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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Records, 1947-2005: Part 3

Descriptive Summary

CreatorTexas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association
TitleTexas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Records
Dates: 1947-2005
Identification: 91-314; 92-274; 93-200; 93-380; 94-278; 95-063; 96-168; 2008-294
Extent167 ft.
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO) was founded in 1946 to promote the interests and concerns of independent oil and gas producers in Texas.

Scope and Contents

Collection documents the history of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association (TIPRO) from 1947 to 2005. Included are: membership lists, financial records, Federal Energy Administration files, legislative files, biographical files, issues of deregulation, publications and reports, news releases, speeches, clippings, meeting transcripts, annual conferences, court cases, photographs, and other related material.



The records are arranged in 5 series. Series I (Organizational Records) represents documentation about TIPRO itself, its operations and activities. Series II (Issues Files) documents the particular legislative and regulatory actions with which TIPRO concerned itself as a lobby for independent oil & gas producers, and these files further give the researcher a unique view of the energy industry and its intersection with government, at the state, federal, and international levels. Series III (Reference Files and Library) includes a reference library of external publications of interest to TIPRO, while the reference files differ from Series II in that these files do not focus on a particular issue per file—rather many of the reference files encompass many issues within one file, pertaining to one subject (and thus are arranged accordingly). Series IV (Publications Files) includes the records of TIPRO’s outreach and communications activities, including publicly disseminated memos, letters, news releases, and its weekly newsletter, The TIPRO Target. Finally, Series V (Convention & Committee Meeting Records) illustrates TIPRO’s busy annual meeting schedule, as it stays in constant contact with its constituents and their needs.

Due to size, this inventory has been divided into four separate units which can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted text:
1. Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Records, Part 1 [including series I. and part of series II.]
2. Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Records, Part 2 [including part of series II. and series III.]
3. Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Records, Part 3 [this page, including part of series IV.]
4. Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Records, Part 4 [including part of series IV., series V., and series VI.]


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Subjects (Organizations)
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association--Archives
Environmental regulations -- United States
Natural gas industry
Natural gas -- law and legislation
Natural gas -- Taxation.
Petroleum industry and trade -- Political aspects -- United States.
Petroleum industry and trade -- Standards -- United States.
Petroleum industry and trade -- Taxation
Petroleum industry and trade -- United States -- Periodicals.
Petroleum industry and trade -- United States -- Records and correspondence.
Petroleum law and legislation
United States. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Related Material

See also:

1. Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Oral History Collection, 1992-1994

2.Goodwin, Lawrence. Texas Oil, American Dreams: A Study of the Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association. Barker Texas History Center Series, ed. Don E. Carleton, no. 5. Austin: Texas State Historical Association, 1996.

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Preferred Citation

Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Records, 1947-2005, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection



2008-294/11bTIPRO Publications, 1952-70, 1995-98:
Target, Vol. 19, #2, April 1998
Target, Vol. 19, #5, October 1998
Crude Oil Pipeline Facilities, 1957
State Taxes & the Oil & Gas Producing Industry, 1961
Environmental Manual, brochure, 1995-96
“Natural Resource Taxation,” 1958
“What Landowners Should Know About Oil & Gas & related minerals,” 1968
“Percentage Depletion,” a Provision for Progress, 1970
“Glossary for the Gas Industry,” 1967
“Searching for Oil,” 1956
“Compulsory Unitization,” 1952
Other, undated
TIPRO Publications, 1962, 1965:
TIPRO Reports - Supplemental to Individual Files:
August-December, 1965
April-July, 1965
January-March, 1965
September-December 18, 1962
June-August, 1962
Oil Imports: Residual Imports - U.S. Policy Statement (OEP/Abel), May 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil Buying Practices, Press Release (Executive Committee Meeting), April 13, 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil, Press Release (SB 395/HB 810 - Executive Committee Meeting), April 11, 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil, Memo (SB 395/HB 810, SB 417/HB 806 - Executive Committee Meeting), April 8, 1965
Oil Imports: Fortune Magazine Report, Letter (Simons/Pitzer - Executive & Imports Committee), April 6, 1965
Oil Imports: Residual Fuel Imports, Article (Ft. Worth Star Telegram), April 4, 1965
Oil Imports: Residual Fuel Imports, Memo (Texas Congressional Delegation), April 1, 1965
Abel Letter to Udall re: Residual Imports Increase, April 1, 1965
Oil Imports: Offshore Production, Article (Dallas Morning News--Udall urged to stem), March 25, 1965
Oil Imports: Interior Hearing (3-10), Letter (Udall/MDA supplemental statement), March 19, 1965
Fictitious Oil Imports Hearing Before Department of Exterior (Cockrum), March 10, 1965
Oil Imports: Imports Program, Press Release (Interior Hearings), March 10, 1965
Oil Imports: Foreign vs. Domestic, Report (Economic Advantages), March 5, 1965
Oil Imports: Approaches Comparison, Report (Burleson or Gonzalez Bill), March 1, 1965
Oil Imports: TIPRO's Approach to Rollback, Letter (Burleson/MDA), March 1, 1965
Oil Imports: Approaches for Control, Press Release (Imports Committee Meeting), February 25, 1965
Foreign vs. Domestic Oil - Differential Economic Treatment, February 24, 1965
Comparison of Burleson and Gonzalez Bills - Oil Imports Approaches, February 24, 1965
Press Release re Executive Committee Meeting in Austin, February 24, 1965
Oil Imports: Offshore Allowables, Article (Houston Post), February 21, 1965
Natural Gas: Pooling Bill, Letter (Rep. Clack/WET), February 17, 1965
Natural Gas: Pooling Bill, Article (Houston Post), February 14, 1965
Natural Gas: State Legislation, Bill (Pooling Bill – Final Version), February 15, 1965
Natural Gas: FPC Hearing - CP65-213, Brief (Petition to Intervene--Pacific Gas), February 12, 1965
Oil Imports: Puerto Rico Oil Imports, Letter (Udall/Abel), February 12, 1965
Natural Gas: FPC Hearing - AR 61-1, Brief (Oral Argument--Permian Basin), February 9, 1965
Oil Imports: Import Freeze Opposition, Letter (Gonzalez/Kendall), February 9, 1965
Oil Imports: Appraisal of U.S. Petrol Industry (Interior), Statement (Abel), February 7, 1965
Oil Imports: Congressional Legislation, Resolution (HR 4287--Clark-Thompson), February 1, 1965
Oil Imports: Congressional Legislation, Bill (HB 2177 - Burleson), February 1, 1965
Natural Gas: Pooling Bill, Press Release (Explanation), January 18, 1965
Ratable Take: Railroad District #2, Report (Sol Smith's Statistics), January 15, 1965
Oil Imports: State Legislation, Letter & Bill (Rep. Gonzales), January 14, 1965
Oil Imports: Congressional Legislation, Memo (Amend. Trade Agreement Act), January 14, 1965
Oil Imports: Controls, Article (Petty's Oil Letter), January 13 & 14, 1965
Oil Imports: Quota-bidding, Letters (Ralph & Unsell/WET), January 4 & 14, 1965
Congressional Record - Yarborough Speech re Domestic Industries Security Act of 1965, June 22, 1965
TOPMA: Charter-Texas Oil Producers Marketing Association (Press Release), June 20, 1965
Wright Patman re Interior's Oil Policy & Udall Plans No Imports Changes Platt's OILGRAM, June 18, 1965
Abel's Statement re Udall's Announcement Imports Program (Press Release), June 17, 1965
Abel's Statement re FPC Decision for Escalation in Contracts (Press Release), June 11, 1965
Abel's Statement re Udall's Concern over Deteriorating Crude Oil Prices (Press Release), June 8, 1965
Oil & Gas Pollution (HB 785), Bill by Mutscher 3-11-65, June 9, 1965
Oil Imports: Proposed Hearing/Changes, Press Release (Patman - Banking & Currency Committee), June 6, 1965
Oil Import Program - Fact and Interior Fantasy, June 4, 1965
Oil Imports: Foreign Trade Zone, Letter (Thomas Curtis/MDA), June 4, 1965
Interior's Proposed 1965 Revision of Import Program, June 3, 1965
Natural Gas: FPC Hearing - CP65-213, Brief (TIPRO Reply, Pacific Gas Transmission Co.), June 2, 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil – SB 395, Amendment/Section 4 (Common Purchaser), June 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil - HB 810, SB 395, Amendment/Section 1, June 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil - HB 810, Bill (by Crain - Common Purchaser Act), June 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil - SB 395, HB 810, Explanation & Bill (Creighton-Crain Common Purchaser), June 1965
Ratable Take: Legislation - HB 806/SB 417, Amendment (Crude Oil Common Purchaser), June 1965
Oil Imports: Texas Offshore Allowables, Press Release (Abel Statement), May 30, 1965
Oil Imports: Texas Offshore Allowables, Policy Statement (RRC/Abel), May 28, 1965
Wright Patman Press Release re Balance of Payments Hearing, May 20, 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil, Statement (Declining Texas Market), May 19, 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil, Memo (Executive Committee - SB 395/HB810), May 11, 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil, Statement (Excess of Purchaser Nominations), May 19, 1965
Natural Gas: FPC Hearing AR 64-1,-2, Letter (Counsel of Record/Davenport), May 6, 1965
Oil Imports: Residual Fuel Imports, Press Release (TIPRO's OEP Statement), May 9, 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil, Article (The Oil Daily - Abel Urges Bills Passed - SB 395/HB 810), May 7, 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Oil Purchasing, Statement (SB 395/HB 810 - Abel), May 6, 1965
Natural Gas: Marketing Gasoline Testimony (FTC/Abel), May 3, 1965
Ratable Take: Crude Price Cuts – prorat., Article (Dallas Morning News), May 2, 1965
Oil Imports: Smaller Firms' Share, Article (World Oil/Lambert), May 1965
Technical Explanation of Foreign Tax Credit Proposals (1963) by Secretary Dillon (Feb. 6, 1963), July 23, 1965
Comparison Tables - 1962 Profit per Barrel Production & Gas Utilization, July 23, 1965
LBJ Faces Showdown on Charge U.S. Favoritism Oil Deal (Phillips Puerto Rico) - Houston Chronicle, July 20, 1965
Udall Sparks Another Oil Battle - Business Week, July 17, 1965
Oil Flow "Inequities" Attacked - Houston Post, July 16, 1965
Press Releases re San Antonio Executive Committee Hearing, July 17, 23, 14, 1965
Committee Notices for San Antonio Meeting, June 24 - July 16, 1965
Crude Oil: Pipeline Connection Case, Brief (Duffy-Crown Central - for Writ of Mandamus), July 15, 1965
Abel Memo to Directors re: Should Foreign Depletion be Cut, July 15, 1965
SIU Defends Oil Import Quota - Journal of Commerce, July 13, 1965
Excerpt from Washington Oil Memo re: Phillips Petroleum Co. Puerto Rico Petrochemicals, July 12, 1965
Lattu Letter to Abel Commending TIPRO Reporter, July 16, 1965
Abel's OEP Rebuttal Statement re Decontrol of Resid Imports & Press Release, July 6, 1965
Patman Decries Imports' Share of Market Increase - Houston Post, July 4, 1965
Exempt Production Dominated by Majors - Ft. Worth Star, July 4, 1965
Railroad Commission: Pooling Act, Speech (by Walter Koch before Texas Bar Association), July 2, 1965
Natural Gas: Pooling-RRC, Speech (Ralph B. Shank, Dallas), July 2, 1965
TOPMA (Texas Oil Producing Marketing Association): Articles of Incorporation, July 1, 1965
TOPMA (Texas Oil Producing Marketing Association): By-laws, July 1, 1965
Natural Gas: Tabulation of RRC 10, Letter (Abel/Sol Smith - allowables), June 30, 1965
Ratable Take: Railroad District #10, Report (Sol Smith's Statistics), June 30, 1965
Abel Letter to Yarborough re Introducing Senate Bill to Freeze Imports, June 28, 1965
Foreign Tax Advantages and IRS Code re Percentage Depletion Rates, June 23, 1965
American-Flag Tankers for Foreign Oil (Petty's Oil Letter), June 23, 1965
Ratable Take: FPC Hearing AR 61-1, Brief (Rehearing of Opinion 468 & Order - Permian Basin), September 2, 1965
Press Release re Udall's Proposed Revision of Oil Imports, August 29, 1965
Notice to Liaison Committee re Meeting September 2, August 27, 1965
Patman Hits Foreign Oil Depletion - Ft. Worth Star Telegram & Oil Daily, August 18, 1965
Congressional Record Speeches by Wright Patman (5/20-6/15), August 16, 1965
Billy G. Thompson Column on Halbouty Foreign Depletion Letter - Houston Post, August 15, 1965
Turner Letter to Riley Wilson on His Editorial re Foreign Depletion, August 13, 1965
Natural Gas: FPC Decision, Statement (Permian Basin Hearing), August 15, 1965
Abel Letter to Halbouty re Foreign Depletion, August 12, 1965
Natural Gas: FPC Regulation on Explor., Speech (Rocky Mountain Assn. of Geologists/Davenport), August 6, 1965
Oil Imports: Slide Presentation, Letter (Public Relations Comm./Davis), July 30, 1965
Abel Statement re OEP & Interior Increase in Resid Imports, December 22, 1965
Abel Blasts New Texas Offshore Allowables (Press Release), December 16, 1965
Abel Statement re Oil Import Program for January 1966, December 10, 1965
Natural Gas: Area Rate Hearing, AR 61-1 (Petition for Review of Opinion & Order of FPC), December 2, 1965
Memo Report of Natural Gas Committee Meeting in Austin November 16, November 17, 1965
Natural Gas: Excerpts from FPC Order 308, November 16, 1965
Natural Gas: FPC CP65-213, et al, Hearing (Pacific Gas Transmission Co.) and Brief (Initial by TIPRO), November 15, 1965
Meeting: Topics at Gas Committee Meeting, November 9, 1965
"Industry Controversy is Healthy" (Abel quoted in The Oil Daily), November 8, 1965
Johnny Mitchell Letter to Follis and Proposed Revision of Oil Imports Plan, November 3, 1965
Abel Statement before Interior Dept. re Petrochemical Feedstocks, October 28, 1965
Natural Gas: FPC Hearing CP65-213, Brief (Joinder Brief Supporting State of Texas & California Prod. Assns.), October 22, 1965
Meeting: Public Relations Committee Notice, October 18, 1965
Imports: "High MER" Allowables, Letters (Harry Elliott & M. D. Bryant), October 15, 1965
Imports: Allowables to Railroad Com., Statement (by Abel), October 14, 1965
Imports: FPC - Pacific Gas Transmission, Brief (Reply on Issuance of Subpoena Duces Tecum), October 8, 1965
Meeting: Executive Committee – Abilene, Releases (Ft. Worth Star & Houston Post), October 7-8, 1965
Meeting: Executive Committee – Abilene, Resolutions (Passed), October 7, 1965
Imports: Proposed Means to Neutralize Economic Advantages (Summary), October 7, 1965
Imports: "Alleged" Economic Advantages of Foreign-Produced Oil (Report), October 7, 1965
Imports: Special Foreign Oil Tax Committee (Letter: Halbouty to Abel), October 6, 1965
Huddle's Foreign Oil Tax Study Report (Abilene Meeting), October 6, 1965
Total Wells Drilled, 1957-1965
(Oil/Gas Charts)
Excerpts from 1957 Senate Floor Debate on Depletion, October 4, 1965
Natural Gas: Pacific Gas Transmission, Press Release (re Canadian Gas to California), October 3, 1965
Allowable in Louisiana Up (The Oil Daily), October 1, 1965
IRS Nearing End of Study Oil and Gas Depletion (The Oil Daily), September 30, 1965
Abel's Statement to Press re Elmer Hoehn Appointment, September 21, 1965
Natural Gas: FPC Hearing CP65-213 (Brief: Reply to Motions to Exclude Testimony - Pacific Gas Transmission Co.), September 8, 1965
3K369“TIPRO Archive” [Newsletters & News Releases], 1970-82:
Excerpts concerning Depletion Allowance and Texas House Energy and Crisis Commission, January 5-7, 1975
Excerpt Oil & Gas Journal, “Odds Never Greater in U.S....Legislation,” December 30, 1974
Excerpt Oil & Gas Journal, Watching Washington, Gene Kinney, December 30, 1974
Mitchell Memorandum to Texas delegation concerning Energy Tax Bill, November 27, 1974
Christmann Letter to Gorman Smith concerning “Entitlements” Proposal, November 15, 1974
Definition of Domestic Independent Petroleum Producer, J.G. Martin, October 7, 1974
Christmann Statement before FEA concerning FEE 0995 (211.63), October 7, 1974
Daily Crude/Natural Gas Liquid Production in Texas by Producer (Julian G. Martin), 1973
Press Release concerning Mitchell’s Appointment to Project Independence Advisory Committee, October 1, 1974
3K368Annual Reports, 1979:
NEPC, 1979
SPIC, 1979
Testimony FEA Hearing concerning Supplier/Purchaser Rule by Watson and Turner, February 2, 1976
Christmann Statement before FEA concerning Proposed Regulations (EPCA), January 23, 1976
TIPRO Synopsis FEA Proposed Crude Oil Regulations (EPCA), January 14, 1976
Summary of Regulations on Domestic Crude Oil Prices (EPCA) Proposed by FEA, Baker and Botts, January 14, 1976
Summary Regulations on Domestic Crude Oil Prices under EPCA of 1975, as proposed by FEA, January 14, 1976
TIPRO Initial Brief concerning Southland Royalty Co., et al v. FPC, January 6, 1976
Senate Votes on Key Energy Legislation 94th Congress; H.R. 2166, Tax Reduction Act of 1975
Notes on Natural Gas Deregulation, IPAA, December 1975
Excerpt "Gas Today," The Oil Daily, Tuesday, December 23, 1975
Memo to Executive Committee and Policy Committees, "Crude Sales Under Energy Law,” December 23, 1975
John J. Christmann Statement, Energy Pricing Bill, December 22, 1975
"Harris Survey," Decontrol, Incentive for O & G Production, by Louis Harris, November 20, 1975
Christmann-Pitts Letter to Rep. Eckhardt concerning Natural Gas Decontrol, December 15, 1975
Staff Memo concerning Omnibus Energy Package, November 19, 1975
Executive Committee Mailing concerning September 28 IPAA Called Meeting (DC), September 24, 1975
Christmann Letter to Zarb concerning U.S. Court of Appeals Decision on Tariff, August 18, 1975
Editorial, The Oil and Gas Journal, August 18, 1975
Readers Digest, Article concerning Shortage of Natural Gas, Turner and Bryant Replies, July 29, 1975
Christmann-Pitts Mailgram to Texas Delegation concerning President's Compromise Proposal on Pricing, July 28, 1975
Christmann-Pitts Telegram to Democratic Study Group, Texas Delegation, concerning HR-7014, July 15, 1975
U.S. Oil Supply and Demand, IPAA Chart, July 1975
Mitchell-Christmann Press Release concerning Senate Commerce Committee Natural Gas Bill, May 18, 1975
National Energy Policy, May 25 Committee Meeting Notice, May 14, 1975
Press Release concerning Convention Speakers Congressmen Pickle and Archer, April 22, 1975
Press Release FEA Administrator Frank G. Zarb, April 6, 1975
"HAT'S OFF" Award to C. John Miller Press Release, April 30, 1975
Final Press Release concerning 29th Annual Meeting, May 25-27, Dallas, May 21, 1975
Pitts Letter to Directors concerning Convention, May 19, 1975
Statement before House Energy Comm. concerning HB-1231 by D. K. Davis, Natural Gas Finders, Dallas, April 15, 1975
Mitchell Memo to Executive Committee concerning Rescission of Ruling 1974-28(FEA) Stripper Wells, April 10, 1975
State Petroleum Issues Committee Meeting, Austin, April 8, 1975
Christmann Letter to Texaco's Maurice Granville concerning Percentage Depletion, March 5, 1975
Christmann Letter to Chairman Al Ullman, Ways and Means concerning Depletion and Windfall Profits Tax, February 15, 1975
TIPRO Statement Before Railroad Commission Statewide Hearing, January 16, 1975
Excerpt Houston Chronicle, Quoting Mr. Turner on Royalty Owners, January 12, 1975
Chart, Decline in Well Drilling in USA, 1958-1973, February 1974
Chart, J. G. Martin, U.S. Petroleum Liquid Supply-Demand: 1974-2013 and Assumptions for Chart, January 1974
Press Release, January 16, 1974
Lone Star Steel Wildcat Program (to Executive Committee), January 7, 1974
Reprint Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, concerning Lone Star Steel "Well a Day," January 4, 1974
Turner Memo to Mitchell concerning Recent-day Developments, December 21, 1973
Rutter Statement before Railroad Commission concerning Energy Crisis, November 26, 1973
Press Release by George Mitchell concerning Phase IV Price Regulations, November 23, 1973
News Release, Excerpted from Mitchell letter to Governor Love, and Mailed October 12, 1973
Press Release concerning Executive Committee Meeting in Dallas, August 23, 1973
Presidential Council and Executive Committee Meeting; Statler Hilton, Dallas, August 23, 1973
Notice, August 23, 1973, E. C. and Presidential Council Meeting, Dallas, August 3, 1973
Drilling Statistics, Petroleum Information Corporation, August 1, 1973
Rutter Statement before Texas Railroad Commission East Texas Hearing, July 31, 1973
CLC Filing on Phase IV Docket and Mitchell Letter to Governor Love, July 26, 1973
George Mitchell Testimony, "The Petroleum Supply Problem,” before Energy Crisis Committee, July 24, 1973
Mitchell Press Release concerning Phase IV Controls, July 20, 1973
Turner Memorandum to Mitchell concerning Public/Governmental Relations, July 16, 1973
Turner Speech before Natural Gas Men of Houston, March 9, 1976
Christmann Telegram to Zarb concerning Entitlements Proposal, March 2, 1976
Statement by Jim Russell before the Texas Railroad Commission Hearing February 19, 1976
Christmann Testimony concerning Crude Oil Supplier/Purchaser Rule, FEA Hearing Dallas, February 18, 1976
Press Release, Christmann-Pitts Statement concerning House Legislation on Gas Decontrol, February 6, 1976
Memo to Executive Committee concerning FEA regulations on Crude Oil Pricing Effective February 1, February 6, 1976
Statement concerning Allocation of Old Oil before FEA and John Christmann and W.E. Turner, September 24, 1974
Sawhill Letter to George Mitchell concerning Decontrol of Oil through Secondary and Tertiary efforts
Memo to Executive Committee, Joe D. Thompkins Dies, September 23, 1974
Simon, Sawhill Plump for New Gas Decontrol, Oil & Gas Journal, August 19, 1974
“Ban on Export of Drilling Rigs...,” Editorial, Oil & Gas Journal, August 19, 1974
Mitchell and Christmann letter to FEA Admin. Sawhill concerning FEE-0995, August 16, 1974
Mitchell Telegram to FEA Admn. Sawhill concerning Equalizing Crude Costs, August 13, 1974
“FEA Eyes Crude-Cost Equalization...,” Excerpt, Oil & Gas Journal, (Watching Washington), July 22, 1974
“FEA may End Price Control...,” Excerpt, Ft. Worth Star Telegram, July 21, 1974
Christmann Mailgram to Senator Henry Jackson concerning Shortage of Tubular Goods, July 10, 1974
Agenda and Enclosures for Executive and Policy Committees Meeting at Annual Meeting, June 10, 1974
Excerpt, “Oil & Gas Journal,” June 10, 1974, Mailed with Delinquent Statements, July 1974
Press Release concerning Supreme Court Decision on FPC Gas Regulation, June 18, 1974
Mitchell Letter to Senator Mondale concerning Eliot Janeway Interview, June 18, 1974
Mitchell Press Release concerning Democratic Caucus, Depletion, May 16, 1974
Profits of seven Largest International Oil Companies, First City National Bank, May 1974
Mailgram from IPAA President Calling Meeting in Washington, May 17, 1974
Analysis of Key House Votes (From October 16, 1973 - May 21, 1974), May 22, 1974
Mailgram to Texas Delegation concerning Breakfast in D.C., May 22, 1974
FPC Filing, Docket #RM-74-16 concerning Reporting Committed and Uncommitted Reserves, May 28, 1974
Congress, Duck Cartoon, May 1, 1974
Oil and Gas Depletion, Facts vs. Fallacies, IPAA, May 1974
Fact Sheet on Crude Oil Prices, IPAA, May 1974
“Repeal in Percentage Depletion,” Economic Impact, IPAA, May 1974
Percentage Depletion and the Independent Oilman, IPAA, May 1974
Brief Summary of H.R. 14462, Ways and Means, (Oil and Gas Energy Tax Act of 1974), April 30, 1974
Mitchell Press Release concerning Jones and Laughlin Steel Allocation Program, April 25, 1974
Reprint, Depletion: A Sound Concept, by Dr. Arthur A. Smith, April 7, 1974
FEO Memo concerning Single Crude Oil Price (Excerpt by Weekly Energy Report), March 26, 1974
Mitchell Filing with FEO concerning Crude Allocations (Locking-in), March 19, 1974
Reprint “Ft. Worth Star Telegram,” Protest Rollback Prices, February 21, 1974
Executive and Policy Committee Meeting Notice (March 5, Austin), February 11, 1974
Foree Statement Before Oil Policy Committee on Allocation Crude Oil, June 11-14, 1973
Mitchell Statement concerning Nixon 5c to 10c Excise Tax Hike Proposal
Mitchell Press Release concerning Report at 27th Annual Meeting, June 1973
J.G. Martin Statement on SB 453 Before Human Resources Committee, Texas Senate, March 1973
G. Mitchell Press Release concerning Natural Resources Committee Action on Unitization Bill, March 22, 1973
Testimony, Julian G. Martin and Glen Michel, H.B. 801, March 21, 1973
Testimony by A.W. Rutter, Jr., and N.A. Steed Before Senate Hearing Committee, SB-120, March 14, 1973
Mitchell Statement concerning Cost of Living Council Petroleum Pricing Action, March 7, 1973
Statement by A.W. Rutter, Jr., concerning SB-120 and HB-311; House Committee March 6, 1973; Safeguards, Key and Statement
News Release concerning Executive Committee vote to support Compulsory Unitization, SB-120, Sunday, March 4, 1973
M.D. Abel Proposed Safeguard for Unitization Bill, Memorandum, February 23, 1973
Excerpt, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, February 1, 1973, Enclosure for Billings, EC Ballot Notice, February 15, 1973
Ballot Notice for Unitization Bill, February 15, 1973
Excerpt from Oil & Gas Journal, concerning Unitization, February 12, 1973
George Mitchell Statement on Crude Price Increase Before Cost of Living Council, February 8, 1973
Press Release Presidential Council Meeting, January 31, 1973
Safeguards for Unitization Bill, January 31, 1973
Memorandum, TIPRO Participation in Industry Activities, December 11, 1972
Excerpt from Dallas Morning News, concerning EC/PC Meeting, dated October 29, 1972, enclosed in December 1972 billings
Meeting Notice, Watchdog Committee on Unitization, Downtowner, October 27, 1972
George Mitchell to Kenneth E. Plumb, Secretary, FPC concerning Refund Obligations, Phillips in AR64-1, et al, October 13, 1972
George Mitchell Letter to Gene P. Morell concerning Change in Method for Computing Allocations, September 22, 1972
News Release, TIPRO’s Unitization Polling Results (and Verified Summary, not released), Sunday, September 17, 1972
Reorganization Memo to Vice Presidents, Presidents Council and Executive Committee, September 12, 1972
Reprint, George Mitchell Addresses Membership, The Oil Daily “... Leader sees Better Times Ahead,” July 24, 1972
Reorganization Memo, Selection of Regional Nominees for 1972-1973, (to Vice Presidents and Executive Committees), July 1972
News Release, Unitization Poll, July 5, 1972
Meeting Notice, Watchdog Committee on Unitization, June 8, 1972
Mitchell Letter to Charles B. Else, IRAA, April 24, 1972
Press Release, “Open Letter,” Candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor, Sunday, March 26, 1972
Statement to the House Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries by TIPRO on H.R. 12324, February 23, 1972
George Mitchell Statement Before Joint Economic Committee, January 12, 1972
Press Release, George Mitchell, December 28, 1971
Editorial, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, “Economic Factor Big Part of Energy Crisis,” Sunday, November 28, 1971
Reprints, O&G Journal (11/22/71) and Dallas News (11/14/71) Re: Crude Oil Price Increase Request
Memo to the Honorable George A. Lincoln from George Mitchell concerning Energy and Incentives before OEP/OPC, Washington, November 11, 1971
Memo to Executive Committee Members concerning Polling Membership Unitization Issue, November 10, 1971
Press Release concerning Mitchell Letter to Governor Love, July 14, 1973
George Mitchell Letter to Governor Love concerning Crude Price Rollbacks, July 9, 1973
A.V. Jone Statement before McIntyre subcommittee on Small Business, October 20, 1971
Small Natural Gas Producer Exemption Memo for State Petroleum Issues Committee Meeting, August 30, 1971
A.H. Rowan Letter to Murray, Investment Tax Credit, August 25, 1971
Report to Membership, 25th Anniversary Meeting, Houston, June 8, 1971
Fiction and Fact, Reprints From Oil & Gas Journal, Issue of May 3, 1971
George Mitchell Memo to Gas Committee concerning RRC Jurisdiction over Gas Rates (SB 540 & HB 781), April 12, 1971
Statement before the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee (Tax), by Julian G. Martin, April 6, 1971
Reprint (Star Telegram), “TIPRO Report Supports Market Demand Basis,” February 28, 1971
Report on Changes in House Bill 54 (SB 3) Recommended by TIPRO Executive Committee, February 18, 1971
Market Demand Proration and Exploration, February 18, 1971
S.B. 359, Pooling Bill Amendment, February 18, 1971
State Action Committee Meeting, Downtowner Motel, January 28, 1971
Robert B. Payne to Executive Committee, “Required Changes in Compulsory Unitization Bill,” (SB 3), January 28, 1971
Pooling Bill, Proposed Amendment
S.B. 3 Unitization
News Articles (Reprints) for February Billings concerning Executive Committee Meeting for Unitization Study
Booklet, Fieldwide Unitization Published by WCTOGA
Special Contribution Note and Excerpts Enclosed from San Antonio Express, Oil & Gas Journal, November 1970
Murry Statement, Statewide RRC, October 15, 1970
WeCTOGA, Final Draft, Texas Fieldwide Unitization Statute, September 22, 1970
Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Report on Kerrville Executive Committee Meeting, August 30, 1970
Resolution, Crude Oil Price Increase, Kerrville Meeting, August 29, 1970
Executive/Advisory Committee Meeting at Kerrville, Texas, August 28-29, 1970
Meeting, Executive and Advisory, Kerrville, August 28-29, 1970, Notice, July 24, 1970
Murray Letter to Gordon M. Grant, Secretary, FPC concerning Docket #393, Small Producer Exemption, August 27, 1970
Liaison Committee Statement, August 11, 1970
Statement by R.L. Foree on Producer Quotas, August 1970
Excerpts used for August 1970 Billing Enclosure
W.J. Murray Jr., Statement on Initial Rates for Future Sales of NG for all Areas, Docket #R-389A Midland, Texas, July 29, 1970
Excerpt, Dallas Morning News, “Two West Central Posters Bump Crude Prices...,” July Billing, July 3, 1970
Dallas Morning News, excerpt, “Clark’s Failure...,” June 7, 1970; Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, “...Hike in Central Park,” June 14, 1970
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Natural Gas Crisis in the U.S., Memo to Executive Committee, February 10, 1970
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Annual Reports:
SPIC, 1982
NEPC, 1982
NEPC, 1981
SPIC, 1981
NEPC, 1980
SPIC, 1980
Memo on Seminar, Dallas, January 25, 1978 and Houston, January 27, 1978: Outlook for the Energy Industry, New Directions
Christmann Letter to RR Commissioners concerning Proposed Rules of Practice and Procedure, January 23, 1978
Press Release, Executive and NEP Committees Meeting, Austin Club (Briscoe Speaking), January 19, 1978
Memo on SEC Proposal to Standardize Accounting Methods to Executive Committee, January 9, 1978
Press Release concerning Tom Merritt, Membership Chairman of East Texas (Region 3), January 4, 1978
Turner Comments at RRC Statewide concerning Oversupply of Alaskan Crude Affecting Texas Crude Oil, December 20, 1977
Christmann Letter to John O’Leary concerning Producers/Operators Self-Reporting Form, December 15, 1977
Congressman Charles Wilson’s Letters concerning Correspondence to and from Carter, October 7, 1977
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Press Release, Christmann Statement concerning President Carter’s Televised Criticism (“War Profiteering”), October 13, 1977
Turner Testimony FEA concerning Proposed Amendments Mandatory Price Regulations, Resale, Crude Oil, September 20, 1977
Mitchell Press Release concerning Petition to FPC (Mexican-Produced Gas), September 8, 1977
Turner Testimony before FEA concerning Proposed Amendments Supplier/Purchaser Rule, September 1, 1977
Turner Memo concerning Directors Meeting, August 19-20, El Paso, August 12, 1977
Congressman Charles Wilson’s Letter to Turner (included with Directors Memo), August 12, 1977
House Vote on Schroeder-Jones Plowback Amendment (mailed with Directors Memo), August 12, 1977
Christmann Press Release concerning Energy Policy Package Passed by House, August 10, 1977
Estimated Effect on Texas of Administration Proposals to Roll Back Natural Gas Prices at the Wellhead, July 29, 1977
Turner Memo to Executive and National Energy Policy Committee concerning Natural Gas Pricing, July 20, 1977
Christmann-Mitchell-Pitts Press Release concerning Carter Energy Policy Proposal, April 15, 1977
Energy: A Social Issue, Panel Discussion by Julian G. Martin, before Southwest Texas Section, Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME, April 15, 1977
KIOGA and TIPRO Testimony concerning FEA Allocation Lock-in, April 13, 1977
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Statement by L. Frank Pitts before GEAC concerning Proposed Policy Position..... Energy Issues, January 21, 1977
“Half a Loaf,” Presented by Julian G. Martin before the Abilene Desk and Derrick, December 10, 1976
Meeting Notice of Executive and Policy Committees, January 25, 1977, Anderson Statement RRC, December 6, 1976
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Proposed Amendments to HB-85, 1977 Legislative Session
Christmann Statement concerning RRC cutback for December, November 19, 1976
Memo to SPI Committee concerning Texas Legislators, November 10, 1976
Christmann Press Release concerning Tax Reform Bill Results (JGM), October 6, 1976
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Briscoe and Jimmy Carter Letters concerning Energy Policy, October 19-21, 1976
Turner Letter to Governor Briscoe concerning Jimmy Carter’s Stand on Energy, October 5, 1976
Turner-Watson Statement before FEA concerning Entitlements Program, September 8, 1976
Recommendations/Advisory Study Committee to Review Texas Gas Proration/RRC NG Advisory Subcommittee, August 4, 1976
Report to Regional Membership Chairmen concerning S. Pitts Membership Drive, July 21, 1976
Pitts Memo to National Energy Policy concerning FEA Three-tier Entitlements Hearing, July 12, 1976
Memo to Vice Presidents and NEPC concerning Supplier/Purchaser Regulations, June 18, 1976
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Christmann and Pitts Press Release concerning Senate Commerce Committee Compromise Natural Gas Pricing Bill, May 27, 1976
Turner Letter to John Hill (FEA) concerning Third-tier Entitlements, May 25, 1976
Turner Letter to John Hill (FEA) concerning Supplier/Purchaser Crude Allocation, May 21, 1976
Notice of June 10, 1976 meeting for Witnesses Schedule for FEA’s 3rd Round Hearings in Dallas, May 25, 1976
Statement of TIPRO before Texas House Committee on Energy Resources and Subcommittees of the Texas State Affairs; J.G.M., May 12, 1976
Statement of Bruce Anderson, Chairman of SPIC, before House Energy Resources Committee, May 12, 1976
Comments before FEA on Proposed Rulemaking supplier/Purchaser rule under EPCA, May 12, 1976; Christmann, etc.
Statement by Area Associations and TIPRO before the TRC concerning Docket #20-66019, May 6, 1976
TIPRO Statement to Mandatory Petroleum Price Regulations Applicable to Domestic Crude Oil/FEA Washington, April 29, 1976
Comments of Liaison and TIPRO before FEA, Price Regulations and Domestic Crude Oil, April 27, 1976
Press Release concerning Ford Administration and FEA, (Mitchell, Pitts and Christmann), April 22, 1976
Turner Statement before House State Affairs Subcommittee, April 15, 1976
Press Release concerning Testimony Senate Consumer Affairs Subcommittee, April 13, 1976
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J.G.M. Statement before Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs concerning Texas Natural Gas, April 13, 1976
Pitts Statement before Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs, April 13, 1976
State Petroleum Issues Committee Meeting, April 13, 1976, notice, March 29, 1976
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Federal Power Commission vs. Southland Royalty Co., et al, March 15, 1976
2.325/N10bTelegram to Republican Senators concerning Senate Finance Committee from Chester R. Upham, Jr., State Chairman, Republican Party of Texas, October 5, 1979
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Correspondence, 1979, TIPRO Action Memo; 2 issues of same, August 22, 1979
Upham Press Release concerning Allocation Regulations and Windfall Profits Tax Proposal, August 7, 1979
Royalty Owner Letters to Congressmen, etc.
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Upham Press Release Statement following President Carter’s Address to the Nation on Energy and Economy, July 15-16, 1979
TIPRO Education, Communications Committee, June 1979
Upham Mailgram to Texas Congressional Delegation concerning Congressional Breakfast June 26, 1979; concerning “windfall profits” tax, June 22, 1979
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Henry W. Elliott, Jr., Letter Sent to Executive Committee with Enclosure from Jim Wright’s Office, June 6, 1979
Wright Memo to NEPC concerning Meeting in Washington with Congressmen with Allen and Bentsen Mailgrams, May 21, 1979
Upham Statement on Proposed Taxation of Domestic Crude Oil Production before the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, May 17, 1979
Mailgram concerning Hearing on three Tier Tax on Oil Production and Disallowance of % Depletion to Chief Counsel, House Ways and Means Committee, May 3, 1979
TIPRO Telegram concerning Energy Program Tax Related Legislative Proposals Hearing to Chief Counsel, House Ways and Means Committee, April 23, 1979
To Executive and Policy Committee concerning New Oil Eligibility for Incentive Pricing Under President Carter’s Decontrol Program, April 11, 1979
Status of Proposed Oil and Gas Legislation (House and Senate), 66th Texas State Legislature as of March 31, 1979
Statement before DOE, ERA, (CFR Parts 211, 212) by W. E. Turner, March 14, 1979
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Press Release, concerning Sen. Henry Jackson and Enforced Gasoline Rationing, February 12, 1979
Press Release with Policy Statement concerning Mexican Natural Gas Imports, February 7, 1979
FERC Docket No. RM79-3 Proposed Changes in the Interim Regulations of the Commission for Implementation of the NGPA of 1978, January 25, 1979
Testimony by Julian Martin before FERC, in D.C., “Issue of Price Escalator Contractual Clauses,” Docket RM-79-3, January 19, 1979
Upham Statement before ERA/DOE concerning Production Incentives for Marginal Properties, Docket #ERA-R-78-18, Austin, Texas, January 9, 1979
Upham Letter to the President concerning Urgency of Need to Decontrol Oil and Gas Prices to Relieve Inflationary Pressure, December 26, 1978
Press Release, Texas Independent Producers Tell Carter that Continued Oil Controls Contribute to Inflationary Pressure, December 26, 1978
Upham Statement to DOE Public Meeting on Crude Oil Pricing and Refinery Policy Panel, December 6, 1978
Press Release concerning Natural Gas Policy Act Regulations Meeting in Dallas, November 30, 1978
TIPRO’s Proposed Changes in Staff, Draft of Proposed Interim Regulations for Implementation of NGPA, Docket No. RM79-3, November 20, 1978
Memos to Executive and Policy Committees and Board of Directors concerning November 29, 1978, Open Meeting on Natural Gas Policy Act Regulations, October 30 and November 8, 1978
Upham Memo to Executive and Policy Committees concerning Open Meeting on Natural Gas Act Regulations, October 30, 1978
Press Release, “Texas Independents ask for Death of Gas Bill,” October 13, 1978
Upham Telegram to Honorable Robert E. Strauss concerning Support of Gas Bill Recommittal with Provisions, August 30, 1978
Upham Overnight Telegram to Congressman Clarence Brown concerning House Proposal to Recommit the Natural Gas Act, August 28, 1978
Upham Mailgram to Executive Committee NEPC Members concerning Gas Bill Recommittal Support, August 28, 1978
Press Release concerning Upham Letter to Texas Delegation, August 23, 1978
Upham Letter to Texas Delegation concerning TIPRO Resolution of August 19, 1978, Lakeway, August 23, 1978
Memo to Executive Committee and Directors and Texas Delegation in Congress concerning Natural Gas Bill, August 4, 1978
Press Release, Natural Gas Bill before Congressional conferences, August 4, 1978
Memo to all Vice Presidents concerning Gas Bill in Congress, August 2, 1978
Memo Draft to Texas Delegation in Congress concerning Compromise Measure on Natural Gas Pricing, August 1, 1978
Upham Letter to GAO concerning GAO Report to Congress EMD-78-10, “Emergency Natural Gas Purchases...,” July 13, 1978
Memo to TIPRO Officers, Committees and Directors concerning Federal Crude Pricing/Taxation Proposal, July 6, 1978
Christmann-Turner Statement concerning Simplification of Crude Oil Price Controls before DOE/ERA, May 22, 1978
Press Release, D. K. Davis, May 10, 1978
Texas’ Stake in Energy Policy, Turner Speech to 48th Annual Meeting of PPROA, Amarillo, Texas, April 6, 1978
Memo to Executive and NEP Committee concerning April 4 Washington Meeting with Government Officials, April 6, 1978
Press Release concerning Executive Committee Resolution and Association mandate for natural gas decontrol, March 30, 1978
Press Release concerning Proposed Gas Decontrol Bill Sent House Conferees and Unresolved Policy Issues, March 8, 1978
Turner Testimony before DOE-ERA concerning Gordian Study on Entitlements Program (Small Refiner Bias), March 7, 1978
Turner Memo to TIPRO Committees concerning March 15 Jim Langdon Appreciation Dinner, February 10, 1978
Memo to Senator Jackson, RRC Chairman Wallace Statement concerning Washington Post Telegram, January 30, 1978
Turner Memo to Executive Committee concerning RRC Rules of Practice and Procedure (Proposed), January 24, 1978
Docket No. ERA-R-78-26A, Newly Discovered Crude Oil Rule Amendments and Certification Requirements, August 20, 1980
Statement by L. Frank Pitts before Finance Sub-Committee on Tax; WFPT U.S. Senate, Austin, July 17, 1980
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A.S. Anderson Statement, ERA/DOE Hearing on Newly Discovered Crude Oil Rule Amendments and Verification Requirements, July 17, 1980
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A.S. Anderson Comments to TRRC concerning NGPA State Alternate Procedures, July 10, 1980
Press Release of L. Frank Pitts concerning U.S. Senate Finance Committee field hearing, July 9, 1980
Associations President Memo to Members of Petroleum Industry Coop. Associations concerning TIPLAA Action-WPT, July 3, 1980
Docket No. RM79-44, High Cost Natural Gas-FERC, undated
Press Release of L. Frank Pitts concerning July 17, 1980, U.S. Senate Finance Committee field hearing, July 2, 1980
Memo to Policy Committee Chairpersons, concerning Meeting, July 17, 1980
Docket No. RM80-52, Advance Payments Under the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978, FERC, June 19, 1980
Press Release concerning July 17, 1980, Senate Finance Subcommittee on Taxation and Debt Management, Lloyd Bentsen presiding, “Super Drum,” June 18, 1980
Written Comments, Scott Anderson, Docket No. RM80-54, Amendments to Part 273, Regulations under the NGPA, to the FERC, June 10, 1980
Press Release of L. Frank Pitts concerning California’s Proposition 11 and Domestic Petroleum Taxation, June 4, 1980
Press Release concerning TIPRO Major Staff Changes, May 26, 1980
Press Release concerning 1980 Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, May 19, 1980
J. G. Martin Alert Notice to Producers concerning Tight Gas Reservoir or Formation Pricing Incentive Election with Dick Stein Memo, April 17, 1980
Comments of J. G. Martin before FERC concerning Docket #RM80-21, Proposed Regulations, Section 110 of NGPA, 1978, April 10, 1980
Press Release on Upham Telegrams to Congressman Bill Archer, Wright et al concerning Amendment to Recommit Windfall Profits Bill, March 14, 1980
Comments Before FERC, Docket No. RM80-21, Proposed Regulations Under NGPA of 1978 (J. G. Martin), February 15, 1980
Upham Telegram to Lloyd Bentsen concerning House/Senate conference on windfall profits tax, January 24, 1980
Upham Press Release concerning Senator Henry Bellmon’s Press Release calling for an “Energy Emancipation Day,” February 8, 1980
Press Release by Chester Upham concerning Windfall Profits Tax and Senate-House Conferees, January 23, 1980
Memo to Executive and National Energy Policy Committees concerning Wall Street Journal article, January 18, 1980
Upham Letter on TIPRO Position concerning Oil Excise Tax to IPAA, January 14, 1980
TIPRO Press Release to Executive and Policy Committees concerning Windfall Profits Tax, January 11, 1980
Upham Telegram to Charles DiBona, API, concerning Telegram to All Senators Voting to Table Leahy Amendment to HB 3919, December 5, 1979 - December 11, 1980
Upham Telegram to All Senators Voting to Table Leahy Amendment to HB 3919, December 5, 1979 - December 11, 1980
Upham Telegram to the 53 Senators Who Supported Senator Bentsen’s Amendment 699, Urge to vote against Leahy Amendment, December 4, 1979
Davis Memo to Executive Committee and All Cooperating Oil and Gas Associations concerning Royalty Owners, December 3, 1979
Upham Telegram to Senator Bentsen and Letter to Senators concerning Senate Amendment 699 with Letter to TIPRO members, November 28-29, 1979
Upham Telegram of Congratulations to Senator Lloyd Bentsen concerning Senate Amendment 699 on Crude Oil Excise Tax, November 27, 1979
Upham Press Release concerning Bentsen-Senate Amendment 699, Crude Oil Excise Tax Exemption, November 27, 1979
NEPC Chairman Wright Statement before EPA on Proposed Injection Well Regulations Implementing Safe Water Drinking Act, July 16, 1979
Press Release, DOE easing requirement governing decontrol of lower tier crude oil, November 9, 1979
Upham, Wright, Turner Letter to DOE concerning ERA Docket #ERA-R-79-44, November 7, 1979
Press Release, concerning Bentsen Exemption of the Windfall Profits Tax; Oil Excise Tax of House and Senate, November 6, 1979
Press Release to Executive Committee, NEPC and Explorers Club, November 6, 1979; (with Telegrams to Congress of November 2 and 6, 1979)
Telegram from Chester R. Upham, Jr., to Senator Lloyd M. Bentsen concerning Independent Exemption, October 31, 1979
2.325/N10aC. R. Upham, Jr., Testimony to Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources concerning NGPA, Title I, November 6, 1981
TIPRO Target, Volume II, No. 7, October 1981
L. F. Pitts Mailgram to Senators Bentsen and Tower concerning H.R. 4331, October 13, 1981
Action Alert, October 9, 1981
TIPRO Target, Volume I, No. 2, December 1980
Year-end TIPRO Press Release, Pitts Statement, December 29, 1980
REPORTER Article Reprint, “The Fallacy of Highway Leases,” undated
S. Anderson, Tight Sands Update, December 16, 1980
Meeting Notice, SPIC and Houston members, Hyatt-Regency Houston, December 10, 1980
A. S. Anderson’s Addendum to November 13, 1980, School Land Board Hearing Comments, November 21, 1980
A. S. Anderson Summary of Concerns concerning Proposed Camp Swift Lignite Leasing, November 19, 1980
Excerpt Oil & Gas Journal, “API Special Report,” November 10, 1980
A. S. Scott Summary of Concerns concerning School Land Board Proposed Rules for State Owned Lands in the Coastal Area, November 13, 1980
Excerpt, The Oil Daily, “Reducing Stripper Well Income...,” November 10, 1980
A. S. Anderson’s Comments on State Hearing Draft, Texas Coastal Program, November 6, 1980
J. G. Martin Revised WPT Tax Break Information Sheet and Table, October 31, 1980
A. S. Anderson Comments to FERC concerning Section 110 Interim Rules Dockets No. RM80-47 and RM80-72, Delivered orally, October 21, 1980
J. Martin Information Sheet concerning Royalty Owners WPT Tax Break, October 17, 1980
TIPRO Press Release concerning Cheyenne, Wyoming Lawsuit Attacking Crude Oil Windfall Profits Tax, October 14, 1980
Press Release, October 14, 1980, Meeting in Longview concerning WPT and Refund Provision for Royalty Owners, October 21, 1980
A.S. Anderson Comments to ERA concerning Amendments to Incentive Pro. Docket #ERA-R-80-25, October 9, 1980
Fact Sheet, U.S. Domestic Crude Oil Price Control and Taxation, Julian Martin, October 8, 1980
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Irene Wischer, Comments to Republican Party of Texas, September 4, 1980
TIPRO Target, Volume I, No. 1, September 1980
Information Alert to Executive and Policy Committees concerning Determination of Tax Free WPT Base Price, September 26, 1980
A.S. Anderson Comments to FERC concerning High Cost Gas from Tight Formations, Docket No. RM79-76 (Texas-1), September 25, 1980
Excerpt, Wall Street Journal, “Buoyed by High Prices, Vexed by Government, Oilman Keeps Drilling,” September 22, 1980
Speech by L. Frank Pitts before KIOGA Annual Meeting, Wichita, Kansas, September 18, 1980
Statement by Julian G. Martin (FERC) Hearing, High-Cost Natural Gas: Production Enhancement Procedures, August 26, 1980
3K366 TIPRO Target, VOL. II, No. 6, August 1981
S. Anderson’s Comments to IRS concerning Application of DOE Regulations for WPT, July 15, 1981
Press Release concerning Reagan Administration Position on 1,000 bpd Exemption, July 10, 1981
Press Release concerning 6/29/81 Press Conference on Oil Field Theft Hotline, June 25, 1981
S. Anderson, Comments concerning Gibbons Creek Lignite Project, Grimes County, Texas, June 22, 1981
S. Anderson, “Request for Public Hearing on Rule 37 Amendments,” June 19, 1981
S. Anderson, IRS Excise Tax Hearing Outline/Comments, June 1981
TIPRO Target, Volume II, No. 4, June 1981
Action Alert to Executive Committee, NEPC, and Explorers Club concerning Markup on S.85, June 17, 1981
S. Anderson, Legislation to Combat Oil Field Theft, June 11, 1981
Press Release concerning 1,000-barrel/day exemption, S.B. 85 and H.R. 2451, June 4, 1981
Annual Meeting Press Release, Ft. Worth, June 2, 1981
S. B. 1146, Mailing to House of Reps., 67th Legislature, May 21, 1981
Committee Substitute for S. B. 1146, 67th Legislature, May 15, 1981
S.B. 677 Action Alert, 67th Legislature, May 14, 1981
S.B. 1146 Action Alert, Mailings, Special Delivery Items to 67th Legislature, May 1981
Release concerning 1981 Convention Program, Fort Worth, Texas, May 22, 1981
S. Anderson’s Comments to SEC concerning Regulatory Flexibility Act Definitions, May 18, 1981
TIPRO Target, Volume II, No. 3, May 1981
TIPRO/D. K. Davis Mailgram, May 1, 1981, concerning Phil Gramm’s New District
S. Anderson’s Action Alert concerning S. B. 677, May 14, 1981
Press Release of May 13, 1981, concerning 1981 Annual Meeting, Ft. Worth
TIPRO Target, Volume II, No. 2, April 1981
S. Anderson’s Comments to RRC concerning Statewide Rule 39, April 14, 1981
Press Release of March 31, 1981, concerning TIPRO Task Force and Chairman H. E. Wright, Oil Field Security
Creation of New Statewide Oilfield Theft Organization, December 21, 1981
TIPRO Oilfield Theft Task Force, December 16, 1981
S. Anderson, Comments to RRC on Statewide Spacing Rule per Salt Dome Fields, December 16, 1981
TIPRO Opinion Poll on Oilfield Theft, November 24, 1981
S. Anderson, Request for Public Hearing on Board of Land Surveying Amendment, November 11, 1981
TIPRO Target, Volume 11, No. 8, November 1981
Pitts Memo to Executive and Policy Committee concerning Import Fee Task Force, March 23, 1982
R. Fuller (via S. Anderson), Statement before Senate Finance Committee Hearing concerning IDCs, March 18, 1982
S. Anderson, Comments and Request for Public Hearing to IRS concerning Temporary Excise Tax Regulations for RO’s, March 11, 1982
S. Anderson, Comments to EPA concerning RRC’s UIC Program
S. Anderson, Comments to FERC concerning NOPR concerning 10,000-15,000 Gas, March 11, 1982
TIPRO Target, Volume III, No. 2
Notice to all TIPRO Committees concerning Independent O & G Association Alaskan Seminar, February 26, 1982
S. Anderson, Letter to Phil Moseley/Congressman Bill Archer’s office concerning WPT Clean-up Bill, February 25, 1982
White, Rex, and Murray, Wm. J., Proposed Amendment to Statewide Rule 31 (RRC), February 19, 1982
White, Rex, and Murray, Wm. J., Proposed Amendments to Statewide Rules 42 and 91 (RRC), February 19, 1982
Memo to Pickle concerning Petroleum Issues Confronting Industry, JGM, February 11, 1982
Texas Association Staff, Member Meeting, Austin, January 27, 1982
News Release, concerning Extended Press Conference, January 27, 1982
Press Release, concerning Petroleum Industry Security Council, January 27, 1982
Press Release concerning Phil Gramm, January 18, 1982
TIPRO Statement, Gene Wright, Oilfield Theft Hearing, San Antonio, January 13, 1982
TIPRO Target, Volume III, No. 1, January 1982
S. Anderson’s Comments to IRS concerning Net Income Limitation Regulations, March 9, 1981
S. Anderson’s Oil Field Theft Legislation Update, March 9, 1981
Executive Committee’s Resolution concerning Crude Oil Windfall Profit Tax, March 4, 1981
S. Anderson’s Comments to FERC concerning NGPA Compression and Gathering Allowances, February 27, 1981
A. S. Anderson’s Comments to Fish and Wildlife Service concerning Draft Refuge Manual, February 23, 1981
A. S. Anderson’s Request for Public Hearing to RRC concerning Proposed Rules, February 12, 1981
A. S. Anderson’s Comments to FERC concerning NGPA Filing Requirements, February 2, 1981
TIPRO Target, Volume II, No. 1, January 1981
CPA Form, IRS Required Info to Compute Windfall Profit Tax, January 29, 1981
Press Release, concerning Decontrol, Crude Oil, President Reagan to Spec. Press, Executive Committee NEPC/EX, January 28, 1981
A. S. Anderson’s Comments to IRS concerning Grassroots Lobbying, January 22, 1981
A. S. Anderson’s Request for Conference to RRC concerning Proposed Plugging Rule, January 21, 1981
A. S. Anderson Action Alert concerning ERA Reporting Requirements, January 6, 1981
S. Anderson Letter to Jerry Mullican, RRC, concerning UIC Contract, September 10, 1981
L. F. Pitts letter to Attorney General Mark White concerning State Severance Taxes, September 1, 1981
Resolutions, NEPC and SPIC, August 29, 1981
G. Wright letter to Senator Mauzy concerning Education Committee postponing voting on severance tax, March 30, 1983
G. Wright letter to Senator Parker concerning Education Committee and H.J.R. 19/S.J.R. 4, March 29, 1983
News Release, TIPRO Officials Appalled at Hobby Stand, March 28, 1983
News Release, TIPRO President supports Reagan’s gas plan, March 25, 1983
News Release, TIPRO President says Politics have Caused High Natural Gas Prices, March 24, 1983
Mailgram to Representative Tom Craddick concerning H. B. 846, March 13, 1983
Statement of Robert A. Dean to the Statewide Hearing of the RRC, Midland, Texas, March 17, 1983
Statement by R. Fuller for TIPRO to the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, U. S. Senate, March 11, 1983
News Release, March 11, 1983
4Jc54 (7055689)Newsletters, News Releases, and Correspondence, 1983-84:
Wright Letter to County Judges re Severance Tax Increase, April 21, 1983
Nominating Committee Meeting Notice, April 20, 1983
TIPRO Proposed Resolution re Oil Import Fee, May 23, 1983
TIPRO Request for Time at IRS Stripper Well Hearing on 27 April, 1983, April 13, 1983
National Energy Policy Committee Meeting Notice, April 7, 1983
Comments Before TX Elected Officials on TIPRO Position re Severance Tax, April 5, 1983
Comparison of TX, LA & OK Taxation, April 5, 1983
Increased Severance since 1961, April 5, 1983
Financing Beyond the Elusive Gas Bubble (News Release), April 1, 1983
Letter re Proposed Amendment to Statewide Rule (Scott Anderson to Sandra Joseph), June 17, 1982
The TIPRO Target, May, 1983
Statement before Ways & Means, W. D. C. (Carolyn Linder & Harrold E. Wright), May 5, 1983
TIPRO Resolution re Oil Import Fee, June 7, 1983
The TIPRO Target, June 1983
How Should Natural Gas Controls Change (News Release), May 5, 1983
Larry Springer (News Release), September 26, 1983
TIPRO Comments to Railroad Commission re Proposed Rule 8, September 23, 1983
TIPRO Comments on Gas Imports to Department of Energy/ Economic Regulatory Administration, August 31, 1983
The TIPRO Target, August 1983
4Jc55 (7055747)Jim Russell Speech before Railroad Commission re Rule 8, August 1983
TIPRO Clarifies Decontrol Position (News Release), July 27, 1983
TIPRO Resolution re Deregulation and Sanctity of Existing Contracts, July 27, 1983
TIPRO Testimony before Federal Energy Regulatory Commission re Ratable Take, July 11-12, 1983
TIPRO Request for Time at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Retable Take Hearing, July 11-12, 1983
Election of new President (News Release), June 10, 1983
Statement to Texas Railroad Commission by Bruce Anderson, March 20, 1984
The TIPRO Target, February 1984
News Release, January 27, 1984
Scott Anderson Article for Oil Daily for IPAA Meeting, November 1-4, 1983
The TIPRO Target, October 1983
The TIPRO Target, November 1983
The TIPRO Target, December 1983
Questionnaire, March 1984
The TIPRO Target, March 1984
News Release, March 20, 1984
News Release, April 13, 1984
H. Ross Perot (News Release), April 9, 1984
Phil Gramm (News Release), April 9, 1984
News Release, January 12, 1984
News Release, January 4, 1984
Testimony of L. Frank Pitts (Subcommittee of Fossil & Synthetic Fuel), December 9, 1983
TIPRO Comments re Rule 74 to Railroad Commission, November 28, 1983
The TIPRO Target, July 1984
Charter Memo, May 11, 1984
Gov. White (News Release), April 18, 1984
Information Service, April 13, 1984
Argumentation in Opposition to Increasing Oil & Gas Severance Tax, June 28, 1984
Task Force Comments to Railroad Commission on Rules 28, 30, 31, 34, July 20, 1984
Convention 84 (News Release), June 14, 1984
The TIPRO Target, June 1984
Scott Anderson's Comments/Supplement to May 24 Testimony at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission/Btu
TIPRO Testimony before Federal Energy Regulatory Commission re Btu Measurement, May 24, 1984
Btu Refund Memo, June 19, 1984
4Jc51 (7055690The TIPRO Target, December 1984
TIPRO, Officers & Staff, 1983-1984
News Releases, 1984
Scott Anderson Memo to Officers, etc. re: Kilchrist Letters, December 5, 1984
News Release - Sen. McClure to speak at TIPRO Luncheon, December 5, 1984
Memo to Regional Executives from Leslie Tugman re: Info. Packet to Sunset, December 5, 1984
Memo to Officers re: FERC Correspondence, December 5, 1984
News Release - Bruce Anderson Reaction to IRS Plan, November 28, 1984
The TIPRO Target, November 1984
Letter to Patrick Thompson re: Proration Rules, November 12, 1984
Memo to Officers, etc. from Leslie Tugman re: General Land Office's Highway Leasing Bill, November 2, 1984
Memo to Officers, etc. from Leslie Tugman re: Sunset Commission Action, November 2, 1984
Memo from Scott Anderson to Proration Task Force, November 2, 1984
Memo to Officers, etc. from Leslie Tugman re: Sunset Commission, October 31, 1984
Bruce Anderson Comments to RRC on Proposed Proration Rules, October 29, 1984
Memo to Anderson, Hunt, Others from Scott Anderson re: Btu Order to Stay, October 18, 1984
Kilchrist Letter - Clarifying Btu Refund Rule dated October 18, 1984
TIPRO Comments to FERC on 1/1/85 dated October 17, 1984
Comments to General Land Office on Proposed Automated Accounting, October 17, 1984
Comments to RRC on Proposed Rule 36 (H2S) dated October 17, 1984
Newsletters, News Releases, Correspondence
Proration Task Force Meeting Notice, October 4, 1984
Action Alert on Btu Refund Obligations, October 2, 1984
Items of Interest to Task Force, September 25, 1984
Proration Task Force Meeting Notice, September 6, 1984
The TIPRO Target, September 1984
Memo to Regional Association Executives from Scott Anderson re: Proration Rules, August 30, 1984
Proposed Gas Proration Rules, August 30, 1984
Comments to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Btu Adjustments, August 29, 1984
Memo to Task Force on Proposed Railroad Commission Rules 28, 30, 31, 34, August 29, 1984
HR 4277 Mailgram, August 29, 1984
Proposed Executive Committee Statement, August 25, 1984
Nugent Speech to TIPRO Summer Meeting, Galveston, August 25, 1984
Leslie Tugman Report to Galveston Meeting, August 25, 1984
Final Btu Refund Rule as Released by Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, August 21, 1984
Railroad Commissioner Nugent to Speak at TIPRO August Meeting (Press Release), August 14, 1984
The TIPRO Target, August 1984
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Wet-Dry Rule Requiring Refunds (News Release with attachments), July 2, 1984
Bill Murray, Jr. Statement on Severance Taxation to Ways & Means, June 4, 1984
2.325/N10aNewsletters & News Releases, 1985:
SA Memo on Electric Logs, May 17, 1985
TIPRO Target, Vol. VI, No. 4, May 1985
News Release, US Representative Jim Wright, TIPRO Convention, May 10, 1985
BA Statement of Position on SB 1396, May 1, 1985
SA Memo to SPIC Chairs and Regionals on SB 1396, April 24, 1985
Testimony of Bruce Anderson, H.B. 1334, April 15, 1985
SA Memo to SPIC Chairmen on Electric Log Bill, April 18, 1985
SA Memo on Electric Logs and Legislative Matters, April 12, 1985
News Release, T. Boone Pickens to Address Houston-area TIPRO members, April 9, 1985
TIPRO Target, Vol. VI, No. 3, March 1985
TIPRO Officers and Staff, 1984-1985
State of the Industry meeting, Speakers, Speeches, and Data, 1985
Bruce Anderson Statement before RRC State of the Industry Hearing, Houston, Texas, March 20, 1985
News Release, TIPRO Tags Fee Proposal as Tax Hike, March 12, 1985
James Russell Testimony, before the Texas Senate Finance Committee, March 12, 1985
SA letter to Rick Giplin, March 18, 1985
News Release, (Dallas Media), Congressman Loeffler to address Dallas Area, March 8, 1985
SA Memo to Ed Emmett on the Gas Transportation Bill, March 5, 1985
Gordon Taylor Testimony to RRC on Revised Rule 36, February 27, 1985
SA Memo on Transportation Tariff, February 27, 1985
JGM Memo to J. Gosdin, February 27, 1985
FERC NOI Testimony, February 20, 1985
News Release, TIPRO Applauds Governor's Rejection of Treasury Tax, February 14, 1985
SA Memo to Regionals, concerning Enclosed Materials, February 11, 1985
TIPRO Response to House Energy B & O Request for Information, February 6, 1985
TIPRO Target, Volume VI, No. 2, February 1985
LT Memo to Regionals, concerning House Energy B & O meeting, January 29, 1985
SA Memo concerning NPDES and RCRA, January 25, 1985
Remarks by Harrold E. Wright, January 23, 1985
News release file, 1985
JGM Memo to Jim Hunt, January 23, 1985
News Release, Mid-Winter meeting, January 14, 1985
TIPRO Target, Volume VI, No. 1, January 1985
Memo from SA concerning Highway Leasing Compromise, January 1, 1985
3K373TIPRO Target, December 1985
SA letter to Kenneth Plum, November 26, 1985, concerning requesting permission to testify, December 11, 1985
JGM Memo to Texas Delegation, Oil import fee policy, December 27, 1985
White letter to Kiplin concerning Fee Rules, December 17, 1985
LMT memo on Integrity Testing of Wells, December 17, 1985
Rex White letter to J. Stephen Ravel concerning Request for hearing on unclaimed property rules, December 16, 1985
SA letter to Rex White concerning Attorney General’s opinion on county right to lease right-of-way, December 13, 1985
SA testimony to FERC on Block Billing, December 11, 1985
LMT memo to Officers and Proration Task Force, December 5, 1985
SA letter to Kiplin, Rule One Comments, November 26, 1985
Suggested Amendments to Statewide Rule 6, 16, 41 as Proposed in Oral Testimony, November 26, 1985
TIPRO Target, November 1985
LMT memo to Rex White, concerning Electric Log Comments, November 30, 1985
John E. Watson Testimony before the Energy Regulation Subcommittee, November 21, 1985
SA memo to Pressure Test Task Force EPA Underground Injection Control Regulations, November 21, 1985
Memo to Electric Log Task Force, concerning Electric Log Rules, November 19, 1985
Block Billing Comments to FERC, November 15, 1985
News release, November 13, 1985
John Watson Test Before the committee on Fossil and Synthetic fuels, November 13, 1985
SA memo to NOPR Task Force, concerning Block Billing Comments, November 11, 1985
SA memo to NOPR Task Force, concerning Final Rule in Docket No. RM85-1-000, November 10, 1985
Testimony of L. Frank Pitts, November 7, 1985
TIPRO Target, October 1985
LMT memo to Electric Log Task Force concerning Rescheduled Log Hearing and Comment Period, October 31, 1985
LMT letter to Stacey Smyre with enclosure concerning TACB permitting and fees, October 29, 1985
LMT memo to SA, Comparison of Unitization Bills, October 29, 1985
News Release, October 24, 1985
Action Alert, October 23, 1985
LMT memo to SA, Texas Air Control Board Permitting and Exemptions, October 15, 1985
SA memo to NOPR task force concerning meeting notice, October 14, 1985
Docket No. RM85-1-000, Supplemental Comments of TIPRO concerning Regulation Natural Gas, October 9, 1985
Action Alert to NEPC members concerning Staff I, October 7, 1985
SA memo to Operation Advisory Committee concerning Requested Information, October 7, 1985
SA memo, Jim Hunt, Malcolm Abel, PPROA Intervention, October 7, 1985
News Release, Insight into future of oil and gas industry, October 4, 1985
TIPRO Target, Volume VI, No. 7
Questionnaire on Tax Reform
Summary of Francis L. Durand before the Senate, July 17, 1985
LMT memo to Proration task force concerning Task force meeting, September 13, 1985
SA memo, Recent oil and gas legislation, September 24, 1985
SA Recent legislation affecting the oil and gas industry, September 1985
LMT memo, Rescheduled Task Force Meeting, September 20, 1985
SA letter to RRC, 3.8 and 3.75, September 12, 1985
JGM letter, Task Force Meeting September 24-October 9, 1985
SA memo, HR4277 Mailgram, August 30, 1985
SA letters to Hart's D. Dreyer concerning Oil Import tariff, August 28, 1985
SA memo RRC Recently Adopted Rules, to Regional Association Executives, August 26, 1985
Statement on Oil Import Policy, August 24, 1985
NEPC James W. Hunt memo to TIPRO Executive Committee, concerning Import Fee, August 24, 1985
News Release, Import Fee Advocated by TIPRO, August 24, 1985
Oil Import Resolution adopted August 23, 1985
SA Memo, RRC Intervention in Stowers Oil and Gas, August 16, 1985
TIPRO, Oil Import Fee Proposal Argument, August 13, 1985
News Release, Comptroller Bullock to Address TIPRO in C.C., August 12, 1985
News Release, Tax Reform seminar set for Fort Worth Area producers, August 9, 1985
SA letter to Kiplin concerning Log rules, August 8, 1985
SA memo to SPIC Chairmen concerning Rule changes proposed by Celeron Oil and Gas Company, August 8, 1985
SA memo to Rex White, LNRA vs. Jackson County Vacuum Truck Service, Inc., August 6, 1985
SA memo to Oil Import Fee Task Force concerning assorted enclosed materials, August 6, 1985
NOPR Comments on Gas Transportation, July 15, 1985
Francis L. Durand Testimony, before the Senate, July 17, 1985
News Release, Tax reform seminar, July 5, 1985
TIPRO Target, Volume VI, No. 6, July 1985
SA Memo, Draft Outline of Comments concerning NOPR, June 25, 1985
SA Memo concerning FTC Inquiry on InterNorth/HNG merger, June 25, 1985
Selected Bills from 69th Legislature Hand-out at SA speech, June 20, 1985
Francis L. Durand, Testimony before the House, June 18, 1985
SA Memo on NOPR, Gas Transportation, June 14, 1985
LMT Memo on Department of Ag. Study, June 11, 1985
TIPRO Target, Volume VI, No. 5, June 1985
News Release, Strong Representation of Independent Producers Pledged, June 4, 1985
39th Annual Convention 1985, Transcribed Minutes of the Membership Committee Meeting
News Release, Dallas Oilman Elected TIPRO President, June 4, 1985
39th Annual Meeting in Austin, June 4, 1985
SA Memo on Electric Logs, May 27, 1985
2008-294/9aNewsletters & News Releases, 1986:
SA letter to Dan Miler, re: Comments on Proposed Highway Leasing Rules, January 28, 1986
SA memo to Regional Exec. & Joe Hanna, re: House Select Comm. On Central App. Districts, January 27, 1986
SA letter to Temple, Nugent, Wallace, re: Rule 1, January 24, 1986
SA letter to Energy Comm., re: U.S. Supreme Court decision, January 24, 1986
News Release: FTC Acceptance Non-Discrim. Transp. Rule, January 23, 1986
SA memo to Exec. Comm. & Regional Assoc, re: FTC Decision on Occidental MidCon Merger, January 23, 1986
John E. Watson letter to Don Nickles, United States Senate, re: TIPRO’s reaction to DOE proposal, January 23, 1986
SA letter to Harvey Blumenthal, re: MidCon Merger, January 22, 1986
LMT memo to Rex White, re: Oilfield Liability Insurance Problem, January 20, 1986
SA memo to Stacey Smyre, Environment Affairs Status Report, January 20, 1986
SA memo to Malcolm Abel, Requested Report on Order No. 436, January 20, 1986
LMT memo to John Poerner, Report to the SPIC Comm., January 21, 1986
LMT memo to Stacey Smyre, WECTOGA Pressure Test Meeting, January 17, 1986
SA memo to TIPRO Officers, SPIC Chairmen, Regional Assoc. Exec., Drilling Permit Applications, January 17, 1986
JGM letter to RRC Commissioners, re: Attached Rule 1 Comments, January 15, 1986
LMT memo to Alex Mills, re: Proposed GLO Highway Leasing Rules, January 14, 1986
LMT memo to Rex White, re: Proposed Highway Leasing Rules, January 14, 1986
Martin letter to RRC Commissioners, Valero Petition, January 13, 1986
Rex White, Jr. memo to SPIC Members, Unitization, January 8, 1986
LMT memo to SA, Proposed Admin. Rules on Hwy. Leasing, January 7, 1986
SA memo to Rex White & John Poerner, UCC 9.319, January 6, 1986
Target, February 1986
JGM memo to NEPC & FERC Regulation, re: Comments on DOE/FERC Proposal to Raise Price Ceilings on Oil Inter. Gas, February 5, 1986
SA memo to TIPRO Officers, SPIC Chairmen & Regional Assoc., St. Treasury Hearing on Unclaimed Prop., February 7, 1986
LMT letter to EPA, re: Listing of Used Oil, February 10, 1986
SA memo to Stacey Smyre, re: Louisiana Pit Regulations, February 17, 1986
LMT letter to TX Air Control Board, re: TACB Proposed Rule, February 19, 1986
JGM memo to FERC Task Force, re: Comments to FERC, DOE Proposal for raising old gas prices, February 19, 1986
TIPRO Comments, re: DOE Proposal, February 24, 1986
Motion for Leave to Intervene (Midwestern Gas Transmission Company), February 25, 1986
Memo to Proration Task Force, re: 3/7/1986, February 25, 1986
James Hunt Testimony, Senate Hearing on Oil Import Fees, February 27, 1986
News Release: Import Fee Needed to Assure Oil Supply, February 27, 1986
LMT memo to State Petroleum Issues Comm., re: Meeting w/ Property Appraisal Group, March 4, 1986
Letter from Phil Gramm to S. Pitts, re: Telegram on oil import fee, March 5, 1986
Congressional Record, Vol. 132, No. 25, March 6, 1986
Memo from S. Anderson to S. Pitts, J. Hunt and J. Martin, re: Gas Mktg Seminar, March 7, 1986
LMT memo to SPIC Chairmen, Regional Assoc. Executives, Joe Hanna, re: Property Tax Meeting Attendance, March 19, 1986
SA letter to Carlos Higgins at RRC, re: BTU Refund Reports, March 12, 1986
News Release: TIPRO Vows to Continue Oil Import Effort, March 18, 1986
Proration Task Force, Points of Agreement, March 19, 1986
LMT memo to TIPRO Officers, SPIC Chairmen & Regional Assoc. Executives, re: BTU Refund Reports, March 14, 1986
News Release: Jim Hunt Testimony before RRC, March 19, 1986
Testimony, Before the Statewide Annual Hearing, RRC, March 19, 1986
SA memo to Rex White, re: Proposed Amendment to RRC, Rule 5, March 16, 1986
SA letter to Ch. Mark Stiles, re: Prop. Tax Meeting w/ Appraisal Group, March 24, 1986
SA memo to TIPRO officers & SPIC Chairmen, re: Gas Pipeline Safety Regulations, March 20, 1986
News Release: Dallas Energy Consultant (Vetter) to Address Metroplex-Area Producers, March 27, 1986
News Release: RRC Chairman to Address Oil & Gas Prod., March 27, 1986
Target, Vol. VII, No. 2, April 1986
LMT memo to Beaumont & Liberty Area Community Leaders, re: Legislative Hearing in Your Areas, April 1, 1986
SA letter to Carlos Higgins at RRC, re: Proposed Definitions, April 2, 1986
SA letter to Rhonda Ryan (P.U.C. of TX), re: Proposed Amends. To 16 T.A.C. 23.21, Cost of Serv. 11, TX Reg., April 2, 1986
LMT letter to John Watson, re: Testimony by Kurt Yeager of the Electric Power Research Institute, April 7, 1986
SA letter to Elizabeth W. Davis at RRC, re: Task Force request for extension of deadline, April 7, 1986
SA memo to Pressure Test Task Force, re: Alternate Mechanical Integrity Test Seminar, April 14, 1986
SA letter to Elizabeth W. Davis at RRC, re: Proposed Rules 28, 30, 31, & 34, April 24, 1986
News Release: Leland to Discuss Attitudes in Wash. Toward Oil Crisis, April 26, 1986
LMT letter to Lesa Anderson at RRC, re: Proposed Changes to Statewide Rule 5, April 28, 1986
R. White & LMT memo, re: Meeting on Royalty Calculations on State Lease, April 30, 1986
Target, Vol. VII, No. 3, May 1986
LMT memo, re: Oil Field Liability Ins. Problems, May 8, 1986
LMT letter to Bill Abington, re: royalty calculations for state leases, May 14, 1986
Statement on Pending Legislative Proposals to Decontrol Natural Gas & Related Issues, May 20, 1986
News Release: TIPRO 40th Annual Meeting Announcement, May 23, 1986
SA memo to Rex White, re: SPIC Resolutions, 1986-87, May 26, 1986
SA memo to Rex White, re: RRC Paperwork Reduction Efforts, May 26, 1986
Target, Vol. VII, No. 4, June 1986
News Release: TIPRO Praises Unusual Reappraisal Order, June 24, 1986
Smyre letter to RRC, re: Plugging Rule, June 26, 1986
How to Protest Your Property Taxes, June 1986
LMT memo: 12 Worst Counties, June 27, 1986
News Release: Oil Industry Crisis Impact on Public Schools Set for Seminar, July 8, 1986
News Release: Independent Oilman Marvin C. Zeid to Discuss Industry Crisis, July 9, 1986
News Release: Gov. Will Join in Seminar to Examine Impact of Oil Crisis on TX Public Schools, July 14, 1986
News Release: TIPRO Seeks Nondiscriminatory Pipeline Policies, July 18, 1986
SA letter to Kenneth Plumb (re: Docket #RM85-1-000), July 18, 1986
SA letter to RRC (re: Comments on Rules 28, 30, 31, & 34), July 29, 1986
Letter to Malcolm Baldridge from Various Wash. Reps. & letter from JGM re: letters to Sec. of Commerce, July 30, 1986
Target, Vol. VII, No. 5, August 1986
News Release: Oil Import Investigation Effort Applauded by TIPRO, August 1, 1986
News Release: Summer Policy Meeting, the Woodlands, August 7, 1986
Smyre letter to RRC, re: Rul 15, Plugging, August 11, 1986
Anderson memo, re: Key Proration and Ratable Take Issues, August 12, 1986
Tugman memo to Officers, re: Rule 14, August 19, 1986
Anderson memo, re: Summary of Positions on Shadows and Priority Gas, August 21, 1986
Target, Vol. VII, No. 6, September 1986
Monograph paper: “Gas Producers Take or Pay…”, September 1986
Tugman letter to Stiles, re: Property Taxes, September 5, 1986
House Concurrent Resolution No. 29 by Yost: Robert Cargill, Sr. death, September 27, 29, 1986
News Release: Hunt to Discuss Support for Oil Import Fee, September 18, 1986
News Release: re: Effort by Sen. Gramm to Seek Airing of Oil Import Issue Applauded, September 16, 1986
SA memo to Proration Task Force, re: 10/1 Version, RRC Pipeline Rules, 10/10 Task Force Meeting, October 13
Rex White memo, re: 10/1/86 Version Pipeline Rules, October 10, 1986
Letter (Qwip to TIPRO) to SDPITTS from John S. Herrington, Oct. 1, 1986
Memo from S. Anderson to Glenn Johnson, re: Rule 34, October 2, 1986
News Release: re: TIPRO Applauds Import Fee Support from National Independent Producers Group, October 27, 1986
Tugman Comments to RRC, re: Rule 8, October 30, 1986
Target, Vol. VII, No. 7, November 1986
Proration & Ratable Take Comments to Railroad Commissioners, November 3, 1986
News Release: re: Seagull Energy Corp. CEO to Outline an Activist Approach to Survival, November 4, 1986
Statement by Rex White before RRC, Allowable, November 12, 1986
Letter to RRC, Rules 30 & 34, November 14, 1986
SA letter to Gerald Bennett, November 17, 1986
Draft, Proposed Definition “Property” for WPT, Francis Durand, November 18, 1986
Proration Rules/Latest Draft, Notice of Meeting, November 21, 1986
IRS letter, Proposed Definition of Property for WPT Purposes, Francis Durand, November 24, 1986
Target, Vol. VII, No. 8, December 1986
Letter to IRS, re: Definition of Unitized Property, December 1, 1986
Harris letter to RRC, Proration Task Force Meeting, December 16, 1986
Letter to SA, re: FERC Order 436, December 19, 1986
Proration Task Force, Final Comments to RRC Rules 30 & 34, December 10, 1986
SA memo to NOI Task Force, Draft Comments, December 22, 1986
S. Anderson letter to FERC re: NOI into Anti-Competitive Practices w/ attached memo to FERC NOI Task Force etc, December 29, 1986
4Jc97 (7053060)Newsletters & News Releases, 1987-88:
JGM Speech Before the Section of International Law, June 9, 1988
News Release: Natural Gas to Be Promoted, June 14, 1988
Letter by S. Smyre re: Field Rules to RRC, June 14, 1988
Target, September 1988
TIPRO Target, Vol. IX, No. 2, February 1988
SA Letter to Commissioners, Rule 31(d)(4), February 17, 1988
Letter to FERC, Southern Natural Gas Company, February 29, 1988
J. Watson Testimony on U.S. – Canada Trade Agreement Before the House Energy & Power Subcommittee, March 1, 1988
Stacey Smyre letter to RRC, re: Proposed Changes to Rule 31, March 3, 1988
JGM Letter to TX Delegation, ANWR Statement, March 3, 1988
Target, Vol. VIII, No. 7, October 1987
J. Watson letter to Senator L. Bentsen, et al., re: Natural Gas Act, October 26, 1987
SA, re: Motion to file Amicus Curiae, Docket #H-84-4971, October 23, 1987
ASA letter to RRC, re: Emergency Changes to Rule 34(n)(3), October 23, 1987
News Release: U.S. – Canada Trade Agreement, October 5, 1987
Bob Pace letter to Carlos Higgins, re: RRC Gas Utilities, Docket #6750, October 1, 1987
TIPRO Target, September 1987
Smyre letter to RRC, re: Docket #20-90,642 NOI, Drilling Incentives, September 11, 1987
Oil & Gas Docket No. 6-91,652, Supplemental Reply, July 5, 1988
JGM memo to Commissioner Sharp, re: Energy Related Items, July 12, 1988
SA memo the Entitlements Task Force, re: Additional Material, July 14 1988
O’Brien Test, House Energy Research and Dev. Subcomm., May 13, 1988
JGM memo to Financial Operations TF, May 19, 1988
Meeting Notice to: Proration Task Force, re: Task Force Meeting, May 19
Brief of TIPRO Relating to Motion for Rehearing, Oil & Gas Docket #6-91,652, May 31, 1988
TIPRO Resolutions, 1988-89
U.S. Energy Policy at the Crossroads by Scott L. Campbell to TIPRO Annual Convention, June 1988
News Release: TIPRO Elects Officers, June 6, 1988
Watson letter to Rep. Archer, gas well condensate, June 8, 1988
Target, June 1988
News Release: Small Oil & Gas Producer, June 6, 1988
TIPRO Target, December issue, 1988
JGM memo to Joe Hanna Group, re: Meeting with Hance & Gov., December 2, 1988
SA memo to Co-Op Assoc., re: Intervention in FERC Proceeding, December 9, 1988
Docket Nos. CP7-451-009, et al., Northeast Pipeline Projects, et al., Motion of State Producers to Intervene, December 9, 1988
State Producers Associations, Docket Nos. CP87-451-008, et al., Northeast U.S. Pipeline Projects, et al., December 9, 1988
SA letter to Sen. Carlos Truan, TIPRO & TMOGA Presentation to Texas Radiation Advisory Board, re: Norm, December 12, 1988
News Release: Proposed Settlement of FERC Northeast, Pipeline Case Favors Canadian Over U.S., December 12, 1988
SA memo to Officers & NEPC Chairmen, re: FERC Intervention, December 12, 1988
SA letter to Bob Biard/RRC, re: Rule 38, TIPRO Express Support to RRC for Approval with Exceptions without a Hearing, December 14, 1988
JGM memo to Audit Committee, re: Selection of New Auditor, December 19, 1988
Letter to Wm. F. Smith from Amy G., “Working Group Actions,” October 18, 1988
JGM memo to Joe Hanna Group, Agenda for 11-4 Meeting, October 19, 1988
Letter to Jim Morrow, Notice of Inquiry, October 25, 1988
JGM memo to J. McKeithan, re: TF 2000 First Meeting, October 27, 1988
Memo to TF 2000 from J. McKeithan, re: 11/21 Meeting, October 28, 1988
Memo to TF 2000, First Meeting Agenda, November 8, 1988
JGM letter to Scote (Smith), re: Lang. for Sev. Tax, November 10, 1988
JGM letter to Dept. of Health (Elliott), Proposed Rules HAZ-COM, November 10, 1988
JGM memo to Joe Hanna Group, Confirmation of Meeting with Gov., November 16, 1988
SA letter to Biard, Statewide Rule 37, Proposed Rules, November 16, 1988
JGM Speech Before the TSTCI Futures Retreat in Lake Tahoe, November 18, 1988
Presentation by E. Hutchinson before the TX Radiation Advisory Board, November 20, 1988
TF 2000 Outline of Topics for Discussion, 11/21 Meeting, November 21, 1988
AG letter to IPAA (Barry Johnson), SPCC Revisions, November 30, 1988
TIPRO Target Newsletter, April 1988
J. Watson/S. Smyre letter to Commissioners, Rules 30 & 34, May 5, 1988
Update on May 19th Meeting, May 5, 1988
Draft Report of the Natural Gas Task Force, January 7, 1988
J. Watson memo on Draft Report of Statewide Gas Proration Task Force, January 8, 1988
JGM memo to Exec. & SPIC, Natural Gas Proration Matters, January 8, 1988
4Jc96 (7053093)Motion to Intervene, Katy Interchange Service, January 14, 1988
ASA memo to Natural Gas Proration Task Force, re: Unresolved Issues, January 18, 1988
News Release: Statewide Proration System, January 20, 1988
Letter & Questionnaire Sent to Presidential Candidates Signed by JEW [John E. Watson], January 22, 1988
TIPRO Comments on FERC Order 500-C, January 22, 1988
Perry v. Valero, Docket #1 & 3-90,188, January 25, 1988
J. Watson letter & comments on Oil Imports Before the Commerce Dept., Section 232, January 28, 1988
Meeting Plans, Allotments Proration Task Force, July 25, 1988
Memo from Neal Anderson, re: Meeting w/ Scott Campbell, July 27, 1988
Target, August 1988
SA memo to Harris, Hays, Stephenson, Allotments Proration, August 12, 1988
News Release: TIPRO Endorses Energy Summit Plan, August 15, 1988
SA letter to Edgar (Comptroller’s Office), Rule 3.17, Sevr. Taxes, August 15, 1988
News Release: TIPRO Committee Agenda, August 25, 1988
Allotment Proration Task Force Report, August 26, 1988
Smyre letter, Compt. – Franchise Tax Requirements, August 29, 1988
National Energy Policy Proposal and Press Release, August 31, 1988
Memo from SA, re: Severance Taxes, June 15, 1988
Sale of Refineries (News Release), June 16, 1988
Oil and Gas Docket No. 10-87, Panhandle Field Rules, June 20, 1988
Memo to NGRC, re: Unresolved Issues, June 24, 1988
SA letter to Bob Biard, re: Proposed Amendments 16 TAC 3.102, June 29, 1988
Memo to Reg. Assoc. Executives, Salvage Legislation, June 29, 1988
SA letter to Richard Buerger, re: Overproduced Gas Wells, January 29, 1988
Sparks/Discovery v. Baxter, No. 87-1244, January 29, 1988
JGM letter to Commissioners, Allotments Proration, September 1, 1988
Presentation by Frank Pitts to Dallas Assoc. of Petroleum Landmen, “Petroleum Landman in Changing Industry,” September 12, 1988
Press Release: VP Bush Response to National Energy Policy, September 23, 1988
John Watson letter to G. Mauro, re: Leasing Policies, September 23, 1988
Letter from R. White Regarding Tax Equity Comm./Oil & Gas Tax Burdens, September 26, 1988
Memo from J. Watson, Task Force 2000 Appointees, September 29, 1988
Letter to Thomas O. Mann, re: Stripper Well Settlement Funds, May 16, 1988
Oil and Gas Docket No. 6-91,652, May 18, 1988
Target, October 1988
SA letter to RRC, re: Rule #37, October 4, 1988
JGM letter to Bob Bullock, Meeting on Tax Issues, October 7, 1988
Joe Hanna Project, Austin Agenda, October 10, 1988
News Release: Bush, Dukakis Support Energy Policy, October 11, 1988
John Watson, National Energy Policy & Core Supply, October 11, 1988
Letter to Congressman Jack Fields, July 21, 1988
SA letter to Dan Miller, General Land Office, re: Proposed Amendments, September 22, 1987
Memo sent to Regional VPs, re: Public Affairs Luncheons, September 22, 1987
SA letter sent to Carlos Higgins, re: Proposed Facility Definitions, September 22, 1987
SA Motion to Intervene, ERA Docket 87-34-LNG, September 24, 1987
John Watson letter to Bob Bullock, re: Purchaser & Processor Rq., November 18, 1987
Shelby D. Pitts letter to All Texas’ Chamber of Commerce, re: Oil Import Fee Concept Promotion, February 20, 1987
News Release: Energy Crisis Warning in National Petroleum Council Report Underlines Need for Concern, February 24, 1987
4Jc6 (7053708)News Release: TIPRO Public Affairs Meeting (3/5/87), J. Gordon Sorrells, February 24, 1987
Craig Goodman Testimony Before IRS, re: Windfall Profit Tax Act & DOE Concept of Property, February 25, 1987
TIPRO Target, Vol. VIII, No. 2, March 1987
News Release: TIPRO Vows to Continue Oil Import Fee, March 18, 1987
John E. Watson Before the [Railroad] Commission on March 18, 1987
News Release: New Funding Mechanism for Well Plugging, March 25, 1987
Charles Gentry Statement Before the U.S. Senate Finance Committee, March 25, 1987
FERC Comments, TIPRO et al., Take or Pay By Out, April 10, 1987
Bob Harris letter to Mack Wallace, re: Cost Estimate for Comm. Staff Data, April 10, 1987
White letter to Shelby, May 19, 1987
Rex White’s Testimony Before the Tax Equity Committee in San Antonio, November 19, 1987
TIPRO Target, December 1987
News Release: Adequate Domestic Oil Supplies, December 1, 1987
TIPRO/Enserch, 232 Petition, December 1, 1987
JGM to Gail Watkins (RRC), TGA’s Request for Increased Ad Expenses, December 14, 1987
Stacey Smyre letter to RRC; unplugged and abandoned well study, December 4, 1987
News Release: Oil Price Drop, Import Study, December 18, 1987
Motion for Rehearsing, re: BTU Adjustment Refunds, RRC Gas Utilities Division, December 18, 1987
SA letter to 5th Court of Appeals LA, Baxter v. Sparks, #87-1244, December 28, 1987
TIPRO Target, January 1988
Bob Harris letter to RR, re: 3.31 Amendments, Gas Well Allowables, January 5, 1988
News Release: Al Dillard Testimony, March 8, 1988
A.W. Dillard, Testimony, EPA Hearing, Dallas, March 8, 1988
SHS letter to Bob Biard (RRC), Discovery Well Priority, Testimony, March 9, 1988
JGM Statement before RRC, State of the Industry Hearing, Lubbock, Texas, March 17, 1988
SA letter to Commissioners, re: Amendments to Rules 30 & 34, March 17, 1988
SA letter to Commissioner Hance, March 18, 1988
News Release: Natural Gas Committee Appointment, March 24, 1988
JGM letter to RRC, Comments on Rules 14 and 58, March 31, 1988
SA Explanation of TIPRO, Rulemaking Position SWR 28, 30, 31, 34, April 8, 1988
Press Release: Foreign Trade Bill, April 7, 1988
Charles Gentry’s Testimony Before the U.S. Finance Committee, Canadian Trade Agreement, April 13, 1988
SA letter to Andrew Taylor, Oil & Gas Docket #5-76,659, April 18, 1988
SA letter to Bob Biard, NGPA Application Procedures, April 25, 1988
News Release: Energy Dept. Confirmation of Gas Supplies, May 12, 1988
2008-294/53aNewsletters & News Releases, 1987-90:
SA letter to Tim Dowd with Questionnaire, August 7, 1987
B. Harris Statement & Recommendation, re: Natural Gas Proration, Summer Policy Meeting, Las Colinas, TX, August 28, 1987
SA letter to Carlos Higgins (RRC), re: Gas Utilities Docket #6750, August 27, 1987
News Release, Kent Hance Appointment to RRC, August 25, 1987
News Release, Persian Gulf Crisis, Harvard Study, September 22, 1987
Watson Statement on Oil Import Fees before the Ways & Means Comm., U.S. House of Representatives, July 15, 1987
SA memo to Proration Task Force, re: meeting on 8-5-87, July 17, 1987
Seminar Folder Inserts, Convention, 1987
News Release, August Meeting, Las Colinas, July 30, 1987
TIPRO Target, Vol. 8, No. 5, August 1987
B. Harris letter to RRC, re: Statewide Rule 31 Revisions, August 6, 1987
Tugman Speech to TAAD, Stephen F. Austin Hotel, February 14, 1987
Definition of Taxable “Crude Oil” for Windfall Profit Tax Purposes – Mitchell Energy Fund letterhead, February 17, 1987
Scott Anderson letter to RRC Comm. Wallace Nugent & Sharp, re: Problem of Unplugged Wells, February 18, 1987
News Release – Chambers of Commerce Urged to Support Variable Oil Import Fee, February 19, 1987
SA letter to Lisa Anderson, re: Rule 1 Organization, June 18, 1987
Rex White’s letter to Thomas & McKendrie, re: Retirement, June 19, 1987
Shelby letter to John W. Bryant, June 19, 1987
News Release: John Watson, TIPRO President, July 2, 1987
News Release: Senate Rejection of Bentsen’s Measure, July 2, 1987
SA memo to Proration Task Force, Meeting 7/14/87, July 2, 1987
SA letter to Kenneth Plumb (FERC), re: Erie Pipeline Resolution, July 6, 1987
Smyre letter to EPA, re: Underground Storage Tank Regs., July 14, 1987
Gas Producers’ Take-or-Pay Rights and Remedies – Monograph I, 1986
News Release – TIPRO Commends FERC Canadian Gas Order; Natural Gas Co-Op Antitrust Legs., January 20, 1987
Bills of Interest Filled to Date, January 16, 1987
News Release – RRC Comm. Sharp to Speak in Longview & Tyler, January 21, 1987
SA Speech before Executive Enterprises Implementing Order 451, January 26, 1987
JGM/Boren letter, New Chart, February 6, 1987
Francis Durand Testimony, Subcommittee on Energy, January 30, 1987
Proration Task Force Comments, re: Rule 30 & 34, January 30, 1987
SA letter to GLO, re: 31 TAC §3-10, February 10, 1987
Target, Vol. 8, No. 1, February 1987
TIPRO Target, Vol. 8, No. 3, May 1987
TIPRO Target, Vol. 8, No. 4, June 1987
Resolutions, James C. Bouldin & Roland Childress, June 9, 1987
News Release: Tax Relief & Deregulation Proposal, Bolter & Gramm, June 12, 1987
SA memo, re: New Pipeline Projects, June 16, 1987
News Release: New Officers, Com. Members, Directors, June 17, 1987
SA memo to Proration Task Force, re: Meeting 7/1/87, June 17, 1987
News Release – Mid-Winter Policy Comm. Agenda, January 12, 1987
News Release – Gas Prorationing Concept Set for Discussion, January 12, 1987
Press Release – RRC Candidates Featured at TIPRO Meeting, June 28, 1990
JGM memo to Officers & Com. Chair – Peril Point Legislation, June 28, 1990
Post-Convention News Release, re: FERC Remarks, Mr. TIPRO, and Sen. Gramm, June 8, 1990
Amicus Curiae Comments Larry Hulsey-Docket #9-89,895, June 22, 1990
Target, June 1990
TIPRO 44th Annual Convention Panel Seminar: Is the Light at the End of the Tunnel Gas Fired?, June 4, 1990
Presentation by T.D. Howell, State of the Industry Meeting – RRC, March 20, 1990
JER statement before the RRC State of the Industry Hearing, Fort Worth, March 20, 1990
ASA memo to T. Coffman & R. Howell, re: Rule 22 Comments, March 20, 1990
JER letter re: NGSA Survey Sent to Select Members, March 7, 1990
ASA memo to T. Coffman & R. Howell, re: Proposed Rule 22 Concerning Migratory Birds, March 9, 1990
JER letter to COPAS, re: Industry Proposal, March 9, 1990
ASA letter to R. Percival (RRC), re: Draft Changes in Item 15 & 16 of 2/90 P4, March 19, 1990
JER letter to Martin Allday, re: Rate Design Difference US & Canada, June 28, 1990
JER statement before the Society of Petroleum Engineering at the Univ. of Houston, July 5, 1990
Press Release: TIPRO President Addresses Enhanced Oil & Gas Recovery Seminar, July 6, 1990
ASA letter to Mark Seifert, State Producer Assn. Oral Statement, July 12, 1990
JGM memo to Unitization TF, re: Meeting Scheduled for 8/2/90, July 17, 1990
ALG letter to Jerry Lauderdale, re: TDH Changes to THCA, June 27, 1990
JER letter to Henson Moore, re: ART Committee, February 9, 1990
ALG letter to Wm. Elliott, TX Dept. of Health, re: SIC Code 13, January 29, 1990
TDC letter to Phillip Danks, RRC, re: Statewide Rule 37 Comments, January 30, 1990
J.C. Martin’s Testimony before TX Senate Natural Resource Comm., January 25, 1990
JGM Presentation before the 10th Annual Natural Gas Conference, January 26, 1990
JRJ letter to Senators in DC, re: Amendment to Clean Air Act, March 21, 1990
2008-294/53bALG memo to Revenue Stream Audit Task Force, re: Monograph Survey Results, March 26, 1990
SHS letter to Gerald Rhodes at Dept. of Interior, re: MMS Prop. Rules, March 26, 1990
T. Coffman letter to D. Molock, Staff Atty. w/ RRC re: Proposed Rule 22, March 27, 1990
TDC letter to R. Schultz at RRC, re: Statewide Rule 86 Comments, March 27, 1990
Target, April 1990
JGM memo to Jerry Langdon, re: May 3rd Meeting NG Deliverability, April 20, 1990
Press Release, re: TIPRO President Addresses Texas RRC State of the Industry Hearing, March 20, 1990
Jon Rex Jones letter to Congressman in DC, re: SIC Code 13, February 12, 1990
Division Order Meeting Notice, re: Meeting on March 6th, February 13, 1990
TDC letter to R. Percival (RRC), re: Comments on Proposed Form H-13, February 16, 1990
TDC letter to J. Morrow (RRC), re: Proposal for Movement of Crude or Condensate From Leases, February 16, 1990
JGM letter re: MMS Proposal of Bond Coverage, February 23, 1990
SA memo to TD Howell & TD Coffman, re: Changes to Crude Gatherers Reg., January 31, 1990
Target, February 1990
JER letter to Sen. Carriker, re: Senate Bill 1 – Workers Comp., November 30, 1989
JER memo to Regional VP’s, re: Joint Producer Assoc. Comments on Gas Proration, December 1, 1989
Press Release – TIPRO Calls for Goal-Oriented National Energy Strategy and a Strengthened Domestic Petroleum Industry, December 4, 1989
Regional Assoc. Presidents letter to RRC Commissioners re: Imm. @ November 15, 1989
Jon Rex Jones letter to TX Reps in DC, re: Clean Air Act, March 2, 1990
JER letter to RRC Commissioners, re: P-4 Forms, February 26, 1990
January Meeting Executive Summary by J.N. Warren / Resolve Drilling Company, January 1990
Target, January 1990
Randy Bruton letter to IOCC, re: Env. Regulation Rpt. Comments, January 12, 1990
Annual Reports, 1989-90
JER statement before the DOE, National Energy Strategy, December 4, 1989
SA memo to Exec. Committee & Regionals, re: Supplemental Comments of 11/30/89, December 7, 1989
TDC statement of Docket #20-93,165, Gas Rules, December 19, 1989
Press Release – Press Invited to TIPRO Policy Meeting 1/15-16/89, Austin, TX, December 15, 1989
SA memo to Barry Russell, IPAA, TIPRO Comments on API Environment Guidance Document (Draft), December 30, 1989
TDC letter to Peggy Gray, re: Rules 27, 28, 30, 31 & 34, November 30, 1989
SA memo to Questionnaire Subcommittee Questions & Answers, April 20, 1990
Press Release: U.S. Sen. Phil Gramm, Gub. Candidates, FERC Chmn., to Speak at TIPRO Annual Convention, April 25, 1990
Target Newsletter, May 1990
TIPRO Reporter, May 1990
JGM memo to Jerry Langdon, Natural Gas Deliverability Survey, May 28, 1990
Press Release: RRC Chairman K. Hance Featured at TIPRO Luncheon Meeting, July 19, 1990
JER statement before the Senate Finance Cmt. “Deficiencies in US Energy Policy,” July 27, 1990
Press Release: TIPRO Suggests Remedies to Current US Energy Policies at Senate Subcommittee Hearing, July 27, 1990
TDC letter to RRC Commissioners, re: Certification Dates re: Several EOR Projects, July 30, 1990
Memo from ASA: Summary of Environmental Meeting in Kerrville, July 31, 1990
JER memo to Executive Committee, re: New Environmental Committee, August 26, 1989
ALG letter to GLO on Reorganization of Rules on Oil & Gas Expl., August 29, 1989
Press Release – TIPRO Establishes Environmental Comm. to Seek Reasonable Solutions to Environmental Problems, August 29, 1989
TIPRO Target, September 1989
TDC letter to Peggy Gray (RRC), re: Statewide Rule 42, September 1, 1989
JER letter to Lloyd Bentsen, re: Revenue Increase Provisions, September 7, 1989
Press Release – Texas Oil & Gas Producers & Royalty Owners Meet to Discuss Imports & Energy Strategy & More, August 21, 1989
ALG letter to State Treasury, re: Comments on Electronic Payments, August 24, 1989
ASA memo to J.R. Jones & Mike Grove, re: Scope of the Mud, Brine & Associated Waste Exemption from RCRA, August 28, 1989
Reply Comments Filed With FERC, Docket # PL 89-1-000, July 27, 1989
ALG letter to Walter Rosenbusch, GLO, re: New Loyalty Forms Cont., July 31, 1989
ALG letter to Martin Cherry, re: Changes in Franchise Tax Rules, August 1, 1989
ASA letter to B. Bullock, re: “Date of Enactment of SB 963,” August 1, 1989
SA letter to Ruth Burns, DOE, re: National Energy Hearing 9/8/89, August 8, 1989
Target, August 1989
Memo from ASA, re: Possible Filing in Immediate @ Case, August 15, 1989
JGM memo, re: Testimony for DOE’s NES Hearing in Houston, November 14, 1989
JGM letter to Debra Molock, re: Rules 8 & 21, November 14, 1989
ALG letter to Don Walker, RRC, re: Statewide Rule 38, July 7, 1989
2008-294/53cPress Release: Independents Discuss Horizontal Drilling & Other Actions to Increase U.S. Oil Production, January 16, 1990
SA letter to Peggy Gray, re: Additional Comments Rules 27, 28, 30, 31 & 34, January 19, 1990
TDC letter to Jim Morrow, re: Statewide Rule 86, January 24, 1990
SA letter to Richard Craig, re: 14th Draft of Rule 3.20 Comments, January 24, 1990
SA memo to Mark Siefert, re: Order 497-A, January 24, 1990
JGM letter to US Attorney General, re: Wetlands Policy, January 24, 1990
JC Martin Presentation Before the Senate Natural Resources Cmt., January 25, 1990
Meeting Notice for Reporters, re: Mid-Summer Policy Meeting 8/25-26/89, South Shore Harbor, July 19, 1989
Press Release: Proposed Tax Incentives Unfair, July 20, 1989
JER letter to TX Delegation, re: Tax for Oil Spill Fund, July 20, 1989
Target, November 1989
ASA letter to Peggy Gray (RRC), re: Comments on Statewide Rule 105, November 1, 1989
Jon Rex Jones letter to Ralph Hall, re: Clean Air Act, November 9, 1989
Jon Rex Jones letter to Env. Protection Agency, Docket A-89-06, November 9, 1989
Notice of Participation: Iroquois, Tenn. & Algonquin, November 11, 1989
SA letter to Manuel Lujan, re: Core Supply Concept, November 13, 1989
ASA letter to J. Russell, re: Background Info. On Natural Gas Transportation Task Force, September 29, 1989
ASA letter to Peggy Gray (RRC), re: Comments on Rule 50, October 4, 1989
SA memo to Producer Members, 1988 Gas Rule Cmt., re: 11/6/89 Meeting, October 4, 1989
ASA memo to Producer Members, 1988 Gas Rules Committee, October 4, 1989
ASA letter to RRC Comm. John Sharp, re: TIPRO’s Position on Allotments Proration, October 26, 1989
ASA letter to Comm. Jim Nugent, re: Immediate @ Adjustment Factors, October 26, 1989
ALG letter to C. Weber – Texas Dept. of Health, re: TIPRO Opportunity to Comment on Draft Interim Policy of NORM, September 27, 1989
JER letter to RRC Comm. J. Nugent, re: Comm. Nugent Response to TIPRO letter re: Use of Immediate @ Adjustment Factors, September 27, 1989
JER letter to W. Hatch of DOE, re: The Scheduling of Public Hearing in the Fall ’89 re: NES, September 27, 1989
ASA memo to Reg. Assoc. EVP’s, re: Securities Board Proposal, September 28, 1989
JER letter to Sect. Watkins, re: Texas Hearing, September 7, 1989
Press Release – TIPRO Proposes Domestic Energy Core Supply as Basis of National Energy Policy, September 7, 1989
S. Smyre letter to U.S. Dept. of Transportation, re: Docket Nos. HM-183,183A, Amendment Nos. 107-20 et al., September 8, 1989
J. Russell letter to US Rep Jack Brooks, re: Proposed Amendments to the Bankruptcy Code to Protect Farmouts, September 14, 1989
JER letter to RR Commissioners, re: Immediate @’s, September 15, 1989
ASA letter to Don Walker (RRC), re: Comments on Rule 38 Revisions, September 19, 1989
SA letter to Denis Crawford, re: Amendment to TAC §109.14, September 21, 1989
SA letter to Don Walker, re: Rule 38, September 21, 1989
Target, June 1989
J. McKeithan memo to Membership, Final Report of TF 2000, June 5, 1989
Bylaws, June 1989
JEW letter to Gov. Clements Urging Him to Sign SB 963 into Law, June 1, 1989
TIPRO’s Legislative Session Update, June 5, 1989
TIPRO Annual Convention (Dallas) Press Releases, June 9, 1989:
National Leaders Discuss Energy Strategy, Domestic Prod. Incentives w/ TIPRO
TIPRO Honors J. Sharp & G. Mauro with Hats Off Award
TIPRO Honors Dallas Oil Prod. L. Frank Pitts w/ Mr. TIPRO Award
TIPRO Elects Officers for 1989-90
JER letter to Lloyd Bentsen, re: Taxation on Oil for Superfund, June 30, 1989
ASA memo to Ex. Comm. Proration Task Force & Pror. Task Force re: Meeting Notice for July 14, 1989
JGM letter to C. Cook, re: Comments by DOE H. Moore at TIPRO Convention & Developments of Nat. Energy Policy, July 5, 1989
JGM letter to D. Shumway, re: Publication of Op-Ed Article by James Russell, July 6, 1989
JGM letter to B. Keitt, re: Division Order System for Producers and Royalty Owner, July 7, 1989
Press Release – TIPRO Praises Supreme Court Decision to Uphold State’s Authority to Regulate Nat. Gas Prod., March 8, 1989
ALG letter to Rita Percival (RRC), re: Comments on Proposed G-11 Form, July 11, 1989
ALG letter to Don Petty (GLO), e: Horizontal & Vertical Severance, July 14, 1989
TDC letter to Commissioners, re: ’88 Gas Rules Comm. Recommendations, July 18, 1989
Reports and News Releases, 1988-89:
Annual Reports, 1988-89
News Release, TIPRO Mid-Winter Policy Meeting Set in Austin, 1/16 – 1/17/89, January 4, 1989
News Release, Failure of Pres. To Act on Oil Imports a Disappointing End to Reagan Era, TIPRO Says, January 4, 1989
AG letter to Comp. (Moore), Franchise Tax # Companies, January 6, 1989
News Release, TIPRO Applauds Intro of Congressional Resolution for Maintaining Core Supply of Domestic Energy, January 27, 1989
News Release, J.G. Martin’s 30th Anniversary w/ TIPRO, January 27, 1989
Statement by J. Watson Endorsing Quick Passage of Clean Air Legislation, February 1, 1989
Memo from ASA, re: Oilfield Haulers Request for New Tariff, February 3, 1989
Press Release, TIPRO See Presidential Budget Prop. as Step Toward Adoption of “Core Supply” Concept, February 10, 1989
JEW letter to Pres. Bush Praising Income Tax Code Proposals to Encourage Domestic Drilling for Petroleum Reserves, February 10, 1989
Docket #028916ZZT before the RRC, Oil Field Haulers Assn., February 15, 1989
Press Release, Kari Morris Joins TIPRO Staff as Communications Specialist, February 16, 1989
2008-294/35bNewsletters & News Releases, 1989:
ASA letter to RRC Commissioner, re: Oil in Open Pits Which Ma Endanger Certain Species of Protected Wildlife, May 12, 1989
Press Release, TIPRO Encouraged by Senate Vote on Oil Tax Bill, May 16, 1989
TIPRO Leaders Meet w/ New England Delegation, May 18, 1989
Target – January 1989
Memo from ASA to Leg. Commt., re: Meeting Notice & Activity Update, April 19, 1989
AT letter to Designated List, Survey for API’s Sara Title III Production Issues Group, April 21, 1989
SA Memo, re: One Call, SB 1063, April 21, 1989
Target – May 1989
TIPRO Reporter, May 1989
Press Release, TIPRO Applauds House Action on Oil Tax Incentive Bill, March 1, 1989
Rex White letter to Rep. McWilliams, re: HB 3205/SB 963, May 19, 1989
JW letter to Gov. Clements, re: His Signing of HB 428, re: Severance Tax Incentives for Enhanced Oil Recovery, May 19, 1989
ASA:TDC letter to Producers, re: Final Approval by TX Leg., re: a Bill that Helps Producers w/ Tight Gas Reserv., May 24, 1989
ASA letter to M. Spear; U.S. Wildlife Srvc. & C. Nash TX Wildlife, re: TGT Article: Open Pit Regulations, May 24, 1989
Press Release, TIPRO Endorses Andrews’ Alternate Fuels Incentive Act, May 8, 1989
Press Release, Invitation to Media, re: TIPRO 43rd Annual Convention in Dallas, June 4-6, 1989
Stacey Smyre letter to Senator Whitmire, re: HB 291, May 12, 1989
NAPE [North American Prospect Expo], 1996
North American Prospect Expo, 1995
Motion of the State Producer Assoc. for Leave to Intervene, Docket Nos. CP87-451-000, February 21, 1989
RH White letter to Gov. Clements, re: HB 888, February 28, 1989
Target, March 1989
State of the Industry Hearing, Statement by John Watson, March 17, 1989
Marvin Zeid’s letter to Sen. Domenici, re: GIC’s, March 21, 1989
SA letter to Cliff Johnson, re: HB 1960, March 30, 1989
Members of TF 2000 Subcommittee on Membership, Report on April 5 Mtg., April 6, 1989
JW Test. House Energy Comm., GLO Clean Air Bill, HB 2850, April 10, 1989
AG letter, GLO – Proposed Amend., Timely Receipt of Royalty Payments, April 11, 1989
J Watson stmt before the House Ways and Means Committee, April 12, 1989
Memo from ASA to R. Howell, S. Smyre, & R. White, re: Proposed Amendments to Rule 11 and 32, April 17, 1989
JEW Testimony, House State Affairs, HB 1523, April 17, 1989
2008-294/51aNewsletters & News Releases, 1990-91:
Target Newsletter, September 1991
TDC & RF letter to RRC, re: Natural Gas Proration Resolution, August 29, 1991
Press Release: TIPRO Calls for Natural Gas Proration Changes Summer Policy Meeting, League City, TX, August 24, 1991
Robert Allison w/ Anadarko Remarks to TIPRO at Houston Public Affairs Luncheon, August 21, 1991
TDC memo re: Appointment to Plugging and Financial Task Force, August 20, 1991
ASA letter to C. Frank at U.S. Trade Rep., re: Testimony on the American Free Trade Agreement, August 9, 1991
TDC letter to Editor of DMN, re: Article on Protection of Migratory Birds, August 9, 1991
RHW letter to Rep. Rudd & Sen. Montford, re: SB 3, August 5, 1991
Press Release, re: TIPRO’s Summer Policy Meeting (8/23-24/91) at South Shore Harbour Resort, August 1, 1991
Target Newsletter, July 1991
Rex White letter to Bruce Gibson, House Cmt. on Govt. Organization, HB 10, July 17, 1991
TDC letter to Allday, re: GRI docket #RP91-170-000, July 12, 1991
Press Release, re: Appointments to TIPRO Committees, July 3, 1991
TDC letter to Cong. Barton, re: Fee on Import Oil to Fill SPR, July 8, 1991
SS memo to Members of Press, re: Houston PA Luncheon 6/27/91, June 19, 1991
Press Release, re: Rep. Gephardt Energy Bill, June 18, 1991
Press Release, re: Chet Upham, Jr. Receiving Mr. TIPRO Award, June 17, 1991
TDC letter to Howell Heflin, re: Amendment of Bankruptcy Code, June 17, 1991
JGM letter to Martin Allday, re: Empire State Pipeline, June 11, 1991
Target Newsletter, October 1991
Memo from J. Walker to Exec. Committee, re: Mail Vote on Memb. Dues Proposal, September 25, 1991
Press Release, re: TIPRO Taking Active Role in the Developing US Free Trade Agreement with Mexico, September 18, 1991
Houston Public Affairs Luncheon to Held on 9/26/91 w/ Carol Freedenthal at the Petroleum Club, September 17, 1991
TDC statement on Mexican Free Trade Agreement before the US ITC, September 17, 1991
Summary of Proposed Amendments to Rules 1 & 14, January 17, 1991
Press Release, re: Tech Transfer Results, January 17, 1991
Press Release, re: Meaningful National Energy Policy Eludes US, January 17, 1991
JGM letter with Pat Nugent to the RRC Commissioners on Natural Gas Proration, October 9, 1991
Press Release: TIPRO Calls for RRC to Change Policy to Help Prevent Waste of Natural Gas, October 9, 1991
Testimony before the RRC on Natural Gas Proration: J. Martin, T. Coffman, R. Fuller, & A. Scott Anderson, October 8, 1991
ALG letter to Cynthia Cardwell, re: Comments on TRCR Part 46 NORM, October 2, 1991
JGM Presentation Before Gas Daily Seminar “to Prorate or Not to Prorate That Is the Question,” October 2, 1991
Target, March 1991
SA letter to RRC, Nina Hutton, Rule 100, Amendment to Rule 5, 14 & 79, March 8, 1991
Press Release, re: Pres. Bush’s National Energy Policy Doesn’t Go Far Enough, February 20, 1991
SS memo to Washington Press, re: TIPRO Breakfast Meeting in WA, February 14, 1991
JGM speech to Executive Enterprises 11th Annual Gas Conference, February 12, 1991
JR memo to TDC and RHW, re: Proration and Plugging Task Forces, February 4, 1991
ASA letter to J. Nielson/RRC, re: Public Hearing, Rule 14, January 31, 1991
[ TIPRO Target, November 1990]
TIPRO Reporter, May 1991
Target, April 1991
TDC Testimony before Natural Resources Committee, re: SB 338 & 1103, April 24, 1991
ASA letter to Sen. D. Henderson, re: TIPRO Opposition to SB 1478, April 15, 1991
2008-294/51bJER letter to Sen. Sims & Rep. Earley, re: OPEP, April 9, 1991
JER letter to President Bush, DOE’s National Energy Strategy, March 26, 1991
TDC letter to RRC, Comments on Statewide Rule 22, March 20, 1991
Statement by J.E. Russell before the RRC State of the Industry Hearing, March 19, 1991
JGM letter to Martin Allday, re: Docket #s CP90-316-000 & 317-000, March 18, 1991
TDC letter to RRC Repealing Statewide Rule 13, March 15, 1991
Target Special Edition, November 1990
Press Release: TIPRO Welcomes Incentives from Congressional Budget Package, October 29, 1990
TDC letter to Jamie Nielson, Statewide Rule 13, October 30, 1990
ASA memo to Division Order Task Force, re: Draft NARO Bill, October 26, 1990
Applied Research & Technology Committee Questionnaire, October 24, 1990
JER letter to DOE, Robert Gentile, re: Research Technology, October 24, 1990
TDC letter to David Garlick, New Natural Gas Proration System, October 19, 1990
ASA letter to Denise Voight Crawford Securities Laws Auctioning Houses Handling Petroleum Properties, October 10, 1990
Memo to Exercise Cmt. Proration TF, re: Commissioner Nugents Proposal, October 5, 1990
Target Newsletter, October 1990
Press Release: Crude Oil Prices Fall Below Inflation, September 25, 1990
Applied Research & Technology Committee Questionnaire, September 11, 1990
Press Release from the 45th Annual Convention, Austin, TX, June 2-4, 1991
Target Newsletter, June 1991
ASA Memo, re: Saltwater Hauler Legislation, May 30, 1991
JGM stmt before the Subcmt on Energy & Insular Affairs, May 21, 1991
ASA Testimony before the House on CSHB 2835, May 1, 1991
ALG letter to Harry Switzer Revision of Forest Management Plan, December 10, 1990
N. Anderson letter to B. Shields, re: TIPRO Suggestions for Revisions to Division Order Bill, December 4, 1990
Randy Bruton letter to IOCC, re: Regulatory Needs Project Final Report, November 26, 1990
ASA letter to Garlick & Pacey at RRC, re: Comments on Proposed Rules 28, 30, 31 & 34, November 21, 1990
Neal Anderson memo to Division Order TF, re: Draft letter to Mr. Shields, November 21, 1990
TDC statement before the RRC on Proposed Amendment to Rule 13, November 16, 1990
TDC letter to Garlick & Pacey at RRC, re: Proposed Rules 88 & 89, November 13, 1990
TDC letters to “Best” Appraisal Districts, November 12, 1990
SLG letter to Health Dept., re: Draft Legislation of Texas Hazard Comm. Act, November 7, 1990
ALG letter to Cynthia Weber/Radiation Control, re: Licensing of Radioactive Materials, November 5, 1990
JER letter to Commission re: East Texas Field Demand, November 2, 1990
[No folder: TIPRO Target, August 1990]
ALG letter to Bureau of Land Management, re: Suspension of Stripper Well Production, August 14, 1990
JER letter to Comm. John Sharp, re: 4-Point Plan for Natural Gas, August 13, 1990
JER letter to Ken Lay, re: 4-Point Plan for Natural Gas, August 13, 1990
Statement by State Producer Assoc., re: Iroquois Gas Transmission Docket # CP89-634 et al., August 6, 1990
JGM memo to Texas Delegation, re: Mid-East Crisis, August 3, 1990
Press Release – Mid-East Crises Involving Iraq and Kuwait – How Will This Affect US Oil/Gas Producers, August 2, 1990
JER & WLF letter to Henson Moore, re: Technology Transfer Survey Results, January 16, 1991
JER letter to Pres. Bush, re: National Energy Strategy, January 15, 1991
ASA letter to L. Glover, re: TIPRO Comments on Proposed Sect. 3.11 & 3.20, January 3, 1991
Target, January 1991
Target, December 1990
Legislative Session Ideas, 2001
AAPL’s Right of Way/Licensing Issue, Sessions 1997 and 1999
RRC – Oil Spill Cleanup Fund [clipping], 2000
H2 S [fax from MND Services], 1998
H2 S Problems – East Texas, 1997
Longhorn Partners Pipeline, 1999
Operators Lien – Proposal from Hawley Constituent, 1998
Proration Amendments (Conoco) to HB 3582, 1999
Memo to Division Order Task Force on Tulsa Law Journal Article, September 11, 1990
Motion for Rehearing in Iroquois Case, September 4, 1990
Target, September 1990
ASA’s statement before the RRC to Consider Increases in Texas Oil Production, August 30, 1990
TDC letter to Jim Allen, re: Drilling Fees Increase, August 30, 1990
Press Release – TIPRO Urges Pres. Bush to Institute Incentives Quickly to Increase Domestic Supplies of Oil and Gas, August 28, 1990
JER letter to President Bush, re: New National Energy Policy, August 28, 1990
Cong. J.J. Pickle Receives TIPRO Outstanding Statesmanship Award, August 27, 1990
Remarks of Cong. J.J. Pickle to TIPRO During Summer Policy Meeting in Dallas, TX, DoubleTree ParkWest, August 24, 1990
Press Release: Mid-East Crisis, Jake Pickle to Highlight TIPRO Summer Policy Meeting, August 20, 1990
Target, August 1990
Letter from Randy Bruton to IOCC, re: Comments of TIPRO & IOCC 6/90 Draft Report on Regulation of Expl. & Production Wastes, August 17, 1990
Royalties on Marginal State Oil Wells, HB 2449, 1990
2008-294/45aNewsletters, Reports, & News Releases, 1991-92:
Target, December 1991
Docket #4-95,891, Amicus Curiae Brief, November 27, 1991
Houston PA Luncheon to be Held on 12/18/91 with Congressman Michael Andrews as Speaker, Houston Club, November 22, 1991
Letter D. Garlick w/RRC, re: Request to Initiate Rulemaking to Amend Statewide Rule 86(d)(1), November 20, 1991
TIPRO & PBPA Reply Comments to FERC, re: Revisions to Regulations Governing Self-Implementing Transportation, November 15, 1991
O&G Docket #3,6-97,111, RRC Motion for Continuance, November 6, 1991
Rex Fuller letter to Peggy Gray Reform of Natural Gas Prorating System, February 19, 1992
IPAA Mailing List Project, letter from T. Coffman w/ Coupon, February 10, 1992
Press Release, re: Future of Domestic Oil & Gas Producing Industry Depends on Tech. Transfer Programs, February 3, 1992
ALG letter to Peggy Gray, re: Statewide Rule 5, January 6, 1992
TIPRO Mid-Winter Policy Meeting at Four Seasons, Austin, TX, January 13-14, 1992
Target Newsletter, January 1992
ASA letter to Mike Andrews, re: Houston Post Article, December 17, 1991
RHW letter to J. Nielson @ RRC, re: Statewide Rule 14, December 16, 1991
ALG letter to Jamie Nielson, RRC comments on Statewide Rule 68, December 2, 1991
Annual Reports, 1991-92
Agencies Comments to the Markey/Scheuer Amendment to HR 776, May 26, 1992
Press Release: Amendment to Energy Bill Will Undermine Future of Texas’ Natural Gas Production, May 21, 1992
TIPRO Comments, re: Proposed Prorating Amendment to HR 776, May 20, 1992
TIPRO Target, May 1992
TIPRO Reporter, 1992
Graham Golf Tournament, May 22, 1992
Region 5 Membership Luncheon, 12 Noon, Wednesday 5/27/92, Alex Benton-Benton Oil & Gas Speaking, May 15, 1992
Press Release, TIPRO Annual Convention Set for 6/7-9/92 in Ft. Worth, May 12, 1992
TDC letter to Gov. Richards, re: September 28-29 Symposium, May 11, 1992
Houston Public Affair Luncheon, Houston Post Reporter Sam Fletcher, 5/26/92, at Houston Club, May 4, 1992
Press Release: TIPRO Pleased w/RRC Vote Overhauling Texas’ Natural Gas Proration System, April 27, 1992
Press Release on Tech Transfer Report and Gov. Release on Workshops, April 24, 1992
ASA letter to Commissioners, re: Decision on Gas Rules, Aprl 24, 1992
TDC & WLF letter to Sec. Watkins, re: Tech Transfer Seminars, April 23, 1992
Rex Fuller letter to RRC, re: Interim Rules, April 20, 1992
Luncheon 5/13/92, Midland Area Members – Linda Neeley, April 20, 1992
Update on Env. & Natural Gas Proration Issues/Breakfast Mtg., 4/28/92, Petroleum Club, San Antonio, April 10, 1992
Docket #RP92-133-000, GRI Petition of Approval of Modified Funding System, April 6, 1992
Houston Public Affairs Luncheon, Congressman Michael Andrews, 4/24/92, Houston Club, April 2, 1992
TDC letter to TX Delegation, Natural Gas Proration Reform, April 1, 1992
Luncheon Mtg. on Natural Gas Proration on 4/29/92 in Corpus Christi, Michael S. Pedrotti – Member Dep. Chmn., April 1, 1992
Target Newsletter, March 1992
Houston Public Affairs Lunch w/ Kyle Pope & Anne Pearson, Houston Chronicle, Petroleum Club, March 31, 1992
JGM Statement Before the State of the Industry Hearing, March 18, 1992
Natural Gas Allowables, Historical Perspective, March 18, 1992
RPF letter to Peggy Gray, re: “Interim” Rules, March 12, 1992
Region 8 – Membership Social/Cocktail Party on 3/26/92, March 12, 1992
ALG letter to Dwight Martin, re: Draft Changes to Statewide Rule 1, March 17, 1992
Issue Agenda, Meeting with Governor Ann Richards, March 5, 1992
Past President’s letter to Exec. Cmt & Explorers on Proration, March 2, 1992
Letter to TX Delegation, re: PUHCA Reform, March 2, 1992
Technology Transfer Needs and Requirements (Booklet), March 1992
TF Cooke letter to Carla Hills, North American Free Trade Agreement, February 27, 1992
Houston Public Affairs Luncheon w/ Congressman Jack Fields, Houston Club, February 24, 1992
2008-294/37a [Publications] Archive, 1992-93:
J. Martin & R. Looney letter, re: Water Hauler Permittees, June 12, 1992
FERC Docket #RP92-133-000, TIPRO & Panhandle Producing Co. Comment, GRI Proposed Amendment, June 4, 1992
ASA letter to Lucy Glover, re: Proposed Rules 3.20 & 3.11, June 19, 1992
Memo to Regionals from SA, Breakthrough on Soil Remediation Requirements, June 19, 1992
Target Newsletter, June 1992
Press Release for 46th Annual Convention, Ft. Worth, TX, June 1992
TDC memo to TX Delegation, TIPRO’s New Energy Import Policy, June 23, 1992
ASA letter to Jane Hoffman at RRC, re: Comments on Statewide Rule 91, July 29, 1992
Houston Public Affairs Lunch, w/ RRC Commissioner Bob Krueger, Houston Club, July 28, 1992
ALG letter to General Land Office, Comments on OSPRA, July 10, 1992
JGM letter to Chairman Sharp Subcommittee on Energy & Power, re: Proration, Order 636, & GRI Funding, July 1, 1992
SS, Press Release, re: TIPRO’s Summer Policy Meeting, August 25, 1992
Reg. 4 Public Affairs Luncheon, TIPRO President Tom Coffman, Speaker, Fairmont Hotel, Dallas, TX, September 22, 1992
ASA letter to M. McDaniel/RRC, re: 16 TAC sect. 7.71(a)(3) & (b)(3) & et al., August 21, 1992
TIPRO & TMOGA letter to Garry Mauro, re: OSPRA, August 14, 1992
Target Newsletter, August 1992
Target Newsletter, September 1992
Houston P.A. Lunch, R. Burns, Enron Corp., September 23, 1992
Docket #91-6137, Medallion v. Transamerican, September 16, 1992
ALG letter to Ingrid Hansen, Draft Amendments to OSPRA, September 11, 1992
TDC letter to B.J. Wynne at EPA, Laguna Quatro – Clean Water Act Violation, September 4, 1992
ASA Comments to DOE, “State Policies Affecting NG Consumption,” October 21, 1992
Target Newsletter, October 1992
News Release: Final Passage of Energy Bill, October 8, 1992
Reg. 2 Luncheon, Kyle S. Thompson, Speaker, Petroleum Club, Houston, TX, October 28, 1992
DOE Meeting in Tyler for Regions 3 & 4, 10-22/23-92, October 9, 1992
RRC & Attorney General v. Lone Star Gas, Supreme Court Motion, November 3, 1992
P5 Mailing, November 1992
TIPRO Comments Post-1993 GRI Funding Mechanism Filing With FERC, December 3, 1992
TDC letter to Robert Earley, re: Status of RRC SB1103 Implementation, November 23, 1992
ASA memo to Exec. Proration, re: Field Balancing, November 18, 1992
SA memo on Areas of Cooperation between TIPRO and EDF, November 9, 1992
JRJ letter to Susan Rieff, re: TIPRO’s Pro-Active Role in Environment, November 3, 1992
ALG letter to Ingrid Hansen, GLO, re: Proposed Amendments to OSPRA, December 21, 1992
Target Newsletter, December 1992
TDC letter to President Bill Clinton – Energy Tax, January 27, 1993
Rex Fuller letter to RRC, re: Statewide Hearing, January 19, 1993
ALG letter to Gary Davis, Water Commission – Used Oil Filter Collection Rule, January 25, 1993
TIPRO Improved Oil & Gas Seminars, January, February, and March 1993
TIPRO Reporter Magazine, 1993
47th Annual Convention Forms, Houston, June 6-8, 1993
Mid-Winter Meeting, Austin, Omni Hotel, January 18-19, 1993
TIPRO Annual Report, 1993
2008-294/37bImproved Oil & Gas Recovery Workshops for Producers, January 1993
Houston Luncheon, Speaker: Robert Earley, February 24, 1993
TDC letter to President Clinton, Comments on the BTU Tax, February 23, 1993
News Release, re: Tax Burden Under Clinton Economic Package, February 23, 1993
JBW letter to RVP, Mem. Committee, re: UPRC Becoming Corp. Sponsors, February 23, 1993
News Release, re: 2nd Edition of Envir. Ref. Manual, February 11, 1993
Six Annual “Texas Energy Update,” Dallas, Loews Anatole, February 11, 1993
JGM letter to Tom Cooke, Bernard Derbyshire’s Comments on NAFTA, February 10, 1993
Sunset Coalition Meeting: Omni Hotel, Austin, February 9, 1993
ASA letter to RRC – Rule 98, Hazardous Oil & Gas Waste, February 4, 1993
Target, February 1993
Dallas Luncheon at Petroleum Club, Speaker: Mary Scott Nabers, RRC, March 10, 1993
TDC comments before the Energy & Natural Resources Cmt. (Sen. Johnston), March 5, 1993
ASA letter to Charles Johnstone, Comments of Proposed Section 3.20, March 1, 1993
RHW letter to Texas House, re: SB 498, May 14, 1993
TDC letter to TIPRO Member/Dir./Committeemen, re: Revised Conv. Info, May 7, 1993
Target Newsletter, May 1993
ALG letter to Jane Hoffman, RRC, re: Comments on Statewide Rule 91, April 26, 1993
RW letter to Senators, re: SB 498, Amendment #11, April 20, 1993
ASA letter, re: Amendment to SB 498, April 14, 1993
ALG letter to Env. Committee, re: Proposed SWR 91, April 7, 1993
[Russell Zeid to Houston TIPRO Members, re: Boone Pickens speaking at April 20 Luncheon], March 22, 1993
JGM letter to JJ Pickle & Archer, re: R&D Tax Credit (Amend. To IRS Code), April 2, 1993
TDC letter to RRC, re: State of Industry Mtg. & SWR Oil & Gas Industries, March 19, 1993
RHW memo to Legislative Advisory Committee – first meeting, March 15, 1993
Houston Luncheon, Speaker: Barry Williamson, March 15, 1993
TDC letter to TX Senators, re: Reporting Lobbying Activity Bill, June 18, 1993
SAS letter to S. Russell Gov. Office, re: HB 925, 2484, and 2623, June 3, 1993
JRJ letter to Susan Rieff, Dir. Of Env. Policy, re: TIPRO’s Env. Involvement, November 3, 1992
Tom Cooke letter to TX Senators Encouraging Signature to Promote Clean Burning Fuel in NAFTA, May 20, 1993
Target Newsletter, June 1993
News Release, re: TIPRO/GRI Tech. Transfer Agent Program in TX, May 18, 1993
JBW & TA letter to Houston Prod. Forum Memb, re: 1993 Convention, May 27, 1993
JGM memo to Prod. Participation for the Producer/Pipeline Conference, June 14, 1993
News Release, re: Irene Wisher Winner of Membership Award, Mrs. TIPRO, June 11, 1993
News Release, re: TDC Re-Elected Third Term TIPRO President, June 11, 1993
News Release, re: 47th Annual Convention in Houston, March 18, 1993
2008-294/30bHouston Luncheon on Sept. 3, 1993, Speaker: Kay B. Hutchison, August 9, 1993
Target, August 1993
ASA letter to Region EVP’s, re: Draft Sales and Use Tax Rule, August 5, 1993
TDC letter to Hazel O’Leary at DOE, re: National Energy Policy, July 27, 1993
Target Newsletter, September 1993
JGM letter to E. Melchert at DOE, DOE’s 5-yr. Program for Oil Tech. Transfer, August 13, 1993
News Release, re: Houston Luncheon (9/3/93) w/ K.B. Hutchinson, August 10, 1993
Letter to Inactive Members, September 23, 1993
RPF letter to Larry Borella at RRC, re: Statewide Rule 31 Draft, September 17, 1993
Randy Burton letter to IOGCC, re: Comments on Draft Reports, September 17, 1993
[TIPRO and the EPA Present Joint Seminar on Complying with Oil Pollution Regulations], September 15, 1993
Midland Luncheon, Speakers: Robert Earley & Tom Craddick, September 14, 1993
Target, March 1993
TIPRO/EPA Seminar, re: Comply with Oil Pollution Regulations, Dallas Loews Anatole Hotel, October 13, 1993
Dallas Meeting Announcement, October 14, 1993
RPF letter to George Lindahl at UPRC, re: Proration Issue, October 6, 1993
TIPRO/GRI Houston Luncheon, Speaker: H.W. Thompson, Hyatt Regency, October 6, 1993
Tech. Transfer Seminar/Natural Gas, Houston, Hyatt Regency, TIPRO/GRI, October 6, 1993
TIPRO/GRI News Release, Program Host Natural Gas Seminars, September 27, 1993
Tom Cooke testimony on NAFTA Before the Committee on Energy & Commerce, September 22, 1993
Houston Luncheon, Speaker: Dave Fisher, Hyatt Regency, May 20, 1993
Houston Luncheon, River Oaks County Club, Speaker: C. Paul Hilliard, October 28, 1993
H. Phillips letter to Reg. 8 Members, “Exp. New Concept Natural Gas,” October 22, 1993
Houston Luncheon, Sheraton, Speaker: George P. Mitchell, October 28, 1993
TDC & ADF letter to Jerry Jordan, re: Gas Gathering Issue, October 20, 1993
TIPRO Amicus Brief, “Cose v. Getty et al. (Tank Bottoms), October 15, 1993”
2008-294/44bNewsletters & News Releases, 1993:
“Exploring New Concepts for Natural Gas,” TT Project, November 10, 1993
Target, November 1993
ALC Testimony Before the Minerals Management Service, November 4, 1993
TDC letter to RRC re: Reduced Reporting Requirements, December 10, 1993
News Release, TX Independent React to DOE’s Energy Initiative, December 9, 1993
TDC memo to State Officials Requesting Help in Crisis Condition, December 3, 1993
Houston X-Mas Luncheon, Petroleum Club Discovery Room, December 6, 1993
RRC Filing Docket #6-96,170, Administrative Penalties Against Lehnert, December 2, 1993
TIPRO Target, December 1993
Amendment to HB 2723, Memo Urges HB to be defeated, December 1993
ALC letter to Jerry Lauderdale, TX Health Dept., re: TX Hazard Communications Act amended by HB 1431, November 23, 1993
TDC, TFC & JGM letter to the Texas Delegation, re: NAFTA, November 12, 1993
News Release: Mexican Govt. Announces Energy Policy Through TIPRO, November 12, 1993
Letter SS re: Membership Register (1993-94), October 15, 1993
News Release: Regarding TIPRO Annual Convention, June 5-7, San Antonio, February 18, 1994
JGM letter to TX Delegation, re: Sen. Boren Mtg. to Discuss Strategy, February 16, 1994
TIPRO Target, February 1994
AC letter to EPA Docket #A-91-73, Risk Management Program for Chemical, February 16, 1994
Houston Luncheon, Speaker: Sam Fletcher, Houston Post, February 14, 1994
Texas Energy Update, Dallas, TX, February 10, 1994
ASA letter to TNRCC re: Proposed Fees for “Petitions” from O&G Producers, February 2, 1994
ASA memo to RRC re: FERC comments, February 1, 1994
TDC letter to TNRCC, re: Implementation of Prop. 2, January 27, 1994
AC letter to GLO re: Draft Goals & Policies for the Coastal Management Plan, January 27, 1994
News Release – TIPRO Urges DOE Sec. to Take Action to Curb Oil Imports, January 26, 1994
ASA letter to Larry Bush, re: Comments to RRC Gathering Issues, January 13, 1994
News Release: Mid-Winter Mtg., Four Seasons, Austin, 1/17-18/94, January 6, 1994
AC letter to Dept. of Interior, MMS, re: Rulemaking Oil Spill Fin Responsibility, December 24, 1993
ALC letter to EPA, re: Rulemaking for Radiation Site Cleanup Regulations, December 17, 1993
News Release, re: Mr. Julian G. Martin Retirement, December 16, 1993
[Letter to Houston-area TIPRO Members, re: TIPRO Public Affairs Luncheon], July 2, 1993
Houston Luncheon at Petro. Club, re: TIPRO Public Affairs, July 23, 1993
News Release, re: Summer Pol. Mtg., Speakers: J.B. Johnston & W. White, July 22, 1993
ALG letter to RRC Jane Hoffman, Statewide Rule 91, July 16, 1993
News Release, re: Tanker Oil Fee Option to Bridge Gap Between House & Senate Energy Tax Bill, July 7, 1993
TDC, ADF & JGM letter to Richard Gephardt, re: Tanker Transportation Fee, July 6, 1993
Scott Anderson, Chairman of Environmental Committee – Testimony on Statewide Rule 91, June 25, 1993
TDC letter to Janice Mays – Ways and Means re: Changing Statutory Term “Independent Producer,” June 23, 1993
2008-294/47aNewsletters & News Releases, 1994-95:
RHW’s State of the Industry Address at the RRC, April 19, 1995
RHW’s & TFC’s letter from Gov. George W. Bush, re: Loan to Mexico, April 14, 1995
Region 1 Membership Lunch, Carol Keeton Rylander, April 13, 1995
TFC’s letter from James R. Jones, Ambassador Mexico, re: Loan to Mexico, April 11, 1995
ALC’s letter to Dr. Jams E. Bruseth, re: Comment on 13 TAC 41.11, April 11, 1995
Region 6 Membership Lunch, Tom Craddick, April 7, 1995
RHW’s letter to Texas Sen. Buster Brown, re: Support of SB 905, April 3, 1995
RHW’s letter to Texas Sen. Teel Bivins, re: Support of SB 905, April 3, 1995
RHW’s & ASA’s letter to Gov. Geo. W. Bush, re: 3/30/95 Meeting with Oil Associations Leadership, March 31, 1995
RHW’s/ASA’s letter to Chairman Williamson, re: Meeting w/ Bush, March 31, 1995
ALC’s letter to Docket Unit (DHM-30), re: Hazardous Materials Transportation Registration, March 31, 1995
Beecherl’s letter to Bush, re: Invitation to Convention, March 14, 1995
ASA’s letter to US Rep Bill Archer, re: Invitation to Convention, March 14, 1995
ASA’s letter to Bush, re: Invitation to Convention, March 13, 1995
Houston Luncheon, Speaker: Barry Williamson, March 10, 1995
TFC’s letter to US Rep Dan Schaefer, re: New Mexican Govt. Administration, March 8, 1995
TFC’s letter from US Sen. Phil Gramm, re: Loan to Mexico, March 8, 1995
Target, March 1995
RHW’s letter from President Bill Clinton, re: Loan to Mexico, February 27, 1995
LD’s memo to Monica McGuire, re: AMT Reform, February 24, 1995
RHW’s letter from Jeffrey R. Shafer, Asst. Sec/Treasury, re: Loan to Mexico, February 24, 1995
Letter from US Sen. Jesse Helms, re: Loan to Mexico, February 22, 1995
Apache News Release: “Gas Producer Cooperatives…”, February 21, 1995
JGM Speech Before the Conference on American Jobs Economy & Energy in Houston, TX, April 15, 1994
JGM letter to Mr. C. Freedenthal, re: Jofree Corp. Newsletter Article, April 18, 1994
JGM Comments Before the NGSA Steering Committee in Tucson, March 28, 1994
ALC memo to Executive Comm., Proration TF, re: $3.84 (RRC), March 24, 1994
TDC Remarks Before RRC, State of the Industry Hearing, March 23, 1994
AC memo to Env. Committee, re: RRC Source Reduction & Recycling Program, March 14, 1994
TIPRO Target Newsletter, March 1994
Houston Luncheon, Boots & Coots Presentation on Well Control, March 14, 1994
J. Spiller Testimony Before the Dept. of Commerce on Section 232, June 13, 1994
Abilene Luncheon, Terry Ramsey, Speaker, Topic: Gas Production, June 22, 1994
JGM Speech to HAPL, “Where are We Going from Here?”, June 14, 1994
REW Testimony Before the Dept. of Commerce on Section 232, June 13, 1994
Amicus Brief, TX Supreme Ct #94-0278, Lenape, Tesoro et al v. Tenn. Gas Pipeline Co., June 13, 1994
Testimony to the U.S. Commerce Dept. Relates Producers’ Vulnerability from Oil & Gas Price, June 13, 1994
RHW memo re: GLO Royalty Reduction Proposal, July 12, 1994
TIPRO Target, July 1994
RHW & ASA letter to TX Delegation, re: Participation in Clinton Mtg. on Domestic Petroleum Industry, June 17, 1994
RHW & ASA letter to Bentsen, re: Meeting on the Plight of the Petroleum Industry, June 17, 1994
Target, June 1994
48th Annual Convention, San Antonio, June 5-7, 1994
[News Release: Research Options Should Not Be the Only Source to Secure the U.S.’ Energy Future According to TIPRO President at DOE Meeting Today, and fax sheets], August 12, 1994
ALC letter to Harry Spannaus, Changes in TX Antiquities Rules, July 21, 1994
ASA & RHW letter to Garry Mauro, re: Royalty Relief Plan, July 19, 1994
William A. Custard Named Membership Deputy Chairman, July 13, 1994
Larry O. Hulsey Named Membership Chairman of TIPRO, July 13, 1994
J. Gordon Sorrells Named Membership Deputy Chairman, July 13, 1994
LD’s letter to Mary McDaniel, re: Statewide Rule 70 Comments, September 11, 1995
TIPRO Target, Vol. 16, No. 6, September 1996
News Release, Summer Policy Meeting, 8/25-26/95, August 21, 1995
Larry Hulsey memo to Explorer Members, re: Membership Efforts, August 16, 1995
Stanley Rosenthal vs. Shoreham Pipeline Co., September 1, 1995
RHW letter to David Garlick, re: Remediation of Produced Water Spill, August 16, 1994
RHW letter to Pete Green, re: Superfund Legislation, August 10, 1994
RHW memo to Royalty Reduction Task Force Members, re: Meeting, August 4, 1994
TIPRO Target, August 1994
2008-294/47bAnnual Report, 1993-94
Houston Luncheon, August 29, 1994
RRC Briefing Mailing, 1994
Reply of Stanley H. Rosenthal to Closing Argument of Shoreham Pipeline Company, October 24, 1995
Letter to US House & Senate Members, re: “Natural Gas Competitiveness Act of 1995” (HR 2342), October 24, 1995
Environmental Committee Retreat, Waldemar Resort, Hunt, TX, October 18, 1995
LD’s & AC’s letters to RRC Commissioners, re: Meeting with Chesapeake, October 16, 1995
ASA’s letter to J.T. Pender, re: Statewide Rule 21 Comment, October 6, 1995
RHW’s letter to Reps Combest, Geren, Shenholm & Stockham, re: IPAA’s Wildcatters Weekend, October 3, 1995
RHW’s letter to Rep. Jackson-Lee, re: HR 2342, October 2, 1995
ASA’s letter to Denise Bode/IPAA, re: Independent Producer Agenda, September 29, 1995
ASA’s memo to TIPRO Explorers, re: Membership Growth & Retention, September 26, 1995
Chas. B. Lord’s letter to ASA, re: Lenape Resources Corp. et al v. Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., September 25, 1995
RHW’s memo to Executie Committee, re: Budget Reconciliation, September 22, 1995
Chas. R. Matthews NEWS from RRC, re: Technology Project Easing Record Access, September 13, 1995
Houston Luncheon, Speaker: Judge Robert Eckels, November 8, 1995
TIPRO Target, Vol. 16, No. 7, November 1995
RHW’s letter to Commissioner Rylander, re: “Complaint-Driven” System to Monitor AOF Status of Gas Fields, July 21, 1995
RHW’s letter to US Congressmen Schaefer & Tauzin, re: Their Amendment to HR 1977, July 17, 1995
News Release: NEED Training Conference, July 5, 1995
Fort Worth Membership Luncheon, Speaker: Charles Matthews, February 9, 1996
TIPRO Target, Vol. 17, No. 1, February 1996 Newsfax, Special NAPE Edition, January 26, 1996
RHW’s letter to Pres. Clinton, re: Toxic Release Inventory Program, January 26, 1996
Dallas Membership Luncheon, Speaker: John Sharp, January 9, 1996
RHW’s letter to Various US Reps., re: HR 2342, December 28, 1995
Abilene Luncheon/Seminar, Langdon, Hughey & Mulkey, December 12, 1995
ALC’s letter to Della Pearson, GLO, re: Draft Plan of Operations, December 11, 1995
LD’s letter to M. Kawaguchi, RRC, re: Rule 83, November 30, 1995
Austin Luncheon, Speaker: Charles Matthews, RRC, November 13, 1995
New Member Orientation Meeting, November 9, 1995
Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s letter to RHW, re: Schaeffer/Tauzin Amendment, August 10, 1995
AMT Coalition letter to All Members of the US Senate Finance Committee, re: ATM Reform Request, August 9, 1995
ASA’s memo re: August 31 Deadline on Severance Tax Relief, August 4, 1995
RHW’s letter to US Congress Members, re: Schaefer-Tauzin Amendment to HR 1977, August 3, 1995
LD’s letter to Commissioner Matthews re: Gingrich’s “Correction Day” Initiative, Septembet 3, 1995
TIPRO Target, Vol. 16, #5, August 1995
RHW’s letter to James Davidson, re: TIPRO’s DOE Resolution, July 31, 1995
Solicitation letter to IPAA Texas Members, July 28, 1995
RHW letter to TIPRO Members, re: Membership Efforts, July 28, 1995
News Release, Alaskan North Slope Crude Oil Export Ban Lifted, July 27, 1995
AC’s letter to Terri Eaton/RRC, re: Comments on Statewide Rule 98, July 26, 1995
LD’s letter to Laurie Rich, TX Office of State – Federal Regulations, re: DIR app for State Funds, May 2, 1995
Joint Membership Offer, NTOGA/TIPRO, May 1, 1995
TIPRO Reporter, 1995
“Recent Changes in State and Federal Environmental Regulations” Seminar, June 28-30, 1995
News Release, TIPRO Publishes Third Edition of Manual, June 27, 1995
ASA’s letter to Barry Williamson re: DOE’s Fossil Energy Office, June 19, 1995
ASA’s letters to US Congressmen Bryant & Smith, re: TIPRO’s Support for Coop Legislation, June 19, 1995
ASA’s letters to US Congressmen Barton, Doggett, Geren, Hall, Johnson & Jackson-Lee, re: DOE’s Fossil Energy, June 19, 1995
Communications Survey, June 15, 1995
ASA’s letter to Richard Buerger/RRC, re: AOF Status of Gas Fields, June 14, 1995
2008-294/47cPlay Based User Group Workshop Program, undated
TIPRO Target, Vol. 16, #4, June 1995
Press Release – TIPRO’s 49th Annual Convention in Dallas, May 24, 1995
Ann W. Henneman’s letter to J.T. Adams, re: New Ulm Gas, Ltd. v. Columbia Gas Transmission Corp., May 8, 1995
LD’s Legislative Alert, re: HB 398 with Attachment, May 3, 1995
ALC’s letter to Kathy Boydston re: 20 TexReg 142, February 20, 1995
TFC’s letter draft to Michael Camdessus, re: Loan to Mexico, February 15, 1995
RHW’s letter from Bill White, Asst. Sec/DOE, re: Loan to Mexico, February 15, 1995
WeCTOGA/TIPRO Lunch, February 13, 1995
Eighth Annual Texas Energy Update, Dallas, TX, February 9, 1995
Houston Luncheon Notice, “The Strategic Balance of the Mid-East,” February 3, 1995
ASA’s faxed letter to Chairman Williamson, re: Meeting w/ Bush, January 30, 1995
Joint TIPRo/IPAA letter to Jane Saginaw, Reg. IV Dir., EPA, re: NPDES General Permits, February 21, 1995
TIPRO/EPA Seminar, Corpus Christi, TX, February 25, 1994
ALC letter to RRC, re: Comments on Source Reduction & Recycling Program Manual, February 23, 1994
RF letter to RRC, re: Comments on Proposed Rule 84, May 31, 1994
TDC letter to Delhi Endorsing Inventory Requirements White Papers, May 26, 1994
Houston Luncheon Notice, Speaker: Drayton McLane, May 18, 1994
ASA letter from TIPRO Foundation to PTTC, re: Regional Lead Organization, May 16, 1994
News Release, re: TIPRO Offers Capital Formation Workshop 6/3/94, May 17, 1994
Wichita Falls Legislative Coffee w/ Reps. & Candidates in North Texas Area, May 10, 1994
ALC letter to US Dept. of Transp., Proposed Change to 49 CFR Part 171, May 2, 1994
Houston Luncheon, Petroleum Club, April 26, 1994
TDC Testimony on the Proposed TX Coastal Mgmt. Program, April 20, 1994
ASA memo to TDC & ADF, re: FERC Rulemaking Petition, April 20, 1994
JGM Speech to Travis Co. Bar, “Where Are We Going From Here?”, June 8, 1994
ALC’s letter to Richard Ginn, re: Draft Rule 94, June 2, 1994
Target, May 1994
TIPRO Reporter, 1994
Record Attendance and Positive Initiatives Highlight TIPRO’s 48th Annual Convention, June 9, 1994
Pitts Receives TIPRO’s Highest Membership Honor – Mr. TIPRO, June 9, 1994
Anderson Elected as TIPRO Executive Vice President, June 9, 1994
RHW’s letters to Texas Senate, re: Support of Amendment #8 PUC Sunset Bill, April 26, 1995
ASA’s letter to Pat Godley, re: Invitation to Speak at Convention, April 25, 1995
LD’s Legislative Alert, re: HB 398, April 25, 1995
Joint Membership Offer, WeCTOGA/TIPRO, April 25, 1995
New Member Orientation Meeting – Austin, April 21, 1995
RHW’s letter to Governor Ann Richards, re: Delay of Submission of CMP, October 26, 1994
Austin Luncheon, Speaker: Barry Williamson (11/9/94), October 19, 1994
Letter to NAPE Exhibitors & Attendees, October 17, 1994
Dallas Luncheon, Speaker: Bob Fielding (11/7/94), October 14, 1994
Memo from Larry Hulsey & Carol Hudson, re: New Member Orientation, October 13, 1994
News Release, TIPRO Calls for Immediate Action; the Peril Point of Oil Imports Has Been Exceeded, October 5, 1994
TIPRO Target, October 1994
RHW letter to RRC, re: Proposed Conference on Natural Gas Regulatory Issues, September 22, 1994
ASA letter to EPA, re: MACT Rules, September 8, 1994
Environmental Retreat Notice, September 8, 1994
RHW letter to State Match Pool Administrator, re: Tech Transfer, September 7, 1994
ASA letter to RRC, Comments on Gas Storage Inquiry, September 7, 1994
Amicus Brief, UPRC v. Calif. Union Insurance Co., September 6, 1994
ALC letter to TX Antiquities Cmt., re: Antiquities Rule, September 2, 1994
ALC letter to David Garlick, re: Draft Incentive Program Comments, August 30, 1994
Summer Policy Meeting, August 26, 1994
RHW letter to Ron Coleman, re: SLAR Program Support, August 17, 1994
RHW’s/TFC’s letter to US Sen. Kay B-Hutcheson, re: Loan to Mexico, January 20, 1995
RHW’s letter to Pres. Clinton, re: Investigation on the Effects of U.S. National Security of Imports, January 6, 1995
Target, January 1995
ASA’s, ALC’s, LD’s memo to Commissioner-elect Matthews, re: Swearing in Speech, December 21, 1994
RHW’s/TDH’s letter to Commissioner-elect Matthews, re: Texas Incentive Package, December 19, 1994
Houston Luncheon, Speaker: Bob Fielding, TIORCO, December 9, 1994
RHW’s & ASA’s NAPE letter, December 1, 1994
TIPRO Target, December 1994
RHW’s letter from Bill White, Asst. Sec/DOE, re: NAFTA, November 28, 1994
ALC’s letter to Richard Ginn, re: Statewide Rule 94 Concerning NORM, November 22, 1994
LD’s letter to Dennis Comis, re: Support of Two ACTI Programs, November 18, 1994
LD’s letter to Connie Kaderka, re: CMP Boundry Removal of Liberty Co., November 9, 1994
Press Release, Lindsey Dingmore Joins TIPRO staff, November 1, 1994
ALC’s letter to Kathy Boydston, re: 19, TexReg 7756 (9/30/94), October 31, 1994
LD’s letter to Jamie Nielson, re: Statewide Rule 36, January 18, 1995
TIPRO Target, May 1995
2008-294/20aNewsletters & News Releases, 1996-2000:
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #17, December 7, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #16, November 30, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #15, November 23, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #14, November 16, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #13, November 9, 1999
Memo to Roger Plank, November 4, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #12, November 2, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 2, #6, February 22, 2000
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 2, #5, February 8, 2000
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 2, #4, February 4, 2000
Letter to RRC Williams, January 20, 2000
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 2, #3, January 25, 2000
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 2, #2, January 11, 2000
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 2, #1, January 4, 2000
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #18, December 14, 1999
Letter to David Scheick, re: Rule 31-250 MCF Wells, October 10, 1997
PTTC/RRC Seminars, undated
Letter from Randy Bruton to Leslie Savage, re: Statewide Rule 8 Comments, September 25, 1997
TIPRO Target, September 1997
TIPRO’s Summer Policy Meeting, South Shore Harbour Resort, League City, August 22-23, 1997
TIPRO Target, August 1997
Letter to Deborah Rowell from ASA; PTTC PAG, July 17, 1997
Letter from LD to Terri Eaton, Statewide Rules 9 & 46, July 9, 1997
Letter from Howell, Subject: Task Force to Review By-Laws and 21st Century Rpt., June 23, 1997
News Release – T.D. “Rusty” Howell Elected TIPRO President, June 1997
Memorandum to NEPC, Sub: Repealing Net Income Limitation, June 9, 1997
TIPRO Target, June 1997
“Oil & Gas Futures – Insurance or Quagmire?” Houston, TX, May 22, 1997
Letter to Mark Lawless re: Gulf Metal et al. v. Chicago Ins. Co., August 27, 1998
Mesa Operating Co. v. California Union Ins. Co., No. 05-96-986-CV, August 27, 1998
Supp. Amicus Brief, Mesa v. California Union Ins. Co., August 24, 1998
TIPRO Target, August 1998
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #10, October 19, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #9, October 12, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #8, October 5, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #7, September 28, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #6, September 21, 1999
Oil and Gas Futures Seminar, September 17, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #5, September 14, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #4, September 7, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #3, August 31, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #2, August 24, 1999
Letter from Rusty Howell to Executive Committee concerning Finance Committee Campaign, August 23, 1999
Letter from Scott Anderson to Gene Wright stating a great appreciation for his loyalty, August 19, 1999
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 1, #1, August 17, 1999
Letter from A. Scott Anderson to Tony Garza concerning Upper Colorado River Basin, August 13, 1999
Letter from Larry Hulsey to George Yates concerning Liaison Committee, August 4, 1999
Memo to Recipients of SDO Producers Alert, re: Oil Dumping Petition, July 24, 1999
Letter to Colin Lineberry, RRC, re: Proposed Repeal of Rule 90, July 22, 1999
Memo from Scott Anderson, re: Proposal to Continue as Subcontractor to BEG, July 6, 1999
Letter to Rick Perry, Lt. Gov., March 29, 2000
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 2, #10, March 21, 2000
TIPRO’s Tuesday Target, Vol. 2, #9, March 14, 2000
ASA Letter to Leslie Savage – RRC, March 7, 2000
Memo to Membership re: the 1999 Texas Legislative Session Round-Up, June 24, 1999
Letter from Scott Anderson to Sue Hamm in reguards to voting of new countries covered, June 17, 1999
Business Alert: New L&W Allows Longer Reduction of Royalty Paid for Marginal State Leases, 1999
Letter to Comm. Michael Williams with RRC, Request for Reschedule of June Meetings from Regional VPs, May 28, 1999
Memo to Sen. Haywood & Rep. Keffer re: Senate Amendment 3 to HB 3582, May 26, 1999
Memo to Commissioners at the Railroad Commission re: Senate Amendment 3 to HB 3582, May 26, 1999
Letter to Sen. Teel Bivins Requesting Support of SB7 (Retail Electricity Deregulation Bill), May 21, 1999
Letter to Sen. David Sibley Requesting Support of SB7 (Retail Electricity Deregulation Bill), May 21, 1999
2008-294/20bTIPRO Target, May 1999
Letter to Rep. Judy Hawley from L. Dingmore, re: HB 3696, May 13, 1999
Memo from TIPRO to Rep. Steve Wolens re: CSSB No. 7 – re: Utilities Code governing retail rates of electric coops, May 10, 1999
Memo to TIPRO Members re: Proposed Amendment to TIPRO Bylaws to be Voted on at June Convention, May 3, 1999
Letter to Kotrla, October 28, 1999
Draft 13 of the Unitization Bill, October 14, 1998
Target, October 1998
TIPRO Action Alert – Poll, May 12, 1998
TIPRO Target, May 1998
Buddy Richter letter, RRC of Texas, May 6, 1998
Energy Companies in Cyberspace – J. McGhee speaker, May 5, 1998
AAPL/TIPRO Joint Membership, April 30, 1998
Memo to Senator Truan re: SB 290, February 4, 1999
Press Release, re: TX Oil & Gas Quadruples in 1998, January 26, 1999
Letter to Tom Craddick from Rusty re: Vote on Unitization at WPM, January 25, 1999
Letter to TIPRO Members, re: Severance Tax Moratorium and “Independent Producers Agenda,” January 5, 1999
T.D. Howell’s letter to RRC’s Draft of Unitization Bill, November 24, 1998
Letter to Commissioner-Elect Garza Invitation to Speak at WPM 1999, November 11, 1998
Letter to RRC, re: Marginal Wells & Enclosed Draft of Minutes for Meeting of IOGCC on 9/23/98, November 5, 1998
Southeastern Pipeline, et al. v. Frances Tichacek, et al. – Amicus Curiae Brief filed on behalf of TIPRO, October 29, 1998
Letter from Larry Hulsey to Deborah Rowell – PTTC, October 20, 1998
LD letter to Chaz Semple House Ways & Means Comm., severance taxes, October 15, 1998
Gulf Metals Amicus Brief Filed, August 28, 1998
ASA letter to Robert B. Payne (Unitization), June 19, 1998
Letter to Hon. James Hoecker, FERC, re: AGA—INGAA proposal, June 17, 1998
ASA Press Release, re: Low Oil Prices, June 17, 1998
IOGCC Press Release, Gains from State Petroleum Incentives, June 26, 1998
Mesa Operating Co. & Hugoton Capital vs. Calif. Union Ins. Amici Brief, April 21, 1998
LD and SA Photo of Wagonner City Fire 11/9/1919 and RRC Telegram, December 19, 1997
Letter of George Yates, December 16, 1997
Letter to Richard Ginn, December 16, 1997
Letter to Judge Wagner, Docket # RP97-149-002, etc., December 5, 1997
A Proposal to Amend GRI Contract, No. 5092-515-2541, November 25, 1997
TIPRO Target, November 1997
Press Release, July 31, 1998
Rule 107 TERRA (letter from David Garlick), July 28, 1998
LD Comments on Rule 14, June 23, 1998
NAPE Exhibitor faxletter Survey Reminder, December 4, 1996
Letter to B. Williamson, IOGCC Legal Committee from R. White, M. Cantrell and D. Murfin, November 26, 1996
TIPRO Target, Vol. 17, #7, November 1996
Fort Worth Luncheon Joint with IPAA, October 30, 1996
Letter from Rex to Hazel O’Leary, DOE, re: Thanks for Taking No Action about Rising Heating Oil Prices, October 30, 1996
Priorities List Update, 1996 TIPRO Environmental Committee Retreat, October 30, 1996
Letter tAC to Colin Lineberry, re: Rules 26 & 27, October 29, 1996
Region 1 Open House, Lakeside Events Center – Austin, August 20, 1998
Region 1 Solicitation, Ames, Jones, McDonald Letter, July 1998
State of the O & G Industry Address – Rusty Howell, April 22, 1998
TIPRO Target, April 1998
RRC, Tech. Transf. Conf., April 8, 1998
RRC Tech. Transfer Seminar, March 25, 1998
IPAA letter, Docket #SPCC-7-Prop. Rule 62, February 2, 1998
Letter to Roy Willis, Environmental Protection Plank, February 9, 1998
Mr. Colin Lineberry, re: Proposed Amendment to 16 TAC s3.14, February 10, 1998
TIPRO Target, February 1998
Memo from McGinnis Lochridge Firm, re: AG Opinion Request No. 1026, January 1998
Letter from Rex H. White to Senator Buster Brown re: Code of Conduct Appropriations Bill Amendment Rider, May 13, 1997
Faxed Memo to TIPRO Members, Subj: Proposed “Code of Conduct” for Natural Gas Transportors, May 12, 1997
Letter to Rep. Tom Merritt, AFRED, May 8, 1997
TAX FAX, May 2, 1997
TIPRO Target, May 1997
TELEFAX, April 11, 1997
Memo re: Meeting 4/17, April 4, 1997
TIPRO Target, March 1997
2008-294/20cASA letter/comments to FERC, re: GRI Docket RP97 149, March 20, 1997
Rex letter to Brown & Holheauser, re: Unitization, March 11, 1997
Rex memo to Exec. Comm., re: Unitization, March 11, 1997
LD letter to Holzheauser, re: HB 1178, March 6, 1997
RHW letter to Lew Ward, re: Check off pgm., February 21, 1997
Letter from TDH to Senator Brown, re: Concerns SB1, February 13, 1997
ASA letter to FTC, re: Merger, Wights & PI, February 11, 1997
TIPRO Target, Vol. 18, #1, February 1997
Letter to J. Stinman (RRC), re: Misstatement in press release, January 31, 1997
Letter to Norman Young, re: CFTC application, January 24, 1997
Liaison letter to IPAA, re: Independent Producer Agenda, January 24, 1997
Briefing Material, SPIC, 1996-97
Briefing Material, NEPC, 1997
TIPRO’s response to RRC Request for Comment, January 22, 1997
Amicus for Trail Interprises, Inc. d/b/a Wilson Oil vs. City of Houston, January 10, 1997
S. Howell memo to various members, re: Code of Conduct, December 20, 1996
Midland seminar/luncheon, “…greater share of the burner tip $$,” March 1, 1996
TIPRO Target, Vol. 17, #2, March 1996
RRC Adopts TIPRO Plan to Extend Severance Tax Incentive Program, February 29, 1996
Russell Taylor letter to TIS Committee, re: New Ideas, February 14, 1996
Uniform Commercial Code – Take-or-Pay, Lenape Resources et al. v. Tenn. Gas, February 14, 1996
Long Distance Benefit memo to Membership from SA, October 1, 1996
Business Alert: O&G Equipment Sales Tax Exemptions, undated
Top Ten Benefits of TIPRO, undated
TIPRO Tuesday Fall Series, September – December, undated
Statement of Policy in Light of Conoco, Inc. vs. FERC, DRAFT, circa 1996
ASA Fax to RRC, re: Rule 31 Amendment, September 10, 1996
TIPRO Target, September 1996
Letter to RRC from ASA, re: Commission’s Ruling Against Appeal of Tamarack, August 20, 1996
Letter to RRC from LD, re: TIPRO support of RRC’s Fresh Water Usage Data Collection Efforts, August 16, 1996
Letter from ASA to Richard Ginn of RRC, re: Support of Proposed Changes to Rules 9 & 46, August 14, 1996
San Andres PBUG Newsletter, #1, 1996
TIPRO Target, Vol. 17, #5, August 1996
Remove “Disclosure of Certain Information,” Amendment to SB 862, undated
Fax message “Urgent Gas Transporter Amendment Must Be Different,” May 14, 1997
Letter to Senator Phil Gramm, re: Appreciation for Introducing the “Crude Oil Transportation Fairness Act of 1996,” March 27, 1996
Letter to Rep. Larry Combest, re: Appreciation for Introducing the “Crude Oil Transportation Fairness Act of 1996,” March 27, 1996
S. Anderson Letter, Cause No. 94-0278, Lenape Resources Corp., et al vs. Texas Gas Production, March 6, 1996
TX-Data Project Report (Study by Radian Int. LLC) and letter to Gov. Bush from RRC, March 5, 1996
Letter to Rylander/Williamson/Matthews, re: Partial Oil Proration Deregulation, June 28, 1996
“Producers Escape EPA Toxic Release Reporting Proposal,” memo from Scott Anderson to Exec. Comm., June 27, 1996
Corpus Christi Luncheon, Speaker: John McGhee, June 25, 1996
Joint EDF/TIPCO letter, re: HR 3662, June 19, 1996
Letter to Martin Frost, Protest Selling SPR Crude to Reduce Nat 1 Deficit, June 18, 1996
The Energy Connection Form Letter, July 11, 1996
San Andres Play-Based User Group Newsletter, No. 1, 1996
Testimony/Citizens’ Comm. on Property Tax Relief, June 28, 1996
New Member Orientation, Houston Petroleum Club, May 14, 1996
Letter from Rex White to Pres. Clinton, re: SPR, May 17, 1996
Houston Luncheon, Speaker: Ken Miller, Simmons & Co., May 14, 1996
Letter, ASA to Larry Aimes, re: LSG Project, May 10, 1996
TIPRO Target, Vol. 17, #3, May 1996
State of Oil & Gas Industry – Address by Rex White, April 25, 1996
50th Annual Convention Promotion Mailer, 1996
Letter to Della Pearson, GLO, re: GLO’s Draft Plan of Operation for Oil and Gas Exploration and Development, April 26, 1996
Region 4 Membership Luncheon, Speaker: Aubrey McClendon – Chesapeake, April 23, 1996
Region 3 Membership Luncheon w/ IPAA & Natural Gas Society, April 11, 1996
250 MCF Petition to Rylander/Williamson/Matthews, re: Amendment to Statewide Rule #31, July 26, 1996
Testimony/Texas House Comm. on Energy Responses’ Subcommittee on Effectiveness of Severance Tax Incentives, July 23, 1996
Amicus Curiae Motion: Crown Western LLC, re: Application of Tamarack Petroleum to Dispose of Oil and Gas, filed July 16, 1996
PBUG Meeting Survey, Form letter, July 12, 1996
Letter to Danny Conklin from Rex White, re: Coordinating Legislative Activity, June 7, 1996
Meeting Notice Region 1A, Joint TIPRO/SIPES Luncheon, June 5, 1996
Remarks of Gov. George W. Bush, TIPRO 50th Anniversary Luncheon, June 3, 1996
Liaison Letter, June 1996
TIPRO Target, Vol. 17, #4, June 1996
Corpus Christi Luncheon, Speaker: Obie O’Brien, May 23, 1996

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