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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers

Descriptive Summary

CreatorBentsen, Lloyd
TitleLloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers
Dates: 1921-1998
Abstract:Correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, photographic materials, sound recordings, and works of art make up the papers of Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. (1930-1994, bulk 1971-1993). Bentsen and his staff created the bulk of the material during his term as United States Senator from Texas (1971-1993), though the papers also contain records from Bentsen's term as United States Secretary of the Treasury (1993-1994). A limited amount of the material documents Bentsen's career in business and his private life. Few records exist from his term in the United States House of Representatives (1948-1955).
Accession No.AR 88-066; 88-370; 88-395; 89-072; 90-100; 90-287; 91-002; 91-010; 91-028; 91-046; 91-047; 91-135; 91-182; 91-344; 92-043; 92-149; 92-165; 92-359; 93-061; 93-138; 93-162; 93-188; 93-239; 94-269; 94-347; 95-005; 95-017; 95-029; 95-064; 95-167; 95-210; 96-237; 96-274; 96-289; 97-092; 97-098; 98-236; 98-246; 99-175; 99-199; 2000-180; 2000-185; 2000-269; 2002-067
Extent2687 cubic feet
LanguageMaterials are in English.
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, U.S. Senator and Representative, businessman, Texas county judge, and decorated World War Two veteran, was born in Mission, Texas, on February 11, 1921. He ran for Vice-President of the United States in 1988 on the Democratic ticket with then Massachusettes governor Michael Dukakis. He served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1994. Bentsen kept up a full schedule until 1998, when he retired after a decline in his health. He died on May 23, 2006.

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Scope and Contents

Correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, photographic materials, sound recordings, and works of art make up the papers of Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. (1930-1994, bulk 1971-1993). Bentsen and his staff created the bulk of the material during his term as United States Senator from Texas (1971-1993), though the papers also contain records from Bentsen's term as United States Secretary of the Treasury (1993-1994). A limited amount of the material documents Bentsen's career in business and his private life. Few records exist from his term in the United States House of Representatives (1948-1955).

The material is organized in ten subgroups. The first seven subgroups consist of records from Bentsen's Senate offices.

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Click on a subgroup link below to view the detailed inventory for that subgroup.
I. Management/Administration Subgroup, 1971-1993 (26.5 cubic feet)
II. Legislative Section Subgroup, 1945-1993 (579.5 cubic feet)
III. Personal and Political Files Subgroup, 1923, ca. 1940-1993 (217.5 cubic feet)
IV. Correspondence Subgroup, 1971-1993 (1306 cubic feet)
V. Press Section Subgroup, 1930-1931, 1942-1994 (161.5 cubic feet)
VI. Constituent Services Subgroup, 1971-1993 (259 cubic feet)
VII. State Offices Subgroup, 1921, 1942-1993 (109.5 cubic feet)
VIII. Secretary of the Treasury Subgroup, 1981 (1993-1994) (25.5 cubic feet)
IX. Post Secretary of the Treasury Subgroup, 1995-1998 (5 items)
X. Lewis L. Gould Files Subgroup, 1942-1994 (1 linear foot, 8 inches)


Access Restrictions

Casework and personnel files are restricted for 75 years after creation, up to the year 2068.

Use of some audio and video materials is by appointment only; please contact sound archivist.

Use of digital material by appointment only; please contact digital archivist.

Use Restrictions

A portion of these papers is stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Bentsen, Lloyd--Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance.
United States. Congress. Senate.
Economics--United States.
Finance--Laws and legislation--United States.
Finance--United States.
Politics, Practical--Texas.
Texas--Politics and government--1951-

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers, 1921-1998, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Collection


VI. Constituent Services Subgroup, 1971-1993
Extent (259 cubic feet)

Administrative History
Projects and casework were the primary Constituent Service work of Senator Bentsen's staff. Typical projects, undertaken on behalf of groups, municipalities, or the state itself, included efforts to receive federal grants or designations, to gain inclusion in federal programs, and to affect the decisions of federal agencies. Cases involved specific individuals requiring assistance with Federal agencies and government departments, such as the Veterans and Social Security Administrations; the Internal Revenue Service; Immigration and Naturalization Service; Departments of Agriculture, Health, Education, Welfare, Justice and Labor; and branches of the armed forces.
Staff in Bentsen's Austin office performed most casework and project work. Dallas staff managed some local cases. The State Director, reporting to the Administrative Assistant, supervised the work. Bentsen's Administrative Assistant handled some special constituent problems personally.
Other routine constituent services included applications to the military service academies, coordinated by Houston staff, and routine congratulatory correspondence, managed by Dallas staff.
Scope and Content Note
Project Files created by Bentsen's Constituent Services staff include correspondence, reference and research materials, and administrative documents. The files provide an overview of the sorts of projects Texas communities undertook during Bentsen's term, as well as the methods and relationships Bensten's staff drew on to assist them.
Because of their private nature, individual case files are closed for 75 years from date of creation. The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History did not retain service academy files.
For routine constituent correspondence, see Correspondence Subgroup.
000-89-0006 (92-043)/29-3 (00096597)Project Files Series 1971-1992
Extent (226 cubic feet)
Scope and Content Note
Project Files created by Bentsen's Constituent Services staff include internal memos and correspondence with constituents and state and federal agencies, printed material such as reports and clippings, photographic materials, legal documents, and cartographic materials. Three series: Water resources projects, 1971-1979; Sequentially filed projects, 1971-1989; Project files arranged by county, 1982-1992.
The separate water resources project files may reflect Bentsen's membership in the Public Works Committee (renamed Environment and Public Works in 1977), which considered appropriations for such projects. The Sequentially filed projects series contains the bulk of the files. Staff assigned each case a descriptive title and a reference number, by which the files are organized in their particular year. In the reference number, the digits after the hyphen represent the year of the project (e.g., 1-77 for the first project in 1977).
Typically, the files include a coversheet, which lists actions taken by Bentsen's office on different dates. The later files often also include "snapshots" printed from the office computer system used to track case and project work. These documents state the status of the project, contacts made at federal agencies, actions taken, and the names and addresses of involved constituents. Some projects, such as the unsuccessful effort to prevent the closure of Ellington Air Force Base (1974-1981), involved many staff over a long period of time. In contrast, "one-shot" projects required only a single telephone call or letter to close.
The contents of the files vary. Generally, they include correspondence with constituents and administrators in federal agencies. Many of the files include the CMS work orders for Bentsen's correspondence. Occasionally, the constituent's original contact included printed material, such as reports and clippings. Some of the files include notes created by the staff member who worked on the project. Other materials in the files can include photographic materials, legal documents, and cartographic materials. In a few instances, legislative staff became involved in the project and their communication with the Senator is documented.
Lists and reports tracking project work can be found in the Austin office files, including several card files indexing projects 1971-1989.
Sequentially filed projects, 1971-1989:
301-76, North Rolling Plains Resource Conservation and Development, Lipscomb
000-89-0006 (92-043)/29-3 (00096597)303-76, City of Huntsville, traffic signalization program, SDHPT
304-76, Sherman County Commissioners Court, Highway 287 from Dumas to Stratford
305-76, Defense Survey Supply Center, Cameron Station, Virginia DOD
306-76, Mirex chemical, Hooker Chemical Company, Houston
307-76, Lee Row Construction Company, Houston
308-76, Rockport Hospital
309-76, Corpus Christi public elevator, shallow depth of berth is restricting export of grain sorghum
310-76, Pan American University, Southwest Training Institute of El Paso, TDCA
311-76, Dallas Inter-Tribal Center, NIH grant for SMU professor
312-76, Lake Lewisville subdivision need for a park
313-76, SER, Jobs for Progress Dallas
314-76, City of Dallas, bikeway proposal
315-76, Kopernick Shores, water improvements near Brownsville
316-76, Lamar Freeway, Beaumont
317-76, Bee County Community Council, GSA318-76, San Angelo Electric Service Company DOC
320-76, Highway 96 through Lumberton, SDHPT
321-76, Kleberg County Unemployment rate
322-76, Borger post office relocation, USPS
323-76, Alamo Area Resource Conservation and Development, constitutes all AACOG counties except Gillespie, SCS
324-76, Multi-County Special Education Cooperative, Meridian Texas Rehabilitation Commission
325-76, Harker Heights post office USPS
326-76, Waller ISD, ESAA funds
327-76, Texas Rural Legal Aid, Edinburg low salaries for legal staff
328-76, Cigarette Tax Enforcement Program, Comptroller of Texas, Bob Bullock
329-76, School of Nursing, University of Texas at Austin
330-76, Cleveland, Leggett Memorial Hospital, no emergency room, HEW
331-76, Jacksonville ISD, HEW civil rights noncompliance
332-76, Waller County Outreach Clinic, mismanagement of NIH funds
333-76, SETRPC, Mobile On-Duty Electronic Learning (MODEL) police training project, FCC
334-76, Linden, Highway 8 from Red Hill to Douglassville, DOT
335-76, Gary Job Corps Center, San Marcos administrative failure, DOL
336-76, Laredo Municipal Junior College District EDA
338-76, Methodist Hospital in Lubbock, Medicare problems HEW
339-76, City of Baytown, replacement of Market Street Bridge, DOI
340-76, San Augustine, multipurpose civic center, EDA
000-89-0006 (92-043)/29-1 (00096699)341-76, Jefferson County Coalition for Crime Prevention, LEAA
342-76, Pineland, West Sabine ISD, EDA application
343-76, DeKalb ISD, EDA application
344-76, Brownsboro ISD, EDA application
345-76, State of Texas, Department of Health Resources, wants to qualify for EDA grants under LPW program, also general information, Houston
346-76, City of Commerce Housing Authority low-income units for elderly
347-76, Raymondville to Monte Alto, railroad abandonment ICC rail road abandonment No. AB 3/13
000-89-0006 (92-043)/30 (00096371)348-76, Abilene Railroad abandonment ICC Railroad Abandonment No. AB 21
349-76, Crawford, needs water well
350-76, Dallas County Nutrition Program for Aged USDA and Governor's office
351-76, Hamilton County community development
352-76, Kingsville NAACP, complaint with Civil Rights Office of Revenue Sharing
353-76, Trenton ISD, funds needed for repaired gym floor, HEW
354-76, Child, Inc. Headstart Austin
355-76, Rio Grande River at mouth of Alamito Creek, weir dam
356-76, City of Camp Wood, unemployment statistics, TEC
357-76, Atheneum Club, Atlanta, educational television programs, FCC
358-76, Terrell, wants TEC office
359-76, City of Vidor Planning Commission flood insurance objections, FIA
360-76, Peso devaluation, problems along United States-Mexico border, Department of Commerce
361-76, Dallas Association for Retarded Citizens, MHMR grant
362-76, Texas Women's University, HEW grant to train severely handicapped
363-76, Brownsville, need for a doctor National Health Service Corps. HEW
364-76, Humble post office, poor mail service for Atascocita subdivision, USPS
365-76, Forney, EDA application
366-76, Monterey Life Systems, Inc. Wichita Falls DPW
367-76, State Bar of Texas, Comprehensive Offender Manpower Program, LEAA
368-76, Hallsville, EDA grant application LPW program
369-76, Weslaco, EDA grant application LPW program
370-76, Porter Enterprises, supplier plant in Corpus Christi for fertilizer manufacturing plants in Malaysia
371-76, Galveston County Beach Park Board of Trustees, EDA application for construction of Jack Brooks Coliseum
372-76, Kerr County Commissioners' Court, EDA application for detention facility in Kerrville
373-76, Trinidad, EDA application
374-76, Georgetown, EDA application
375-76, Southwest Center for Urban Research, Houston
376-76, Texas Southern University, Houston Public Affairs Facility, EDA
377-76, Sunset High School, Dallas wants to march in Inaugural Parade
3V228Photographic material
000-89-0006 (92-043)/30 (00096371)378-76, Bridge City, EDA applications
379-76, Eagle Pass ISD, EDA application
380-76, Hallsville ISD, EPA application sewer improvements
381-76, Frankston public schools, EDA application (empty folder)
382-76, Image Youth Services Systems, Inc. Edinburg wants tax exempt status, LEAA
383-76, Jefferson County needs doctors
384-76, Galveston County Water Control and Improvement District #1, EPA
3V228Photographic material
000-89-0006 (92-043)/30 (00096371)385-76, Byng School, ADA, Oklahoma EDA grant application, LPW program
386-76, Noise Pollution Seminar, per John Seifert, EPA
387-76, Redwater ISD, EDA application
388-76, Pharr, EDA application
389-76, Town of Combes, EDA
390-76, Colegio Cesar Chaves (Chavez?) in Northwest San Antonio
391-76, Galveston College, EDA application
392-76, Kaufman Co. Municipal Utility District #1, DOA, Corps of Engineers
393-76, South Padre Island EDA grant application, opposition by local residents
394-76, Nederland, police station/courtroom project, EDA
395-76, Menard, reallocation of Block Grant funds
396-76, Dunbar Neighborhood Council, Mineral Wells, TDCA & HEW
397-76, Kenedy, EDA application
398-76, South Plains Association of Governments, composition of governing board
399-76, Local Development Company of Edinburg, SBA
400-76, Border Patrol Officers for Starr County, INS
401-76, Atlanta ISD, EDA applications
402-76, Honey Grove, EDA application
403-76, El Paso, EDA application LPW program
404-76, Marshall Industrial Foundation, EDA application
405-76, Hidalgo County, EDA application to pave roads near Mission
406-76, Palo Duro Convalescent Home, Claude DPW
407-76, DeWitt Drainage District, Cuero, HUD
408-76, Brazoria County flood plain, FIA
409-76, Cotulla Civic Center, local opposition to EDA proposal
410-76, Parking at VA Hospital in Big Springs
411-76, LaJoya ISD, EDA application
412-76, Fredricksburg ISD, EDA application
413-76, Texas Senior Citizens Association, San Antonio, DOL
414-76, Texas Committee for the Humanities and Public Policy
415-76, Evant ISD, ESAA funding problem
416-76, Kyle Community Development EDA and revenue sharing
417-76, Willacy County, Raymondville and Lyford ineligibility for EDA funds
418-76, City of Brazoria, EDA application
419-76, Amarillo Junior College, EDA applications
420-76, Voluntary Action Center of Caldwell County, elderly transportation
421-76, Chambers County, ERDA facility
422-76, minority social work recruitment, NIMH grant
423-76, St. Joseph Hospital, El Paso Medicare reimbursement
424-76, Mount Pleasant, EDA
425-76, City of Slaton Airport
426-76, Crystal City ISD application, EDA and HEW
427-76, San Antonio, Lone Star Brewery, EDA
428-76, Leon County Hospital in Buffalo, Texas, HEW
429-76, Charles D. Gooden, Consulting Engineers, Houston want federal contracts
430-76, San Juan, EDA application with Rio Grande Valley Pollution Control Authority, EDA
431-76, Elsa, EDA application
432-76, Palo Pinto County, EDA application
433-76, City of Pasadena, wants to obtain old World War II plane for its park, DOD
434-76, City of Donna, EDA application under LPW program
435-76, City of San Antonio, CETA funds held up
436-76, Consolidation of State Building of Vocational Nurse Examiners with Department of Health Resources
437-76, National Weather Science move from Galveston to Alvin
438-76, West Texas COG, unemployment survey, EDA designation
439-76, Goodwill Industries application to HEW
440-76, Pflugerville water and sewer
Laredo Border Station, 1976
1-77, L.W. Ledwell & Son, Texarkana, FmHA loan application
000-89-0006 (92-043)/31 (00880436)2-77, Bexar County local Public Works projects
3-77, Port Arthur Historical Society
4-77, commercial rabbit operation, Valley
5-77, Texas Housing Development Corporation, CSA application
6-77, Incarnate Word College HEW application
7-77, Frankston Public Schools EDA application
8-77, Travis County Disaster Declaration, FHA, David Samuelson
9-77, Bay City, desires criminal justice planning grant
10-77, McAllen CDBG program
11-77, Texas A & I University Teacher Corps proposal
12-77, Starr County solid waste disposal plant
13-77, Waller County, EDA application
14-77, El Paso home town plan funding
15-77, Dallas EDA application, library
16-76, San Antonio Geriatric Center
18-77, Edinburg EDA local Public Works
19-77, LBJ Sunbelt Symposium, Frostbelt and Sunbelt controversy
20-77, Rio Grande Federation of Health Centers, HEW application (empty folder)
21-77, PEECH Outreach HEW proposal
22-77, Culberson County Disaster declaration
23-77, Valley Community Hospital flooding
3V228Photographic material
000-89-0006 (92-043)/31 (00880436)24-77, Victoria campus funding
25-77, VA Medical Teaching Facility, Temple
26-77, Houston Charter Bus application, ICC
27-77, Rockdale HUD application
28-77, Hardin County EDA application
29-77, Mexicana Airlines Service Harlingen to Tampico
30-77, AFL-CIO Workers Assistance Program, HEW grant
31-77, Mission EDA
32-77, Kerr County Citizens, need for water
33-77, Lower Rio Grande Development Council, EDA general
34-77, Jefferson County Fresh Water Supply District, EDA, EPW
34-77, Longmen Hospital, Texas Health Facilities Commission
35-77, Elgin Municipal Airport
36-77, Jewish Community Center Dallas, ERDA application
37-77, Lacy-Lakeview water and sewer, TWQB, EPA
38-77, R.E. Thomason General Hospital, HEW application
39-77, Eagle Mountain Area Suburban Hospital HEW application
40-77, Bolero, EPA approval for use on rice crops
41-77, Texas city adverse weather (empty folder)
42-77, Brownsville ISD, NIE and EDA application
43-77, Floresville ISD athletic department discrimination
44-77, Red River, Council on Alcoholism, continuation NIAAA grant
45-77, City of Blossom
46-77, SCS ruling regarding target pricing, farmers
47-77, Lake Meridith salinity study
48-77, Barbara Bowman, NIH grant
49-77, Marietta EDA, LPW
50-77, Kerrville Airport
51-77, Rio Grande River Project near Presidio
52-77, Motley County Hospital, Matador, Texas approval
55-77, Nassau Bay post office
3V228Photographic material
000-89-0006 (92-043)/31 (00880436)56-77, Public Health Service, Dallas
57-77, Metroplex Health Plan
58-77, City of Santa Anna, community development
59-77, American Association of College Registrars and Admissions officers, want Sec. of HEW to speak at April 18 meeting in Houston
60-77, Hansford County Hospital District wants airplane from USDA
61-77, St. Mary's Episcopal Church Retirement Home, Big Spring wants to retain HUD Sec. 202 grant
62-77, Pleasanton community development
63-77, Center Texas, urgent needs HUD funding, Meyers
64-77, Pasadena Vehicle Maintenance Facility, USPS
65-77, Ruthe B. Cowl Rehabilitation Facility, delegate status
66-77, Stokes memorandum, ESAA
67-77, NASA contract and allie, Crawford
68-77, Planned Parenthood Association of Northeast Texas
69-77, Texas Jaycees Energy Program funding
70-77, Electra, Texas Hospital, funding
71-77, Austin Housing authority, HUD units
71-77, Tarrant HMO
72-77, Rising Star Water and Sewer
000-89-0006 (92-043)/32 (00096768)73-77, Dumas FHA water system
74-77, Hidalgo County Water Control and Improvement District #1
75-77, Houston Light and Power, DOJ and Colorado River Jetty, per Sims McDonald
76-77, ACCEDC, declaration of Hidalgo Co. as Disaster Area Governor's Office and FDAA
77-77, Frankston Railroad abandonment, AB 12 sub. No. 53, ICC
78-77, Apple Springs and Lufkin postal routes possible consolidation, USPS
79-77, The Patrician Movement, San Antonio, NIDA grant
80-77, DPW and Senate Commission on Government Operations
81-77, Remember the Ladies Program, LBJ School and Foundation
82-77, Harris County Hospital District HEW application
83-77, Leon-Bosque Resource Conservation and Development (RC&D) needs addition funds, SCS, USDA
84-77, Blacks in management positions in Region VI, Civil Service Commission
85-77, Brazos Valley electric Cooperative bidding on contract by South Texas Electric Cooperative
86-77, McLennan County CETA program
87-77, Houston comprehensive delinquency prevention program, LEAA
88-77, Hidalgo and Willacy Counties, construction of outfall ditch to Laguna Madre, Corps of Engineers
89-77, Hill Junior College, Hillsboro HUD application for dorm construction
90-77, HUD's possible decision to cut 25% of funding for rural areas, decision was to reject idea
91-77, downgrading of facilities and controllers at Love Field, Dallas
92-77, Victoria College, Gonzales Texas Jaycee Campus, wants federal funds
93-77, MACED want continued funding from EDA, Technical Assistance and Mexican American Research Center (MARC)
94-77, Redwing Industries, Rusk, SBA
95-77, Tyler sewer system projects, EPA
96-77, WISH Project, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches
97-77, Low Water Dam at Colorado River near Wharton Bureau of Reclamation and National Flood Insurance
98-77, Transfer of CSA functions to HEW opposition by Texans
99-77, Texas Municipal League, general information
100-77, St. Joseph Hospital, Paris needs hemodialysis machine, HEW
101-77, Kilgore College Rangerettes, want to be official United States Ambassadors to Romanian Centennial, White House
102-77, Producers Grain Corporation, Amarillo, opposition to ICC's decision to maintain rates of grain traffic for export
103-77, Carmelite Day Nursery, Corpus Christi, wants funds for solar energy heating system installation, ERDA and FEA
104-77, Su Clinica Familiar, Harlingen PHS grant for ambulatory health care center
105-77, Burnet Airport funding, FAA
106-77, Houston Community College, EDA public works grant for building trades training center
107-77, Coleman Airport grant, FAA
108-77, Dallas HUD project for multifamily housing per Colonel Brunbrett
109-77, Mid-Town Manor, Wichita Falls HUD Section 202
110-77, Houston Area Parkinsonism Society, wants federal grant to fight Parkinson's Disease
111-77, Freight haulers in Laredo, can't compete with Mexican truck drivers and are losing money, INS
112-77, Texas Nursing Home Association, AFL-CIO investigation of nursing homes in Texas
000-89-0006 (92-043)/33 (00096917)113-77, President Carter's Job Corps Program, Cameron County, wants it situated there
114-77, Grandview industrial development
115-77, Central Texas HSA
116-77, Jobs for Progress, Inc., San Juan, HEW funding
117-77, Southside High School, San Antonio, HEW funding
118-77, Land development in southern Harris County
119-77, New Boston courthouse, LPW project, EDA
120-77, El Paso community College application, LPW EDA
121-77, Erosion on the Knights Bluff, Atlanta State Park, Corps of Engineers
122-77, Fort Worth, effluent limitations by TWQB into Upper Trinity River
123-77, City of Freeport levee system, FEA intends to breach it, Strategic Petroleum Reserve Program
124-77, Texas A&I University, Kingsville bilingual bicultural theatre training project, OE
125-77, Southeast Texas RC&D, SCS, USDA
126-77, Beeville, controversy with CDBG program
127-77, Nacogdoches ISD, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Early Childhood Development grant, OE
128-77, McAllen VA Outpatient Clinic move, VA
129-77, Hutchinson County Airport, needs funds, Borger FAA
130-77, City of Tomball, water & sewer, EPA
131-77, Port Arthur Weather Service Field Station, wants continued operation by NOAA
132-77, DETCOG wants DOL certification as prime CETA sponsor, DOL
133-77, Trans-Pecos Foundation for Medical Care, HMO, HEW
134-77, City of Paris, community development, HUD
135-77, Housing problem in El Paso, HUD Section 8
136-77, Cameron & Willacy Counties Community Projects, Inc., OE
137-77, Gilbert X-Ray Company of Texas, Dallas, opposition to VA regulation saying machinery must be bought from foreign manufacturer
138-77, City of New Boston, CSA
139-77, City of Harlingen, wide area radar system
140-77, McAllen International Bridge in Hidalgo, needs additional Customs & Immigration personnel, INS & Customs Service
141-77, Public Utilities Commission, Natural Gas, boiler fuel
142-77, DuPont Chemical Plant, Beaumont, explosion on April 1, 1977, FDAA & DPS
143-77, City of Eagle Pass, HEW talent search grant application
144-77, Starr County Industrial foundation FmHA grant for tourist complex center
145-77, Lockhart, impoundment lake on Plum Creek want funds for water project
146-77, Dallas County Delinquency Prevention project, LEAA, Youth Services Network
147-77, National Coalition of Hispanic Mental Health & Human Service Organizations (COSSMHO), HEW application regarding consumer education
148-77, Texas Consumer Association Educaiton grant request from HEW
149-77, Guy Post Office consolidation, USPS
150-77, VA hospital, Houston, transfer of day treatment center
151-77, Freeport Metal Trades Council, want hearings before Justice Department
152-77, Job Corps Center in PHS Hospital, Galveston, DOL
153-77, Solar energy hot water program, opposition to Texas' ineligible status, HUD
154-77, Woodland City Apartments, Dallas, HUD problems
155-77, J. Robb Associates, health care consultants in Houston, Air Force & SBA
156-77, Oyster Creek community development, EDA HUD & FmHA, wants funds for city building
157-77, Addicks Reservoir, Houston, has defects in construction
158-77, Kaufman Hospital Authority, Kaufman FmHA loan
160-77, Avitrol bird repellant, EPA decision about use on rice crops
161-77, Bastrop Memorial Hospital certificate of need & FmHA loan
162-77, Grand Prairie flooding & disaster declaration, HUD
163-77, Humble Post Office route consolidation, USPS
164-77, People for Progress, Inc., Sweetwater, TDCA application
165-77, Establishment of burn center in Jefferson County, HEW
166-77, Burleson County, wants to be site for production of natural gas biomass methods
167-77, AARP, Rockport Chapter, HUD Section 202/8 project
168-77, Beaumont low rent housing project, local opposition, HUD
169-77, Medicare, Medicaid services in Pasadena, wants federal crime insurance for Texas, FIA
170-77, Canyon Senior Citizens Center, needs funds
171-77, Waco & Temple post offices, concerns that Waco might handle much of Temple's mail
172-77, Reeves County, City of Pecos, LPW application, EDA
173-77, Hays County Civic Center, EDA funding
174-77, UTSA, solar energy project, San Antonio, ERDA
175-77, Galveston LPW, EDA grant for restoration of grand opera house, EDA
176-77, Broaddus ISD, wants federal grant, EDA
177-77, NIOSH, move from Cincinnati to Houston, HEW
178-77, Amarillo, Alien Training Center per Weldon Reed, INS
179-77, Dallas post office, USPS
180-77, Mexican-American Business and Professional Women of Austin, HEW
181-77, City of Kendleton, community development
000-89-0006 (92-043)/34 (00880356)182-77, Port Aransas: UT Marine Science Institute, Nueces County.
See also 307-80.
183-77, Texas A&M geothermal engineering grants, Brazos County
184-77, Truscott Brine Dam, Corps of Engineers, Knox County
185-77, HUD application per Ann Richards, Travis County
186-77, International Bridge at Roma, Starr County [empty folder]
187-77, Corpus Christi Housing Authority regulations by HUD, Nueces County
188-77, NASA / LBJ Shelf Stable Meals conference, HEW, Travis County
189-77, Rural Health Initiative Program for LaSalle, Frio, Dimmit, and Zavala counties, Public Health Service, Dallas
190-77, Belton Senior Citizens center, Bell County. [empty folder -- information moved to 459-78]
191-77, San Angelo: West Texas Christian Foundation, HUD application, Tom Green County
192-77, Natalia: HUD Community development, Medina County [folder empty - moved to 236-77]
193-77, Houston: Houston Residents Citizen Participation Commission, objection to lack of HUD funding, Harris County
194-77, Cleburne: HUD Community Development application, Johnson County
195-77, Conroe: VFW post 4709 building, Montgomery County
196-77, Hemphill: Sabine County Hospital, Sabine County
197-77, Laredo: consideration by House Task Force re: Customs laws, Webb County
198-77, Freeport: Freeport Harbor / Coast Guard station move, Brazoria County
199-77, Buffalo: Crazy Water Company, HUD application, Leon County
200-77, Temple: Temple Housing Authority wants HUD money, Bell County
201-77, High Plains Water Project / Ogallala aquifer, Panhandle [multi county]
202-77, Naples: opposing HUD office transfer to Louisiana, Morris County
203-77, Tornado damage, Ward County
204-77, Houston: Golden Age Hobby House, Mrs. Essie M. Felder, Harris County
205-77, McAllen: HUD section 8 housing, Mrs. Richard Moore, Hidalgo County
206-77, Revenue Sharing Funds reduction, V. F. Jones, County Judge, Lynn County
207-77, Bilingual Resource Center, Bill Rapp, County Judge, Willacy County
208-77, Dickenson: GIWW and Houma navigation canal, Dickens County
209-77, Houston: VA Hospital parking, Harris County
210-77, Hidalgo: Landing Certification and Customs regulations, Hidalgo County
211-77, Madison Parish Port Facility, Louisiana [out-of-state]
212-77, Crystal City Community Development, HUD, Zavala County
213-77, San Antonio: Rio Grande Federation of Health Centers, HEW, Bexar County
214-77, Houston: Vasconcelos Pre-school, HEW funding, Harris County
215-77, Keller ISD: ERDA solar heating equipment for new building, Tarrant County
216-77, Federal Regional Council, general information and reorganization, Statewide
217-77, Austin: KLRN/KLRU seeking funding for "Sonrisas" and "Caboodle" shows, Travis County
218-77, College Station: A&M Consolidated ISD community education program, Brazos County
219-77, District 70, state legislative district: Representative Susan McBee has objections to BLS and TEC unemployment figures [multi-county]
220-77, MIA local meetings, Travis County
221-77, Attorney General's Office, TCH application re: handicapped rights
222-77, Railroad abandonment, AB 12 Sub No. 20, ICC, Jim Wells, Goliad, and Brooks Counties
223-77, Austin: Southwest Educational Development Laboratory research projects, Travis County
224-77, Bellville Community Development, Austin County
225-77, San Jacinto County RHI grant, HEW
226-77 [folder not found]
227-77, Mineral rights for Poole family, COE and DOI, Brazoria County
228-77, Anahuac: FIA Flood Hazard boundary map, HUD, Chambers County
229-77, Beaumont: Intensive Care Nursery, HEW, Jefferson County
230-77, Corsicana: Railroad grade crossings, Navarro County
231-77, Texas City: drainage problem, Galveston County
232-77, San Antonio ISD and Housing Authority, Bexar County
233-77, Taylor: housing for poor and elderly, HUD, Williamson County
234-77, Caldwell: LPW, Burleson County
235-77, Highway 16 improvement, Bexar and Atascosa Counties
236-77, Natalia: pre-application for non-metro funds, not approved by HUD, Medina County
237-77, Solar Energy Regional Network, ERDA, statewide
238-77, Prairie Lea ISD, U.S. Attorney General's Office, DOJ, Caldwell County
239-77, Greater South Texas Cultural Basin Commission meeting with Secretary of Commerce, multi-county
240-77, Central Texas Council of Governments wants Fair Market Rents increase in Section 8 housing, HUD, multi-county
241-77, Harlingen: educational TV station, channel 44, FCC, HEW, Cameron County
242-77 [folder not found]
243-77, Baytown - LaPorte tunnel traffic problems; East Harris County Commuters Association, Harris County
244-77, Fort Worth: IRS taxing income from TCU athletic events, Tarrant County
245-77, Comprehensive Health Center, LPW, EDA, Grayson County
246-77, Houston: Meyerland Community flood improvements, Harris County
247-77, Houston: University Without Walls, HEW, Harris County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/35 (00096746)248-77, Texarkana: Texarkana Historical Society and Museum, NEH grant, Bowie County
249-77, Houston: Clear Lake Utilities, TWQB, Galveston County
250-77, Texarkana: Pleasant Grove Common School District, LPW grant, Bowie County
251-77, Hebbronville CSA application, Jim Hogg County
252-77, Brownwood Hospital, HEW, Brown County
253-77, Pasadena Senior Citizens Housing Association, HUD, Harris County
254-77, Gonzales County Historical Association, Gonzales County
255-77, Richmond: Fort Bend County Flood Insurance, FEMA, Fort Bend County
256-77, United Parcel Service application with ICC, statewide
257-77, Fort Worth: Lena Pope Home, Inc., Forest Service land, DOAg, Tarrant County
258-77, Dallas: Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas housing for elderly application, HUD, Dallas County
259-77, Houston: removal of Houston weather forecast & switch to zone forecast, NWS, NOAA, Harris County
260-77, [folder not found]
261-77, Prairie View A&M University application for educational radio station, HEW, FCC, Waller County
262-77, Hubbard: water system problem, DOAg, Hill County
263-77, Fort Worth: African Trade Exposition, Tarrant County
264-77, Houston: Superior Homes, HUD, Harris County
265-77, Longview: LPW, Gregg County
266-77, American Chemical Society Fellowship Program, Lewis Watts, candidate for fellowship, Travis County
267-77, Greenville: senior citizens center, Hunt County
268-77, National College of D.A.'s, LEAA, Harris County
269-77, San Antonio: Senior Citizen Council, Bexar County
270-77, El Paso: Federal Building Project Survey, El Paso County. See also 266-72 and 46-78.
271-77, Metro Energy Consultants, Oklahoma
272-77, Atlanta: Atlanta Primary School, HEW investigation, Cass County
273-77, Farwell: Lariat Post Office closure, USPS, Parmer County
274-77, [folder not found]
275-77, Canyon: Wind Energy Systems, ERDA, Randall County
276-77, McAllen: air control tower closure, FAA, Hidalgo County
277-77, Dallas ISD, ESAA specialist grant, HEW, Dallas County
278-77, Houston: Acres Home Community road construction, Harris County
279-77, Texas Police Chiefs Association, LEAA funding for training session, statewide
280-77, San Patricio County allocation not funded by EDA, San Patricio County
281-77, Dallas: Displaced Homemakers Program, Dallas County
282-77, Corpus Christi: LULAC, Nueces County
283-77, McAllen: Beaf (Beef?) and Ale, SBA, Hidalgo County
284-77, Progress: resident alien students in Progresso ISD, Hidalgo County
285-77, Mission: mail service, USPS, Hidalgo County
286-77, Corpus Christi: Job Corps Center, SER / Job s for Progress, Inc., Nueces County
287-77, Austin: University of Texas Educational Psychology study on dropouts, Hogg Foundation sponsored, Travis County
288-77, San Angelo: Community Action Council, HEW, Tom Green County
289-77, Thicket: post office, USPS, Hardin County
290-77, Buna: water and sewer system, EPA, Jasper County
291-77, Sunnyvale: water system grant, FmHA, Dallas County
292-77, Houston: Jefferson Associates, Inc., DOT, UMTA, Harris County
293-77, Cleveland: manpower services, CETA Title III, section 303, Liberty County
294-77, Houston: LPW, Operation Breadbasket minority cultural affairs, Harris County
295-77, Great Plains Water Conservation Program, DOAg, multi-county
Extent [two folders]
296-77, El Paso: Jewish Federation of El Paso, HUD, section 202, El Paso County
297-77, Amarillo: Northwest Texas Hospital School of Nursing, Amarillo Capitation Grants, HEW, Potter and Randall Counties
298-77, Dallas: City wants U.S. Customs Office in DFW area, Dallas County
299-77, Beaumont: LPW, EDA, Jefferson County
300-77, Beaumont: Postal Workers Union wants safer parking, Jefferson County
301-77, Quail: Quail Rural School District disaster aid, TEA, HEW, Collingsworth County
302-77, [folder not found]
303-77, Austin: KAZI Austin community radio station, Travis County
304-77, Groves: sewer system improvements, EPA, TWQB, Jefferson County
305-77, Splendora: closing of Post Office, USPS, Montgomery County
306-77, Lower Rio Grande Valley, EMS grant application, Hidalgo County
307-77, Denison: AARP housing for elderly, HUD, Grayson County
308-77, Bovina: wants alcohol distillery, ERDA, Parmer County
309-77, Houston: Learning Development Center, DOE, NIMH, Harris County
310-77, Society of St. John the Apostle Boys Ranch and School project, Webb County
311-77, Temple: wants additional exit ramp on I-35, Bell County
312-77, Pharr: opposition to site of low-income housing, Hidalgo County
313-77, Harlingen: section 202 housing, HUD, Cameron County
314-77, Wichita Falls: "Early Children Program," Region IX Education Service Center, DOED, Wichita County
Extent [five folders]
000-89-0006 (92-043)/36 (00096418)315-77, Georgetown: opposition to low income housing project, FmHA, Williamson County
316-77, Caldwell: wants funds to improve sewer facility, EPA, TWQB, Burleson County
317-77, Carrollton: oppose water quality standards on Mesquite sewage treatment plant, TWQB, EPA, Dallas County
318-77, Texas Municipal League training program, statewide
319-77, Jacksonville: Nan Travis Memorial Hospital, HEW, Cherokee County
320-77, Guanica Bay, Puerto Rico: loan guarantee for shipyard, FmHA
321-77, Brownsville: Texas Southmost College, EDA, LPW, Cameron County
322-77, [folder not found]
323-77, Laredo: LULAC application for low income housing for elderly and handicapped, HUD, Webb County
324-77, FWS to purchase marsh lands as wetlands preservation, Jefferson County
325-77, Bay City: wants funds for a recreational facility, SBA, Matagorda County
326-77, Wichita Falls: Stead Inc. application for Section 202 housing, HUD, Wichita County
327-77, Leonard: wants matching funds under Title V to develop a Senior Center, Fannin County
328-77, San Antonio, AFL/CIO Housing Trust for the Elderly and Handicapped, Inc., Section 202, HUD, Bexar County
329-77, Santa Rosa: water and sewer problems, EPA, TWQB, Cameron County
330-77, Houston: Texas Southern University Law School Foundation proposal to Legal Services Corporation of Washington, D.C., Harris County
331-77, Roma International Bridge and historic suspension bridge, Starr County
332-77, San Antonio ISD, distribution of LPW funds, Bexar County
333-77, Austin: Central Texas Health Systems Agency, HEW Region VI, refuses CTHSA to contract with COGs, Travis County
334-77, Corpus Christi: CETA funded programs accused of wrongdoing by Citizens for Justice, Nueces County
335-77, Dale: volunteer fire department, Caldwell County
336-77, Career Criminal Program, third year funding, LEAA, Dallas County
337-77, Ennis: opposition to site of garbage dump, Ellis County
338-77, Sulphur Springs: municipal airport, Hopkins County
339-77, Fort Worth: American Indian Center; ONAP projects -- opposition to project / period / competitive grant award stipulation in HEW-GAM, Tarrant County
340-77, Marshall: Wiley College requested funds for Small Business Resource and Development Center, OMBE, Harrison County
341-77, Port Isabel: W.B.P. Shrimp Producers Corp. wants loan for freezer, Cameron County
342-77, Conroe: Lake Conroe wants help controlling Hydrilla in lake, Montgomery County
343-77, [folder not found]
344-77, Seabrook: City of Taylor Lake Village wants additional revenue sharing funds, Harris County
345-77, Brownsville: misuse of CETA funds, DOL, Cameron County [newspapers removed: Brownsville Herald] April 10, April 14, May 22, and July 10, 1977
346-77, Edcouch: rural housing development, FmHA/HUD, Hidalgo County
347-77, Laredo, proposal for Job Corps Center, DOL, Webb County
348-77, El Paso: Centro de Salud Familiar La Fe, Inc., suspension of funds, HEW, El Paso County
349-77, Weslaco: bank charter -- denial, Hidalgo County
350-77, San Antonio: UTSA EDA funds for Center for Economic Development, Bexar County
351-77, Bryan: St. Joseph Hospital inspection of construction unfavorable, HEW, Brazos County
352-77, Houston: Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church, Harris County
353-77, Dayton: Woodland Acres Subdivision wants TWQB to amend permit #11720 sewage plant until Corps has investigated, Liberty County
354-77, Texas Association of Community Action Agencies wants funding for statewide nutrition program, CSA, Travis County
355-77, Houston: Coalition for Abused Women wants funds for center, Harris County
356-77, [folder not found]
357-77, Texarkana: Northwest Texarkana Water Improvements Project, community development block grants, HUD, Bowie County
358-77, Driftwood: USPS, Hays County
359-77, Hidalgo County Health Care Corporation, RHI grant, HEW
360-77, Clear Lake City: against annexation to Houston, Harris County
361-77, Clear Lake City: opposes Bayfield Public Utility District's application to discharge sewage through city, TWQB, Harris County
362-77, Conroe post office closing, Montgomery County
363-77, Paris: Stevens Foods, Inc. prohibited from bidding on government contracts, Lamar County
364-77, Galveston: UTMB Area Health Education Center, Galveston County
365-77, [folder not found]
366-77, Austin: NAACP involvement with Austin Housing Authority approves of Holy Cross Hospital site, Travis County
367-77, Oakwood ISD, ESEA grant, HEW, Leon County
368-77, Dallas County OIC, problem with Dallas CETA Prime Sponsor
369-77, Austin: Southwest Center for Educational TV, problems with proposal submitted to OE/HEW, Travis County
370-77, Beaumont: LULAC #645 wants representation on East Texas Legal Services Corporation Board, Jefferson County
371-77, Houston-Galveston Area Council misuse of CETA funds in Liberty County
372-77, Austin: Davis-Bacon Act, dispute between FHWA and DOL, per Associated General Contractors, Travis County
373-77, Holland: Darrs Creek Watershed Project, SCS, Pro and Con, Bell County
374-77, El Paso: Nacional Councilio of America application for funds, CSA, El Paso County
375-77, San Antonio: EEO plan, Bexar County
376-77, President Carter's Welfare Reform Proposal
377-77, [folder not found]
378-77, San Angelo: Angelo State University college housing application, HUD, Tom Green County
379-77, Dallas: Dodd, Jefferson and Co., CPA, wants CSA to approve auditing service contract with DCCAC, Dallas County
380-77, Great Plains Conservation Program wants to include several other western counties, multi-county
381-77, Nueces County Navigation District channel dredging, EDA funding, Nueces County
382-77, Laredo: LULAC endorses funding for Industrial Park, Webb County
383-77, Austin: Alcoholism Council of Texas, Inc. wants continued funding, NIAAA and NCA, Travis County
384-77, San Antonio: Cancer Therapy and Research Foundation proposal for funding, SSA, Bexar County
385-77, Amarillo: High Plains Epilepsy Association, Potter-Randall Counties
386-77, Harker Heights, LPW, EDA, Bell County
387-77, Brazoria Rural Fire Department needs funds, Brazoria County
388-77, Fort Worth: Associated Christian Living, Inc., housing for the elderly, HUD, Tarrant County
389-77, Sealy: Austin County NAACP wants funds, Austin County
390-77, New Braunfels ISD, application for Jr. NROTC, Comal County
391-77, Houston: Baylor College of Medicine, HEW terminated funding of Health Professions Special Projects Grant, Harris County
392-77, Houston: UT Medical School, urban area health education center, HEW, Harris County
393-77, El Paso Community Development Corporation wants funds for low rent manufacturing center, CSA, El Paso County
394-77, Sierra Blanca: Solar-coupled desalinization system per Jim Rose, ERDA, OWDT (DOI), Hudspeth County
395-77, Villa Nueva Elementary School needs funds, HEW, Cameron County
396-77, Delta Airlines Houston service application
397-77, Wharton: Section 8 housing, Wharton County
398-77, Eagle Pass: Maverick County EDA funding - dispute over use for Courthouse, Maverick County
399-77, Donna: international bridge project, Hidalgo County
400-77, El Paso: La Calesa, SBA, El Paso County
401-77, Association of Border Counties application for funding, EDA, multi-county
402-77, Port Arthur: USS Phelps shipmates want to name new ship after Phelps, USN, Jefferson County
403-77, Beaumont: Lamar University, HEW Administration on Aging application, Jefferson County
404-77, Marshall: needs funds for bridge improvement, Harrison County
405-77, Beaumont: Economic Opportunity Commission of southeast Texas wants supplemental funds, Jefferson County
406-77, [folder not found]
407-77, Archer City: Community Action Corporation needs funds, Wichita, Archer and Clyde Counties
408-77, Houston: Child Welfare League wants funds to assess child welfare cases, Harris County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/37 (00880549)409-77, Hurricane Anita, multi-county
410-77, Southern Pacific railroad abandonment of service between Quinif and Rosebud, ICC docket AB-12, sub number 37, Falls and Milam Counties
411-77, Dallas: Women's Law Center proposal to EEOC, Dallas County
412-77, Conroe: Lazy River Improvement District wants extension of wage determination, DOL, Montgomery County
413-77, El Paso: Tracor Marksman, Inc. wants to do waste disposal study, ERDA, El Paso County
414-77, Brownwood: water problem, EDA, Brown County
[includes speech at Brownwood Dam; photos removed to 3V232]
415-77, Louisiana: Mid America Production Center, out of state
416-77, Temple: Air pollution complaint, caused by Anderson-Clayton Oil Seed Processing Division, EPA / TACB, Bell County
417-77, San Antonio: Data Services Center and Instrument Flight Center closure, Bexar County
418-77, Dallas: Texas Association of Developing Colleges, DOL, Dallas County
419-77, Taylor Chamber of Commerce wants funds for community center, Williamson County
420-77, Fort Worth Trade Schools, Inc. educational opportunities grants, HEW, Tarrant County
421-77, Hays Consolidated School District and Clifton ISD, pinpoint disaster aid, Hays and Bosque Counties
422-77, [folder not found]
423-77, Balch Springs: wants post office, Dallas County
424-77, Round Rock: Westside Church wants to establish elderly program, Williamson County
425-77, Willacy County Housing Authority farm labor housing units, FmHA, Willacy County
426-77, Bryan-College Station Chamber of Commerce wants better highways, Brazos County
427-77, Dallas: Southwest Sunergy, ERDA, Dallas County
428-77, Houston: UT Health Science Center wants assistance in establishing Alcohol Gastrointestinal Research Center, Harris County
429-77, Eldorado: gas sales contract, FPC, Scheicher County
430-77, New Boston ISD wage determination, DOL, Bowie County
431-77, [folder not found]
432-77, [folder not found]
433-77, Brazoria County ASCS Committee, USDA, Brazoria County
434-77, San Antonio: pest control, Barrio Betterment and Development Corporation, HEW, Bexar County
435-77, San Antonio: Barrio Betterment and Development Corporation, LEAA, Bexar County
436-77, Winnsboro: Cain Bank Failure, IRS, Wood County
437-77, Austin: Huston-Tillotson College broadcasting program, Travis County
438-77, [folder not found]
439-77, Airport traffic control tower closing, FAA, statewide
440-77, Corpus Christi: Coastal Bend Minority Contractors Assistance Association, OMBE funding, Nueces County
441-77, Haltom City: revenue sharing entitlement, Tarrant County
442-77, Houston: Browning-Ferris, Inc. landfill proposal, TDH, Harris County
443-77, Pinehurst: water systems improvements, EDA grant, Orange County
444-77, Edinburg: Texas Citrus Mutual supports use of Ethylene Dibromide, EPA, Hidalgo County
445-77, [folder not found]
446-77, Center: enlargement of Center Municipal Airport, FAA, Shelby County
447-77, Austin: Travis County Housing Authority and County Commissioner's Court agreement, Oak Hill project, HUD, Travis County
448-77, Houston: GharChem Engineering Corp. wants federal grant, Harris County
449-77, Zapata: Falcon Lake Dam, establishing water district, IBWC, Zapata County
2.116/OD 1177Falcon Lake, proposed Municipal Utility District, October 1975
000-89-0006 (92-043)/37 (00880549)450-77, Kingsville: Naval Air Station, mistreatment
450-77, Kingsville: Naval Air Station, mistreatment of Black civil service workers, Kleberg County
451-77, [folder not found]
452-77, Robstown: ESAA Basic Math Program, HEW, Nueces County
453-77, Port Arthur: Office of Rehabilitation closing; need to retain Vietnamese translator, HEW, Jefferson County
454-77, Natalia: Southwest Migrant Association health program extension, HEW, Medina County
455-77A, Crystal City: energy crisis (gas shortage), Zavala County [two folders]
455-77B, Crystal City: energy crisis (gas shortage), Zavala County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/38 (00880469)456-77, Texarkana: railroad crossing problems, (00880469) FHWA, Bowie County
457-77, Public Works Impact Project, EDA, Duval County
458-77, Dallas: Keller Corporation, ERDA funding, Dallas County
459-77, Seminole: Mennonite immigrant aliens, Gaines County
460-77, Orange: Little Cyprus-Mauriceville ISD, TEA, Orange County
461-77, [folder not found]
462-77, Progreso: Military Highway Water Supply Corporation wants EDA funds, Cameron County
463-77, [folder not found]
464-77, Lake Travis Improvement Association, re: flood plain ordinance, Travis County
465-77, extension of Kleberg-Kingsville growth corridor to include Alice, Texas, EDA application, Jim Wells County
466-77, Marlin: Tri-County Water Supply Corporation, FmHA, Falls County
467-77, [folder not found]
468-77, Houston: Union y Progreso Barrio Development, Inc. proposal for senior citizens' center, Harris County
469-77, Little Elm: wants construction of bridge over Cottonwood Creek, CoE, FHWA, Denton County
470-77, San Antonio: EEOC closing, Bexar County
471-77, Gulf Coast Air Pollution Study, EPA, Harris and multi-county
472-77, Houston: Chamber of Commerce; Future Studies Commitee; Sunbelt vs. Frostbelt; Carter energy regulations, Harris County
473-77, Houston: Cypress Creek Parkway, park and flood control project, TPWD, CoE, Harris County
474-77, Rosenberg: Lamar Consolidated ISD application for Junior ROTC Air Force, Fort Bend County
475-77, Houston: Clean Air Advisory Council wants to establish an EPA Institute at NASA, TACB, Harris County
476-77, Chocolate Bayou: joint venture between DuPont and ARCO, Calhoun County
477-77, Freer: problems with Gas Utilities, Inc., EDA, FmHA, CSA, Duval County
478-77, Marion: sewer plant, FmHA, Guadalupe County
479-77, Port Arthur: Neches River bridge, FWS, Jefferson County
480-77, El Paso: Pan American Contractors Association, OMBE, El Paso County
481-77, Dallas: Federal Home Loan Bank transfer from Little Rock, Arkansas to Dallas, Dallas County
482-77, Dimmitt: water system grant, FmHA, Castro County
483-77, Anthony: street improvements grants, EDA, El Paso County
484-77, La Villa ISD, EDA, Hidalgo County
485-77, Texarkana: application to NEA for restoration of Perot Theater, Bowie County
486-77, Brownsville: Texas Southmost College, LEAA proposal, Cameron County
487-77, Brazosport Chamber of Commerce, disapproval of Houston Galveston Area Council, Brazoria County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/39 (00096940)488-77, Wichita Falls: Midwestern State University FCC application for FM radio station, Wichita County
489-77, Bloomington: Bloomington ISD, re: repairs to Texas State Prison, Victoria County
490-77, LULAC educational service centers, CSA, HEW, San Patricio County
491-77, Grand Saline: Cozby-Germany Hospital closure or reduction, Van Zandt County
492-77, HUD full service insuring office transfer from Houston to Dallas, Harris and Dallas Counties
493-77, Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District, wants NOAA to conduct survey for current elevation data, Harris County
494-77, Lee Mueller and Associates application for insurance of accounts with Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Fayette County
495-77, Fort Bend ISD solar water heating system, Fort Bend County
496-77, Orange: Neches River Salt Water Barrier, COE, Orange County
497-77, Houston: Employers Screening and Referral Service, Inc. grant application with Texas Commission on Alcoholism, Harris County
498-77, Austin: Brackenridge Hospital, City of Austin, Travis County
499-77, Galena Park: Deaton Hospital, Harris County
500-77, McAllen: Palm City Kiwanis Club wants funds for Anti-Crime program, LEAA, Hidalgo County
501-77, Houston: University of Houston handicapped access funds, DOED, Harris County
502-77, Houston: Houston Community College, BEH, HEW, DOED, Harris County
503-77, McAllen: funds for senior citizens facilities, HUD, CSA, Hidalgo County
504-77, Harlingen ISD to close Sam Houston School, Cameron County
505-77, El Paso: area school districts misuse of funds under Title VII Bilingual Consortium, El Paso County
506-77, Odessa: housing project, HUD, Ector County
507-77, [folder not found]
508-77, Bedford: Hurst-Euless-Bedford Hospital, HRA, Tarrant County
509-77, Water Control Improvement District #1, Hidalgo and Willacy Counties
2.116/OD 1177Master plan for storm water disposal, Hidalgo County Drainage District #1 and Willacy County Drainage District #1, revised, July 1976
000-89-0006 (92-043)/39 (00096940)510-77, Roma: Roma ISD funds for facilities, Starr (00096940) County
511-77, El Paso, Community Action Program, Project BRAVO, CSA, El Paso County
512-77, Brownsville: El Comite Para Mejoramiento De Salud wants adequate health program for southern Cameron County
513-77, Hidalgo County Health Care Corporation, continued funding of Migrant and Rural Health Service, HEW, Hidalgo County
514-77, Hidalgo County Water Improvement District #2, loan application, Small Reclamation Projects Act, Hidalgo County
515-77, Hebbronville: Community Housing Corporation of Jim Hogg County
516-77, Ore City ISD, funds for high school, Upshur County
517-77, Relocation of ASCS office from College Station to Temple, DOAg, Brazos and Bell Counties
518-77, TACB allowing Hoeschst Corporation to build plant, local opposition, Harris County
519-77, Mansfield: Community Water and Sewage Corporation, extending services, HUD, Johnson and Tarrant Counties
520-77, Corpus Christi: Veterans Outreach Program, proposal to DOL, Nueces County
521-77, Flower Mound: Paul Anderson Youth Home, re: government land, Denton County
522-77, Galveston Meals on Wheels Program, Galveston County
523-77, Wichita Falls: landing rights for Concorde aircraft, Wichita County
524-77, El Paso: recommendation for DuPont - Yuma [Arizona] desalting plant
525-77, Kingsville: move of Border Patrol to Raymondville, Kleberg County
526-77, Kingsville: engineering feasibility study, Kleberg County
527-77, [folder not found]
528-77, Reimbursement for military personnel, Bell and Coryell Counties
529-77, Friedman and Associates, Houston, Section 8 under HUD, statewide
530-77, Houston: Passport office, Harris County
531-77, Port O'Conner: reinstall beacon at Matagorda Island Lighthouse, Calhoun County
532-77, San Antonio: National Association of Private Nontraditional Schools and Colleges, Bexar County
533-77, West: HUD grant, McLennan County
534-77, Edinburg: Pan American University, MIG grants, Hidalgo County
535-77, Sierra Blanca: EDA funds for jail facility, Hudspeth County
536-77, Victoria: Victoria Housing Authority allegations against Executive Director, Victoria County
537-77, Corpus Christi: American GI Forum, USPS Southern Region investigation, Nueces County
538-77, Mount Calm ISD, grant from TEA, HEW, Hill County
539-77, El Paso: shelter for battered women, LEAA grant, El Paso County
540-77, College Station: survey of culture and folk arts, NEA grant, Brazos County
541-77, Wichita Falls: government competing with free enterprise, Wichita County
542-77, [folder not found]
543-77, San Antonio: Vogel Belt Complex, HUD grant, Bexar County
544-77, Houston: Opposition to HUD low income housing project, Harris County
545-77, Pleasanton: Community Resource Building, wants EDA assistance, Atascosa County
546-77, Stamford: wants legal aid services, Haskell and Jones Counties
547-77, [folder not found]
548-77, Garland ISD: assistance for Handicapped Early Childhood Program, HEW, Dallas County
549-77, Palestine: Wells Creek Wastewater Treatment plant, Anderson County
550-77, [folder not found]
551-77, Eagle Pass: proposed regulations for Community Development Block Grants, Maverick County
552-77, [folder not found]
553-77, Midland-Odessa: Symphony and Chorale, Inc., NEA grant, Midland County
554-77, Brownwood: decentralization of SBA offices (district), Brown County
555-77, Houston: Independent Lifestyles Housing needs funds, Harris County
556-77, Waco: building the new Social Security office, against, McLennan County
557-77, Austin: Solar Dynamics, Ltd., application to DOE, Travis County
558-77, Wharton: Gulf Oil Products wants regulations from DOE, Wharton and Matagorda Counties
559-77, Houston: Metropolitan Contract Services, Inc. having problems with acceptance of employee stock ownership plan at NASA, Harris County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/40 (00096382)560-77, [folder not found]
561-77, New Braunfels: senior citizens' community center, HEW, TDHR, Comal County
562-77, Harlingen: HUD section 8 project, Cameron County
563-77, [folder not found]
564-77, Eagle Pass: needs funds for school construction, solicitation of senator, Maverick County
565-77, [folder not found]
566-77, Hutchins: water and sewer improvements, FmHA, Dallas County
567-77, Princeton University research grant on Texas Gulf coast alternative energy siting policies, DOE, statewide
568-77, Corpus Christi: Association of Independent Electrical Contractors of America against the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee, DOL, Nueces County
569-77, designation of Flower Garden coral reefs as National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA, statewide
570-77, Houston: Hermann Hospital Care-by Parent unit, Harris County
571-77, Texas Attorney General's White Collar Crime/Consumer Fraud unit, LEAA grant, statewide
572-77, Edcouch: Edcouch-Elsa ISD wants EDA grant for construction, Hidalgo County
573-77, El Paso: Legal Assistance Society accused of fraud and perjury, El Paso County
574-77, San Marcos: flood water structure on San Marcos Watershed, FEMA, Hays County
575-77, Houston: Community Anti-Crime Program proposal, LEAA grant, Harris County
576-77, Asherton: wants EPA to permit waiver of sewer regulations, Dimmitt County
577-77, Borger: wants EDA grant for water improvements, Hutchinson County
578-77, Houston: American Institute of Chemical Engineers complaint about USPS, Harris County
579-77, Panama Canal Treaty, national
1-78, Weslaco: Mid-Valley Humane Society, Hidalgo County
2-78, San Antonio: Vista Verde application for UDAG funds, Bexar County
3-78, Austin: J and J Maintenance, Inc. wants 8(a) contract, SBA, Travis County
4-78, Fort Worth: North Central Texas Council of Governments on Community Development block grants regulations, HUD, Tarrant County
5-78, El Paso: Tigua Indians housing project, El Paso County
6-78, Waller: people against Teen Challenge to build rehabilitation center, HEW, Waller County
7-78, Cedar Hill: wants tandem funds for apartment project, HUD, Dallas County
8-78, Washington, DC: National Council of La Raza, proposal for training and technical assistance, DOL, statewide
9-78, McMullen ISD, district not complying with completing form, HEW, McMullen County
10-78, Comanche: county suffering from drought and aflatoxin, Comanche County
11-78, Laredo Junior College appealing to HEW for reconsideration, Webb County
12-78, Houston: Chicano Training Center, Inc., application for funds for mental health of Mexican Americans, Harris County
13-78, [folder not found]
14-78, Abilene: problem with USDA grain inspection level, Jones County
15-78, Eagle Pass: application for sewage plant treatment, EDA, EPA, TDWR, Maverick County
16-78, Waxahachie ISD wants HEW to look over the Section 504 of Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Ellis County
17-78, LMB Regulation Hearings, spring 1978, statewide
18-78, Greenville: wants to explore a reclamation / recycling plant, EPA, Dallas County
19-78, [folder not found]
20-78, Beeville: Bee County Headstart Program, HEW, Bee County
21-78, [folder not found]
22-78, Mineral Wells: opposition to the Village Bend Pumped Storage Project, DOE, Palo Pinto County
23-78, San Juan: National Demonstration Water Project needs assistance with application to CSA, Hidalgo County
24-78, Ames: needs assistance with federal grant programs, EPA, Liberty County
25-78, Texarkana ISD application under OE Environmental Education Program, HEW, Bowie County
26-78, San Antonio: Jewish Community Center grant for solar heating demonstration project, DOE, Bexar County
27-78, Iredell: problems obtaining EPA grant for sewer plant, Bosque County
28-78, McGregor: want Fort Worth Grain Exchange to keep inspecting, DOAg, McLennen County
29-78, Natural resources reorganization, OMB, statewide
30-78, Concerned Athletes in Action of Texas, Inc., TDCA, statewide
31-78, Odessa: Odessa College needs help in obtaining items for health center, Ector County
32-78, Lubbock: Texas Tech University application for Biomedical Development grant for El Paso Regional Academic Health Center, HEW, Lubbock County
33-78, El Paso: Electromagnetic Radiation and Nuclear Weapons Effects Branches oppose closing of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, Army, El Paso County
34-78, Austin: Joint airport use with Bergstrom AFB, FAA, USAF, Travis County
35-78, Texarkana Human Development Center, Bowie County
36-78, [folder not found]
37-78, Dallas: Continental Electronics Manufacturing Co. wants investigation of Voice of America equipment bid given to foreign firm; GAO, ICA, Dallas County
38-78, Dallas: transfer of Democratic ACTION organization from Dallas to San Antonio, Dallas County
39-78, Tyler: government operation at Pounds Field airport, FAA, Smith County
39-78A, Houston: Casa de Amigos drug treatment program, breakdown in scholarships given to ethnic groups, drug area, etc., Harris County
40-78, [folder not found]
41-78, Shady Shores: needs assistance with cleaning up lake, EPA, Denton County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/41 (00096214)43-78, Beaumont: wants to reopen Sunlight Baptist Federal Credit Union, Jefferson County
44-78, Texas Energy Advisory Council request for info from DOE, statewide
45-78, Galveston: Junior League seeking grants for Blood Donor Project, HEW, Galveston County
46-78, Houston: Golemon and Rolfe Architects, DOD, FAA, Harris County
47-78, White House Conference on Balanced National Growth and Economic Development, national
48-78, Crystal City: wants funds for rebuilding church, EDA, Zavala County
49-78, Big Springs: UDAG, HUD, Howard County
50-78, Elysian Fields: public schools' eligibility for ESAA, Harrison County
51-78, El Paso: Solar demonstration project, DOE, El Paso County
52-78, Fort Worth: Epilepsy Association wants approval for drug Sodium Valproate, FDA Tarrant County
53-78, Sweetwater ISD, information re: Title I, Nolan County
54-78, UMTA applications, statewide
55-78, [folder not found]
56-78, Dallas County Manpower Program, CETA program, DOL, Dallas County
57-78, JEC Urban Policy hearings, statewide
58-78, Texarkana: application for UDAG funds, Bowie County
59-78, Seagraves: federal assistance combating unemployment, FmHA, EDA, CSA, Gaines County
60-78, Houston: City of Houston HUD meeting, Harris County
61-78, Waco: HUD 312 loan program, McLennan County
62-78, Dickinson: concern over HEW paperwork, Galveston County
63-78, Orange: I-10 access, road bridges, THD, USCG, Orange County
64-78, Nacogdoches: Task Force on Women and Alcohol needs funds, Nacodoches County
65-78, Eagle Pass: Kickapoo Indians, HUD grant, Maverick County [3 folders, many newspaper clippings]
66-78, La Marque: seeking CDB grant for water mains, Galveston County
67-78, Calvert ISD Pinpoint Disaster Aid project, Robertson County
68-78, Graingerland-Wigginsville: building a non-profit natual gas supply, FmHA, Montgomery County
69-78, Seguin: Voting Rights Act, Guadalupe County
70-78, Rio Grande City: unemployment problems, Starr County
71-78, Lubbock: Plant Stress and Soil Moisture Laboratory, Lubbock County
72-78, Brownwood: Forest Investment Corporation, FmHA, Brown County
73-78, Paris: dispute over ambulance services, HEW, Lamar County
74-78, Cleveland: investigation of East Texas DOL Program (Motivation, Education, and Training), Liberty County
75-78, Austin: Texas Housing Development Corporation wants refunds for FY 1977, TCH, CSA, Travis County
76-78, El Paso: UDAG, HUD, El Paso County
77-78, Balch Springs: concern over the National Fire Academy, OMB, Dallas County
78-78, Nassau Bay: problem over Flood Insurance Administration, HUD, CoE, Harris County
79-78, Victoria: Golden Crescent COG's rural planning grant program, Victoria County
80-78, Clarksville: Big Pine Project, Red River County
81-78, Huntington: replacement of leaking Natural Gas Distribution System, HUD, FmHA, Angelina County
82-78, Galveston: UDAG program, HUD, Galveston County
83-78, Dripping Springs: needs help in expanding water system, FmHA, Hayes County
84-78, South Texas PHS Dental Corpsmen, statewide
85-78, Childress: wants Federal courthouse near new post office, USPS, Childress County [see also 436-79]
86-78, [folder not found]
87-78, Dallas: Texas Women's Center of Dallas Grant, HEW, Dallas County
88-78, San Antonio: Our Lady of the Lake University wants to check into NIAAA, HEW, Bexar County
89-78, Port Arthur: Voting Rights Act, Jefferson County
2.116/OD 1177City of Port Arthur voting districts, 1977
000-89-0006 (92-043)/42 (00096826)90-78, San Antonio: problem with DOI with Bureau of Land Management, Bexar County
91-78, Silsbee: wants information regarding FHA Form 2530, Hardin County
92-78, Murchison: reduction of postal service needs assistance, Henderson County
93-78, Elgin Kiwanis Club-speech on actions in Congress, Bastrop County
94-78, Waco: Paul Quinn College needs funds for operation costs, McLennen County
95-78, Midland: wants help in securing public meeting (EPA) in Dallas instead of Louisiana, Midland County
96-78, Velasco Drainage District Project, Brazoria County
2.116/OD 1177Bond election projects, Velasco drainage district, 1974
000-89-0006 (92-043)/42 (00096826)97-78, Mission: Sharyland ISD-grant for building on to school, Hidalgo County
98-78, McKinney: The McKinney Job Corps Center, Collin County
99-78, Texas Coastal and Marine Council, Statewide
100-78, Goliad: needs assistance for play called "Remeber the Goliad", Goliad County
101-78, Pampa: Friedman & Associates, Gray County
102-78 Pasadena: Bayshore Towers-problems with wage rates-DOL, Harris County
103-78, Amarillo: Midcontinent Campus of Texas State Technical Institute, Potter/Randall Counties
104-78, Austin: Training in Economic Development Techniques for leaders of the Minority Community, Travis County
105-78, Austin: support of NEA grant for chamber music on radio at UT Longhorn station, Travis County
106-78, Arlington: MetroCare's application to HEW, Tarrant County
107-78, Dallas: Medically Indigent Children and Youth-HEW, Dallas County
108-78, City of Katy-support for application for Airport Master Plan-FAA, Harris County
109-78, Grand Prairie: problems with dam on Johnson Creek, Dallas County
110-78, San Antonio: Drug Abuse Central-Jaldar, Bexar County
111-78, Houston: Metro Contract Services-wants support of application to DOL, Harris County
112-78, folder not found
113-78, folder not found
114-78, Houston Area Coordinating Committee for Impact on the 1979 White House Conference on Families, Harris County
115-78, Stephenville: wants information regarding water system, Erath County
116-78, Texas Southern University-funds to upgrade radio station, Harris County
117-78, Santa Rosa: CDBG for water system, Cameron County
118-78, North Richland Hills: applied for EDA grant for improvements of highway, Tarrant County
119-78, Farmer's Strike Reynosa Bridge Incident, Hidalgo County
120-78, Iowa Park: Iowa Park Leader having problems with Postal Service, Wichita County
121-78, Grand Prairie: commendation for Commissioner Baca and Sam Miguel of U.S.O.E. Regional VI, Dallas County
122-78, San Antonio: Southside I.S.D. Nueva Dia Proposal, Bexar County
123-78, folder not found
124-78, ICC Abandonment-Washington, Fayette & Lee Counties
125-78, folder not found
126-78, Galveston: needs assistance in closing of Galveston Cotton Growers Office, Galveston County
127-78, San Antonio Ranch, Bexar County
128-78, Houston: Creation of Magnet School for Criminal Justice-support under LEAA, Harris County
129-78, Mission: Support of EDA grant for International rail crossing, Hidalgo County
130-78, Dallas: "Entry into the International Marketplace" meeting for small and minority businesses, Dallas County
LMB20Small Business Administration, Export: Marketing for Smaller firms, 3rd ed., Washington, D. C.: Small Business Administration, U. S. Government Printing Office, 1971
000-89-0006 (92-043)/42 (00096826)131-78, Luling: UDAG Program, Caldwell County
132-78, El Paso: 2nd Infantry Division coming to Ft. Bliss, El Paso County
133-78, Huntsville: extension of Municipal Airport, Walker County
134-78, Dallas: complaints registered with EDA, Dallas County
135-78, Cuero: funds for construction of activity center, DeWitt County
136-78, folder not found
137-78, El Paso: El Paso Boys' Club Community Anti-Crime Program, El Paso County
138-78, High Visibility Projects-Rover, Seminars, Statewide
139-78, Tennessee Valley Authority Invitation, Statewide
000-89-0006 (92-043)/43 (00096815)140-78, Memphis: wants permanent classing office in Memphis, Hall County
141-78, Dalhart: FHA Superintendent processing applications by himself-causing problems with farmers, Dallam/Hartley Counties
142-78, El Paso: Bi Language Services wants investigation of ACTION grant, El Paso County
143-78, UDAG-Small Cities, Statewide
144-78, no folder found
145-78, Azle: Eagle Mountain Area Suburban Hospital for funds under Title 16, Section 16.25, Parker County
146-78, Henderson: support of drive-through at post office, Rusk County
147-78, Carter Urban Policy, Statewide
148-78, Eagle Lake: Eagle Lake Omni Station destroyed; people want permanent station, Colorado County
149-78, Houston: Closing of Community Post Office, Harris County
150-78, Ft. Worth: Tarrant Association for the Hearing Impaired, Tarrant County
151-78, Jacinto Station: Combine Jacinto and Greens Bayou Post Offices-local opposition, Harris County
152-78, no folder found
153-78, Grand Saline: delay in building of low rent housing, Van Zandt County
154-78, Houston: University of Houston, Teacher Corps Proposal, Harris County
155-78, Amarillo: people want amateur FCC exams to be given in Amarillo, Potter County
156-78, no folder found
157-78, no folder found
000-89-0006 (92-043)/25 (00096702)158-78, McAllen: support of CDBG application, Hidalgo County
159-78, Dallas: funding of computer music research, Dallas County
160-78, Small Cities conflict with April elections and CDBG application deadline, Statewide
161-78, Dallas: Investigative report against Salvation Army Center, Dallas County
162-78, folder not found
163-78, Dallas: Bishop College audit by HEW, Dallas County
164-78, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration funds for legal assistance to low-income residents of Hardin County
165-78, Laredo: markup unit being moved to San Antonio-opposition, Webb County
166-78, San Antonio: support for the Resource Center for Science and Engineering at UTSA, Bexar County
167-78, Houston: Texas Southern University support of application under HEW, Harris County
168-78, Littlefield: concerns with FmHA Office, Lamb County
169-78, Corpus Christi: Federal Government use-County Courthouse facilities, Nueces County
170-78, Lake of the Pines: Corps Land Management, Marion County
171-78, Dallas: SER Jobs For Progress-talent search, Dallas County
172-78, Hitchcock: EPA grant, Galveston County
173-78, folder not found
174-78, Dallas-Fort Worth Foreign Trade Zone, Dallas County
175-78, American Friends Service Committee-submitted application for funds for conference-"Public Policy & American Business in South Africa", Statewide
176-78, folder not found
177-78, Upton County water problem
178-78, Calhoun County opposition to hearings regarding El Paso Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal for Calhoun County
179-78, San Antonio-permit to dispose waste water from treatment plant to Kuper Properties, Inc., Bexar County
180-78, Kermit: appeal denial of special bulk rate & approval of application, Winkler County
181-78, Houston: Genesis One wants Federal Supply Service-General Services Administration, Harris County
182-78, Wichita Falls: allegations brought against postmaster, Broussard, Wichita County
183-78, Vidor: Vidor Volunteer Fire Department wants a grant, Orange County
184-78, Houston: National Maritime Union Problem, Harris County
185-78, Lubbock: Don Anderson SB2688 Integrated Pest Management and Youth Employment Act
186-78, Dallas: UTL Company-joint venture regarding coal/energy, Dallas County
187-78, San Antonio: wants to be one of 35 units to receive planning grants
188-78, Greenville: help with Greenville Hunt County Senior Citizens Center
189-78, Kirbyville: School District applied for Pinpoint Disaster, Jasper County
190-78, La Grange: support for Airport Master plan, Fayette County
191-78, Lufkin: problems with HUD, Angelina County
192-78, Hardin ISD-problem with HEW against bond issue, Liberty County
193-78, Clyde: DOAg Guaranteed plan, Callahan County
194-78, Amarillo: Glover Meat Packing Plant, Potter County
195-78, Sheperd: applied for CDBG grant wants support, San Jacinto County
196-78, Bertram: sewer system EPA, Burnet County
197-78, Houston: A-V Corporation losing government contract for film and video tape processing, Harris County
198-78, Dallas: Northeast Texas Planned Parenthood support of application under Title X, Dallas County
199-78, Bryan: wage determination with Bryan Mound Project, Brazos County
200-78, Alice: UDAG Program, Jim Wells County
201-78, Houston: complaints that CHIMEX Company does not get government contracts, Harris County
202-78, Magargel: needs water treatment facility, Archer County
203-78, Rockdale: problems with FmHA for water, sewer loan/grant, Milam County
204-78, Brownsville: support of grant-HUD, Cameron County
205-78, Hallettsville: CDBG Program, Lavaca County
206-78, Lockhart: UDAG Program, Caldwell County
207-78, Georgetown: UDAG Program & CDBG, Williamson County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/44 (00880753)208-78, Port Lavaca: Calhoun ISD replacing term of Mentally Retardation with Academically Handicapped, Calhoun County
209-78, Proposed Regulations for Drinking Water, Statewide
210-78, La Grange: UDAG Program, Fayett County
211-78, Kenedy: UDAG Program, Karnes County
212-78, Amarillo: Amarillo College wants support of proposal-OE, Potter County
213-78, San Antonio: North-South Center, Bexar County
214-78, Houston: Discrimination problem, Harris County
215-78, Surfside: traffic control light, Brazoria County
329-88-0001/11 (01845055)216-78, Goodfellow AFB project, 1979-1981
000-89-0006 (92-043)/44 (00880753)216-78, Goodfellow Air Force Base Closure, Tom Green County
217-78, Childress: wants funds for building of over-underpass, Childress County
218-78, Houston: American Institute of Technology opposes federal regulations, Harris County
219-78, Houston: Texas Telecommunication Satellite Demonstration, Harris County
220-78 Mercedes: UDAG Program, Hidalgo County
221-78, Bonham: UDAG Program, Fannin County
222-78, Tahoka: CDBG Program, Lynn County
223-78, Devine: UDAG Program, Medina County
224-78, Sweetwater: UDAG Program, Nolan County
225-78, Lubbock: support of Port of Entry-Customs, Lubbock County
226-78, Lomax: needs funds for volunteer fire department, Harris County
227-78, Jefferson: UDAG Program, Marion County
228-78, Woodville: UDAG Program, Tyler County
229-78, San Juan: UDAG Program, Hidalgo County
230-78, Taylor: UDAG Program, Williamson County
231-78, Austin: Inter-Cooperative Council wants HUD to speed up regulations, Travis County
232-78, Houston: Jewish Community Federation-building of high rise apartment for elderly, Harris County
233-78, Galveston: CDBG application & UDAG, Galveston County
234-78, Dallas: Texas Cotton Association-ICC problem, Dallas County
235-78, Post: Strategic Air Command DOD, Garza County
236-78, Richardson: needs grant for Symphony Orchestra for tour to Europe, Dallas County
237-78, Bonham: needs buses for nursing care unit, Fannin County
238-78 Smithville: CDBG grant, Bastrop County
239-78, Paris: needs funds for Concern Center, Lamar County
240-78, Guero: support of HUD application, DeWitt County
241-78, McAllen: International Trade Zone, Hidalgo County
242-78, Waco: UDAG Program, McClennan County
243-78, Fairfield: information regarding water, sewer, parks, etc.-CDBG, Freestone County
244-78, Texas Community Education Association-support to TEA, Statewide
245-78, Luling: Resource Center for Small Churches-LEAA, Caldwell County
246-78, Austin: Reagan High School wants grant for choir trip to Austria, Travis County
247-78, Childress: FmHA loan for drought, Childress County
248-78, Hemphill: problems with Ranger and Supervisor-County Judge, W.T. Love, Sabine County
249-78, Austin Urban League, Inc., Travis County
250-78, Greater El Paso Southwest Medical Services Systems-HEW, El Paso County
251-78, Cutbacks in Bilingual HEW Title 1, Statewide
252-78, Ft. Walters: minerals available to Garner School District, Parker County
253-78, Pleasanton: UDAG Program, Atascosa County
254-78, Edna: application for Senior Citizen's Center-CDBG, Jackson County
255-78, Opposition to HEW Grant for South Plains Health Provider Organization, Floyd County
256-78, folder not found
257-78, Small Cities Seminar, Statewide
258-78, Fort Worth: model life-care residential center for senior citizens, Tarrant County
259-78, folder not found
260-78, Austin: National Business League, Travis County
261-78, Breckenridge: support of FmHA application for sewer, Stephens County
262-78, Jacksboro: CDBG Program, Jack County
263-78, folder not found
264-78, Hearne: Small Cities Urban Development program, Robertson County
265-78, Florence: support of CDBG application, Williamson County
266-78, Emergency Livestock Feed Program, Statewide
267-78, Wholesale Liquor, Statewide
268-78, El Paso: El Paso Youth Symphony wants funds to travel, El Paso County
269-78, Killeen: HUD housing project, Bell County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/45 (00096247)270-78, San Antonio: First National Bank-Department of Treasury problem, Bexar County
271-78, Mexia: CDBG application, Limestone County
272-78, Seagoville: CDBG application, Dallas County
273-78, Teague: CDBG program, Freestone County
274-78, Dallas: Senior Community Service Employment Program problems, Dallas County
275-78, New Braunfels: CDBG program, Comal County
276-78, Marion: CDBG program, Guadalupe County
277-78, El Paso: El Paso Electric Company, El Paso County
278-78, folder not found
279-78, Home Health Care, Inc. opposes Southeast Texas Hospice-grant under HEW, Statewide
280-78, San Angelo: hydrocarbons contaminating ground water, Tom Green County
281-78, Caldwell: CDBG application-EDA, Burleson County
282-78, Houston: Barker Reservoir Park, Harris County
283-78, Wellington: CDBG program & UDAG, Collingsworth County
284-78, Brownsville: Cameron County Housing Authority
285-78, Railroad Abandonment from Moultrie to Pavo, GA-ICC, Statewide
286-78, Title XI-Merchant Marine Act Federal Ship Financing Program, Statewide
287-78, The Catholic University of America-HEW grant, Statewide
288-78, San Antonio: Incarnate Word College-HEW, Bexar County
289-78, folder not found
290-78, San Antonio: wants Senator to stop building of industrial garage, Bexar County
291-78, Broaddus: CDBG application, San Augustine County
292-78, Houston: Little Sam Forest land management problem, Harris County
293-78, La Joya: CDBG application, Hidalgo County
294-78, Midland: Housing Problems, Midland County
295-78, Competitive Food Services/Section 210.15, Statewide
296-78, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission/Justice Department charged discriminatory practices, Statewide
297-78, Brenham: CDBG application, Washington County
298-78, Installation of new weather radar system for Jefferson County Airport
299-78, Nederland: CDBG application, Jefferson County
300-78, Welfare Reform, Statewide
301-78, Rio Grande City: LPW Project, Starr County
302-78, folder not found
303-78, Anthony and Clint, TX: grant to HUD for community development-CDBG, El Paso County
304-78, Donna: CDBG application, Hidalgo County
305-78, Amarillo: Foundation of Health and Science Education, Inc., Potter County
306-78, San Antonio: problems with HUD officials-CDBG, Bexar County
307-78, Austin: Comprehensive Community Energy Management-DOE, Travis County
308-78, Palestine: Lake Palestine and harassment of constituent, Henderson County
309-78, Marble Falls: CDBG application, Burnet County
310-78 folder not found
311-78, Bryan: Arts Council Enrichment Program-application to OE, Brazos County
312-78, San Antonio: Harlandale ISD ESAA application, Bexar County
313-78, El Paso needs funds to build activities center for Job Corps, El Paso County
314-78, folder not found
315-78, Jefferson County application to Administration of the Aging
316-78, Houston: University at Clear Lake Educational Diagnosticians, Harris County
317-78, Dallas: Interstate Household Carriers suspension by ICC, Dallas County
318-78, Dallas: Texas Radiation Advisory Board, Dallas County
319-78, Houston: Wet Media Concepts, Inc. wants a grant, Harris County
320-78, Houston: University of Houston downtown campus-grant to HEW, Harris County
321-78, TEA-Bilingual State Plan, Statewide
322-78, Travis County CDBG application/Small Cities Program
323-78, Rio Grande City: public works construction-EDA, Starr County
324-78 Texas City: support of airport project, Galveston County
325-78, folder not found
326-78, Bexar County Anemia Association-wants support
327-78, Houston: bid for contract from Manned Spacecraft Center, Harris County
328-78, Arlington: research in fuel consumption in diesel, Tarrant County
329-78, Dallas Symphony wants grant from NEA, Dallas County
330-78, Texas Wesleyan College-Basic Educational Opportunity Grant with Office of Education, Tarrant County
331-78, folder not found
332-78, Houston: Houston Area Women's Center-grant to NIAAA, Harris County
333-78, Lumberton: in need of a full service post office, Hardin County
334-78, Carter's Soft Public Works Program, Statewide
335-78, Mission: application to convert from a mutual to stock form corporation, Hidalgo County
336-78, Carrizo Springs: problems with rezoning of 52 multi-family housing project, Dimmitt County
337-78, folder not found
338-78, folder not found
339-78, Harlingen: Emergency Medical Service Program, Cameron County
340-78, Houston: problems with the White Oak Bayou, Harris County
341-78, Dallas Little Dribbler Team-wants letter of support, Dallas County
342-78, Lubbock: dispute between the Bar Association and West Texas Legal Services, Lubbock County
343-78, Jacksonville: Lon Morris College wants support of their HEW grant, Cherokee County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/46 (00096586)344-78, Los Fresnos: wants potable water service, Cameron County
345-78, Houston: Small Business Management Institute submitted grant to OMBE, Harris County
346-78, Pasadena: San Jacinto College wants information on the Displaced Homemaker, Harris County
347-78, Crowell: needs funds for the rehabilitation of their airport, Foard County
348-78, Rockland: wants funds for a Senior Citizen Center, Tyler County
349-78, San Antonio: opposition to the reduction of radar facilities, Bexar County
350-78, Junction: support of Kimble County Airport
351-78, California/Southwestern Mexico Route Case Docket 32665, Statewide
352-78, Amarillo: Opportunity School may be losing Title XX funds, Potter County
353-78, Golden Crescent Council of Governments wants changes in EDA regulations, Victoria County
354-78, Travis County Career Criminal Prosecution Project-LEAA
355-78, Houston: opposed to aid for utility district, Harris County
356-78, San Patricio County Drainage District wants to clean up Kinney Bayou
357-78, Elsa: American Agri Services having problem with shipping rate, Hidalgo County
358-78, Red River Authority of Texas-states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas have agreed to an equitable amount of water from Red River, Red River County
359-78, Novice: severe water shortage-needs help, Coleman County
360-78, Annona: CDBG application, Red River County
361-78, Paris Junior College grant for Title III in HEW, Lamar County
362-78, Crestview Retirement Center in Bryan-Section 202 housing-HUD, Brazos County
363-78, Elsa: CDBG application & UDAG, Hidalgo County
364-78, Brazosport: wants to be designated as frontal mainland, Brazoria County
365-78, Laredo: establishing a flight service station (Laredo Airport file), Webb County
366-78, Shamrock: the Museum Association looking for federal assistance for museum, Wheeler County
367-78, Wheeler: CDBG application, Wheeler County
368-78, Wheeler County-application for placing several small lakes near Sweetwater Creek
369-78, Houston: needs funding sources for beautifying Main Street, Harris County
370-78, Austin: support of grant to National Science Foundation, Travis County
371-78, Pharr: Pharr International Bridge, Hidalgo County
372-78, folder not found
373-78, Mission: problems with ACCEDC and Davis-Bacon Act, Hidalgo County
374-78, Killeen: Municipal Airport needs enplanement money, Bell County
375-78, Daniel Jarvis Home Health Agency, Brazos County
376-78, McAllen: General Hospital wants Medicare to honor claims, Hidalgo County
377-78 San Antonio: application to Argonne National Laboratories for grant (DOE), Bexar County
378-78, Houston: "Pockets of Poverty"-economic development in inner city-Overall Economic Development Plan, Harris County
379-78, Pecan Valley Economic Development District submitted application to FmHA, Brown County
380-78, folder not found
381-78, Ft. Worth: closing of Medicenter, Tarrant County
382-78, Floresville: HEW application for Rural Health Care facility, Wilson County
383-78, Houston: Area IV Action Board efforts to secure city water service, Harris County
384-78, Dallas: funds for continued operation of Day Care Center-Metro, Dallas County
385-78, Houston: request for research grant to investigate Hispanic unemployment, Harris County
386-78, folder not found
387-78, Lubbock: physical therapy for Medicare inpatients, Lubbock County
388-78, Shamrock: IH 40 Frontage Road, Wheeler County
389-78, Roma: CDBG application, Starr County
390-78, New Braunfels: city trying to start self-service postal center, Comal County
391-78, El Paso: Aliviane, Inc. is trying to match federal funds from NIDA, El Paso County
392-78, Houston: Olde Oaks subdivision wants to keep out sewer treatment plant, Harris County
393-78, Amarillo: support of Parenting Services, Potter County
394-78, folder not found
395-78, Hall County wants Pinpoint Disaster Aid funds
396-78, McAllen: support of National Economic Development Association from EDA, Hidalgo County
397-78, Kingsville: problems around Naval Air Station, Kleberg County
398-78, La Villa: CDBG application, Hidalgo County
399-78, Jefferson: CDBG application, Marion County
400-78, Woodson: nearly depleted water supply, Throckmorton County
401-78, folder not found
402-78, Huntsville: Sam Houston State University grant sources for Center for Business and Economic Research, Walker County
403-78, Sinton: HEW application for Rural Delivery Systems, San Patricio County
404-78, Borger: disposition of post office building, Hutchinson County
405-78, folder not found
406-78, Cleburne: Airport Layout Plan for Cleburne Municipal Airport, Johnson County
407-78, San Antonio: Brooks Homes Family Housing Annex, Bexar County
408-78, folder not found
409-78, Support of National Center for Community Action (NCCA), Statewide
410-78, Cherokee County wants help with hay/feed because of grasshoppers and drought
411-78, Bay City: funds needed due to construction of nuclear plant, Matagorda County
412-78, Greenville: wants a community center/BOR, UDAG, Hunt County
413-78, Abilene: wants enumeration office located in city, Jones County
414-78, Fort Worth: wants Hemphill Street unblocked, Tarrant County
415-78, Dallas: problems with duplication of library services, Dallas County
416-78, San Antonio: Alamo Area Contractors Association having problems with SBA, Bexar County
417-78, Laredo: Section 202-HUD, Webb County
418-78, San Augustine: wants to apply for CDBG or UDAG funds, San Augustine County
419-78, Texarkana: applying for grant through Argonne National Laboratories, Bowie County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/47 (00096881)420-78, Multi-county Flood, August 1978, FDAA, statewide
421-78, Dallas: application for Juvenile Justice Restitution Program from Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency, LEAA, Dallas County
422-78, Houston: support for vocational homemaking, Harris County
423-78, Prairie View: claims misuse of federal funds from FmHA and EDA, Waller County
424-78, San Antonio: HUD policy with regard to use of swimming pools, Bexar County
425-78, College Station: wants further consideration of their CDBG application, HUD, Brazos County
426-78, San Benito: Cameron County Health Department submitted RHI grant to HEW under Centro de Salud Rural, Cameron County
427-78, Terrell: oppose action by Board of Directors of water supply, FmHA, Kaufman County
428-78, Alamo: wants Senator to see why Alamo isn't able to receive federal funds, HUD, Hidalgo County
429-78, Early: wants permanent post office facility, USPS, Brown County
430-78, Houston ISD wants reimbursement for Indochinese Refugee Assistance Program for 1975-76, Harris County
431-78, Houston: leasing of 5,550 acres of land for Cullen Barker county park, CoE, Harris County
432-78, Brownsville: wants investigation into South Texas Land Grant situation, DOJ, Cameron County
433-78, Seminole: Area Assistance Planning Grant, Gaines County
434-78, Laredo: problems transporting plant life, DOAg, Webb County
435-78, Houston: Family Connection Center for runaways, Harris County
436-78, Houston: Home Owned Estates and Wood Forest subdivisions want funds for dredging of Greens Bayou, CoE, Harris County
437-78, Harlingen: US Research Association, Inc. submitted proposal to TDCA, Cameron County
438-78, Estelline: wants to investigate denial for CDBG application, Hall County
439-78, Dallas: opposition to reduction of staff of Civil Rights office, EPA, Dallas County
440-78, Dallas ISD wants funds being withheld by ESAA program, HEW, Dallas County
441-78, Myrtle Springs: wants better water system, Van Zandt County
442-78, San Antonio: Edwards Aquifer / Sole Source EPA regulations, Bexar County
443-78, San Antonio: Edwards Water District, Valdina Farms Salamander, EPA, FWS, Bexar County
444-78, Henderson: county wants to buy post office when they move into new building, Rusk County
445-78, Austin: Adult Service Council submitted proposal to AOA/homemaker service, Travis County
446-78, Houston: CDBG application, Harris County
447-78, MacKenzie: Municipal Water Authority, Title IX, FmHA, EDA, Floyd County
448-78, Sherman: oppose the Metropolitan Statistical Areas published in the Statistical Reporter, OMB, Grayson County
449-78A, Kingsville: oppose denial of Small Cities Discretionary Grant, HUD, Kleberg County
449-78B, Del Rio: section 8 housing, HUD, Val Verde County
450-78, Dallas: wants senator to withdraw LEAA grant awards from crime program in city, Dallas County
451-78, Gainesville: denial of Small Cities Discretionary Grant program, CDBG, HUD, Cooke County
452-78, Palestine: needs money for student trip to Washington, DC, Anderson County
453-78, [folder not found]
454-78, Beeville: Bee County Community College wants intervention on behalf of Texas junior colleges denied HEW funding, multi-county
455-78, La Porte: wants funds for sewage treatment plant, TDWR, Harris County
456-78, El Paso: wants to establish Foreign Trade Zone, El Paso County
457-78, [folder not found]
458-78, Cotulla: protest efforts of CSA in Dallas to dissolve Tri-County CSA of Dimmitt, Frio, and La Salle Counties
459-78, Belton: wants activity center for senior citizens, HEW, EDA, HUD, Bell County
000-89-0006 (92-043)/48 (00096790)460-78, Corpus Christi: wants determination of eligibility for ESAA, Nueces County
461-78, Amarillo: wants multiservice center for the elderly, Potter/Randall Counties
462-78, Killeen: I.S.D. application for HEW funds for school construction, Bell County
463-78, Fort Worth: wants more HEW money for bilingual program, Tarrant County
464-78, folder not found
465-78, Delgado College in New Orleans, LA submitted application to HEW for service of LA, TX, AR, and OK, Statewide
466-78, Constituents want PL 94-142 funds to be released to Texas, Statewide
467-78, Memorial Hospital of Center, TX has problem with Medicare, Shelby County
468-78, Riverside: wants a Multi Center, Walker County
469-78, Crosby: wants San Jacinto River cleaned up, Harris County
470-78, Data based on Illegal Aliens in 12 states was terminated before finalized-opposition, Statewide
471-78, Balch Springs: opposition to the denial of CDBG application, Dallas County
472-78 Canyon: drain Buffalo Lake (Corps & Bureau of Reclamation), Randall County
473-78, Sachse: EPA wants city to pay overpayment monies for sewer system, Collin County
474-78, folder not found

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