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A Guide to the Burleson (Albert Sidney) Papers, 1841-1946

Descriptive Summary

Creator Burleson, Albert Sidney, 1863-1937
Title Burleson (Albert Sidney) Papers
Dates: 1841-1946
Abstract Correspondence, legislative files, certificates, appointments, speeches, printed materials, newspaper clippings, political cartoons, photographs, and microfilm comprise the Albert Sidney Burleson Papers, 1841-1946, primarily documenting Burleson's years in the political arena as a United States congressman from Texas (1899-1913) and as postmaster general in Woodrow Wilson's cabinet (1913-1921).
Accession No.: 63-137; 65-135; 66-185; 72-085; 81-175; 82-053; 84-251; 87-299; 88-019; 89-076; 89-147; 98-142
OCLC No.: 20659759
Extent 4 ft., 7 in. and 9 reels of microfilm
Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Attorney, politician, and Postmaster General Albert Sidney Burleson (1863-1937) was born in San Marcos, Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas Law Department in its first class in 1884. After practicing law and serving in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1899 to 1913, President Wilson appointed Burleson as Postmaster General. During his tenure from 1913 to 1921, he expanded parcel post and was responsible for the government takeover of telephone, telegraph, and cable during World War I as well as the initiation of airmail in 1918. Burleson was the first Texan to serve on a president's cabinet while launching the first official air mail in history.


“Burleson, Albert Sidney.” Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Accessed September 14, 2011.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, legislative files, certificates, appointments, speeches, printed materials, newspaper clippings, political cartoons, photographs, and microfilm comprise the Albert Sidney Burleson Papers, 1841-1946, primarily documenting Burleson's years in the political arena as a United States congressman from Texas (1899-1913) and as postmaster general in Woodrow Wilson's cabinet (1913-1921). Included is material relating to Burleson's education; to the family history of his wife, Adele Steiner Burleson; to concerns of the Agriculture, Appropriations, and Banking and Currency committees of the House of Representatives; and to political campaigns and elections of the era. The collection contains the first diploma issued by the Law Department of the University of Texas at Austin, a note on White House stationery, personally typed by Woodrow Wilson, and a letter from President Wilson congratulating Burleson on his fifty-first birthday expressing his “admiration and affection.”


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The collection is open for research use.

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Subjects (Persons)
Bell, Charles Keith
Buchanan, James Paul
Burleson, Adele Steiner, 1863-1948.
Burleson, Albert Sidney, 1863-1937 -- Archives.
Burleson, Albert Sidney, 1863-1937 -- Photographs.
Cannon, William Jarvis
Daniel, Josephus
Foster, Lafayette Lumpkin
Gibson, Robert
Giddings, DeWitt Clinton
Harrington, E. S.
House, Edward Mandell, 1858-1938.
Houston, David Franklin, 1866-1940.
King, William V.
Kone, Edward Reeves
Lamar, William H.
Lauderdale, C. W.
McAdoo, William Gibbs, 1863-1941
McCarthy, George L.
Olmstead, Victor H.
Patton, James A.
Potts, Paum M.
Price, Theodore H.
Redfield, William C.
Riche, C. S.
Steiner, Josephus Murray, 1823-1873.
Violett, Atwood
Willoughby, C. A.
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924--Photographs.
Subjects (Organizations)
Democratic Party (Tex.) -- History -- 20th century -- Sources.
Democratic Party (U.S.) -- History -- 20th century -- Sources.
United States. Congress. House -- History -- 20th century -- Sources.
United States. Congress. House -- Election districts -- Texas.
Legislators -- United States -- History -- 20th century.
Legislators -- Texas -- History -- 20th century.
Politics, Practical -- Texas -- History -- 20th century.
Speeches, addresses, etc., American -- 20th century.
Agriculture -- United States -- Law and legislation.
Air mail service -- United States -- History -- Sources.
Cotton -- United States.
Margarine -- Law and legislation -- United States.
Postal service -- United States.
Telegraph -- United States.
Telephone -- United States.
World War, 1914-1918 -- Photographs.
Austin (Tex.) -- History -- Sources.
United States -- Politics and government -- Caricatures and cartoons
United States -- Politics and government -- 1865-1933.
Washington (D.C.) -- History -- Sources.

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Separated Material

Nitrate negatives from this collection are now being stored in the nitrate storage vault at the Austin History Center.

Some materials have been separated to the library unit. Leather embossed book cover for The Most Important Invention of the Times for The Most Important Invention of the Times by Elbert Hubbard, has been removed to the Artifact Collection, Box 2.325/x23C.

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Albert Sidney Burleson Papers, 1841-1946, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Chester V. Kielman, 1963; William H. Richter, 1965, 1967; Frances Rodgers, 1975; Angela Olivera, 1983, 1984; and Laurel Rozema, 2008.

Detailed Description of the Collection



box folder
2B182 1 July 1898-December 1906
2 1907
3 January 1908
4 February 1908
5 March 1908
6 April 1908
box folder
2B183 1 May 1908
2 June-December 1908
3 January-March 1909
4 April-December 1909
5 January-March 1910
6 April-December 1910
7 January-March 1911
box folder
2B184 1 April-May 1911
2 June-December 1911
3 1912
4 January 1913-December 1919
5 1920-1938, undated
box folder
2L135 1 Assorted copies, April 24, 1912-December 8, 1914
2 President Wilson to Postmaster General Burleson (copies), 1913-1918
3 Assorted copies, January 14, 1915-December 19, 1918
4 Assorted copies, 1919
5 Assorted copies, 1920, 1921, 1932, 1933, 1938, undated
box folder
2L136 1 Assorted, January 22, 1909-December 21, 1916
2 Assorted, March 26, 1917-December 27, 1920
3 Assorted, January 5, 1921-May 21, 1946
Telegrams, 1915-1916, 1918-1920 and 1933


Legislative files:

box folder
2B185 1 Agriculture Committee:
1 Cotton grading, 1906, 1907, undated
2 Cotton information, 1903-1912, undated
3 Cotton legislation, 1901-1913
4 Cotton notebooks, undated
5 Cotton statistics, December 1905-January 1918, undated
6 Oleomargarine articles, 1908-1912, undated
7 Oleomargarine information, 1900-1912, undated
box folder
2B186 1 Oleomargarine legislation, 1902-1912
2 Sugar from Cuba, 1901-1912, undated
3 Appropriations Committee, Panama Canal finances, 1907-1912, undated
4 Banking and Currency Committee, Currency conditions, 1903-1908, 1912, undated
5 Postal Department, 1904-1921, undated
6 Railway legislation, 1904-1918, undated
7 Tariff legislation, 1903-1911, undated
8 Government publications, 1897-1928
9 Assorted legislation, 1900-1921, undated


Printed material:

box folder
2B187 1 International relationship with belligerent nations, 1903-1916, undated
2 Mounted newspaper clippings, 1903-1928
3 Mounted newspaper clippings, 1903-1928
4 Notebook of clippings and speeches, 1892-1898
5 Pamphlets, 1884-1919
6 Personal sketches
7 Assorted material, 1905-1917, undated
box folder
2B188 1 Greeting card
2 Political party information, 1901-1928, undated
3 Religious information, 1914-1927, undated
4 Speeches and essays, 1902, 1917, 1920, undated
5 Travel guides and passenger list, 1886, 1888, 1893, undated
6 Underwood presidential campaign, 1914-1924, undated
7 Waters-Pierce Oil Co., J. W. Bailey Case, 1901-1911, undated
8 Women's Pan American Conference, 1915-1924, undated
box folder
2L134 1 Articles about Burleson
2 Articles on and about the United States Post Office Department
3 Assorted articles
4 News articles and clippings about Burleson
5 News articles and clippings on postal system, League of Nations, etc.
3S167 Newspaper clippings:
On Oscar W. Underwood, 1924
On Al Smith, anti-Catholicism, 1928
"The Great War Message of President Wilson," 1917
box folder
2L136 4 Speeches by Burleson, 1915, 1919 and 1924
5 Speeches by others, 1909, 1915-1917, 1919, and 1926
7 Campaign Cartoons issued by the Democratic National Committee, 1912
OD 1306 Campaign posters for congressional and presidential elections, 1916, 1918, and 1920
Wilson's war message, April 2, 1917
Post Office thrift campaign, 1918
TXC-C Map of Texas population, Texas Commercial Secretaries Association, 1910
Brochure on concrete building materials, undated
Reprint: "A Word with Old Kentucky", Savoyard, The Evening Post, 1912
Broadside: "President Wilson's Reply to the Pope's Proposal", 1917
Proclamation by Woodrow Wilson, 1918
TXC-94 Congressional Record: Speech of Hon. Joseph W. Bailey, of Texas, 1897
By-Laws of Austin Lodge, No. 12, 1884
National Society of Colonial Deames of America in the State of Texas, 1927
Supplement to 1925 Directory, D. A. R.? (Texas)
Fort Worth Chapter, D. A. R., 1927
Then and Now: The Opportunity of Texas, 1883, 1906
Folder of material related to national women's organizations
Folder of material related to concrete
Folder of material related to U. S. government
Five publications on religious subjects
Travel guides for Athens, Strasburg, and Mexico City
Three campaign publications of Oscar W. Underwood of Alabama
One publication of Texas Democrats concerning Oscar W. Underwood campaign for U. S. presidency: "Underwood Principles Outlined"
Ten publications related to Joseph Weldon Bailey, Senator from Texas
"The Waters Pierce Case in Texas", Frederick Upham Adams, St. Louis: Skinner and Kennedy, 1908
"A Speech Delivered in the Trial of Jake Wolters Before the [Texas] Legislature", Rep. Junius Smith, undated
Eight speeches on assorted subjects, non-Texan, 1902-1919
Phillips Exeter Academy calendar, 1929
"Corps of Cadets" calendar, 1934
"Washington Old and New", Barry Bulkley, 1913; inscribed: "For A. S. Burleson with the affectionate regard of the author, September 15th, 1913", 1913


Maps and blueprints:

G 4361 .F9 1916 .R3 (ASB6) California Vote for President, 1916
G 5701 .F2 1919 .R3 (ASB5) Treaty of Peace and New Map of Europe
G 3701 .P62 1919 .B8 (ASB4) Air Mail Routes, 1919-1920
G 5701 .E6 1918 .M4 (ASB3) The New Map of Europe
G 4411 .E625 1919 .N3 no. 1-2 (ASB1-2) Map and Chart showing Mexican Lawlessness
2.116/OD 1220 Blueprint map of U.S. divided into districts
3S167 Annotated Maps:
Route New York City to Bremen, Germany, undated
Switzerland, undated
Silesia, results of plebiscite, [1921?]
Three blueprints of concrete block cottage


Education and career scrapbook:

box item
2.325/D37b 1 Letter (in Spanish), Porfirio Diaz (President of Mexico) to Albert Sidney Burleson, Mexico, May 1, 1902
2 Receipt from the Aztec Club of 1847, N. Y., November 11, 1914
[Fifteen dollars Entrance Fee, paid by Albert Sidney Burleson.]
3 Folder from The National Cyclopedia of American Biography, with photograph of Albert Sidney Burleson
4 Invitation to the inauguration of F. D. Roosevelt and J. N. Garner, addressed to Honorable and Mrs. Albert Sidney Burleson, January 20, 1937
5 Memorandum relating to One Genealogical Line of the Burleson Family
6 6Invitation to the inauguration of F. D. Roosevelt and Henry Agard Wallace, addressed to Mrs. Albert Sidney Burleson, January 20, 1941
7 Certificate granting full pardon and amnesty to J. M. Steiner, of Travis County, Texas, with oath and conditions set, signed by President Andrew Johnson and others, and December 9, 1865
8 Certificate to Albert Sidney Burleson, from the Order of the Indian Wars of the United States, August 26, 1920
9 Drawing (in color) by J. R. or J. B. Miller, of (Fort) Phantom Hill, with legend. Handwritten note attached
10 Genealogical chart of the Steiner Family
11 Land Grant to Henry Feltenn & heirs, signed by President Mirabeau B. Lamar, June 16, 1841
12 Certificate: Appointment of I. M. Steiner to the office of Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum, signed by Governor F. R. Lubbock, November 8, 1861
13 Certificate issued by William H. Seward, United States of America, Department of State, on behalf of J. M. Steiner, in reference to original Oath..., May 18, 1866
14 Certificate and Acknowledgement of Warrant of Pardon signed by Wm. H. Seward and J. M. Steiner, April 11 and May 18, 1866
15 Receipt for sale of two negroes to Dr. J. M. Steiner, September 22, 1863
16 Receipt for sale of negro boy..., June 29, 1864
17 Agreement and certificate between J. M. Steiner and G. Peltzer in reference to the hiring of a house and servant, January 1, 1864, February 16, 1865
18 Certificate: Albert Sidney Burleson Admitted as an Attorney and Counsellor, Circuit Court of the United States at Austin, March 16, 1885
19 Certificate: Albert Sidney Burleson admitted as an Attorney and Counsellor of the United States of America, April 26, 1900
20 Certificate: Albert Sidney Burleson admitted and constituted a Noble of the Mystic Shrine, Ben Hur Temple, March 19, 1897
21 Appointment of Albert Sidney Burleson as Major and Aid-de-Camp on Staff of the Commander in Chief in the Texas Volunteer guard, signed by Governor S. W. T. Lanham, February 21, 1903
22 (Special Passport). No. 69979.... Albert Sidney Burleson... about to proceed abroad accompanied by his wife..., April 29, 1903
23 Diploma from Waco University, 1881
24 Certificate of election returns, December 23, 1898
25 Certificate of Election, December 22, 1900
26 Certificate of Election December 28, 1904
27 Diploma: Bachelor of Laws, The University of Texas, on behalf of Albert Sidney Burleson, June 14, 1884
28 Application for a license to practice as an Attorney at Law, issued on behalf of Albert Sidney Burleson, and License to practice... (Authorization), June 17, 1884
29 Diploma: Doctor of Laws issued by Baylor University at Waco on behalf of Albert Sidney Burleson, June 16, 1920
30 Diploma: Bachelor of Arts, issued by Baylor University at Waco, on behalf of Albert Sidney Burleson, June 16, 1920
31 Nomination of Albert Sidney Burleson as Postmaster General by President Woodrow Wilson, March 5, 1913
32 Nomination of Albert Sidney Burleson as Postmaster General by President Woodrow Wilson, January 24, 1918
33 Certificate: Thomas Jefferson Society of Texas.... "valuable and distinguished services rendered to the Democratic Party...," April 13, 1934
34 Handwritten note: Cong. Rec., p. 4383. Resolved that the office of Speaker of the House of Representatives is hereby declared to by vacant..., April 4, 1908
35 Announcement of the election of Hon. Albert Sidney Burleson... Order of Runnemede... Philadelphia, PA, June 2, 1930
36 Testimonial of conduct on behalf of Albert Sidney Burleson, Ben Hur Temple, April 13, 1917
37 Humorous hand-made award, undated
38 President Woodrow Wilson's nomination and appointment of Postmaster General Albert Sidney Burleson as representative of the United States of America in international conference to be held in Washington, May 18, 1920
39 Land Grant: Governor E. M. Pease, on behalf of B. I. Chambers, assignee of Berry Langford, October 4, 1854
40 Appointment of Albert Sidney Burleson as District Attorney upon resignation of James H. Robertson, April 27, 1891
41 Certificate of Election: Burleson elected District Attorney December 21, 1892
42 Appointment of Burleson as District Attorney, April 28, 1891
43 Empty envelope with stamp: Centennial Year, 1839-1939, [1939]
44 Empty envelope with stamp: Centennial Year, 1839-1939, [1939]
45 Empty envelope: The Postmaster General, Washington
46 Empty envelope: House of Representative, U. S., Public Document, Free, A. S. Burleson M. C., Texas



3S7 Air mail inauguration
Burleson (group)
Burleson (individual)
Woodrow Wilson (individual)
3S111 Unidentified persons with palm trees
Unidentified person in a camp
Portrait of C. F. Simmons, Principal of Washington Graded Public School (for Negroes?), Washington, Texas, undated
Halftone reproductions (including postcards) of Sather Tower (Campanile), University of California, Berkeley, undated
Halftone reproductions of Cité de Carcassonne, France, undated
Lithograph of Cité de Carcassonne, France, undated
3L108 Scrapbook, 1909
3S11 World War I
3S7 Assorted


Personal papers:

box folder
2B188 9 1856-1941, undated


Uncataloged microfilm [positive copy]:

Microfilm is from the Albert Burleson collection at the Library of Congress.
838.09 Material relating to agriculture, 1905-1915
[labeled "Folders 1-2"]
838.10 Material relating to his term in Congress and his activities as Postmaster General
[labeled "Folders 3-5"]
838.11 Political correspondence, clippings, and democratic campaign material
[labeled "Folders 6-8"]
838.12 Foreign affairs (USSR intervention, federal reserve, Mexico, etc.), personal papers, and outside Texas political correspondence
[labeled "Folders 9-11"]
838.13 [labeled "Folders 12-16"]
Documents relating to U.S. Post Office, Riggs National Bank, National Republican Party, and 1916 Presidential Campaign
Personal correspondence
838.14 [labeled "Folders 17-21"]
Political and official correspondence, 1900-1936
Post Office affairs
Wartime censorship
838.15 Correspondence with Woodrow Wilson relating to politics and patronage, 1912-1915
[labeled "Folders 22-26"]
838.16 [labeled "Folders 27-32"]
Correspondence with Woodrow Wilson, 1912-1918
Business correspondence, 1887-1893
Clippings, 1898-1908
838.17 Scrapbook and clippings, 1909-1938
[labeled "Folders 33-45"]