation and DOAg assistance
228-82, Webster, Gulf Nuclear, Inc.
229-82, Houston, Parent Child Center merging with Head Start Program
230-82, Brownwood, FCC application for low power television station
231-82, Elmo Water Supply Corporation
232-82, Dallas, Coventry Place
233-82, Galveston, University of Texas Medical Branch, end-stage renal disease camp
234-82, Cleburne's Urban Development Action application
235-82, EPA regulations on pesticides on commercial non-food crops
236-82, Alto, United Gas Pipe Line Company
237-82, DOAg, consolidation of meat and poultry inspection offices
238-82, United States import specialists in the Valley are to be centralized in Laredo
239-82, Matagorda County, drainage district board
240-82, Carthage Head Start Program building lease
241-82, Rio Grande, wild and scenic river designation
242-82, Colorado, Gunnison Basin and American Flats, Silverton Wilderness proposal
243-82, Padre Island National Seashore
244-82, Houston, Homeward Bound, Inc.
245-82, The Woodlands, Hardy Street Toll Road
246-82, Brownsville, K2LN-TV, PBS station use of tower with channel 23
247-82, SBA and FmHA disaster request for Texas
248-82, Lamesa Emergency printing operation
249-82, Austin, University of Texas School of Nursing, advanced nurse training grant application
250-82, Foreign Credit Insurance Association
000-92-0009 (92-043)/7 (00880888)251-82 abolishment of Professional and Administrative Career Examination (PACE) exam
252-82, Alice, First National Bank Charter
254-82, Prairie View A & M University, NROTC program
255-82, La Vega ISD in Waco, site for new high school and TSTI Airport
256-82, FCC rules on short spaced VHF drop-ins
257-82, Karnes County ASCS Committee
258-82, Ellis County, Skyline Acres water problem
259-82, The Roegelein Co. slaughter line inspectors, USDA regulations
260-82, The First National Bank in Amarillo
261-82, H-GRTS Houston-Galveston Regional Transportation Study
262-82, HHS formula for child support collections
263-82, Calhoun County, information on federal spending
264-82, Prairie View A & M University Community Health Services Clinic
265-82, NASA Landsat photographs
266-82, Alice, Energy Dynamics government contract
267-82, Copperas Cove, Owl Creek Park closing from November to April
268-82, Travis County Mental Health, Mental Retardation Center, grant application, Austin
269-82, Houston, Intercontinental Airport Runway, September 27
270-82, air controllers strike
271-82, Motor Carrier Act of 1980
272-82, Austin, Jet Industries, Inc.
273-82, Dallas, YMCA undeveloped land 1 1/2 acres
274-82, Sulphur River flooding near Cooper, Sulphur Bluff
275-82, City of Liberty, M & T, Inc.
276-82, Export regulations on gas and oil equipment to USSR
278-82, Corpus Christi, Ralph Vales & Sons, Inc. application to participate in the Small Business Export Development Assistance program
279-82, HHS Request for Proposal's (RFP) for cancer research
280-82, Navarro College NTIA grant for public television station
281-82, Spring, Kilgore Marine, Inc. Title XI program application
282-82, Waco, Northcrest, Lakeview infestation of egrets as health problem
284-82, Hondo, Stagecoach apartment complex
285-82, Austin ISD, ESEA, Tilte I
286-82, DOAg guarantees for Peru purchase of vegetable oil
287-82, Corpus Christi, construction of temporary ramp at South Minerals Road
288-82, Houston, relocation of Defense Fuel Region Southwest Agency
289-82, Pottsboro, disastrous flooding at Lake Texoma
290-82, FmHA rent supplement program
291-82, Hale Koa Hotel in Hawaii, DOD
293-82, Sheppard AFB, bids on fire alarm system
294-82, Fort Sam Houston ISD payment from 874 funds
295-82, FBI investigation
296-82, Lubbock, low income rehabilitation apartments by Waterwalk Development Co.
297-82, Texas Southern University, Seminar to be held in Barbados, West Indies
298-82, San Antonio, The Catholic Family and Children Services
299-82, San Antonio, Audie Murphy VA Nursing Home
300-82, USDA and OMB regulations on Gypsy Moth Treatment
301-82, Brazosport, review publishers application for low power to license
302-82, grant application for food cooperatives in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona
303-82, Victoria, HUD project
304-82, FHWA and AACOG, vans for communities
305-82, Los Fresnos, FmHA loan application for water improvements
306-82, Foreign Agriculture Service of the USDA, programs related to expanding marketing
307-82, Houston owner project management, Inc. CORPS proposal
308-82, McKinney, HUD application
309-82, International Airline Passengers Association
310-82, Ackerly, NTSB's action on the pipeline accident
311-82, Austin, proposal for rental rehabilitation program demonstration
312-82, Pasadena Interfaith Housing Foundation, Inc.
313-82, Denver City, Dulin energy saving invention
314-82, Defense Logistics Agency, small business policy
315-82, El Paso, International Boundary and Water Commission
316-82, Dickinson, Bay Area Bank & Trust problems with student loans
317-82, National Institute of Handicapped Research, proposed changes in research funding
318-82, Congress phase out of VISTA
319-82, Fort Worth, Resource Development Plan
320-82, Hispanic Health & Nutrition Examination Survey by National Center for Health Statistics
321-82, City of Huxley, special use permit
000-92-0009 (92-043)/8 (00880710)322-82, Dallas, relocation of HUD area office to Fort Worth
323-82, Brownsville, desalinization of brackish water by wind and solar power, demonstration project
324-82, North Harbor Marine Sanctuary site
325-82, Dallas area communities' withdrawal from social security program
326-82, Bayport, proposed waste management industrial park
327-82, Austin, IRS Service Center problems with cooling of building
328-82, Galveston, HUD application for 40 million dollars, port expansion
329-82, Daingerfield, community water supply
330-82, military housing vent dampers, problem with Corps
331-82, University of Texas Union Cultural Entertainment Committee jazz festival application to NEA
332-82, USDA regulations on Tour of Duty
333-82, San Antonio, International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers, OSHA grant
335-82, Webb County, International Bridges feasibility study
336-82, Fort Worth/Dallas rail project
337-82, Grand Prairie, Bio-Ecology Systems Inc.
338-82, runway at Grayson County Airport
339-82, Border Patrol aircraft
340-82, Texas, food stamp fraud
341-82, EPA and pesticide Temik
342-82, Corpus Christi, Capano Refining Co. and SBA
344-82, Elsa UDAG application
345-82, Plano, need for emergency warning system
346-82, Union y Progreso Barrio Development Inc. HUD application
347-82, Galveston, Housing projects and snake fence on Corps property
348-82, Pottsboro, road in the Preston Cove Estates
349-82, Brownwood, Pecan Valley Economic Development District, EDA proposal
350-82, Austin, closing of cotton classing office
351-82, VISA money fund
352-82, DOED regulations on education for the handicapped
354-82, Community opposition to government regulations of cable television companies
355-82, Houston, Pioneer Contract Service application for Laredo Job Corps; cross reference Webb County
356-82, Orange County Water Conservation District, EPA contract problem
357-82, Lake Junction as water supply for City of Junction
358-82, HCFA regulation on survey and certification of nursing homes
000-92-0009 (92-043)/9 (00880913)359-82, Fort Worth, UDAG for 392 unit housing project
360-82, Powell Associates, proposal to DOE
361-82, Padre Island, toll bridge over JFK Causeway
362-82, Oakwood, application for wastewater system
363-82, Kerrville, municipal Airport
364-82, Hill Country Water Supply Corporation
365-82, Devaluation of the Mexican peso
366-82, City of Schertz, HUD project
367-82, Lone Star Steel lay off of 4,000 workers
369-82, South Texas, aloe plant for medical use
370-82, National Weather Service teletype system weather warnings
371-82, San Antonio, A.J. Monier Co. conflict with GSA contract
372-82, Corps of Engineers regulatory program regulation
373-82, Houston, MacGregor 3rd Ward area opposition to psychiatric hospital
374-82, Medicare regulations deletion of social services participation
375-82, DFW Airport, non-stop flights to Canada
376-82, North Jetty on Bolivar Peninsula
377-82, The Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
378-82, Bowie and the Texas Electric Service Company
379-82, Corpus Christi, a Hemispheric Conference Center
380-82, Rolling Hills Country Club FmHA loan problem
381-82, Brownsville Border Patrol agent problems
382-82, Brownwood, Bowie Memorial Airport
383-82, Houston, Bovay Engineers DOE contract
384-82, Hidalgo County Vocational School project
385-82, Wichita Falls, Albert moving and storage
386-82, Waco and Lake Waco water supply
387-82, Jefferson County request for fire boats for use on Neches and Sabine Rivers
388-82, Houston, Westbury HUD project, Judson Robinson Place
389-82, Pearland, markload system and military contracts
390-82, Hearne, revenue sharing funds
391-82, River Bend nuclear project
392-82, complaint over deregulation of airlines and increased cost
393-82, Grand Prairie, Amistad electronics SBA application
394-82, D/FW landing slots, Braniff Bankruptcy
395-82, government contracts payment schedule
396-82, Texarkana Human Development Center's FHWA Sec. 18 application
397-82, Florida, Western Dade County property owners concern
398-82, Kingsville, UDAG application
399-82, Corpus Christi, Sec. 202 housing project for the elderly
400-82, Davis-Bacon Act revisions
401-82, Edinburg, Pan American University, Hispanic rehabilitation, research and training facility
403-82, Plano, flood control on Prairie Creek
404-82, Pecos, proposed Y.M.C.A. or R.O.T.C. programs, information
405-82, Oakcliff, Calvary Arms HUD project, Dallas
407-82, Brownsville, Bert Whisenant Insurance problem with flood insurance program
408-82, J. L. Sean Company bid on Dyess AFB contract
409-82, Henderson County Junior College application under Title IV of Housing Act
410-82, Longview, The Food Box and Meals on Wheels programs
411-82, Brownsville, CDBG program
412-82, Central Power & Light rate increase
413-82, Dallas, high school black choir, trip to Austria
414-82, Laughlin AFB
415-82, Opdyke (Updyke?) Mobile Home Park water problem
416-82, Nuclear Ranging & Guidance Inc., Fort Worth
417-82, Houston, A-M Cargo International problem with FDA
418-82, Galveston, Metro Airlines eliminating scheduled commuter service
000-92-0009 (92-043)/10 (00880720)419-82, Brazos River Authority's Waco MetropolitanArea Regional Sewerage System
420-82, Middle Rio Grande Development Council & FTZ application for Eagle Pass and Del Rio
421-82, SER Jobs for Progress application for MBDA center
422-82, VA Chapter 31 program
423-82, Salt water injection wells & TRRC
3V228Photographic material
000-92-0009 (92-043)/10 (00880720)424-82, Santa Anna, International Share Fellowship, Inc.
425-82, Port Arthur, Senior Citizens Services, Inc., distribution of cheese
426-82, San Antonio, Incarnate Word College application under Title III institutional aid program
427-82, Big Brothers/Big Sisters movement
428-82, Navy tanker project specifications
429-82, Schick Shadel Hospital Medicare regulations
430-82, Longview, Oilgear Company DOD contract
431-82, Calhoun County, proposed chemical dump site
432-82, Fort Worth-Dallas, proposal to buy Rock Island
433-82, National Cemetery for Central Texas
434-82, Bergstrom AFB purchase contract
436-82, Mexican American Unity Council, in two community projects
437-82, Fort Bliss, Training & Audiovisual Support Center
438-82, Shrimp season on Gulf of Mexico
439-82, Twin Oak Steam Electric Station
440-82, List of federal properties in Texas proposed for public sale
441-82, Madisonville Municipal Airport
442-82, Dallas, Whitco Inc., problem with Economic Regulatory Administration
443-82, Cameron Independent School District
444-82, Lower Rio Grande Valley flood control legislation
445-82, A-95 review process
446-82, Navasota, Grimes Memorial Hospital audit
447-82, Gainesville flood control project
448-82, Orange, Firestone Synthetic Rubber & Latex Company
449-82, Houston, Raymond International
450-82, Lackland ISD, impact aid funds
451-82, Buda, new post office
452-82, Beaumont, Commercial Contractors contract with Fort Polk
453-82, Hondo, Del Rio Flying Service contract at Fort Rucker, Alabama
454-82, Austin, Austin Elcon Corporation contract with Bergstrom AFB
455-82, Harris County, PCB storage site
456-82, Jefferson Associates contracts with DOD, Houston
457-82, Brownsville, Planned Parenthood Association of Cameron & Willacy Counties
458-82, Medicare regulations, extension of comment period
459-82, Dallas, The Visiting Nurse Association grant
461-82, West Cedar Creek Utility District
462-82, OCS Regional Studies Program
464-82, Pantego, wants to establish a post office
465-82, USPS, bank accounts in small banks
466-82, Dallas, Anderson Systems International Export-Import Bank loan
468-82, Throckmorton, water supply
469-82, Dallas, Apparel Mart postal problems
000-92-0009 (92-043)/11 (00880742)470-82, Hasse, closing of post office
471-82, Fort Hood contract dispute
472-82, CDBG proposed regulation
473-82, Eagle Pass, grant for HUD discretionary funds
474-82, Three Rivers, imminent threat application under CDBG
475-82, City of Junction, revenue sharing problems
476-82, El Paso, urban mass transit
477-82, Proposed regulations on health professional student loans
478-82, Navy use of Danish ships
479-82, Proposed rules on what constitutes a migrant student
480-82, Action, proposed elimination or reduction of offices
481-82, Fort Worth, Texas Wesleyan College
482-82, El Paso, commuter monorail system to White Sands Missile Range
483-82, Austin, Shoal Creek flood study by Corps
485-82, Spina Bifida Association of Texas
486-82, Fort Worth, General Dynamics F16 fighter production
487-82, Nuclear Regulatory Commission
489-82, Houston, HUD rehabilitation program
490-82, Houston Ship Channel proposed suspension bridge
491-86, Midland County Public Library
492-82, TDHR regulations on Title XX Meals on Wheels program
493-82, Desalinization of Santa Rosa Formation
494-82, Beckville CDBG application
495-82, Fort Worth, Atlas Contractors, Inc.
496-82, Fort Worth Air Traffic Control Center
3V228Photographic material
000-92-0009 (92-043)/11 (00880742)497-82, Kirkland AFB contract
498-82, El Paso, UDAG application, downtown revitalization
499-82, Houston, Candlelight Trails Condominiums
500-82, Houston, Autumn Hills Convalescent Centers, Inc.
501-82, Dallas Navy Flying Club & Grand Prairie NAS
502-82, Port Arthur, Park Central new community project
503-82, Dallas/Fort Worth, Department of Commerce Administrative Service Center Office
504-82, La Grulla, water system improvements
505-82, Alice, flood insurance problems
506-82, Hidalgo County Economic Development Agency
507-82, Vernon, CDBG application
508-82, Bexar, Travis & Hays Counties, San Antonio/Austin Corridor Forum
509-82, Harris County flood insurance program
510-82, Round Rock, CDBG
511-82, Center, proposed housing project
512-82, McAllen, foreign trade zone
513-82, Houston, Kennedy Heights Civic Club
515-82, Lower Colorado River Authority, power plant
516-82, Brooks County CDBG application for City of Falfurrias
517-82, Dallas/Fort Worth, Cohlmia Aviation
518-82, Health Systems Agencies, 1536 designation
519-82, Brookside Village flood control study
520-82, Curtin Matheson Scientific, Inc., problems collecting payment from the Adventist Health Services
521-82, San Angelo, closing of O. C. Fisher Lake Park
522-82, Edinburg, bilingual education audit
523-82, Marion, CDBG
524-82, Houston Terminal Project
525-82, Cleveland, HUD application
526-82, Plainview, bid for Automated Flight Service Station
527-82, Mathis, CDBG application
000-92-0009 (92-043)/12 (00880902)528-82, Use of Compound 1080 on coyotes
529-82, Dallas, Presbyterian Hospital Medicare problems
530-82, HUD regulations on elderly & handicapped housing projects
531-82, Port of Houston, Commerce Department paperwork requirements
532-82, Poteet, proposed wastewater treatment plant
533-82, FHA regulations on air conditioning units
534-82, Conroe, weather gathering station
535-82, Zapata, application for water system improvements, HUD
536-82, Greater Texoma Municipal Utility District (GTMUD), Sherman/Denison
537-82, Humble, opposition to roadside vendors
538-82, Maritime Administration regulations on Title XI financing
539-82, El Paso, Saltech, bidding for the Naval Sea Systems Command
540-82, Houston, Daniel Industries, Inc., DOD investigation of imported fasteners
541-82, Mineral Wells, Met-Fab of Texas Inc., army contract
542-82, Goodrich, CDBG application
543-82, Mineral Wells, Fort Wolters Hospital
545-82, Victoria, Family Practice Center
546-82, Lubbock, Project Upward Bound
547-82, DOEd abolishing office of Hispanic affairs
548-82, Amarillo, Pantex Plant and FAA air space
549-82, Lubbock, migrant advocacy office
550-82, Kingsville, CDBG application
551-82, Ahrens Air Craft, Inc., of Aquadilla, Puerto Rico
552-82, The National Association of Private, Nontraditional Schools & Colleges (NAPNSC)
553-82, Virgin Islands, Sandy Point & the leatherback turtle
554-82, Houston, Big Chief Environmental Services disposal site on Easthaven St.
555-82, La Grange, HUD grant, drainage system
556-82, Smithville, CDBG application
557-82, Austin, TECOM, Inc.
558-82, La Joya, CDBG application
559-82, Small Business Innovation Development Act of 1982
560-82, U. S. Postal Service, cluster post office boxes
561-82, Loraine, HUD Section 8 project for the elderly
562-82, Harleton, HARCO plant suspected arson
563-82, Texas Southern University National Resource Center in international studies
564-82, Temple, Texas Hydraulics & K-40 Air Force equipment
565-82, San Antonio, sale of Granada Homes for apartments
566-82, Athens, CDBG application
567-82, Brazoria County, use of a lift van
568-82, Killeen, Fort Hood office equipment contract
569-82, High-level Nuclear Waste Subcommittee
570-82, Hallettsville, CDBG application, cause: flood
571-82, Colony, certificate of need
572-82, Alamo, CDBG application
573-82, Energy Conversions of America & FERC
574-82, Lake Creek and Cleveland reservoir sites
575-82, Brownsville, point of entry/exit to Mexico
576-82, San Antonio, Medina River Applewhite Dam
578-82, Wood County, Greenwich Oil Corporation proposal to SFC
579-82, Defense Logistics Agency regulations
580-82, Hurlwood, lint and acid emissions facility violation
581-82, Gatesville, area water problem
582-82, Tex-Land Electric
583-82, Killeen, American Technological University
584-82, Waco, Marathon Battery Company, decision made by U. S. Army
585-82, Lufkin, Century Forest Industries
000-92-0009 (92-043)/13 (00880924)586-82, CAB regulations on sale of airline tickets
588-82, Military Traffic Management Command
589-82, Bar Area Rehabilitation Center, Baytown
590-82, Lillian Independent School District
591-82, Progreso, USDA FmHA water and sewage program
592-82, San Antonio, B. J. "Red" McCombs problem with DOE
593-82, Beaumont, UDAG application for downtown revitalization
1-83, Texas Energy Bank program by TENRAC
2-83, Post, Post-Garza County Airport
3-83, Dallas, Dallas Transit Board UMTA contract
4-83, Texas Laundry & Dry-cleaning Association, use of perchloroethylene
5-83, Dallas, Griffin Square Building purchase by GSA
6-83, Sulphur Springs, EDA application for water system expansion
7-83, Houston Gulf Coast Metro Senior Citizens Services, Inc.
8-83, Washington County Highway 36, dangerous
9-83, Melissa, wastewater treatment permit
10-83, Milano, grant for recreational park
11-83, Contract center for distribution fo wild horses and burros for Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico
12-83, EPA research and development budget
13-83, Department of Interior wilderness area
14-83, Austin, UT Center for Energy Studies
15-83, Prairie View, request for a postal facility
16-83, Galveston, National Weather Service
17-83, Salt Dome Project at Big Hill
18-83, El Paso Company and Burlington Northern, gas
19-83, Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act, hospital reimbursement
20-83, Victoria Public Schools, School Lunch Program
21-83, La Mesa, Northridge Retirement Center, 202 application
22-83, Richardson, Association for Higher Education of North Texas
23-83, Live Oak, FmHA application for water distribution system (empty folder)
24-83, HHS family planning programs
25-83, Borger, Cominco American, Inc., ammonia plant
26-83, Commerce Department and ammonia countervailing duties regualations
27-83, West Dallas Community Centers program
28-83, Alto, housing project
29-83, San Marcos, HUD, UDAG applications
30-83, Big Spring, Strategic Petroleum project
31-83, Corps of Engineers, abiding by contract terms
32-83, El Paso, Clean Air Act
33-83, Mercedes Public Schools and ROTC
34-83, Anti-Hunger Coalition of Texas
35-83, Panhandle, Carson County Square House Museum
36-83, Logue and Patterson Inc., problem with FERC
37-83, Abilene Zoo, permanent variance for the sea lion and polar bear
38-83, Houston, Menendez-Donnell and Association, business opportunities for minority firms
39-83, Childress, municipal airfield
41-83, Montgomery, need for postal facility
42-83, Greenville, railroad demonstration project
43-83, Memorandum of understanding between Corps and FWS
44-83, Houston, Colonial Savings Association takeover
45-83, Austin, UDAG application for hotel project
46-83, Dallas, United Fabrication, Inc., contracts with airlines
47-83, Austin, The Hills Medical/Sports Complex
48-83, Termination of Health Systems Agency
49-83, Action Senior Companion Program
50-83, Texas Southmost College SDIP grant application
51-83, FWS regulations on wheeling stipulation and utilities
52-83, Wylie, Reliance Steel Company, Inc.
53-83, Flatonia, discontinuance of bus service by Greyhound

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