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A Guide to the Clarence Edwin Ayres Papers, 1919-1972

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Creator Ayres, Clarence Edwin, 1891-1972.
Title Ayres (Clarence Edwin) Papers
Dates: 1919-1972.
Abstract Correspondence of Clarence Edwin Ayres (1891-1972), University of Texas professor of economics (1930-1969); also manuscripts and printed copies of his books, articles, and reviews.
Accession No.: AR 73-106; 81-30
OCLC No.: 22711835
Extent 15 ft., 4 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Clarence Edwin Ayres (1891-1972) received his Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Chicago in 1917. He taught at the University of Chicago (1917-1920), Amherst College (1920-1923), and Reed College (1924) before becoming the associate editor for the New Republic (1924-1927). In 1930, he joined the faculty at the University of Texas at Austin as Professor of Economics, a position he held until 1968. The author of nine books and countless articles, his seminal work is The Theory of Economic Progress (1944).

Influenced by Thorstein Veblen and John Dewey, Ayres rejected absolutism and touted a theory of value predicated on the freedom of inquiry. Ayers’s adherence to the freedom of inquiry naturally led to his ardent defense of academic freedom, a position which often placed him and his colleagues in the Department of Economics in conflict with the Board of Regents at UT. He vocally supported UT president Homer P. Rainey before the regents ousted Rainey, and in 1951 the Texas Legislature, branding Ayres as a Communist, voted 130-1 for the university to show cause as to why he should not be fired.


University of Texas Faculty Council. “In Memoriam: Clarence Edwin Ayres.” Accessed March 29, 2012.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, literary productions, notes, clippings, and programs compose the Clarence Edwin Ayres Papers, 1919-1972. Arranged alphabetically or chronologically, the papers primarily consist of correspondence regarding economics, teaching, publishing, and events impacting UT. Notable correspondents include John Dewey, economist Franklin Knight, UT president Homer P. Rainey, and Ayres’s colleagues in the Economics Department, Robert H. Montgomery and Edward Everett Hale. Correspondence with the American Civil Liberties Union discusses academic freedom issues in Texas. Additionally, manuscripts and printed copies of his books, articles, and reviews document his career in academia and the evolution of his thought on economics and values.


Access Restrictions

Student and personnel records restricted 75 years from creation.

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Subjects (Persons)
Ayres, Clarence Edwin, 1891-1972--Archives.
Dewey, John, 1859-1952.
Hale, Edward Everett, 1893-1975
Knight, Frank Hyneman, 1885-
Montgomery, Robert Hargrove.
Rainey, Homer P. (Homer Price), 1896-1985.
Montgomery, Robert Hargrove.
Veblen, Thorstein, 1857-1929.
Subjects (Organizations)
American Civil Liberties Union.
University of Texas. Dept. of Economics.
Academic freedom--Texas.
Economics--United States.
Institutional economics.
Austin (Tex.)--History--Sources.

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Clarence Edwin Ayres Papers, 1919-1972, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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3F284 A
ACLU, 1938-1943
ACLU, 1944-1945
ACLU, 1947-1956
ACLU, 1957-1971
Agriculture Department
American Association of University Professors
3F285 American Economic Association
Ames, Van Meter
Arnold, Samuel
Ashburn, Karl
Association for Evolutionary Economics
Axtelle, George E.
Ba - Bob
Bod - Bu
Baldenama, Ignacio
Barton, Samuel
Beckwith, Burnham P.
Bedichek, Roy
Bliven, Bruce
Bogart, E. L.
Bonjean, Charles
Bonnell, B.
Boulding, Kenneth E.
Brady, Robert A.
Brannen, Ted R.
Breit, William
Brown University Alumni
Buckner, Virginia
Burdine, Alton
3F286 Carlson, Valdemar
Cavley, Troy
Chalk, Alfred
Chinn, Grace
Church, C. C.
Clark, John Maurice
Consumer Affairs
Copland, Morris
Crosson, Pierre
Dale, Fredrick
Deoley, Bill
DeGregori, Thomas
Dewey, Davis R.
Dewey, John
Dodd, Paul A.
Dorfman, Joseph
Duncan Julian
Dowd, Douglas
3F287 Dunn, Clyde
Dye, Howard
Dyche, Durward H.
Eldridge, Seba
Elliot, Edwin I.
Etlinger, H. J.
Ewing, Cortes
Foster, Fagg
Frederick, William (Bill)
Gambs, John
Garnsey, Morris
Gaus, John
Geiger, George
Glade, Bill
Glass, Walter
Gonzales, Richard
Goode, W. J.
Goodrich, Carter
3F288 Gordon, Wendell
Gragg, John
Granbery, John
Grobbs, Clifton
Grunchy, Allan
Ha - Hec
Hei - Hy
Haisley, W. E. (Rip)
Hale, Everett
Hall, James K.
Hamilton, David
Hamilton, Walton
Hart, Joseph K.
3F289 Hawkin, Gaynell
Hayes, H. Gordon
Hill, Forest
Hill, Lewis
Himstead, Ralph
Hodges, John
Holland, Thomas
Homan, Paul
Hook, Sidney
Iowa Farm Bureau
Irons, Watrous H. (Bob)
J. Jackson, John
Johnson, Jack
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Lyndon
Joughin, Louis & Jean
Junker, Louis J.
Kallen, Horace
Keezer, Dexter
3F290 Klein, Philip
Knight, Frank
Kreuger, Robert
Ku, P. M.
Labor Department
Landrum, Lynn
Lauton, William
League for Industrial Democracy
Leonard, William
Levy, Marion J. Jr.
Lindeman, Eduard
Linnenberg, Clem
3F291 Lissner, Will
Livingston, Leo
Lower, Milton D.
Lubin, Isadore
Lucas, Tully B.
Lundberg, George
Ma - Mel
Merr - Mini
Manny, Frank
May, Stacy
McCamy, James
Malick, Clay
Meiklejohn, Alexander
Melton, R. B. (Abe)
Melton, W. C. (Bill)
Metzler, William H.
Mills, C. Wright
Mitchell, Broadus
Mitchell, Clyde
Mund, Vernon
Murphree, Indus
3F292 N
Nelson, Eastin
O'Quinn, Louis M.
Palm, Martin D.
Patton, Robert D.
Paulson, W. E.
Peach, Nelson
Perry, Charner
Preston, N. H.
Publishers, A - Fo
Publishers, Fu - Ne
3F293 Publishers, New R - S
Publishers, Tech - Yale
Rainey, Homer P.
Ray, Joe M.
Record, Cy W.
Redford, Emmette S.
Reed, Louis S.
Reese, Jim E.
3F294 Reyer, Karl D.
Richardson, Rupert N.
Riley, Roderick H.
Robinson, Joan
Roll, Erich
Ryan, Bryce
Sa - Silber
Silberschmidt - Sprow
Stahman - Swift
Samuels, Warren
Scott, Elmer
Scoville, Warren
Seligman, Ben
Sibley, Eldridge
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Sloan, Virginia
Smith, Walter B.
Social Science Research Council
Somaini, Eugenio
3F295 Spanish Intellectual Aid
Southwestern Social Science Association
Stinneford Claude
Stocking, George
Street, James
Taeusch, Carl F.
Tait, John W.
Thoman, Clemens
Thomas, Raymond D.
Thompson, Carey
Thorogood, James
Trant, James B.
University, 1934-49
University, 1950-1959
University, 1960-1970
Unver, Altan
3F296 V
Vining, Rutledge
Voertman, Robert
War Forum
Ware, Edith W.
Warne, Colston E.
Watkins, Myron W.
Watt, John R.
Williams, Elgin
Witte, Edwin E.
Wollman, Nathaniel
Woodruff, John
Yarborough, Joseph U.
Zeller, Norman
2E71 Correspondence, 1931-1932, 1943-1949
2E72 Correspondence, 1943-1949
2E73 Correspondence, 1943-1949
2E74 Correspondence, 1943-1949, 1970-1972
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3F311 Literary Productions:
Typescripts: A - E
Typescripts: F - G
Typescripts: I - L
Typescripts: M - P
Typescripts: R - W
3F312 Miscellaneous:
Book Reviews
Bound Articles
Miscellaneous Manuscripts
Samuels, Warren J.: Institutional Economics: Retrospect and Prospect; The Knight-Ayres Correspondence
Printed Material:

3F313 Printed Material:
Cactus, 1944
Published articles and lectures

2E74 Literary productions of Ayres:
Huxley, 1931
2E75 Huxley, 1931
Theory of Economic Progress, 1943
2E76 Divine Right of Capital, ca. 1945
The Industrial Economy, 1952
2E77 The Industrial Economy, 1952
Other materials, 1921-1931 and undated
2E78 Other materials, 1919-1927 and undated
Work in progress, 1972

3Y27 Photograph
Photograph of sculpted bust of John Dewey [?], n. d.