University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Margaret Sandahl Thomas Photographs, 1880 - 2006

Creator Thomas, Margaret Sandahl, 1941-
Title: Margaret Sandahl Thomas photographs
Dates: 1880-2006
Abstract: Photographs represent Thomas' work for the Washington Post and freelance activities, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region. Subjects include scenes and events in Metropolitan Washington, D.C., from 1966 to 1996, and various horse shows and hunts in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, with particular emphasis on the Trakehner breed.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.00121
Extent: 13 linear feet (extent is approximate)
Quantity: 2 ft. papers; 1 tintype; 958 8x10 or smaller prints; 541 12x14 mounted and unmounted prints; 73 16x20 mounted and unmounted prints; 482 contact sheet images; 197 slides; 21,398 35mm negatives; 22 smaller than 35mm negatives; 512 2 x 1-1/2, 2, 3, and 4 in. negatives; 15 audiotapes; 1 videocassette; 2 books (unpublished); 2 rolled veloxes of newspaper
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Biographical Note

Born in Moose Lake, Minnesota, in 1941, Margaret Sandahl Thomas received her BFA from the Minneapolis School of Art (1963) and MFA from Ohio University (1965). She became the Washington Post's first female photojournalist in 1966, covering the Washington, D.C. area and, for three years, the White House. Since 1967, Thomas and her husband David have lived in Virginia and been active in the local fox-hunting community, the subject of much of her freelance work. In 1987 Thomas was the White House News Photographers Association's Still Photographer of the Year. She went on leave from the Washington Post in 1995 and enrolled in the photojournalism doctoral program at the University of Texas at Austin. She received her degree in 2007.

Scope and Contents

Photographs represent Thomas' work for the Washington Post and freelance activities, primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region. Subjects include scenes and events in Metropolitan Washington, D.C., from 1966 to 1996, and various horse shows and hunts in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, with particular emphasis on the Trakehner breed. Also included are images of and papers regarding members of the Sandahl, Nordstrom, and Walters families, in addition to Thomas' own correspondence, creative written work, and drawings, as well as published copies of her photographs.


Conditions Governing Access

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Conditions Governing Use

Margaret Thomas holds copyright on all freelance and personal materials. The Washington Post holds copyright on all assignment materials.

Index Terms

Personal Names
Dellon, A. Lee (Arnold Lee), 1944-
Espy, Mike, 1953-
Graham, Billy, 1918-2018
Kennedy, Robert F., 1925-1968.
Martin, Judith, 1938-
Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968
Thomas, Margaret Sandahl, 1941-
Family Names
Sandahl family
Corporate Names
American Trakehner Association
National Press Photographers Association (U.S.)
Old Dominion Hunt
University of Texas at Austin. Photojournalism Program
Washington Post Company
White House News Photographers Association
African American churches
Cistercian nuns
Fox hunting
Homeless persons
Hospital patients
Summit meetings
Unification of Germany (Germany : 1990)
Bosnia and Herzegovina
United States
Washington (D.C.) Metropolitan Area
Washington, D.C.
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Margaret Sandahl Thomas Photographs, 1880 - 2006, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Accession Numbers

98-035; 98-131; 98-223; 99-190; 2007-159; 2007-225; 2008-082

Archivist's Note

An asterisk (*) in the inventory indicates associated negatives.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Personal papers

3K202 [SRH1230017522] Autobiographical sketch, September 13, 1996
Interview with Margaret Thomas, transcript, January 23, 1997
Birth announcement, baptismal certificate, Girl Scout(?) identification, 1941, 1942, undated
Correspondence with Dr. A. Lee Dellon, 1993-1994
Correspondence with David Thomas [husband], 1996
Correspondence between Margaret Thomas, The Washington Post, and the University of Texas Photojournalism Department, 1994-1998
Correspondence regarding Women's Studies Portfolio and dissertation
Letters and cards sent to Frances Walters Sandahl [mother], summary and originals, 1966-1991
Letters and cards sent, 1982, 1988, 1993-1995
Letters received, 1963, 1982, 1988-1996, undated
Cards received, 1993-1997
Christmas cards received from White House, 1978-1992
Creative works
"Elbow-Bending Surgery," Washington Post, Health section, June 22, 1993, correspondence and manuscript, featuring Dr. A. Lee Dellon
"Fighting Back," Washington Post, Health section, August 10, 1993, notes, manuscript, correspondence
"Putting the Best Face Possible on Trauma," Washington Post, Health section, July 26, 1994, interview and related article, featuring Dr. A. Lee Dellon and Suzanne Martineau
Haiti, photograph captions and related journal article, undated
Washington Post story on Kurt Kvandal, with Dr. A. Lee Dellon, reused for University of Texas photojournalism course J388, March 1996, notes and manuscript drafts
University of Texas photojournalism assignments
Stefan Smagula, (b/w 334), January 30, 1996
Assorted, 1997
Class notes, 1994-1997
Fairfax Hospital Shock Trauma and Kosevo Hospital in Sarajevo, December 16, 1997
3B96 [SRH1230014888] Thesis: "Women in Photography" by Margaret Sandahl, 1965
Letterpress book, "Each Step Wakes a Memory," a collections of poems typeset and printed by Margaret Thomas in 1962
"The Nicest Thing" – self-published book of text and photographs by Mary Rieke Schramm and Margaret Thomas
"Geneva Nov. 85" – scrapbook of clippings about Thomas's assignment at the Geneva Summit by her friends Bob and Jane Wild
"My Story: A Photojournalist Tells All", LifeTimes, August 2007
Candy Factory show, 2004
"Margaret Thomas's Vision Goes Beyond Photography", Fauquier, Fall 1995
"Focus on Margaret Thomas", Communication Connection [UT College of Communication newsletter], August/September 1995
3K202 [SRH1230017522] Notes on photographs and negatives, assorted
Artistic works
Assorted sketches, drawings, notes, and short story, undated
3S199a [SRH1230021920] Sketches and drawings, 1963, undated
Matted painting, "Janice Moffatt", 1965
Matted sketches (2), undated
3K202 [SRH1230017522] Sketchbook with associated flyer regarding French Ridge drawing, 1970-1977, undated
Original Christmas cards and ink sketches by Margaret Thomas, 1970, undated
Transcription of lyrics to "Here Comes the Sun", undated
Printed material
Published photographs
Graduate exhibition brochure, Ohio University, undated and Graduate Photo Invitational catalogue, 1978
The White House News Photographers' Association Awards Dinner, guest list and program, May 15, 1986
Horse Play, April 1974-May 1974, July 1974, January 1975
The New Horse Play, April 1975 - September 1976
Horse Play, For People Who Event, Hunt, and Show, January 1977-December 1977, May 1978
Wonderland Farms And Its Trakehner Horeses
Wonderland Farms Working Student Program
White House News Photographers Association Annual Awards, 1975, 1982, 1983
Book: Dances in the Steps of Change, 1970
3M27c [22561963] The Washington Post Calendar, 1994, 1995
Washington Post, news clippings containing photographs by Margaret Thomas, 1966, 1967, 1992, 1995, 1996, undated
Publications containing Thomas's photos--including WNPA Annual Awards, 1995, 1995-2006
Thomas's thoughts on photographers stalking Princess Diana, 1997
Thomas's thoughts on a home invasion she witnessed, March 24, 1999
Washington Post story on Sister Jean McCoy and letters from her to Thomas, 1999
3S199a [SRH1230021920] Washington Post news clippings containing photographs, drawings, and/or stories by Margaret Thomas, 1966-1995
Assorted newspapers with photographs by and including Margaret Thomas, 1963, undated
2AA6a [SRH1230020336] Washington Post, July 18 and 24, 2001—death of Katherine Graham and program of ceremony celebrating her life
2AA6a-2AA8a Prince William edition of Washington Post, photographs and layout by Margaret Thomas, 2000-2005
2AA3a [SRH1230020329] Prince William edition of Washington Post, photographs and layout by Margaret Thomas, 1998—2000
Veloxes of "Fighting Back" feature, August 10, 1993
2AA4a [SRH1230020328] Washington Post pages, 1993-2002
LifeTimes [Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas], photos by Margaret Thomas for article on Harper's Ferry, August 2006
3M27c [22561963] Photographs appearing in competition and award catalogs, and in the book Dance in the Steps of Change (photocopies), 1968-1995
Assorted, published material by Margaret Thomas, 1963, 1966, 1997
Scans of photographs by Margaret Thomas, 1996
Scans of photographs of Margaret, David Douglas Duncan, and others at Harry Ransom Center, 1998
Press passes
Domestic, 1971-1993
Foreign, 1985-1994
Assorted press passes and IDs, (includes UT IDs), 1968-2002
Personal news clippings, 1963, 1967, 1986-1996
"The Hound of Heaven" mimeograph, undated
Assorted printed material, 1963, 1987-1994, undated
Moose Lake [MN] history
Material Culture Collection Artifacts
"D.C. Peace Slate in '68"
"Abortion Laws Murder Millions"
"Send Kemp to School, Nov. 2"
Bronze[?] medallion, Joseph W. Barr, Secretary of the Treasury; "gift from Joe Barr" written on attached post-it, 1968-1969
Plastic wrapped doll on a card

Family papers

3M27c [22561963] "Walters family history, 1750-1950," and "Walters-Nordstrom Family History," complied by Phyllis C. Walters, 1983
Frances Walters Sandahl, letters received, 1925, 1963
Notes regarding family stories
Funeral service memorials, 1949, 1959, 1966, 1994
Mrs. Frances Sandahl [mother], Coffee Lake land and house, plans, surveys, financial documents, photographs, 1961
3S199a [SRH1230021920] Mrs. Frances Sandahl [mother], Coffee Lake land and house, map and news clipping, 1961
3M27c [22561963] Franklin R. Walters, Fellowship Certificate, American College of Surgeons, 1924
News clippings, 1945, 1949, undated
3G362 [SRH1230016538] Frances Walters Sandahl photo album
3S206 [SRH1230022818] Margaret Thomas and her horses photo album
3Y55a [SRH1230028333] Family photographs, history of Moose Lake
Photographs of Margaret Thomas from infancy on
3M27a [22562081] Letters from Margaret Thomas to her mother, many including clippings of her work

Photographic material

3V253 [SRH1230030453] Mounted exhibition prints, 11x15 - b/w 312, color 27
Where possible photographs are listed under competition by category, title, and date of production.
34th Annual Photo Competition and Exhibition (b/w)
Personalities, "Ismael the Blacksmith"
Sports Action, "The Scouts Were Watching"
Feature, "Family Outing"
Feature Picture Story, "Kennedy Playground" (3 boards, 3 photographs)
35th Annual Photo Competition and Exhibition (b/w)
Feature, "Sunning Himself"
Feature, "Ballet Class"
Portrait Personality, "A Tout at the Races"
General News, "They Don't Like Farm Prices"
Sports Feature, "Pas de Deux"
Sports Action, "Missed Catch/Lost Game"
General News, "Nobody Came but the Pidgeons"
Portrait Personality, "Old Mountaineer"
Sports Action, "Eyes on the Ball"
Pictorial, "Ballooning Over Fauquier County"
Atlanta Seminar (b/w)
Feature, "Bang You're Dead"
Personalities, "West German Shepherd"
Pictorial, "Rainy Day Stroll"
Pictorial, "North Dakota Barn"
Picture Story, "Harvest of Despair" (8 photographs)
"Grieving Family"
News Picture Story, "Homecoming" (set of 6 7 photographs)
General News, "Welcoming Heroes Home"
Sports Action, "Bike Racers"
Portrait/Personalities, "Lorette: Tatooed Lady"
Feature Picture Story, "Side-Show Freaks" (set of 6 boards with 5 photographs)
Pictorial, "A Rider for All Seasons"
Feature, "Lamb Chop"
Portrait/Personalities, "Street Woman"
Portrait/Personalities, "Inner Demons"
Sports Action, "Eyes on the Ball"
Feature, "Whoa!!!"
Feature, "Morning Coffee"
Feature, "All Day Suckers"
Portrait/Personalities, "Cha-Cha"
Portrait/Personalities, "Up Your Nose"
Picture Story, "KKK Won't March Today," (set of 5)
Portrait Personality, "Infantry Woman"
Sports Feature, "Basketball - Two Step"
Feature, "Here Come the Judges"
White House News Photographer's Association (b/w)
Pictorial, "Fauquier County Virginia", February 28, 1978
Pictorial, "Stroll on the Ice", February 1978
Feature, "Comforting Arm of the Law", April 1978
Sports, "Rafting on the River", August 26, 1978
Sports, "Eying the Ball", August 1978
Personalities, "Old Glory Unfurled, ", October 1978
Pictorial, "Stark Autumn", November 18, 1978
Pictorial, "Snow Sport", January 1979
Pictorial, "Deep Midwinter", February 2, 1979
Presidential, "Comforting an Ambassador's Widow", February 14, 1979
News, "Fire in the Sanctuary", July 24, 1979
News, "Free the Hostages", November 9, 1979
Picture Story, "Hog Hell," (3 boards, 5 photographs), February 21, 1980
Picture story, "The Awakening," (3 boards, 3 photographs), June 1980
Picture Story, "The Carter Team Wins," (3 boards, 5 photographs), August 1980
Presidential, "The Winner: The Loser", August [1980]
Personalities, "Democratic Unity", August [1980]
Pictorial, "Relief from the Heat", July 1981
Pictorial, "Summer Sunset and the Potomac", August 1981
Personalities, "Sadat Takes the Heat", August 1981
Pictorial, "Old Glory Unfurled", October 1981
Pictorial, "Buzzard's Roost", December 1981
Pictures Story, "Floc Wilderness School," (3 boards, 5 photographs), March 1982
Pictures Story, " In Grundy, Coal is King," (3 boards, 6 photographs), March 1982
Personalities, "Coal Country Baron", March 1982
Personalities, "... believe and be baptized ...", July 1982
Personalities, "Caged", August 1982
Personalities, "Prison Bound", August 1982
Picture Story, "Prison Shuttle Bus," (3 boards, 6 photographs), August 1982
Feature, "On the Waterfront", July 1985
Feature Picture Story, "Holy Land," (3 boards, 8 photographs), May 1987
Personal, "Refugee Woman", May 1987
Feature, "Palestinians: The New Generation", May 1987
Picture Story Feature, "Dry Land," (3 boards, 5 photographs), July 1988
Feature, "Afternoon Under Umbrellas", June 1988
Insiders Washington, "Say Aah, Grandpa", January 18, 1989
News, "Supreme Court Show-Down", January 1989
Presidential, "Up, Up, and Away", April 1989
Pictorial, "Built to Endure", August 1989
Picture Story/Feature, "Mourning and Rememberance," [AIDS quilt, 5 photographs], October 1989
Sports/Feature, "Almost Is Not Enough", December 1989
Personalities, "Rock-a-Bye Baby", [1989?]
Feature, "Bang, You're Dead", March 1990
Personalities, "German Shepherd", March 1990
Personalities, "Singing for Freedom", March 1990
Personal, "Hair, Teeth, and Eyeshades", May 1990
Pictorial, "Rainy Day Stroll", June 1990
Feature, "Big Boss and Bossie", July 1990
Sports Action, "Tag You Out!", August 1990
News, "Nervous Cop", September 1990
News, "Shoving Match", September [1990]
Pictorial, "Ladder Patterns", December 1990
Insiders Washington, "4-eyes on Barbara", December 1990
Sports/Feature, "Whoa!!!", January 1991
Features, "Family Reunion", March [1991]
Personalities, "Homeless Smile", April 1991
Personalities, "His Private Torment", April 1991
Feature, "Waiting for Lunch", April 1991
Sports/Action, "About to Connect", July 1991
Personalities, "Boogie Woogie Beat", July 1991
Personalities, "Lovely Loretta", July [1991]
Personalities, "Nail Head", July 1991
Features, "Weeping for a Lost Father", September 1991
3V254 [SRH1230030454] Feature, "Checking the Competition", May 1994
Feature, "Where's the Patient?", May 1994
Feature, "Blind at Bat", June 1994
News, "Shouting the People's Choice," [label only], August 1994
Personalities, "Just Out of Jail", October 1994
Feature, "Liberated Art?", November 1994
Feature, "Round Man and Amy", April
Feature, "All-Day Suckers", April
Personalities, "Tailgate Party", May
Picture Story, "North of the Border," October 25-27 (3 boards, 7 photographs)
Picture Story, "Welcome to the Summit," November 19-20 (3 boards, 9 photographs)
Picture Story/News, "Hero's Welcome"
White House News Photographer's Association (color)
Color Picture Story, "Day at the Races," May 1982 (3 boards, 8 photographs)
Set of Haiti photographs (18)
Set covering Midwest drought, "Dry Land" (17)
Untitled mission photographs (11 boards, 16 photographs)
Untitled Easter-egg hunt set (9 boards, 13 photographs)
Untitled gravel pit set (8 boards, 18 photographs)
Untitled circus tent set (7 boards, 11 photographs)
Untitled summit meeting in Geneva set (8)
Untitled horse set (8)
Lamb Chomp, undated
Female Marine, circa 1992-93
Solar Eclipse, circa 1995
Glad Grads
Nuns in Timeless Worship (storyboard)
Amazing Grace, August 1994
Dunk Shot, October 1994
Toni Bravo Dance Series, (22 photographs), 1996
3S127d [SRH1230029530] Art school photographs, (7), 1962-1963
Cafe on University of New Mexico campus where Bob Dylan played, 1963
"Martin", 1964
Portraiture, "Dance," (2), 1964
Church Fire on 14th Street, Washington D.C. (3 boards, 4 photographs)
Woman meditates at St. Matthew's Cathedral on day after Robert Kennedy assassination
Margaret Sandahl Thomas, portrait
Portraiture, low key, unlabeled
Portraiture, series, unlabeled
"3 study number 1: Dying Tree" (20)
Unidentified (9)
Mounted color photographs (19)
"Color Dye Transfer Problem #2"
Pictorial Division, "Dance"
Unidentified (15)
3Fo1 [SRH1230016299] Digital prints from stories in the Washington Post Prince William County edition, 1998-2006
Photograph of Margaret and Dave Thomas's home in Hume, Virginia
Mounted exhibition boards 16x20, b/w 148
National Press Photographer's Association
General News, "Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie"
General News, "Hour of Decision"
Spot News, "Throttle Hold"
Feature, "Rainy Day Meditation"
General News, "Upstaged" (2, one copy unlabeled) [labeled copy missing, 4/20/00]
General News, "Requiem for a Dead Brother"
General News, "Stop the War", [1973?]
Feature, "Art Show"
General News Picture Story, "Watery Round-Up" Pony Penning Day, Assateague, Virginia (3 boards, 7 photographs)
Pictorial, "Fletcher's Landing"
General News, "Depression Revisited"
Picture Story, "Catch the Brass Ring and Win a Free Ride," Maryland (3 boards, 7 photographs)
Pictorial, "Storm on the Gulf"
Pictorial, "Puddle Jumper"
News Picture Story, "Honor America Day" (3 boards, 7 photographs)
Pictorial, "Potomac Fowl"
Personality, "Rushing to Retirement"
Portrait/Personality, "Peace and Freedom"
Personality, "Comanche Princess," Smithsonian Folk-Life Festival
Feature, "Fed for Peace"
Feature, "Legal Aid"
Feature, "Happiness is ..."
24th Annual Photo Competition, National Press Photographer's Association
Portrait/personality, "Upton Sinclair"
31st Annual Photo Competition, National Press Photographer's Association
Personalities, "Swan Song"
Personalities, "The Chief"
Personalities, "Make a Joyful Noise"
Pictorial, "Almost Heaven, West Virginia"
Feature, "Summer Shower"
3Fo2 [SRH1230016300] Feature, "Cooling It"
Feature Picture Story, "Amazing Grace" (3 boards, 8 photographs)
Pictorial, "Quiet Harbor"
News, "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"
32nd Annual Photo Competition, National Press Photographer's Association
Features, "Friends"
Feature Picture Story, "I Get By" (3 boards, 5 photographs)
Spot news, "White House Bomber"
Feature Picture Story, "Country Auction"
Portrait/Personal, "Skeptics" (2 copies, one unlabeled)
33rd Annual Photo Competition, National Press Photographer's Association
Sports Feature, "Racer Practices for his Race"
Picture Story, "Airborne Hot-Wheeler" (3 boards, 4 photographs)
Feature, "Back to the Land"
Feature, "Calling the Goats for Milking," Woodville, Virginia
Feature, "Last Poor House in Virginia," Woodville, Virginia
White House Press Photographer's Association
Feature, "Pas de Deux", August 1969
Feature, "Slop Shod", August 1969
News, "Martyrs Remembered", November 1969
Picture Story, "Straining for the Trophy," (3 boards, 6 photographs), June 1970
Feature, "God or Country", July 1970
Feature, "Brides of Christ," Dora Morris, August 1974
Feature, "Mountain Lady", December 11, 1974
Pictorial, "Cabin on the Hill", December 11, 1974
Picture Story, "I Get By", December 11, 1974
Picture Story, "Morning Workout at Rosecroft [Raceway]," (3 boards, 4 pictures), June 1975
Sports, "Pacer Practices for His Race", June 1975
3Fo3 [SRH1230016350] Feature, "Last Poor House in Virginia", October 1975
Feature, "Jr. Daredevil Jumps Mom", October 1975
Features, "Calling the Goats for Milking", November 1975
Feature, "The Ballet Instructor", January 1977
Feature, "Pigeon's Roost, ", April 1977
Sports, "Eyes on the Ball", May 1977
Personalities, "Race Track Tout," Laurel Race Track, June 1977
Personalities, "Old Mountaineer", July 1977
Feature, "Sunbathing Vietnam Veteran", August 1977
Sports, "Missed Pass/Lost Game", November 1977
Pictorial, "Balloonist Floats Over Fauquier County", December 1977
Personalities, "Three Angry Farmers," Washington, D.C, December 1977
Women in Visual Communication Today and in the Future, exhibition (8 boards, 14 photographs), poster for lecture, Jan. 11, 1985
Portrait, "Paul Glenn," Ohio University
Portrait, "Clarence White, Jr.," Ohio University, 1964
Fountain in front of Union Station, Washington, D.C.
Portrait of Upton Sinclair, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Old woman on bus headed to Resurrection City
Robert Kennedy announces candidacy for President, United States Senate Caucus Room
Dean Sayer at the National Cathedral
Part of Easter egg hunt series, Ohio
3Fo4 [SRH1230016349] Easter egg hunt, Athens, Ohio
Northern Minnesota
Ohio, 1964
Hall Bay, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Children on the way to Resurrection City, Washington, D.C.
Fire-hose baptism, Washington, D.C. (5 images, 3 boards)
Kathe Schramm, Doe Hill, West Virginia
Dora Norris, near Charlottesville, Virginia, (4 images, 2 boards), Dec. 11, 1974
Child in dilapidated street near Gaithersburg, Maryland
Seagull, Washington, D.C.
Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C.
Riding for the handicapped, Rock Creek Park riding stable, Washington, D.C.
Minneapolis, where Bob Dylan sang
Athens, Ohio, 1965
Skid row mission, Minneapolis, Minnesota, (2), 1965
Minneapolis, Minnesota, shown at juried show, Minneapolis Museum of Art
Woman jockey, Laurel Racetrack, Laurel, Maryland (3 images, 2 boards
Presentation boards
Mack family story, Rugby, North Dakota, 1987
Ballet classes, Austin, Texas, 1997
Assorted single images
Oversized photographic prints, 16x20, b/w 25
Dora Morris, and house built by her grandfather before the Civil War
Author Lyn Banks, Glen Dale, Maryland
Model Penelope Tree
Jr. daredevil jumps Mom
Robert Kennedy grave after memorial mass
District of Columbia, 1970?
Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.
White House Bomber, taken with 1200 mm lens from S.W. corner of Lafayette Park
Reflecting Pool near Lincoln Memorial, 1970's
Art photo
Bag lady, Washington, D.C.
Rock Formation, C & O Canal, Washington, D.C.
"Last Poor House in Virginia"
Franklin, West Virginia, 1980's
Trotting track in suburban Maryland, outside Washington, D.C.
Dance marathon at the University of Maryland (3)
Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.
Kennedy playground on P Street, Washington, D.C. (2)
Along Haines Point, Washington, D.C.
Annapolis, Maryland, plebes initiation as upperclassmen (2)
Portrait of Margaret Thomas
3So93.1 [SRH1230022844] 11 x 14 matted exhibition prints of Mardi Gras, 1997
3S428 [SRH1230022068] Unmounted photographic prints 12x14 or smaller (201 b/w, 1 color)
Mack family out-takes (50 b/w) [49]
Nuns (18 b/w) [17]
Donut Shop out-takes, Springfield Maryland (6 b/w)
Assorted White House and presidential photographs (9 b/w)
Photographs from identified photo assignments (31 b/w associated with negative groups #37053, #37114, #37130 and Nahid and Amira)
University of Texas photojournalism assignments
Fairfax Hospital Shock Trauma, (10 b/w) [see also personal papers], December 16, 1997
Conditions Governing Use
Kosevo Hospital in Sarajevo, (3 b/w) [see also personal papers], December 16, 1997
Assorted #1 (21 [18]b/w)]
Print from Dry Land series
Northern Minnesota
Cows in Hume, Virginia
Creator of the iron fences at the White House
Along the Potomac in the spring on Haines Point, Washington, D.C
Cloistered nun in Bethesda, Maryland, before visit of the Pope, 1979
Papal supporter, 1979
On Massachusetts Avenue during Iran hostage crisis
Protest during Iranian revolution in Washington D.C
Along the Tidal Basin
Children waiting for Big Bird (Sesame St.) near Capitol Reflecting Pool, Washington, D.C. (3)
Anonymous junk yard, Alexandria, Virginia
Birds on a gravestone, Boston, Massachusetts
Unitarian church in Mt. Pleasant, Washington, D.C
Bench and pigeons at Dupont circle, Washington, D.C
Bird in a tree, Potomac River at Haines Point near Lincoln Memorial (3)
Cambodia bombing demonstration, Ellipse, Washington, D.C
Assorted #2 (23 b/w)
Ferryman, New York City
Jerusalem near Church of the Holy Sepulchre
Sunset in Naples, Italy
Orrin, North Dakota
Joe Barr's favorite photo, Gulf War homecoming
United States Marshalls looking for parole violators, Gaithersburg, Maryland, (2), 1993
Big Boss and Bossie
Haiti, woman with two children
Rainy day stroll along the Potomac
Lamb chewing on shepherd's staff (3)
A rider for all seasons
Copies of mounted prints (2)
Unidentified (7)
Assorted #3 (26 b/w, 1 color)
Suburban Virginia elementary school, (3), 1994
Concert on Mall, Washington, D.C. (2)
Woman Marine, Parris Island, South Carolina (5)
President Clinton at the groundbreaking of the Military Women's Memorial, Washington, D.C., 1996
Feet, Cardoza High School, Washington, D.C
George Washington University graduates, 1996
Mongomery County Fair, Gaithersburg, Maryland
Unidentified man
Washington Post front window, Dean Sayer with balloons, child jumping
Right to Life demonstration, 1995
Breast cancer survivors, N St., Washington, D.C
Chinese New Year, Washington, D.C
Arlington Cemetary
Karin Soderholm Mikalich, (3), 1963
Margaret Thomas, press passes (2)
Pope John Paul outside St. Matthews Cathedral during first Washington visit
Ohio University, [color], 1965
Cajun Mardi Gras, Feb. 7, 1997
Assorted Digital prints [b/w]
Velox prints, "Elbow Bending Surgery" and "Fighting Back," Washington Post, Health section, June 22, 1993 and August 10, 1993 (7 b/w)
2.325/D10u Velox of Washington Post, [nun story; rolled], November 26, 1994
3V255 [SRH1230030455] 8 x 10" and smaller photograph prints (105 b/w, 35 color)
Photograph of Margaret Thomas by Chick Harrity
Funeral vigil for Robert Kennedy (2 b/w)
Judith Martin, "Miss Manners," in Washington, D. C., (color 3)
WPWC 20 year anniversary, Raymond (Cousin Ray) Woolfendon, Sr., 1480 AM (5 b/w)
Prints for "Elbow Bending Surgery" published in Washington Post, Health section, (6 b/w), June 22, 1993
Prints for "Putting the Best Face Possible on Trauma," cross facial nerve transfer, Dr. A. Lee Dellon, (37 b/w), April 25, 1994
Sarajevo, (8 b/w), 1994
Haiti (13 color)
Triage nurse Debbie Vitale, Fairfax Hospital, Virginia, May 14, 1995 (2 b/w)* and Washington, D. C., 1995 (4 b/w), 1995
Assorted White House and presidential photographs (15 color, 2 b/w)
Washington Post story on Kurt Kvandal, with Dr. A. Lee Dellon, reused for University of Texas photojournalism course J388, (15 b/w), March 1996
University of Texas photojournalism assignments, Stefan Smagula, (11 b/w),*, January 30, 1996
Personal photographs of David and Margaret Thomas (12 b/w, 4 color)
Unidentified (3 b/w)

Family photographs

Scope and Contents
(616 b/w, 209 color, and 1 tintype)
3V255 [SRH1230030455] Margaret Sandahl Thomas, photograph album, (107 b/w, 10 color), 1942-1960's
Childhood, John, Jerry and Margaret Sandahl, (13 b/w), 1942-1956, undated
Margaret Sandahl, (b/w 74), 1940-1962, undated
Margaret Sandahl, (color 10), 1950, 1955, 1959, undated
Margaret Sandahl, M.S.A. Graduation (BFA), degree project and Van Derly's competition, (b/w 31), 1963
Margaret Thomas' wedding album (b/w 13)
Margaret Thomas, personal photographs, (b/w 19), 1947-1977, undated
Margaret Thomas personal photos of family, house, pets, and friends, undated (24 color)
Margaret Thomas, personal photographs, (49 color), 1958-1997, undated
Margaret Thomas, grouped personal photographs, (10 b/w, 23 color),*, [1950's]-1990
Coffee Lake, (color 20), 1961-1962, undated
Camp Wanakiwin, Barnum, Minnesota, (b/w 104), 1962, undated
Camp Wanakiwin, Barnum, Minnesota, (color 23), 1960-1962, undated
Animals, (b/w 10, color 3), 1960, undated
Sandahl family member, (1 tintype), undated
Memory albums, four books, (28 b/w) [*Margie graduation], 1955, undated
Small family photo albums, (b/w 26), 1880, 1904, undated
Family portraits, (b/w 19), 1944-1985, undated
Family photographs including Margaret Sandahl, (47 b/w) [*Margie - Girl Scouts], undated
John Walters' cabin on Lake Michigan and assorted photographs, (8 b/w, 9 color),*, August 1961, undated
Walters and Sandahl family, (b/w 23), 1919-1969, undated
Walters and Sandahl family, (color 8), 1919-1969, undated
Walters/Nordstrom/Sandahl family, (b/w 84), 1895-1951
July, 4 1994 and five days after Mother's death,(56 color),*, June 29, 1994
3V256 [SRH1230030456] Contact sheets (460 b/w, 21 color)
East/West Germany (21 sheets b/w, printed by Karin Steinbrueck),*, circa 1989-circa 1990
University of Texas photojournalism assignments, Stefan Smagula, (b/w 334),*, January 30, 1996
Toni Bravo (888 b/w)
Nancy Fitzgerald Kasper's wedding (contact strips with 168 b/w)*
Personal photographs of David and Margaret Thomas (2 contact sheets with 57 b/w)
Susan Cover (1 b/w) [missing 5/2/00]
Susan Deal Jones Cover (1 color contact sheet with 12 images)
Ohio University, (1 color contact sheet with 9 images), 1965
Family contact sheets (1 b/w)
John and Jerry Sandahl
Slides (55 b/w, 142 color)
Negative notebook E (11 color)
Assorted, (b/w 55), 1977-1979, undated
Beach scenes, (33 color), undated
Steeplechase, April 20 - May 1 (33 color)
Old Dominion Hunt, cubbing season (56 color)
Assorted images for presentation, (37 color slides), January 1988
Assorted color slides (9)
Mark Russell
Harcourt Lees spilling, former Master of the Warrenton Hunt, Virginia
Jim Atkins, huntsman, Old Dominion, Virginia
Members of the Old Dominion Hunt, Orleans, Virginia
Hounds from Old Dominion Hunt Club
Anwar Sadat's widow (Jihan Sadat)
Minnesota, Sandahl home, Coffee Lake (2)
Margaret Thomas, taken by Jeff
3M27b [22562070] Negatives
Healthcare series for Washington Post, 1994
Suzanne Martineau, 1994
Women in the Military, undated
Slides representing an overview of Thomas's work
Photographs and invitation to Christmas Reception at the white House, 1991
3V256 [SRH1230030456] Negatives [b/w 35 mm unless otherwise indicated]
Numbered assignments
#37053, Yeltsin/Clinton summit meeting, (b/w 122), September 28, 1994
#37114, Secretary of Agriculture, Mike Espy, (b/w 25), October 3, 1994
#37130, Alexander and Gary Crawford, West Potomac Park, (b/w 65), October 2, 1994
Nahid and Amira (Bosnian refugees) in front of the White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, undated (b/w 200)
Panama 1990
Theresa and Ricardo Arias Calderon, La Prensa editor Roberto Eisenmann, (77), January 7, 1990
Refugee camp,(70), January 7, 1990
Refugee camp, looting clean-up, (156), Jaunary 8, 1990
Inside/outside La Comandancia, (147), January 9, 1990
Looting La Comandancia (110)
East/West Germany, circa 1989-circa 1990
Pre-election rally, (113), March 13-14, 1990
Mittenwald and Templin, East Germany, (b/w 80), March 16, 1990
West Berlin street scenes, (b/w 62), March 17, 1990
East Germany voting day, (b/w 161), March 18-19, 1990
Day after election, (b/w 104), March 19, 1990
East Berlin street scenes, (b/w 240), March 11, 1990, March 14, 1990-March 15, 1990, March 21, 1990
Anja and Salome in Passau, Dachau, and shepherds, (b/w 147), undated
Konig's Alle (b/w 32)
Yuppie sports (b/w 24)
Scenes (b/w 30)
Scenes around harbor (b/w 39)
Harbor (b/w 20)
East Berlin folk festival, (b/w 25)
East German students in West German school (b/w 123)
East Germans shopping in West Germany (b/w 45)
Downtown scenes (b/w 19)
Building scenes (b/w 20)
Stock exchange (b/w 89)
Scenes at Opera House Plaza (15)
Hannover, computer fair (b/w 49)
Medieval town with tourists (b/w 30)
Art gallery (b/w 50)
Fashion fair (b/w 33)
Scenes (b/w 48)
Old town, Bont(?) (b/w 31)
Tunes in Kreutzberg (b/w 25)
Billy Graham at R. Stag (70 color)
1995 negatives
Triage nurse Debbie Vitale, Fairfax Hospital, Virginia, (90 b/w) [see also 8x10 photographs with same name], May 14, 1995
Government shutdown, Austin, Texas (98 color)
Homeless in Austin, Texas (65 color)
1996 negatives
Last day at school, suburban Virginia (35 color)
Fourth of July parade and party, July 4, Washington, D. C. (80 color)
Reopening of Mighty Midget Diner, July 5 (30 color)
Melinda Bremmer and children, July 10 (120 color)
Juwan Howard basketball clinic, July 16 (220 color)
Former Olympians Marty Glickman and John Woodruff, July 17 (85 color)
Thao Nguyen, July 24 (170 color)
Gilbert and Sullivan afficionados, Washington, D. C., July 25 (184 color)
Pony League national girl's softball tournament, July 30 (114 color)
Potential national merit scholars, July 30 (115 color)
Olympic torch (65 color)
Olympic athletes return, August 6 (87 color)
Olympic athletes party at the White House, August 7 (175 color)
Smithsonian Castle clock facelift, August 8 (55 color)
Kingman Boys and Girls Club, August 8 (115 color)
1997 negatives
Houston, Texas (120 color)
Texas Fiery Foods Festival (92 color)
Jarrell, Texas (162 color)
Border Story: Sue Anne Pressley; Marfa, Texas; Judge Jake(?); Fronton, Starr County, Texas (236 color)
Personal: dogs, self portrait with Ashley the whippet, swimming pool, Hume, Virginia (70 color)
Negative notebook A (freelance and personal work)
Illustrations for book Intermediate Riding, by Robin Fisher (b/w 194, color 30)
Horse Play
Iron Bridge hunt, Laurel, Maryland (b/w 40)
Grand prix jumping, The Washington National (b/w 90)
Old Dominion cubbing and Red Reville (horse) (b/w 169)
Story on the Middendorf family of Maryland (b/w 50)
Peter Kaye (b/w 89)
Southside, show jumper (horse) (b/w 45)
Wendy Carlson (b/w 45)
Cavaletti (b/w 40)
Jim Day, Canadian Olympic rider, taken in Virginia (b/w 81)
Dedication Farms (b/w 50)
Jousting (b/w 119)
Pony Club, A-rating trials, Middleburg, Virginia (b/w 89)
Halloween (b/w 19)
Marlborough Races, Upper Marlborough, Maryland (b/w 64)
Potomac Valley Dressage Association, Potomac, Maryland, 1976 (b/w 139)
Fall fashions, Russlee Abolt, Donald Banks, and unidentified woman, Water's Gift Farm, Burtonsville, Maryland (b/w 82)
Combined training camp, Foxcroft School, Middleburg, Virginia (b/w 88)
Major Antonyevitch (sp?) giving lesson to Lyn Banks, May (b/w 50)
Runcible Spoon (horse) and Pat McConnel (b/w 20)
Rodeo (b/w 30)
Ship's Quarters, Maryland, 1979 (b/w 168)
Skeeter (b/w 30)
Edelen family (b/w 55)
Kilkenny (horse) (b/w 30)
Breaking a pony (b/w 25)
Kevin Bacon, Australian rider (b/w 30)
Alex McKaye Smith, former leader of the Middleburg Hunt, editor of the Chronicle of the Horse (b/w 35)
Hilda Gurney, Olympic equestrienne (b/w 30)
Trakehners, Caren C., (b/w 29)
Liddy Biddle (b/w 30)
Pat Lally (b/w 20)
Gunnar Oestergaard (b/w 30)
Peter Stipeck (b/w 25)
JB Secor (b/w 30)
Blue Ridge, horse trials in Virginia, 1978 (b/w 60)
Rosecroft Raceway, Suitland, Maryland (b/w 118)
Morvin Park (b/w 95)
Polo match on Mall, August 18, 1974 (b/w 29)
India Rigs' side saddle, October 23, 1975 (b/w 30)
Warrenton races, March 19, 1977 (b/w 30)
Torrance Watkins, Olympic equestrienne, 1978 (b/w 30)
Linda Oliver, June 9, 1976 (b/w 20)
Hettie Ables (b/w 24)
Three day event (b/w 93)
Dede Dougherty (b/w 99)
Middleberg National Horse Show, August 18, 1979 (b/w 35)
Unlabeled (b/w 4/5, color 15)
Norman and Anna Tucker (b/w 70)
Connemarra ponies, Grayson children, Blue Ridge Farm, Upperville, Virginia (b/w 40)
Potomac puppies and Gordon Erikker, Huntsman for the Potomac Hunt, Potomac, Maryland (b/w 60)
Gigi Winslett (b/w 30)
Jane McLarey, author, lived in Middleburg, Virginia (b/w 25)
High school show team (b/w 59)
Americus (horse) (b/w 88)
Arabbers in Baltimore (b/w 25)
Circus horses (b/w 45)
Springville Farm Arabs (b/w 40)
Negative notebook B (freelance and personal work)
Gafford Trakehners, Petersburg, Virginia (25)
American Trakehner Association (ATA) convention in Columbus, Ohio
Schoenfelder (b/w 35)
Condus (horse) (b/w 20)
Laiken (horse), 1980 (b/w 25)
ATA stallion selects, 1983 (b/w 35)
Susan Hice stallion, Marshall, Virginia, September 18, 1984 (b/w 60)
Natalie Every stallion, Sperryville, Virginia (b/w 60)
Mr. Chandler's Trakehners, Virginia
Undated (b/w 30)
1979 (b/w 209)
Stallion, 1979 (b/w 80)
1980 (b/w 350)
1981 (b/w 95)
Fillies under saddle, 1981 (b/w 115)
Farm, 1981 (b/w 30)
Free jumping, 1981 (b/w 58)
Donauglanz (horse)/grooming, 1981 (b/w 30)
Alex, 1981 (b/w 30)
Alex and Donauglanz, 1981 (horse) (b/w 30)
Goodman family, Wonderland Farm, Westchester Pennsylvania
Undated (59)
1978 (b/w 424)
At Devon (b/w 35)
Mares and foals (b/w 25)
Shiela and Prussengiest (horse) (b/w 30)
Ace (horse) (b/w 53)
Ace and Donauschimmer (horses) (b/w 30)
Donauschimmer (horse) (b/w 30)
Donauschimmer in ring (b/w 27)
Donauschimmer in ring and scenics (b/w 30)
Donauschimmer in ring, David G. and [?] (b/w 30)
Facilities (b/w 30)
Assorted (b/w 29)
Christie (horse) (b/w 30)
Orphan Annie/Christie (horses) (b/w 25)
Students (b/w 25)
Students working/Alana and Cicero (b/w 20)
Students working (b/w 25)
Students working in ring (b/w 28)
Students working /riding (b/w 30)
Student's housing (b/w 28)
Students riding/working (b/w 20)
Mares and foals (b/w 48)
Ace (horse), heads (b/w 20)
Ace (b/w 50)
Emanuel Apploosas (b/w 286)
Nike Halavainer (b/w 70)
3Z289 [SRH1230022148] Negative notebook C (freelance and personal work)
American Trakehner Association (ATA) convention in Columbus, Ohio
Test (b/w 147)
Notched negatives (b/w 55)
Outdoor test (b/w 60)
Exhibit (b/w 45)
Stallions (b/w 20)
Abend (horse) in cart with Colonel Lenska, President of the Trakehner Verbund, 1979? (b/w 25)
Unspecified (29)
Shoenfelder, 1980 (b/w 20)
Untitled, 1980 (b/w 70)
Notched negatives (b/w 56)
Unspecified (b/w 189)
Outside (b/w 28)
Laiken (horse) (b/w 30)
Donauwind (horse) (b/w 30)
Abdullah, Olympic show jumper (horse) (b/w 32)
Russ Abolt, Water's Gift Farm
Abolt (b/w 30)
Abolt - Abeu (horse) (b/w 30)
Abolt - Abend (horse) (b/w 28)
Melodika and Menuette (horses) (b/w 79)
Abolt - Governor (horse) (b/w 29)
Judy Chappel book, 1984 (b/w 110)
Old Dominion, point to point at Bienvenue (b/w 40
Zeke Ferguson, former Master of the Old Dominion Hunt, Orleans, Virginia (b/w 36)
Bellevue Farms and show, 1982 (b/w 110)
Pogi (Lyn's horse), Windy, Badfoot, Moon (horses) (b/w 24)
Judy Martin family
1974 (b/w 172)
Judy Martin selects (b/w 60)
Beva Martin, (b/w 139)
Judy Martin, 1984 (b/w 53)
Beva Martin, 1986 (b/w 110)
Judy Martin, 1986 (b/w 164)
Jim Doyle and family, Bethesda, Maryland late 1970's-early 1980's, after the Saturday Night Massacre (b/w 154)
Terry Plumeri, jazz muscian for a record cover (b/w 350)
Al Lunde and Al Lunde II (b/w 219)
Jim Rill (Lutheran pastor) and family (b/w 30)
Retarded babies, P. William, Manassas, Virginia (b/w 80)
Tacoma Park house for Corrie, real estate picture 1985 (b/w 12)
St. Louis Post Dispatch, Washington bureau (b/w 63)
Andy/Larry Rasmussen, in Washington, D. C., lay theologian at Union Theological Seminary (b/w 88)
Rail mail (b/w 79)
John and Mary Schramm, West Virginia and Washington, D. C. (b/w 15)
Martha Jones, concert pianist (b/w 59)
Lyn Banks, author, taken at Etlin, Virginia (b/w 60)
Country auction, West Virginia, mid 1980's (b/w 89)
Art photographs
Negative notebook D (freelance and personal work)
Emiley Buikstra (b/w 60)
Kathy Sherwood, Warrenton, Virginia (b/w 30)
Pentecost out of Parade, by Donauschimmer (horses), Warrenton, Virginia (b/w 90)
Prophet, 1980 (horse) (b/w 55)
Prophet or Pentecost (b/w 30)
Prophet and Another Spray (horses), Warrenton, Virginia (b/w 30)
Nancy Kasper and Prophet, Warrenton, Virginia (b/w 19)
Pappy, 1980 (horse) (b/w 20)
Tron, 1986 (horse), Warrenton, Virginia (b/w 64)
Sylvanina Babba (throughbred breeder) and the Northern Virginia Horse Show, Warrenton, Virginia, 1985 (b/w 139)
David building house and David and me on foundation, Warrenton, Virginia (b/w 35)
Assateague Island, related to RV's eroding the beach (b/w 80)
Hog story, Iowa (b/w 30)
Robin Moore (b/w 90)
Margie Hover, on Mt. Pleasant Street, for record album cover, Washington, D. C. (b/w 169)
Negative notebook E (freelance and personal work)
Hill family/teens (b/w 20)
Loot the funeral (b/w 30)
Dance World USA, suburban Washington, D. C., October 28, 1983 (b/w 30)
Illustrations of phobias, taken in Dupont Circle Metro Station, and unknown (b/w 35)
Rabbi A. Schemtov, public relations person for New York Jewish Lubivicher group, March 3, 1983 (b/w 30)
University of Texas photojournalism assignments, Stefan Smagula, January 30, 1996 (b/w 334)
Haiti negatives associated with letters by Ronald Joanel (9 color)
Old Dominion Hunt (18 color)
Ohio University (23 b/w 2x2 in.)
Huntsman Melvin Poe with hounds, 1991 (3 color 35mm negatives on cards)
3S429 [SRH1230022069] Washington Post
Robert F. Kennedy announces candidacy, March 6, 1968 (29)
Kennedy mass at Robert F. Kennedy grave, undated
Set 1 (35)
Set 2 (25)
Set 3 (31)
Set 4 (20)
Set 5 (28)
Set 6 (36)
Set 7 (20)
Head Start kids, August 9, 1968 (15)
Counter inaugural march, January 19, 1969
Set 1 (17)
Set 2 (38)
Set 3 (42)
Robert Goulet, March 24, 1969 (36)
Frudea - Nixon, March 24, 1969 (27)
Martin Luther King memorial services #2, April 4, 1969 (37)
Hippie demonstration, April 7[8?], 1969 (25)
Russian embassy demonstration, "Race for Life," April 21, 1970 (28)
Virginia high school crew races, April 26, 1969 (38)
Rose Garden, medals returned, May 23, 1969 (36)
Lillian Gish, June 2, 1969 (26)
Burger swearing-in, June 23, 1969 (35)
Alandria flood, July 23, 1969 (35)
Alandria flood residue, July 23, 1969 (37)
Senate hearings: government spending; Food: drug - labor, August 12, 1969 (39)
Fire-hose baptism, set 1, August 24, 1969, (28)
Fire-hose baptism, set 2, August 24, 1969, (32)
Dancer Malathi Ramji, September 16, 1969 (34)
Officer Porkony Day, November 1, 1969 (36)
Officer Porkony Day; School Board parade, November 1, 1969 (30)
Drug addict funeral, February 14, 1970 (18)
Laurel fire, February 20, 1970 (44)
GOP quilt; House hearing at Lincoln Junior High School, February 25, 1970 (34)
Hill coverage, March 10, 1970 (19)
Hill coverage; urban pickets, March 12, 1970 (21)
Cherry Blossom Parade, set 1, April 11, 1970 (33)
Cherry Blossom Parade, set 2, April 11, 1970 (34)
Women's Voter Parade; physical fitness tests, April 12, 1970 (37)
Grape boycott, march and rally, May 3, 1970 (39)
Man picketing the Commerce Department, May 13, 1970 (12)
Kite flying on the grounds of the Washington Monument, May 24, 1970
Set 1 (37)
Set 2 (37)
Set 3 (16)
Hill coverage; Vietnam Memorial dedication; Mrs. Eyler[?] Key, June 4, 1970 (38)
Youth physical fitness meet, June 18, 1970 (41)
American folk festival, July 1, 1970 (39)
General E. Wheeler retirement, July 2, 1970 (47)
General Wheeler and grandson, July 2, 1970 (6)
Bands at White House, July 3, 1970 (15)
Pony Penning Day, July 29, 1970
Set 1 (39)
Set 2 (34)
Set 3 (45)
Nazi rally, August 15, 1970 (34)
Kids in fire-hydrant; Paul Icaalon[?], August 18, 1970 (53)
Gloria Vanderbilt Cooper, December 16, 1970 (32)
Veterans at Arlington Cemetery; Lyndon B. Johnson Park, April 19, 1971 (41)
Save Venice preview; McIntire prayer service, May 7, 1971 (39)
Freeze-dried animals; JDL demo, June 25, 1971 (38)
Moon-walk tent; Meals on Wheels, August 6, 1971 (33)
Art happening, September 18, 1971 (48)
Open house at Washington Cathedral, October 2, 1971 (30)
Demonstration, October 26, 1971 (53)
Yablonski brothers press conference; Robin Ficker; protest rally and march, May 4, 1972 (42)
Poetry festival; demonstration arrests, May 21, 1972 (48)
Burchette, Thomas, Johnston: Pentagon, demonstration, May 22, 1972
Set 1 (34)
Set 2 (41)
Set 3 (39)
Set 4 (41)
Set 5 (39)
Nixon - Gromeyko, October 3, 1972 (40)
Navy pageantry; Women United demonstration, October 14, 1972 (35)
Dupont Circle concertorium, March 13, no year, set 1 (20)
Dupont Circle concertorium, March 13, no year, set 2 (32)
Negatives for the book
For the book
Playground - fire hydrant (37)
Street scenes (6)
P Street Mall (28)
P Street Mall - bike (36)
Dancers on P Street (26)
Beautiful day - garbage (37)
Reclamation center (24)
Sun - Metro (22)
Birds - Winter (54)
Wilderness (34)
Corn - garden (20)
Garden - rock concert (44)
Water at Manresa (36)
Manresa (37)
On the Gulf of Mexico (35)
For the book incidentals; Kathy playing ball; Arthur's photo of me; old man; kids hugging under umbrella (39)
Kathy Schramm
At zoo playing, set 1 (42)
At zoo playing, set 2 (48)
3S430 [SRH1230022074] Snake and four-square game (52)
At mail-box (22)
At pond - in stream - at outhouse (34)
Faces - cows (36)
In garden - eating corn - with cows (39)
On porch - on hill - in truck - on bridge (37)
Horrified - in truck - in tree (38)
In truck - shadows, scenics (29)
Shadows - at stream, butterfiles (39)
The farm, set 1 (32)
The farm, set 2 (37)
Pictures for calendar (38)
Cross for Gabe (15)
Jones (25)
Us (34)
Us -- Lyn and Donald (34)
Karen and Anna (20)
Notched negatives, set 1 (41)
Notched negatives, set 2 (34)
Washington Post and freelance negatives
Negatives grouped with book Dance in Steps of Change by Schramm and Anderson (housed in Personal: Printed materials: published photographs)
Community of Church in Christ at La Casa, Mt. Pleasent Street - Easter (46)
Manresa (37)
Sunday eve[ning] (18)
Sign of Jonah (15)
Lutheran Social Services (53)
Montessori School (17)
Dupont Circle 2107 (32)
Worship at Splitt's (27)
Easter vigil (11)
Sunday school, pickets, poor meals (21)
Easter (22)
Sunday p.m. (10)
Earth Day celebration (31)
John and David (10)
Dupont Circle, Sunday morning (22)
Judy Martin and family, "Miss Manners:"
Set 1 (25)
Set 2 (24)
Set 3 (21)
Set 4 (30)
March against death, November 13, set 1 (37)
March against death, November 13, set 2 (39)
Thomases, David's mother and father (46)
David and Margaret Thomas (19)
Nieces and nephews (36)
Huck family (39)
Jean Finney
Set 1 (15)
Set 2 (38)
Set 3 (36)
Mount Olivet Church, set 1 (39)
Mount Olivet Church, set 2 (39)
Saint Katherine, Baltimore, set 1 (30)
Saint Katherine, Baltimore, set 2 (26)
Christ Church (9)
Jones (25)
Pix of Jim (37)
Mother (20)
Cats - Circus (49)
Linda Buss (38)
Phinias Fisk wedding
Set 1 (39)
Set 2 (33)
Set 3 (35)
Al Lunde
Set 1 (37)
Set 2 (22)
Notched negatives (38)
Bethlehem Fire Baptized Church of God in Christ and miscellaneous
Bethlehem Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God in Christ
Sunday morning
Set 1 (31)
Set 2 (33)
Set 3 (36)
Sunday morning - sunday evening (27)
Sunday evening
Set 1 (19)
Set 2 (21)
Set 3 (27)
Revival, set 1 (27)
Revival, set 2 (28)
Revival, night exteriors (28)
Sunday afternoon visitors
Set 1 (30)
Set 2 (30)
Set 3 (28)
Children dedication, set 1 (34)
Children dedication, set 2 (30)
West Virginia scenics, Kevin McIntire (15)
Chinese volleyball, September 4, 1973 (36)
Dancers (41)
Pix for the book on the Gulf of Mexico (36)
Absconded negatives I, nothing significant (30)
Notched negatives (40)
3Z289 [SRH1230022148] Carl Bernstein's wedding and miscellaneous negatives
Carl Bernstein's wedding to Carol Hansa (before Nora Ephron) (105)
St. Thomas (97)
Onley (144)
Lou, John, etc. (36)
T 21667 C1 (18)
T 21667 C2 (35)
Playground (38)
Carousel at Great Falls Park, August 26, 1966 (74)
Unidentified (59)
Nancy's wedding (24 2x2 b/w negatives)
3S430 [SRH1230022074] Carl Bernstein's wedding and miscellaneous negatives
Me, set 1 (30)
Me, set 2 (29)
Nancy's wedding
Set 1 (33)
Set 2 (29)
Set 3 (30)
Set 4 (20)
Set 5 (36)
Set 6 (32)
(Set 7 (24) (see also 1 x 2 '' negatives)
Grandparents (15)
Julia Walsh in office, C-1, T21668 (44)
Julia Walsh at home, C-2, T21668 (41)
Nichole Nichola (41)
3Z289 [SRH1230022148] Family negatives
Scope and Contents
[14 color 1 1/2 x 2, 182 b/w 2x2, 15 color 2x2, 172 b/w 2x3, 92 b/w 2x4, 34 b/w 35mm, 58 color 35mm, 22 color very tiny]
Negatives associated with family photographs
John Walters' cabin on Lake Michigan and assorted photographs, August 1961, undated (17 b/w 2x4", 8 b/w 2x3", 6 b/w 2", 3 color 2")
Margie - Girl Scouts negatives, undated (5 b/w 2x3")
Margie graduation negatives, undated (12 color 2")
July 4, 1994 and five days after Mother's death, June 29, 1994 (58 color 35 mm)
Margaret Thomas, grouped personal photographs, [1950's]-1990 (22 color, very tiny)
John, Jerry, and Margaret Sandahl as children
Margaret Sandahl, infancy, undated (41 b/w 2", 9 b/w 2x3", 8 b/w 35 mm)
Margaret Sandahl, infant and toddler; first day of school; miscellaneous family, undated (40 b/w 2", 83 b/w 2x3", 12 b/w 2x4, 10 b/w 35mm)
John and Jerry Sandahl as little boys; Margaret Sandahl, toddler; "Tubby" Sandahl [father] and the bear he killed, undated (17 b/w 2", 36 b/w 2x4")
Assorted family negatives
Margie, Soapbox Derby, July 4 (8 b/w 2x3")
Margie's confirmation, dog, 1955 (12 b/w 2")
Moose Lake cyclone, undated (9 b/w 2x3")
Margie fairy costume; B. C. - Sansom's; Jerry, Margie, and cousins; John's house, undated (11 b/w 2")
Unidentified (3 b/w 2x3")
Coffee Lake house, undated (16 b/w 35 mm)
Big Thompson Canyon - Frieda and Frankie, 1958 (14 b/w 1 1/2x2")
Assorted family members, Coffee Lake house, East Coast trip, Moose Lake house, Milwaukee Clipper (55 b/w 2", 47 b/w 2x3", 27 b/w 2/4")

Audio and video materials

3W92b [SRH1230030216] Audiocassettes
Frances Sandahl Memorial, July 1994
Dr. Lee Dellon - Facial Reclamation Surgery
Dr. Robert Kurske - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
Michel Du Cille - Digital Photography and Photojournalism, 12/26/96
Joe Elbert - Digital Photography, 1/6/97
"Quiet Pictures: The Photojournalism of Margaret Thomas," Texas Student Television, 1996 (VHS)
2X82a [SRH1230014799] Audiocassettes
Lyn Alwers, Linda McConnell, 8/22/1998
Angela Peters, Orlando Sentinel, 10/11/1998
Janet Knott, Boston Globe, October 31, 1998
Beatriz Terrasas, undated