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Sig Mickelson Papers, 1930-2005

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Creator: Mickelson, Sig.
Title: Sig Mickelson papers
Dates: 1930-2005
Abstract: Literary productions, research materials, speeches, correspondence, newspaper clippings, business records, audio and video tapes, photographs, and motion picture films comprise the Sig Mickelson Papers, 1930-2005.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.00141
Extent: 23.58 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Born in Clinton, Minnesota, Sig Mickelson (1913-2000) was president of CBS News, president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (1972-1975) and vice-president of CBS, Inc., Time-Life Broadcast, Inc., and Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation as well as part of the communications faculty at Louisiana State University, the University of Kansas, the University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, and San Diego State University. He was a Research Fellow of the Hoover Institution, a member of the Board of Directors of Stauffer Communications, Inc. and on the Board of Regents of Augustana College, his alma mater. Mickelson assumed directorship of CBS television's news and public affairs in 1951 and became chief of the combined radio television department in 1954. When CBS News became an autonomous corporate division in the mid 1950s, Mickelson became its first president.

Scope and Contents

Literary productions, research materials, speeches, correspondence, newspaper clippings, business records, audio and video tapes, photographs, and motion picture films comprise the Sig Mickelson Papers, 1930-2005, documenting the career of Sig Mickelson as a broadcasting executive and educator. Materials reflect Mickelson's involvement in issues such as freedom of information, freedom of the press, telecommunications legislation, and the role of television in politics.


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Personal Names
Mickelson, Sig.
Corporate Names
CBS News.
Columbia Broadcasting System, inc.
Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation
Time-Life Broadcast, inc.
Broadcast journalism
Broadcast journalism--Study and teaching
Freedom of information
Freedom of the press
Telecommunication--Law and legislation
Television in politics
United States

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Sig Mickelson Papers, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

CBS News and Public Affairs

4Zd488 [SRH1230020114] Organizational chart and budget, 1957
Contents, sections 1-19
Sections 20-32
2.325/D32c [SRH1230000822] Organizational charts, October 6, 1958
CBS News Division
News Department
4Zd488 [SRH1230020114] Reports
"Report on the Management Survey of the Television News Film Operations of the News and Public Affairs Department." Boyce Nemec, Management Consultant, 1956
"Plan for Implementing the Recommendations Developed During the 1956 Survey of the Department's Film Operations." Boyce Nemec, Management Consultant, January 1957
"Viewers' Attitudes to Edwards and Huntley-Brinkley News Shows." Motivation Analysis, Inc. Prepared for CBS News, January 1961

Background material and research notes

4Zd465 [SRH1230019949] The television campaign goes abroad
Foreign politics and the media, 1972-1973
Campaign, 1972-1973
The political public relations firm
Public opinion polls: the people machine
Strategy, general
Foreign governments and broadcasting
Patterson, Thomas and Robert D. McClure, "Political Advertising and Voter Reaction", 1973
Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971
General material
An analysis
Revisions, new plans
The impact of television
In Germany, 1969
Public opinion polls
Results and non-results
Thomas, Ron. "The Questionable Future of Televised Debates", 5 December 1972
Government and television, government departments, chapter VI
Government regulation and censorship
Political advertising, general
Political advertising, pro and con
Aspen program meeting, 14 March 1975
Common Cause and congressional testimony on financing elections
Political campaigns
The Fairness doctrine
Section 315
Complaints and abuses
Reasonable access
Campaign reform act, 1974
Columbia Journalism Review. " Election '72 Coverage: How Fair?", January/February, 1973
"Apathy," American Association of Political Consultants panel discussion, Archibald, Samuel. "The Pollution of Politics", 1975
Television and politics, 1976-1978
Election spending overview
Suggested reforms
Preliminary suggestions of the Republican National Convention Committee, 14 November 1963
Democratic fund raising drive, 1970
Fundraising, 1972
New techniques in campaigning, 1974
Incumbents, 1974
Ideas for future chapters
Public campaign financing, 1974
Ballots and Broadcasting Conference, 1975
4Zd466 [SRH1230019948] States, summary of campaign finance laws
Illinois, political advertising
New York, political advertising
Public finance, 1973-1974
Campaigning on television
Foreign politics and broadcasting
United Kingdom
Argentina, Norway, Mexico, South Africa, and Malaysia
Incumbent advantages
"Preliminary Recommendations for Elimination of Abuses in Politics/Media Relationships", 12 December 1972
Television and campaign financing: Herb Alexander analysis, 1969
Presidential broadcast costs and spending data
Free advertising time
Spiro Agnew, 1962
Finance specific evidence, direct mail, 1972
Schwein, Rick. "Direct Mail and the 1972 Election Campaign", 5 December 1972
Commercial advertising, television and radio, 1972
Techniques and philosophy of political advertising, 1972
Image consultants and agencies
Political advertising spots, 1970's
Rockford, Mark. "Political Advertising on Television and the Question of Reform", 1972
British Broadcasting Corporation CEEFAX, 1980
Interactive television QUBE
Indax experiment, 1979-1981
"America Direct: A New Video Environment", 1982
The future of television
Cable television
Institute for the Future, 1979
Oak Communications, 1979
Media theory; television for older adults
Preliminary proposal outline (blank)
Proposal to Markle Foundation, 1973
Book outline for politics, media project, 28 September 1973
Directory of Information Sources for United States Public Television, 1980
Young and Rubicam, 1981
United Press International
4Zd467 [SRH1230019947] United Press International
Reviews of Dr. William McGill's The Year of the Monkey , 1982
Benchmark Research Proposal, 1981
INDAX project, Mission cable T.V., 1980
Western Behavioral Sciences Institute, 1981
Homeserv transactions, 1981
Delphi study of Videotext and Teletext, 1980
The Atlantic Council, 1981
PBS teleconference panel
Richard C. Hofstatter studies, 1979
4Zd488 [SRH1230020114] First Annual Communications Forum (Broadcasting), Pennsylvania State University, November 29-December 1, 1959
Contents and introduction
Books on the responsibility of the press and broadcasting
Part 1: "Critics and Criticisms of Broadcasting"
Part 2: "Codes and Their Enforcement"
Part 3: "Freedom of the Press"
Part 4: "Some Problems of Performance"
A. "The Problem of Favors and Gratuities"
B. "The Problem of Editorializing"
C. "The Problem of Court Coverage"
D. "The Problem of News in `Modern' Radio"
E. The Problem of Commentary and Analysis
F. The Problem of Advertising Influence
G. "The Problem of Information vs. Entertainment"
4Zd467 [SRH1230019947] San Diego State University Center for Communications projects, 1979-1982
California Tech. task-force, conference on state telecommunications policy, 1981
On Events In Czechoslovakia: Facts, Documents, Press Reports, and Eye Witness Accounts., 1968
Journalism Quarterly, December 1940
Cutting Edge Report, 1987-1988
Miscellaneous printed material
(8 folders).
4Zd468 [SRH1230019957] Miscellaneous printed material
(3 folders).
Council on Foreign Relations discussion group paper: The Media and Foreign Policy, 1970
Messing, Harold. "The CBS Television Production of Cinderella: a Thesis", August 1957
Papers presented at the forum on "Rate of Return Regulation in the Presence of Rapid Technical Change", 20 March 1987
Readings for the Workshop on Television Criticism, University of Chicago, 6-7 March 1975
Program for the 1960 Democratic National Convention; program for the 1960 Republican National Convention
CBS log of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, 1960
Media meeting for the 1964 Republican National Convention, transcript
1968 Democratic National Convention Coverage
4Zd469 [SRH1230019958] Wagner, Paul H. Radio Journalism , 1940
Schmidt, Benno C. Access to the Media: a Constitutional Analysis. Typescript
Good Neighbor to the Northwest: WCCO Radio. Report of the Academic Strategic Planning Taskforce "The Collections of the Mass Communications History Center of Wisconsin.", 1974, 1990
Election survey number 2: a study of people's attitudes towards issues and candidates, 1956
Election survey number 2: a study of people's attitudes towards issues and candidates, 1960
Loeb, Marshall. Newspapers: Need and Opportunity for Time Inc., 1967
Application for a license to establish and operate a wireless television service

San Diego Communications council business papers

4Zd469 [SRH1230019958] Response to public relations for First Amendment conference, 1987
Memos, agendas and minutes, 1987
First Amendment conference planning, 1987
Membership lists, 1987
Communications issues
Speakers file, 1990
"The Uncertain Future" conference planning, 1990
Conference information, 1990
Preferred letters, 1990
Conference publicity, 1990
Conference underwriting, 1990
Conference brochure text, 1990
Membership lists, 1990, 1991
Conference registration, 1990
Conference speakers, photographs, 1990
Possible articles
Finance and budget, 1990
October, November 1990
Newspaper clippings, 1990
Printed material
Regular meetings
Mailing list
Fund raising, 1990
Conference survey
Logistics, 1989
Conference planning, 1989
4Zd470 [SRH1230019959] "2001: A Communications Vision," budget, 1989
"2001: A Communications Vision," text of symposium, 1989
"Advanced Communications Technology and the Public interest", 1988
First Amendment conference planning, 1987
Mission statement, 1986
1986-1987, 1991-1992
Communications technology
Projects: Witherspoon, Land
Conference folders
General notes
Newsletters, 1989
Membership lists, 1989
Project proposals

San Diego State University, Center for Communications

4Zd470 [SRH1230019959] National Public Radio research proposal, 1980, 1980-1984

Electronic media technology, printed material and notes

4Zd470 [SRH1230019959] Videotext services, 1982
Videotext project, clippings and correspondence, 1982
Teletext and videotext, background, 1982
Center for Communications studies: the future
Videodisc technology
Technology and education
Communications technology, 1981
Subscription television and multi-point distribution, 1980-1981
Satellite business systems, teleconferencing and television, 1980

Homeserv projects, 1982

4Zd470 [SRH1230019959] SEC Pacific, home banking
Homeserv and Copley newspapers
Research project questionnaire and plans
Printed material and notes
Cox cable agreements
4Zd471 [SRH1230019960] Dateline, 1970
Coronation Souvenir, 1953
Soviet Coup, 1991
Trends in Media Coverage; OASIS; Brandeis University
Gulf War television news critiques, 1991
Zambia project, 1995
Institute of the Americas, annual report
The Biography of a Teleconferencing Experiment, 1971-1978
Annenberg project, 1983
"Teletext in the year 2000: a Delphi forecast", 1980
Suggested Agenda for Conference on Politics, Media relationship, 1973
Journalism 496 -- Media Management, 1986-1987
The Hoover Institute of War, Revolution, and Peace
Conference on public diplomacy, planning, 1985
Public diplomacy clippings
Project letters, 1979-1984
Expenses to January 1983 (paid)
Expenses, July-December 1983
Contract and project budgets, 1978-1981
Television program feasibility study, 1987
Stanford/Hoover studio T.V. project
Broadcast report, 1987
Workshop on Public Diplomacy
Public Diplomacy Seminar, 1985
The Asia Society, meeting on Chinese affairs, 1967
Investigative reporters and editors, 1980
Westport Commuters Association, 1961
Golden Eagle Club, strategic planning seminar, 1987-1988
Clark Management Co. partnership agreement
Encyclopedia Britannica Corporation
Recommendations to the Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation regarding communications technology, 1970-1971
Monthly reports, 1970-1971
William Benton correspondence, 1971-1972
Froiland, Sven. "From Vision to Reality: Origin and Development of the Center for Western Studies."
Don Hewitt, correspondence, 1986
The Price company, 1988
Stauffer Communications, Inc.
Financial report, 1986
Planning and memos, 1983-1984
Broadcast unit sales and profits charts, 1985
Correspondence, 1978-1981, 1984-1986
Analysis of base compensation for key management positions, 1981
Purchase proposal, 1986
Wyoming acquisition, 1986
Missouri acquisition, 1984
Financial analysis
Special radio report, 1987
Review of executive compensation, 1986

WCCO radio

4Zd472 [SRH1230019967] WCCO Radio: The First Forty Years, 1964
4Zd488 [SRH1230020114] Neither Free nor Equal, radio broadcast transcripts
The Face of Discrimination. Program number 1, June 25, 1947
Discrimination in Employment. Program number 2, July 2, 1947
Discrimination in Housing. Program number 3, July 9, 1947
The Indian in Minnesota Program number 4, July 16, 1947
The Hate Merchants. Program number 5, July 23, 1947
Meeting the Problem Program number 6, July 30, 1947
Publicity brochure
4Zd472 [SRH1230019967] Radio listenership study, 1943
International Broadcast Institute, Cornell correspondence
Reports to the International Broadcast Institute general meeting, 1974
International Broadcast Institute general meeting, 1975
International Institute of Communications, 1978
Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty Fund Inc., meeting of the board of directors, September 1986
Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty printed material
Lionel Van Deerlin tribute, 1989
Bob Klein, correspondence
Fourth Estate award planning, 1988
Aspen program on communications and society, 1973
Critiques of Politics and Media manuscript, 1975
Use of INTELSAT by the United Nations, 1970
Society of Professional Journalists, book award, 1984
Op-Ed page pieces
Cyprus transparencies
Selleck vs. Globe, 1990
Hong Kong legal documents
At Years End, 1956
Jane Doe vs. the Times Mirror, 1989
Brian Monaghan, Doe vs. the Times Mirror, 1988
Report on the Chatham Seminar on Television and Society, 1979
4Zd473 [SRH1230019968] KCOY-TV operating plan and beyond, 1990
KCOY-TV facility planning report, 1987
Augustana College
Bill Nelson resignation, 1986
Marketing report summary, 1985-1986
Strategic planning, 1996
Correspondence, 1982
Audit report, 1993
Augustana renewal fund raising effort, 1994
Satellite Education Services
General information, 1984-1987
Technology, 1986-1987
Correspondence, 1979-1980
"Why In the World?"
Contracts and program overviews, 1984
Planning and correspondence, 1984-1986
Budget and format recommendations, 1984-1985
U.S. /Soviet program plans, 1984
Planning, fall 1984
Promotional material
Los Angeles production controversy, 1984
Program overview
Television series proposal, 1985
Preliminary report on the pilot study, 1980
Resumes and applications
4Zd474 [SRH1230019969] University of San Diego consultancy, 1979
Corporation for Public broadcasting correspondence, 1980
Corporation for Public Broadcasting guidelines for submitting program proposals, 1979
Legal prospects
IRS form 105 C(b)
P.B.S. program use policies
Prospectus and statement of goals
Research and critiques
Memos and critiques, 1978
Los Angeles pilot program, 1980
Communication, August, 1979
"Why in the World" publicity newsclippings
"Why in the World" talent roster and guidelines
New York, Washington CGO schedule
Scholastic and ERIC correspondence
Regional ITV networks, 1978-1979
American Association of School Administrators convention, 1980
Foundation prospects
Update reports to funders
Presentation, 1979
Proposal and statement of goals
University of California at San Diego
Alternate distribution, CNN, C-SPAN etc
Public Service satellite
The Foundation Center, 1978
Sloan Foundation funding correspondence
Plans and contracts
Correspondence with teachers
Expenses, unrecorded
Correspondence, 1979
Applications and resumes
Walter Cronkite correspondence
Los Angeles meeting
Barbara Barnes-Vyden correspondence, 1981
4Zd475 [SRH1230019970] "Why in the World" promotional material
"Why in the World" executive summary
Program list, 1983-1985
Series proposal and grant proposal
General Motors, response analysis
General Motors sponsorship
Promotional plans, 1984-1985
Carriage reports, 1983-1984
General information
"Why in the World" correspondence, 1982-1983
"Why in the World" program background, notes, and newsclippings
Planning documents
Publicity, 1984
Facilities rental agreement, 1983
Taping schedules, New York, 1983-1984
Funding proposals and correspondence
Format and plans, 1983-1984
Barbara Barnes, Jerry Landay correspondence
Promotional material, 1983-1984
"Why in the World" introductory material
Preliminary communications plan, 1983-1984
Walter Cronkite, University of California project, 1978
General information, 1980-1981
"Why in the World" pilot, 1980
Educational advisory board
"Why in the World" report
Financial information
Administration and budgeting, 1981-1984

Satellite Education Transmission Project (STEP 1), of the Radio-Television News Directors Association, 1980

4Zd476 [SRH1230019971] Letters
Background and chronology
Funding sources
Budget and expenses
Public service satellite consortium
Press clippings
Press releases
Planning memos
Internal memos
Suggested topics and speakers
Beckman, Allen correspondence
San Diego State University foundation

Printed material, background material and research notes

4Zd476 [SRH1230019971] Atlantic Council, 1981
Permanent roll of delegates to the Republican National Convention, 1964
General Learning Corporation project, 1967
"Conflict and Regulation in the Communications Industry." report of findings
Intermedia, 1970-1979
T.V. news regulation, printed material
T. V. news and other media
T. V. news and pressure groups
T.V. news and media freedom
The Atlantic monthly. January and February, 1976
Public Broadcasting
Corporation for Public Broadcasting, proposed study of objectivity and balance, 1986-1987
Critiques of regulation, the media and political convention coverage
T.V. news and general policy questions
Media distortion of politics
T.V. news criticism
Political connections and news
60 Minutes
T. V. news
Salaries and manpower
Docudramas and confrontational journalism
Three Mile Island
Weather reports
New plans, CNN, cable etc
One hour news and PBS
Influence and politics
4Zd477 [SRH1230019961] Weicher, Robert. "The News Coverage of the 1973 Arab -- Israeli War." The Impact of Television on Public Policy,", 1978, 1974
News coverage of the 1973 Arab Israeli war, interview transcripts
Politics and the media
International Television News Directors conference, report of proceedings, 1967
"Communications Satellites: A New Channel for International Communications and a New Source of International Tension", 1974
Foreign communications, 1974
CBS coverage of the 1952 Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Biographical material and photographs
Keck, Gary Lee. "A Study to Determine the Perception of Unintended Messages by Viewers of Two United States Army Television Commercials", 1990
Vladimir Matusevitch v. Vladimir Ivanovich Telnikoff
Louisiana State University, Government and Television course readings and notes, 1992-1993
Time-Life broadcast scrapbook
Fairness and balance, notes for The Electric Mirror.
Fairness doctrine
4Zd478 [SRH1230019972] Campaign finance
Notes for "Covering the Election," (chapter 3 in The Electric Mirror.)
Politics and television, book outline and notes
Remaking the campaign
Remaking the candidate (chapter IV) notes
The Electric Mirror. outtakes
From Whistle Stop to Sound Bite outline
Public communications and public education, 1972
Federal Elections Campaign Act of 1973 revisions
Hofstatter, Richard C. "Biased News in the 1972 Campaign: a Media Analysis"; "The Impact of Mass Media on Issue Perceptions: a Study of Three Elections."
Republican campaign ads
Democratic media strategy, 1972
Republican media strategy, 1972
Direct mail campaign advertising
Public broadcasting
First Monday, 1972
Presidential advantage strategy, McGovern, 1972
Campaign, travel
Campaign, news broadcast notes
Campaign, use of film
Political consultants and the media
Advertising agencies, 1972
Campaign finance
Campaign advertising notes
Selling of the Pentagon
The November group
Campaigning, general (including Nixon's travels)
Public broadcasting
Interviews with Alexander Archibald
Appendix to the election report, 1972
Fairness doctrine and elections
Campaign spending legislation prior to 1971
Federal Election Campaign Act violations
Sale of ambassadorships
Special interests
Criticism of the Federal Election Campaign Act
Calls for reform of the Federal Election Campaign Act
Codes of ethics
Fair campaign practices, 1972
The 1952 Republican and Democratic National Conventions, press information package
Watch: the television guide to the 1956 conventions, the campaign and the election, 1956
Debates 1988
3So86 [SRH1230022841] T.V. news and pressure groups
"Nixon's transcription of the Watergate tapes," Chicago Tribune , 1 May 1974
"Why in the World?" posters
"Historical Headlines: Famous Front Pages of the Los Angeles Times," , 1976
32,000 Hours per Year. Time-Life, 1965
Marney-Petix, Victoria. "Fiber Optics: Revolutionizing Data Communications." Professional Careers. , November-December 1987
Journalism 496, Media Management poster (for class taught by Sig Mickelson.)
Time -- 50, 1973
Small Wonder in Pakistan: the story of a Time- Life Broadcast, 1962
Richard Nixon campaign posters, 1972
The Times coronation number, 11 May 1937
Time-Life Broadcast, Inc., promotional scrapbook, 1960-1961
4Zd479 [SRH1230019973] Carrying the Torch: the 1960 Winter Olympics
Toward a God-Centered Media. World Media Association, 1990
Morris, Burnis Reginald. Non-profit News Coverage , 1993
Section 315 and the problems of access, 1972
The Speaker and the Listener: a Public Perspective on the Freedom of Expression. The Public Agenda Foundation, 1980
The Newsroom and the Newscast, 1966
Gordon, David. "Newsman's Privilege and the Law", 1974
Politics and television, 1992
On the Cutting Edge: a Journal of Communications Analysis and Content., Winter, 1987
Brown and Williamson v. Walter Jacobson and CBS
"Targets of the Media" program newsclippings, 1988

Literary productions

4Zd488 [SRH1230020114] Book drafts
TV news book, 1961
Chapters 1-6
Chapters 7-20
4Zd489 [SRH1230020115] From Whistle Stop to Sound Bite, outlines and proposals, 1984-1988
The End of An Era: Proposal, chapters 1-4, outline, 1991
News book drafts, 1996
Chapters 1-5
Chapters 6-12
Chapters 13-20
Research notes and background material, decade of the 1950's
4Zd479 [SRH1230019973] Book on government, media relationships, outline and chapter summaries, 1992
Aspen program on communications and society, 1992
Articles and miscellaneous literary efforts
4Zd480 [SRH1230019974] Book reviews
A suggested approach for a book on politics and television
Politics and the medial manuscript draft, chapters I, II, V, XIII
Campaign finance manuscript draft, chapters I - X
Proposed book on government, media relations, draft outline and chapter summaries, 28 April 1992
Proposed book on government, media relations, introduction, summary, and chapter, 27 June 1992
Politics and the media, completed manuscript, chapters I through XII and appendix
Campaign spending notes
Chapters XI, XII, XIII -- public T.V., new technology, and summary
America's Other Voice
Draft chapters 9 - 12
Draft, winter, spring, 1982
Page proofs, 1983
Typescript draft as edited by Alan Gold
4Zd481 [SRH1230019975] Final draft
"Talent Pool" chapter. deleted from final version
Draft copy
Chronology and notes from April 4 1983 draft
Draft submitted 4 April 1983
The Electric Mirror
Introduction through chapter 11
2.325/OD7 Page proofs
4Zd481 [SRH1230019975] The Northern Pacific Railroad and the Selling of the West. Sioux Falls, South Dakota: The Center for Western Studies, 1993

Speeches and statements by Sig Mickelson

4Zd482 [SRH1230019976] Remarks on Khruschev to the Connecticut Broadcasters Association, 1958
"The comprehension gap" address to the Texas Legislature, April 13, 1959
4Zd488 [SRH1230020114] Edited speeches, 1950s
4Zd482 [SRH1230019976] Speeches, 1977
World Affairs Council, North County, 1990
CBS Concepts, principles and practices based upon the speeches, articles, statements and directives of Sig Mickelson, 1959
Television news speech outline
Old speech material
Miscellaneous speeches
Text of Speeches, Articles, Statements, and Directives of Sig Mickelson, 1958
Millersville University lecture, 2 November 1988
Speeches on political topics, 1952-1961
Compilation of speeches, 1977-1978
Speeches on behalf of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
Summary of appearances, January 1977 to February 1978
"Making the Olympics a Political Football." Dallas, 2 March 1978
"The Soviet Leadership Views the News." Wisconsin, 14 February 1978
"Publicity and Openness: the Prime Condition for the Health of any Society", 2 February 1978
"Penetrating the Communications Curtain." Salt Lake City, 3 January 1978
"Jamming a Relic of the Cold War." San Diego, December 22, 1977
"The Censor is Closer Than You Think." California, 11 January 1978
"The Soviet Union is More than Russia." Baton Rouge, 21 December 1977
"Soviets Seek to Halt Uncensored Reporting." Chicago and Omaha, September 20-21, 1977
"Blocks Against a New Dark Age of Communications." San Francisco, September 15, 1977
"A Raising of the Barriers: the Concealed Threat to the Free Flow of Information.", 16 September 1977
"The Soviet Threat to Voices for Detente." Boston, 12 September 1977
"International Broadcasting Under Threat." Nebraska, 19 September 1977
Oslo, International Press Institute, 8 June 1977
U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Eastern Europe, 19 May 1977
Brief statement to CSCE, 19 May 1977
Sub-committee on International Operations, 1 April 1977
Sub-committee on International Operations, 30 March 1977
W.E.A.C., Munich, 4 February 1977
"Broadcasters to a Captive Audience: Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty", 7 October 1976
City Club of Cleveland, 21 January 1976
A.W.R.T. outline, 15 December 1976
Munich, 4 December 1976
Meeting of the Committee on Education, Cultural Affairs and Information., December 21-26, 1976

Sig Mickelson oral history interview transcripts

4Zd488 [SRH1230020114] Interview by the Oral History Research Office, Columbia University, 1961
Interview by Elizabeth Heighton for the Broadcast Pioneers Library, San Diego State University, March 13, 1979
Interview by Debbie Martin, San Diego State University Journalism Department, April 7, 1981
4Zd482 [SRH1230019976] G.A.O. letter, November 25, 1977
Politics and the media, 1961-1981
Technology, October 1986
T.V. news critiques, 1969
From Whistle Stop to Sound Bite, outline, September 15, 1989
Seminar on broadcasting to the east, 4 July 1984
University of Virginia, 10 April 1990
Arts lunch, 1987
SCI management conference, 1988
Freedom's Foundation speech, 20 July 1987
S.P..J. San Francisco, 20 January 1989
U.C.L.A. seminar, 1985
Satellite technology
Miscellaneous speeches and articles
Foreign Policy Association project, 1970
News and international communication
Santa Maria, 1986
Coronado Rotary Club, 1986
SPJ Atlanta, November 1986
4Zd483 [SRH1230019962] Coronado Round Table, 1986
T.V. programming, June 1984
Pi Kappa Alpha
California Women's Press Club, 1981
American Dental Association, 17 March 1981
Communications Week at California State, Fullerton
Valley Forge conference
Communications technology
Remarks on Clay T. Whitehead, 1961
Edward R. Murrow symposium, 1983
University of Leicester communications conference

Personal papers

4Zd483 [SRH1230019962] Congratulatory messages, 1959, 1961, 1969
Publicity newsclippings, 1930-1993
Desk calendar, 1956, 1960
4Zd484 [SRH1230019963] Correspondence and chronology
4Zd485 [SRH1230019964] 1989-1994
Diaries, 1984-1987, 1989-1990, 1994

Printed material and periodicals

4Zd490 [SRH1230020116] "The Medium and the Telephone: the Politics of Information Resources," Pal J. Berman, Anthony G. Oettinger, December 15, 1975
Aspen Communications Conference proceedings
May 1970
February 1973
The Face of Red China, a CBS News Special Report, December 28, 1958
Carrying the Torch: the 1960 Winter Olympic"
Television: the Management Magazine of Broadcast Advertising, January 1960
Broadcast Pioneers Library, special oral history issue, 1989-1990
Military Review, no. 1, 1979
Broadcasting, 50th Anniversary Issue, 1981
Striped Magnetic Sound in CBS Television News Production, by R. C. Rheineck, March 1957
Sponsor, September 13, 1965
"2001: A Communications Vision." A conference convened by the San Diego Communications Council, November 16-17, 1989
"RFE-RL: a year of merger."
"Report of Proceedings: International Television News Directors Conference." Paris, October 26-27, 1967
Dateline 1959 Overseas Press Club of America

Video tapes

4Zd487 [SRH1230019966] The Cox Convention Connextion Show, #2 - #14, August 6-18, 1996
4Zd486 [SRH1230019965] Tape 3 -- reporter stories: Coretta King, Nature Day camp, Hospital survey and Parvovirus / Folo
The promise of teletext
"The Selling of Abe Lincoln," WTTW Chicago, October 15, 1987
"From Whistle Stop to Soundbite," Purdue University Public Affairs Video Archives, October 23, 1989
"The Sig Mickelson Story," CBS, black and white
2J460 [SRH1230008906] RTNDA 2000 memorial, 2000
Sunday Morning obituaries including Mickelson, December 31, 2000
Sig Mickelson Interviews, Archive of American Television, August 24 and 25, 1999
(5 VHS tapes)
Sig Mickelson memorial, undated
Bank of Commerce the heart of San Diego (Sig Mickelson show #86), undated
CBS News 50th Anniversary, May 1998
CBS Sig's promotion to president, undated
Sunday Morning Sig Mickelson obituary, undated
Good Morning America Sig Mickelson, September 23
Looking Over the Edge: The Impact of Technology on Communication Education, 1996

Audio tapes

4Zd491 [SRH1230020117] Audio cassettes
A: AP Best Assn B: Sig Mickelson for S. D. Union, June 3, 1978
A: Chapter 19, Labor, B: Chapter 20, Accountability, October 27, 1982
A: Chapter 22; B: Letters - Claire Smith, Kim Short
A: Chapter outline; B: Reply to questions from Prager
A: Chapters 9 and 11, B: Chapter 4, August 3, 1982, August 20, 1982
A: CONSAT rates; B: LAWCOR - COMSAT, February 1975
A: In Touch, Sig Mickelson, guest. Topic: Radio Free Europe; B: letter to Claire Smith, January 8, 1984
A: Interview, re: Whistle Stop, James Smith, B: Report to USIA, October 1989
A: Jammers, #1 varying tone, #2 pump, #3 whistle; B: ID's - Ukraine, Azeri, Tatr, Turkmen, Khirghiz
A: Sam Archibald, Fair Campaign Practices Committee, Washington, DC; B: Bob Smalley, October 12, 1972, October 13, 1972
A: Sig Mickelson - RTNDA address - Hilton Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia - (opening session following AP film; B: World Communication Conference, September 20, 1978
A: Walter Pforzheimer Allen Grover B: Grover/John Mitchell Gene Sosin, tape 25, August 7, 1982, August 11-18, 1982, August 17, 1982
A: Wednesday 18 March session 1B1 (not useful); B: Continuation; interview
Advanced Television... The Big Picture. NAB '89 / Las Vegas, April 29-May 2, 1989
AM Other Voice 21
America & the World, A Conversation with Stanley Hoffman on American Foreign Policy in a World Transformed., October 18, 1990
America & the World, Richard C. Hottelet, host. 1. A: Andrey V. Kozyrev; B: John and Janet Wallach, 1991
America & the World, Richard C. Hottelet, host. 3. A: Chalabi & H. Zebari; B: Shibley Telhami, 1991
America & the World, Richard C. Hottelet, host. 4. A: Seweryn Bialer; B: Oleg T. Bogomolov, 1991
America & the World, Richard C. Hottelet, host. 5. A: John Chancellor; B: Nicholas Platt, 1991
America & the World, Richard C. Hottelet, host. 6. A: M. Bouton & R, Legvold; B: Gen. Merrill A. McPeak, 1991
America & the World, Richard C. Hottelet, host. 8. A: Abba Eban; B: Roy Mottahedeh, 1991
America & the World, Richard C. Hottelet, host. 9. A: Henry Kissinger; B: Georgie Ann Geyer, 1991
America & the World, Richard C. Hottelet, host. A: A Conversation with Roger C. Altman & C. Michael Aho on the World Economy, B: A Conversation with McGeorge Bundy on Keeping a Peace in the Middle East, February 22, 1991, March 1, 1991
American Association of Political Consultants, Washington, DC, November 9, 1972 -
Aspen FM, February 10, 1973
Aspen Institutes, Politics. Media Workshop., February 10, 1973
Aspen P/M, February 9-10, 1973
Aspen P/M, February 13, 1973
California Cable Television Association. Opening General Session: Creating a New Decade of Television
CFR, February 4, 1970
Chancellor, Baksbaum, February 19, 1988
Chapter 23
Chapter 23
Chet Burger at Wyndham, New York, February 12, 1996
Chet Burger, side 3, February 12, 1996
Chronology, February 1, 1983
Cosell/Mickelson, unedited, January 26
Cronkite, Morgan - for Helen Copley
Don Coe - ABC News - SAT tariffs
Election 1972 radio commercials, WKRS Waukegan
Friday luncheon, RTNDF Report - Service Awards, George Will, September 15, 1989
Future Shock: Media Convergence in the 90's, Turner, Ceppos, Dolan, Dutcher, Mickelson, Norris, Schraff
Gene Sosin, Tape 49, Sig Mickelson, April 14, 1981
Herb Klein, February 10, 1989
Howlano Sargent, Sig Mickelson 82074 tape 47, October 12, 1982
IBI, April 2, 1973
Jack Lowder, December 9-10, 1990
James Darr
Jamming on Czech Programing, October 10, 1977
Jamming several types
Jim Hagardy
John Barber, Howlano Sargent, Sig Mickelson 82074 tape 46, May 7, 1982, May 11, 1982
Karl Roberts
Keen - et al
Keep Show;, June 10, 1972
KGFF Morning Company aircheck, December 12, 1978
KGNC-AM air check, December 14, 1978
KGNC-FM Tuesday 6:50 am-8:30 am, December 12, 1978
KRNQ 7:30 am-8:30 am, December 12, 1978
KRNT 7:30 am-8:30 am, December 12, 1978
KSOK 7-8 am
Lary King Show, Sig Mickelson, 1-2
Lary King Show, Sig Mickelson, 2-3
Larry King Show, Sig Mickelson, 12-1
Letter to Bill Kobin, March 30, 1984
Lou Croffi - Paris Bureau ABC, June 17, 1974
Mickelson, Chap 4, September 28, 1981
Minnesota journalists, Reasoner, Sevareid, Salisbury. KTCA-TV, March 20, 1980
Names and numbers of players; Claire Smith, November 11, 1984
National Association of Broadcasters 56th Annual Meeting, Las Vegas. Closing General Assembly, part 1, April 9-12, 1978
Newsrppm: tape monitor. George Beeber
Pacific Telecommunications Council 90. 08: Session 1.6, Major Issues in World Communications, Tape 2
Pacific Telecommunications Council 90. 08: Session 1.6, Major Issues in World Communications, Tape 1
Phil Donahue-Are Your Wasting My Time? (Joint Radio/TV Workshop)
Phil Scheffler, February 12, 1996
Political announcements: 1. McGovern; 2. Gus Hall; 3. Hanrahan, Ed; 4. Carey, Berrard; 5. Danaher; 6. Scott, Bill
Pope sings - Bob March
Ronalds Sig Mickelson 82074 Tape 43, October 14, 1981
Sam Jaffe TV interview, January 23, 1976
Sam Jameson, Chief of Bureau, Tokyo, LA Times, (speaking and answering questions re: his job at McDill University), February 1974
San Diego Communications Council Technical Symposium, part 1, April 8, 1988
San Diego Communications Council Technical Symposium, part 2, April 8, 1988
Sargeant Sig Mickelson 82074, tape 44, May 13, 1981
Sargeant Sig Mickelson 82074 Tape 45, September 30, 1981
SCI morning report
Sherman Lehman Brothers. Where We Stand- A: Outlook and Opportunity; B: Eleven Common Errors of Investing, 1987
Sig Mickelson interviews, A: On Korean War & Japanese Peace Conference; B: On Blacklisting and See It Now
Sig Mickelson interviews, A: regarding 1956 presidential election; B: regarding transcontinental set travel
Sig Mickelson interviews, A: on the 1952 presidential campaign; B: on coronation of British queen, December 27, 1995
Sig Mickelson interviews, regarding, A: 1960 Olympics; B: JFK's inauguration
Sig Mickelson interviews, regarding, A: the outset of professional football coverage; B: Arab/Israeli conflict
SM - report on RL, 1959, 1960
SM summary of French election 1974-, June 1974
SOE, January 26-28, Mickelson
Sosin-Sebesta Sig Mickelson 82074 Tape 48, September 30, 1981
Stan Swinton, February 19, 1974
Television and the Telephone Company. NAB `89/ Las Vegas, April 29-May 2, 1989
The Future of News: Jean Gaddy Wilson, Mod./T. Johnson, R. Martin, N, Woodhull. Women in Communications National Professional Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, October 10-13, 1991
"The International Market: a Bonanza for Programmers?" California Cable Television Association
"The SOURCE Report: Kent State Remembered"
Third World News, Part I, moderator - Ralph Renick, June 3, 1978
UCSD - Keen panel, February 3, 1979
UCSD 3 & 4
Van Derling Chair - letters - Jankowski - Cronkite
Walter Cronkite, October 13, 1980
"Why Rock and Roll P.D.'s Hate News and What You Can Do About It."" (Radio Workshop). RTNDA, Moderator: Frank Bernako, WRC-AM, Washington, DC, September 21, 1978
WIBW-FM, Topeka, Kansas, 3:30-4:300 pm
WIBW-FM, Topeka, Kansas, 8-9 am
3V277a [SRH1230030483] Oral history interview of Sig Mickelson conducted by Melissa Campbell, February 19, 1993
(2 cassette tapes)

Reel to reel audio tapes

4Zd486 [SRH1230019965] GOP, 1964
Leo Burnett G.O.P. songs


4Zd486 [SRH1230019965] Invertible, circa 1949-1965
[DVD copy in box 2X7a][Click for video]
Sig Mickelson's visit to Cairo, 29 April 1957
[DVD copy in box 2X7a][Click for video]
2/FILM E151 Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade [1952 Republican National Convention, Election and Inauguration], 1952
[DVD copy in box 2X7a][Click for video]
2/FILM E152-153 CBS sales film, parts 1 and 2., 1952-1960
[DVD copies in box 2X7a][Click for video]
2.116/top of OPdrawers CBS TV newscasters poster, drawing by Joe Kaufman. Copy print in Prints and Photographs Collection, Sig Mickelson file


4Zb24 [SRH1230014493] Biographical, 1925, 1958-1998
Obituaries, 2000
Printed Material and Publications
Membership Directories, 1979-1998
Reports, Prospectuses, Catalogs, and Programs, 1957-1999
Magazines and Clippings, 1972-2000
RFE-RL, Inc. (merged organization of Free Europe, Inc and Radio Liberty Committee Inc.), 1974-1976
The Center for Communications, San Diego State University-Suggested Projects, 1980-1983
Clinton, MN Centennial Event, 1983
Job Situations (correspondence), 1969-1970
Books and Articles (bibliography of Mickelson writings), 1950-1990
Northern Pacific Railroad (book written by Mickelson), 1993-1998
The Decade that Shaped TV News Greenwood Questionnaire, 1997
Published Writings, 1940-1947, 1966-1973
Journalism Quarterly, 1940-1947
Saturday Review, October 24, 1970
Foreign Affairs (journal and article reprints), October 1969
The Quill (4), April 1973
Report of Conference of the Americas: Malnutrition a Factor in Socio-Economic Development, 1966
Television Production Plan, "Why in the World" program, 1982
Correspondence, 1952-1969
Peabody Award facsimile, 1961
Press Clippings, 1935-2000
Photographs, circa 1940s-1990s
Photo Album: Queen Elizabeth II Coronation, 1953
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The Paley Memorial, 1990
Looking Over the Edge, 1996
4Zd496 [SRH1230020048] Awards, 1956-1961
Letters and Printed Material, 1983-1998
Photographs, 1950s
Audio Cassettes, 1970-1973
2.325/D39b [SRH1230000770] Topolski's Chronicle, no. 16-21, (oversize), 1956
Broadcasting prints, (oversize), 1960, 1985
Radio Correspondents Dinner Photograph, (oversize), 1947
2.116/top of OP CBS TV newscasters poster, drawing by Joe Kaufman [copy in Prints & Photographs Collection, Sig Mickelson file], 1950s
2.325/OD17 2 photos of the first transcontinental telecast, signed by Harry Truman, 1951
Photo of people gathered outdoors around a small early television set
3D221 [SRH1230015553] Correspondence, 1961, 1984-1989, 2001
Articles, 1935-1939, 1952-1958, 1975-2000
Book reviews, 1983-2005
Assorted papers, 1929, 1990, undated
3S61 [SRH1230027755] Debates- Other, undated
Scope and Contents
(photographic negatives)
3W143a [SRH1230030273] Photo of Eisenstadt, 1968-1969

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Richard Nixon campaign buttons, 1972
Channel 13 pencil