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A Guide to the Black Texas Women Archive, 1860-1865, 1897-1994

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Winegarten, Ruthe.
Title Black Texas Women Archive
Dates: 1860-1865, 1897-1994
Abstract This collection brings together a wide variety of materials about the history of Black women in Texas for the purpose of writing Black Texas Women: 150 Years of Trial and Triumph. by Ruthe Winegarten.
Extent 8 ft., 9 in.
Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Ruthe Winegarten, a historian and writer, teacher and lecturer, was born and raised in Texas. She received a Masters of Science in social work from The University of Texas at Arlington in 1970. From 1975-1978, she served as a visiting instructor and community coordinator at The University of Texas at Dallas where she worked toward a doctorate in the history of ideas. Through the Texas Foundation for Women’s Resources, she began working on the Texas Women’s History Project in 1978. She edited Texas Women’s History Project: Bibliography, Winegarten’s first book, and served as research director and curator of the Foundation’s traveling exhibit “Texas Women: A Celebration of History” which appeared throughout Texas in 1981 and 1982.

Winegarten wrote and co-wrote 18 books focusing on the history of women, African-Americans, Latinos, and Jews in Texas. In 1983, Winegarten published I Am Annie Mae, the story of black entrepreneur Annie Mae Hunt. Winegarten crafted the book into a musical which toured nationally. Other works by Winegarten include the following: Black Texas Women: A Sourcebook; Capitol Women: Texas Female Legislators, 1923-1999; and her last work, Las Tejanas: 300 Years of History.

Throughout her life, Winegarten participated in various community organizations including the League of Women Voters and B’nai B’rith of which she was Southwest Regional Director of the Anti-Defamation League.

In June 2004, Ruthe Winegarten died in Austin at the age of 74.

Scope and Contents

Research materials, including books, pamphlets, photographs, oral interviews and files assembled by Ruthe Winegarten for the purpose of writing her book Black Texas Women: 150 Years of Trial and Triumph..


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Related Material

Additional materials on Black Texas women and other documents related to this collection are included in the Ruthe Winegarten Papers, 1912-2004, also at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History.

See also the Ruthe Winegarten Family Papers, 1963-2001, also at the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History.

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Black Texas Women Archive, 1860-1865, 1897-1994, Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Women's organizations, January 30, 1989 - Fall 1992
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East Austin history (Carver), pamphlet, photographs, etc., June 1977 - November 1993
Jim Crow Ordinance, 1906
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Craft/Schlessinger interview, 1977
Freedman's town/cemetery, early history, 1990
Black Dallas remembered, 1986
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City Council at Large controversy, 1992
Miscellaneous, 1991
The Green Side of Black, 1982
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Freedman's cemetery, schools, 1990
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Arizona Dranes, blind gospel singer, Dallas, born 1904
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Mrs. Ada Bell DeMent, 1984
ERA, Texas and national, 1985-1992
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Mary Hall, is left property by White, Harrison County, undated
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Individual documents, biographies, 1985-1992
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Dallas; Vivian Williamson-Johnson "The History of Freedman Town...," undated
Lulu B. Daily, January 1952
Dr. Thelma Daniels, 1990
Katie Darling (Tyler, S1 narrative) 1974
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Angela Davis, women, race and class, convict labor, sexual exploitation, 1990
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Clarissa Davis, 1992
Blanche Johnson Davis, Dallas, undated
Deralyn Davis, undated
Yvonne Davis, 1992
Shirley DeLibero, Dallas, January 1988
Reverend and Mrs. Nelson Denson, Marlin, Falls County, 1984
Denton, 1991
Depression, 1987
Dr. Elneita Dever, April 15, 1979
Sara Dickerson, undated
Marian Dillard, 1973, 1991
Doctors, undated
Domestics, undated
Rev. J. Brendonly Douglas, 1987
W. E. B. DuBois, 1992
Almetris Duren, 1979-1981
East Texas State University, Oral History Project, 1986
Education, court cases, 1992
Education, xeroxes, out takes, 1925-1991
Ada Edwards, 1991
Dr. Lena Edwards, 1991
Elected officials, 1991-1992
Jane Elkins, undated
El Paso Women, February 13, 1974
Dorothy Emanuel, Waco, 1985
Dr. Carla Emery, Austin Podiatrist, August 14, 1987
Environment, November 22-28, 1991
Environmental racism, December 7, 1992
Roxanne Evans, 1991-1992
Exodusters, 1986
Norma Faison, 1992
Family, black family special issue, Nation, 1977-1992
Family reunions, July 23, 1992
James Farmer Papers, 1988
Sandra Farmer-Patrick, August 20, 1993
Farmers, August 3, 1992
Farmers Improvement Society, June 1991
Charlye O. Farris, April 1991
Feminism articles, 1988-1991
Films, 1985
Benita Fitgerald Brown, January 1988
Arizona Fleming, 1985
Francine Floyd, 1991
Dr. Gloria Floyd, 1986
Folklore, 1991
Folktales bookstore, 1992
Barbara Foreman
Fort Worth, 1991
Dickey Foster, undated
Adrian Rhae Fowler, 1984
J. E. Franklin, 1991
Madam N. A. Franklin, undated
Julia Caldwell Frazier, undated
John Hope Franklin "From Slave to Freedom," undated
Frontier, forts, ranching, 1986-1989
2.325/F64.2 Rev. Matt Gaines, 1991
Galveston, undated
Gainesville, 1975
Toni Gardner, 1992
Zina Garrison, 1983
Marcus Garvey, 1992
Willie Leegay, 1992
Gender article, Joan W. Scott, undated
Genealogy for blacks, undated
Eliza Davis George, 1991
Mary Keys Gipson, Ft. Worth, 1991
Helen Giddings, January 20, 1993
Marie Gilbert, May 1990
Kathlyn Gilliam, Dallas, 1975
Girl Scouts, 1983-1991
Elizabeth Glasco, Austin restaurant owner, 1986-1987
Willie Lee Glass, 1992
Mrs. M. B. Glover, Ft. Worth nurse, undated
Maxine Golightly, September 21, 1992
Barbara Goodall, Corsicana, May 20, 1991
Gwendolyn Irene Gordon, Waco, undated
Lena Hamilton Graves, 1991
Theresa Graves, undated
Greater Dallas Housing Opportunity Center, 1970
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Walter Griffin, 1983-1984
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Brig. Gen. Marcelite Harris, 1990
Dr. Cecile Harrison, 1991
Dian Johnson Harrison, 1984
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Bernice Hart, 1989-1991
Pamela Hart, 1992
Cheryl Hawkins, 1986
Gloria Lee-Haywood, Galveston, 1986
Health, 1931-1992
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Elsie-Faye Heggins, 1983
Laura Hemphill, 1985
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Judge Mary Ellen Hicks, Ft. Worth, 1977, 1993
Renee Higginbotham Brooks, 1991
Highlander Center, 1992
Bernice Polk Hightower, Galveston, 1986
Mrs. Ada Wilson Hill, Galveston, 1929-1968
Agnes Hill, Victoria, churchwork, 1990
Anita Hill, 1991
Historical and cultural activities, 1991
Jennifer Holliday, 1980-1991
Tilda Holma, 1984
Houses, 1988, 1991
Joshua Houston, 1993
Sam Houston
Houston Chronicle, 1940s-1950s
Houston Negro School of Nursing, 1982-1991
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Dee Howard, 1990
Emma Jewell Hughes, 1949
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Huston-Tillotson College, 1990
Viola Stinson Hynson, 1985, 1991
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Mayor Willie Mane Iles, 1990
Indians, blacks, undated
Indians, 1990
Interreligious Activities of Jewish women, 1935-1988
Cheryl Irvin, 1991
Barbara Jean Jacket, Prairie View, 1991-1992
Brenda Jackson, 1991
Elizabeth Jackson, 1985
Robena Jackson, 1984-1990
Jacksonville, 1991-1992
Peggy James, 1990
Flo Jasper, 1990
Jeanes School, 1979
Erma Jefferson, 1984, 1992
Mildred Jefferson, 1992
Maurine Jefferson, 1990
Jora T. Jitahidi, Austin, 1986-1987
Brig. General Hazel Johnson, not Texas, 1983
Iola Johnson, 1992
Jessalyn Gay Johnson, 1986
LBJ and Civil Rights (Caro), 1991
Norma Johnson, Austin Capital Metro, 1992
Armye Jones, 1949
Dr. Beulah Curry Jones, 1983
Charles Etta Jones, undated
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Iris Jones, 1990-1991
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Zora Jones, 1991-1992
Barbara Jordan, 1963-1993
Martha Jordan, 1992
Journal of Negro History, 1982
Judges, 1991
Juneteenth, 1987-1992
Mrs. S. G. Kay, undated
Col. Keating, Dallas, undated
Judge Brenda Kennedy, 1991
Kerrville Texas Sanitarium for Blacks, 1992
Marvin Kimbrough, 1986
Alice Taylor King, 1984-1992
Martin Luther King, 1990
Kyle, Texas 1981
Kwanzaa, 1984-1992
Labor leaders, 1992
Jean Lacy, Dallas artist, 1989-1992
Lillian Lewis, 1990
Lady Longhorns, 1990
Laguna Gloria, 1989
Lake Jackson Plantation, 1993
Catherine Lamkin, 1978
Dorothea Lange, 1991-1992
Oliver Law, 1991
Annette Lawrence, 1991
Eloise Laws, 1970
Fannie Mae Lawless, 1988
Leadership Texas, 1993
League of Women Voters, 1992
Dr. Naomi Lede, 1991-1992
Sheila Jackson Lee, 1989-1991
Legal, 1908
Legal Rights time line, 1936-1975
Legislators, 1966-1993
Legislators, Black, Reconstruction, 1873-1989
Alison Leland, 1991-1992
Bernice C. Sanders Leonard, Corpus Christi, undated
Mrs. E C. B. Le Query, Temple
Idella Lewis, 1983
Lillian Tucker Lewis, undated
Linda Lewis, 1992
Lora Livingston, 1992
Betty Lockhart, 1977
Alice Dunn Logan, 1992
Mrs. Ralph (Kate) Long, 1992
Longview, 1991
Louisiana, 1991
Ms. R. S. Lovinggood, 1991
Toni Luckett, UT Student Assembly Resident, 1990-1991
Audre Lourde, 1992
Lufkin, 1991
Anne Lundy, 1990-1993
Eloise Lundy, WPA worker-parks, Dallas Depression, 1987-1991
Lynchings, undated
Barbara Lynn, 1991
Eliza McCabe, 1984
Ada McCloud, Galveston, undated
Myra McDaniel, 1984-1991
Tracy McDaniel, undated
Gabrielle McDonald, 1980-1993
William McDonald, 1990
Jewell McGovern, Houston, 1980
Edna Nixon McIver, 1991
Mamie McKnight, 1989-1990
Clara McLaughlin, Black TV station owners, 1985-1987
Lori McNeil, tennis, Houston, 1987
Blanche Mae Preston McSmith, 1985-1991
Madisonville, undated
Malcolm X, 1992
Vivienne Malone-Mayes, ca. 1990
Mama Sugar, Arcola Sugar Shack Trailblazers, 1988
Dorothy Mann, 1991
Mae Marion, Austin, 1991-1992
Marion County, 1992
Dr. Shirley Marks-Brown, 1978-1992
Thurgood Marshall, 1993
Lavonne Mason, 1986-1991
Ollie Lee McMillan Mason, 1993
Matagorda County, 1915-1991
Sebiletso Matabane, 1988-1992
Estella Maxey, undated
Mayors, Black, undated
Mays Family, Robstown, 1983-1990
Osceola Mays, 1991
Bertha Means, 1975-1990
Medallion, 1992
Angela Shelf Medearis, undated
Migration, undated
Vicki Miles, undated
Military, 1943-1992
Dons (Done) Miller, Waco, 1988-1991
Dr. Beverly Mitchell-Brooks, 1990-1992
Bobbie J. Mitchell, Mayor, Lewisville, 1993
Debra Mobley-Sadler, 1991
The Montague Collection, 1989
Jenny Moore, 1992
Lucille Moore, 1991-1992
Rita Moore, 1990-1991
Rosa Lee Moore "Aunt Jemima", 1992
Kittye Mooring, Houston, 1982, undated
Azie Taylor Morton, 1980-1992
Lizzie Delashwah Morton, Austin, school principal, undated
Rosa Mosely, Houston, 1991
Kirsten Mullen, 1992
Multicultural, 1991
Multi-Ethnic Heritage Foundation, Dallas, 1992
Murchison, Mahalia, 1989-1991
Musicians, Black, women, 1985-1993
Negro National Anthem, undated
NOW, 1991
National Business League, undated
Nancy Scott Home for Decrepit Old Women, 1978-1986
Louisa Nash, 1867
Sunny Nash, Bryan, 1990-1991
National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Craven, 1992
National Women of Achievement, 1990
National Women's Political Caucus, 1991
Negro History week, in schools, 1990
Narvell Neves, 1989
Newspapers, 1937-1991
Carolyn Newman, 1992
Pansy Nichols, undated
Niobe, 1992
Drusilla Tandy Nixon and Dr. L. A. Nixon, 1966-1993
Nurses, Black, 1942-1989
Hazel Obey, 1988-1993
Old 300, 1897-1954
Organizations, 1988
Mrs. Harriet Owens, 1987
Nell Irvin Painter, undated
2.325/F64.3 Seaholm: White Women's Club Movement, 1988
Palestine, Texas, 1992
Jacques Patterson, 1991
Lucy Patterson, 1975-1982
Paul Quinn College, 1990-1992
August Barrett Payne, Houston, 1986
Donald Payton, 1983
Peace Activities, 1992
Hazel Harvey Peace, Fort Worth, 1989
Doris Hollis Pemberton, 1990
Edna Pemberton, 1992
Hannah Perryman, undated
Philanthropists, undated
Esther Phillips, 1987
Photographers, 1983-1986
Mrs. L. G. Pinkston, 1990
Allie Faye Pitts, undated
Dr. Merline Pitre, 1990
Bo Pleaseant, 1989
Police women, 1991
Politics, 1970-1990
Political parties, role of women, undated
Kitty House Pollard, Austin, 1987
Lillie Portley, undated
John Wiley Price, 1991
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Victoria, undated
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Wichita Falls, undated
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Video/oral interview:
Newsome Family, Simonton, Ft. Bend County, Texas, interviewed by Barbara Rosenberg, undated
2.325/L30 Chapter 2, July 21, 1993
Chapter 4, Reconstruction, family life, churches, Freedmen's Bureau schools
Slavery photocopy
Chapter 2, Slavery, Campbell story, January 20, 1992
Chapter 3 & 4, June 13-14, 1993
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Chapter 3, "Eman, Work, and Family, 1865-1900," January 18, 1992
Chapter 4, "Sexual Exploitation," undated
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Chapter 4, "Politics and Protest, 1865-1900," undated
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Chapter 4, "Grange, Pop, Farmers," undated
Chapter 3, "Family Life," undated
Reconstruction, politics, miscellaneous
Reconstruction, Work, Family Life, undated
Chapter 8, "Culture," undated
Old chapter 3, now chapter 4, January 7, 1992
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Notes from Dallas Public Library
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Black Texas Women, addresses of women featured
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“A Spirit of Lawlessness”
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WAACS [Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps]
WPA [Works Progress Administration]
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2.325/F259 Legendary Ladies of Texas
Willie Brown
Buffalo Soldiers
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Dr. Emma Johanne Thomas-Smith
World War II
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Algerine Craig
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Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History
Austin County
Willie Belle Boone
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Olive Durden Brown
Anita Bunkley
Caldwell County
Carver Museum
Center Point
Virgie Carrington Dewitty
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Almetris Duren
Carlette Guidry
Helen Hairston
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Houston, Antioch Baptist Church
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Jarvis College
Zenobia Trimble of Wichita Falls
Jacquleline Trimmer
Dorothy Turner
University of Texas desegregation
Dr. Franklyn Jenifer
Mrs. S.G. Kay
Bev Kearney
Edwina King (Murphy)
Peggy Lee
Liberty County
MAALC [Musem of African American Life and Culture]
Lori McNeil
Deborah Roberts
Jackie Robinson
Round Rock
Sports champions
Swimmer, Diane Strader
Sheryl Swoopes
2.325/L31 Chapter 8, "Culture," 1992
Chapter 10, "We Can't Vote Because We're Negroes?", 1992
Chapter 10, "Clubs and Community Building," June 2, 1992; July 1, 1993
Chapter 12, "Civil Rights," July 11, 1993
Chapter 13, "This is Our Time," August 10, 1993
Chapter 14, "We Want to be Seen," August 1, 1993
Chapter 5, "Education," April 28, 1992
Chapter 5, outtakes
Chapter 6, "Public Schools"
Chapter 6 & 7, next to last drafts
Editorial notes from books, etc, 1991
Chapter 5, Education, book excerpts
Chapter 6, 1992
Chapter 6, Education, public schools
Chapter 7, Education, colleges, Helen Spencer edits
Chapter 7, Culture, Sherilyn Brandenstein
Chapter 8, work, Brandenstein
Summaries, Blackenwelder, J. Jones
Chapter 7, August 4, 1992
Black Women in Texas History: 150 Years of Trial and Triumph
Chapter 6, Public School Education, 1870-1941
Chapter 7, College Education, 1870-1941
Chapter 8 work draft, June 5, 1992
Chapter 5, politics and protest, June 26, 1992
Chapter 9:
Clubs, drafts, notes, February 12, 1992
Helen Spencer's revision chapter 9 (now chapter 8) draft
Clubs, Brandenstein, Cottrell
Clubs, Sherilyn's edit, November 18, 1992
Notes, 1992
Chapter 8, clubs, notes
Epilog, statistics, notes, November 1990 - August 1992
Chapter 12, WWII, June 30, 1992
Chapter 13:
Time lines, notes, 1991
Draft, 1992
Before chapter 14 separated, September 23, 1992
Pol, work RW, September 24, 1992
Chapter 14:
Pol, work, early versions
Undated material
October 5-24, 1992
Helen Spencer edits, November 12, 1992
S. Brandenstein edits
Contemp problems, March 1991 - September 1992
2.325/A28 Galley proofs
2,325/A29 Early draft, [undated]
Timeline, July 29, 1994
2.325/D41b Oversize