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A Guide to the Natchez Trace Small Manuscript Collections, 1780-1935

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Natchez Trace Collection
Title Natchez Trace Small Manuscript Collections
Dates: 1780-1935
Accession No AR 85-311
OCLC Number 20315211
Extent: 250 ft.
Repository The Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Collection documents the history of the lower Mississippi River valley with special emphasis on the historical development of the Natchez Trace. Assembled in subcollections are the personal and business papers of planters, land speculators, merchants, lawyers, politicians, educators, doctors, the clergy, bankers, soldiers, homemakers, and builders as well as detailed information on the slave population and riverboat traffic.

Scope and Contents

Material includes correspondence, letterpress books, ledgers and financial records, legal papers, medical case books, copy books, lecture notes, school registers, diaries, newspaper clippings, photographs, sheet music, and maps.



Collection is divided into subcollections by personal name or topic.


Access Restrictions

Unrestricted access.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Dana, Charles Backus, ca. 1805-1873
Dutton, John, d. ca. 1849
Parish, Willard C., b. 1849
Tichenor, Gabriel
Winchester, Josiah, d.1888
Archer, Richard Thompson, family
Barnes, Abram, family
Chamberlain, Jeremiah, family
Crutcher, William O., family
Kiger, Bazil Gorden, family
Minor, Stephen, family
Wilkins, James Campbell, family
Subjects (Organizations)
Dutilh & Wachsmuth (Philadelphia, Pa.)
Banks and banking
Cotton Court records
Decedents' estates
Medicine--Practice--United States
Practice of law
Adams County (Miss.)--History--Sources
Hinds County (Miss.)--History--Sources
Iberville (La.)--History--Sources
Mississippi River
Natchez (Miss.)--History--Sources
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865—Sources
Vicksburg (Miss.)--History--Sources
Warren County (Miss.)--History--Sources

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Natchez Trace Collection, ca. 1780-1935, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


Natchez Trace Small Manuscript Collections:

2E508-2E509 Chamberlain-Hyland-Gould Family Papers*
2E509 Sharkey (William Lewis) Papers
2E510 Jenkins (John Carmichael) Family Papers
2E511 Crutcher-Shannon Family Papers*
2E512-2E514 Dana (Charles Backus) Papers*
2E514 Wailes (Benjamin Leonard Covington) Papers
Wailes (Levin) Papers
2E515 Minor Family Papers*
Percy (James Rowan) Obstetrical Case Book*
2E516-2E522 Kiger Family Papers*
2E522 Sugg (Peregrine P.) Papers
2E523 Parish (Willard C.) Papers
2E524 Roach (Benjamin) Family Papers*
2E525 Balfour (William L.) Papers* 1841-1863
2E526 Brown (James N.) Papers*
2E527-2E528 Dutton (John) Papers
2E529-2E533 Barnes-Willis Family Papers
2E533 Crutcher-Shannon Family Papers*
Jenkins (Fannie) Papers*
2E540-2E548 Wilkins (James Campbell) Papers
2E549 Adair v. Wilkinson Case Records
Adams County (Mississippi) Records
Adams (G. Gordan) Papers
Adams (Israel L.) Papers
Adams (Noble) Papers
Adams (Wirt, Jr.) Papers
Adler (Bennet) Papers
Affleck (Anna M.) Papers
Aiken (John R.) Papers
Alcorn (James Lusk) Papers
William Alderson and Company Records
Alexander (Amos) Papers
Alexander (M.) Papers
Allden (F.) Papers
Allen (Henry) Papers
Allen (R. H.) Papers
Alstone (John M.) Papers
Amonete (William) Papers
Anger (Matthew B.) Papers
Archibald (Thomas) Papers
Armat (Thomas) Papers
Arthur (Isham) Papers
Askew (T. N.) Papers
Atone (A. B.) Papers
Atwood (T. G.) Papers
Auspitz (Samuel) Papers
Austin (Moses) Papers
Austin (Stephen Fuller) Papers*
Bacon (William) Papers
Baines (H.) Papers
Ballard (Rice C.) Papers
Banks (A. D. and Virginia) Papers
Barber (Hiram) Papers
Barefield (Stephen) Papers
Barnes (J. A.) Papers
Barr (Edward) Papers
Barr (Peter) Papers
Barron (E. J.) Papers
Barrow (John J.) Papers
Bass (Joseph and Job) Papers
Bastrop (Baron Felipe Enrique Neri de) Papers
Battle (O. D.) Papers
2E550 Baum (Jacob F.) Papers #1, Personal Letters and Miscellaneous, 1865-1897
Baum (Jacob F.) Business Correspondence and Records, 1854-1891
Baum (Jacob F.) Receipts, 1861-1872
Baum (Jacob F.) Receipts, 1873
Baum (Jacob F.) Receipts, 1874-1898
Bay (William) Papers, 1811-1835
Bayou Sara (Louisiana) Records*, 1819
Beahan (James) Papers, 1837
Beall (Andrew) Papers*
Beall (L. L.) Papers
Beaumont (Thomas) Papers
Beautel (Margaret) Papers
Bell (John) Papers
Bell (Joseph) Papers*
Bell (William) Papers
Bellinor (Stephen) Papers
Bernard (W. T.) Papers
Bernheimer (Sidney) Papers
Betin (Edward and Charles) Papers
2E551 Bieller (Nancy) Papers
Billingslea (Sarah) Papers
Bingham School Records
Bislands (John) Papers
Bivens (Edward) Papers
Black and Davis Records
Bodley (John F.) Papers
Boland (J.) Papers
Bonds (Mrs. E.) Receipt
Bonham (M. G.) Papers
Book and Tract Society of the Mississippi Conference at Vicksburg Records, 1859
Bookant (B. K.) Papers
Boone (Nancy) Papers
Borden and Wentz Records
Bouch (S.) Papers*
Bowden (Lemuel H.) Papers*, 1837
Bowie Family Papers*
Boyce (L. M.) Papers*
Boyd (Adam) Papers*
Boyle and Chapman (Tennessee) Records*
Bradford (James M.) Papers*
Bramhall (William) Papers*, 1828
Brandon (Gerard C.) Papers
Brandon (J. C.) Papers*
Brashear (J. N.) Papers*
Brautel (George) Papers*
Braxton (Christopher) Papers*
Brice (William) Papers*
Bridgers (Mrs. Sampson) Papers*
Brien (Livingston) Papers
Briggs (James H.) Papers*
Briggs and McCaleb Records*
Briscoe (William) Papers*
Britton (William) Papers*
2E552 Broaddus (Alice L.) Papers*
Broadwell (W. A.) Papers*
Brodnax (Dr. R. A.) Papers*
Broocks (James A.) Papers*
Brooks (A. C.) Papers*
Brookes (Jennie) Papers*
Broomhead (Joseph) Papers*
Broughton (Edward) Papers*
Browder (Frederick A.) Papers*
Brown (Albert G.) Papers*
Brown (Alex and Clem) Papers*
Brown (Edmund F.) Papers*
Brown (James) Papers*, 1820-1825
Brown (Joseph K.) Papers*
Brown (Martin R.) Papers*
Brown (Patrick) Papers*
Brown (Thomas) Papers*
Brown (Walter W.) Papers*
Brown (William) Papers*
Brown and Johnston Records*
Brownlie (John) Papers*
Bruin (Peter Bryan) Papers*
Brustic (Fannie) Papers*
Bucher (Henry) Papers*
Buck (C. E.) Papers*
Buck (Charles L.) Papers*
Buckhorn Plantation Records*
Buckner (Robert H.) Papers*
Buell (John) Papers*
Buford (Thomas) Papers*
Buie (Angus) Papers*, 1811, 1825-1830
Bullock (Stephen) Papers*
Bunks (Milton) Papers*
Burbridge (W. R.) Papers*
Burk (R. S.) Papers*
Burling Family Papers*
Burn Place Plantation Records*
Burnet (Daniel) Papers*
Burney (David) Papers*
Burney (Robert W.) Papers*
Burns (John and Sarah) Papers*, 1806
Burns (William J.) Papers*
Burton and Caymares Records*, 1818
Burwell (A.) Papers*
Butler Family Papers*
Butler (B.) Papers*
Butler (York) Papers*
Byrne (Reynolds) Papers*
2E553 Cage (Albert) Papers*
Calvert (George) Papers
Calvit Family Papers*
Cameron (Joel) Papers*
Cammack (George) Papers*
Campodonico (J. B.) Papers*
Cannon (John) Papers*
Cannon (S.) Papers*
Carney (Arthur) Papers*
Carney (Samuel) Papers*
Carpenter (J.) Papers*
Carriel (Lucy) Papers*
Carter (Elizabeth Jane Caldwell) Papers*
Carter (W. A.) Papers*, 1868
Cartwright (Samuel A.) Papers*
Casebolt (J.) Papers*
Cashe (J. Lawton) Papers*
Castleman (David) and Company Records*
Castleman (Saphronia) Papers*
Catchings (Thomas C.) Papers*
2E554 Cavileer (Edward) Papers*, 1845
Chamberlain (John) Papers*
Chamberlain (T. J.) Papers*
Chamberlin (Samuel) Papers*
Chambers (Isaac) Papers*
Chambers (Dr. Rowland) Papers*
Chaney Family Papers*
Chilton (J. M.) Papers*
Chubb (Henry N.) Papers*
Chum (Nahum) Papers*
Church Family Papers*
Claiborne (Charlotte and Osmund) Papers*
Claiborne (F. L.) Papers*
Claiborne (Ferdinand Leigh) Papers*
Claiborne (John F. H.) Papers*
Claiborne (William C. C.) Papers*
Claiborne County Schools (Mississippi) Records
Clark (Daniel) Papers*
Clarke (Charles A.) Papers*
Clarke (Gibson) Papers*
Clarke (H. C.) Bookseller Records*
Clarke (J. G.) Papers*
Clarkson (M. J.) Papers*
Clinton (James) Papers*
Cochran and Gibson Records*
Cochran (Robert and William M. W.) Papers*
Cochran (William) Papers*
Cochran v. Bradford, et al. Records*
Cogan (Patrick) Papers*
2E555 Coleman (Lucinda) et al. v. Masonic Benefit Association, et al. Records*
Collier (James) Papers*
Collier (James W.) Papers*
Collins (Thomas) Papers*
Collins (William) Papers*
Colom (J. M.) Papers*
Commercial and Railroad Bank (Mississippi) Records*
Compromise Plantation Records*
Condy (Jeremiah) Bill*
Connell (W. C. and H. H.) Papers*
Cook (A. B.) Papers*
Cook (Brook) Papers*
Cook (D. P. A.) Papers*
Cook (Harrison) Papers*
Cooley Plantation Records*
Coon (Sarah A.) Papers*
Cooper (John) Papers*
Corinth (Mississippi), Battle of*, 1862
Covington Family Papers*
Covington (John) Papers*
Cowan Family, Personal Correspondence*, 1848-1864
Cowan Family, Personal Correspondence*, 1865-1879
Cowan Family, Business Correspondence*, 1845-1872
Cowper (J. C.) Papers*
Cox (Charles) Papers*
Cox (James) Papers*
Cox (William R.) Papers*
Craft (Henry) Papers*
Craig (B., Jr.) Papers*
Crain (J. B.) Papers*
Crane (Samuel) Papers*
Creswell (Miles) Papers
Criger (Jacob) Papers*
Crothers (William) Papers*
Crowley (John) Papers*
Crutcher, Hazelett and Company Records*
Crutcher and McRaven Records*
Crutcher (Thomas E.) Papers
Culbertson (Julius) Papers*
Cummins (John) Papers*
Cushins (Willem) Papers
Dahlgren (Charles G.) Papers
Dangerfield (S. S. P.) Papers
Daniel (Josiah) Papers
Dardin (Washington) Papers
Davenport (Ephraim J.) Papers*
Davidson (John A.) Papers*
2E556 Davis (Asa W.) Papers
Davis (Charlotte C.) Papers
Davis (F.) Papers
Davis (Joseph Emory) Papers
Davis (L. M.) Papers
Davis (Samuel) Papers*, 1821
Day (Marshel) Papers
Dayton (Smith J., Joseph, and Ebeneezer) Papers
De Arman (John) Papers
Dearmond (William, David F., Elizabeth and Levitt) Papers
Defrance (Abram) Papers
Defrance (Charles) Papers
Dentist's Account Book (Unidentified)
Deplaigne (P.) Papers
Devenport (Joseph) Papers
De Shong (W. H.) Papers
Dicks (J. B.) Papers*
Dillingham (J. P.) Papers*
Dixon and Houghton Records*
Dixon (M. H.) Papers*
Doherty and Trigg Records
Donaldson (Francis) Papers*
Dormerson (Peter) Papers*
Dorsey (Edward) Papers*, 1819
Doss (Sylvia C.) Papers*
Douglas (James S.) Papers
Dowlin (Charles) Papers*
Downes (James M.) Papers*
Downing (R. N. and N. B) Papers*
Downing (Thomas) Papers*
Downs Family Papers*
Drew (Oliver H.) Papers*
Du Bose (Malachi) Papers*, 1867
Ducker (J.) Papers*
Duke (Joel) Papers*
Dunbar (A.) Papers
Dunbar (Joseph) Papers*
Dunbar (Mary F.) Papers*
Dunbar (Robert C. and Sarah W.) Papers*
Duncan (Judge R.) Papers
Dunlap (James) Papers*
Dunlap (Joseph) Papers*
Dunlap (Mrs. S. F.) Papers*
Dunn (Franklin) Papers*
Dunn, Zuber and Heard Records*
Dunning (Mary) Papers*
Durden (Anthony) Murder Trial Records*, 1829
Durden (G. W.) Papers*
Durden (Henry) Papers*
Dyer (Richard) Papers*
2E557 Edmunds (Nancy) Account*
Edwards (R. B.) Note*
Edwards (Reuben) Account*
Edwards (Richard L.) Papers*
Edwards (Samuel) Papers*
Edwards (William E. and Lavinia) Papers*
Eggleston (Everard M.) Notebook
Ellinger (John F.) Note*
Elliott (Daniel D.) Letter*
Elliott (Henry T.) Papers*
Elliott (Robert E.) Papers*
Elliott (William St. John) Papers*
Ellis (Hardy) Account*
Ellis (John) Warrant*
Ellis (Powhatan) Papers*
Ellis (Thomas G.) Court Document*
Elesser (Peter) Family Papers*
Evans (Jesse) Papers*
Evans (Rebecca) Receipt*
Evans (S. P.) Receipt*
Fairfield (M. E.) Letter*
Fant (Fielding) Papers*
Farish (W. S.) Letter*
Farmers Bank of Virginia Record*
Farnham (Joseph) Receipt*
Farnsworth Family Letters*
Farrar (F. H. and Thomas P.) Papers*
Fatheringham (William J.) Receipt
Faught (J. N.) Receipt
Faulk (Martha) Papers
Featherston (Frances M.) Papers
Featherston (Richard) Account
Fellowes and Company Account*
Ferguson (John) Note*
Ferguson (Joseph) Papers*
Ferguson Plantation Records*
Ferguson (William) Papers*
Fernolendt (Franz) Letter*
Ferrier (Estelle) Papers*
Field and Orr Records*
Fife (William D.) Papers*
Finley (J. S.) Account
Finnall (Walter H.) Transcript*
2E558 Finney (Thomas J.) Papers*
Fischer (August) Letter*
Fisk (Alvarez) Letter*
Fleming (William G.) Papers*
Fleming and Baldwin Receipt*
Fletcher (Joseph) Summons*
Flowers (Elisha) Papers*
Flowers (G. B.) Petition*
Flowers (N. G.) Papers*
Floyd (Davis) Letter*
Foley (Patrick) Warrant*
Folkes (Samuel) Draft*
Folkes Family Papers*
Fontaine (Edward) Letter*
Foote (Henry Stuart) Papers*
Forbes (Isaac) Papers*
Ford (J. S.) Receipt*
Foree (Albert B.) Papers*
Forsyth (John) Papers*
Fort (William J. and Sallie J.) Papers*
Foster (Ephraim H.) Letter*
Foster (Francis) Account*
Foster (James) Papers*
Fovid (James) Certificate*
Fowles (John) Letter
Franklin (Thomas) Petition*
Frantom (William) Papers*
Frazer (Eliphalet) Papers*
Freeland (Frisby Augustin) Papers
Freeland (Mary F.) Papers
Freeland (Thomas) Deposition*
Freeman (Thomas) Papers*
Frye (Samuel) Papers*
Fuqua and Kilbourne Records*
2E559 Gaillard (Ann) Will
Gaines (George S.) Deposition
Gale (Thomas) Papers
Gallatin (Albert) Papers
Galloway (Robert) Papers
Galt House Receipt
Gamble (A.) Papers
Ganey (Alexander) Bill of Sale*
Garcia (Domingo) Account
Garland (R.) Letter
Garrett (J. G. G.) Papers
Gaskins (Charles) Account
Gathwright (James C.) Note
Gayle (William H.) Papers
Gee (Mary C. and John P.) Papers
Genella (A.) Receipt
Gibbs (A. J.) Receipt
Gibson (D. D.) Letter
Gibson (Fannie) Account
Gibson (Mrs. Francis) Account
Gibson (James) Papers
Gibson (John) Papers
Gibson (Nathaniel) Papers
Gibson (R. E.) Papers
Gibson (Samuel) Papers
Gibson (William E.) Papers
Gilbert (Edward) and Foote (Mary) Bill of Sale*
Gilbert (M.) Papers
Giles (Hannah) Letter
Gillespie (Lemuel) Papers
Girault (Benjamin Farrer) Agreement*
Girault (John) Family Papers
Glass (Anthony) Papers
Glass (James) Note
Glasscock (John) Letter
Goldman (Jonathan N.) Papers
Goldman (Michael) Papers
Goode (George W.) Letter
Goodrum (Howell H.) Papers
Goodwin (Eliza M.) Papers
Goodwin (John H.) Papers
Gould (Robert) Account
Goza (George W.) Papers
Graham (Nelson H.) Papers
Graham (Robert) Receipt
Grand Gulf Railroad and Banking Company Records
Gray (George N.) Deposition
Gray (John D.) Note
Gray (Mary) Appraisal*
Grayson (B. R.) Letter*
2E560 Green (Abram) Receipt
Green (Eliza) Papers
Green (Hal W.) Papers
J. J. Green and Company Records
Greene (W. R.) Papers
Greenleaf (David) Papers
Greenwood (Moses) Letter
Griffin and Clay Records
Griffith (Richard) Letter
Griffith (William B.) Letter
Grimes (Gresham) Receipt
Guice (Ephraim) Receipt
Guier (George) Family Papers
Guion (Isaac) Papers
Guion and Prentiss Records*
Guscio (Floriano L. and Catherine M.) Papers*
Guss (Joseph) Legal Document*
Gustin (Samuel) Papers*
Guy (Robert) Receipt
Gwin (William McKendree) Papers*
Hagan (Richard) Letter
Haile (B. F.) Receipt*
Haile (Robert) Letter*
Halls Plantation Receipt*
Hamilton (Jesse) Warrant*
Hamm (F. Henry) Papers
Hampton (Wade) Papers
Hancock (Samuel) Proclamation
Hanes (Catherine) Deed
Hanna (S. M.) Papers
2E561 Hardesty (Thomas) Papers
Hare (William) Papers
Harrell (James) Papers
Harrington (Thomas) Note
Harris (C. A.) Account
Harris (J. W. M.) Papers
Harrison (Joseph) Receipt
Harrison and Holt Records
Harwood (A. E.) Receipt
Hayes (Francis M.) Receipt
Heard (William W.) Papers
Heath (Avery) Papers
Heath (Thomas and John) Papers
Heebron (John L.) Papers
Heiderhoff (F.) Letter
Heiningham (Paul) Account
Henderson (Charles and Nancy) Papers
Henderson (Thomas) Papers
Henderson (William) Papers
Henry (E. T. and Patrick) Papers
Henry (Patrick) Papers
Hensley (John B.) Deed
Hewett (Richard) Papers
Hickory Ridge Union Temperance Society Address
Hicks (Benjamin) Papers
Hicks (John R.) Summons
Hicks (Martha) Letter
Higdon (Emily R.) Papers
Higgins (H.) Contract
Hiland (James) Receipt
Hill (Hamilton) Receipt
Hilson (Silas) Papers
Hinds (B. F.) Letter
Hinds (Thomas) Papers
Hines (B. M.) Letter
Hines (William) Papers
Hinson (J.) Letter
Hinton (Mrs.) Papers
Hirsch (George) Papers
Hirsh (Joseph) Papers
2E562 Hobbs (Maradith) Note
Hoit (Samuel) Papers
Hollingshead (E.) Deposition
Holly Springs Female Institute Receipt
Holmes (David) Papers
Holmes (R.) Receipt
Holms (Samuel) Receipt
Holt (Josiah) Papers
Holt and Chilton Records
Home Oil Company Letter
Hood (David) Papers
Hopkins (John) Papers
Howard (Nathan G.) Papers
Howell (William B.) Papers
Huberger (Jacob) Judgement
Hughes (James) Papers
Hulings (William E.) Papers
Humphreys (Benjamin Grubb) Papers
Hunt (Abijah) Papers
Hunt (David) Papers
Hunt (T. S.) Letter
Huston Family Papers*
Iberville Parish (Louisiana) Register
Ingraham (Alfred) Papers
Irby (W. C.) Certificate
Irwin (James) Papers
Irwin (John L. and Lucy W.) Papers
Issaquena County (Mississippi) Records
Jackson (Andrew) Papers
Jackson (James) Note
Jackson (Patric T.) Letter
Jackson (Washington) Deed
Jackson Association Contract
James and Irving Receipt
Jamison (Benjamin H.) Papers
Janney (John G.) Letter
Jeffers (Curtis G.) Papers
Jefferson College Records
Jenkins (John J. and Nancy) Papers
Jenkins (S. C.) Receipt
2E563 Jennison (Benjamin H.) Papers
Jessap (John) Note
Jett (Hamilton) Receipt
Jett (Thomas H.) Papers
Johns (Joshua) Papers
Johns (Robert C.) Item*
Johnson (B. F. and Ann M.) Papers
Johnson (F. A.) Letter
Johnson (J. M.) Account
Johnson (John C.) Mortgage
Johnson (Joseph and William) Papers
Johnson (W. P.) Receipt
Johnson (J. S.) Papers
Johnston (Stephen) Papers
Jones (A. P.) Letter
Jones (Archibald K.) Papers
Jones (Daniel C.) Papers
Jones (James) Papers
Jones (M. S.) Receipt
Jones (Polly) Receipt
Jones (Walter) Papers
Joor (Emily) Papers
Jordan (Nancy) Papers
Karr (W. D.) Papers
Keene (Alexander C.) and Morgan (Julia) Marriage Contract*
Kelly (J. T.) Note
Kelzer (J. M. and Mary A.) Papers
Kempe (James) Papers
Kempe (Thomas B.) Papers
Kennedy (Susan) Papers
Kenner (William) Papers
Ker (John) Letter
Ker (Charles) Letter
Kershaw (Thomas) Letter
Killion (George) Warrant
Kimball Family Papers
2E564 King (D. S.) Papers
King (John W.) Papers
King (Letitia) Letter
King (Merrit) Receipt
King (R. E.) Receipt
King (William H.) Papers
King and Lane Records
Kirby (Charles) Court Document*
Kirkland (William) Receipt
Kirkpatrick and Henderson Records
Knerber (Louis) Receipt
Knox (James) Papers
Marquis de Lafayette Papers
Lake (William A.) Will
Lake Hall Plantation Account*
Lalland (Joseph) Papers*
Lamuloniere (E.) Receipt*
Lane (Edmund M.) Papers*
Lane (Eugenia) Receipt
Lane (John and John A.) Papers*
Lane (Newet V. and John A.) Papers
Lane Family Papers
Lankford (Charles) Note
Lapice (P. M.) Letters*
Lashlee (Abner) Papers
Lauderdale (W. E.) Account
Laughlin (Matthew) Letter
Laughman (Samuel) Papers
Laurence (Briget) Papers
Laurence (William) Letter
Layton (J. H.) Note
Leake (Walter) Papers
Leapheart (Molly) Papers
Le Blanc Family Papers
Lee (Francis B. and Clarissa) Papers
2E565 Leftwich (Grandison W. G. I.) Papers*
Lenks (Levi) Certificate*
Lennan (Francis) Papers*
Lester (H. D.) Letter*
Leu (F. B.) Account*
Levison, Traylor and Company Records*
Lewis (F.) Papers*
Lewis (Henry C.) Papers*
Lewis (William L.) Letter
Leybourn (J.) Papers
Leyle (M. E.) Receipt
Lignaigo (A. J.) Papers
Lindsay (William) Account
Linton (John A.) Papers*
Lintot v. Rulon Records
Lintot (William) Family Papers*
Lipscomb (Clementina L.) Papers*
Lipscomb (William L.) Papers*
Lisbon Plantation Records*
Liste des Titres et Papiers que les Pretres de la Louisiane m'ont Subtilises
Little (T. G.) Letter*
Lloyd (J. W.) Warrant
Lockhart (James) Papers*
Logan (A. B.) Note*
Long (Francis) Court Summons*
Long (James) Papers*
Loring (Israel) Papers*
Lott (Jesse) Account*
Love (Blakeney M.) Deposition*
Love (John) Telegram
Love (R. E.) Receipt*
Loyd (George) Account*
Lucas (Caleb and Harriet) Papers*
Lum (Isaac) Papers*
Lum (John) Receipt*
Lum (Jonathan L.) Papers*
Lum (W. L.) Papers*
Lum (William) Papers*
Lynch (Charles) Affidavit*
Lyon (Daniel) Receipt*
2E566 McAfee (Madison) Papers*
McAlister (Thomas) Papers*
McAlpine (George) Deed*
McAlpine (William R.) Papers*
McBroom (F. M.) Court Order*
McCabe (Rebecca) Deed*
McCaleb (David) Papers*
McCaleb (Mary M., Mollie, and Sallie) Papers*
McCaleb (William) Family Papers*
McCall (Ezra) Papers*
McCall (Martha) Letter*
McCarney (Felix) Receipt
McCary (Robert) Papers
McClellan (Samuel) Letter
McCray (S. D.) Papers
McCready (Johanna) Letter
McCowen (James) Papers
McCowen (Thomas H.) Papers
McCoy (J. H.) Papers
McDowell (James R.) Papers
2E567 McEacharn (Daniel and Neil) Papers
McEacharn (James) Papers
McIlhenny (A.) Papers
McIntyre (D. H.) Papers
McFarland (B. F.) Papers
McFarland (Jonathan) Receipt
McGill (A. J.) Receipt
McGill (James) Papers
McGill (Mary) Petition
McGill (Penelope) Papers
McGill (Susan) Letter
McKowen (John) Papers
McLean (Washington) Papers
McMurran (John T.) Papers
McNeely (John) Summons
McNulty (E. D.) Papers
McNulty (James) Papers
McNutt (Alexander G.) Papers
McPheeters (James A.) Papers
McRae (William) Receipt
McWhirter (George M.) Family Papers
Madan (Patrick) Account
Madison Parish (La.) Records
Magee (Eugene) Papers
Magee (P. H.) Letter
Magee (William) Papers
Maguire (John and Eliza) Papers
Main (I. H.) Certificate
Mallory (Benjamin and Thomas) Papers
Manguin (S. G.) Note
Manly (Absolam and Wilson) Account
Manning (Eson) Deed
Manning (H. E.) Papers
Manning (Susan) Deed
2E568 Mansion House Records
Mantua Plantation Report*
Marble (P.) Papers*
Marschalk (Andrew) Papers*
Marsh (John) Papers*
Marsh (John A.) Papers*
Marshall (T. Dabney) Papers*
Martin (John) Brief*
Martin (Norman and James B.) Papers
Martin (William H.) Papers*
Mason (James S.) Papers
Mason (John T.) Papers
Mason (William) Papers
Mass (Jeremiah) Bond
Mathews (Margaret) Receipt
Matthews (Ezra) Deed*
Matthews (James E. and B. Samuel) Papers
Matthews (R. L.) Papers
Mattingly (A. D.) Papers
Mayfield (James L.) Letter
Maynadier (Daniel) Inventory
Mead (Cowles) Papers
Meeken (Samuel) Bond
Merrell (William) Receipt
Metcalfe (James) Letter
Middleton (Henry) Account
Milburn (Henry) Summons
Milke (Carl Frederick August) Certificate
Miller (A. J.) Letter
Miller (Daniel H.) Receipt
Miller (E. R.) Letter
Miller (Jeremiah) Papers
Miller (Joseph) Papers
Miller (Laura) Papers
Miller (Mary Jane) Papers
Miller (T. M.) Letter
Miller and Birchett Records
Miller and Wood Letter
Mills (Richard) Papers
Mills (Thomas) Account
Mills (William) Papers
Mines (David) Account
Minnis (Catesby B.) Papers
Minns (D. L.) Note
Mintz (W.) Letter
Mires (Frederick) Receipt
Mississippi Woman's Christian Temperence Union Records
Mitchel (William) Papers
Mitchell (Edward) Deed
Mitchell (John J.) Papers
Mixon (Joel) Papers
2E569 Montgomery Family Papers*
Moody (George V.) Papers*
Moody (N. P.) Letter*
Moody (Samuel) Papers*
Moore (A. B.) Receipt*
Moore (Edward) Letter*
Moore (Elizabeth) Letter*
Moore (James), Elebirg and Company Records*
Moore (J. K.) Letter*
Moore (Lewis) Oath*
Moore (Moses) Papers*
Moore (Robert) Papers*
Moore (W. J.) Letter*
Morey (George W.) Papers*
Morgan (Henry R.) Account*
Morgan (Jacob B.) Case Plea*
Morgan (T. S. and Savilla) Papers*
Morgan (William) Papers*
Morhouse (A.) Letter*
Morris (William) Papers*
Morrow (George) Account*
Morse (Henry) Receipt*
Morton (John J.) Bank Draft*
Mount Salus (Mississippi) Records*
Munholland (Moses) Papers*
Munson (Joseph H.) Account*
Murdock (John) Papers*
Murray (John R.) Papers*
Murray (Robert) Papers*
Myars (Federik L.) Note*
Mygatt (Daniel) Papers*
Mygatt (R. W.) Account*
Nash (William) Papers*
Nashville Union and American Record*
Natchez Protestant Orphan Asylum Deed*
Neighbours (A. M.) Note*
Neill (Moses) Bank Draft*
Neill (S. M.) Letter*
Nelson (William) Papers*
2E570 Nevitt (J.B.) Papers
Newman (Joseph and George) Papers
Newman (Reuben) Family Papers*
Newman (S. R.) Papers*
Newman (Thomas Wood and Lucy A.) Papers*
Newman and Vough Account*
New Orleans and Feliciana Mail Company Charter*
New Orleans and Ohio Telegraph Company Bond*
Newport (A. G.) Estate Letter
Nichol (W. S.) Note*
Nicholls (William) Injunction*
Nichols (G. K.) Account*
Nolan (Maria L.) Account*
Noland (Pearce) Family Papers*
Norrell (Levi) Papers*
North (Ralph) Papers*
Nugent and Turpin Records
Nutt (Burk) Letter*
Oakhill Plantation Record*
Oakland College (Mississippi) Records*
Oakley Plantation Account*
O'Brian (M.) Account*
Ogden (Elias) Papers*
O'Hara and Brother Account*
Old Sweet Springs Company Letter*
Oliver (G. W. and Paul A.) Papers*
Oliver (John B.) Court Document*
Oliver (Mary) Account*
O'Reily (John R. M.) Papers*
O'Shea (P. T.) Financial Record
Overstreet (C. H.) Note
Owen (Joshua J.) Papers
Owen (W. Miller) Letter
2E571 Packard (J. A.) Account
Pamias (Salvador) Letter
Parker (Daniel) Papers
Parker (W. S.) Letter
Parker (W. St. J. E.) Letter
Parker (William) Note
Parkid (A. P.) Papers
Parkson (D. P.) Papers
Parlange (Charles) Papers
Parham (William S.) Papers
Parodi (Giacomo and Bartolomeo) Papers
Patrick (J. C.) Account
Patterson (C. V.) Letter
Patterson (Charles) Papers
Payton (John) Note
Pease (Seth) Certificate
Penny (Celia Adams) Will
Percy (Le Roy) Letter
Perkins (Jesse) Papers
Perkins (William) Papers
Perranna (Louis) Papers
Perry (Robert) Papers
Pescod (William) Letter
Pettibone (Chauncey) Papers
Pettit (Jacob) Papers
Pettus (John J.) Papers
Peyton (Algernon) Certificate
Pharr (Elias) Papers
Phelps (Alonzo) Papers
Phelps (David) Bond
Phillips (D. A.) Note
Pilgreen (William) Note
Pillgreen (T. B.) Petition
Pinkard and Arnold Records
2E572 Pinckneyville (Mississippi) Record
Pirtle (Thomas) Papers
Pitcher (Rubin) Letter
Pitchford (Samuel) Summons
Pittman and Pittman Letter
Planters' Bank of the State of Mississippi Records
Planters' Cotton Press, Storage and Transfer Association Record
Plummer (Franklin E.) Transcript
Poindexter (George) Papers
Polk (William L.) Papers
Pollock (Thomas C.) Mortgage
Pomet (Joseph, Jr.) Papers*
Pope (Caisor) Oath*
Pope (John) Letter
Porche (Pierre) Papers
Porterfield (John) Account
Porterfield (Julia) Family Papers
Porterfield and Company Records
Port Gibson Herald Ledger
Postlethwait (Samuel) Papers
Postlethwaite (Ann D.) Complaint
Powell (Belitha) Papers
Powell (Mattie) Account
Powell (Solomon) Papers
Powers (Isaac) Papers
Pratt (Comfort) Summary
Prentiss (John B.) Letter
Prentiss (Seargent Smith) Papers
Prescott (J. W.) Receipt
Prescott (Willis B.) Papers
Presler (Simon) Account
Preston (Isaac T.) Letter
Price (Jonathan) Note
Prince (I. G.) Papers
Purdy (James H.) Papers
Purnell (J. R.) Letter
Purnell (Levi) Papers
Purvell (John M.) Papers
Purvis (John) Papers
Putnam (Jonas) Bond
Quitman (John Anthony) Papers
2E573 Ragsdale (F. B.) Papers
Rails (John) Receipt
Randolph (Jonathan H.) Letter
Randolph (Peter) Eulogy
Rankin (Charles) Letter
Rankin (William) Papers
Rapalje (George) Papers
Rapp (J. K.) Papers
Ray (Valentine C.) Papers
Read (Daniel) Letter
Read (John) Papers
Reagan (George N.) Account
Redding Plantation Account
Reed (Mat) Letter
Reed (Thomas) Account
Reed Family Document
Rees (Ebenezer) Claim
Reilly (P. and E.) Receipt
Rice (James M. D.) Papers
Richards (Stephen) Papers
Richards (William R. and John) Papers
Richardson (R. L.) Invoice
Richey (Theodore I. H.) Account
Riddle, Coleman and Company Letter
Rimes (Mrs.) Receipt
Ring (David) Letter
Ring (Mark) Papers
Rives (William M.) Papers
Roach (J. W.) Papers
Roan (Paton) Papers
Roberts (A. B.) Letter
Roberts (H. A. G.) Letter
Roberts (Isaac) Receipt
Roberts (J. L.) Account
Roberts (Thomas) Papers
Robertson (Henry) Receipt
Robertson (Jacob) Court Order
Robertson (James) Receipt
Robinson (John) Letter
Rodney (A.) Letter
Roe (Edward) Deposition
Rogillio (W. Thomas) Papers
Rollins (James S.) Warrant
Rosalie Mills Company of Natchez Records
Ross (John Isaac Wagner) Papers
Ross (Samuel) Certificate
Royall (R. D.) Papers
Rundell (Jesse O.) Papers
Rundell (Joshua) Account
Rundell (Simon) Papers
Runnels (Hiram G.) Papers
Runnels (Joshua) Invoice
Russell (Daniel R.) Papers
Sadler (Augenstus) Papers
Sadler (William) Account
Samuel (R. W.) Papers
Sanders (Elizabeth and John) Letter
Satterfield (E.) Account
Saunders (Lewis, Jr.) Papers
Schuyler (Peter P.) Family Papers
Scott (A. Y.) Brief
Scott (Thomas B.) Papers
Scott (Thomas S.) Letter
Scott (Thomas W.) Papers
Scott (William) Papers
Scott (William J.) Letter
2E574 Seale (J. H.) Receipt
Seeley (L. W.) Letter
Sessions (John) Papers
Sevier (Alexander) Letter
Seymour (Horatio) Letters
Shafteen (Lewis) Receipt
Shaner (Jacob) Receipt
Shaw (John) Papers
Shaw (Thompson B.) Papers
Shelby (Isaac) Deed*
Sheppard (Daniel J.) Papers
Sherard and Rigby Receipt
Shirley (James) Letter
Shroder (Jacob) Letter
Sims (G. W.) Account
Sisters of Charity Infirmary Letter
Shipwith (Fulwar) Contract
Slater (C. T.) Receipt
Sleeper (F. Hoyt) Papers
Smedes (A. K.) Letter
Smith (Ambrose D.) Papers
Smith (Benjamin) Letter
Smith (Bryant) Account
Smith (F. Inman Ogden) Papers
Smith (George) Receipt
Smith (Ira and Mary Ann) Papers
Smith (Jacob M.) Account
Smith (James M.) Contract
Smith (Josiah F.) Letter
Smith (Lucius) Receipt
Smith (Maria) Receipt
Smith (Murray F.) Papers
Smith (R. W.) Account
Smith (Russell) Papers
Smith (S. N.) Note
Smith (W. P.) Papers
Smith (William) Papers
Smith (William B.) Account*
Smith, Hirsh and Landau Records
Smith and Shotwell Letter
Sons of Temperance Oration
Sowles (William L.) Certificate
Spann (Susan) Family Papers
Sparrow (Edward) Deed*
Speed (Frederic) Letter
Speeds Addition (Mississippi) Records
Spillar (Daniel) Bill of Sale*
Sprague (Sturges) Papers
Stamps Academy Broadside
Stanton (A. E.) Receipt
Stanton (David) Note
Stanton (William) Receipt
Stead (E. I.) Letter
Steel (Benjamin) Account
Steele (Andrew) Certificate
Steele (John) Papers
Steele (L. R.) Letter
Sterling (Mrs. J. T.) Receipt
Stewart (David) Papers
Stiles (E. H.) Papers
Stockton (H. M.) Letter
Stockton (Robert P.) Papers
Stone (Audlely) Note
Stone (John Marshall) Letter
Stotts and Jacqua Notice
Stovall (Elizabeth) Papers
Stowers (Lewis) Family Papers
Strong (S. H.) Account
Strother (R. M.) Letter
Surget (F.) Papers
Sutherland (Elizabeth F.) Document
Sutton (William H.) Papers
Swann (T. T.) Note
Swiney (William P.) Papers
Swords (James M.) Papers
2E575 Taliaferro (Zacharias) Papers
Tatum (W. L.) Letter
Taylor (F. H. G.) Letter
Taylor (G. M.) Receipt
Taylor (I. M.) Account
Taylor (J. Theus) Papers
Taylor (Zachary) Eulogy
Templeton (Martha) Writ of Renunciation*
Terrell (James) Brief
Terrier (C.) Letter
Terry (Joseph W.) Note
Thomas (Benjamin R.) Papers
Thomas (Harrison) Papers
Thomas (Mary) Papers
Thomas (Robert) Receipt
Thomas (Samuel) Account
Thomas (William) Note
Thompson (L. S.) Receipts
Thompson (William) Account
Thomson (Jeremiah) Deed
Thornburgh (George) Letter
Thornly (Thomas S.) Receipt
Thorp (James) Papers
Throckmorton (Robert L.) Papers
Timmons (William) Account
Torras (M.) Receipt
Town (R. R.) Note
Townsend (George) Papers
Townsend (Samuel) Account
Towson (Jacob) Papers
Trahern (Wesley) Letter
Trainer (B.) Legal Document*
Travis (Thomas) Papers
Traylor (Samuel) Papers
Trent (Henry) Papers
Trible (John F.) Papers
Trisler (Henry) Court Document*
Truly (Bennet) Papers
Tucker (Tilghman M.) Deed*
Turnbull (Daniel) Family Papers
Turnbull (John) Account
Turnbull (Robert J.) Papers
Turner (Absolum) Receipt
Turner (Edward) Papers
Turner (William Y.) Receipt
Turnipseed (Jesse) Inventory
Turpin (White) Papers
Uhl (Jacob) Letter
Van Dorn (Aaron) Papers
Van Hoesen (I. A.) Papers
Van Loon, Paxton and Company Records
Vegas (J.) Receipt
Vick (Burwell) Papers
Vick (Gray J.) Deed
Vick (Hartwell) Family Papers
Vick (Newet) Papers
2E576 Vicksburg and Greenville Packet Company Contract
Vicksburg Anti-Option Convention Letter
Vicksburg Bank Papers
Vicksburg (Mississippi) Records
Vidal (Joseph, Jr.) Letter
Volaire (Joseph) Letter
Vose and Lobdell Records
Voss Family Papers
Waddill and King Records
Wade (Isaac R.) Letter
Wade (P. H.) Papers
Wade (Walter) Papers
Wailes (Levin) Bank Draft
Walker (Jesse) Writ
Walker (R. H.) Papers
Walker (Robert J.) Papers
Wall (James M.) Papers
Wallace (Andrew) Letter
Wallace (J. B.) Note
Wallace (James) Note
Wallis (Francis J.) Papers
Walls Plantation Records
Walnut Grove Plantation Records
Walworth (J. P.) Papers
Ward (Adam J.) and Martha S. Rawlings Marriage License
Ward (W. S.) Papers
Warfield (E.) Receipt
Warnock (B. F.) Papers
Warnock (David) Papers
Warren (A. N.) Court Order
Warren (Nelson T.) Financial Documents
Warren County (Mississippi) Records
Warren County (Mississippi) Circuit Court Records
Warren County (Mississippi) Confederate Soldiers and Widows Enumeration
2E577 Washington (Henry F. and Caroline M.) Deed
Washington Hotel Records
Waterloo Plantation Records
Waters (Joseph E.) Letter
Watkins (John A.) Letter
Watson (John F.) Papers
Weir (Thomas) Receipt
Welborn (J. W.) Papers
Wellason (James) Letter
Wells (Thomas) Papers
Wells (W. Calvin) Papers
Wheeler (T. B.) Papers
Whitaker (John) Account
Whitaker Plantation Account
White (Thomas) Death Certificate
White (Thomas) Deed
Whitington (Thomas) Account
Whitney (John M.) Papers
Wilde (James, Jr.) Papers
Wilkinson (James Madison) Family Papers
William E. Leverich and Company Report
Williams (Baruch) Contract
Williams (David) Estate Legal Opinion
Williams (George) Account
Williams (J. M. P.) Letter
Williams (Janelle) Account
Williams (Job M.) Note
Williams (Joseph W.) Papers
Williams (Nathaniel T.) Papers
Williams (Robert) Papers
Williams (Sampson) Papers
Williams (Zara C.) Papers
2E578 Wilson (J. A.) Letter
Wilson (James) Letter
Wilson (John J.) Family Papers
Willson and Duprey Letter
Winbush (John) Receipt
Winn (David) Bill of Sale*
Winn (E. G.) Letter
Winn (Ellen H.) Account Book
Winship (James M.) Letter
Winslow (George S.) Papers
Winter (F. F.) Letter
Wood (David) Papers
Wood (Ellis) Receipt
Wood (Frances) Papers
Woodhouse (John) Letter
Woodland Plantation Records
Woodman (O. O.) Papers
Wooldridge (William H.) Complaint
Wrenn (Jones and Belfield) Papers
Wright (D. W.) Letter
Wright (Emerson R.) Papers
Wright (Mary M.) Papers
Wright (Robert) Brief
Wright, Hackett and Company Records
Wyche (George) Receipt
Wynn (R. P.) Papers
Yazoo City (Mississippi) Petition
Yerger (George S.) Papers
Yerger (Lem P. and Georgette E.) Papers
Young (Charles P.) Papers
Young (J. J.) Papers
Young (W. B.) Letter
Young (W. P.) Papers
Young (William H.) Papers
Young and Stewart Legal Document
Natchez Trace Small Manuscript Collections Miscellany
2E579 Koshland (N.)?
Vicksburg Hotel Company Records
Vicksburg Cotton Exchange Records
Harrison and Lewis Merchantile Business Records, 1875-1877
Hotel Piazza Records, 1901
Anderson (Lomax S.) Papers, 1901-1907
Tennent (Henry) Papers*, 1835-1843
Fuller (Benjamin) And Sylvester (Joseph) Papers 1817-1824
Stirling (Thomas) And Gillaspie Blacksmith Records, 1820-1822 and undated
Adams County Democratic Executive Committee Records, 1903-1924 and undated
Hamilton (Wade) And Seldon (George) Papers, 1869-1870 and undated
Hill (Edward) Papers, 1856-1884
Clarke and Wren Records
Corbette (J. M.) Papers
2E584-2E599 Harrison And Lewis Mercantile Business Records
2E600-2E603 Padelford (T. D.) Mercantile Business Records, 1873-1876
2E604-2E605 Hotel Piazza Records, 1900-1901
2E606 Anderson (Lomax S.) Papers
2E607 Tennent (Henry) Papers* 1834-1847
2E608 Wilson (Emery) Cash Book
2E609 Fuller (Benjamin) And Sylvester (Joseph) Papers
2E611, 2E614 Person (J. J.) Mercantile Business Records, 1871-1876
2E612 Mississippi Union Bank Inventory, 1846
2E613 Greenville, Mississippi, Store Ledger, 1825-1828
2E615 Mcrae (F. M.) Drug Store Ledger, 1892-1893
2E616 Stirling (Thomas) And Gillaspie Blacksmith Records, 1820-1823
2E617-2E618 Adams County Democratic Executive Committee, Records 1899-1924
2E619 Hamilton (Wade) And Seldon (George) Papers
2E620 Clarke (John F.) And Wren (Thomas) Mercantile Business Ledger,
2E621 Wright (Isaac) Business Ledger
2E622 Port Gibson Herald Account Book
2E623 Adams County, Mississippi, Drug Store Ledger
2E624 Smith (William) And Vaughn (Joshua) Business Ledger, 1872-1877
2E625 Hill (Edward) Papers, 1856-1884
2E626 Mcmanus (J. L.) Mercantile Business Ledger
2E627-2E629 Brown and Johnston Records* 1856-1862
2E630 Natchez, Mississippi, Store Ledger, 1824-1825
2E631 Raymond, Mississippi, Store Ledger, 1841-1857
2E632 Warren County, Mississippi, Personal Ledger, 1889
2E633-2E634 Crutcher-Shannon Family Papers*
2E635 Barnes-Willis Family Papers
2E636 Kiger Family Papers*
2E637 Dencker (Charles H.) Letter Book 1818-1825
2E638 Buchett (George K.) Notebook
2E639 Corbette (M. J.) Day Book
2E640 Claiborne County, Mississippi, Store Ledger
2E641 Vicksburg, Mississippi, Beer Company Ledger
2E642-2E643 Business Ledgers
2E644 Cotton Factor Ledger
2E645 Business Ledger
2E646-2E657 Archer (Richard Thompson) Papers
2E903-2E936 Winchester Family Papers
2E937 Davey Family Scrapbook
Aventine Plantation Ledger
Hunt (Abijah) Papers 1801-1821
Rutherford (John, Jr.) Papers
Wade (Walter) Papers, 1819-1860
Urich (Frank E.) Essay
2E938 Natchez Trace Collection, Crime And Punishment Collection
2E939-2E941 Adams (Robert H.) Papers*, 1820-1834
2E942-2E943 Civil War Collection - Natchez Trace Collection
2E948 Nutt (Haller) Account Book
2E949-2E983d Bank Of The State Of Mississippi Records
2E993 Duncan (S. Duncan, Sr.) Family Papers*
Duncan (S. Duncan, Jr.) Family Papers*
Duncan (Servant Letters) Family Papers*
Duncan (Legal/Financial Records) Family Papers*
Duncan (Bank Drafts And Notes) Family Papers*
Duncan (S. Duncan, Jr., Personal Bills) Family Papers*
Duncan (Miscellaneous Correspondence and Other Material) Family Papers*
Luckett (Gustus) Family Papers
Towns (Thomas T.) Deed
Collins (Lewis) Note Voucher
Newman (J. H. K.) Voucher
Bryce (William) Execution
Carson (Stephen D.) Execution
Tomkins (John) Execution
Price (Elizabeth) Insurance Policy
Anderson (F.) Letter
Coffman (Ralph) and Spices (Robert M.) Land Sale Receipt
Hacket (James) Petition for Injunction
Murry (Alexander) Legal Records
Smith (Elijah) Legal Records
Wilkinson (George T.) Note
Yerrington (A.) Note
Wright (William) Notes
Terrill (Timothy) Account
Underwood (Nathan) Legal Record, Answer
Lanz (W.) Note
Donnill (Samuel) Receipt
Willis (J. W.) Legal Record
Horrill (Levi) Summons
Archer (James) v. Ford (Frederick M.) Fee Bill
Gibson (Eliza C.) Legal Records
Irwin (Archibald) Estray
Nickman (Joshua) Subpoena
Miller (Charles) Subpoena
Wardill (A.) Deposition
Hox (Daniel C.) Coroners Report
Wood (Francis) v. Alison (John) Fee Bill
Conger (Martin) Estray
J. L. McCullum and Company Receipt
Haynes (D. E.) Voucher/Account
Lam (John) Legal Record
Coatter (George) Note
Cook (Thomas) Legal Record
Fitzpatrick (David) Bail Bond
Maxwell (J. B.) Envelope
Phillips (Richard) v. Anthony (P. and John) Fee Bill
Boatwright (William) v. Fleeharty (Jacob) Fee Bill
Hicks (Benjamin) v. Hicks (Claud.) Fee Bill
Ducker (John) Legal Record, Protest
Goodlowe (A. W.) Account
Mason (Samuel) Execution
Chamberlain (James) Legal Records
Cheek (Henry H.) Account
Aiken (James) Garnishment
Grayson (S. M.) Legal Record
Garrison (James) Legal Record, Memorandum
Tyler (J. C.) Letter
Mason and Burwell Letter
2E994 Coleman (James T.) Letter
Johnson and Lamkin v. King (John) Legal Record
Martin (W. T.) Letter
Bruner (Rebecca) Deed
Payne (A. M.) Letter
Breazeale (Drury W.) Deposition
Maxwell (W.) Voucher
Price (William) Subpoena
Martin (R. M.) Account
Martin (M.) Receipt
Walker (David) Receipt
Robertson (Thomas) Receipt
Briggs (Joseph) Execution
Sessions (Joseph) Appeal
Cunningham (Heirs of) v. Chaney (B. D.) Plat
Matthews (G. T.) Bank Deposit
Covington (W.?) Receipt
2E995 Berry (J. J.) Letter
Carruth (Ruebin H.) Letter
Clark (Ferdinand) Letter
Clayton (John M.) Letter
Freeland Letter
Goza (Arnold) Letter
Lucas (Garland C.) Letter
Hubbs (Charles) Plat
Glover (S. W.) Letter
Griffith (Abram) Legal Record, Appointment
Hymes (And. R.) Letter
Isod (Mark) Letter
La Motte Mining Company List of Improvements
Ledoux (A.) and Company Letter
Monette (James) Letter
Payne (George E.) Letter
Phillips (Anna E.) Letter
Phares (John E.) Letter and Accounts
Farmer (H.) Roundway Plantation Letter
Snelly (Patrick) Letter
Turner (Charles C.) Letter
Wahl (S. William) Letter
Williamson (E. A. Mrs.) Letter/List of Slaves
Hills (W. H.) Legal Records
Edwards Raisin and Company Papers
Hopkins (R. M.) Papers
Penn (M. G.) Letters
Weeks (W. F.) Accounts
Steele (Earl) Letter
Lambert (William) Letter
Gibson (Gibeon) Letter
Harris (William H.) Objection to Bond
Lallande (Joseph) Papers
Mamack (Henry) Account
Cooper (A. C.) Letter
Davenport (John) Papers
Mather (George) Papers
Mathew (B. J.) Letter
Tessier (Charles A.) Papers
Lobdell (John L.) Papers
Avare (W. F. Robert) Account
Salters (Solomon) Letter / Account
Zacharie (Mary) Letter
Stackhouse (W.) Letter
King (John E.) Contract
Nosworthy (N. G.) Account
Barrran (Joseph) Account
Gilbert (Albert Gallatin) Contract
Shaw (Matthew) Account
Tumsel (John A.) Letter
Tome (C. D.) and Company Letter
Orachitta School Lottery Letter
Breckinridge Guards Confederate States of America Diary
Briscoe (W. M., Mrs.) Letter
Marcy (E. E., Dr.) Receipt
Schwarz (A.) Accounts
Nesmith (A. M., Mrs.) Letter
McArthur (J., Brigadier General) Letter
Willis (John, General) Letter
Wilson (Daniel A.) Letter
Cloud (Samuel G.) Letter
Brown (Allan R.) Envelopes
Prats (Vincent) Letter
Arpinnath (John L.) Letter
Lord (George) Biographical Sketch
Davis (Ezra) Mortgage
Blannerhasset (Harmon) Legal Records
Kiser (F.) Voucher
Tudoree (Frank) Papers
Brette (Alexander) Letter
Beal (W. M.) and Abrams (M.) Letter
Beach (George) v. Bank of W. S., Commercial Court of New Orleans, Interrogatory
Slocumb Richards and Company v. Bank of Arkansas Garnishment
Merchants Bank of New Orleans Letter
Scott (Thomas B.) Letter
Luinn (Thomas C.) v. Henry (O. C.) Order to Dismiss
Sims (D. F.) Letter
Barr (William) Papers
Brown and Dimock Power of Attorney
Trichel (J. B.) Letter
Milton (Andrew) Papers
Ellis (E. P.) Letter
West (C. J.) Letter
2E996 Williams (Mme.) Receipt, 1832
Auffant and Company Account, 1844
Williams (J. C., Mrs.) Receipt, 1832
M. H. Bigelow and Company Account, 1869
Dent (R. L.) Bank Note, 1907
Bridgers (A. B.) Voucher, 1884
Pandora Plantation Receipt, 1861
Emper (Martin) Account, 1851
Kennedy (Patrick) Citizenship Declaration, 1852
Gale (E. B.) Receipt
Swett (William) Account, 1867
McGirty (O. H.) Receipt, 1864
Henry (Ezekial) Receipt, 1810
Metcalf (H.) Receipts, 1860
Huston (Charles T.) Letter, 1868
Post Master Washington, Ms. Account, 1835
Bogart and Hoops Letter, 1834
Jackson (Mr.) Account, 1862
Arthur (A. H.) Account, 1861
Kancy (Rufus) Receipt, 1865
Morgan (George W.) Receipt, 1862
Lerman (Mrs.) Account, 1867
Moore (John) Receipt, 1835
Rollins (Joseph) Voucher, 1831
Blakemoore, Wooleridge and Company Records, 1867
Buckner and Crump Papers, 1860
Lalland (Joseph) Letter, 1857
Watson (Jeremiah) Letter, 1839
Spencer (Samuel S.) Receipt, 1849
Townes (Pattie C.) Letter
Gay (P. A.) Account, 1866
Smedes Plantation Account
Catchings (T. J.) Receipt, 1866
Sparkle (William H.) Deed of Trust, 1832
Cuellu (Seraphin) Letter
Smith (Phil) Account, 1865
Coleman (Jonathan) Account, 1825
Maclean (John) Papers
Morris (Daniel C.) Receipts, 1835
Mcelwee (S. H.) Receipt, 1840
McGrew (Caroline A.) Accounts
Middleton (John) Papers
King Miller and Company Instrument of Protest
Matthews (Samuel) Papers
Mattingly (James) Receipt
Montgomery (J. A.) Receipt, 1870
Boren (Elizabeth and James) v. Marsh and Miller
Monroe (J. W.) Account
Price (Joseph) Account, 1872
Marshall (J. A.) Account, 1874
Keary (Martin) Legal Papers, 1874
Nichoks (A. G., Mrs.) Receipt, 1835
Nystrand (Charles C.) Account, 1874
Acuff (J. C. and M. C.) Accounts
Lake (William) Receipt, 1859
Lattimore (David) Legal Papers, 1841
Lewis (A. W.) Receipt, 1853
Holliday (A. W.) Receipt, 1887
Leap (Mrs. A.) Account, 1819
Leip (Mrs.) Account, 1820
McGinty (Robert J.) Protest, 1837
Walsh (John) Note, 1829
Laidlaw (Peter) Notes, 1817
Sprigg (Robert) Receipt, 1817
Bond (William P.) Account, 1854
Rose Hill Plantation Account, 1815
Gould (John) Letter, 1865
Humphreys (Benjamin G.) Voucher, 1850
Beaumont (J.) Letter, 1839
Harding (Sy) Letter, 1818
Duval (Claiborne A.) Protest, 1860
Hampton (W. A.) Protest, 1861
Montgomery (Alex.) Letter
Cox (O. B.) Receipts, 1880
Metcalf (Alfred) Receipt, 1835
Thompson (Jonathan) Receipt, 1826
Charles (William H.) Attachment Bond, 1850
W. R. Green and Company Insurance Policy, 1868
Fort (John B.) Receipt, 1852
Biggs (Mrs. S. A.) Oath of Loyalty, 1865
Grissam (William C.) Receipt, 1829
Mills (John) Receipt, 1812
Cook (Foster) Note, 1827
Bloomensteel (Isaac) Account, 1867
Van Dorn (Earl) Account, 1838
Carroll (E. C.) Account, 188?
Mitchell (Emma) Account, 1868
Jackson (O. P.) Affidavit, 1838
Clement (Samuel) Note, 1819
Coffee (Thomas J.) Note, 1841
McBroom (D. F.) Note, 1866
Breville (Birot) Papers
Grant (George W.) Receipts, 1826
Price (C. S.) Receipt, 1860
Gottschalk (Edward G.) Protest, 1860
Moultrie (Alexander) Bond, 1853
Wilkinson (Fanny) Receipt, 1858
Johnson (E. I.) Letter, 1858
Walcott (Theo. G.) Bond, 1866
Murdock (Mrs.) Receipt, 1828
Robertson (E. W.) Receipt, 1859
Ranssean (G. S.) Receipt, 1853
Dorsey (Bates) Receipt, 1822
Sellers (H. E.) Account, 1866
Whitefield (E. H.) Receipt, 1833
Prince (William) Appointment of Office, 1817
Randolph (Edward) Certificate of Office, 1849
Marschalk (Andrew) Receipt, 1827
Newgass (H.) Note, 1840
Ward (P. W.) Account, 1841
Burnham (Gabriel) Receipt, 1834
Gilpin (William) Certificate of Election, 1848
Thomas (B. R.) Protest, 1868
Farrar (Walton) Account, 1868
Tuley (J. W.) Account, 1836
Gibson (Ambrose F.) Voucher, 1817
Aquasco Plantation Account, 1846
Atwood (T. G. and Wm. H.) Voucher, 1847
Conner (James O.) Receipt, 1870
Bledsoe (A. P.) Receipt, 1891
Bedford and Miller Vouchers, 1860
Hamilton (Jesse) Account
Chase (Benjamin) Letter
Henderson (Thomas) Deed of Trust
Middleton (Hatton) Paper
Hart (James E.) Receipts
Edwards (Thomas) Appointment of Office, 1844
Brannin (Robert) Appointment of Office, 1842
Hunter (Alexander C.) Appointment of Office, 1840
Proud (William T.) Appointment of Office, 1840
2E997 Kennedy (David) Time Book, 1871
Levy and Haas Account, 1875
Pemberton (General John C., C. S. A.) Mimeograph of Unfinished Letter
Cook (James K.) Protest, 1840
Throckmorton and Patterson List of Accounts, 1843
Unidentified Composition Book
Unidentified Record of Loans
Unidentified Account Ledgers
Unidentified Account Ledger
Watson (Linda) Scrapbook #1
Watson (Linda) Scrapbook #2
Watson (Linda) Letter, 1902
Gemmel (Peter) Insurance Plat, 1836
2E998 Fortner (William P. and Sarah) Papers
Hinds County Election Return, 1855
Ferry (Elihu) Oath of Office, 1858
Bedford (Thomas C.) Oath of Office, 1850
Sartorius (Jacob) Citizenship Papers, 1856
Stupen (F. H.) Letter, 1853
Moore (C. H.) Amnesty Oath, 1865
Sparrow (Samuel) Amnesty Oaths
Phillips (William) Amnesty Oath, 1865
Butler (William) Amnesty Oath, 1865
Ziegler (William H.) Amnesty Oath, 1865
Hawkins (Govenor) Oath of Office, 1876
Belk (Robert S.) Oath of Office, 1876
Clemens (W. R. J.) Oath of Office, 1876
Allnutt (E. G.) Amnesty Oath, 1865
Goff (R. C.) Papers
Walsh (J. J.) Letter, 1876
S. E. Ogden and Company Papers
Barrow (Mary E. and Robert H.) Contract and Account, 1870
Brownell (G. W.) Letters, 1876
Stevens (J. O.) Letter, 1867
Crandle (Abner W.) Oath of Office, 1867
Nolly (Alexander Y.) Oath of Office, 1866
Brutton (James Williams) Citizenship Papers 1872
A. M. Paxton and Company Account, 1865
Headquarters 4th Military District (Vicksburg) Papers
Southern Aid Society Letter, 1867
Printed Circulars and Military Orders
Monthly Reports Quartermasters Stores
Toy (W. H. P.) Commission, 1869
Farmuner (George S.) Paper, 1865
List of Property Sold to the State of Mississippi (Warren County, 1866
Cook (Captain H. Q.) Letter, 1865
Atwood (William) Appointment of Officials, 1869
Page (William T.) Appointment, 1869
Bryne (Daniel) Papers
Rea (T. R.) Account, 1865
Reigart (J. Milton) Papers
Bobb (S. C.) Letter, 1865
Betterton (Ira A.) Papers
Vicksburg Gas and Light Company Account, 1865
Waddell (L. D.) Letter
Bigelow (D. F.) Receipts
S. M. Pettengill and Company Account, 1865
Reynolds, Stevens and Company Receipt, 1865
Wissinger (I. G. B.) Account, 1868
Ex Parte Weathersby Brief for Petitioner
Neely (William F.) Oath of Office, 1867
Dawson (Francis M.) Papers
Demoss (David D.) Oaths of Office, 1866
Edwards (Jonathan) Oath of Office, 1866
Lacy (E. D.) Oath of Office, 1866
Valandingham (John) Oath of Office, 1866
Hinman (Curtis P.) Oath of Office, 1866
Hinman (John M.) Oaths of Office
Frisly (Daniel W.) Oath of Office, 1867
Noland (Joseph) Oath of Office, 1866
Mason (John T., Jr.) Oaths of Office, 1866
Williams (Joseph W.) Oath of Office, 1866
Murray (G. W.) Oath of Office, 1866
Barrett (W. W.) Letter, 1869
Unsigned Editorials to the "Mississippian"
Knight (Simeon) Letter, 1813
Unidentified Inventory, Goods at Hand, 1808
Cox (A.) Letter, 1864
B. J. Butler and Hartigan Letter, 1861
Coons (T. S.) Oath of Office 1862
Johnson (N. B.) Letter, 1876
Bacot (Robert) Letter, 1856
Lenny (B. G.) Legal Paper
Coleman (V. D.) Letter
Law (Thomas H.) Receipt, 1834
Hamilton (James) Papers
Unidentified Commencement Address
Perkins (Dr. N.) Account, 1844
Drake V. Hope Jury Instructions
Terrill (Martha E.) Court Documents
Unidentified Jury Instructions
Casey (Peter) Court Documents
Butler (Willis) Court Document
Fortson (J. F.) Account, 1846
Mollison (W. E.) Account, 1891
Hildgard v. South Seas Company and Keate
McCoy (A. E.) Account, 1865
Crandall (Mrs.) Account, 1865
J. H. Phelps and Company Court Documents
Valentine (Martha) Account, 1835
McVane (Elam H.) Letter
Smith (Duncan L.) Account, 1814
Darden (Jane M.) Note, 1813
Girault (Ann M.) Accounts
Willis (William) Papers
Bullin (John) Account
Patterson (Y.) Receipt, 1842
Farrar (Thomas P.) Receipt, 1857
Gunthart (V.) Family Receipts
Biggs (W. H.) Voucher, 1839
Wood (E.) Letter
Vally School #30, Vicksburg, Account, 1905
Cameron (Dougal A., Jr.) Account, 1861
Natchez Gas Light Company Account, 1868
Foley (T.) Account
Wigwam Place Account
Bruce (Thomas P.) Accounts
McDonald (Joel) Note, 1861
Anderson (James D.) Receipt, 1849
Gemnell (Peter) Account
Bell (Thomas) W.) Accounts
Hutchinson (R. C.) Note, 1865
Sims (John) Accounts
Edward Jones V. William M. Groyner
Cann (John C.) Voucher, 1833
Taylor (Peter) Receipt, 1855
Boler (Mary) Receipt, 1824
Hamilton (George) Receipt, 1836
Shannon (John) Account, 1836
Ruff (John) Receipt, 1854
2E999 Ellis (Abraham)/Rapalje (George) Family Papers
Dixon (Roger) Papers
Kirk (James) Papers
Gaillard (Isaac) Papers
Dunbar (William) Family Papers
Hutchinson (John) Family Papers
Llewillin (Samuel) Papers
Cochran (George and Robert) Papers
Curl (James) Letter, 1852
Cook (Edwin G.) Papers
Harvey (Ralph) Letter, 1846
Hargrew (Alfred) Letter, 1848
List of Properties Sold for State Military Tax (Mississippi), 1861
Marshall (O. K.) Letter
Mathes (R. S.) Bond, 1868
Home Insurance Company of New York Legal Document, 1860
Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance Legal Document, 1860
Lewis (Nicholas B.) v. Marks, (Colonel L. D.), 1862
Matthews (Oliver) Letter, 1871
Greene (William) Summons, 1886
Sanders (Hugh Lewis) v. Marks, (Colonel L. D.)
Weller (Reginald Heber) Petition
Taylor (Melinda) Petition, 1846
Shannon and Peck Voucher, 1882
Johnson (W. H.) Petition, 1852
Swann (George Y.) Papers
McAfee (Madison) Letter
Barnes (A. E. and Carter J.) Letter, 1856
Hickman (R. L.) Letter, 1874
Kirby (John G.) Letter, 1856
Burke (Edmond) Letter, 1857
Black (N. A.) Letter
Howell (Betsey W.) Voucher, 1848
Turnbull (Robert H.) Affidavit, 1849
Hay (William) Petition, 1841
Sessions (W. A.) Petition, 1855
McGaughey (John) Account, 1855
White (W. J.) Affidavit, 1855
Wyman (George) Appointment, 1855
Hull (F. B.) Letter, 1890
Schirber (L.) Protest, 1874
Arnold (J. Q.) Petition, 1888
Holman (D. A.) Petition, 1879
Washington Hotel Petition
Crouch (James) Letter, 1856
Seymour (Nathan) Accounts
Bass (Joseph and Catherine Blackman) Marriage License, 1831
Whaley (Thomas) Accounts
Bourke (R. A.) Papers
Leonard (W.) Receipt, 1869
Crutcher (William) Letter, 1863
Hewitt (J. and W. T.) Letter, 1868
Dillon (Squire) Papers
Laughlin (Jeff D.) Letter, 1888
Berry (Thomas) Papers
Throckmorton (Elisa and Catherine) Court Document
Chewning and Dawson v. William Johns, 1836
Caniel (Lucy) v. Watts (Thomas W.), 1835
Vick (William and John) Court Document
Cotton (James) v. Harper (Jesse), 1834
Barlow (Noah) Court Document
Balls (John) Court Documents
Davis (John R.) Court Document
Elsey and Touchstone Court Document
W. M. Pritchard and Company Court Document
Marsh (Cyrus) Court Document
Garrison (James Z.) Court Documents
Brown (E. D.) Letter, 1851
Taylor (A.) Election Return, 1856
Graces (Col. Ralph) Letter, 1858
Carroll County (Mississippi) Election Return, 1856
Gilliam (Littleberry) Letter, 1860
Wilson (Robert D.) Application, 1850
Smith (R.) Report
Thornberry (Samuel) Letter, 1821
War Department Report, 1931
Smith (James H.) Receipt, 1865
Hirsh (Mr.) Letter, 1901
American Road Machine Company Letter, 1896
House of Representatives H. R. 777, 1843
Sully (Thomas) Voucher, 1858
Sprague and Stowell Voucher, 1837
Allen (William H.) Voucher, 1854
Creath (Albert G.) V. Pinkard and Payne, 1836
Mississippi Valley Bank Petition, 1875
Leas (Benjamin) Letter, 1869
Ragua (J. A.) Letter, 1856
Grimball (John A.) Papers
Arthur (A. H.) Papers
2E1000 Lowenthal (Bayard) Letter, 1890
Keim (Charles H. and Anna Yale) Papers
Chase (Reverend Benjamin) Letter
Wood (Thomas) v. Robinson (William)
White (S. N.) Letter, 1866
Duvernet (Rachel) Letter
Parish (W. C.) Receipts
Adams and Johnson Account
Kaizer (John I.) Citizenship Papers, 1840
Brooke and Fenimore Account, 1852
Walker (Duncan S.) Court Document
McMurtry (Alexander) v. Hourniquet (H. P.), 1839
Senis (Ira R.) Papers
Camp (William G.) Land Grant, 1821
Whitmore (Nelly) Marriage License, 1834
Schlater (Mr.) Account, 854
Newkirk and Olden v. William Wallace, 1858
Lane (William B.) Protest, 1826
Decouer (O.) Account, 1860
Mann and Fischer Partnership Agreement, 1869
Laughlin (Margaret M.) Lease
Leston (Hiram) Note, 1827
Hoggatt (James) Family Papers
Keningham (Benjamin) Bill of Sale, 1826
Williams (William) Accounts
Haile (Alice M.) Sale and Company Partnership, 1890
Briscoe (P.) Receipts, 1850
Fils (Honore) Receipt, 1866
Sillers (Edwin) Papers
Myre (J. B.) Account, 1835
Jordan (Lewis W.) Power of Attorney
Jordan (Ann and Garrett) Court Documents
Reeves (Joseph and John) Power of Attorney
Lee (Hattie M.) Insurance Policy, 1871
Teigner (Mary Weisler and Charles) Power of Attorney
Beasly (Danice) Account, 1812
Craig (Phoebe) Account, 1823
Galtney (J.) Receipt, 1855
Cox (Moses) Commission to Office, 1825
Conley (Mr.) Account
Jones (Jonathan) Receipt, 1826
Turner (Arthur) Note, 1813
Barney (Abram) Accounts
Regan (Ralph) Letter, 1813
Whittey (Soloman) Court Record
Coburn (Samuel) Note, 1826
Lapole (Caty) Letter, 1813
McCluskey (Samuel) Account
Stephenson (John) Summons, 1813
Ellis and Wood Accounts
Adams (Elisha) Letter, 1820
McNeill (John) Papers
Thompson (Joseph W.) Protest, 1840
Winston (Samuel I. and Joseph) Note, 1862
Gilly and Pryor Vouchers
Groome (John) Receipt, 1815
Hays (W. J.) Receipt, 1846
Sims (William H.) Papers
Inge (J. C.) Letter, 1852
McMackin (Andrew) Papers
Guiso (F.) Insurance Policy, 1861
Cotter (Mrs.) Account, 1856
Troth (R. W.) Account, 1859
Rockwood (W. M.) Funeral Notice, 1878
Jones (E. P.) Funeral Notice, 1889
Brewster (Joseph and Lemuel) v. Robert Burton, 1835
James (Dan) Letter, 1884
Dabney (Monsure) Card, 1949
James (Daniel) Papers
Hill (Charles) Papers
Lane (William) Card, 1879
Bass (Edmund I.) Bill of Sale, 1829
Ross (Issac A. B.) Papers
Cooper (Flora A.) Papers
Warren County Marriage Licenses, 1864-1867
Long (George) Family Papers
Parish (Willard C.) Papers
2E1001 Jordan (Richard H.) Receipt, 1833
Hubbard (Asa) Letter, 1816
Davis (Charles) Accounts
Capice (Littleton) Account, 1826
Mahan (Timothy) Court Document, 1820
Elliott (John) Account, 1835
Maessen (Henry James and Selena Louisa) Letter, 1896
Sprague (H. Nowell) Envelope
Renshaw (Frank) Letter, 1876
Croghun (Ross T.) Account, 1837
Ross (L. C.) Accounts
Ganong (William H.) Account
Foster (Chadrick) Account
Farrar (E. H.) Account, 1878
Ayer (Sarah C.) Letter, 1849
Jones (A. S. C.) Account, 1878
Lum (John) Bill of Sale, 1835
Hall (Joseph H.) Court Document
Blake (Mary S.) Letter
Thompson (Patsy) Letter, 1866
Levee Street Foundry and Machine Shop Accounts
Leonard (Caleb) Receipt, 1835
McCoy (R. A.) Account, 1861
Metcalfe (Oren) Account
Crossgrove (James) Letter, 1899
Burrows (Arthur) Legal Paper, 1814
Russell (Arnold) Papers
Rail (M. C.) Account, 1861
Reynolds (Daniel H.) Court Document, 1861
Moor and Booth Protest, 1860
Heisenbuttle and Maynadier Account
Wallein (Eric W.) Officials Bond, 1866
Schwabb (Mary) Bill of Sale
Budd, West and Company v. Smith, 1834
Carnahan (John) Account
Griffith (C. B.) Account, 1856
Pitcher (Sarah Francis) Power of Attorney
Duff Green and Company Account, 1863
Wright (Martha M.) Account, 1852
Riddle (Mr.) Letter, 1848
Mahy (B. F. E.) Letter, 1841
Thorne (Scot Z.) Receipt, 1844
Whitney (George Q.) Receipts, 1895
Miles (W. R.) Letter, 1868
Cayuga (L. B.) Account, 1834
Denton and Brother Receipts
Reynolds (John) Court Document, 1855
Laineer (J. C.) Letter
Hunt (Miss) Accounts
Ferguson (Thomas) Receipt, 1838
Wade (L. T.) Letter, 1854
Long (John) Letter, 1852
Redrick (Robert) Account, 1860
Conger (John B.) Papers
Calvit (Sarah) Account
Agricultural Bank v. John Bayny Morau
Pouge (Thomas) Account, 1841
Knowland (Philip) Account, 1813
King (T. L.) Letter, 1837
Johns (Alfred) Letter, 1840
Mitchell Gunther and Company Voucher, 1857
Riley (James) Receipt, 1837
Houston (Alexander) Note, 1824
Allen and Johnstone Notes
McCane (John) Note, 1826
Morris (Gilbert) Account, 1823
Bashford (Robert) Note, 1804
Goffe (N. G.) Account, 1852
McCabin (Mrs.) Account, 1856
Scott (Warren M.) Account, 1852
Wilson (A. L.) Account, 1837
Brannon and Simmons Account, 1852
Morrison (J. M.) Legal Paper
Jones (Paul) Account
Barnes (Nicholas) Note, 1837
Houston (Daniel) Account, 1820
Love (L. E.) Accounts
Fletcher (Daniel) Account, 1836
Crane (C. E.) Accounts
Smith (John) Account, 1817
Schanan (Daniel M.) Account, 1819
Sellers (Isaac) Receipt, 1825
Kinney (James) Account, 1826
Pleasant (James I.) Court Document
McCatkin (Daniel) Account, 1820
McCarhan (Daniel) Account, 1828
Marshall (G. K.) Receipt, 1843
Mayo (George and Emeline Byrne) Marriage Certificate, 1833
McCain (Mary) Receipt, 1835
Spruel (John) Survey, 1818
Walsh and Webb Judgment, 1817
Mason (C.) Account, 1844
Courvet (Antonio) Land Office Report, 1823
Elam (L. W.) Account, 1853
King (J. L.) Account, 1828
King (E. P.) Receipt, 1835
Griffing (I.) Account, 1858
Liebert (Philip) Account, 1813
Bryson (N. G.) Voucher, 1853
Brown (James) Account, 1820
Mathis (Wesley) Account, 1817
Vertner (D.) Accounts, 1820
Watson (John P.) Notes
Gates (I.) Account, 1859
Bull, Hart and Schutz Account, 1851
Durham (John) Account
Campbell (Sarah M.) Voucher, 1832
Jonson (James) Account, 1836
Evans (N.) Account, 1813
G. and E. Parks Account, 1836
Beckham (Matilda C.) Power of Attorney
Columbia (George W.) Account, 1865
Garland (Anne P.) Account, 1856
Johnson (Stephen) Accounts
Vicksburg Police Department Accounts
L. S. Cornwell and Company Account, 1870
Jones (John) Receipt, 1835
McDowell (J. R.) Receipt, 1847
Hill (L. N.) Account, 1855
State V. Neu (William), 1832
2E1002 Wade (Lucy) Account, 1860
Holmes (Mary and Ahab) Papers
Moore (James) Letter
Moore (Robert) Letter
Allen (Thomas F.) Account, 1871
Miller (John B.) Account, 1838
Lombard (James) Letter, 1817
Sojourner (Mrs.) Account, 1857
Rink (David) Account, 1852
Hill (John) Accounts
Lassley (E.) Account
Thompson (Emily P.) Account, 1872
Asford (J. P.) Account, 1850
Coleman (A.) Account, 1865
Lambeth (W. S.) Account, 1858
Lyle (Cal) Account, 1866
Deving (Patrick) Receipt, 1885
Marx (George) Account, 1878
Sagoni (Mr.) Account, 1879
Hopkins (Belle) Account, 1870
Peters (Louis) Account, 1886
Hirsh (L.) Account, 1889
Markie (Dr.) Accounts
Fisher (Elias) Accounts
Carson (P. P.) Account, 1844
Block (Marge) Account, 1873
Williams (W. C.) Account, 1856
Bennett (J.) Letter, 1900
Walker (H. P.) Account, 1872
Breur (James A.) Account, 1865
Epperson (W. S.) Account, 1870
Parkman (James) Accounts
Wadsworth (Belle) Receipt, 1876
Mcdowell (James R.) Accounts
Henderson (John W.) Accounts
McCoy (R. A.) Account, 1861
McCoy (James H.) Account, 1860
Ford (Victoria) Account, 1855
Magruder (C. E.) Account, 1859
Woodruff (W. H.) Letter, 1870
Hutchinson (George W.) Account, 1885
Mcleod (William) Account, 1870
Hootzel (John L.) Account, 1852
Howard (John B.) Letter, 1874
Magee and Coatter Letter, 1831
Wooley (Henry A.) v. Malonea Wooley Bill for Divorce, 1865
Page (L.) Stock Certificate, 1903
Brandish (Charlotte) Power of Attorney
Day (Jonathan) Account, 1839
Ingram (Hezekiah) Letter, 1836
Bell (Elijah) Letter, 1839
W. F. Hallam and Company Petition, 1908
Feldman (C.) Letter
Granberry (N. R.) Letter, 1846
Stark (Theodore) Letter, 1816
Brennan (S.) Account, 1847
Cochran (Robert) Papers
Memphis and Vicksburg Railroad Company Records
Neibert (Joseph) Papers
Carmichael (John F.) Papers
Dixon (Philip) Court Document
Dalton (J. H.) Papers
Giberson (Lydia) Letter
Smith (John) Papers
Beck (Juliet A.) Receipt, 1859
Brown (Mary) Account, 1854
Nichols (Wright) Accounts
Carolan (P.) Account, 1846
Stanton (Fred.) Account, 1859
Sharp (Clarissa) Account, 1851
Money (L. B.) Account, 1867
Baldwin (H. M.) and Merrick (C. F.) Receipt, 1872
Jones (J. E.) Account, 1860
Kells (Robert) Letter, 1860
Bawm (Fred) Account, 1872
Hall (Charles H.) Account, 1855
Hall (Sallie) Account
Baker (J. M.) Letter, 1800
Gloon (Richard B.) Court Document
Ross (J. W.) Account, 1852
O'Hara (John) Papers
O'Reilly (P. P.) Account, 1866
Holmes (Thomas) Note, 1808
Pumphrey (N. N.) Note, 1852
Johnston (David) Note, 1801
Dangerfield (E. M.) Note, 1844
Walker (R. A.) Account, 1836
Hanly (John) Bill of Sale, 1818
Clower (William) Revolutionary Pension, 1823
Shackelford (C. C.) Affidavit, 1840
Shackelford (Edward) Court Documents
Matthews (George W.) Court Documents
Reed (David) Summons, 1802
Shaw (Joseph) Family Deed, 1834
Wrigley (Mrs. S.) Receipt, 1853
Smith (M.) Receipt, 1836
Hearn (George) Court Document
Mitchell (Richard K.) Receipt, 1855
2E1003 Loftin (Walter C. and Margaret) Deed, 1842
Chapman Letter, 1850
Cook (E. G.) Receipt, 1831
Scott and Thorn Receipt, 1843
Evans (Lewis) Papers
Gourell (Phillip) Note
Walker (John) Receipt, 1842
Ogden (Mrs. A. M.) Receipt, 833
Vousdan (William) Affidavit
Eskew (H. B.) Papers
Robert (Abraham) and Gray (Nicholas) Deed, 1838
Barrow (David N.) Notes
Ellis (Miss) Account, 1851
Summes (Thomas L.) Receipt, 1877
Murphey (Peter) Papers
Hall (Thomas) Account, 1821
Unidentified Tax Receipts, 1846
Alexander (Aaron) v. Robert Richie, 1842
Phillips (Georgiana) Accounts
Benson and Barrett Accounts
Harrison (Nat H.) Accounts
Couch (Emma) Papers
J. J. Smokey Papers
Bolls (Willie) Accounts
Baker (R. P.) Family Accounts
Ford (Elizabeth) Receipts
Tate (J. O.) Receipts
Troutman (J. C.) Accounts
Cathel (James) Family Accounts
Cummings (S. K.) Receipt, 1852
Gould (J.) Account, 1870
Quinn (R. A.) Papers
Hunter (John) Receipt, 1873
Gaultney (James) Receipt, 1829
Henry (William, Bishop of Natchez) Papers
Macalistor (A. W.) Letter, 1846
Stockman (James) Insurance Policy, 1835
Boush (W. B.) Letter, 1901
Henderson (J. E.) Receipt, 1857
Stutson (John S.) Account
Heywood (Sherwood) Certificate of Office
Micou (William C.) Sale of Lands, 1849
Broyles (Adam) Summons, 1849
Aiken and Watt Letter, 186?
Tremble (Walter) Court Document
Martin (Charley) Receipt, 1817
Welsh (Mrs.) Papers
Smith (Dorsey and Company) Letter, 1816
Saunders (Joseph) v. Carleton Beet et al., 1830
Koss (L. C.) Note, 1836
Patterson (John) Note, 1819
Coatter (George) Note, 1833
Barier (Mrs. S. J.) Voucher, 1880
Kieru (Lucy) Voucher, 1875
Williamson (C. M. J.) Papers
Strong (Robert) Voucher, 1856
Winnington (E. M.) Note, 1815
Trowbridge (James) Note, 1837
White (Alex) Note, 1801
Palmer (Thomas) Affidavit, 1855
Hoover (Miss Hennie) Receipt, 1860
Buckner (B. H.) Court Document
Wattlington (William) Account
Hull (Abijah) Voucher, 1819
McCacharn (Malcolm) Note, 1822
Woolfolk (James) Note, 1860
Noland (J. H.) Account
Grayson (William) Account
Vaughn (Henry) Receipt, 1860
Wright and Allen Papers
Humbert (Charles) Coroners Summons, 1841
Ellington (Hezekiah) Deed, 1837
Cooper, Caruthers and Company Letter of Credit, 1831
Cain (Warren) Receipt, 1870
Bagelow (A. L.) Voucher, 1867
Fitzgerald (L. G. L.) Letter, 1878
Polk (W. L.) Receipt, 1883
McGinty (Robert I.) Court Documents
Lewis (William) Court Document
Oates (Jacob) Deed, 1844
Hasselman (T. G.) to Moses Receipt
Forbes (Isaac) Receipt, 1830
Fretwell (Richard) Receipt
Fanele (William) Receipt, 1867
Johnson (L. M.) Accounts
Protsman (Isaac) Receipt, 1831
Triplett (B. B.) Papers
Gordon (Baker) Account, 1830
Pinkus (Ann) Receipt, 1830
McCowley (William) Receipt, 1829
Dyers (J.) Receipt, 1829
Bouyers (William D.) Receipt, 1827
McNabb (Edward) Note, 1824
Templeton, Evan and Company Account, 1825
Nolan (Miss M. L.) Papers
Bowman (E. A.) Letter, 1867
2E1004 Barber (G.M.) Letter, 1869
Gillespie Letter, 1829
Capron (Henry) Papers
Scott (John D.) Court Document
Gibson (Randolph) v. Coleman (Thomas), 1835
Fairchild (B.) Letter, 1849
Allen (C. B.) Petition
Port Gibson (Mississippi), Poor HousePapers
Calvit, Thomas and Jessee Papers
Compston (Thomas) Account
Fauning (Patrick) Court Document, 1845
Estill (Benjamin) Affidavit, 1846
Edwards (Thomas) Letter, 1847
Mercantile Club Receipt, 1868
Freedman's Savings and Trust Company Letter, 1873
Foley (B. M.) Receipt, 1857
Hunt (George F.) Accounts
Ward (P. H.) Receipt, 1861
White (H. S.) Account, 1845
Walker (James) Accounts
Sentinal and Expositor Receipt, 1838
Sheppard (Henry) Power of Attorney
Barnes (Eliza) Warranty Deed, 1866
Baldwin (Lemuel N.) Papers
Newsom (James R.) Deed, 1870
Gaither (Sally Ann) Deed, 1868
Maddux (James W.) Deed, 1865
McCaleb (Edward H.) Mortgage, 1865
Bridgers (Mary Ophelia) Deed, 1869
Jefferies (Sarah) Deed, 1869
Jones (George) Letter, 1849
Wilson (Emory) Accounts
Hill (Young) Account, 1826
Hinds County (Mississippi), Personal Property Tax List, 1913
Longaker (A.) Account
Jordans (Coleman J.) Tax Collector Sale, 1862
Witherspoon (James A.) Voucher, 1829
Yaudell (Murry V.) Receipts
Hawkins (Richard C.) Legal Paper
Adams Express Company Receipts
Thompson (Mrs.) Receipt, 1865
Thompson (Mary) Receipts
Ogden (John) Receipt, 1857
John L. Buck and Company Note, 1819
Moore V. Cable
Lee (Stephen D.) Papers
Bigelow (D. T. and S. F.)
Elliot (William St. John) Receipts
Martin (W. T.) Receipt
Royall (Joseph) Receipt
Beresford (Mrs. Cashanne) Insurance Policy
Ecelman (Mrs.) Receipt
O'Hara (J. H.) Receipts
Fears (Andrew) Mortgage
Vogelson (J. E.) v. Joseph McLoy Summons
Hammett (Henry) Receipt
Lecky (Hugh) Certificate
Harrison (E. L.) Receipt
Blackburn (James) Note
Highlander (Lucy) Lease
Adams (William) v. Benjamin Kitchens
Klein (J. A.) Receipt
Conway (Martin) Affidavit
Sherman Saving Institute Voucher
Tomlinson (G. T.) Account
Bothic (T. W.) Receipt
Wilson (Victor F.) Papers
Tappan (Benjamin S.) Papers
Adams (Tobias and John) Papers
Adams County, Natchez Plantation Sharecropping/Lease Agreements
Rowan (A. W.) v. Johnson (M. C.)
Richardson (Archie) Deed of Trust
Ackerman (Frederick) Family Papers, 1866 - June 1867
Ackerman (Frederick) Family Papers, July 1867-1868
Tichenor (Gabriel) Papers
2E1005 Vann (Samuel) and John Bradley v. Ross (David)
Den (John) Ejectment
Johnston (Benjamin) Bankruptcy Petition
Eachann (Neill W.) Bill of Sale
Alfred Monroe and Company Receipt
Chancy (Susan H.) Receipt
Buttler (P.) Receipt
Albert and Tricou Receipt
Cobb (S. C.) Receipt
McAusland (Ro.) Receipts
Noyes (C.) Account
Miller (E. H.) Account
A. H. Forrest and Company Papers
Stackhouse (H. N.) Letter
Pandelly Place Survey
Whitington (Levi) Receipt
Free Trader Receipt
Prentiss and Dawson Account
Green (Washington E.) Receipt
Sessions (E. J.) Papers
Mcphaul (William) Letter
Davis (Nelson) v. City of Memphis
Malloy (Robert) Letter
Power (James) Receipt
Campbell (Anthony) Papers
Hughes (J. J.) Account
Green and Crump Account
Wright (John) Official's Certificate
Higgins (James J.) Papers
Purvis (Ann) Vouchers
Jones (T. C.) Receipts
McWhirter (Samuel C.) Diploma
McKay (Miriam) Papers
Milldale (Mississippi) Election Returns
Butler (R. E. and B. Miss) Receipts
Walker (Joseph) Lease
Goldman (Michael) Papers
Holmes (D. H.) Receipt
Smith (R.) Receipt
Dawson (Henry S.) Note
Williams (N. S. et al.) v. George Powell et al.
Martin (J. Mc.) Paper
F. M. Mumford Receipts
McDermot (Mr.) Receipt
O'Donnell (P. O.) Receipt
McCahan (Mr.) Receipt
Collier (Henry W.) Deed
William (Joseph I.) Loan Papers
Swanson (Edward) Receipt
Branham (James M.) Letter
Culler (William) Receipt
Fox (Samuel) Receipt
Withers (D. D.) Receipt
Ross (William) Receipt
Shadburne (G. S.) Letter
Panelli (William J. and Lydia P.) Partial Deed
Machan (D.) Receipt
Tinney (J. D.) Receipt
Downs (James M.) Note
Cox (Toni) Receipt
Grand Gulf Railroad and Bank Account
Avery (D. D.) Letter
Adams (Otho) Papers
Chamberlain (Dr.) Envelope
Martin (Reubin) Homestead Patent
Bass (Jesse) Affidavit
Fort (Joseph A.) Bill of Sale
Cooper (Harrison) Receipt
Moore (W.) Letter
Hyland (Jacob) Note
Swords (Charles W.) Receipt
Thompson (William), State of Mississippi v. Cochran (William M. W.) Interogatories
Vicksburg Gas and Light Company Receipt
Jackson (Willey and Lewis) Receipt
Stewart (Oliver C. B.) v. Leybourne (John) Execution
Stampley (Elizabeth) Receipt
Jessop (John) Account
Woods (Betsy) Account
Jenkins (Harvey M.) Bond
P. Guscio and Company Account
Gibson (James) Account
Gamble (Andrew) Receipt
Flowers (G. R.) Estate Paper
Downing (J. B.)Letter
Carter (William) Sheriff's Oath
Butler (J. S.) Amnesty Oath
Brungard (George) Letter
Brown (Alexander V.) Oath of Office
Burton[?] (John), Lemon Seat, Letters
Clarke (M. D.) Note
Smith (George) Receipt
Briggs (Joseph) Papers
Julienn (L.) Letter
Hilliard (T. W.) Letter
Smith (C. R.) Letter
Gehee, (E. M.) Letter
Jones (M. A.)
2E1006 Baker (L.) v. Berry and Stampley
Bradley (Robert) Receipt
O'Steen (Mackoy), Gillet and Leonard v. Cato (Burrell) v. Garrett and Ostan
Triggs and Morgan Papers
Burnham (Gabriel) v. John Huffman
Farley (George P. and Charlotte P.) Papers
Ross (Ely K.) v. R. Scott
Davis, Wood and McCall v. Hunt, Littlejohn and Pugh
William A. Beecher and Company v. R. H. Jenkins Company
Griffin (Rebecca) Account
Heath (L. G.) Papers
Gibson (Stephen) Family Papers
Jones (Jonathan) Note
Tucker (Juliana) v. Steel and Jenkins
Shannon (Samuel) v. Fanny Odom
Suton (Mr.) Receipt
Hughes (Beverly) Papers
Grieves (John G.) Account
Dangerfield (Lewis W.) Papers
Puckett (James M.) v. T. N. Duggan
Wilcox (G. H.) Court Document
Harshaw (Andrew) v. Potticary and Billet
Sharkey (Patrick) Papers
Harmon (B. J.) Papers
Covington (Edmund H.) Papers
Tiernan (Michael) Papers
Maxwell (James A.) Papers
Ferguson (Thomas J.) Papers
Taylor (William H.) Papers
Leary (Archibald) Note
Hunt (Henry) Receipt
Cogan (Thomas) Voucher
Meyer (John) Voucher
Irwin (James) Accounts
Tomlinson (Nathaniel) Note
Iver (Malcolm) Note
McCauley (James) Account
Mims (Thomas) Voucher
Collier (Charles) Receipt
Ashley (Robert) Account
Thompson (James) Note
Bough (Daniel) Receipt
Walters (Sarah) Note
Wilds (John D.) Note
Liebe (Henry) Papers
Custard (Marris) Note
Lee (Henry) Account
Pachard (Isaiah) Account
McCray (Henry) Note
Leand (John) Receipt
Glasscock (Elijah) Note
Price (Benjamin) Letter
Bosley (Charles) Note
Kingcade (Andrew) Account
Hutchins (Anthony) Note
Mattingly (Thomas) Note
Alison (John) Receipt
Parkinson (Robert) Papers
Lewis (Pierson) Papers
Laugbass (J.)
Hambleton (Charles) Agreement
Baker (Isaac) Bill of Sale
Lockridge (Nicolas) Papers
Butler (William) Account
Ballinger (Joseph) Bill of Sale
Bynum (Francis) Papers
Paine (Edward) Account
Brown (Lucia) Account
Brexton (Christian) Account
Brashears (Anne) Account
Caller (James) Account
Scott (William) Note
Gillespie (John F.) v. Moore (Joseph)
Hedrick (John) Account
Rainy (John) Note
Mackey (William) Note
Hughes (John E.) Note
Trap (Littleton) Receipt
Dohertie (James) Note
James (E. H.) Note
Graham (Richard) Account
Connley (Patrick) Note
Scott (Linette) Note
Douglass (Stephen) Account
Perry (John L.) Account
Adams (Spencer) Note
Harmon and Flowers Receipt
Coyle (Hugh) Account
Scott (Robert) Account
Douglass (Daniel) Accounts
Truly (John M.) Note
Truley (James) Note
Richey (Theodore) Accounts
Hinds (John) Papers
Harman (Hezekiah) Receipt
Hinds County (Mississippi) Sharecropping/Lease Agreements
2E1007 Smith (William R.) Papers
Gilbert (William) Papers
Ingles (T.) Account
Lum (John) Note
Schulbers (Lewis) Letter
McCain (John) Account
Thomas to Rees Survey
Edson (William) Receipt
Zutzeyer (S.) Amnesty Oath
McLean (James A.) Coroners Inquest
Hirsh (Joseph) Letter
Baylor (P.) Note
Crane Account
McKannan Account
Lewis (General W.) Receipt
Sterver (G. G.) Letter
Hart (Eli) Note
Watson (R. A.) Note
Morgan (John) Receipt
Enox (H.) Receipt
Robertson (R. K.) Passbook
Cook and Wyche Account
Mount (B.) Account
State of Mississippi v. Mour and Pemam
Stansbury and Jonas Account
Joy (William) Note
Smith (Cashir S.) Letter
Winter (T. W.) Notes
Brandon (D. S.) Letter
Ford (T. S.) Receipt
Montgomery (L. F.) Account
Tate (A. C. C.) Receipt
Maxwell (James) Note
Fox (John B. and Samuel S.) Papers
Hooper (Passmore) Receipt
Witherspoon (James) Note
Quinn (Ross O.) Papers
Duggan (T. H.) v. Wade (Wilson W.)
Sojourner (A. H.) Agreement
Lisle (Maurice) Receipt
Whaley (Thomas) Vouchers
Black (N. A.) Account
Ray (V. C.) Receipt
Sessions (Egbert J.) Voucher
Henderson (John) Letter
Henderson (John M.) v. David Gibson
Cook and Wyche Letter
Kennedy (David) Account
Hutson (Charles F.) Papers
Smedes (William C.) Letter
Mellon (William) Accounts
Boatwright (Daniel) Papers
Ross (Isaac J.) Papers
Natchez Courier Receipt
Warren (J. B.) Letter
Hackett (James) Bond
Natchez Academy Receipt
Darden (James) Papers
Sims (A. J.) Letter
Elam (William) Letter
King (Richard) Account
Clinton (James) Note
Trotter (Nancy F.) Account
Miltenberger (Ar.) Account
Slatner (Henry) Note
Gage (James A.) Papers
Greer (George) Deed
Folkes (Samuel and Miles C.) Deed of Trust
Kyle and Linn Notes
Henderson (John) Receipt
Gamble (Patience) Papers
Franklin (Isaac) Receipt
Darden (John P.) Letter
Young (Thomas) Mortgage
Hunt (George F.) Papers
Flanagan (John) Receipt
Oates (Jacob) Papers
Folkes (Rebecca A.) Amnesty Oath
Boone (George W.) v. Garrison (J. Y.)
Kain (William) v. Baker (Samuel)
Maxwell (James A.) Affidavit
Wallis (H. G.) Receipt
Neuman (Joseph and George) Account*
Kennedy (B.) Account
Evans (Thomas) Note
Cotton (Richard H.) Note
Burn (Dennis) Note
Moore (Alex) Papers
Purvis (George) Note
Carpenter (Richard) Note
Rankins (William) Receipt
Martin (John H.) v. Blunt (James R.)
Kohncke & Wessel Receipt
Sargent (Winthrop) Papers
Wright (Mary W.) Papers
Clark (Daniel) v. Forman's Admins.
Glassock (William) Deed
Green (Abner) Note
2E1012 Arkansas Legal Records*
2R490 Mielke (Edward C.) Papers*
2E1012 Grand Lake Farm Account Book*
2.116/OD1223B Wilkins (James Campbell) Papers
2.325/AA14c Adams (Robert H.) Papers*, 1820-1830
Winchester Family Papers
Duncan Family Papers*
2.325/D4d Arkansas Legal records*
2.325/D36b Natchez Children's Home Records
2.325/D39c Engravings (colored):
Natchez on the Hill, from the Marine Hospital, sketched by A.R.Ward, Harper's Weekly, 1866
2.325/P90 The Mississippi at New Orleans, by A. Measom
2.325/OD11 Arkansas Legal records*
2.325/V23 Jenkins (John Carmichael) Family Papers
Kiger Family Papers*
Minor Family Papers*
2.325/V24 Dutton (John) Papers
2.325/V26 Crutcher-Shannon Family Papers*
Dana (Charles Backus) Papers*
Sharkey (William Lewis) Papers
2.325/V28 Balfour (William L.) Papers*, 1841-1863
Brown (James N.) Papers*
Roach (Benjamin) Family Papers*
2.325/V32 Barnes-Willis Family Papers
2.325/V32-V33 Wilkins (James Campbell) Papers
2.325/V34 Adams County Democratic Executive Committee
Adair v. Wilkinson Case Records
Alexander (Amos) Papers
Armat (Thomas) Papers
Ballard (Rice C.) Papers
Barnes (Adam T.) Deed
Barrow (John J.) Papers
Bowie Family Papers*
Briggs and McCaleb Records*
Briscoe (William) Papers*
Broocks (James A.) Papers*
Brown (Albert G.) Papers*
Bruin (Peter Bryan) Papers*
Buckhorn Plantation Records*
Campbell (Walter L.) Papers
Carney (Arthur) Papers*
Church Family Papers*
Clark (Daniel) Papers*
Cochran (William) Papers*
Cochran (Robert and William M. W.) Papers*
Cook (Sarah R.) Papers
Doherty (Mary D.) Papers
Douglass (James S.) Papers*
Downs Family Papers*
Dunbar (Mary F.) Papers*
Dunbar (Robert C. and Sarah W.) Papers*
Elliott (William St. John) Papers*
Evans (Jesse) Papers*
Fant (Fielding) Papers*
Finney Family Papers
Folkes Family Papers*
Foote (Henry Stuart) Papers*
Foster (Moses) Papers
Frazer (Eliphalet) Papers*
Freeland (Frisby Augustin and Virginia Perkins) Papers
Frye (Samuel) Papers*
2.325/V36 Archer (Richard Thompson) Papers
2.325/V37 Gayle (William H.) Papers
Gee (Mary C. and John P.) Papers
Goldman (Michael) Papers
Goza (George W.) Papers
Green (Hal W.) Papers
Guier Family Papers
Guion and Prentiss Records*
Guion (Isaac) Papers
Guscio (Floriano L. and Catherine M.) Papers*
Henry (E. T. and Patrick) Papers
Hicks (Benjamin) Papers
Holt (George Arnold) Papers
Hunt (Abijah) Papers
Irwin Family Papers
Jefferson College Records
Jenkins (John J. and Nancy) Papers
Johnson (B. F. and Ann M.) Papers
Kimball Family Papers
King and Lane Records
King Family Papers
Lane (John and John A.) Papers*
Lashlee (Abner) Papers
LeBlanc Family Papers
Lee (Francis B. and Clarissa) Papers
Lintot (William) Family Papers*
McAlpine (William R.) Papers*
McCall (Ezra) Papers*
McEacham (Daniel and Neil) Papers
McPheeters (James A.) Papers
Magee (Eugene) Papers
Magee (William) Papers
Marschalk (Andrew) Papers*
Mason (William) Papers
Miller (Laura) Papers
Morris (A. F.) Account
Natchez, City of, Records
New Orleans and Bayou Sara Mail Company Account
New Orleans, City of, Census Schedule
Newman (Reuben) Family Papers*
Noland (Pearce) Family Papers*
Patterson (Charles) Papers
Perranna (Louis) Papers
Pettus (John J.) Papers
Planters Bank of the State of Mississippi Records
Poindexter (George) Papers
Prentiss (Seargent Smith) Papers
Purnell (Levi) Papers
Porterfield Braiding Book
2.325/V38 Archer (Richard Thompson) Papers
2.325/V48 Morgan (William) Papers*
2.325/V61 Natchez Children's Home Records
2.116OD/1223B Dutton (John) Papers
3B33-37 Natchez Children's Home Records
3E298 Dutilh, Wachsmuth, & Co. Records
3F438 Natchez Children's Home Records
3So10 Bank Of The State Of Mississippi Records
3S49.1 Natchez Children's Home Records
3Y90 Archer (Richard Thompson) Papers
3Y96 Kiger Family Papers*
Parish (Willard C.) Papers
3Y550 Natchez Trace Letterhead