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University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Ann W. Richards Papers, Home Page

Descriptive Summary

CreatorRichards, Ann W.
TitleAnn W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000 [Part 1].
AbstractPapers of Ann W. Richards, Governor of Texas from January 15, 1991 to January 17, 1995. A lifelong supporter of democratic politics, she also served as Travis County Commissioner from 1977-1983, and Texas State Treasurer from 1983-1991.
Quantity: ca. 1500 ft.
LanguageMaterials are in English.
RepositoryDolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Born on September 1, 1933, in Lakeview, Texas, Dorothy Ann Willis (Ann Richards) was the only child of Cecil and Iona Willis. The family moved to and settled in Waco, Texas, and in 1946 Ann entered Waco High School where she earned a reputation as a skilled orator and member of the debate team. She subsequently enrolled at Baylor University in Waco on a debate scholarship and married her high school sweetheart, David Richards, in 1953. Upon graduation in 1954 the couple moved to Austin, where David attended the University of Texas School of Law and Ann taught government at Fullmore Junior High. They later moved to Dallas, became active in local liberal politics, and had four children: Cecile, Dan, Clark, and Ellen.

The Richards family returned to Austin in 1969, where David became a successful labor and civil rights attorney. Ann became increasingly involved in local politics and managed the campaign of Wilhelmina Delco, who became the first African American to represent Austin in the Texas Legislature. Ann served as Sarah Weddington's campaign manager during a run for the Texas Legislature and also worked on Gonzalo Barrientos' campaign for the Texas House. Finally, in 1976, Richards herself sought public office and was elected the first female Travis County (metropolitan Austin) Commissioner. Moving up to the state government level, she won the Texas Treasurer's office in 1982, again breaking ground as the first woman ever to hold the position of Treasurer in Texas, as well as being the first female to win a Texas statewide office in 50 years.

Richards gained national prominence in 1988 with her delivery of the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention. In 1990 she ran for the Texas governorship, winning in a Democratic runoff against Jim Mattox and then defeating Republican Clayton Williams in the general election. As governor, Richards appointed unprecedented numbers of women and minorities to state posts. She also advocated public school reform, prison reform, and substance abuse initiatives. Richards sought to streamline the state budget through state government audits and also worked to attract business and manufacturing to Texas. In a contentious campaign for re-election in 1994, Richards was defeated by Republican George W. Bush. From 1995 to 2001 she was retained as a Senior Advisor at the law firm of Verner, Liipfert, Bernhard, McPherson & Hand. Starting in 2001, she worked for Public Strategies, Inc., a public relations and marketing firm specializing in public awareness campaigns. In March 2006, Richards announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus. She died on September 13, 2006. She is survived by her four children and their families.



The Gubernatorial Records of the Ann W. Richards Papers are arranged in the following main series and subseries:
Staff and Office Files:
Office of Budget and Planning:
Printouts of Computer Programs
Books, Artifacts, Official Gifts, Photographs, and Audio/Visual Material
Treasury Records RESTRICTION: All official records from Richards' term as treasurer are open for research unless otherwise specified in the finding aid. Because of the possibility that portions of these records fall under Public Information Act, a staff member must review these records before they can be accessed for research. The records may be requested for research under the provisions of the Public Information Act (V.T.C.A., Government Code Chapter 552). The researcher may contact the repository for more information. See series descriptions in the gubernatorial and treasury records for specific restrictions due to exceptions to public disclosure in the Public Information Act [formerly Open Records Act]. (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 552.) The Treasury Records of the Ann W. Richards Papers are arranged in the following main series:
The Travis County Commissioner Records: The Travis County Commissioner Records of the Ann W. Richards Papers are arranged in the following main series:
Personal Papers:
The Personal Papers of the Ann W. Richards Papers are arranged in the following main series
  • 1. General
  • 2. Political
  • 3. Family
  • 4. Correspondence
  • 5. Post-Gubernatorial
Campaign Papers: Administrative files in the gubernatorial campaign series contain resumes of potential and actual employees of the Ann Richards Campaign. Copies may be obtained only after consultation with and the approval of the Reading Room staff. The Campaign Papers of the Ann W. Richards Papers are arranged in the following main series:
  • 1. Treasury Campaign, 1982
  • 2. Treasury Campaign, 1986
  • 3. Gubernatorial Campaign, 1990
  • 4. Gubernatorial Campaign, 1994
Other Formats of Material:
This material is arranged in the following main series:
  • 1. Photographs
  • 2. Books
  • 3. Audio Collection
  • 4. Video Collection
  • 5. Computer Disks
  • 6. Artifacts
  • 7. Oversize Material
Additions to the Ann Richards Papers
This material is arranged in the following main series:
  • 1. Treasury Papers
  • 2. Gubernatorial Papers
  • 3. Personal Papers
  • 4. Photographs
  • 5. Books
  • 6. Artifacts and Gifts
  • 7. Audiovisual Material
  • 8. Oversize Material


Access Restrictions

Portions of this collection are restricted.

All official records from Richards' term as governor and treasurer are open for research unless otherwise specified in the finding aid. Because of the possibility that portions of these records fall under Public Information Act, a staff member must review these records before they can be accessed for research. The records may be requested for research under the provisions of the Public Information Act (V.T.C.A., Government Code Chapter 552). The researcher may contact the repository for more information. See series descriptions in the gubernatorial and treasury records for specific restrictions due to exceptions to public disclosure in the Public Information Act [formerly Open Records Act]. (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 552.)

Use Restrictions

Portions of this collection are stored remotely; advance notice is required for retrieval; contact repository for retrieval.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Ann W. Richards Papers, 1933-2000, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Gubernatorial Records 1991-1995
(ca. 1000 ft.)

Scope and Contents of the Gubernatorial Records
Ann Richards served as Governor of Texas from January 15, 1991 to January 17, 1995. During her term in office, a state lottery was approved, the North American Free Trade Agreement was passed, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Texas, and the prison system doubled in size. Records in this series include correspondence, staff files, press releases, reports, speeches, appointment files, and schedules created during Richards' term as governor from 1991-1995. Ann Richards also served as Travis County Commissioner from 1977-1983, and Texas State Treasurer from 1983-1991. Records from these offices can be found immediately following the Gubernatorial series.
Access Restrictions for the Gubernatorial Records
All official records from Richards' term as governor and treasurer are open for research unless otherwise specified in the finding aid. Because of the possibility that portions of these records fall under Public Information Act, a staff member must review these records before they can be accessed for research. The records may be requested for research under the provisions of the Public Information Act (V.T.C.A., Government Code Chapter 552). The researcher may contact the repository for more information. See series descriptions in the gubernatorial and treasury records for specific restrictions due to exceptions to public disclosure in the Public Information Act [formerly Open Records Act]. (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Section 552.)


Executive Staff Files:

Chief of Staff John Fainter's Files, 1986, 1989-1995, undated (bulk 1993-1994)
(10 ft.)
Scope and Contents of John Fainter's Files
Records are correspondence, memoranda, reports, lists, press releases, clippings, guides, court records, organization charts, audit plans, policy statements, minutes, agenda, financial records, printed material, and a videotape dating from 1986, 1989-1995 (bulk 1993-1994). These are the files of John Fainter, who served as Governor Richards' Chief of Staff from 1993 to 1995. Included in the Fainter files are some materials from his predecessors. Fainter replaced Paul Williams in January 1993. Williams had replaced Mary Beth Rogers as chief of staff in 1992. Subjects include criminal justice, prison overcrowding and expansion, education, the Edwards Aquifer, the Superconducting Supercollider, legislation, litigation, state agencies including the Bond Review Board and the Public Finance Authority, and offices within the Governor's Office, such as the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities and the Crime Victim Clearinghouse. Fainter's files are divided between subject files and correspondence. Subject files are in alphabetical order. Correspondence is in numerical order, which is chronological by date logged in the Governor's Office computer system.
95-019/746 (05607354)Chief of Staff John Fainter's Files:
AHS Foundation [Stephen F. Austin High School Continuing Education Foundation, Inc.], 1994
Board of directors
Articles of incorporation
Certificate of incorporation
Anthony Commission on Public Finance, 1989, 1993
Advisory list
Report, "Preserving the Federal-State-Local Partnership: The Role of Tax-Exempt Financing"
Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Texas Commission on, 1992-1993
Management reports
Texas Criminal Justice Treatment Initiative
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 1992-1994
Governor's Office ADA compliance process
Requirements for compliance
ADA Self-Evaluation Guide for Public Entities
ADA Title II highlights
Questions and answers
Attorney General of Texas, 1992, 1994
Ruiz prison case, final judgment
Reorganization of Attorney General's Office
Abuse of Endangered Species act
Auditor, State, 1991-1994
Mission statement
Report on accountability
Audit plan
Financial and compliance audit results
Audit draft report, Overview of Construction in Texas
[Exception to public disclosure, SAO working papers removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
[Confidential personnel items removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Banking, undated
Nationwide Banking bank consolidation
Southern Governors' Association
Bell Helicopter, 1993
Sale to Mexican Air Force
Biographical sketches of Bell representatives
Briefing material
Bond Review Board, 1993-1994
Annual report, 1993
Meeting information and minutes
Texas Financial Update
Report on the Public School Finance Program
Border, 1993-1994
Issues, funding needs, reports
Laredo Bridge
Bracewell & Patterson, [empty]
Budget, FY 1996-1997
Request for legislative appropriations, FY 1996-1997
General Services Commission layoffs
Budget hearings, 1992-1993
Salary increases for executive directors
Joint hearing of the Texas Veterinary Medical Center
Bullock, Bob, [empty]
Clinton, Bill, FY 1994 budget analysis, 1993
Programs of interest to Texas
Coast Guard, 1994
Printed material
Academy admissions
Comptroller's Office, undated
Criminal Justice Department performance review
Fund recommendations
Clean fuels, 1994
Texas Clean Fuels Alliance
Reformulated gasoline
A, 1994
[M.E.] Allison & Company, Inc.
Historically Underutilized Businesses
B, 1991-1994
Bexar County petition on endangered cave invertebrates
Brennan, Wendy
C, 1993-1994
Coneway, Peter
[Texas] Capitol Restoration Project
Opening of Capitol to public
D, 1993-1994
Dietrich, Jerry, RUST Environment & Infrastructure
McDonnel Douglas, Douglas Aircraft Company
E, 1993
[Fair] employment, Northern Ireland
F, 1994
Fulbright & Jaworski
Bexar County endangered species petition
Fire Protection, Texas Commission on
G, 1993-1994
Governor's Business Council
Goldman Sachs/University of Texas System's Endowment Assets
H, 1994
Health in transition
Huntington/Pacific Ceramics
Hill, Kim Quaile, organization chart of Governor's Office
I, [empty]
J, [empty]
L, 1994
Lockheed Missiles & Space Company, Inc.
La Paz Agreement
Lower Laguna Madre litigation
Landsman, Richard, School Land Board activities
M, 1994
Mann, Jim, Mobil Corporation Cotton Bowl
MALDEF [Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund] resolution
Martin, Jack
N, [empty]
[Scheduling notes written inside folder were copied]
O, [empty]
P, 1993-1994
Perot, Ross, Fort Worth Alliance Airport project
Pouland, John, HARC grant application
Private Industry Councils, Texas Association of
Personnel action summary
Presidential Search Committee, Texas A&M at Prairie View
R, 1994
Read-Poland & Associates, Tiltrotor Task Force Support of V-22 Osprey
S, 1994
Star Coach, Inc. business plan
T, 1994
Trotter, Robert S., Jr.
Request for interview with John Fainter
TRS [Teacher Retirement System of Texas] Board meeting
Texas Growth Fund, job creation in Texas
U-Z, 1993
Verduzco, Jorge
Request for Governor Richards to give commencement speech for Suffolk University School of Law
Credit union, 1992-1993
Texas Share Guaranty Credit Union
Chronology of events and actions
Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance Credit Union
Sealed exhibits
[Confidential items removed and destroyed by Texas State Library]
[Confidential items removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Crime Victims Clearing house, 1994
Summit report
Press release
Criminal Justice, Texas Board of, 1993-1994
Board agenda
Criminal Justice Policy Council
Analysis of changes
Juvenile summit proposal
Mission statement
Prison expansion program report
Prison overcrowding
Task Force on Recidivism reports
Prison bed construction
Criminal justice file, 1992-1994
Prison overcrowding
Prison expansion
Audit of prison capacity
Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Advisory Board Report
Jail population report
Task Force on Recidivism report
Criminal Justice Policy Council publications
"A Briefing on State Jail Felon Dynamics"
"Alien Offenders in the Texas Correctional System"
"Crime, Corrections and Criminal Justice Overview"
State jail felony implementation plan
Offenders sentenced under federal guidelines sentencing
Sex offender and substance abuse treatment programs
New Penal Code
Restructuring of Department of Criminal Justice
Jail beds
Inmate assaults on officers
"A Sourcebook of Arrest and Sentencing Dynamics by Race"
Report on legislation
Dalfort Aviation, 1994
[Correspondence subject to attorney-client privilege removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Dallas initiative, 1993
Juvenile violence/violence in schools
Safety and security initiatives
LACEY [Learning Alternative Center for Expelled Youth]
Democratic Governors' Association, 1992-1993
President Clinton's Economics Program
Dental Examiners, Board of, 1994
Abolishing the board
Agreement between Texas Dental Association and Texas
Dental Hygienist Association
Disabilities, Governor's Committee on People with, 1992-1993
Annual report, 1992
Long-range plan, 1993
Report on Americans with Disabilities Act
Drugs, War on, 1991
Grant application
East Texas Council of Governments, 1993
Job Training Partnership Act funds/ program
Education, 1990-1991, 1994, undated
Summary of work of Education Advisory Committee
Education issues
Texas Education Code
Ann Richards' education goals
Local Texas coalitions by region
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Education Assistance Fund
"The New Texas Schools: A Progress Report," 1991
SB 642
Effects on Cook County Junior College
Education accountability, 1993
Educational Economic Policy Center
Report on public school accountability
"A New Accountability System for Texas Public Schools"
Edwards Aquifer, 1993-1994
Analysis of population/voter registration [Hispanic versus non-Hispanic]
MALDEF [Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund]
U.S. Department of Justice
Edwards Underground Water District
SB 1477, Edwards Aquifer Authority
HB 1942, Districting
[Memoranda regarding settlement subject to attorney-client privilege removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
El Paso Electric, 1992-1993
Merger with Central and South West Corporation
Speech, David Wiggs, President of El Paso Electric
Annual report, 1992
Environmental, 1994
Endangered species
Gulf Intracoastal Waterway
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
95-019/748(05611908)Energy, 1994
Alternative fuels
Energy storage
Reformulated Gasoline
Clean Air Act
Printed material
Emergency Expansion Program (for prison overcrowding), 1994
Emergency management, 1991, 1993
Hurricane preparedness
Hurricane Andrew
Employees Retirement System of Texas, 1994
Financial/money issues
Fainter's hold files
Attorney General, 1993-1994
Railroad Commission regulations
Base closures, 1993-1994
Border, 1994
South Texas Border Initiative
University development
Education of illegal aliens
International bridge
Boyd, Bill, 1993
Texas Water Commission
Bob Bullock
Special Deputy Receiver work
Budget, 1994-1995
Various membership organizations
Branches of Governor's office
Travel expenditures
Various agencies
General revenue
Casino gaming, 1994
Harrah's Casinos
Tax revenue
Impact on unemployment
Center for Public Policy dispute resolution, 1993-1994
University of Texas School of Law
Civil rights office [U.S. Department of Education], 1994
Higher education
Tuition Revenue Bonds
Commerce, Texas Department of, 1994
Private sector jobs in Texas
Crime statistics, 1992-1994
Regions for state jail felony facilities
Bed distribution by region
State jail facilities
Actions taken
Region 7 county judges
CJD [Criminal Justice Department], 1993-1994
Paid telephone services for Texas inmates
State jail beds/overcrowding
Jail Commission's populations report board meeting
Jail site selection
Bed costs
Alberti vs. state jail
Consolidation Re-engineering
CJD wage rates for construction
Responses to Texas Performance Review
Parole in absentia
CJD strategic planning
Criminal Justice Board, 1993-1994
Policy issues/changes
Location of state jail beds
Reform measures of Criminal Justice System
Wage problem
Expediting release of paroled inmates
Prison construction
Dallas Education Center, 1993-1994
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board
Rules for approval of teaching centers
Dental Board, 1994
Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
Dental Practice Act
Meeting minutes
Complaints and disciplinary actions
TSBDE Sunset action
Eagle Pass bridge, 1994
Summary, chronology
Education, 1993-1994
School reform and higher education development
Texas Education Agency (TEA)
Governor's video on education reform [script]
Report, 1993-1994 School District Budgets in Texas
El Paso Electric, 1993
Speech by Larry Francis, mayor of El Paso
Emergency management, 1994
Budgeting for disaster contingencies
Environment, 1994
Save Barton Creek Association
Protection of Laguna Madre
Barton Creek Task Force/SOS Coalition
Mary Arnold
SOS and Freeport negotiations [tape transcript]
Fainter resignation from Metropolitan Club, 1994
Fish & Wildlife [U.S. Department of Interior], 1993-1994
Endangered cave invertebrates in Bexar County
Fuel/Energy, 1993
HARC [Houston Area Advanced Research Center]
Natural gas and clean air
Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage Technology Development Program
Texas Public Finance Authority
Alternative Fuels Loan Program
Oil overcharge summary report
Funding sources expenditure report
Resolution to pay HARC $3.75 million from oil overcharge fund
Oxygenated Fuels Association
Reformulated gasoline
Clean Air Act
Environmental Working Group
Public Utility Commission of Texas
General Land Office, 1993
Underutilized state agency land
Problems of the Texas Gulf Coast
General Services Commission, 1993-1994
Construction of parking garage
[Texas] Guaranteed Student Loan Fund, 1993
Restructuring and diversification
Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, 1994
Disposal options for Port Isabel to Arroyo Colorado and Channel Harlingen Project
High speed rail, 1994
Texas High Speed Rail Authority
Houston ship channel [bridge], 1993
Immigration, 1993-1994
MALDEF [Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund]
Interim immigration position statement
Statement by Ann Richards on SLIAG [State Legalization Impact Assistance Grant] funds
Insurance, Department of, 1993-1994
Workers' compensation
Legislative Oversight Committee meeting
Integrated resource planning, 1993-1994
Impacts upon litigation
SB 498, PUC Sunset Bill/Telecommunications
Juvenile violence, 1993-1994
Ann Richards' Juvenile Justice Plan
Legal, 1994
Richards' office business records affidavit
"Regulatory takings" decision by Supreme Court
Texas Code of Criminal Procedure
State habeas reform in capital cases
Williamson Pointe Venture
John K. Condon v. City of Austin environmental case
Tax freeze loss
Tigua gaming lawsuit
Archive training session
Republican Party of Texas v. Ann Richards
Morales v. Ellen
City of Houston v. Houston Chronicle Publishing Company
Department of Public Safety v. Gilbreath
Houston Chronicle v. Jim Mattox
Printed material
Richards' office phone calls
Destruction of phone records by Richards' office
Lottery, 1994
GTECH Corporation
Merrill-Lynch, 1993-1994
Quarterly reports
Utility Industry Opinions on Regulation (by state)
Military, 1994
The B-2 Bomber and its Industrial Base
Minority business community, undated
Executive Education Program
National Guard, 1993-1994
Deaths of three National Guard soldiers, Fort Hood, 1993
Department of Defense
FY 1994 Reserve Component
Reduction plan
Unit inactivation
Article, National Guard drugs smuggling charge
National Guard background information
NCCI [National Council on Compensation Insurance], 1994
Background information
Board meeting
Board of Directors meeting agenda
Pardons and Paroles, Texas State Board of, 1993-1994
Special review cases
Parole and release
Raul Meza, residency in Travis County
Parker, Carl, 1993
Bethlehem Shipyard's bid for rig refurbishment, Port Arthur (creating jobs in Texas)
Parks & Wildlife/General Land Office, 1993
Acquisition of Burleson Road tract
Smith School Road Development Tract
[Texas] Racing Commission, 1994
Appointment of commission chair
Retirement System, Teacher, (TRS), 1994
SB 1181, Transfer of retirement from Teacher Retirement System to Employee Retirement System
Board notes
Ethics committees
Bylaws of the board
Printed material
"Teacher Retirement in Texas"
Status of 1993 legislative action
Sunset Review questionnaire
Sale of property
Selecting sales broker
Real Estate Finance Committee
Meeting agenda
General Policy Committee
Meeting agenda
Regional counseling sessions
State / federal office's priority issues, 1993
Health and Human Services
SWC [Southwest Conference], 1994
SSC [Superconducting Supercollider] update, 1994
SSC termination and settlement negotiations
[Correspondence subject to attorney-client privilege removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Texas A&M System, 1989-1990, 1994
Highway 47 right-of-way
[Correspondence administratively confidential removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Texas Department of Housing, 1994
Crime in public housing
Operation Safe Home
TNRCC [Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission], 1994
Outstanding National Resource Waters (ONRW)
Alternative / clean fuels
Water / sewer cases
Texas National Research Laboratory Commission, 1994
Shelton Smith
Superconducting Supercollider site
Settlement negotiations
[Correspondence subject to attorney-client privilege Removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Department of Energy
95-019/749(05265330)SB 81, early retirement, 1993
Benefits for retiring state employees
Bi-National Laredo Toll Road Project, 1993
Border Transportation Infrastructure Package
Petitions supporting Camino Colombia Toll Road
SB 242, Texas Turnpike Act
Testimony, Camino Colombia public hearing
Preliminary outline and executive summary
International Transportation Corridor Study
Texas Turnpike Authority, projects with Mexico
University of Texas, 1993
Development Board
Members list
Fall activities
Workers' compensation, 1993
Annual highlights of Texas Workers' Compensation Commission
Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Coverage
Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act
Youth Commission, 1994
Golden Triangle State School
Governor's Statewide Youth Summit
First Southwest Company, 1993
Investor Bargains in the Triple A Bond Market, Robert Godfrey and Diana York
Request for permission to use comment from Governor
Free Trade Agreement, North American, [NAFTA], 1993
Memorandum to President Clinton from Governor Richards
Gambling, 1992, 1994
Use of profits for welfare reform
Federal gaming tax
Texas riverboat gambling
General Services Commission, 1993
Electric services to state buildings in Austin
Revisions to interagency services
Governors' Association, National, January 1993
Priorities and objectives
The State Health Recruitment Center survey
Gary Graham execution, 1993
Correspondence and calls for and against execution
General Counsel / Legal, 1993, 1994
Louis Terrazas vs. Bob Slagle, 1993
Leonard Lozano vs. Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, 1993
Damages claim, 1994
[Items subject to attorney-client privilege removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
John Gray Institute, 1993
Proposal for Job Training Partnership Act Title III
Rapid Response Activities
Southwest Texas Labor Management Council
Office of Labor-Management Cooperation
Task Force on the Advancement of Labor-Management Relations
HL&P [Houston Lighting & Power], 1994
Duff and Phelps state regulatory rankings, electric
Harris County jail suit, 1991
Proposal for 400 bed intermediate sanction facility
Health & physical fitness, 1992
Governor's Commission on Health and Physical Fitness
Questions and answers
Housing, 1993-1994
Cameron County grant
Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs
Housing Trust Fund, funding of
Dallas Housing and Urban Development partnership project
Operation Safe Home
Human Rights, Texas Commission on, 1993
East Texas Education and Outreach Project
Fair housing
Ku Klux Klan
IAF [Industrial Areas Foundation], undated
Proposal to establish Investment Capital Fund for grants to public schools
Insurance, 1992-1994
TAIP [Texas Automobile Insurance Plan]
Texas Department of Insurance Sunset Commission
Cost estimates
Texas Department of Insurance
Amendments to Insurance Code
"The Actuary as Businessman"
Internal audit plan, 1994
Governor's Office audit plan
Schedule of audits
Jail information, 1992-1993
1992 report, "Jail Backlog Protection FY 1993-1998"
1993 report, "Projected State Jail Felony Population by Gender and Region, 1995-1996"
Jail Standards, Texas Commission on, 1994
Tyler map
Emergency beds and facilities
Judicial selection, 1993
LULAC [League of United Latin American Citizens] v. Attorney General of Texas
Dan Morales' judicial elections proposal
Laredo bridge (Northwest International Bridge IV), 1992, 1994
Environmental assessment for new railroad bridge in Laredo
Laredo National Bank [empty]
Law Enforcement Officer Standards & Education, Texas Commission on, 1994
Organizational chart
Legislative appropriations, 1992
Budget hearings
Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Legislative, 1993
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Sunset Bill
73rd Legislature, 1993
House Research Organization rules
Summary of legislative action on agencies under Sunset
Report on legislation of interest to regional councils
74th Legislature, 1994
Draft, Texas Department of Insurance staff suggestions for changes to Insurance Code
SB 1029, SOS [Save Our Springs], 1993
Construction and environmental legislation
Legislative [empty]
Mayors United on Safety, Crime and Law Enforcement (MUSCLE), 1992
Meetings [empty]
Mendelsohn, Les, 1993
Consumer complaint with water service
Mexico, 1993
Governor's Border Working Group
Biographical information on Manuel Cavazos Lerma, Governor-elect of Tamaulipas
Miscellaneous, 1994
Request for 1994 Governor's State of the State Address
National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA), 1993-1994
[Photograph of space rover removed]
Robotic Mars mission
Johnson Space Center
Plan for obtaining early space projects
National Guard, 1992-1994
ESGR Bosslift to Naval Air Station, Key West, Florida
Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR)
Promotional materials
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), [199?]
Information on NAFTA from Greater Houston Partnership
[2 computer disks of NAFTA documents and congressional addresses removed and placed with Ann Richards' computer disks]
Briefing by John Fainter
Fact sheets on NAFTA
Governor's speech, Matamoros
Texas exports to Mexico
Texas delegation positions on NAFTA
Response of the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to the Perot/Choate NAFTA book
Natural Resource Conservation Commission, 1993
Organizational chart
[3 personal letters were removed to 97-185/1 from John Fainter's files and RESTRICTED]
95-019/750(05265590)[U.S. Department of Energy] Pantex Facility, 1993-1994
Jobs available
Storage of Plutonium
Plant history
Nuclear weapons
Survey of Public Attitudes in the Texas Panhandle
Draft, "Proposed Research Facility at Pantex, Amarillo, Texas"
[Confidential draft report removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Texas Bond Review Board minutes, July 1993
Pardons and Paroles, 1992, 1994
Complaints of parole officers
Denials of parole
Michael Blair case
Early release
Parks & Wildlife "Budweiser Project", 1993
Fundraising program
Printed material
Advertising samples (photocopied)
"Budweiser Supports Texas Parks and Wildlife"
Pegasus, (Mobile Solar's project), 1992-1993
Wind/solar power
Central and Southwest Corporation Renewable Energy Project
Electric Power Research Institute Journal, December 1992
Personnel Action Summaries, [non-confidential] 1994
Governor's Office staffs racial and genders statistics
Prisons, 1993-1994
Emergency Expansion Program
Ruiz & Prison Overcrowding, 1987
Strategies to Relieve Jail Backlog
Backlog of State Inmates in County Jails
Criminal Justice Policy Council
Review of Sentencing Reforms
Response to Alberti order
Alberti meeting
Approvals for parole
Alberti/Harris County Jails
Alberti litigation
Recommendations of Texas Board of Criminal Justice
Project RIO director
Lawrence R. Alberti v. Sheriff of Harris County
John Sharp performance review of Texas Criminal Justice System press release and clippings
Harris County proposal
Case summaries
Prisons (hold)
Strategy Options for Reducing County Jail Backlog
Prison total bed summary figures, 1994
Protective and Regulatory Services, Texas Department of, 1994
Audit report
Review of management controls
Protocol (for the deceased), undated
Procedure for recognition of the deceased (proclamations)
Proper flag protocol
Public Finance Authority, Texas, 1993-1994
SB 977, Texas Public Finance Authority Act
Meeting minutes
Agency strategy plan
Supercollider Project, tax considerations
Public Safety, Texas Department of, 1993
Wilson E. Sperr Scholarship Fund
Texas Ranger Benevolent Fund
Public Safety Foundation, Texas, 1993
Queen Elizabeth's visit, 1991
Guest lists
Seating arrangements
Enhancements for the Royal Visit
Bob Bullock's guest list
Richards, Governor Ann, 1993
Distribution of dividend and interest payments on unclaimed property
Ruiz lawsuit, 1994
Prison bed expansion project
Ruiz v. Lynaugh case
Report of the Special Master in Response to April 22, 1994 Order
Sabine River Authority, 1993
List of board of directors
Recommendation of Tom Harrison to remain in Elections Division at Secretary of State's office
School Finance, 1992-1994
"The Governor's Good Schools Plan to Bring Equity and Success to the Classroom"
Questions and Answers about the Governor's Good Schools Plan
State contributions to the Capital
Employer sponsored public school students
"Survey of School Funding in the Fifty States"
"Paying for Public Education: New Evidence on How and Why Money Matters"
Proposal to exempt business properties from school property taxation
Youth Development District Proposal
Correspondence, general
Education Advisory Committee meeting agenda
Texas SAT score results, 1993
Progressive Consolidation Plan
SB 7, Amendment to the Texas Education Code
Notes on school district consolidation
Governor's Action Plan for Accountability in Education
Printed material on unequal school funding
Consolidation options
Memos regarding definitions of "officeholder contribution" and "officeholder expenditure"
SB 242, Transfer of Turnpike Project
Property Detachment and Annexation
Broad Brush Revenue Options for Resolving School Finance
Governor's office bill analysis
HB 2412, Amendment to Education Code
Secretary of State, 1991-1994
Report on the accomplishments of the Texas Secretary of State
Withdrawal of court submissions
Department of Justice objections to Legislature's creation of courts
Impact of Vera v. Richards case
Congressional redistricting
Special Elections for Senate District 3 and State Representative District 65
Lawsuit on Senator Haley's ineligibility
Affidavit regarding election ballots, June 1994
Security, Capitol, 1992-1994
Changes to lock systems
Seminar for state board members, 1993
Name tag, John Fainter
Americans with Disabilities Act information
Hypothetical work situations
Seminar evaluation form
Seminar agenda
Ethics laws for state employees
Speaker biographical information
List of participants
South Texas Higher Education Tuition Revenue Bonds, 1993
Presentation to House Appropriations Committee
Proposal to issue tuition revenue bonds
University of Texas System South Texas/Border Capital Improvements
Bill Cunningham's speech
United States/Mexico Free Trade Agreement
Funding for higher education
Border Region Development 1994-1995 Proposal Summary
University of Texas System informational brochure
Higher education appropriations issues
History of rate assumptions
Space station, 1994
NASA Space Technology Conference
Houston/Dallas luncheon lists
Steering Committee fax numbers
Booklet, "International Space Station"
Colorado Space Program
State Fed [Office of State/Federal Relations], 1993-1994
State Match Pool (SMP)
Stimulus package
Legislative Enactment of the Court Plan
Priority environmental issues for Congress
Evaluation summary of SMP applications
Summary report of SMP applications
V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor Aircraft
[Confidential memorandums removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Packet for Texas Task Force for Tiltrotor Technology mailing
SMP status report
Special invitation for applications, SMP
Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act
Update on GATT Bill
SMP work group meeting
95-019/751(05265625)State Preservation Board, 1993
Capitol Historical Furnishings Project
Capitol fund drive budget
Summerlee Commission on Texas History, 1992-1993
Report, 1992
Sunset Advisory Commission, 1993-1994
Proposed amendments to insurance legislation
Recommendations to the governor and the 73rd legislature
Staff reports
Racing Commission
Office of State-Federal Relations
Superconducting Supercollider (SSC), 1993-1994
Governor's Advisory Committee on the SSC
Texas National Research Laboratory Commission
Settlement with the United States Department of Energy
Termination of the project
Proposal for rephasing the project
Proposed future uses of SSC facilities
Design and construction charts and graphs
Sustainable Energy Development Council (SEDC), 1993-1994
Examination of sustainable energy sources
Meeting agendas
List of members
Operating procedures
Executive order establishing the SEDC
Workshop on renewable resources
Texas Open Meetings Handbook, 1992
Reusable electricity for the economy and environment
Renewable energy report of the STEPP energy efficiency committee
Texas A&M, 1993-1994
Legal matters
Texas Air Control Board, 1986, 1989-1991
Meeting minutes
Performance reports to the 71st and 72nd legislatures
Biographical sketches of board members
Summary of citizen complaints
Management problems
Agency evaluation
SB. 2, environmental regulations
Auditor's financial report
Strategic and operating plans
Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, 1993
Acting administrator's role
Texas Employment Commission [empty]
Texas International Stock Exchange, 1993
Preliminary prospectus
Texas National Research Laboratory Commission, 1994
Refinancing plan for Superconducting Supercollider project
Settlement, trusts, and funds management agreements
Texas Southern University, 1993
Inaugural address, TSU president Joann Horton
Inaugural program
Texas Supertrain, 1993
[VHS tape removed and placed with video collection]
95-019/752(05607296)Tiltrotor technology, 1993-1994
Effect of V-22 Osprey production on Texas economy
Texas Task Force for Tiltrotor Technology
Total quality management, 1993
Staff training
Questionnaires regarding staff satisfaction with meetings
Training classes, 1994
List of participants
Certificate, negotiating complex dispute
Transportation, 1993-1994
Railtrain project
Camino Columbia toll road
SH 290 toll road proposal
Statewide Transportation Enhancement Project
Maps, Laredo bridge
Construction of the Dewitt C. Greer
Texas Transportation Commission minute order
Tuition revenue bonds, 1993
Texas Surplus Property Agency, 1993
Plan to bring agency into compliance with State Auditor's Office
Turnpike Authority, 1993, undated
Transfer of assets to Dallas and Harris counties
Senate Bill 242
Dallas North Tollway
Toll road study
U.S. Trust annual report, 1992
University of Texas LBJ School of Public Affairs, Seminar for Texas State Board members meeting, 1994
Agenda, orientation, participants list
Biographies of speakers
Americans with Disabilities Act
University of Texas/South Texas, 1993
Uses of Available University Fund
South Texas Border Initiative
University of Texas System, 1991-1992, 1994
University outreach annual report, 1991-1992
Complaint regarding use of funds
[World War II] Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Proclamation, 1994
Waco, 1992-1993
Branch Davidian compound siege
Chronology of events
Water Commission, Texas [empty]
Water Conservation Association, Texas 1994
50th annual publication
Water Development Board, Texas, 1994
Luncheon with Texas Parks and Wildlife
Wagner-Peyser, 1993-1994
Texas Council on Workforce and Economic Competitiveness
Use of Wagner-Peyser funds
Workers' compensation, 1993-1994
Employee safety and health program
State risk management report
Sunset Advisory Commission agenda
Workforce and Economic Competitiveness Council, 1993-1994
Proposal regarding creation of Council
Tasks, agenda, timeline
Action items
Briefing materials
Fainter's speech at Council meeting
Youth Summit, 1993-1994
List of panel participants
Texas Youth Commission
95-019/753(05263029)Correspondence logged into computer October 1992 - August 1994
Incoming correspondence dated June 1992 - August 1994
Recommendations for appointments
Audits, internal
Certificate requests
Chiropractic Examiners, State Board of
Criminal Justice, Texas Department of
Dental Examiners, State Board of
Employees Retirement System
Health care reform
Insurance, Texas Department of
Ku Klux Klan
Medical Examiners, State Board of
NASA/Space industry
Natural Resource Conservation Commission
North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
Oil and gas
Pantex plant
Pardons and paroles
Security (Governor's)
Speeches and events
Superconducting Supercollider
Thank-you and congratulations letters
Tiltrotor technology
University of Texas relations
95-019/753b(07294420)Correspondence logged into computer September-December, 1994
Incoming correspondence dated May 1993 - December 1994
Border/Mexico relations
Bush, George W., transition
Current employees wishing to be considered for future employment
Criminal Justice, Texas Department of Accomplishments
Dental Board, Texas State
Edwards Aquifer
Employees Retirement System
Juvenile Justice
MALDEF [Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund]
Medical Examiners, Texas State Board of
Military base closures
Natural Resource Conservation Commission
Penal Code
Boot camps
Construction of
Richards, Ann W., race for re-election, 1994
Canvass of election results
University of Texas relations
Salary policies and goals
Veterans and VA hospitals
Workers' compensation
Correspondence received no time for filing December 1994 -
Bush, George W., transition to governor
Criminal Justice, Texas Department of
Ethics Commission
Job Training Partnership Act
Medical Examiners, Texas State Board of
Public Safety, Texas Department of
Public Utility Commission
Railway merger
Recommendation letters
Restoration of Secretary of State's Office
Support letters
Texas Task Force for Tiltrotor Technology
Thank-you letters to elected officials
95-263/G4(04928410)Mary Beth Rogers' files
Ann Richards voter favorability/poll results, October 1991
Available appointments, 1991
Future plans, Governor's Office, 1991
Agencies with directors appointed by the governor
Agencies with Governor's appointees in majority
1992 preliminary calendar
Major appointments
Major activities, Policy Council staff
Criminal justice
Government and technology
Health and Human Services
Regulatory agencies
New responsibilities
Ombudsman's Office
Special projects involving the governor
State agencies, future goals
Troubled state agencies
Deputy Chief of Staff Carl Richie's Files, 1973, 1979, 1985, 1988-1994,
(9 ft.)
Scope and Contents of Carl Richie's Files
Records are correspondence, memos, clippings, notes, legislative records, printed material, articles, lists, press releases, reports, invitations, and charts, dating from 1973, 1979, 1985, 1988-1994. These are the files of Carl Richie, one of Governor Ann Richards' deputy chiefs of staff. Richie was responsible for working with the Texas National Guard, the Division of Emergency Management, and the transition of functions to the Texas Ethics Commission. He also worked on minority issues, including historically underutilized businesses; discrimination suits, and historically black colleges. Some records from the Joint Select Committee on Historically Underutilized Businesses are included. Texas National Guard records cover reduction in force, racial discrimination complaints, and an investigation of drug smuggling. Division of Emergency Management records relate to disaster preparedness and aid to victims of floods, tornadoes, and other disasters. Materials relating to the Alamo property and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas are also among Richie's files. These include some records of the Alamo Plaza Study Committee. Some files are grouped by topic, others are arranged somewhat alphabetically.
95-019/961(05256920)Deputy Chief of Staff Carl Richie's Files:
A & M University, 1992-1993
Arts, Texas Commission on the, 1992
Council on Competitive Government, 1993
Correspondence, memos to Ann Richards, 1991-1994
Correspondence, general, 1991-1994
Criminal justice, 1992-1993
Drug Advisory Board, Texas Narcotics Control Program, 1992
Public hearings agenda
Elections (mock), 1992
Ethics, 1991
Ethics Commission Task Force, 1991-1993
Ethics, general, 1973, 1991-1993
Ethics training, City of Houston, July 14, 1994
Flags at half staff, 1993-1994
Governors Executive Development Program:
Class XII, 1993
Class XIII, general information, 1994
HISD [Houston Independent School District] fiasco, 1994
Historically black colleges and universities, 1991-1992
Human Services, Department of, 1992-1993
Boys Rites of Passage
Invitations (Ann Richards' invitations through Carl Richie), 1994
95-019/932(05262150)Judicial redistricting, 1989-1993
June 19 bill signing, 1991, 1993-1994
Civil rights bill signing
Hate crimes bill signing
Juneteenth celebrations
Leadership meeting, 1992-1993
"Leadership Through Self-Differentiation" by Rabbi Edwin H. Friedman
MLK [Martin Luther King Jr.] day care, 1994
Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center daycare
MLK [Martin Luther King Jr.] holiday, 1991-1994
Bill signing
Celebration and events
The King Center
Nonviolent crisis management
Response to Rodney King verdict
NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored
People], 1991-1994
Conventions and banquets
Clippings on racial issues
Political opinions regarding legislation
Meetings with Governor's Office
Non-violent program, 1992
Interracial conflict resolution training program
Opportunity Knocks for Juveniles, 1994
Operation Safe Home
Juvenile Justice substance abuse treatment plan
Safe schools
Fighting youth violence
Prairie View A & M University, 1990-1994
Presidential search
National Alumni Convention
Russian winter campaign, 1991
Medical assistance for the Soviet Union
Somalia, 1992
Horn of Africa Relief and Development Organization
Strategic planning, 1991-1992
Texas Southern University, 1992-1994
Rebuilding / Transportation funds
HEAF [Higher Education Assistance Fund]
TQM [Total Quality Management] training, 1993
Youth summit, 1993-1994
Operation Safe Schools
95-019/936(05262230)Alamo/Daughters of the Republic of Texas (DRT), 1979, 1985, 1990, 1994
[3 folders]
Alamo Plaza Study Committee
Closing of Alamo Plaza East Street
Alamo title documentation
"Illustrations of Biased Newspaper Attacks on the DRT"
Master plan reports
Proceedings of the 103rd annual convention, 1994
Rights of the Governor and Daughters of the Republic of Texas over the Alamo
General Services Commission
Historically underutilized businesses (HUBs):
Executive Order AWR 93-7, 1993
Encouraging HUB contracting
Four Thirteen Inc./General Services Commission contract, Silverton Construction Co., 1993-1994
HUB general correspondence, 1991-1994
HUB program, 1991, 1993-1994
Program overview
Joint Select Committee on HUBs, 1991, 1994
Legislation affecting HUBs, 1992-1993
State agencies' HUB program, 1993-1994
Policies, procedures, manuals concerning HUBs, 1993-1994
95-019/952(05261657)Division of Emergency Management:
Overview, 1993-1994
Texas National Guard:
Reserve reduction plan, 1994
General correspondence, 1992-1994
Ombudsman, 1992
Personnel, 1992-1994
[Confidential items removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Deactivation of guard units in Texas, 1992-1993
Governor Lawton Chiles' bill, 1993-1994
Hog log, 1994
Medretes/health programs, 1992-1994
Reorganization, 1992
Commander-in-chief scope of powers, undated
Muster Day, 1993-1994
Out-of-country reports, 1992-1994
Youth opportunities programs, 1992, 1994
Adjutant General's Department personnel information, 1992
[Confidential items removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Texas National Guard, 1993-1994
Joint state/federal Texas National Guard investigation, 1991-1994
95-263/G4(04928410)Division of Emergency Management (DEM)
Southeast Texas area flooding, October 1994
Texas National Guard
Investigation, 1992-1994
95-019/929(05260280)Texas National Guard
Equal opportunity/minority representation, 1994
Proposed components of a program conducted by the military for Texas at-risk youth, [199?]
Drug Demand Reduction Program, 1993
STARBASE Youth Program
Complaints and investigations, 1991-1994
[Items subject to attorney-client privilege removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Recommendations for settling discrimination complaints, 1993-1994
[Items subject to attorney-client privilege removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Statutes and ethnic profile, 1992
[2 folders]
Texas National Guard reference book, Volume 1, 1994
Division of Emergency Management
Manual, 1994
[3 folders]
Division of Emergency Management, manual, 1991-1992
Appointments by city, [non-confidential] 1993
African-American appointees
University of Texas Board of Regents
"Good Board" list
NAACP's candidates for State Board and Commission appointments
[Removed to 95-019/805b and RESTRICTED]
Meetings with Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth appointees, 1992-1994
Agenda and legislative overview
Legislation affecting Historically Underutilized Businesses, 73rd Legislature
Richards' Legislative accomplishments, 1993
New board positions
Governor's appointments, by county
Treasurer's appointment
Floor discussion
Future goals and meetings
Black Caucus Members' Committee assignments
Policy Council
Staff duties and assignments
Key African-American staff members in state agencies
Public school finances amendments
Governor's Policy Budget, 1994-1995
African-American appointees, 1994
African-American Legislative Summit Report, 1994
"Strategic Planning for African American Leaders"
[Ethics] Seminar for Texas state board members, 1991-1992
[2 folders]
Appointments process
Texas State Board members
Biographical information
Richards' State of the State Address, 1991
Barbara Jordan's eleven core principles of ethics
Index to clippings of alleged ethics violations by federal employees, 1987
Laws pertaining to gubernatorial appointees and state employees
New appointments to state boards and commissions
Blueprint for the New Texas, 1991
The Governor's mansion brochure
Notes on ethics
New board member budget concerns
Building from the Blueprint: A Plan for Texas State Government, 1991
Orientation for Texas State Board members
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Black caucus, 73rd Legislature, 1993
Bills that passed
Committee assignments
Explanations of individual bills
World Cup soccer event in Dallas, 1993
World Cup, 1994
Texas National Guard World Cup Soccer support
Hurricane Polly 1993 exercise evaluation, 1993
95-019/943(05262605)Division of Emergency Management (DEM)
Agricultural requests, 1991-1994
Anderson County
Andrews County
Aransas County
Bailey County
Bell County
Camp County
Carson County
Cherokee County
Childress County
Clay County
City of Cleburne
Colorado City
Coryell County
Cottle County
Collingsworth County
Culberson County
Dallam County
Deaf Smith County
Duval County
El Paso County
Ellis County
Falls County
Fisher County
Foard County
Freestone County
Garza County
Hansford County
Hardeman County
Harris County
Hemphill County
Hidalgo County
Houston County
Howard County
Hunt County
Irion County
Johnson County
Jones County
Kerr County
Kimble County
Kinney County
La Salle County
Lampasas County
Liberty County
Limestone County
Lipscomb County
City of Lubbock
Marion County
Martin County
Mason County
Maverick County
McLennan County
Medina County
Menard County
Milam County
Montague County
Ochiltree County
Panola County
Pecos County
Reagan and Brewster Counties
Reeves County
Robertson County
Schleicher County
Sherman County
Swisher County
Terrell County
Uvalde County
Wharton County
Wheeler County
Wichita County
Wilbarger County
Wilson County
Zavala County
Cameron County flooding, April 5-6, 1991
General correspondence and memoranda, 1991-1994
Briefings on hurricane preparedness, 1994
Emergency preparedness planning, 1992-1994
Fires, general, 1991-1994
Fires, Hutchinson County, 1990-1991
[Photographs of fire damage removed]
Fire suppression, 1988-1989, 1993-1994
95-019/960(05261453)Division of Emergency Management (DEM):
Flooding, Southeast Texas, October 14, 1994
Correspondence, 1994
Federal disaster declaration requests
Flood recovery booklet, 1994
Summary of state employee/agency activities, 1994
[Photographs removed]
Newsletters/disaster summary, 1994
Miscellaneous, 1994
Counties declared disaster areas
Disaster proclamations and executive order
River Summary Update
Flood estimates
U.S. Department of Labor
Services available
Galveston County Mayors and Councilmen's Association, 1994
Hurricane evacuation planning
General counsel replies
Suspension of rules in the event of an emergency, 1994
Green Valley Farms Road, 1991
[Photographs removed]
Hurricane Andrew, Florida trip, August 17-19, 1993
Hurricane Andrew, 1992
Killeen incident, 1991-1992
Shooting rampage at Luby's Restaurant
Presidential disaster declaration, Panhandle cotton corp, September 9, 1992
Red Cross, 1991-1993
Sam Kane Beef Processors, 1991
Fire at processing plant
SBA [Small Business Administration]
Texas Shrimpers Association, 1992-1993
Poor shrimp crop
Storms, Callahan and Lampasas counties, May 26-29, 1994
Dallas County, 1994
Harris County, 1992-1993
Starr County, 1991, 1993
Wylie, 1993
Tropical Storm Arlene disaster request, 1993
97-185/6(06839173)African-Americans/Minorities, 1992-1994
Report, overrepresentation of minority youth in the Texas juvenile justice system
Department of Public Safety, minority hiring and promotions
Ecumenical Program for Urban Service
National Conference of Christians and Jews
Racist behavior of college students
Texas Legislative Black Caucus
Post-Apartheid Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership Council
Texas National Guard investigation
National Medical Association
Meetings with African-American leaders
Houston community
Jesse Jackson
Texas Commission on Human Rights
Incoming correspondence, 1991-1994
Biographical sketch, Carl Richie
Governor's Good Schools Plan
Hurricane preparedness
Water quality
Council on Competitive Government
Minority representation in criminal justice system
MIA [Minorities in Action]
Higher education
Child Support
Super Conducting Supercollider
Deputy Chief of Staff Joy Anderson's Files, 1993-1994,
(4 ft.)
Scope and Contents of Joy Anderson's Files
Records are correspondence, forms, memos, clippings, questions, photographs, audiocassettes, and videotapes, dating from 1993-1994. These are the files of Joy Anderson, one of Governor Richards' deputy chiefs of staff. Anderson was responsible for coordinating the Capital for a Day program, which brought state government to the people. The governor, statewide elected officials, and major state agency heads visited cities around Texas to hear from citizens about their concerns, events in their cities, and how state government could help. During the day, capital offices were open to give citizens a chance to meet agency representatives. In the evening, a town hall meeting was held to give citizens the opportunity to ask questions of government officials. Cities serving as Capital for a Day included Carthage, Paris, Clear Lake, Abilene, Kingsville, Temple, Bryan, Beaumont, Denison (Grayson County), Harlingen (Rio Grande Valley), and Wichita Falls. A few general files on the Capital for a Day program are mixed in with files for individual cities. Records are arranged chronologically, then by city. City files include town hall question cards, letterhead, press coverage, surveys, participant lists, name tag lists, travel information, schedules, contacts information, briefing books, maps, and follow-up correspondence.
95-019/906(05067220)Deputy Chief of Staff Joy Anderson's Files:
Capital for a Day (CFAD) files:
Agency profile sheets
Possible Capital for a Day sites
Aircraft Pooling Board records
Question/comment cards
Capital for a Day sites:
Carthage, September 2, 1993
Paris, September 30, 1993
Clear Lake, November 18, 1993
[Photographs removed]
Abilene, January 20, 1994
Wichita Falls, August 30, 1994
95-019/901(05256216)Kingsville, February 24, 1994
Temple, March 17, 1994
Bryan/College Station, April 28, 1994
Beaumont, May 24, 1994
Grayson County, June 30, 1994
Rio Grande Valley/Harlingen, July 28, 1994
95-019/947(05261850)Carthage Capital for a Day (CFAD), 1993
Wichita Falls and miscellaneous, 1994
Capital for a Day clippings, 1993-1994
Grayson County/Sherman
Harlingen/Rio Grande Valley
Capital for a Day press releases, 1993-1994
Bryan/College Station
Clear Lake
Paris Capital for a Day, 1993
Clear Lake Capital for a Day, 1993
Abilene Capital for a Day, 1994
Kingsville Capital for a Day, 1994
Temple Capital for a Day, 1994
Follow-up correspondence
Bryan/College Station Capital for a Day, 1994
Follow-up correspondence
Beaumont Capital for a Day, 1994
Follow-up correspondence
Capital for a Day
[2 tapes]
Bryan/College Station
[2 tapes]
Grayson County
[2 tapes]
Wichita Falls
[2 tapes]
VHS Videotapes
Capital for a Day
Clear Lake
Bryan/College Station
Grayson County
Rio Grande Valley
Wichita Falls
General Counsel Administrative Correspondence
60 Minutes
American Immigration, January 23, 1994
Proclamation files
"Don't Clown Around with Drugs"
Fourth and Fifth Grade, Granbury, TX
Executive Assistant Bill Ramsey's Files, 1991-1995,
(1 ft.)
Scope and Contents of Bill Ramsey's Files
Records are memos, correspondence, Xeroxes of photographs, brochures, a blueline, clippings, agenda, tables, recommendations, vitas, lists, proposals, and biographical sketches, dating from 1991-1995. These are the files of Bill Ramsey, who served as Governor Richards' executive assistant from 1992-1995. Ramsey replaced Paul Williams as the governor's executive assistant. Subjects include appointments, renovation of the Governors Office in the Capitol, criminal justice, and the Texas Women's Hall of Fame. Parts of the files are arranged alphabetically by subject, other files are arranged by material type.
95-019/754(05257140)Executive Assistant Bill Ramsey's Files:
State Preservation Board
Capitol Extension and Preservation Project
Furnishings for Governor's Office in Capitol, 1994
Office Design, 1994
Carpet sample
Floor plans, Governor's offices
Furnishings [samples, photocopies]
State Preservation Board correspondence
Governor's offices during renovation of Capitol [floor plan], 1994
[Blueline removed and placed in OS Folder 16, OD 8, 2.235]
Ann Richards memos, 1991-1992, 1994
Interior Capitol restoration
Meeting with Governor of Nuevo Leon
Ted Turner/Goodwill Games
Willie Nelson Capitol Restoration Fund benefit
Bill Ramsey's outgoing correspondence, 1993-1995
Art on loan for the Governor's Office
Cancer Council
Information sent from businesses
Recommendation letters
[Confidential resumes removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Revisions to Governor's suite
Safety inspection stickers
Bill Ramsey's incoming correspondence, 1991-1994
Justice For Children organization
Alleged failure of Children's Protective Services
NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement]
[Confidential resumes removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Superconducting Supercollider/Hazel O'Leary visit
Texas State Library
Photographic documentation of the Governor
Thank-you letters
Correspondence, 1992-1994
Budget cuts
Health and human services
Early release of prisoners
Joyce Sparks
Department of Protective and Regulatory Services
Waco/Branch Davidians
Justice For Children organization
Recommendation letter for White House chef
Appointment recommendations, 1992-1993
[Confidential resumes removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Budget, 1993
Bar graphs and tables
Budgets for various agencies
Projected budget demands, 1994-1995
Criminal Justice, 1992-1993
Employment recommendations, 1992
[Confidential resumes removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
73rd Legislature, 1993
Supporters of Pete Laney for Speaker of the Texas House
List of counties and their representatives
Probable legislation for 1993
Committee appointment lists by member and committee
Smart Jobs Training Plan [empty]
Silver, 1993-1994
USS TEXAS presentation silver
Supercollider, 1993
Correspondence, Ellis County judge
Use of Ellis County site
American Institute for Superconductivity Competitiveness (AISC)
Carol Vance, 1992
Battering Intervention and Prevention Project
Continuation of funding
Women - Hall of Fame, 1993
Biographical sketches of inductees
Aaronetta Pierce
Linda Louise Craft
Gabrielle Kirk McDonald
Annette Strauss
Gloria Rodriguez
Eleanor D. Montague
Ernestine V. Glossbrenner
Correspondence received (no time for filing) December 1994
Letters thanking various people for their support during Ramsey's tenure in the Governor's office
Department of Energy
Superconducting Supercollider
Texas Film Commission
Information on the Office of the Governor
Floor maps to the Capitol
List of Governor's office employees, positions, and salaries
Barbara Chapman's Files, 1990-1995,
(2 ft.)
Scope and Contents of Barbara Chapman's Files
Records are correspondence, lists and newsletters dating from 1990-1995. These are the files of Barbara Chapman, who served as special assistant to Governor Richards's chiefs of staff. Subjects covered include Governor's Office policies and procedures, Wagner-Peyser funds, and appointments. Arrangement is somewhat alphabetical.
95-019/752(05607296)Barbara Chapman's Files:
Benefit for Doug Chastain, 1994
Capitol extension, 1992
Maps/floor plans for orientation to new building
Commemorative postage stamp, 1995
Deceased, 1993-1995
Department of Public Safety officer, 1995
Presidential proclamation regarding death of General James Doolittle, 1993
Procedure for flying flag at half-mast, 1993
Disability information, 1994 and undated
Governor's Office policies and procedures
Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities
Sources for brailling, captioning, interpreters, and taping
Americans with Disabilities Act
Emergency management, 1994
Mass Fatalities Incident course
State of Texas disaster declaration by President after storms
Ethics, 1991-1992
Gubernatorial gifts
Conduct laws
Governor's Office ethics policy
Furniture, 1992-1994
Furnishings for Governor's Office
Holidays, 1993-1994
Lists of holiday schedules
Proclamation, day of mourning for Richard Nixon
Laws regarding holidays for state employees
Insurance, 1991, undated
The Ann Richards Insurance Policy
Signing of Omnibus Insurance Reform Bill
Insurance legislation
Ann Richards' testimony before the House Insurance Committee
Op-ed by Ann Richards regarding insurance reform
Constituent correspondence regarding insurance
Interns, 1991-1992, 1994
[Confidential resumes removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Jail beds, 1993-1994
Emergency prison bed expansion program
Comptroller's review of jail bed capacity
Jail overcrowding/construction of new beds
Mission statements, Governor, undated
Newsletters, 1995
Open Meetings Act/Open Records Act, 1990, 1993-1994
[Confidential General Counsel memo regarding Superconducting Supercollider removed and RESTRICTED]
Open records decision regarding Superconducting Supercollider
Law defining public record
Governor's Office retention schedule
Attorney General handbooks on open records and meetings
Phones, undated
List of phone features
Request for references, 1992-1994
List of Senators, districts, and a number, 1995
74th Legislature, Regular Session [votes on issue?]
State agencies, 1991, undated
Lists of state agencies and directors
Ann Richards' speech before executive state agency heads
Superconducting Supercollider
Status of settlement discussion
[Confidential memorandum removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Travel, 1993-1994
Policies for travel expenses
95-019/807(05263244)Appointments, 1992-1993
[Confidential items removed to 97-185/1 and RESTRICTED]
Wagner-Peyser funds, 1991-1992
Mass mailings, 1991-1994
Krystal Duncan's Files, 1991-1995,
(1 ft.)
Scope and Contents of Krystal Duncan's Files
Records are correspondence, lists, biographical sketches, and proclamations, dating from 1991-1995. Krystal Duncan, an administrative aide to Governor Ann Richards, created these files. Duncan was responsible for logging in and disposing of gifts, and dealing with burial requests and office furnishings. Records are arranged alphabetically by subject.
95-019/807(05263244)Krystal Duncan's Files:
Burial requests (in state cemetery), 1991-1992
Books, 1993-1995, undated
Biographical sketch, Ann Richards, undated
General services
List of gifts in storage, 1993-1995
Gifts sent to music office, 1993-1994
Weekly gift lists, 1994
Gifts, 1992-1994
Ann Richards memberships, 1992-1994
Miscellaneous, 1992, 1994
National Governors' Association seminar
Office plants and office furniture, 1993-1994
Travel, (Retention FE+3) 1993-1994
Recommendations for Federal Appointments, 1992-1995, [bulk 1993-1994],
(3 ft.)
Scope and Contents of the Recommendations for Federal Appointments
Records are correspondence, resumes, memos, notes, fax cover letters, and a few photographs, clippings, videotapes, speeches, questionnaires, and printed material. Files date from 1992-1995 (bulk 1993-1994) and contain recommendations from Governor Richards to the White House and Congress for federal appointees who were from Texas or who were friends or acquaintances. Other correspondents include nominees, White House staff, U.S. Congressmen, and others thanking Richards for recommendations or asking support for nominees. Recommendations were made while the Clinton-Gore transition team was filling positions and later as vacancies opened. Barbara Chapman, who was special assistant to the governor's chief of staff, created these files. Arrangement is alphabetical by name of nominee.
RESTRICTION: Records are restricted due to files containing information that is an exception to public disclosure: confidential judicial questionnaires. (V.T.C.A., Government Code, Sections 552.102) [Awaiting determination by State Archivist and/or Attorney General's Office.] Check with staff to determine how to review information in the files.
95-019/755(05265443)Federal appointments:
Abalos - Davis
95-019/761(05611919)De La Rosa - Kyles
95-019/759(05263030)Lansford - Yudof

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