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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers

Descriptive Summary

CreatorBentsen, Lloyd
TitleLloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers
Dates: 1921-1998
Abstract:Correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, photographic materials, sound recordings, and works of art make up the papers of Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. (1930-1994, bulk 1971-1993). Bentsen and his staff created the bulk of the material during his term as United States Senator from Texas (1971-1993), though the papers also contain records from Bentsen's term as United States Secretary of the Treasury (1993-1994). A limited amount of the material documents Bentsen's career in business and his private life. Few records exist from his term in the United States House of Representatives (1948-1955).
Accession No.AR 88-066; 88-370; 88-395; 89-072; 90-100; 90-287; 91-002; 91-010; 91-028; 91-046; 91-047; 91-135; 91-182; 91-344; 92-043; 92-149; 92-165; 92-359; 93-061; 93-138; 93-162; 93-188; 93-239; 94-269; 94-347; 95-005; 95-017; 95-029; 95-064; 95-167; 95-210; 96-237; 96-274; 96-289; 97-092; 97-098; 98-236; 98-246; 99-175; 99-199; 2000-180; 2000-185; 2000-269; 2002-067
Extent2687 cubic feet
LanguageMaterials are in English.
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Lloyd Millard Bentsen, Jr., Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, U.S. Senator and Representative, businessman, Texas county judge, and decorated World War Two veteran, was born in Mission, Texas, on February 11, 1921. He ran for Vice-President of the United States in 1988 on the Democratic ticket with then Massachusettes governor Michael Dukakis. He served as Secretary of the Treasury under President Bill Clinton from 1993 to 1994. Bentsen kept up a full schedule until 1998, when he retired after a decline in his health. He died on May 23, 2006.

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Scope and Contents

Correspondence, printed material, creative works, legal documents, financial documents, minutes, photographic materials, sound recordings, and works of art make up the papers of Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr. (1930-1994, bulk 1971-1993). Bentsen and his staff created the bulk of the material during his term as United States Senator from Texas (1971-1993), though the papers also contain records from Bentsen's term as United States Secretary of the Treasury (1993-1994). A limited amount of the material documents Bentsen's career in business and his private life. Few records exist from his term in the United States House of Representatives (1948-1955).

The material is organized in ten subgroups. The first seven subgroups consist of records from Bentsen's Senate offices.

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Click on a subgroup link below to view the detailed inventory for that subgroup.
I. Management/Administration Subgroup, 1971-1993 (26.5 cubic feet)
II. Legislative Section Subgroup, 1945-1993 (579.5 cubic feet)
III. Personal and Political Files Subgroup, 1923, ca. 1940-1993 (217.5 cubic feet)
IV. Correspondence Subgroup, 1971-1993 (1306 cubic feet)
V. Press Section Subgroup, 1930-1931, 1942-1994 (161.5 cubic feet)
VI. Constituent Services Subgroup, 1971-1993 (259 cubic feet)
VII. State Offices Subgroup, 1921, 1942-1993 (109.5 cubic feet)
VIII. Secretary of the Treasury Subgroup, 1981 (1993-1994) (25.5 cubic feet)
IX. Post Secretary of the Treasury Subgroup, 1995-1998 (5 items)
X. Lewis L. Gould Files Subgroup, 1942-1994 (1 linear foot, 8 inches)


Access Restrictions

Casework and personnel files are restricted for 75 years after creation, up to the year 2068.

Use of some audio and video materials is by appointment only; please contact sound archivist.

Use of digital material by appointment only; please contact digital archivist.

Use Restrictions

A portion of these papers is stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Bentsen, Lloyd--Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Finance.
United States. Congress. Senate.
Economics--United States.
Finance--Laws and legislation--United States.
Finance--United States.
Politics, Practical--Texas.
Texas--Politics and government--1951-

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Lloyd M. Bentsen, Jr., Papers, 1921-1998, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Detailed Description of the Papers


V. Press Section Subgroup, 1930-1931, 1942-1994
Extent (161.5 cubic feet)

Historical Note
Personnel in Senator Bentsen's Press Office were responsible for providing information on Bentsen's activities to the press and general public. They produced newsletters in Spanish and English, disseminated press releases and newspaper columns, and coordinated Bentsen's press conferences and radio and television appearances. Staff also maintained files of clippings from Texas newspapers.
Jack DeVore (1938-2002) was Bentsen's Press Secretary for most of his Senate career. DeVore joined Bentsen's staff in 1972 and followed him to the Treasury, stepping down in late 1993. DeVore supervised an Assistant or Deputy Press Secretary, who prepared drafts of press releases and weekly columns and assisted in handling press inquiries.
Subgroup Scope and Content Note
Correspondence, creative works, printed material, sound recordings, and photographic materials make up the bulk of Senator Bentsen's Press Section records. The subgroup includes extensive files of clippings, motion picture film and videotape, audio tape, and photographic prints and transparencies documenting Bentsen's Senate term. The subgroup also contains Bentsen's speech files.
Though most of this material originated in Bentsen's Washington Press Office, some personal photographic material listed in this subgroup was stored in Bentsen's Texas offices.
3V227Photographic Prints and Transparencies Series, 1930-1931, 1942-1994
Extent (11 cubic feet)
Series Scope and Content Note
The Photographic Prints and Transparencies Series includes images documenting Bentsen's public and personal lives, before, during, and after serving as United States Senator. The series includes only still photographic images. For motion picture films and videotapes, consult the External Communication Series inventory.
Photographic materials are divided into three sub-series, Personal Photographs, 1930-1931, 1942-1994; Chronological File, 1970-1992; and Miscellaneous Prints, Negatives, and Transparencies, 1970-1990. The Personal Photographs include images of Bentsen before he became a Senator, including photographs from his World War Two service and terms as United States Representative, prints inscribed by dignitaries, and photos of family and friends. Some material in the series came from Bentsen's Texas offices. (See the Personal and Political Subgroup, Personal/Political Files Series for photographs and scrapbooks from Bentsen's personal office in Washington.) The Chronological File (1971-1992, gap June 1984 - February 1985) consists primarily of official photographs stored in Bentsen's Washington, D.C., office. The bulk of the chronological file shows Bentsen working, at various official and political functions, and posing with constituents, staff members, colleagues, national political figures, foreign dignitaries, business people, and celebrities.
The Miscellaneous Prints, Negatives, and Transparencies file contains portraits of Bentsen and his family, including images rejected for release, personal photographs, and records such as contact sheets and negatives. Asman Custom Photo Labs processed many images for Bentsen's office, 1971-1986. Asman negatives (1971-1978) are in boxes 3V231-3V232. Prints in the Chronological File may have the Asman studio's project and negative number on their reverse, which corresponds to these negatives.
Personal photographs:
Handcolored panorama album, McAllen, Texas, 1930-1931
Captain Bentsen with bomber "Draggin Waggin," Italy, Major Bentsen in WWII pilot uniform, November 1944;[1944?]
Lloyd and Beryl Ann Bentsen with Mexican officials, Mexico City, 1940s [?]
Campaign for U.S. Representative, [1950]
Bentsen photos from the 1950s
Bentsen with Sam Rayburn at Rayburn Home, Bonham, Texas, [photocopy] 195-
Bentsen family Christmas photo, [1954]
Photo with President Eisenhower and congressmen on White House steps, March 13, 1953
Bentsen treasures, including WWII photographs [from personal correspondence], 1942, 1944, 1957-1964, 1967 (1973-1974)
Campaign photographs, 1950 (1970)
Campaign and family photographs, including contact sheets of 1970 victory dinner with LBJ, 1963 (1970)
including Lloyd Bentsen, Sr. 1965 and undated,
Mrs. Bentsen, 1966 National Democratic Committeewoman from Texas (political), 1966, 1970
Hubert Humphrey nomination, July-November 1968
Mail campaign, Jan Ekof, 1970
1970 campaign photographs, [1970]
Miscellaneous press and campaign photos, 1970-1978
Campaign photographs form Mal Couch, 1970
Political, Victory Dinner, with Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson, July-September 1970
Lyndon B. Johnson, signed, [1965]
P.R. Services, 1971-1973
Family photos, 1971
Family photos, mounted transparencies, 1971
National Congressional Campaign Dinner album, October 6, 1972
Dinner for L. F. McCollum, 1972
Bentsen Bullets, 1972 and undated
President Johnson's funeral, Washington, DC, and Johnson City, Texas, January 1973
Senator Bentsen biographical information, 1975
Glossys, Bentsen, 1975
Campaign photos, [1975-1976]
Negative and photographic prints of Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, 1976
Bentsen photographs, 1976 and undated
Mrs. Bentsen, biography sheets, 1976
Presidential correspondence and invitations, 1976 (1980)
Presidential correspondence and invitations, including photo inscribed by Jimmy Carter, 1977-1979
Senator Lloyd Bentsen with President Jimmy Carter, February 28, 1979
Senator Bentsen with President Carter, February 21, 1980
Senator Lloyd Bentsen with President Jimmy Carter, inscribed, July 21, 1980
Senator Bentsen with President Jimmy Carter, Includes inscribed photo. 1976-1981.
Publicity photographs, 1980-1981 and undated
Miscellaneous photographs, [1982]
Texas Democrats "Unity '82": Jim Mattox, Governor Mark White, Garry Mauro (?), [Paul?] Hobby, Jim Hightower, Ann Richards, Lloyd Bentsen, 1982
1982 campaign pictures, [1982]
Black and white photographs of Lloyd Bentsen, [1983?]
Color photographs of Lloyd Bentsen, [1983?]
Senator Bentsen, color slides by Yochi Okamoto, undated [1984?]
[Mississippi, 1988?]
Photos of Bentsen and Dukakis, 1988
Senator Bentsen, Arrowhead Ranch photographs, Committee of 50, June 24, 1988
B. A. Bentsen campaign material, October 1988
Bentsen, personal negatives and file prints, 1988
Brown County Sheriff's Posse, 1988
Bentsen photos, [1988]
Black and white photos of Lloyd Bentsen III (bulk), September-October 1988
Black and white photos of Lan Bentsen (bulk), October 1988
Alfalfa Club, January 25, 1992
Bentsen staff photos, 1993
Medal ceremony, March 25, 1994
Senator Bentsen photo, undated
Bentsen, prints of "thinker," six, undated
Party photos, undated
Senator Bentsen, undated
[Frank Neville Ikard], inscribed photo, undated
Olin Earl (Tiger) Teague, inscribed photo, undated
Out of date photos, undated
Senator Bentsen with unidentified man, photo adhering to glazing, [CAUTION -- GLASS in folder] undated
Senator Bentsen with Richard Nixon, [CAUTION -- GLASS in folder] undated
Younger photo of Senator Bentsen (black and white), undated
Campaign photos, undated
Air Force One, undated
Senator Bentsen and two unidentified men, undated
Negatives from Campbell photo, undated
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen photographs, 1991 and undated
Senator Bentsen photographs, [194?], [195?], 1971-1988, undated
Official photo, Senator Bentsen, undated
Black and white photos, B. A. Bentsen, undated
3V229Senator with LBJ at swearing-in of Judge Allred, October 29, 1949
Senator Bentsen, press conference following trip to Middle East, undated [January 1972?]
Chronological file:
Bentsen with Lloyd Bentsen, Sr., Lyndon B. Johnson, John Connally, 1970
Bentsen stumping in Austin; from Commissioner J. White, 1970
LBJ and Lady Bird Johnson at campaign dinner, 1970
Jose L. Gonzales, Mayor Joe C. Martin, and Leo Cigarron, with Project Hope, Health Department, Laredo, Texas, September 2, 1970
Bentsen in Houston office, photo by Fortune magazine, November 1970
CBS TV program on new senators, January 17, 1971
Swearing-in ceremony with Spiro Agnew, January 21, 1971
Swearing-in reception, with Senators John Tower, John L. McClellan, Edward M. Kennedy; Representative Earle Cabell, and others, January 21, 1971
Bentsen with Paul Mason and Warren Woodward of Fort Worth and Dallas Chambers of Commerce, January 21, 1971
Mrs. Howard Kittel and Mrs. Maxwell W. Steel, "People and their environment," January 27, 1971
Malcolm Diggs, legislative analyst, February 2, 1971
Tim Moore and Melvon Houston, Senate Youth Program, February 3, 1971
Gary Bassett, of Paris, Texas, Region 9 winner of National Speaking Contest, Boy Scouts of America, February 11, 1971
B. B. Hester, Texas American Legion, February 16, 1971
Washington's Birthday celebration, Laredo, Texas, February 20, 1971
Vietnam trip, February 25 - March 12, 1971
Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, Patriots Award winners, March 11, 1971
Agricultural photos, 1964-1965
Texas underground water district group, March 17, 1971
4-H Conference delegates, April 22, 1971
Senate ladies' luncheon honoring Mrs. Nixon, May 1971
Fifth anniversary of Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas, Texas, May 1971
Eagle Scout Senators, including Frank Moss and Richard Schweiker, June 23, 1971
Entertainer Frank Sinatra, June 30, 1971
Ambassador of Japan, July 12, 1971
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen at DNC dinner, [July] 1971
Congressman de la Garza and William C. Cain, Valley Chamber of Commerce, September 1, 1971
Raymond Telles, nominee to EEOC, September 30, 1971
Lyndon Johnson, Carl Albert, and Danny Inouye, October 7, 1971
Austin City Council, including Lowell Lebermann, October 18, 1971
Fausto Fernandez Ponte, Excelsior newspaper, October 19, 1971
John Connally, undated
Trinity Improvement Association group photo, including Senator John Tower, undated
Austin College convocation, Sherman, Texas, Photos are well labeled on reverse. October 27, 1971.
King and Queen of [Sikkim ?], November 3, 1971
Eagle Pass Mexican-American civic leaders group, November 8, 1971
Texas Postal Workers, November 9, 1971
Terri Meyer, November 9, 1971
Glen Bates, November 9, 1971
Searcy Bracewell, November 9, 1971
Charlie Pride, musician, and Senator Daniel Inouye, November 10, 1971
CYO Representatives form Galveston County, Texas, November 12, 1971
Bill Kendall, Texas Eastern Transmission, November 17, 1971
Bob Jacques, police patronage from El Paso, November 18, 1971
Commissioner Joe Friedkin, International Boundary and Water Commission, and T. R. Martin, State Department, November 18, 1971
John Neibel, Dean of Law School, University of Houston, November 18, 1971
Judge Ed Gomez, Hidalgo County Courthouse, Edinburg, Texas, November 22, 1971
Warren McCarson, Bill Cauthorn, Dr. Alfredo Gutierrez, Judge Gonzales, of Del Rio, November 22, 1971
David Legg, volunteer in Houston office, November 24, 1971
Harold Hinn, Dallas, Texas, November 29, 1971
Rush Moody during swearing-in ceremony as FPC Commissioner, November 1971
Don Marble and Donald Terrell, December 2, 1971
George Holland of New Orleans, December 3, 1971
Honorable Henry Sanchez, Brownsville, Texas, December 3, 1971
Bentsen with Masons in Masonic headgear; group photos of K.C.C.H. Investiture, Scottish Rite Temple, Dallas, Texas, December 11, 1971
Manpower Assistance Program, minorities in training as administrative aides in Federal offices: Gilbert Sanchez, Roberto Caraveo, Rose Marie Brulloths, December 1971
Don L. Carr, Catfish Farmers of Texas, honorary member certificate presentation, 1971
Admiral Horacio Rivero, Jr., USN, Commander in Chief of Allied Forces, Southern Europe, [inscribed] January 3, 1972
Luther Smith and Jim St. Clair, January 18, 1972
W. O. Shafer and Ace Pickens, January 18, 1972
Ollie Crawford, Jim Webster, Bill Miranda and Glen Chancellor of Jasper, Texas, January 18, 1972
Group from Mexia, Texas and Varo, Inc., January 19, 1972
Honorable John H. Crooker, Jr., January 20, 1972
Bill Daniels, Fentress Bracewell and Garrett Butler, January 20, 1972
Babe Smith and Tom Hutchinson, January 20, 1972
Chris Rodriguez, intern from Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas, January 21, 1972
Senator William Proxmire, Bentsen, and Representatives Ralph H. Metcalfe and Leonor K. Sullivan, Includes Christmas card, Proxmire to Bentsen, "from our archives to your archives," January 21, 1972.undated [c.1990].
Wes Wise, Mayor of Dallas and Roland Boyd of McKinney, Texas, January 24, 1972
Grain and sorghum group [two groups]: Ken Scoggins, Lloyd Payne, Jr., B. J. Simpson; Mark Wilson, Bob McDonald, Jack Abbott, James O. McCarthy, January 24, 1972
Pecos River Compact Commission Group, January 24, 1972
Mr. and Mrs. W. Buck Arnold and Ann Arnold, January 24, 1972
Credit Union group, January 25, 1972
Mayor James Lindley and Robert Brockman, January 26, 1972
John Spafford, Burry Connally and Bob Pinger, January 26, 1972
Dan Jones and Tom Meadders, January 26, 1972
Anne Arnold, volunteer, January 28, 1972
Steve VanWinkle, intern, January 1972
Middle East trip, Israel and Jordan, January 1972
Breakfast at Pentagon, January 1972
Senate youth: Alberto Gonzales, Sam Chappell, February 2, 1972
Democratic Campaign Committee dinner with Speaker Albert and Congressman Mahon, February 3, 1972
Dentists from Austin, Dr. and Mrs. Ted Edwards, Jr. and Dr. and Mrs. Albert Tate, February 4, 1972
Texas Hospital Association and Greater Houston Hospital Council, February 8, 1972
Oncie Whittier, "on Senator's patronage," February 8, 1972
Eric Hillary, Eagle Scout from Dallas, February 9, 1972
Doug Coldwell, February 14, 1972
Sonny and Noel Newton, Dawson, Texas, February 14, 1972
Soil and Water conservation group, February 15, 1972
Presidential classroom group from Dallas, February 15, 1972
Tina Villannueva, County Commissioner, February 16, 1972
Purcell's Four Winds Group, February 16, 1972
United Jewish Women, February 17, 1972
Larry V. Durland, American Oil, Texas City, Texas, February 17, 1972
Presidential classroom, candid shots, February 22, 1972
Brownsville group: Glen Herman, Mo Hastings, Raul Tijerina, Fausto Yturria, Jr., Bat Corrigan, February 23, 1972
Representative Frank Calhoun, Abilene, February 24, 1972
Dr. Frederick M. Lange and Reverend Elson, Senate Chaplain, February 28, 1972
Dr. J. N. Frierson and sons Ray, John, and Robert of Houston, February 29, 1972
E. W. Morrison, Jr., Morrison Milling Co., Denton, Texas, March 1, 1972
Jon and Toni Lindsay of Houston, March 2, 1972
Stanley Rauhut of Houston, March 2, 1972
Abilene Chamber of Commerce speech, with billboard, Abilene, Texas, March 7, 1972 [?]
Kinkaid School of Houston 8th grade, on Capitol steps, March 8, 1972
Methodist group from Texas, group and candid shots, March 9, 1972
Jerry Hinkle, San Antonio city manager, March 9, 1972
George McCowden, Great American Reserve of Dallas, March 9, 1972
Dr. Joseph White, Dr. Truman Blocker, Dr. Joe Nelson, and Dr. LeMaistre, March 9, 1972
Senator chairing subcommittee hearings on Volunteer Armed Force and Selective Service, March 10, 1972
Frank Bryant of Austin, March 13, 1972
Calvin Clark of Corpus Christi, Texas, with Mr. and Mrs. Les Schultz, March 13, 1972
Disabled American Veterans, March 14, 1972
Presidential classroom, candid shots, March 14, 1972
Robert Hogan, March 14, 1972
Groner Pitts, March 14, 1972
Phil Arledge and George Gregg, March 14, 1972
Ernest C. Ledwell, Jr. and A. Al Alexander, March 14, 1972
Tom McMillan and Jim Strong, March 15, 1972
Mayor Ed Gillespie, March 15, 1972
Mrs. H. Murphree, Oscar Wright and Dr. George Oscr, March 15, 1972
Mrs. Karl Komrath and Mrs. Harold Murphree, March 15, 1972
Frank Wood and son Roger Wood, March 16, 1972
Debbie Wright, Maid of Cotton, March 17, 1972
Ray McCormick and Travis Johnson, March 21, 1972
Ray McCormick, March 21, 1972
Travis Johnson, March 21, 1972
Congressional archer group, March 21, 1972
Trinity River group: Tom McMillan, Amon Carter, Jr., Bill Waddle, Lynn Sanders, Jr., Judge Peyton Walters, March 22, 1972
Carl Gist, Otto M. Vehle, March 28, 1972
Peggy Mikkelsen and Anne Hodgeson, staff, undated
Arthur Sterling, April 6, 1972
Amisad hearings, April 6, 1972
Lawrence Gwin, April 10, 1972
Joe Entzminger, April 10, 1972
T. R. Galloway and Polly [Pally?] Archer, April 11, 1972
Jerry and Carol Derre, April 11, 1972
Tom Tobin, Winston Lorenz, and Fred Pfrieffer of the San Antonio River Authority, April 11, 9172
Water Resources group: Robert Vahrenkamp, John Specht, and Tom Garner, April 11, 1972
Wichita group: John Ruhman, Fred Parkey, and Ralph Harvey, April 11, 1972
Doug Norman, FPC, April 13, 1972
Sarah McClendon, Bill and Martha Latham, April 18, 1972
Fain McDougal, April 18, 1972
Warren Woodward, April 18, 1972
D. L. Willis, communication workers, April 19, 1972
Harold Hausman, Miss Mello, Miss Torralba, of Eagle Pass, April 19, 1972
Tony Ojeda, April 20, 1972
Dr. Kenneth V. Randolph, April 20, 1972
Max Brooks, Vic Newhaus, April 24, 1972
Awty School, Mrs. Stratton, April 24, 1972
John Donohue, April 27, 1972
Chief Fulton Battise and Walter Broemer, April 27, 1972
Joan Patterson, April 27, 1972
Jack Wheeler and administrators of North Texas State University, Denton, Texas, April 1972
Mrs. Leo Linbeck, Jr., children Andrew and Betsy of Houston, May 2, 1972
Mayors from Texas, May 2, 1972
Rural Electrification Administration, May 3, 1972
Congressman Gonzales, May 3, 1972
Hal Maybry and Dr. H. M. Fullerton, May 4, 1972
Ben Steinhauser, intern, May 12, 1972
Aquilla Lake Project, May 15, 1972
Marvin Brown, Mrs. Rob Wark, Jr., and group, May 16, 1972
Simon H. Trevas and Leon Jaworski, U.S. Savings and Loan League, May 16, 1972
Fritz Lanham, Mayor Walker, and Travis Porter, May 17, 1972
Mr. Simon Sanchez, SER group, June 7, 1972
John L. Campos and Cabot, son, of San Antonio, June 7, 1972
Mrs. Witt Springer and Mrs. Patsy M. Fowler, June 13, 1972
M. Browning Combs, Superintendent of Schools, Grand Prairie, Texas, June 13, 1972
Gary Hoot, Congressman Casey's intern, June 13, 1972
Tom Krampitz, Congressman Jake Pickle's intern, with Luis Vallejo, June 19, 1972
Sr. Ramon Elarza of Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 23, 1972
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Randolph and family, of Dallas, July 24, 1972
Mr. and Mrs. William Shaw (Bill and Frances) of Dallas, June 26, 1972
Jose Garza of Port Isabel, Texas, June 28, 1972
Judge Eldon Mahon and daughter, June 28, 1972
Mr. and Mrs. Roy McCormick and family, of El Paso, Texas, June 30, 1972
Max Esper farewell, with Senators Tong and Young and Bob Coar, June 29, 1972
Vance Hartke, inscribed to Bentsen, July 1972
Luis Vallejo, Jake Pickle intern, July 24, 1972
Mrs. Mary Lynn Johnson, presidential classroom, July 20, 1972
Joe Taylor, summer intern, July 21, 1972
Press conference on Trident submarine, July 25, 1972
Don Kamin, July 25, 1972
Bentsen Bullets softball team, July 25, 1972
Swifty Davis, ushers group, July 26, 1972
Texas Youth Bowlers: Rochelle Miller, Paul McCordle, and Ralph Sikes, July 28, 1972
J. P. Kirlin of Austin (Cotton), July 28, 1972
Ellen Marcus, secretary to press secretary, July 28, 1972
Steve Dalrymple, summer intern, July 28, 1972
Gene [Chapa?], page and office helper, July 28, 1972
Julie [?], summer help, July 28, 1972
Garion Anderson of Lufkin, Texas, August 2, 1972
Bryan E. Sowell, intern to Congressman Poage, August 7, 1972
Mrs. Cris Aldrete, Eddie Aldrete, and Javier Vera, August 11, 1972
Mrs. Burton, Mr. and Mrs. Art Donnelly and Maegen, August 14, 1972
Mrs. Max Partridge, Mrs. E. A. Tietz and daughters Kristy and Keady of El Paso, Texas August 15, 1972
Jack Fields and Buddy Jones of Humble and Waco, Texas, August 15, 1972
Bob Craig and Greg Wimmer of Lubbock, Texas, August 15, 1972
Varda Lapidot, of Israel, August 16, 1972
Hall E. Nall, Mayor John Stoneham, Marshall Pharr, James Oxford, August 16, 1972
Nancy McKenney, trophy for ball team, August 17, 1972
Longview coffee, Rotary speech, with Payeton McKnight and Charlie DeVall, August 18, 1972
Mayo J. Thompson, Federal Trade Commissioner, September [1972]
Miss Jean Ann Montgomery, "Miss Transportation," of Houston, September 12, 1972
E. N. Hansen, Mrs. Harry Rhodes, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fisher of Buescher, September 12, 1972
John Harden, VP of Student Bar Association and Harry Stout, of Congressman Ray Roberts, September 18, 1972
Dr. and Mrs. W. P. Trotter and sons Brooks and Stacy, October 3, 1972
Mr. and Mrs. Happy Franklin, Michael Morin, R. T. Scholsberg, Jesse Murphy and Roger G. Ellis, October 3, 1972
Jesse Murphy, contractor, October 3, 1972
Dallas dinner honoring Senator Bentsen, including Lyndon B. Johnson, October 7, 1972
Ed Howard, Dean Barry, L. E. Gillilard, [1972?]
San Antonio visit, November 1972
Trip to Yugoslavia, November 1972
Lt. General Willard Pearson, November 23, 1972
William C. Donnell and J. A. Whittenburg, Texas Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association, November 1972
Mexican American, January 8, 1973
Houston group, January 18, 1973
R. J. Bohmer, III, January 22, 1973
"Tio Cheo" on "Carrascolendas Village," KLRN TV
Sharyland graduates with Bentsen
Bentsen with Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos of Philippines, January 22, 1973
Reception honoring Congressman Wright Patman, January 22, 1973
Michael B. Lee, January 23, 1973
REA group, January 23, 1973
Joe Tom Beauchamp and B. L. Broad, January 24, 1973
3V230Curtis Bryant, February, 1973
Senator testifying on naming space center for LBJ, February 2, 1973
Fred Grindle and Steve Anderson, February 6, 1973
Texas Good Roads members, February - March, 1973
Patricia Dealy and Karen Elliot, February 19, 1973
Hereford, Texas group, February 20, 1973
Arthur Burns, JFK Center, March 1973
West Briar High School, Houston, Texas, March 7, 1973
Paul Thyness, Norwegian Representative to MBFR at Pentagon, March, 1973
Tommy Tinsley, March 13, 1973
Debra Ploch, March 14, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hogan, March 19, 1973
Lisa Brock and Debra Johnson, March 20, 1973
Wayne Johnson, March 21, 1973
Frank Bennack, Sergeant Shelly, March 22, 1973
Senators Mansfield and Hollings, April, 1973
Delegates to Water Resources Congress, April 3, 1973
Congressman Gonzales office group, April 3, 1973
Representative John Whitmore, April, 1973
Nelson Wolff, Texas State Senator, April or May, 1973
W. C. Swearingen, April 4, 1973
Captain James Ray, April 6, 1973
Texas AFL-CIO, April 11, 1973
Hall E. Timanus, April 11, 1973
G. Bryant, Edgar Huff, Ida Mauser and Anges Leech, April 11, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. James Waldrup, April 12, 1973
Forest Pearson, April 13, 1973
Edward M. Norton, Doolittle Raiders annual reunion, April 14, 1973
Ben Hasten, April 17, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Burke, Jr. and family, April 17, 1973
Texas Building Trades Association, April 18, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Parten, April 18, 1973
Explorer Scouts (Valley), April 27, 1973
Henry Grun, May 1, 1973
Bill Hendricks, Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Willis, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Pete Lee, May 3, 1973
Lynn Lansford, CYCP, May 3, 1973
United Cerebral Palsy and Handicapped Workers, May 3, 1973
Southwest Legal Foundation, Dallas, May 3, 1973
Permian Basin Petroleum Association speech, May 4, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. James Savage, May 8, 1973
W. S. (Bill) Loriner, III, May 9, 1973
American Credit Bureau, May 9, 1973
Pete Villa, Ed Pena, and Rudy Ramos, May 10, 1973
Democratic Advisory Council, May 10, 1973
Pension hearings, May 22, 1973
Pension hearings, May 22, 1973
Jerry Pucket, May 22, 1973
Democratic Congressional Campaign dinner, May 23, 1973
Democratic dinner in Washington, D.C., 1973 [1974?]
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee dinner, persons unknown to Bentsen, May 23, 1973
Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee dinner, May 23, 1974 [?]
Mansfield - Albert Luncheon for Democratic Dinner entertainers, [includes Milton Berle and Tip O'Neill] May 23, 1973
Marvin Leath, May 30, 1973
Dr. Elmita Stanley, O'Brien Stanley, May 30, 1974
Richard Thomas, C. O. Smith, Alvin Smith, Tommy Seargeant, Irl Taylor, F. G. Cerda, May 30, 1973
R. L. Mock, Jr., Edward McCulloch, May 30, 1973
Frank "Pancho" Knapick, May 31, 1973
A. E. Hollingshead (AFGE), May 31, 1973
Deno Tufares (AFGE), May 31, 1973
Forth Worth Home Builders, May 1973
Denton, Texas, city officials, (spring or summer) 1973
Texas Congressional Democratic delegation, spring, 1973
Eichi Nakao, Vice Minister, June 1, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Layton, Jr., June 5, 1973
Don Anderson, Don Johnson, June 5, 1973
Patrick McBride, June 6, 1973
Arthur Stehling, June 6, 1973
Mrs. John Alexander, Richard Martin, June 6, 1973
Chip Breeze, Mina Akins and Mrs. Akins, June 8, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Gailen Stewart, Scott and Miryam, June 8, 1973
Odessa, Texas, June 11, 1973
Sister Delores, June 12, 1973
Senator A. R. "Babe" Schwartz and son Tommy, June 12, 1973
Texas Outstanding Speakers, June 13, 1973
Tracey Forehand, June 14, 1973
Anne Lents, June 18, 1973
Mrs. Richard Petronis, Debby Sharp and Michael Loth, June 18, 1973
Mrs. and Mrs. Franklin McClellan and family, June 19, 1973
Bradford C. Winegar, June 23, 1973
Charles Schwartz, Gary Parsons, Nelda McKinney, Jan Taylor, June 26, 1973
Charles Schwartz, June 26, 1973
Raul Cruz, Washington Workshop, June 27, 1973
Press conference, "Small investor on Wall Street," June 27, 1973
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Eppright and family, June 29, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Campbell, Bonnie and Tommy, June 29, 1973
Wayland Baptist College group, June 1973
Mr. and Mrs. William Hataway and family, June 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Dayle Clark, June, 1973
Jack Pytel, June, 1973
Bluebonnet / Girls' State intern program, July 8-13, 1973
Israeli Bonds dinner, with Senator John Tower, Dallas, Texas, June 10, 1973
Deaf athletes and Michael Stephens, trainer, July 11, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ortiz, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Pytel, July 11, 1973
Astronauts, Skylab I, July 17, 1973
Bill Baker, July 18, 1983
Pat O'Connor, July 18, 1973
Charla Peavy, July 18, 1973
SDEC Barbecue, Beaumont, Texas, July 21, 1983
Fernando Tafoya and Tom Kowalski, July 25, 1973
4-H Delegates, July 25, 1973
Financial Markets Subcommittee hearings, July 26, 1973
Ed Kubicek, July 27, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Rolor Ray, Wren and Robin, July 27, 1973
Boy Scout troops 502, 890, and Circle Ten Council, July 30, 1973
Aida DeVore, Arthur and Wendy; Mrs. Rose Licon, Jeanine and Art, August 1, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Glasgow and Mrs. Happy Franklin, August 1, 1973
David Klingensmith, August 2, 1973
Guy Choate, August 2, 1973
Robert E. Meadows, August 2, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice R. Bullock and Sara, August 3, 1973
Dallas / Fort Worth Airport Dedication, September, 1973
Ron White, on occasion of Bentsen Bullets trophy, September, 1973
Frank Castellanos, Cheo Sandoval, Buddy Ruiz, Liborio Hinojosa, September 10, 1973
E. "Babe" Smith, Walter Burnett, Thomas Hutchinson, September 10, 1973
Dr. Jim Gill, Dr. Robert Day, September 10, 1973
Dr. Robert Day, American Optometric Association, September 10, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Spann Greenwood, September 14, 1973
Texas Association of School Board Members, September 18, 1973
Mr. Rick Clayton, Jr., president of U.S. Jaycees, September 18, 1973
Mrs. John Hall, Texas Association of School Board Members, September 18, 1973
Houston Model Cities Residents, September 24, 1973
Mr. Joe D. McKay, September 24, 1973
Scott Toothacre, Willis R. Deines, September 24, 1973
Roz Wyman's luncheon, September 24, 1973
Fernando Pinon, September 27, 1973
Donna Rinaldo, Child Day Care Center, September 28, 1973
Mrs. Sylvia Jenkins, executive director, Children's Development Center, Dallas, Texas, October, 1973
Texas Parks and Recreation Society, October 2, 1973
Dee Brune, Sealy, Texas, October 2, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael McAvoy, October 9, 1973
Karen Mikkelsen, Mary Blankenship, October 9, 1973
TEA, Vocational Industrial Education, October 10, 1973
[Texas State] Senator Bob Gammage, October 10, 1973
Bob Healy and his daughter, Megan, October 11, 1973
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mueller, October 12, 1973
Chairman Robert Strauss, October 19, 1973
Bentsen as Speaker, November 1973
Mario Ramirez, Bentsen dinner, Houston, (All following dinner photos are in Houston.) November 2, 1973
Roy Smith and Fred Eubanks, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Jim Campbell and Leland Petty, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Fred Eubanks, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Marvin Shurbet, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Alan and Jean Kahn, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
John Spafford, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Ben Bock, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Ernest Wehman, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Gay Jackson and Jerry Johnson, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Wallace Sanders, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Jack Strong, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Arthur Stehling, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Bob Sheehy, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Ralph Spence, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Ben Love, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Uncle Dietz Bentsen, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Solon Clements, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Jerry Deere, Bentsen dinner, November 2, 1973
Bentsen dinner "A Fall Evening with the Bentsens," Houston, November 2, 1973
Bentsen Boy Scout Award, Senator with Joe M. Kilgore, John P Harbin, and U.S. Representative Kika de la Garza, McAllen, Texas, November 10, 1974
Strauss appreciation, Greenville, Texas, November 12, 1973
Andrew Thorne, Hemophilia poster child, November 14, 1973
[Fort Worth?] Country Day School junior class, November 29, 1973
Transportation hearings, December 11, 1973
Press conference, December 14, 1973
Democratic dinner, with Robert Strauss, [November 12], 1973
Exchange Club, Killeen, Texas, January 4, 1974
Cleveland, Ohio, January 22, 1974
Democratic Club Luncheon, January 30, 1974
Senator Bentsen, from Herbert A. Allen, February 1974
Bob O'Kelly, El Paso, Texas, February 1974
Interns, February 6, 1974
Neal Hawthorne et al., February 6, 1974
Hilda Hernandez and Danny Bettison, February 6, 1974
Fertilizer folks (friend of Meyers), February 19, 1974
Boy Scout breakfast with Vice President Gerald Ford, Washington, D.C., February 21, 1974
Student Lobby, Larry Rubenstein, University of Texas at Austin, February 25, 1974
Student Lobby, Texas A&M students, February 25, 1974
Student Lobby, Rick Alexander and Keith Williams, Texas Tech students, February 25, 1974
Student Lobby, Texas Womens' University, February 25, 1974
Mayor Richard Daley, Chicago Executive Club, Chicago, Illinois, March 1, 1974
Bob Parsley, March 5, 1974
Sam K. Seymore and Sally Shelton, March 6, 1974
Sam K. Seymore, Wayne and Roger Zercher, John Babcock, and Bill Petri, LCRA, March 6, 1974
Hubert H. Humphrey with Bentsens, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
I. W. Abel, United Steelworkers, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Senator Michael Mansfield and I. W. Abel, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Peter Rodino, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Chuck Mannat, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Mr. and Mrs. John Stephens of California, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Senator Camiel (?) and John O' Shea of Philadelphia, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Bernie Rappaport with B. A. Bentsen, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Senators Jack Strong and Bob Strauss, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Pete Kelly of California, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Matthew Liflander, ADN Senator, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Ben, Al Hunt, and Senator, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Arthur Krim, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Sarah McClendon, Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1974
Bentsen, Huntington, West Virginia, April 1, 1974
Eagle Scouts, April 2, 1974
National Clay Pipe Association, April 3, 1974
Children of Gordon Wynne, Jr., April 8, 1974
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wynne, Sr., April 8, 1974
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wynne, Jr., April 8, 1974
David Beck, [of?] Fulbright, Crooker, April 8, 1974
Judge and Mrs. Pressler and family, April 8, 1974
Aquila Lake people, April 8, 1974
Bentsen and B.A., NAB Convention, Houston, Spring, 1974
Kim Williamson, Intern, May 1, 1974
Joint Economic Hearing, May 8, 1974
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA), Atlanta, Georgia, scrapbook pages, "Testimony of Alan F. Kiepper to the Transportation Subcommittee of the Senate Public Works Committee…" May 10, 1974
Governor Milton Sharp of Pennsylvania, May 14, 1974
UT-Arlington commencement, May 17, 1974
Texas Southern University dinner, Houston, Texas, May 19, 1974
Bernard Sakowitz, May 1974
Senator Hartke and Clarence Mitchell, NAACP, summer 1974
Jonathan Leach, son of Dr. Leach, June 3, 1974
Senator Sam Ervin reception, June 4, 1974
Senate Sigma Nu conclave, June 6, 1974
Shawn Wittington, spelling bee champion, Edinburg, Texas, June 7, 1974
Roy Ash, June 12, 1974
Geneva Thompson, Texas Rehabilitation, June 13, 1974
Louise Lively, Austin, Texas, June 13, 1974
Texas Cattle Feeders, June 17, 1974
Bill and Julie Dunfey, of New Hampshire, June 18, 1974
Dr. and Mrs. Carlton Hicks, of Georgia, June 19, 1974
Bill and Jeanne Bandes, of California, June 19, 1974
Glenn M. Anderson, inscribed to Bentsen, June 23, 1974
JEC hearings, Bill Simon testimony, June 26, 1974
Mark Wells, Houston, Texas, June 27, 1974
Larry Dunn, Intern, July, 1974
Bluebonnet Girls, July 10, 1974
Jim Lloyd and Jerry Voorhis, July 15, 1974
Connecticut Democratic Convention, Hartford, Connecticut, July 19, 1974
St. Joseph's Lodge, Austin, Texas, July 24, 1974
Tim Furlong's going away party, July 1974
Fred and Nancie Clark, of Savannah, Georgia, August, 1974
Lynn Carroza, intern, August, 1974
Ellis Sandoz, page for Congressman Roberts, August, 1974
Tommy Byrne, intern, August 1, 1974
Bentsen, Alioto, Beane, August 7, 1974
Pete Kelly, California, photo session with candidates, inscribed by Bentsen, August 17, 1974
Senator with Gerald Ford, August 20, 1974
Signing the Fair Campaign pledge, September 1974
Economic Summit at White House, with Alan Greenspan and President Gerald Ford, September 5, 1974
Rally on behalf of Cyprus, September 8, 1974
Project SER; National Bilingual Education Conference, Austin, Texas, [includes Tony Gallegos, Roberto Navaiz, Ray Chavez of New Mexico; Gus Garcia] September 1974
Bentsen Bullets, October 3, 1974
Dr. Jerry Johnson, National President of Orthopedics, October 3, 1974
"Meet the Press," October 13, 1974
Nashua, New Hampshire, October 23, 1974
Trip to Europe, Negatives only. November 1, 1974.
Texas Congressional Delegation, Fall/Winter 1974
Grand Rapids, Michigan, September 30, 1974
"Sam Degasper" (?) from Governor Brendan Byrne, New Jersey, Signed by Byrne. November 1974.
Women's Wear Daily, November 1974
Prime Minister Harold Wilson, England, November 1974
Inauguration of Dr. Lee H. Smith as president of SWTSU, San Marcos, November 22, 1974
Kansas City Mid-term Democratic Conference, Missouri, December 6-8, 1974
Bentsen reception at Democratic Mini-Convention, Kansas City, Missouri, [includes Barbara Jordan] December 6, 1974
Henry "Hank" and Billye Aaron with the Bentsens, December 14 [11?], 1974
Cindy Aldrete, Sheryl Evertson, Barbara Farnam, Dee Young, and Ben Boyle, December 14, 1974
Bentsen in Richmond, Virginia, 1974
3V231U.S. District Judge Reynaldo Garza testimonial, Harlingen, Texas, January 6, 1975
Nederland, Texas, January 7, 1975
Jamie Weaver, March of Dimes poster child, 1975
Claire Cartwright, intern, January 1975
Debra Littleton, intern, January 1975
Thad Harkins, intern, January 1975
Senator, January 1975
Dolph Briscoe victory dinner, Austin, Texas, January 20, 1975
Reverend Logan Cummings, of Brownwood First Baptist Church, January 27, 1975
National Limestone Institute convention, Washington, D.C., January 28, 1975
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, February 1975
Manuael Lavandero, William Valentine, Joseph Wiscovitch, and Juan Rodriguez, February 1975
Senators Bentsen and John Tower, with Jim Barron and Charles Bell of American Rice Growers, February 1975
Gene Guthrie, American Rice Growers, Dayton, Texas, February 1975
Senator Bentsen, February 14, 1975
Announcement of Bentsen's candidacy for Democratic presidential nomination, Houston, February 17, 1975
Announcement photographs, February 17, 1975
Announcement slides, February 17, 1975
Morris Weaver and Frank Robinson, February 19, 1975
Letter from CBS News' "Face the Nation" producer Joan Barone, [no photo] February 23, 1975
Mayor Arnoldo and Tina Ramirez, City Councilman Juan and Lupe de Leon, Mission, Texas, March 1975
Dialogue with Lifton, Kansas City, March 1975
Fred and Janet Henneke and Carl Meek, March 1975
Johnny O. Chapman, J. Frank Lamb, Ray Hooper, March 6, 1975
Herb Schlosser, president of NBC, "Today Show," March 6, 1975
Manufacturing Chemists Association Speech, March 11, 1975
Democratic Congressional Dinner, March 21, 1975
Mayor Jason Luby of Corpus Christi, March 25, 1975
Congressman Augustus Hawkins, March 25, 1975
Congressman James C. Corman, March 25, 1975
Color transparencies of daily activities, March 1975
National Association of Regional Councils, Boston, Massachusetts, June 1975
Don Soloff and Tom Calcagni of "Up with People," June 6, 1975
Allison Brannon, Cystic Fibrosis poster child, [photocopy] June 1975
Mr. and Mrs. Leland Fitch and family, of Wilmore, Kentucky, June 3, 1975
Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 3, 1975
3V229Chris Holmes, page, June 6, 1975
Steve Lawson, June 6, 1975
4th annual Law Enforcement Association event, Eastland, Texas, June 7, 1975
Future Farmers of America group, June 12, 1975
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Graner and family of McAllen, Texas, June 17, 1975
3V237El Paso, Texas, skyline at dusk, inscribed by Mayor Don Henderson, undated [c. 1975-1977]
Bluebonnet Interns and chaperones, July 9, 1975
Amos Evans, NAACP Port Arthur, July 9, 1975
State Representative Al Brown, Jr. and family, July 9, 1975
Future Homemakers of America, July 15, 1975
Steve Clack, July 22, 1975
Stuart Stone (former employee), July 25, 1975
Henry Sanchez, Jr., Brownsville, Texas, July 29, 1975
Ernesto Tijerina, Brownsville, Texas, July 29, 1975
Bentsen Bullets softball team, July 30, 1975
Summer interns, Frances Wickes, Elizabeth Conger (Libby), Evelyn Ireland (LBJ Intern), Tom Moody, Coco McPherson, Tom Draschil, Bill Arnold (Governor's office intern), Hillary Ballon, Steve Yarbrough (Senator John Tower intern), Yvonne Puig, Darrel Griffin (Texas intern, Treasuary Department), Milan Hughston,
Mr. and Mrs. Bentsen, Goldwater, Texas, August 6, 1975
LULAC voting rights award, El Paso, Texas, August 16, 1975
Terry Gabrielson, Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation, Transco Companies, Inc., Fall 1975
Pat Balestrieri, intern, September 1975
Ruffato family, John, Donna, Toni, Phillis (sister-in-law), September 12, 1975
Arlene S. Quenon, alderwoman, September 12, 1975
Mexican American Fiestas Patrias, Houston, Texas, September 16, 1975
Diane Rennert, September 25, 1975
AFL-CIO Convention, San Francisco, California, October 6, 1975
University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, October 15, 1975
Jim Abrams of El Paso, October 21, 1975
Maclovio Barraza, Steelworkers of the Southwest and Labor Council for Latin American Advancement, October 29, 1975
City of Hope dinner, with Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby, Houston, Texas, November 1975
Carl Bruechert, Mechanical Contractors of America, November 1975
Paul Peter of Austin, November 3, 1975
Luther Jones, state representative from El Paso, Texas, November 18, 1975
Dean Christopherson, December 1, 1975
Senator John Traegar, Representative Wayne Peveto, December 12, 1975
Charles Carter, December 12, 1975
Presidential campaign, Denver, Colorado, 1976
Presentation of National Bicentennial Medal by Jack Warner, American Revolution Bicentennial Administration, 1976
Meet the Press television show, with Democratic presidential candidates, January 18, 1976
Senator John Tower, Senator Bentsen, Clint Peoples, and Governor Briscoe at the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame dedication, Waco, Texas, February 1976
Alex Sheshunoff, founder of Sheshunoff Information Services, Austin, Texas, February 19, 1976
Lamar University appearance, spring 1976
Howard College students, Big Spring, Texas, March 1976
Chief Battisse, Alabama Coushatta Indian Tribe, March 2, 1976
M.A. Leadership breakfast, Corpus Christi, Texas, April 1976
LTV Plant [aircraft manufacture] appearance, Grand Prairie, Texas, April 1976
J. Russell Deane, Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association, Julian Morris, Automotive Parts and Accessories Association, April 1, 1976
Jimmy Anders, Hal McKnight, R.W. Landrum of Rockport, Texas, April 6, 1976
Mr. and Mrs. William Dale Nix, "Canadian," April 7, 1976
Bentsen with representatives of the Association of Texas Electric Cooperatives (6 photographs, with individuals identified on verso), Rayburn Building, Austin, Texas, May 1976
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Crews of Huntsville, Texas, May 5, 1976
Mr. and Mrs. David Pasternak of Houston, Texas, May 17, 1976
John Duncan, Jr. at the Texas barbecue for the President of France, May 20, 1976
Bentsen speaking at Texas Bicentennial Day, with Bill Hobby and John Tower, Washington, D.C., May 27, 1976
Texas Special Olympics, Austin, Texas, May 28, 1976
Senator Mansfield, retirement party, summer 1976
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, [June 1976]
Representatives of the health care industry, June 8, 1976
Texas Farm Bureau representatives, June 15, 1976
Bicentennial parade, Corpus Christi, Texas, July 1976
Bentsen and Bicentennial document, "time capsule" created in 1876 and opened in 1976, July 1, 1976
Bentsen Bullets softball team, August 1976
Amy Douthitt of Henrietta, Texas, September 3, 1976
Mike Mansfield retirement party, September 16, 1976
Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board convention, McAllen, Texas, October 1976
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen with Coast Guard, Beeville, Texas, October 23, 1976
State Representative Bennie Boch, New Braunfels, November 18, 1976
President-elect Jimmy Carter and Missouri Senator Stuart Symington, November 23, 1976
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations [Affairs], meeting, with President Jimmy Carter, November 23, 1976
Computer and Communications Industry Association, speaking, Fourth Annual Washington Caucus, [February] 1977
Armando "Curly" Lopez presents plaque from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, March 7, 1977
Breakfast meeting of congressional leadership at the home of Vice President and Mrs. Walter Mondale, also includes Senator Patrick Moynihan, March 29, 1977
Ray Anthony Owens of the Boys' Club of Travis county, "Boy of the Year," Boys' Clubs of America, with Senator Bentsen and with President Jimmy Carter, March 29 and 30, 1977
Inaugural Ceremony of "The World of Franklin and Jefferson," exhibition at the National Museum of Anthropology, with Senator Jacob Javits and the wife of Mexican President, Mrs. Carmen Romano de Lopez Portillo; also with American Embassy Press Attache Claude Villareal, Mexico City, Mexico, April 15, 1977
Reunion Interparlamentaria, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (10 photographs of meeting and associated events, airport, etc.), May 1977
Government Affairs Committee, introducing Scott Campbell as the new Civil Service Commissioner with Senator Patrick Moynihan in background, May 2, 1977
Photographs by Charly Cooper, Petroleum Independent Magazine, summer 1977
Senior citizen interns [Bob Oden], June 1977
Robbyn Foxx, Cystic Fibrosis poster child, June 6, 1977
Summer interns, Dawn Bruner, Bob LaLanne, Cathy Sims, Barry Baxter, and Anne Forrest, includes press release bios, August 1, 1977
Patria Richardson of Houston, Texas, August 30, 1977
Editor's briefing, White House, with President Jimmy Carter, September 14, 1977
University of Houston convocation speaker in full academic regalia, with University president Philip G. Hoffman [inscribed to Bentsen], and Henry Steele Commager of Amherst College, September 18, 1977
Bruce Bennet, intern, October 12, 1977
Jim Sprouse, Doug Pitcock, and Richard Creighton (AGC), October 12, 1977
Senator Bentsen with Prince Charles of Wales after a grueling polo match at the Armstrong Ranch, October 23, 1977
Cristobal P. Aldrete, November 15, 1977
Narcisso Cano and Jose Longoria, LULAC, November 16, 1977
Barry Spears of Sherman, Texas, December 12, 1977
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen on trip to Costa Rica (13 photographs with detailed descriptions of persons and events); and in Panama City, January 3 and 5, 1978
Joe Maresh of Freeport, Texas, February 1978
Kim Slaughter of Freeport, Texas, February 1978
Annie Castleberry, Intern, San Antonio, February 1978
Louann Hopkins, February 1978
Doyle Zilker of El Paso, February 1, 1978
Conference of Hispanic Americans in Business Today, Washington, D.C. (6 photographs, including Bentsen speaking, Ricardo Zazueta, National Director, and Tony Morelos and Dr. Hector Garcia of the American GI Forum), February 1, 1978
Richard Wagner, alderman, El Paso, February 1, 1978
Samuel Austin and Laura Hatcher, Hearst Foundation, February 1, 1978
Senator Bentsen with President Anwar Sadat of Egypt, February 7, 1978
Senator Bentsen with Joe Kilgore and Kika de la Garza, beneath the Texas flag, March 1978
Colonel James C. Craig, San Antonio, March 22, 1978
Presidential Scholars from Texas, Robert S. Fredell, Marina Hsiek, Nancy Kalon, May 24, 1978
Sam Houston State University commencement speaker, Frank Krystiniak, photographer, Huntsville, Texas, May 11, 1978
Senior citizen interns, Bessie Rogers and Jack Hopper, May 18, 1978
Ed Knight [photocopy, original sent to Mrs. Bentsen], May 18, 1978
Leo Hobbs, May 18, 1978
Charles Puckett, May 18, 1978
Texas Democratic delegation to Congress, summer 1978
Senator Bentsen and President Jimmy Carter in Ft. Worth, Texas, June 1978
Jan Cocek, June 2, 1978
Texas Spelling Bee champions, Brandon Rigney, III, Rolando X. Ramirez, Alicia Carlson, Jennifer Malidore, Jeane Bartlett, and Wanda Higdon, June 5, 1978
U.S. - Mexico Interparliamentary Conference, (12 photographs, some identified), Washington, D.C., June 6-8, 1978
Testifying at the PCP Hearings (Narcotics Abuse and Control), June 21, 1978
Meeting at the White House with President Jimmy Carter, June 22, 1978
Bill Conover, YMCA of Cleburne, Texas, June 28, 1978
Japanese agriculture trade delegation, being presented with Texas grapefruit, including Hon. Tokutaro Higaki, Japanese Secretary of Agriculture, August 8, 1978
Senator with Governor Dolph Briscoe and rodeo clowns, Austin, Texas, August 13, 1978
Senator with Texarkana Senior Citizens Group on the steps Capitol, September 13, 1978
Senator with President Anwar Sadat of Egypt, September 20, 1978
Lauro Cruz and Domingo Nick Reyes, September 22, 1978
Senator at Golden Age Nursing Home, Brownwood, Texas, [July 6], 1978
Tigua Indian Tribe, Brownwood, Texas (6 photographs), July 6, 1978
Women in Governmental Relations conference, Washington, D.C., O. C. Harvey, photographer (5 photographs), July 12, 1978
R. P. (Bob) Sanchez and family, July 14, 1978
Pilot Club leaders, including Mrs. Chris Aranda, July 18, 1978
Lynn Rubinett, Charley Acquard, DeAnn Friedholm, Cindy Keen, interns, July 20, 1978
Lieutenant William H. Ibbotson of Mission, Texas, July 21, 1978
Mayor and Mrs. Hector Elizondo, LaVilla, Texas, and Mayor and Mrs. Benito Campos of Elsa, Texas, fall 1978
Helen Runnels and Ted Weems, interns, fall 1978
Receiving plaque from Wilson S. Johnson, President, National Federation of Independent Business, in honor of small business tax reform, September 1978
Mayor Felix A. Morris, Councilman George Long, Councilman Bob Jackson of McGregor, Texas September 14, 1978
Texas delegation to Congress luncheon, casual photographs (12), Keith Jewell, photographer, October 4, 1978
Receiving "Watchdog of Treasury" award from Arthur Roth, National Associated Businessmen, October 4, 1978
Highway bill meeting, White House, with President Jimmy Carter, October 1978
Miscellaneous office photographs, including negatives for fall and September photographs, as well as October 15, 1978
Senator with Alfred Kahn, includes negatives and contact sheet, December 1978
Carroll Schubert and Melinda Muse, December 1978
Senator and Congressman Tribble of Virginia, January 1979
Signing of National Energy Bill, [no photograph] January 22, 1979
Janet Breslin, former staff, January 26, 1979
Senator with Vice Premier Ten of China, January 30, 1979
Karol Ann Way and Amy Davenport of Midland, Texas, January 30, 1979
Bill White, District Attorney of Bexar County, January 30, 1979
Farmers public meeting, February 1979
Presentation of Goodfellow Air Force Base petitions, February 6, 1979
Steven Rudner and Anthony Miller, Hearst Foundation Senate Youth Program, February 8, 1979
Duane King and Susan Myers, February 8, 1979
Taping of "It's Academic" television program, with Democrat team Senator Alan Cranston and Senator Patrick Moynihan; also with Press Team including David Broder, Jessica Savitch and Art Buchwald and Republican team Senator John Heinz, Senator Lowell Weicker, Senator Ted Danforth, February 22, 1979
Dudley Williams, President, Optimists International, February 26, 1979
Ann McNallen, McAllen South Texas Teachers Credit Union, February 27, 1979
3V232Jim Doyle, Len Fishelman, Joe Girimonte, International Home FHGS Association, March 14, 1979
Diane Hook and sons, Jason and Heath, March 27, 1979
Pedro Garza and Jose Bastello, SER, March 29, 1979
B. A. Bentsen, Roslyn Carter, and Joan Mondale, Ladies of Senate luncheon, April 10, 1979
Texas Tech University commencement, May 11, 1979
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Meyers of Muleshoe, Texas, May 16, 1979
R. Lee Clark, senior citizen, of Galveston, Texas, May 14, 1979
J. Waldo Whitfield, senior citizen intern of Houston, Texas, May 14, 1979
J. Luis Zuniga and William L. Krieg, small business of Laredo, Texas, May 16, 1979
John Hannah and son, May 22, 1979
Tony Canales and family, of Houston and Corpus Christi, Texas, May 24, 1979
3V233Advisory Council on Japan - U.S. Economic Relations, June 15, 1979
Press Scholars Vicki Eastus of Dallas and Bill Creager of Midland, Texas, June 20, 1979
Federal judges of Texas, June 28, 1979
School superintendents and school board members from Valley, June 28, 1979
Steve and Scott Loras and Carlton O'Neal, July 10, 1979
Girls Nation: Emily Judin of McAllen and Amy Karff of Houston, July 18, 1979
Building Trades speech, Austin, Texas, July 22, 1979
Janie Packer and Thomas Boyd of Houston Ballet, July 20, 1979
Boys Nation: Demetrius McDaniel and Donald Durr, July 23, 1979
Senator at unidentified hearing with Comptroller General of the U.S. Elmer B. Staats, July 1979
Interns, August 1979
Bentsen Bullets softball team, August 1979
Ink drawing of Bentsen for Product Engineer, 25th anniversary issue, September 1979
American Academy of Dermatologists, [no photo] September 7, 1979
R. Sinclair, G. Andrews, A. Rohrbaugh, and R. Hoxmeier, September 14, 1979
Texas senior citizens of Texarkana, September 13, 1979
Chiropractors W. A. Lundberg, of Lubbock, and G. M. Brassand, of Beaumont, Texas, September 19, 1979
Representative Edward Watson and Bill Handrick of Deer Park, Texas, September 27, 1979
Don and Elizabeth O'Neal of Forth Worth, October 1, 1979
Senate Finance Committee hearings, October 1979
A. C. Sutton, president of Texas NAACP, San Antonio, Texas, October 17, 1979
Charles Sherrill, radio reporter, fall 1979
Lane Kirkland, president of AFL-CIO, November 1979
Mrs. Bentsen and Mary Margaret Davis, El Paso Times, November 1, 1979
Housing Economic Summit Conference, NAHB, November 8, 1979
Congressional breakfast, U.S. - Arab roundtable, November 16, 1979
Mike Carey, page, November 29, 1979
Chip Blackman, of Longview Post Office, November 29, 1979
JEC hearings on Employment, December 7, 1979
King Grossman, intern from Dallas, Texas, December 12, 1979
JEC Trade trip to Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, January 1980
Spence Spencer, intern from Kinkaid High School, Houston, Texas, January 23, 1980
Jack Webb, Gulf Resources, Houston, Texas, January 29, 1980
"Meet the Press," March 2, 1980
Independent Producers, March 12, 1980
Fred Wittenburg, Ed Kopeland, and Jamie Ledbetter, February 1, 1980
David Escobar, El Paso Alderman, Frank Leach, and C. T. Johnson, February 4, 1980
Bob Nast and son Bob, of Texas Children's Hospital, Houston, February 6, 1980
Lisa Moore and Stephanie Everling, Hearst Senate Youth, February 7, 1980
Texas Credit Union leaders, February 25, 1980
Lourdes Gomez of El Paso, Westinghouse Science Talent Search, February 25, 1980
David Bennett, president of Agriculture Day Foundation, March 1980
Russell Bowman of Deer Park, Texas, Union Carbide Workshop, April 24, 1980
Carl Fickenscher of Lufkin, Post Office Patronage, April 24, 1980
Evelyn A. Sylvest, Dallas, April 24, 1980
Charles Grice, April 24, 1980
Madalyn Yochem, intern from Corpus Christi, April 24, 1980
Tom Selman, intern from Tyler, Texas, April 24, 1980
Interns, Spring 1980
Bentsen and Jackson Grayson, American Productivity Center, Houston, Texas, April 21, 1980
Texas Democratic Delegation, 96th Congress, May 7, 1980
Reverend and Mrs. Jack DeVore of Glendale, Arizona, May 12, 1980
Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Ernester, Small Business of Year from Texas, May 13, 1980
Helen Foster and Lester Womack, senior citizen interns, May 15, 1980
Earl Turner, TIPRO, San Antonio, Texas, May 26, 1980
Paige Pipkin of El Paso, spelling bee champion, May 30, 1980
Pam Schadt of Austin and Houston, receptionist, May 1980
Dick Beard, USO, of Corpus Christi, Texas, June 3, 1980
Federal Judges Hipolito "Hippo" Garcia, Fred Shannon, and Telemon [Filemon?] Vela, June 4, 1980
Women Involved in Farm Economics (WIFE). June 5, 1980
Export Competitiveness Conference, Georgetown University, June 10, 1980
Jeff Conner, intern from Andrews, Texas June 5, 1980
Jack and Gloria Dulworth and family, June 9, 1980
Briefing on overseas income tax, June 16, 1980
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association, newsletter production negatives, [July 17, ca. 1980]
Doug Lee, JEC, July 22, 1980
John Courtney, Temple, Texas, July 24, 1980
Laura McLaughlin of San Antonio, Texas, July 24, 1980
Mary Anne Duncan, DC and Houston, July 24, 1980
Carter Crenshaw of Dallas, intern to Senator Sasser, August 1, 1980
Len Dingle and John Ragland, FFA, August 1, 1980
Texas A&M University commencement, August 16, 1980
Joe Johnson of Dallas, Congressional Fellow from State Department, August 27, 1980
Mike Kirby, from IRS, August 27, 1980
Slides from Mining Congress Journal, October 1980
President Jimmy Carter, Bentsen and Lady Bird Johnson, Waco, Texas, October 1980
David Allen, Legislative Assistant, December 1980
Hank Guerrero of Austin, Private Industry Council, September 9, 1980
Hank Guerrero of Austin, Private Industry Council; Carlos Herrera, Federal Programs for Austin; Corine Hipolito, UT Austin, September 9, 1980
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Guardian of Small Business Award, with NFIB president Wilson Johnson, September 18, 1980
American Mining Congress speech and karate demonstration, fall 1980
Tom Hagan, Administrative Assistant [Legislative Director], December 1980
Pat McDonough, December 1980
Hetty Thompson, of Dallas, and Frances Murrah, December 1980
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Shields, of San Antonio, December 1980
Fred and Cynthia Whitty, of Houston, December 1980
David Alders, National Vice-President of FFA, February 1981
Gracie Howell, intern from Kincaid, February 1981
Texas Operation Livesaver Editorial winners, February 1981
Roy Wheeler and Dr. C. E. Payne, February 1981
Dora Scott, President of Texas State Teachers Association, February 26, 1981
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kleine and family, March 3, 1981
Texas State Teachers Association and NEA director, March 25, 1981
Texas Farm Bureau Free Enterprise speech winners, April 7, 1981
Sickle Cell Anemia Poster Child, Fort Worth, April, 23, 1981
General Bradley's funeral, April 1981
Senior citizen interns, Berthold Scheinbrum, Margaret Brown, Velma Jeter, May 14, 1981
Velma Jeter, senior citizen intern, May 14, 1981
Margaret Brown, senior citizen intern, May 14, 1981
Berthold Scheinbrum, senior citizen intern, May 14, 1981
Silky Hart, spring intern, May 1981
Stephani Stephens, spring intern, May 6, 1981
Joe Mertz and Jamie Kothman, President, Lamb Feeders Association, May 1981
Congressman Jack Fields, May 1981
Duval County authorities, May 19, 1981
Gloria Martinez, spring intern, May 20, 1981
Paige Pipkin, El Paso spelling champ, June 2, 1981
Joe Dalton, page, June 11, 1981
Dedication, Lamar University, John Gray, June 27, 1981
Senator at Randolph Air Force Base, June 29, 1981
Kim Frieden, summer intern, July 13, 1981
Dawnette Lee and Lisa Zuniga, Girls Nation Program, July 15, 1981
Brent Perry, Boys Nation Program, July 24, 1981
Brad Henske, Boys Nation Program, July 24, 1981
Six troops of Boy Scouts, July 24, 1981
Kathy Cogswell, summer intern, July 30, 1981
Jim Reed, summer intern, July 30, 1981
Angie Dickson, summer intern, July 30, 1981
Peter Zavaletta, summer intern, July 30, 1981
Scott Lassman, summer intern, July 30, 1981
Mike Lawshe, Mattox summer intern, July 30, 1981
Greg Brooks, summer intern, July 30, 1981
Gloria Leal, summer intern, July 30, 1981
Summer interns, July 30, 1981
Rafe Foreman and Kreg Roberts, FFA officers, July 31, 1981
Steve Aguilar, legislative assistant, August 1981
Senator at University of Texas Cancer Center, summer 1981
AUSA reception, fall 1981
McAllen students, August-September 1981
Lane Kierkland, President AFL-CIO, August 1981
Brigadier General Belisario Flores, Magor General Willie Scott, Brigadier General Willard Hill, September 1981
Friends in Lower Valley, Texas, September 1981
Members of AFL-CIO affiliate, September 18, 1981
Jack Flynt, National Commander, the American Legion, September 22, 1981
Navy League reception honoring Senator Tower, September 30, 1981
E. L. "Bud" Stewart, President, Energy Consumers and Producers Association, October 15, 1981
Joe Barton, White House Fellow, October 20, 1981
Sandra Jackson, Tony Wedig and Judy Simmons, Science Competition finalists, November 1981
Michele White, December 1, 1981
Garrett Graham, December 2, 1981
Rusty Staub, December 4, 1981
Joe and Meadowlark Washington, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Maddox, December 8, 1981
Joe Washington, Washington Redskins, December 8, 1981
Mike Nee and family, December 11, 1981
Senator Bentsen at Corpus Christi, January 1982
Dottie Miller, Louise Arnold, Bobbie Joe Henry, Paula Fannin, and Sherry Barnett, January 28, 1982
President Reagan, State of the Union, January 1982
Todd Kackson, United States Senate Youth Program, February 3, 1982
Hayley Head, United States Senate Youth Program, February 3, 1982
Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek, February 4, 1982
Disabled Veterans, February 22, 1982
Craig and Sharon Bartels, Texas visitors, February 25, 1982
Kent King, Mike Morrow and Charles Pikitt, Association of Texas Professional Educators, February 25, 1982
General and Mrs. John King, February 25, 1982
Texas realtors, March 5, 1982
Bob Velasquez, March 1982
Fred Blair, member of Dallas City Council, March 1, 1982
Jamie Jackson, Dick Pratt and Alvis Vandygriff, March 23, 1982
Texas State Teachers Association, March 23, 1982
American Tree Farm System Association, April 1, 1982
Senior Citizens Convention/memorial service, San Antonio, April 23, 1982
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cain, KLRN Auction winners, April 28, 1982
Senator at Paris, Texas tornado site, April 1982
Charlton Heston and Jack Valenti, May 1982
McAllen high school student group, May 1982
Jimmy and Patricia Brill, May 18, 1982
John and Virginia Joiner, May 18, 1982
Kyria Sabin, intern, May 19, 1982
Maurice Bell and family, senior citizen intern, May 20, 1982
Gordon S. Carlson, Publisher, The Rice Journal, May 28, 1982
Reverend Buddy Owens, and the Rio Grande Children's Home, June 8, 1982
Dr. Herbert Reynolds, Baylor University Press, June 8, 1982
Texas Rural Electric Cooperative, June 10, 1982
Jody Sheets and family, June 15, 1982
West Texas Farm Disaster, June 18, 1982
First Presbyterian, Midland, Texas, Handbell Choir, June 21, 1982
Robert O. Cooper, Associate Chaplain, SMU; Reverend Betsy Turecky, June 28, 1982
Rhoda Swanner, Washington Center for Learning Alternatives, June 1982
Jimmy Howard, Washington Center for Learning Alternatives, June 1982
Jack Albertine, American Business Conference, June 1982
Meeting with senior citizens, Houston, Texas, July 12, 1982
Billy Bob and Patti Barnett, July 14, 1982
Rosemary Scott, staff, July 23, 1982
General Dynamics, Fort Worth, Texas, June 1, 1982
Roy Seaberg, C. L. Boggs and Ralph S. Newman, Jr., June 1982
Bradley Snow, summer intern, June 1982
Summer interns, June 25, 1982
Bur Dobbins, summers intern, June 1982
Texas democrats "Unity 82," Dripping Springs, Texas, June 12, 1982
Committee hearing, June 1982
Environment and Public Works Committee hearing, July 1982
Jeb Brooks, summer intern, July 1982
Pat Duran, summer intern, July 1982
David Parsley, summer intern, July 1982
Jim Clark, summer intern, July 1982
Jennifer Blair, summer intern, July 1982
John Atwell, summer intern (and various negatives), July 1982
Future Farmers of America, July 22, 1982
State Representative Tim VonDohlan and family, July 27, 1982
Kelvin Shepard, Mickey Leland intern, July 28, 1982
Joel Hamilton, summer intern, June 1982
Scott Burdine, William Archer intern, July 28, 1982
Tripp Thompson, William Archer intern, July 28, 1982
Anne Uhrbock, William Archer intern, July 28, 1982
Carol Kilman, William Archer intern, July 28, 1982
Mike McKevitt, NFIB, July 28, 1982
William Archer interns, July 28, 1982
Joe King and Brian Jackson, Boys Nation, July 29, 1982
Amy Shaw, July 1982
Cindy Sweet, July 1982
Grey Johnson, summer intern, July 1982
Jeffrey Mendelsohn, summer intern, July 1982
Suzanne Williams, summer intern, July 1982
Joanie Carson, summer intern, July 1982
Laura Beth Johnson, summer intern, July 1982
Laura Alpert, summer intern, July 1982
Summer interns, July 24, 1982
Elizabeth Major (and various negatives), August 4, 1982
Louis Rafaelli and family, August 17, 1982
Tom Aguilar, August 17, 1982
Tom Bradley, Los Angeles Mayor, in Houston, September 1982
Linda Shrader, December 1982
New Boston Chamber of Commerce at home of Mrs. Ruby Neil Hart, September 1982
Hill and Knowlton, Inc. Open House, summer 1982
At Active Citizenship Campaign, LTV Corporation, September 1982
President, Southern Baptist Convention, Chuck Colson, prison fellowship, Representative Hightower, September 22, 1982
Wilson Johnson and Frank Cruger, September 1982
John Gardiner's Tennis Ranch, Senator's Cup tennis photo, January 14-16, 1983
Human Resources and High Tech, Inc., Shoreham Hotel, Washington D.C., February 2, 1983
Rawle Andrews and Belynda Smith, February 2, 1983
Speech to Texas Legislature, February 15, 1983
Harry Jacobs, February 16, 1983
Steve Aguilar, March 1, 1983
Farmland Industries Group, March 3, 1983
Bill Kennedy, Postmaster, Woodsboro, Texas, March 10, 1983
Bill Brabbin, March 16, 1983
E. H. Glockzins, Ethel Putnam and Raymond Canion, March 16, 1983
Senator's family, March 17, 1983
Victor Reyes, U.S. Commissioner-Parole, March 18, 1983
Robot at JEC hearing, March 18, 1983
Sandy Ring, intern, March 18, 1983
Ernest Post, John Perkins, and Johnny Oshinski, U.S. Steelworkers, March 22, 1983
Mrs. Bentsen, March 29, 1983
Bridgett Brown, Paulett Wimberlet, Kathi Baker, Debbie York, and N. Hutchison, April 6, 1983
Alejandro Jasso, April 7, 1983
Garry Mauro and Perry Bass, May 19, 1983
Bob Lighthizer, April 13, 1983
Howard Anderson, Van Snell, April 13, 1983
Solomon Ortiz, April 19, 1983
Todd Smith, April 27, 1983
Dr. Jack Albertine and Dr. Hatsopoulos, April 28, 1983
Dave Montgomery and Henry Holcomb, May 18, 1983
Tom Dosh, May 19, 1983
Paul Sullivan, Tony Gutierrez, and Eustolio Gonzales, May 19, 1983
Roberta Vergman, May 26, 1983
John Hornay and Ed Stokely, senior citizen interns, May 26, 1983
JEC hearing witnesses, Dr. Turnbull, Barbara O'Neal, and Billy Reagan, June 9, 1983
Alvaro Magana, President of El Salvador, June 1983
Summer interns, group picture, June 28, 1983
Summer interns, June 29, 1983
Samantha Goodman and Blake Mitchell, July 14, 1983
Photo list
Joseph Hart and Lee Hammer, Boy's Nation, July 28, 1983
Don, Bonnie, John and Holly McGarity, August 1, 1983
Summer interns, August 3, 1983
President Carter and Senator Byrd, September 1, 1983
Central America Inspection trip, September 1983
Mary Paul Taylor, photographer, September 1983
Congressman Mickey Leland, September 22, 1983
Ron Kirk and Becky Carroll, September 29, 1983
Dee Kelly an Sid Bass, October 17, 1983
Judge and Mrs. Frank Douthitt and Amy, October 6, 1983
Nancy Negley and Nellie Longworth, November 7, 1983
Alyce Torrence and Wayne Allcott, November 16, 1983
Martha Layne Collins, Governor of Kentucky, and Senator Huddleston, December 9, 1983
3V234Ambassador and Mrs. Maxwell Rabb, Rome, Italy, January 1984
Pam Forrester, January 11, 1984
Martha Barrera, Japan, Lee Ann Schuster, Germany, Josept Chorley and Robert Kyle, Senate Youth Group, February 1, 1984
Reagan and other Senators, White House, February 3, 1984
Congressman and Mrs. George Mahon, February 8, 1984
Tara Agen and Jay Hiebert, interns, February 23, 1984
Anneke Oonke, Kidney Foundation, March 5, 1984
Marjorie Adams, office reception, February 24, 1984
DSCC fundraiser, San Francisco, March 3, 1984
Senator Jennings Randolph, birthday, March 7, 1984
Doctors Walter Peter and Putnam Meyer, Association of Maternal/Child Healthcare, March 19, 1984
Dr. Hector Garcia and family, March 26, 1984
David Tiller and family, March 28, 1984
Mrs. Jeannie Pitre, with group, Timothy Flowers, Washington Insider Tours, March 29, 1984
Democratic Women, Bayou City, March 30, 1984
Supreme Commander, Senior Vice Commander Bobbie Burbett, National VFW officer, April 1984
Senator riding a Houston bus, April 1984
Texas State Representatives Froy Salinas, Wilhelmina Delco, Tip Hall, Joe Camaz, Charles Gandy and June Parr, committee staff, April 2, 1984
Original cartoon, San Antonio Express News, April 19, 1984
Jack, Helen and T Lancaster, April 24, 1984
Dr. and Mrs. Weldon Morton-Throckmorton and Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Hebert, May 1984
Houston Baptist University, May 3, 1984
Small Business Awards Winners, Pat Konstam and James E. Paul, May 8, 1984
American Insurance Association, May 16, 1984
President de la Madrid and Former Ambassador Supulveda, May 16, 1984
Dan Kubiak and Andy Herrera, May 21, 1984
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, Lan, Lynne, Skyler and Clay, May 29, 1984
Summer interns, June 13, 1984
Jamie Vick Gibson, June 13, 1984
Headliners Club annual awards party, Austin, Texas, February 1985
Holly Hudson and Mike Smith, Senate Youth program, February 6, 1985
Jack DeVore, first satellite broadcast, February 6, 1985
Kelvin Morgan, King Cross, David Wells, Congressional Award winners, February 7, 1985
Reception for Texas Delegation, February 20, 1985
Community College groups, Dallas, Coastal, Houston, Newark, February 25, 1985
Texas Medical Association, Austin, February 26, 1985
Gib Lewis, Senator Phil Gramm, Majority Leader Jim Wright, Henry Catto, Governor Mark White, and Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby, March 4, 1985
Texas Farmers, Angela Lamb, Department of Agriculture, March 6, 1985
Burt Williams, Texas Corn Growers, March 6, 1985
Jim Chenault, Lone Star Steel, March 21, 1985
Senators Hollings, Nunn, Boren, Heflin and B. Johnson, President Reagan and Vice President Bush, April 16, 1985
Mrs. Bentsen, Lefty and Alma Alexander, April 16, 1985
Judge Thomas and Judy Thomas, Beaumont, Texas, April 18, 1985
Jere Marshall and the Seguin Garden Club, April 25, 1985
Temple Baptist Church Group, Reverend George Crittenden, Fort Worth, April 29, 1985
Senators D. Boren, Bob Dole, J. Warner, J. Chafee and A. Simpson, May 8, 1985
Frank, Dorothy and Fletcher Kelly, May 9, 1985
Liz Mann and Michele Allen, May 22, 1985
"Catfish" and Kay Montgomery, May 24, 1985
Scott Yeager, intern, May 24, 1985
Texas A&M graduation photo album, May 1985
Paris Air Show, May 1985
Kimberly Gail Yelton, May 1985
Michelle Herbert, June 11, 1985
Jim, Debbie, Vickie, Karen and Chris Mullen, June 11, 1985
Robert P. Hanrahan, June 18, 1985
Japan/U.S. Senate Youth Students, June 20, 1985
Lindsay Hooper, June 20, 1985
John B. Allison, June 25, 1985
Doris Irwin, June 25, 1985
Carl, Susan, Danny and Jordana Johnson, July 9, 1985
First session interns, July 10, 1985
Mrs. Pam Funk, Tommy and Paige and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Muir, July 12, 1985
Mayor Henry Cisneros, B. K. Johnson and Maria Beriobazel, July 16, 1985
Peggy Lathlaen, NASA finalist, Friendswood, Texas, July 17, 1985
Press conference on trade bill, July 17, 1985
Boy Scouts of Amarillo, Texas, July 18, 1985
Boy Scouts of Abilene, Texas, July 18, 1985
Charles Pistor, Joe Musolino and Gerald Fronterhouse, Republic Bank, Dallas, July 19, 1985
Harry, El, Elliot, and Jeff Goodman, July 24, 1985
Winona Mayes, Bob Benson, 4-H group, Plainview, Texas, July 24, 1985
Mrs. George Shipley, George, Jr. and Andrew, July 29, 1985
Tallowood Baptist Church, Houston, Texas, July 30, 1985
Bob Corrigan, July 30, 1985
Steve Larkin, July 30, 1985
Second session interns, July 31, 1985
Paula Bruce, July 31, 1985
Gene Fondren, Texas Auto Dealers Association, September 11, 1985
Dr. Dan Bookout, Flying Award, September 19, 1985
Carter Temple, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Dallas, Texas, September 25, 1985
Austin office staff, October 4, 1985
Jim Sale and B. Rappoport, October 9, 1985
Colonel Bob Pickle, October 22, 1985
University of Texas Chancellor and Mrs. Bill Cunningham, Dr. and Mrs. Hans Mark, November 1985
Dr. Jonas Salk, March of Dimes, Washington D.C. November 1985
AFL-CIO, Austin, November 2, 1985
Jim Wright, Dallas Morning News, December 4, 1985
Michael Pate, December 19, 1985
Mayors of Texas, February 3, 1986
Kevin West, Jeff Icke, and Tad Bowen, Senate Youth delegates, February 5, 1986
Congressman Jim Chapman, February 6, 1986
Duchesne Academy of Houston, Texas, February 26, 1986
Roy Dodd, James Rice, and John Hielman of Disabled American Veterans, February 26, 1986
Jimmy Storm, Larry McNeill of Corpus Christi, March 5, 1986
Congressman Ralph Hall, March 6, 1986
President Ronald Reagan in Oval Office, March 13, 1986
Nakasone, Prime Minister of Japan at Japanese Ambassador Matsunaga residence, April 14, 1986
University of Texas Women's basketball team, NCAA champions, contact sheet, April 15, 1986
Vick Eckard, April 25, 1986
Mary Lynn Purcell, April 1986
DLA conference, Tokyo Economic Summit, May 1, 1986
Senator receiving award from National Committee for Adoption, Washington, DC, May 1986
Bridget Sherchak, May 1986
Senators Howard Baker and Robert Dole, first day of television in Senate, June 2, 1986
Bruce LeBoon, Ben Love, and Marc Shapiro of Texas Commerce Bank, Houston, June 5, 1986
Fredricksburg Junior High School group, [photocopies only] June 9, 1986
Richard Stevens and family, June 9, 1986
Solomon Scheen and family of Houston, Texas, June 11, 1986
Texas Dental Hygienist Association, June 11, 1986
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Starr, of Pine Grove, California, June 13, 1986
Brotherhood of Railway, Airline and Steamship Clerks, June 17, 1986
National Mental Health Association, June 18, 1986
Susan, Jim, and Alan Hunt, Cenergy of Dallas, Texas, June 18, 1986
Tim Parris, White House Fellow, June 18, 1986
Ernest Salaz, nephew of Felix Sanchez, June 25, 1986
1986 summer interns, first session, June 26, 1986
Jerry Johnson of Amarillo, Texas, July 16, 1986
Jan VanHueven, U.S. - Mexico Chamber of Commerce, July 17, 1986
National Association of Realtors, July 23, 1986
Ministers and pension executives for Lutheran and Methodist Churches: Lester Palmer, Gerald Hornung, Henry Treptow, Robert Rydland, and Gary Nash, July 23, 1986
Wall hanging (quilt) in Bentsen's office, [photocopy only] July 25, 1986
Senate Finance Committee, July 30, 1986
Jana Parsley, July 31, 1986
Beth Riggs, July 31, 1986
1986 summer interns, second session, August 6, 1986
Church of the Redeemer, Lutheran Church of Austin, Texas, August 7, 1986
Interns Jeromey Roberts, Steve Jones, and Lynette Farrimond, August 20, 1986
Gale Norton and John Hughes, September 9, 1986
Air Force Association "Salute to Congress" reception, September 16, 1986
Chicago Mercantile Exchange, with Leo Melamed and Laurence Rosenberg, November 2, 1986
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen in Italy with Ambassador and Mrs. Maxwell Rabb, November 9, 1986
President Ronald Reagan signing H.R. 6 legislation in Oval Office, November 17, 1986
Jack DeVore, Press Secretary, November 19, 1986
Pope John Paul II at Vatican, Rome, Italy, November 1986
Senators Bentsen, Barcus, Chafee and Matsunaga with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney of Canada, Ottawa, Canada, December 9, 1986
President Ronald Reagan, Oval Office, December 18, 1986
Charles Pistor and Tom Lea (artist), 1986
Senators Bentsen and Charles Mathias with wives at General Patton's grave in Luxembourg, 1986
Senators Bentsen, John Stennis, Whitten, Albert Gore, and John Heinz, January 6, 1987
Mary Lou Retton, Olympic gymnast, February 4, 1987
U.S. Chamber of Commerce breakfast, February 4, 1987
Dana Silvey, Jeff Bowman, Senate Youth program, February 4, 1987
Luther Jones, El Paso County Judge, February 1987
Brownwood Chamber of Commerce, March 2, 1987
National Treasury Employees Union, Betty Walker of Austin, Texas, March 3, 1987
Association of Federal Government Employees, Glen Peterson of San Antonio, March 12, 1987
George and Pedie Bramblett, Jr. and family of Dallas, Texas, March 16, 1987
Texas Association of Counties, March 16, 1987
Texas Feed and Grain group, March 16, 1987
Frank McGee of Dallas, Texas, March 24, 1987
Presentation of National Federation of Independent Businesses Guardian Award to Bentsen by John Sloan, Jr., president and CEO, March 1987
Private Sector Council's Leadership Awards event, Washington, DC, April 1, 1987
Bentsen as Chairman of Senate Finance Committee, April 9, 1987
Dr. Raymond Hawkins and Apache Belles of Tyler Junior College; James R. (Bob) Montgomery, mayor of Tyler, Texas, April 10, 1987
"Meet the Press," NBC, with Richard G. Darman, April 12, 1987
"Wall Street Week in Review" with Louis Rukeyser, Photo inscribed to Bentsen. May 15, 1987.
Associated Milk Producers, Inc., May 22, 1987
Close Up Foundation, Gordon and Jan Bates, Robert Dolittle, Lou Denton and Ina Keeton, June 2, 1987
President Ronald Reagan with Bentsen in Oval Office, Bentsen's autograph notation and remarks on verso: "June '87 / Reagan talking to me in the Oval Office on Bentsen / Danforth Trade Bill / He read the two pages to me! / Didn't understand the subject." June 2, 1987.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dale and family of Fort Worth, Texas, June 3, 1987
Judy Thornton, Bentsen receptionist, June 3, 1987
Janelle London, Bentsen receptionist, June 3, 1987
Rebecca Dozier, Assistant Press Secretary, June 3, 1987
Summer interns, first session, June 10, 1987
Ben Love, Texas Commerce Bank, and Walter Shipley, Chemical Bank, June 10, 1987
Bentsen and granddaughter Lori, June 10, 1987
Dr. and Mrs. Harold Boehning of Dallas, Texas, June 11, 1987
Diane Sheridan and Modelle Brudner, League of Women Voters of Texas, June 16, 1987
Lisa Swann and Lee Applbaum, Japan and US Senate Scholarship winners, June 17, 1987
Al and Catherine Brown, of San Antonio, and Ann Howard, of American Federation of Home Health Care Agencies, June 24, 1987
Martha Maroney, June 26, 1987
Youth for Understanding (names listed), July 22, 1987
Don Clark, Texas Department of Highways, July 22, 1987
Stuart E. Mason, Argyle, Texas, and J. Kevin Ellzey, Perryton, Texas, Boy's Nation, July 23, 1987
Leanne Rogers, Greenville, Texas, and Toby Miller, Whitharral, Texas, of FAA, July 29, 1987
Bentsen family, July 30, 1987
Summer interns, second session, August 7, 1987
Julie Jeffries, summer intern, (empty folder) August 12, 1987
Michael Wagner, Bentsen Research Assistant, August 12, 1987
Air Force ROTC students, Abilene, Texas, August 14, 1987
E-Systems, Greenville, Texas, August 25, 1987
Elizabeth Major and Susannah O'Neill, August 1987
John T. Riordan, Raymond D. Nasher, James R. Bullock of International Council of Shopping Centers at National Gallery of Art, September 15, 1987
B.J. Willingham family of Houston, Texas, September 18, 1987
Bill Klemt of Texas Water Commission, September 23, 1987
Mark Mullen of Dallas, Texas, October 1, 1987
NASA hearings, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, October 5, 1987
Alan and Bernell Norton of Boerne, Texas, October 7, 1987
Presentation of National Security Leadership Award, American Security Council, October 14, 1987
Bob and Linda Bearden, Christian Farms, Treehouse, Inc., November 5, 1987
Senators Bentsen and John Stennis, 40th Anniversary reception for Stennis, November 5, 1987
Announcement for reelection, Austin, Texas, November 11, 1987
Budget Summit Meeting, Senators Robert Packwood, Jim Miller, and Bentsen, November 1987
Bentsen with Representative Joe Barton and Christmas tree, [inscribed by Barton to Bentsen] December 1987
Senator and Mrs. Robert Byrd, 50th wedding anniversary, [inscribed to Bentsens by Byrds; includes Phil Gramm] 1987
Hunting Party at Arrowhead: Senators Malcolm Wallop, Bennett Johnston, and Sam Nunn; Jack Trotter, Charles Duncan, and Bentsen, Sr., 1987
Bentsen portraits by Ashe for Time Magazine, including slides and negatives, 1987
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen dancing in Florida, 1987
Congressman Frost, [Dallas?], undated
3V235George Bristol photo exhibit, [Austin, Texas,] January 1988
Gary Brown, B. Z. Lee, and Arthur Greenspan, Texas CPAs, January 28, 1988
Johnny Crawford, Amarillo, Texas, February 18, 1988
Dedication ceremony, Navy base, Galveston, Texas, February 21, 1988
Disabled American Veterans J. S. Barnett, Harry Burgman, Raymond Rapisand, James Couch, and Kenneth Reid, February 23, 1988
Trip to Asia [Japan], Mr. and Mrs. Bentsen and Jeff Lang, January 1988
Bentsen with Nobrou Takeshita, Prime Minister of Japan, January 1988
Texas Broadcasters Association, Ann Arnold, Jack Bell, Beverly Brown and Lowry Mays, March 11, 1988
Mr. and Mrs. Ned Snead, March 16, 1988
Fleishman Hillard, Inc. Award to Senate Finance Committee, with William Wilkins and Paul Johnson, March 24, 1988
Ashley Hovey, March of Dimes Ambassador, March 1988
Terry and David Straub, April 13, 1988
Texas Cattle Feeders Association, April 20, 1988
"Meet the Press," Bentsen remote in Fort Worth, Texas, April 24, 1988
Congressman Jim Wright, May 11, 1988
Prime Minister Mulroney of Canada, May 17, 1988
State Senator Stan Schleuter, May 19, 1988
Robert Snell, May 20, 1988
Dina Osborne, June 7, 1988
Cullen Looney family, Edinburg, Texas, June 16, 1988
Will Schmid, June 28, 1988
Summer interns, first session, Includes Shannon Ratliff. June 1988.
John LaFalce and Susan Lubick, June 1988
Taylor Ferring, June 1988
Travis Johnson, July 7, 1988
Bentsen and Michael Dukakis, Vice Presidential announcement [photo missing], July 13, 1988
Bentsen, Michael Dukakis, and Mike Levy, July 13, 1988
Four generations of Bentsens, Atlanta, Georgia, during Democratic National Convention, July 21, 1988
Summer interns, second session, August 3, 1988
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen with Lady Bird Johnson at White House, signed by Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan. August [April 28 ?], 1988
Gwinnett Technical Institute, Lawrenceville, Georgia, September 6, 1988
Bentsen picture from Texas Tech University Daily, September 22, 1988
Bentsen fundraiser, Infomart, Dallas, Texas, [includes Raymond Nasher] October 6, 1988
Presentation photo to LMB from Julie Mabus, First Lady of Mississippi, October 24, 1988
Rally at Chico State University, Chico, California, [photos identified on verso in Bentsen's hand] October 27, 1988
Lloyd and B. A. Bentsen, from Austin, Texas photo shoot for campaign television ads, October 1988
Bentsen and Congressman Dennis Eckard, debate preparation, October 1988
General Dynamics, Fort Worth division, touring F-16 production line with House Speaker Jim Wright, November 1, 1988
"Meet the Press" and "Face the Nation," November 6, 1988
Miscellaneous campaign images including photos during "Strategies '88," August 1988 and with Senator Albert Gore and Jesse Jackson, October - November 1988
Bentsen at Washington University with "Dewey Defeats Truman" headline, November 1988
Senate recording studio video print sample, of Bentsen as Chairman of Finance Committee, November 1988
Tim Richardson, November 1988
Rick Avery, November 1988
Courtney Raymond, intern, November 1988
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, campaign souvenir photograph, November 1988
Easter Seals Representative Colonel J. George Cisneros, of San Antonio, Texas, March 1988
Rick Murphy, Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director of Youth in Government Group, reception held at E-Systems, Greenville, Texas [?], 1988
Bentsen and Prime Minister Nobrou Takeshita of Japan, [empty folder] undated
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, black and white 8x10s, undated
Fidencio R. Barrera, Mayor of Pharr, Texas, undated
Darlene Oner and Joyce Seibel, military case workers at Randolph Air Force Base, undated
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, Rio Grande City, Texas, [Identified by Bentsen on verso] 1988.
Swearing-in of Bentsen as Senator by Vice-President George Bush, January 3, 1989
Bentsen with President George Bush and Senator Phil Gramm in Oval Office, January 25, 1989
Private Sector Council, Bentsen as Chairman [of Finance Committee?], January 25, 1989
Bentsen and President George Bush at Alfalfa Club, January 28, 1989
"Meet the Press," January 29, 1989
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen with President and Mrs. George Bush, January 31, 1989
Jay Donaldson, March 1, 1989
Christian Tucker, March 1, 1989
Carolyn Kierce, [photocopy only] March 1, 1989
Valerie Blatnik, March 1, 1989
Mark Guzman, March 1, 1989
Roger McManus, holding Texas Coastal Cleanup Report, March 6, 1989
"Wall Street Week" with Louis Rukeyser, Inscribed by Rukeyser to "my pal" Bentsen. March 10, 1989.
Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, March 15, 1989
Robert Riggs family, March 17, 1989
GATT Director General Arthur Dunkel and members, Senate CODEL, Geneva, Switzerland, March 28, 1989
Dr. and Mrs. Shelton, April 7, 1989
Helen Reipma, Erika Mittag, Edward Seidenberg, and Virginia Whitten, April 11, 1989
Pattie and Ron Radle, April 11, 1989
Manuel Garcia and group, Joint Action in Community Service, April 13, 1989
Caroline Graves, April 13, 1989
American Association of Anesthesiologists, [empty folder] April 18, 1989
Bentsen as Chairman of Senate Finance Committee, April 20, 1989
Meredith Jones, April 21, 1989
Sally Summers, April 21, 1989
Ricky Arredondo, April 21, 1989
Mike McKinney and Tom Nance at Finance Committee, May 4, 1989
Dr. Henry Supple, President, Southwest Texas State University, May 10, 1989
Bentsen speaking to Private Sector Council, [Finance Committee?], May 12, 1989
Senior citizens Robbie Heard, Ruthie Latin, Edna Jones, Martha Abbott, and Novelle Lumbert, May 16, 1989
World Economic Forum, Washington DC, May 18, 1989
Andy Kopplin, May 22, 1989
Speaker Jim Wright's resignation on House floor, May 31, 1989
Frederick Wen, Wen family and Barbara Windmeyer (HC), June 2, 1989
Greg Raffaelli, June 2, 1989
Committee of Fifty, June 12, 1989
Thomas Murrin, Deputy Secretary of Commerce, June 13, 1989
D. L. Lindsey, June 19, 1989
Barbara Reyes, Rudy Okruhlik, Bonnie Martin, Donna Harris, June 19, 1989
Greg Young and Steven Rodriguez, Citizen Bee, June 21, 1989
Greenville (Texas) Chamber of Commerce members, June 21, 1989
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen at Woman's National Democratic Club, June 22, 1989
Charles Hansen, June 25, 1989
World Affairs Council, [Foriegn Policy Association?], San Francisco, California, July 6, 1989
Bentsen at White House with Vice President Dan Quayle, [signed by Quayle] July 13, 1989
Robert Strauss, July 13, 1989
Summer interns, first session, July 13, 1989
Melissa Ferring and Mike O'Donnell, Senate Special Services, July 13, 1989
Max Butler, Asa Lockhart, and Gordon McGee, Texas Medical Association, July 18, 1989
The Will Galtney family, July 18, 1989
Summer interns, second session, July 21, 1989
Robert Witte, Sigma Nu, July 25, 1989
Lillian Allison, July 27, 1989
Lloyd IV and Price Moncrief, July 27, 1989
Skyler Bentsen with Lorie Smith, August 1, 1989
Diane Erbsen, August 1, 1989
Andrew Ward, Senate page, August 1, 1989
Bentsen on "Face the Nation," September 17, 1989
Robert and Joan Johnson and Stan Sloan, September 20, 1989
President Carlos Salinas de Gortari of Mexico, Senator Robert Dole, October 4, 1989
Barry Harrin and Garey Wallace, October 19, 1989
Garey Wallace, president of NTS Communications, October 19, 1989
George Bristol and son, Jim, October 24, 1989
Nigel Howard, October 24, 1989
Jake Kamin and Nigel Howard, October 24, 1989
Children's Commission, San Antonio, Texas, November 27, 1989
Vickie Eckard [CMS operator], December 1, 1989
Frances Wickes [Bentsen staff], December 1, 1989
University of Texas at Austin Graduate School Commencement, December 10, 1989
Bentsen and George Bush, inscribed by Bush, "To Lloyd - / The pride of Alfalfa. All Best, George," [photocopy only] January 27, 1990
R. N. Nishanov, Moscow, January 1990
Junior Leagues of Texas, March 1, 1990
DSCC, Bentsen with Senator Albert Gore, Austin, Texas, March 3, 1990
San Diego Taxpayers Association, San Diego, California, March 12, 1990
March of Dimes gala, March 27, 1990
Ben and Jeff Love and families with Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, March 27, 1990
Liese Wright, April 4, 1990
George Leventhal, April 4, 1990
Aurora Hernandez, April 4, 1990
Diane Bayne, April 4, 1990
Elizabeth Baum, intern, April 4, 1990
Bentsen portrait preview album, Gittings studio, April 25, 1990
Alan Greehlee, April 26, 1990
Waverly Ware, April 26, 1990
Mrs. Lucia Rede Madrid, volunteer award, and negatives of office staff, April 1990
Tax Foundation, April 1990
Ronald Chandler, District Director of INS, and staff with "Inez" the robot, May 9, 1990
Ray Bonilla, Jr., Legislative Assistant, May 18, 1990
James Rubin, Research Assistant, May 18, 1990
Kipperly Tidball, May 18, 1990
Allen Rustay, May 18, 1990
Richard Raymond, May 18, 1990
Bentsen with daughter and granddaughter, May 1990
Fannie Mae Awards of Excellence, with Roberto Flores, Sandra Taylor, and Betty Bundy, May 1990
Fred Comer, June 8, 1990
Pat and Mark Rauch, June 14, 1990
Kathy Garfield, niece, June 15, 1990
Nelson Mandela at Joint Meeting of Congress, June 26, 1990
State Senator [John T.] Montford and family, June 26, 1990
Blaine Bull and family, June 29, 1990
Jennie Sinclair, page, June 29, 1990
Alisa Malechek, June 29, 1990
Chicago mayor Richard M. Daley, July 9, 1990
Girls National: Lorin Looney, Sharon McGowan, and Stacey Riggleman, July 20, 1990
Ava Smith, July 1990
Robert Lehrman, speechwriter, July 1990
Texas Farmers Union: V. Chandler, G. Moore, and N. Schlegel, July 1990
President George Bush in White House; General Colin Powell in background, July 30, 1990
Anthony Zaffirini, intern, July 1990
Michael Wroblewski, intern, July 1990
Kenneth Swenke, intern, July 1990
Sandra Slack, intern, July 1990
David Hugley, intern, July 1990
Shawn Gross, intern, July 1990
Stewart Whitehead, intern, August 1, 1990
Andrew Pearle, intern, August 1, 1990
Matthew Kessler, intern, August 1, 1990
Ross Cockrell, intern, August 1, 1990
Jack Cabaness, intern, August 1, 1990
Danielle Camner, intern, August 1, 1990
Jim Braniff, intern, August 1, 1990
Kathy [Katherine] Cloues, Research Assistant, August 30, 1990
Roland W. Schmitt, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, August 1990
Miscellaneous negatives, including 1990 interns. Also contains information on Japan-US Senate Scholarship program. August 1990
Budget meetings, with President Bush, Andrews AFB, September 7, 1990
Helene Rosso, October 9, 1990
"This Week with David Brinkley," October 14, 1990
Lucy Nazro, Headmistress of St. Andrew's Episcopal School, Austin, and Nazro family (husband Phil, daughter Evvie, son Phillips), October 15, 1990
Eleanor Tinsley, Houston City Council, October 1990
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, October 1990
Pierre Bérégovoy, French Minister of Finance, November 8, 1990
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, Mexico trip, [includes meetings with Ambassador Negroponte, Pedro Aspe, Texans at US Embassy, and Mexican businessmen] November 27-29, 1990
Meeting with business leaders, Killeen, Texas, re: economic impact of Persian Gulf deployments, November 30, 1990
Rawle Andrews, originally February 1983, re-sent November 1990
U.S.-Japan Leadership Council, [Photos include former Presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.] December 1990
3V236Breakfast by Congressman Jack Brooks, January 23, 1991
Louis Rukeyser, "Wall Street Week," [inscribed "For my pal Lloyd Bentsen - with admiration, and the bullish best wishes of an (honorary) fellow Texan, Lou Rukeyser"] February 22, 1991.
Sarah Stevenson, February 1991
Jason Schwartz, March 1, 1991
Senate floor speech, aid for trade, March 6, 1991
Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock and Texas State Senators Temple Dickson, Rodney Ellis, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Gonzalo Barrientos, Bill Sims, John Martin and Mr. Jack Martin, March 14, 1991
March of Dimes gala, March 19, 1991
Mike McGlothern, March 28, 1991
Robert Mallett, Legal Counsel, March 28, 1991
Arthur Mardes (Marty) Clayton III, Legislative Assistant, March 28, 1991
Lan Bentsen and Bob Hold, National Children's Commission, March 1991
Rod Taylor, intern, April 11, 1991
Bob Peck, intern, April 11, 1991
President George Bush in Oval Office, April 15, 1991
Congressman Geren and Jerry Grinstein, April 18, 1991
Max Jones, Texans' War on Drugs, April 22, 1991
President George Bush, Dan Rostenkowski in Oval Office, April 23, 1991
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Mednet, May 2, 1991
Superconducting Super Collider lab, Dallas, Texas, May 3, 1991
Ms. Jennifer Jones, May 8, 1991
Mayor Charles Doyle of Texas City, attorneys Holman Lilienstern and Lee Wingate, Galveston County Commissioner Billy Pegues, and Dr. Leonard Merrell, TCISD Superintendent, May 21, 1991
Livingston and Saranne Kosberg, May 1991
Jack Dulworth, June 4, 1991
James D. Belville, meteorologist, and family, June 12, 1991
State dinner, White House, President of Brazil, Fernando Collor, and President George Bush, June 18, 1991
Rio Grande Choir, Rio Grande Children's Home, June 26, 1991
The Kuntz family, Hal, Vesta, and Michael, June 26, 1991
Mrs. Julie Beckett, Family to Family Network, June 26, 1991
First summer session, summer interns, luncheon, June 27, 1991
Governor Ann Richards at "Capital Salute to the Troops," June 30, 1991
South Whitfield, intern, June 4, 1991
Anna Whitehead, intern, June 4, 1991
Greg Watson, intern, June 4, 1991
Johnny Ward, intern, June 4, 1991
Tom Vickers, intern, June 4, 1991
David Ruff, intern, June 4, 1991
Lance Etcheverry, June 4, 1991
Kerry Overton, intern, June 4, 1991
Laurie Hickson, intern, June 4, 1991
Deborah Coleman, intern, June 4, 1991
Rick Avery, [Research Assistant?], June 4, 1991
Jim Currie, [Legislative Assistant], July 11, 1991
John Sheffield, intern, July 15, 1991
Carrie Sharp, intern, July 15, 1991
Raney Webb, intern, July 15, 1991
Kerry Overton, intern, July 15, 1991
Coke Mills III, intern, July 15, 1991
Trey Loftin, intern, July 15, 1991
Bick Federspiel, intern, July 15, 1991
Andrew Bowman, intern, July 15, 1991
Labor rally at Labor Department, July 24, 1991
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen with granddaughters, July 26, 1991
Mr. Ed Beck, Attorney for American Petroleum Institute, July 29, 1991
Don Patricio Aylwin Azocar, President of Chile, August 21, 1991
Senator Bentsen at hearing, September 11, 1991
Paul Merski, Tax Foundation, October 28, 1991
Hearing room, October 3, 1991
Deme Shokkos, Secretary to press secretary, November 14, 1991
President of Argentina, November 14, 1991
Denise Roy, Legislative Assistant, December 13, 1991
Senator Bentsen on "Meet the Press" with Dick Darman, December 8, 1991
Official photo of Bentsen, from photographer Susan Noonan and "Wall Street Week," 1991
John Gardiner's Tennis Ranch, Arizona, January 9, 1992
U.S. Senate Youth Program, Cynthia Sue Honderd and Ryan Senter, February 19, 1992
Robert Lemond, hearing on S. 1872, February 20, 1992
"Meet the Press", March 1, 1992
Neal Burnett, President, Lone Star Corn Growers Association, March 18, 1992
Luman Holman, Federal Land Bank Association, Jack DeVore and Joe O'Neill, March 30, 1992
Coretech award presentation, March 31, 1992
Gwen Moore, [Research Assistant], May 8, 1992
Jennifer Cook, May 8, 1992
Suzanne Rogers, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Amarillo, Texas, May 14, 1992
Bentsen with Juan Carlos, King of Spain, in the Royal Palace ["Palacio de Oriente"], receiving the Medalla de Oro of the Spanish Institute, Madrid, Spain, May 18, 1992
Andrew Price, first session summer intern, June 5, 1992
Stephen Butter, first session summer intern, June 5, 1992
Joshua Busby, first session summer intern, June 5, 1992
Karen Branch, first session summer intern, June 5, 1992
Robert Dunkin, first session summer intern, June 5, 1992
Joseph Stultz, first session summer intern, June 5, 1992
The Livesay family, June 12, 1992
Pharr, Texas ground breaking, with Governor Ann Richards, June 13, 1992
Pete Cazamias, second session summer intern, July 2, 1992
Ethan Diehl, second session summer intern, July 2, 1992
Michele Gideon, second session summer intern, July 2, 1992
Tonya Turner, second session summer intern, July 2, 1992
J. D. Granger, second session summer intern, July 2, 1992
Theresa Youngblood, second session summer intern, July 2, 1992
Connelly McGreevy, second session summer intern, July 2, 1992
Gabriel Fidel, summer intern, July 2, 1992
First session summer intern lunch, July 2, 1992
Charlie Stevenson, Legislative Assistant, July 20, 1992
Lisa and Jeffrey Genecov, July 22, 1992
David Henderson and Casey Thomas, Boys Nation, July 23, 1992
Junior Statesman Foundation, July 30, 1992
Don Spellman, July 30, 1992
Salee and David Davis, July 30, 1992
Amanda Stamps, July 30, 1992
Allison Silberberg, July 30, 1992
Second session summer intern lunch, August 7, 1992
San Diego, California with Governor William Clinton, August 1992
Gary Newgard, September 21, 1992
Marion and Maria Spiers, September 25, 1992
NAFTA hearing witnesses on agriculture and energy issues, September 30, 1992
Congressman Pete Geren and family, October 5, 1992
"Face the Nation", November 1992
Kennedy Center Awards, December 6, 1992
Texas Democratic Delegation, December 1992
Senate Photography Studio, 1987 official photo, 1987
Beryl Ann "B.A." Bentsen, 1987
Miscellaneous photos, not sent, [Mostly headshots and photos of dinner with Lady Bird Johnson] 1990.
Important past photographs, Senator Bentsen, Sam Rayburn, (always keep in current files) [photocopy of Rayburn photo, with Bentsen's notation on verso] 1950's
San Antonio Air Logistics Center, [Site visit with Henry Cisneros]. undated.
Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, undated
Miscellaneous photos [1972-1973]
Miscellaneous photographs of Bentsen Jaime Martinez, president of Edgewood, Texas Board of Education, undated
Miscellaneous headshots, undated
Miscellaneous office group photos, undated
Dr. Mario Romirez, Good Housekeeping Physician of the Year, undated
Senator with unidentified groups, mounted, undated
Bentsen with Pasadena, California group, undated [ca. 1975]
Bentsen with photographers, [photo is mounted and marked for publication, with photo mask overlay] undated
Televised Democratic response to State of the Union message (?), undated
Color headshots of Senator Bentsen, by Yoichi Okamoto (?), 1973
Texas school board representatives, in Bentsen's Washington, DC office, undated [ca. 1975]
3V231Miscellaneous Prints, Negatives, and Transparencies:
Photo services price lists, (Includes 8x10 in. negative and slides of Bentsen) undated
1970 Senate campaign, color transparencies
Senate campaign photos, 35mm slides, June-September, 1970
Headshots of Bentsen, 35mm slides, June 1970
Bentsen family life, color transparencies, 1970
Bentsen family photos, black and white and color negatives, 1970
Bentsen family, contact sheets, by Rob Muir Associates, Houston, Texas, [1970]
Campaign photos and contact sheets, 1970
Extent (two folders)
Campaign photos, black and white 4x5″ negatives
Publicity headshots of Bentsen, 35mm slides by Yoichi Okamoto, August 1972
Bentsen at unidentified military base, 35mm slides, circa 1972
Meeting with NASA officials, 35mm slides, circa 1972
Asman Photo Service contact sheets and negatives:
1971-1972, 1973
Extent (3 folders)
"to be done," 1973
3V232Test exposures and discussion of electronic flash equipment, May 15, 1973
Photographs in the Senator's office flash exposure sample book, June 4, 1973
Asman 35mm negative sets:
Number 3892, July 18, 1972
Number 6879, July 20, 1973
Number 7226, September 4, 1973
Number 7261, September [?], 1973
Number 7349, September 18, 1973
Number 7421, September 27, 1973
Number 7516, October 10, 1973
Number 7762, November 8, 1973
Number 7879, November 26. 1973
Number 8080, December 28, 1973
Number 8447, February 26, 1974
Number 8485, March 4, 1974
Number 8679, March 26, 1974
Number 8791, April 10, 1974
Number 8945, April 29, 1974
Number 9017, May 8, 1974
Number 9264, June 4, 1974
Number 9344, June 11, 1974
Number 9461, June 26, 1974
Number 9609, July 12, 1974
Number 9806, August 5, 1974
Number 9921, with SER Project photos, August 21, 1974
Number 10297, Bentsen Bullets, October 10, 1974
Number 10549, November 13, 1974
Asman photos, contact sheets, and negatives, 1975-1977
Extent (3 folders)
Publicity headshots of Bentsen, rejected, May-June, 1978
Publicity headshots of Bentsen, July 1978
Miscellaneous headshots of Bentsen, [includes Bentsen Bullets softball team and unidentified groups] 1974-1978
Asman photos, contact sheets, and negatives, 1978-1981
Extent (4 folders)
Bentsen photo shoot, Gittings studio, 1981
Miscellaneous photos of Beryl Ann Bentsen, 1971-1982
Asman photos, contact sheets, and negatives, 1982
Reelection campaign, 1982
Bentsen embracing Hispanic senior citizen, [1982]
Bentsen headshots, Atlas Photo, New York, New York, 1983
Bentsen headshots, 1983
Asman photos, contact sheets, and negatives, 1983-1984, 1985-1986
Extent (2 folders)
Bentsen photo logs, 1971-1986
Senate Photography Studio, (includes negatives, contact sheets, orders, and identifications) 1987-1990
3V226Personal photographs, undated
Contact prints, August 1972
Bentsen contacts, 1975
Bentsen, photos, 1974
Miscellaneous, 1988 campaign material, 1988
Jim Wells photographs, February-March 1975
Willacy County land sales, 1980
Sugarland pictures, May-September 1988
Omaha pictures, [1988]
County coordinator meeting, August 1988
Lloyd Bentsen, photographs and card, undated
3V232Photographs II, 1974-1975
3V226Photographs I, Jim Wells photographs, undated
Campaign fundraiser photographs, 1979
Trip, newsletter, draft, 1982
Thank you for specific service rendered or offered, August-November 1988
MX missile briefing, April 14, 1981
Senator Bentsen, miscellaneous photographs, 1989-1990
Photos of Senator and Mrs. Bentsen, and visit to Scott and White, 1988
Casework, Lea, W.E., 1989-1990
Quotation, embossed imitation wood, from China, June 1988
Omaha Charter list and invoices, October 11, 1988
Sea World rally pictures, October 1988
Pictures taken in Lubbock, Texas, April 1988
Photos at Tyler Junior College and E-Systems, September 1987
Family photos, undated
Bentsen reject photos, undated
LMB 18Index cards for press photos [incomplete], 1971

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