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A Guide to the Fred and Katherine Schroeder Papers, 1886-1958, 1992

Descriptive Summary

Creator Schroeder, Fred, 1873-1942
Title Fred and Katherine Schroeder Papers
Dates: 1886-1958, 1992
Abstract Fred Schroeder, a German immigrant businessman in South Texas in the early 20th century, was involved in a variety of ventures, chiefly land and financial dealings. Correspondence, legal and financial documents, and printed material focus on Fred Schroeder's various business interests. Other materials concern personal matters of Fred, wife Katherine, and daughter Hulda.
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Extent 10 ft.
Languages Materials are in English and German.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

German immigrant businessman in South Texas in the early 20th century was involved in a variety of ventures, chiefly land and financial dealings.

Scope and Contents

Documents provide information about the Schroeders, focusing on Fred Schroeder's various business interests: land leasing, development, and farming; banking and other financial dealings; cottonseed oil production; and a hot mineral wells health resort. The papers illuminate not only Fred Schroeder's individual business affairs, but also those of his numerous partnerships with various members of the Henry Hollmann, Sr., family, as well as with other businessmen in the South Texas counties of Bee, Goliad, Karnes, Nueces, and Refugio. Other materials concern personal matters of Fred, wife Katherine, and daughter Hulda. Much of the personal, as well as some business, correspondence is in German, for which annotations are provided. Because Fred Schroeder's business and personal relationships were not always mutually exclusive and the financial transactions were often complex, there is some overlap among the series and subseries.

Letters in German with English annotations.



Correspondence, legal and financial documents, and printed material organized into 4 series: I. Fred Schroeder. II. Annotations to German letters. III. Katherine Wessels Schroeder. IV. Hulda Schroeder Miller. First series organized into 5 subseries: 1. Family. 2. Personal. 3. Land interests. 4. Business affairs. 5. Estate.
Arrangement is chronological by subject or type of material.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Hollman, Henry, family.
Miller, Hulda Schroeder, 1900- --Archives.
Schroeder, Fred, 1873-1942--Archives.
Schroeder, Katherine Wessels, 1878-1980--Archives.
Subjects (Organizations)
Kenedy Cotton Oil Mill (Kenedy, Tex.)
Kenedy Hot Wells, Inc. (Kenedy, Tex.)
Agriculture--Texas--Bee County.
Agriculture--Texas--Goliad County.
Agriculture--Texas--Karnes County.
Agriculture--Texas--Refugio County.
Banks and banking--Texas--Kenedy.
Cottonseed oil mills--Texas.
German Americans--Texas.
Health resorts, watering-places, etc.--Texas--Kenedy.
Land use, Rural--Texas--Bee County.
Land use, Rural--Texas--Goliad County.
Land use, Rural--Texas--Karnes County.
Land use, Rural--Texas--Refugio County.
Land use, Urban--Texas--Corpus Christi.
Bee County (Tex.)--History--Sources.
Goliad County (Tex.)--History--Sources.
Karnes County (Tex.)--History--Sources.
Kenedy (Tex.)--History--Sources.
Nueces County (Tex.)--History--Sources.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Fred and Katherine Schroeder Papers, 1886-1958, 1992, Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Fred Schroeder papers:

3B1 Family:
General correspondence, 1914-1940
Henry Hackfield materials:
Correspondence, 1929-1930
Legal documents, 1929
Financial records:
Sophia Schroeder notes: Correspondence and financial documents, 1914
Wessels note: Correspondence and financial documents, 1931, 1937
R.B. Miller note: Correspondence and financial documents, 1934
Legal documents:
Revocation of power of attorney, 1912
Deed of trust, 1927
Release of lien, 1933
3B2 Personal:
Rev. J. Schroeder, 1915-1940
Bose family, 1927-1928
General correspondence, 1914-1941
Political activities: Correspondence, poll tax receipts, and other materials, 1916-1939
3B3 Federal income tax records, 1918-1940 and undated
Automobile tax receipts, 1917-1932
3B4 Insurance records:
General correspondence, 1908-1941
Notices and receipts for policies and loans on policies, 1908-1941
Biographical material: Account of Fred Schroeder's emigration to America, by Olga Schroeder Miller, 1992.
3B5 Land interests:
Levi Pullin: Legal documents, 1920
Magnolia Oil Company: Right of way, 1929
Sales of land formerly owned by Fred Schroeder: Legal documents, 1906-1922
Conn Brown, Refugio County transaction:
Correspondence, 1938-1940
Legal documents, 1938-1940
General correspondence, 1914-1940
Renters and tenant farmers:
Correspondence, accounts, and receipts, 1914-1941
Legal and financial documents, 1915-1940
Garza/Nordhausen notes and correspondence, 1929-1936
3B6 Agricultural activities:
Correspondence, 1914-1941:
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture programs, 1934-1941 and undated
General, 1914-1941
Printed material, 1936-1953
3B7 Oil and gas leasing activities:
Lease agreements, 1916, 1928, 1931
M.A. Bletsch, Refugio and Bee counties leases, 1941-1942
General, 1929-1941
Adams Oil Company lease, Karnes County: Legal documents relating to land title, 1900-1918
Notices and correspondence, 1926-1934
Receipts, 1907-1939
Receipts for other people, 1916, 1922
Tax appeal for 1926 & 1927, Refugio County: Legal documents, 1932
3B8 Business affairs:
Financial records:
Federal Land Bank: Correspondence, notices, receipts, 1926-1942
3B9 E. B. Chandler & Co.: Notices and letters, 1916-1936
Hamilton Brothers: Correspondence, 1931-1941
First Nichols-National Bank: Letters, notices, financial documents, 1930-1941
Henry Luebben: Letters and financial document, 1912-1939
Rud Nordhausen: Promissory note and letters, 1929-1933
E. P. Ruhmann/People's Supply Co.: Letters, legal and financial documents, 1930-1939
J.B. Lewright: Letters, 1932-1940
John Deere Plow Co.: Letters and notices, 1936-1937
Mrs. Robert Proetzel: Letters, 1937-1940
Miscellaneous loans: Letters, notices, 1914-1939
3B10 Accounts payable: Bills, letters, 1915-1941 and undated
Miscellaneous documents, 1928-1934 and undated
3B11 Legal affairs:
Mrs. Mathilde Kulps vs. Fred Schroeder, et al: Legal document and correspondence, 1916
D.A. Moses vs. G.N. Lynch, Fred Schroeder, and Harper Morris: Legal document, 1920
Boyce vs. Otto and Alfred Schroeder: Letter and legal document, 1927, 1928
John Deere Plow Co. vs. R.B. Miller & Fred Schroeder: Correspondence and legal documents, 1932-1936
Texas & New Orleans Railroad vs. Fred Schroeder: Letters and legal document, 1934-1935
Carl Hyltin vs. Fred Schroeder: Correspondence and legal document, 1933-1934
Kenedy I.S.D. vs. City of Kenedy, Walter Schroeder, et al: Correspondence and legal documents, 1934-1940
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1914-1939
Miscellaneous legal documents pertaining to persons other than Fred Schroeder, 1922, 1924, 1926
3B12 D. Ansley Company, Inc.: Correspondence, 1931-1939
3B13 Sole Proprietorship: Kenedy Hot Wells, Inc.:
Correspondence, 1924-1940 and undated
Legal records, 1922-1929
Stockholder/officer positions:
Kenedy National Farm Loan Assoc.: Documents, 1919-1936
First National Bank/First Nichols-National Bank:
J.D. Sanders, 1925-1928 and undated
General, 1923-1932
Notices of shareholders meetings, 1932-1934, 1937, 1939
Kenedy Cotton Oil Mill:
Texas & New Orleans Railroad materials:
Freight dispute: Correspondence, 1929-1931
Street crossing issue: Correspondence and financial records, 1930-1931
General correspondence, 1925-1938 and undated
Legal documents, 1924-1931
Stock certificates and notice of meeting, 1920, 1927, 1932
Panna Maria Gin: Correspondence, 1927-1931
3B14 Partnerships:
Hollmann family:
H(enry) Hollmann, Sr.:
German indebtedness issue: Correspondence, 1886-1923
Legal documents, 1910-1930
H. Hollmann, Sr., and Fred Schroeder:
Financial, insurance, and tax records, 1917-1922
Letters from H. Hollmann, Sr., to Fred Schroeder, 1914-1918
H. Hollman, Sr., I.S. Moore, and Fred Schroeder:
Deeds, mortgages, and related documents:
General, 1915-1922
Erinero Rodriguez, et al, 1915-1928
Legal matters:
Mathis farm records:
Correspondence, legal and financial documents, 1912-1918
Abstract of title, 1916
J. W. Johnson vs. Moore, Schroeder, Hollmann Land Co.: Correspondence, legal and financial documents, 1915-1917
Distribution of partnership assets:
Correspondence, legal documents, and other records
Financial and tax records, 1915-1922
Miscellaneous letters and notes, 1915-1918
H. Hollmann Sr., L. E. Bain, and Fred Schroeder:
Legal documents, 1913-1919
Correspondence and financial documents, 1914-1919
H. Hollmann, Sr., and L. E. Bain: Tax records, 1920-1922
3B15 John G. Hollmann and Fred Schroeder:
Financial and tax records, 1917-1927
Legal documents, 1923, 1926
Correspondence, 1916, 1917, 1926-1928
H(erman) G. Hollmann and Fred Schroeder: Legal, financial and tax records, and correspondence, 1922-1937
H.E. Hollmann and Fred Schroeder: Financial and tax records, 1933-1940
Matilda Hollmann [Barham] and Fred Schroeder:
Tax records, 1922-1941
Financial records, 1932-1940
Correspondence, 1924-1939
Annie Hollmann Schutte and Fred Schroeder: Tax records, 1922-1923
General: Tax records, 1922-1930
3B16 Business partners:
L.E. Bain, J.R. Dougherty: Legal documents and letters, 1914-1918
R.F. Spencer and Fred Schroeder:
Financial and tax records, 1924, 1925, and undated
Beeville Oil Mill: Correspondence and financial records, 1924-1927 and undated
Russell-Coleman Oil Mill:
E.C. Moore/ W.E. Stockman Charco Gin notes: Legal documents, financial records, and correspondence, 1919-1929
Robstown Gin notes: Legal documents, financial records, and correspondence, 1920-1936
H. H. Friar and Fred Schroeder:
Correspondence, 1925-1926, 1936
Deeds and related records, Nueces County, 1925-1926
Financial records, 1925-1926
H.H. Friar, E.P. Ruhmann, and Fred Schroeder:
Mexican railroad venture:
Correspondence, 1925-1926
Financial records, 1925-1926
Legal documents, 1925 and undated
E.P. Ruhmann and Fred Schroeder: Correspondence, legal documents, and financial records, 1917-1939
W.E. Ruckman and Fred Schroeder: Correspondence, legal documents, and financial records, 1917-1942
3B17 Other interests:
Bee County Sheriff's Department: Letters, 1916-1918
Collins Brothers note: Legal document and correspondence, 1926-1930
Monteola School oil and gas lease: Legal document, 1939
Texas Highway Department: Material purchase agreement, 1941
General correspondence:
Letters to, 1915-1938
Letters from, A-V, 1925-1939
Document fragments, 1935-1942 and undated
3B18 Estate papers:
Claims against:
First Nichols-National Bank: Legal and financial documents, 1941-1944
J. B. Lewright: Letters and promissory note, 1938-1942
Henry Luebben: Letter, legal and financial documents, 1928, 1942
B.J. Schendel: Promissory note, 1941
Mrs. J. Schroeder: Correspondence, 1941-1946
Sinclair Refining Company: Financial records, 1942
Correspondence and financial records, 1929, 1933, 1942
Garfield Mutual Insurance Assoc. hurricane claim: Correspondence and financial records, 1942-1944


German letter annotations:

3B18 Chronological list, 1912-1940 and undated


Katherine Wessels Schroeder papers:

3B18 Last will and testament, 1916
Wessels estate: Legal documents, financial records, and correspondence, 1934-1946
Letters to, 1915-1928
Financial records, 1942-1953


Hulda Schroeder Miller:

3B19 Income tax returns, bank statements, and other financial records:
3B20 1946-1948
3B21 1949-1951
3B22 1952-1954
3B23 1954-1956
3B24 1956-1958


Damaged & fragile items:

(photocopies provided in main body of collection)
3B25 Letters and documents, 1915-1944


Pictorial items

3T776 Pictorial items


Oversize materials

2.325/V68 Oversize materials