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A Guide to the Paul C. Crusemann Collection, 1788-1932

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Creator Crusemann, Paul C.
Title Crusemann (Paul C.) Collection,
Dates: 1788-1932
Abstract The bulk of the collection consists of unrelated items having to do with the affairs of Elisha Marshall Pease, Texas governor from 1853 to 1857, and his wife Lucadia Christiana Niles Pease. Included also is a significant collection of historical documents, such as a letter from George Washington, an original copy of the public Treaty of Velasco, other notable papers from the time of the Texas Revolution and the Republic of Texas, Pease's diary for October 1836 to January 1837 with a summary of his later activities, and an extensive autograph collection.
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Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

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The bulk of the collection consists of unrelated items having to do with the affairs of Elisha Marshall Pease, Texas governor from 1853 to 1857, and his wife Lucadia Christiana Niles Pease. Included also is a significant collection of historical documents, such as a letter from George Washington, an original copy of the public Treaty of Velasco, other notable papers from the time of the Texas Revolution and the Republic of Texas, Pease's diary for October 1836 to January 1837 with a summary of his later activities, and an extensive autograph collection.

The collection is composed of documents, autographs, and miscellaneous instruments by and to persons prominent in Texas and American history. Paul C. Crusemann, grandson of Governor and Mrs. Elisha Marshall Pease, maintained the collection until 1966, when he donated it to the University. Many of the documents, including an 1836-1837 diary, relate to Governor Pease. The collection contains an original copy of the Treaty of Velasco, which ended the Texas Revolution in 1836. This copy may have belonged to ad interim President David Gouverneur Burnet, one of the signers. Also contained in the collection is a letter from General Santa Anna to President Burnet, notifying him that Mexican troops had been ordered out of Texas in compliance with the Treaty. Other letters bear the signatures of important figures in early Texas--William Barret Travis, Sam Houston, Branch Tanner Archer, Thomas F. McKinney, George T. Wood, James Pinckney Henderson, Thomas Jefferson Rusk, Hardin Richard Runnels, and John Austin Wharton, to name a few. National figures are also represented by their letters: George Washington, Andrew Johnson, Stephen A. Douglas, and others.

Includes typed transcripts of most items.



Letters, official documents, diary, poem, and autographs arranged chronologically or alphabetically according to type of material.


The documents are arranged and numbered item by item. Each one is described in the following inventory. Many are transcribed, presumably by the donor. Most of the material was originally kept in a scrapbook, but removed for purposes of preservation. A smaller album has been kept intact which contains autographs, a poem, and miscellany.

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Subjects (Persons)
Burnet, David Gouverneur, 1789-1870.
Niles family.
Pease, Elisha Marshall, 1818-1883.
Pease, Lucadia Christiana Niles Pease.
Santa Anna, Antonio Lopez de, 1794?-1876.
Treaty of Velasco.
Land titles--Texas.
Texas - Governors
Texas--History--Republic, 1836-1846--Sources.
Texas--History--Revolution, 1835-1836--Sources.

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Custodial History

Collection originated by Elisha Marshall and Lucadia Christiana Niles Pease descended through their daughter Carrie Pease Graham and her daughter Margaret Graham Crusemann to Governor Pease's great-grandson Paul C. Crusemann.

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Paul C. Crusemann Collection, (1788-1898) 1932, Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection



3G483 Documents:
1. Treaty of Velasco
Three sheets of holograph manuscript, two columns per page, English in the lefthand column, Spanish in the righthand column, written on both sides of the sheet. There is a blank cover sheet inscribed on the outside: Public Treaty between Santa Anna and the Government ad interim of Texas 14th May 1836.
Letters and miscellaneous instruments:
2. George Washington, Mount Vernon, to Baruch Bassett, Jr., Letter, Friendly, personal letter. February 3, 17[88].
3. James W. Henry, War Department, Washington, to Brig. Gen. Macpherson, Letter, Concerns pay for soldiers. April 2, 1799.
4. Oliver Wolcott, Captain-general and Commander-in-chief of Connecticut, U.S.A., to Richard Niles, Appointment as Captain, 8th Co. 1st Reg. Infantry, Connecticut Militia, Oct. 20, 1817.
5. W. W. Ellsworth to Richard M. Niles, Note, January 19, 1834.
6. William Barret Travis, San Felipe, to Hon. Silas Dinsmore, Jr. Letter, Introducing E. M. Pease of Bastrop. May 13, 1835.
7. B. T. Archer, Brazoria, to Stephen F. Austin, Chairman of the Committee of Safety of Jurisdiction of Austin, Letter, reporting on raising volunteers, Sept. 25, 1835.
8. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, Velasco, to Pres. David G. Burnet, Letter, Concerns Gen. Woll removing his troops south of the Rio Grande. In Spanish. May 20, 1836.
9. E. M. Pease diary. Daily entries from Oct. 29, 1836 to Jan. 1837. Then summary. Small book, 4 × 6 inches, with ten sheets covered with handwriting in ink on both sides of the page.
10. James W. Robinson, Dist. Judge, Brazoria County, Texas, to E. M. Pease, Certification as attorney and counsellor of said court. April 12, 1838.
11. U.S. Senate Resolutions. Facsimile of the expunged resolution of U.S. Senate, as it appears in the records of the Senate, and facsimile of Mr. Benton's original expunging resolution (without the preamble) passed by the Senate of the United States, March 28, 1834, Jan. 16, 1837.
12. Solar de la Marguerite to Monsieur Niles, Note in French, Nov. 10, 1838.
13. Wm. P. Scott, Chief Justice, Brazoria County, to E. M. Pease, Appointment as mayor of Brazoria. Jan. 6, 1840.
14. W. S. Fulton, Washington to Peter G. Washington, Esq., Letter, Asks name of person and date of letter written to him. July 22, 184[1].
15. C. F. Cleveland, Note, New Haven, Album, p. 1. (Folder 106) June 4, 1842.
16. John Fairfield, [to Mrs. Niles], Note, Album, p. 19. (Folder 106) Dec. 30, 1844.
17. Nathaniel Niles to Miss Niles. Washington, Concerns autographs for album. Feb. 4, 184[5].
18. Winfield Scott to Hon. Preston King, Letter, Concerns Scott's hunting history of his old "brother soldier." March 14, 1846.
19. Thos. F. McKinney, Austin, Texas, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Asks for statement from Pease as to whether McKinney and Williams ever received govt. paper during provisional govt. at discount or par, and whether the firm ever charged for services, etc. April 29, 1846.
20. Thomas Bates, Clerk, U.S. Dist. Court, Galveston, to E. M. Pease. Certification as atty. and counsellor in said court, Nov. 24, 1846.
21. P. W. Gray, Houston, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Congratulates Pease on his being placed at head of Judiciary Committee. Dec. 27, 1847.
22. Geo. T. Wood, Pres. Demo. Convention, State of Texas, Austin, to E. M. Pease, Appointment as delegate to national convention in Baltimore, Feb. 22, 1848.
23. J. S. Vedder, Sec. Galveston Lodge No. 3, IOOF to E. M. Pease. Resolution of thanks for passing act of incorporation for the Lodge, March 7, 1850.
24. General [James] Willie, Hartford, Conn., to [Juliete] Niles, Note, informing her of death of Mrs. Niles. Oct. 7, 1850,
25. Sam M. Williams, Galveston, Texas, to E. M. Pease, Letter. April 11, 1853.
26. J. Pinckney Henderson, San Augustine, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Introducing Col. John R. Burke. Oct. 20, 1853.
27. David Johnson, Limestone Springs, So. Carolina, to Gov. Pease, Letter, Recommends Clayton L. Clarke as Commissioner of Deeds in Texas. Nov. 26, 1853.
28. H. S. Foote, New Orleans, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Recommends Col. John B. Burke. Dec. 1, 1853.
29. P. H. Bell, Washington, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Recommends Rice W. Payne to take acknowledgements of deeds for Virginia. Jan. 12, 1854.
30. John L. Manning, Millford, So. Carolina, to Gov. Pease, Letter, Appoints W. Joseph H. Sanders as Commissioner for S. C. Feb. 20, 1854.
31. Charles H. Pond, Hartford, Conn. to Whom it May Concern, Letter, Asks appointment of Samuel L. Warner. March 3, 1854.
32. David G. Burnet, Oakland, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Recommends Dr. Hugh Kirkpatrick. March 7, 1854.
33. Thos. J. Rusk, Washington, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Recommends Abel U. Mayo of Richmond, Va., for Commissioner of Deeds for Texas. March 12, 1854.
34. John D. Sloat, Comm. U.S. Navy, Washington, D.C. to Sam Houston, Senator of U.S., Washington, D.C., Letter, Asks appointment of his son, Lewis W. Sloat as Commissioner of Deeds for Texas. March 15, 1854.
35. W. P. Ballinger, Galveston, to Gov. Pease, Austin, Letter, March 28, 1854.
36. David S. Reid, Raleigh, N.C., to Gov. Pease, Letter, Recommends Nathaniel J. Palmer for Commissioner of Affidavits in N.C. for State of Texas. April 21, 1854.
37. W. L. Marcy, U.S. Sec. of State, Washington, D.C., to E. M. Pease, Letter, Concerns compulsory Mexican military service of Carlos Rios y Martinez, a U.S. citizen. June 13, 1854.
38. Persifor F. Smith, Bvt. Maj. Gen., Headquarters, Dept. of Texas, Camp on Piedras Pintos, 8 mi. west of Fort Clark, to Gov. Pease, Letter, Calls for 6 companies of mounted men to be mustered into U.S. service Nov. 1 to serve 12 months. Aug. 20, 1854.
39. John Hemphill, Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Texas, to Gov. E. M. Pease. Letter, Supreme Court Room, Austin, Texas, Nov. 16, 1854.
40. H. R. Runnels, Clarksville, Red River, Co., to E. M. Pease, Austin. Letter, Endorses Pease stand on Pacific RR matter; hopes there will be no called session of the legislature. Nov. 30, 1854.
41. John Bigler, Gov. of California, and J. W. Denver, Sec. of State, to Gov. of Texas, Letter, Asks for appointment of Francis L. Hatch of Marysville, Calif. as commissioner to take acknowledgements to be used in Texas. Feb. 6, 1855.
42. Charles Gillette [Principal St. Paul's College, Anderson, Texas, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Inquires about purchase of land belonging to Pease. 1852-1856], March 26, 1855.
43. Andrew Johnson, Executive Office, Nashville, Tenn. to Gov. of Texas. Recommends Thomas Boyers. June 19, 1855.
44. O. M. Roberts, Henderson, Texas, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Concerns candidacy of Pease and Col. Ward. Aug. 11, 1855.
45. Gov. E. M. Pease to John R. Michael, Land Grant, 160 acres in Denton County, Oct. 26, 1855.
46. I. Toucey, Washington, to Gov. Pease, Note, Introduces David Clark, salesman of Sharp's rifle. Jan. 23, 1856.
47. John A. Wharton [n.p.] to Gov. Pease, Note, Jan. 23, 1856.
48. Stephen A. Douglas to Gov. E. M. Pease, Letter written from Senate Chamber, Washington, D.C., Recommends Julius R. Pomeroy for Commissioner of Deeds for Texas. March 31, 1856.
49. Lewis Cass to Gov. Fairfield, Letter, Introduces Capt. Clay. March 18, [1856].
50. John H. Reagan, Rusk, Texas, to Gov. Pease, Letter, Encloses resignation; asks if it is sufficient to authorize writ of election for his successor without special election. April 3, 1856.
51. Sam Houston, Washington, to Gov. E. M. Pease, Austin, Letter recommending A. B. Gray. April 10, 1856.
52. Asa Bigg, Senate Chamber, to Gov. of Texas, Letter, Recommends James W. Bryan as Commissioner of Deeds for Maryland. July 2, 1856.
53. L. D. Evans, House of Representatives, to Gov. Pease, Letter, Urges granting request for extension of time allowed for completing railroad by Mexican Gulf & Henderson Railroad Co. July 26, 1856.
54. James Guthrie, Sec. of Treasury, to Edmund M. Pease, Letter, Request for list of names and addresses of presidents of all railroads chartered and organized in Texas. Sept. 4, 1856.
55. Abner S. Lipscomb, Liveoaks, near Independence, Texas, to Gov. Pease, Austin, Letter, Recommends John Key of Brenham for post of physician in insane hospital which was provided for by the last legislature. Oct. 1, 1856.
56. Aaron V. Brown, Nashville, Tenn. to Gov. of Texas, Letter, Recommends Wm. F. Doherty as Commissioner of Deeds. Oct. 3, 1856.
57. Sarah J. Hale to Edmund M. Pease, Letter, Concerns proclaiming Nov. 20 as official Thanksgiving Day. Oct. 9, 1856.
58. Henry A. Wise, Richmond, Va., to E. M. Pease, Letter, Oct. 21, 1856.
59. W. Medill, Ex-Gov. of Ohio, to Gov. of Texas, Letter, Concerns Ohio man in Texas prison, John M. Bates. Jan. 8, 1857.
60. C. Dorwin, U.S. Consul, Montreal, to E. M. Pease, Gov. of Texas, Letter, Feb. 23, 1857.
61. Volney E. Howard, Member of Congress from San Francisco, Calif., to E. M. Pease, Letter, Asks appointment of Capt. Charles J. Brenham as Commissioner for Texas. May 13, 1857.
62. Rev. E. H. Chapin to Bro. Moor[e], Letter, New York. Concerns preaching engagement. June 27, 1857.
63. J. A. Bayard, Wilmington, Del. to Gov. of Texas, Letter, Recommends William B. Wiggins for Commissioner of Deeds. Oct. 7, 1857.
64. Louis T. Wigfall, of Marshall, to Gov. Pease, Letter, Discusses political matters. April 17, 1858.
65. R. T. Wheeler to E. M. Pease, Letter, May 2, 1858.
66. D. L. Dix, St. Louis Hotel, New Orleans, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Concerns building of insane asylum. April 11, 1859.
67. Edw. Fontaine to E. M. Pease. Letter, Wants to sell his property adjoining that of Pease. June 28, 1859.
68. W. Merritt, Maj. Gen., Headquarters Cavalry, Mil, Div. of the Gulf, Austin, Texas, to Gov. Pease, Letter, July 28, 1865.
69. Horace Greely to S. R. Wiggins, Letter, Aug. 15, 1867.
70. Chas. Griffin, Bvt. Maj. Gen., Hdq. Dist. of Texas, Galveston, Letter of recommendation for Mr. Honey for position of clerk. August 29, 1867.
71. R. B. Hayes, Gov. of Ohio, Columbus to [], Letter of transmittal, Jan. 15, 1868.
72. M. C. Hamilton, Comptroller, Austin, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Asks about bond and oath of James H. Leaverton of Anderson County. Jan. 31, 1868.
73. Henry J. Whitehouse, Bishop of Illinois, Chicago, to Bishop and Clergy of Protestant Episcopal Church in U.S. Letter, Introduces Rev. K. Karlen, on 2 year leave from National Church of Sweden to ascertain religious state of Scandanavian settlers in America. June 8, 1868.
74. John A. Dix, Note endorsing book Pantheon des Illustrations Francaises au XIX Siecle, by Victor Frond. Paris, June 12, 1868.
75. Goucet. Geneva, July 13, 1868.
76. Ed. R. S. Canby, Maj. Gen. to Gov. Pease, Letter, Jan. 12, 1868.
3G484 1870-1880:
77. I. Washburn to Rev. C. R. Moor[e], Note, Portland [Maine], Sends regrets at not being able to attend a meeting. May 16, 1870.
78. A. A. Miner, Pres. Tufts College, Boston to Whom it May Concern. Recommends Wm. B. French as teacher. July 19, 1870.
79. Saluska A. Gr[au], Houston, to Gov. Pease, Letter, Concerns land grant case to be heard in court. Nov. 21, 1871.
80. George G. Sell, Hartford, Conn. to Gov. Pease, Letter, Concerns land in Montgomery County. Sept. 12, 1872.
81. Wm. M. Baker, Newburyport, Mass. to Gov. E. M. Pease, Letter, Introduces Mrs. A. E. Porter, who plans to live in Austin. Nov. 18, 1873.
82. Edwin Waller, Hempstead, Waller County, Texas, to Gov. E. M. Pease, Letter, August 11, 1874.
83. John V. L. Pruyn, Chancellor, Univ. of State of N. Y. to President [John] Raymond of Vassar. Note, Feb. 20, 1875.
84. A. E. Burr, Hartford, Conn. to E. M. Pease, Letter, Wants information about land owned by M. W. Chapin. June 18, 1875.
85. John C. Robinson, Binghamton, New York, to Gov. E. M. Pease, Letter, Oct. 12, 1877.
86. Sam[uel] Harris, Greenfield, to Gov. E. M. Pease, Letter, Apology for not answering Pease's letter. Sept. 25, 1878.
87. G. Schleicher, House of Rep., Washington, D.C., to Gov. E. M. Pease, Letter, Dec. 15, 1878.
88. Thos. L. Gathright, College Station, Texas, to E. M. Pease, Letter, Concerns Pease portrait to hang in office of president at A&M. Aug. 18, 1879.
89. [A] R. Norton to E. M. Pease, Collector, Galveston, Letter, Introducing Geo. B. Wright. Oct. 16, 1880.
90. J. A. Garfield, Mentor, Ohio, to E. M. Pease, Wm. D. Shepherd, F. K. Sturges and others. Note, Nov. 11, 1880.
91. R. W. Thompson, Sec. of U.S. Navy, Washington, to E. M. Pease, Galveston. Letter acknowledging receipt of Pease's recommendation of Rev. Alfred Lee Royce of Janesville, Wis. for Chaplain in U.S. Navy. November 18, 1880.
92. Edward E. Hale, Brooklyn, to Gov. Pease, Letter, Asks for help for friend who wants to know about education in Texas. Dec. 22, 1880.
93. [] C. Marshall, New York, to Ex-Gov. Pease, Note, Sept. 27, 1881.
94. E. G. Marshall, Lehigh Gap, Pa., to Ex-Gov. E. M. Pease, Letter, May 31, 1882.
95. E. H. Capen, [Pres. Tufts College], Letter fragment, March 23, 1883.
96. John Ireland, Gov. of Texas, to Mrs. E. M. Pease, Austin, Letter, Offers House of Representatives for state funeral of Gov. Pease. Aug. 27, 1883.
97. E. M. Pease Funeral Notice - Austin, Texas, Aug. 29, 1883.
98. Harriet Beecher Stowe, Hartford, to Houghton Mifflin Co., Letter, Concerns copies of UTC sent to her. March 8, 1892.
99. Otis Skinner to Mrs. Pease, Note, Subsequent note Nov. 19, 1894-5. Jan. 11, 1932.
100. J. M. Holland, Sexton, to Mrs. L. C. Pease, Receipt for cleaning cemetery lot. Feb. 12, [18]98.
101. Hymn of the Alamo by Reuben Marmaduke Potter, Oct. 1836.
102. Elisabet Ney, Letter, undated
103. E. M. Pease, Certificate, Tx. Veterans Assoc., Moses Austin Bryan, Secret., undated
104. E. M. Pease, Certificate, Tx. Veterans Assoc., F. W. Johnson, President, April 17, 1882.
105. Autographs, dated and undated
106. Album
107. Miscellaneous items: Undated and unreadable signatures
Adams, John Quincy (1767-1848, Rep. & Sen.-Mass., 6th Pres. U.S.) Album page or folder number: 37
Allen, W(illiam 1803-1879, Rep. & Sen.-Ohio) 17 & 45
Anderson, Jos(eph 1757-1837, Sen.-Tenn., U.S. Treasurer) 161
Armstrong, John (1755-1843, Sen.-N.Y., Foreign Minister, Sec. of War) 161
Ashley, Chester (1790-1848, Sen.-Ark) 61
Atchison, David R. (1807-1886, Sen.-Mo) 57
Atherton, Chas. Gordon (1804-1853, Rep. & Sen.-N.H.) 43
Atterbury, W. W. (1866-1935, Pres. of Pa. R. R.) Folder 105
Austin, S. F. (1793-1836, Father of Texas) Folder 105
Bagby, Arthur P. (1794-1858, Sen.-Ala) 59
Barnum, P. T. (1810-1891, Amer. circus showman) 205
Bancroft, George (1800-1891, Sec. of Navy) 69
Barrow, Alexander (1801-1846, Sen.-La.) 63
Bayard, Richard H. (1796-1868, Sen.-Del) 65
Benton, Thomas H. (1782-1858, Rep. & Sen.-Mo) 13
Berrien, John Macpherson (1781-1856, Sen.-Ga.) 63
Bodisco (Russian Minister) 253
Bowdon, F. W. (1817-1857, Rep.-Ala.) 111 & 255
Brace, Jonathan (1754-1837, Rep.-Conn.) Folder 105
Breese, Sidney (1800-1878, Sen.-Ill.) 67
Bryant, William Cullen (1794-1878, Amer. poet and editor) 213
Burr, Aaron (1756-1836, Sen.-NY, VP of U.S.) Folder 105
Burstadt, Albert (Amer. artist and painter) 213
Calhoun, J. C. (1782-1850, Rep. & Sen.-S.C., VP of U.S.) 21
Cass, Lewis (1782-1866, Sen.-Mich.) 45
Choate, Rufus (1799-1859, Rep. & Sen.-Mass.) 65
Clayton, John M. (1796-1856, Sen.-Del.) 49
Clayton, Thomas (1773-1854, Rep. & Sen.-Del.) 43
Crawford, Wm. H. (1772-1834, Sen.-Ga., Sec. of War & Treas.) 175
Crittenden, J. J. (1787-1863, Rep. & Sen.-Kty) 69
Dallas, G. M. (1792-1864, Sen.-Pas, VP under Polk) 5
Dayton, Wm. L. (1807-1864, Sen.-NJ) 45
Dean, W. W. 203
Dickens, Charles (1812-1870, English author) Folder 105
Dix, John A. (1798-1876, Sen.-NY) 57
Dixon, James (1814-1873, Rep. & Sen.-Conn.) 205
Dodd, Mary A. ("Flowers," Hartford, Sept. 7, 1842)23
Dwight, Theodore ( Rep.-Conn.) 1764, 1846, Folder 105
Ellsworth, Henry L. (1791-1858, Comm. of Patents) Folder 105
Espy, James P. (1785-1860, Meteorologist in War & Navy Depts.) 80
Evans, Geo. (1797-1867, Rep. & Sen.-Maine) 53
Fessenden, W. P. (1806-1869, Rep. & Sen.-Maine, Sec. of Treas.) 255
Foster, Dan (preacher) 227
Gallatin, Albert (1761-1849, Rep. & Sen.-Pa., Sec. of Treas.) 175
Giddings, D. C. (1827-1903, Rep.-Texas) Folder 105
Grant, U. S. (1822-1885, U.S. General, 18th Pres. of U.S.) Folder 105
Greene, Albert C. (1791-1863, Sen.-RI) 57
Hamlin, H. (1809-1891, Rep. & Sen.-Maine, VP of U.S.) 255
Hanaford, Phebe A. (1829-1921, Amer. minister & suffragette) 217
Hannegan, E. A. (1807-1859, Rep. & Sen.-Ind.) 59
Harrison, [] 161
Hawley, Jos. R. (1826-1905, Rep. & Sen.-Conn.) 203
Haywood, Will H., Jr. (1801-1852, Sen.-NC) 53
Henderson, John (1795-1866, Sen.-Miss.) 65
Henshaw, David (1791-1852, Sec. of Navy) 71 & 251
[Hillard, H. W.] (1808-1892, Rep.-Ala., Minister to Brazil) 71
Houston, Sam (1793-1863, Gov.-Tenn. & Tex., Sen.-Tex., Pres. of Tex.) Folder 105
Hubbard, R. D. (1818-1884, Rep. & Gov.-Conn.) 205
Huger, Daniel E. (1779-1854, Sen.-SC) 69
Huntington, Jabez W. (1788-1847, Rep. & Sen.-Conn.) 49
Ingersoll, C. J. (1782-1862, Rep.-Penn.) 36
Jarnagin, Spencer (1792-1853, Sen.-Tenn.) 47
Johnson, C. (1793-1866, Rep.-Tenn.) 13
Johnson, Henry (1783-1864, Rep. & Sen.-La.) 67
Johnson, Reverdy (1796-1876, Sen.-Maryland) 61
Johnson, Richard Mentor (1781-1850, Rep. & Sen. Kty, VP of U.S.) 51
Jones, J. W. (1791-1848, Rep.-Va.) 36
Kendall, Amos (1789-1869, Postmaster General) Folder 105
King, Preston (1806-1865, Rep. & Sen.-NY) 36
Kuhnemann, Eugen (professor Breslau Univ.) 10
Lewis, Dixon Hall (1802-1848, Rep. & Sen.-Ala.) 59
McCullough, John (1832-1885, Eng. born American actor) Folder 105
Madison, Dolly Payne (1768-1849, wife of James Madison) 9
Madison, James (1751-1836, Rep.-Va., 4th Pres. of U.S.) 9
Mangum, Willie Person (1792-1861, Rep. & Sen.-NC) 53
Miles, Nelson Appleton (1839-1925, Maj. Gen. U.S. Army) Folder 105
Morehead, James Turner (1797-1854, Sen.-Kty.) 69
Murphy, Henry Cruse (1810-1882, Rep.-NY) 36
Niles, John Milton (1787-1856, Sen.-Conn., Post-master General) Folder 105
Niles, Nathaniel (1791-1869) Folder 17
Ord, Edward Cresap (1818-1883, Brig. Gen. U.S. Army) Folder 105
Osgood, Frances S. (1811-1850, Amer. Poetess) 262
Outlaw, David (1806-1868, Rep.-NC) 71 & 111
Owen, Robert Dale (1800-1877, Rep.-Ind.) 37
Phelps, Samuel S. (1793-1855, Sen.-Vermont) 63
Pierce, Franklin (1804-1869, Rep. & Sen.-N.H., 14th Pres. of U.S.) Folder 105
Polk, James Knox (1795-1849, Rep.-Tenn., 11th Pres. of U.S.) 5
Porter, Augustus Seymour (1798-1872, Sen.-Mich.) 65
Potter, Emery Davis (1804-1896, Rep.-Ohio) 71 & 111
Roberts, Oran Milo (1815-1898, Sup. Ct. and Gov. of Texas) Folder 105
Robinson, John Cleveland (1817-1897, Amer. Army officer) 205
Rogers, Will (1879-1935, Amer. cowboy humorist) Folder 105
Rollins, Edward Henry (1824-1889, Rep. & Sen.-N.H.) 255
Rood, E. Irene Folder 105
Russ, John (1767-1833, Rep.-Conn.) Folder 105
Sargeant, John (Justice of the Peace) Folder 105
Schadtler, Otto Heinrich Von Folder 105
Semple, James (1798-1866, Sen.-Ill.) 67
Sevier, Ambrose Hundley (1801-1848, Sen.-Ark.) 47
Seymour, Thomas Hart (1807, 1868, Rep.-Conn.) 71 & Folder 105
Simmons, James Fowler (1795-1864, Sen.-R.I.) 61
Smith, Truman (1791-1884, Rep. & Sen.-Conn.) 255
Smith, [T.V.] 161
Smith, S. 161
Speight, Jesse (1795-1847, Rep.-NC, Sen.-Miss.) 67
Stetson, Lemuel (1804-1868, Rep.-NY) 41
Stevens, John Leavett (1820-1895, Minister to 5 countries) 203 & 237
Stevenson, Andrew (1784-1857, Rep.-Va.) Folder 105
Stuart, Ruth McEnery (1849-1917, Amer. writer) Folder 105
Sturgeon, Daniel (1789-1878, Sen.-Penn.) 47
Tappan, Benjamin (1773-1857, Sen.-Ohio) 65
Toucey, Isaac (1792-1869, Rep. & Sen. & Gov.-Conn., Atty Gen., Sec. Navy) Folder 105
Tyler, John (1790-1862, Rep. & Sen-Va., VP and 10th Pres. of U.S.) 33
Upham, William (1792-1853, Sen.-Vermont) 49
Walker, R. J. (1801-1869, Sen.-Miss., Sec. of Treas., Gov. of Kansas) 209
Washburn, C. C. (1818-1882, Rep.-Wis.) 255
Washington, Peter G. (auditor) Folder 105
Webster, Daniel (1782-1852, Rep.-N.H., Rep. & Sen.-Mass.) 69
Welles, Gideon (1802-1878, Sec. of Navy) 251
White, Albert Smith (1803-1864, Sen.-Ind.) 65
Wilde, Richard Henry (1789-1847, Rep.-Ga.) 256
[Wiley, Pierre] 255
Williams, Thomas Scott (1777-1861, Rep.-Conn.) Folder 105
Woodbridge, William (1780-1861, Sen.-Mich.) 67
Woodbury, Levi (1789-1851, Sen.-N.H.) 43
Young, Timothy R. (1811-1898, Rep.-Ill.) 71
Undated or unreadable signatures (Folder 107)
Butler, B. F. to Judge Niles, Note, Nov. 3, []
Collinsworth, Jas to []
Duval, T. H. to W. Swenson, Note
[Mariniz, F.] to M. Niles, Note, Turin, April 13, 18[29]
Paige, Lucius R. to Rev. C. R. Moor[e], n.p., n.d.
Sawyer, T. J., Prof. Tufts College, Note., n.p., n.d.
St. Clair, Arthur, Letter to editor of a paper asking him to put in his newspaper some remarks from the writer about his vindication by a Congressional enquiry, in 1791. n.p., n.d.
[] to [], Letter, Concerns legal matter in Aaron Burr's law firm. n.p., April 22, 1819. n.d.