University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the Eberstadt Collection

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Eberstadt, Edward, 1883-1958 (collector)
Title Eberstadt Collection
Dates: 1699-1959
Abstract Collection aquired from Edward Eberstadt & Sons, booksellers, that includes source materials related to the early history of Texas and the Southwest.
Accession No. AR 76-62
Extent 4 feet, 9 inches
Languages English, Spanish, French
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Context of the Collection

The Eberstadt Collection began with a few books that came into the possession of Edward Eberstadt (1883-1958) around the turn of the century while he was working in the West. He later realized their value and the potential of such items and took up book collecting as a profession in New York City. By the 1920s he had become a millionaire, and he weathered the Depression by means of his books.

Eberstadt's sons, Lindley and Charles, joined him in the business, and by the time they retired in the late 1960s their private collection of Western Americana had become legendary.

John H. Jenkins, bookseller and publisher of Austin, Texas, with the backing of Robert Venable, lawyer and oilman of Dallas, bought the collection in August of 1975 and moved it to Austin where it was sorted into subject components. The Texas and Southwestern materials were purchased that fall by the regents of The University of Texas. For an account of this acquisition, see: John Holmes Jenkins, The Eberstadt Caper (Austin: The Pemberton Press, 1975).

A large part of the archival material acquired by The University at that time has come to rest in this collection in the Center for American History, although some documents are to be found in the Benson Latin American Collection and in the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, as well as in other components of The University of Texas System.

Scope and Contents

Many documents of great significance to the history of Texas can be found in the Eberstadt Collection. Among them are: a number of early Spanish documents, of which those relating to Father Margil and the development of the missions as well as autographed royal documents and censuses are of particular interest; items having to do with Austin's Colony and other colonization endeavors, the Revolution, and the Republic including the autographed English version of the Convention of 1833 Memorial; a number of headrights, deeds, land grants, and title books; early records of various kinds from twenty-two Texas counties; and some early documentation of the oil industry, though in this case only peripherally pertaining to Texas.

This is an artificial collection of individual documents that are for the most part unrelated in time or content except for the broad designation of Texas and the Southwest. Even that designation is not totally applicable because a few subcollections have no relation to the area. Consequently, there is no intrinsic order. When the collection was received by the Center for American History, it had been arranged alphabetically by famous autographs to a large extent. In order to make the documents more accessible for both historical research and genealogy, the collection has been reorganized alphabetically by the predominant individual or organization producing each document, regardless of the historical importance of that person or organization. The inventory to the collection lists each subcollection individually with dates and a brief description of the transaction. In the case of a few larger subcollections, the documents are not listed individually, but are grouped together by date and record type. The whole collection has been thoroughly indexed, although it is sometimes impossible to identify persons involved in a transaction from one discrete item. The Oil and Gas Collection, because of its comparative size, has been handled differently. It has been placed at the end of the collection and arranged in larger units, but extensive access to it is available through the inventory and descriptive register.

Because of its diversity, the Eberstadt Collection contains virtually all ordinary record types and kinds of copy.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Acosta, Jose Antonio
Acosta, Juan Jose
Adams, G. J.
Aguilar, Antonio
Alarcon, Juan
Alarcon, Martin de
Alcalde, Antonio de
Alcocer, Jose Ignacio
Alexander, William R.
Allan, James C.
Allard, R. C.
Allen, Ethan
Allen, Isaac
Allen, John K.
Allphin, Ransom
Allphin, Shelton
Almonte, Juan Nepomuceno
Amory, Nathaniel
Anderson, Elijah
Aranda, Maximo
Archer, Branch Tanner
Arciniega, Miguel
Arispe, Ignacio
Arispe, Jose Ygnacio de
Armstrong, Jacob
Armstrong, William W.
Arocha, Maria
Athens, William
Atkins, William
Austin, Enrique see Austin, Henry
Austin, Esteban see Austin, Stephen Fuller
Austin, Henry
Austin, John P.
Austin, Moses, 1761-1821.
Austin, Stephen F. (Stephen Fuller), 1793-1836.
Avila, Maria Antonia de
Azpiroz, Agustin
Babbit, Benjamin
Bailey, Joseph Weldon
Bailey, Winford
Baker, A. E.
Baker, Moseley
Bangs, Nathan
Barber, Lelah
Bargas Machuca, Jose de
Barr, Harriet
Barr, James
Barr, Llewellyn T.
Barr, Robert, d. 1838?
Barrett, Charles G., Mrs.
Bassett, Thomas
Baylor, Robert Emmett Bledsoe
Bean, Peter Ellis
Beaton, Alex
Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant de
Becerra, Rafael
Bee, Barnard E.
Belden, Samuel A.
Bell, James
Bell, Peter Hansborough
Benedict, Gilbert
Benedict, Major F.
Benedict, Willis B.
Bentley, Max
Beramendi, Juan Martin de see Veramendi, Juan Martin de
Berry, David
Bevil, John
Binnion, Martin
Black, E. A.
Black, Green B.
Black, Perrimon T.
Blacker, Allen
Blake, Bennett
Blanco, Victor
Blanden, A.
Blanton, Benjamin Franklin
Bliss, Zenas Randall
Blodgett, Glenn W.
Boggs, Willie
Bolinger, Peter
Boman, Nancy Anderson
Boman, Nancy Ann
Boman, Samuel
Bomford, J. V.
Bonner, Micajah Hubbard
Borden, Gail, Jr.
Borden, John Pettit
Boswell, R. P.
Bottineau, Pierre
Bourne, Simon A. G.
Bowen, George E.
Bowen, George S.
Brackenridge, John Thomas
Bracy, McLin
Bradburn, Juan Davis,1787-1842.
Brown, David
Brown, Leonard
Browning, Nathan P.
Browning, William A.
Bryan, Guy Morrison
Bryan, Mary T.
Bryer, Charles
Buckley, Constantine W.
Buentello, Thomas
Bunton, John Wheeler
Burleson, Edward
Burnam, Jesse
Burnet, David Gouverneur, 1789-1870.
Burnet, Hannah Este
Burney, William
Burns, Edward H.
Busby, William
Bustamante, Anastacio
Butler, Anthony
Cabasos, Luis
Cabeza de Vaca, Francisco
Caldwell, Mathew
Calleja del Rey, Felix Maria
Camacho, Joaquin Maria
Cameron, John
Cameron, Juan see Cameron, John
Cameron, William K.
Campbell, A. M.
Campos, Juan Vicente
Campos, Juan Ysidro
Canales, Antonio
Canalizo, Antonio Ramon Gomez
Cantu, Jose Bernardino
Cantu, Jose Maria
Carabajal, Nicolas
Cardenas, Jose Ignacio de
Carroll, Daniel Joseph
Case, Gordon
Casiano, Jose
Cenovio de Lachica, Diego
Chandler, Hugh
Charles III, King of Spain, 1716-1788.
Charles IV, King of Spain, 1748-1819.
Cheathan, John W.
Cheek, John
Chriesman, Horatio
Churchill, _____
Clark, Edward
Clark, William C.
Clay, Jesse
Cline, Mrs. Henry A.
Cochran, O. L.
Cocke, P. B.
Cockrell, James
Cole, John W.
Coles, John P.
Collard, Elijah
Collard, James H.
Collard, Jobe S.
Collard, Jonathan S.
Collard, Samuel M.
Collins, John W.
Colthorp, _____
Combs, Leslie
Concepcion, Pedro de la
Cooke, William A.
Cordero y Bustamante, Manuel Antonio
Cordova, Jacob de see De Cordova, Jacob
Cork, John F.
Corner, John
Corner, Mary
Corner, Thomas
Coxe de las Pedras, D.
Crane, John
Crespo, Antonio
Crittenden, John Jordan
Croom, James C.
Crosman, G. H.
Crownover, Axter
Crownover, John
Crudgington, Elijah
Cude, Timothy
Cuerbo y Valdes, Francisco see Valdes, Francisco Cuerbo y
Culberson, Charles Allen
Cummins, John
Cuney, Philip M.
Cunningham, Robert
Darden, Stephen Heard
Darnell, Nicholas Henry
Darragh, John L.
Darwin, James W.
Davenport, D. W.
Davis, Edmund Jackson
Davis, Jose see Davis, Joseph
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Thomas
Dayton, D. O.
Dean, Charles W.
Dear, John W.
Debard, E. J.
De Cordova, Jacob
De Leon, Martin
Del Hierro, Simon
Dellenbaugh, F. S.
DeMorse, Charles
Denison, James
Devereaux, John
Dibb, James H.
Dibb, William Denton
Dickson, Elizabeth Barber
Dinsmore, John
Dominguez, John
Donaldson, Dan
Donoho, Charles
Doolen, J. M.
Dorte, Juan
Dowling, Dick
Drury, Sherman
Duncan, George
Dunovant, Adelia A.
Dunovant, William
Dupassens, Edouard
Duran, Pablo
Duren, A.
Duval, Thomas Howard
Dwyer, Edward
Earp, Martha Ann
Eastland, Nicholas
Eastland, Thomas B.
Eastland, William Mosby
Echeandia, Juan
Edrington, James F.
Edwards, Haden
Edwards, Haden H.
Elguezabal, Juan Jose
Ellis, Morgan P.
Ellis, Richard
Ellis, Samuel
Ellison, Holly R.
Ellison, Jeff S.
Elosua, Ramon
Engleman, Charles
Erwin, Andrew
Estrada Altamirano, Pedro de
Estwick, R.
Evans, E. R.
Ewing, George
Facio, Felix
Fannin, James Walker
Faulac, Alejandro
Feliu y Togores, Andres
Fernandes see Fernandez
Fernandez, Francisco V.
Fernandez, Jose Antonio
Fernandez, Lucas
Ferrill, Hiran
Fettyplace, Thomas J.
Filisola, Vicente
Fink, Casper
Fish, Hamilton
Fisher, James
Fisher, Marvin W.
Fisk, James Liberty, 1835-1902
Flores, Fernando
Flores, Vital
Foley, Henry
Foley, James S.
Ford, James
Forward, W.
Fowler, A. J.
Fowler, H. B.
Fowler, John, Jr.
Fowler, W. H.
Frost, E. H.
Fulton, Samuel
Fuqua, Benjamin
Galan, Manuel
Garcia, Gregorio
Garcia, Jose Maria
Garcia, Luciano
Garcia, Marcus
Garnett, John R.
Garven, John E.
Garza, Roman de la
Gay, Thomas
Gayle, William B.
Gibbs, Barnett
Giddings, Jabez Deming
Gilbert, Charles E., Jr.
Gilbert, Charles E., Sr.
Gillaspie, Jennie P.
Gillett, H. S.
Glass, George M.
Gomez, Pedro
Gomez Canalizo, Antonio Ramon see Canalizo, Antonio Ramon Gomez
Gomez de Castro, Jose Maria
Gomez Pedraza, Manuel
Gonzales see also Gonzalez
Gonzales, Jose Maria
Gonzales, Rafael
Gonzalez see also Gonzales
Gonzalez, Juan Jose
Gonzalez, Rafael
Goodell, J. H.
Goodrich, B. B.
Goree, E. T.
Goree, Thomas J.
Goribar, Juan de
Graham, James
Granger, George
Grant, Diego see Grant, James
Grant, James
Gray, Jesse
Gray, Lee
Gray, Thomas
Green, H. A.
Green, Thomas Jefferson
Greenwood, Caleb B.
Greenwood, Franklin
Greenwood, Joel
Grierson, Benjamin Henry
Griffeth, Noah
Griffin, Charles
Grigsby, Joseph
Grimes, Frank
Grimes, Jesse
Groce, Howard W.
Guin, Edmond
Gutierrez, Bartolome
Gutierrez, Juan Francesco
Gutierrez de Lara, Jose Bernardo Maximiliano
Guzman, Clemente
Guzman, Juan
Hagler, B. B.
Hagler, Ralph
Hall, John
Hall, John W.
Hamilton, Andrew Jackson,1815-1875.
Hamilton, J. W.
Hamilton, Robert
Hamlin, Frank B.
Harbour, John J.
Harding, John M.
Harland, Thomas C.
Harris, William Plunkett
Harris, William T.
Hart, John A.
Harvey, H. S.
Haskins, Francis J.
Hastings, Thomas
Hatch, Sylvester
Hays, Jacob
Hecht, M.
Heck, Randle D.
Heflin, David
Heflin, Mary Ann
Henderson, James Pinckney, 1808-1858.
Henderson, James Wilson
Hermes, William
Herrera, Ignacio
Herrera, Jose Maria
Hertz, Joseph
Hewetson, James
Hewetson, Santiago see Hewetson, James
Hewitson, James see Hewetson, James
Hidalgo, Francisco
Hierro, Simon del see Del Hierro, Simon
Higgins, John
Hill, H. R. M.
Hirshfeld, Henry
Hockley, George Washington
Hoit, James W.
Holman, Lucian O.
Holmes, W.
Holroyd, George
Hotchkiss, Agustin see Hotchkiss, Augustus
Hotchkiss, Augustus
Houston, Sam, 1793-1863.
Howard, Charles H.
Hoxey, Asa
Hubbard, Richard Bennett
Huckaby, Alfred
Hufford, George B.
Huling, Thomas B.
Hunt, Memucan
Hunter, Andrew
Hunter, Robert R.
Hunter, William H.
Huston, Felix, 1800-1857.
Hutchinson, Joseph
Ingrum, R. P.
Ireland, John
Irion, William H.
Irons, A. G.
Isaacs, Samuel
Iturbide, Agustin de
Iturbide, J. de
Iturrigaray, Jose de
Ives, Amasa
Jack, Patrick C.
Jack, Thomas McKinney see Ballinger and Jack (law firm)
Jackson, G. W.
James, John H.
James, Thomas
Jeter, R. W.
Jewel, George W.
Jimenes, Manuel
Johns, Clement Reed
Johnson, Chauncey
Johnson, Francis White
Johnson, Hesekiah G.
Johnson, Thomas
Johnston, Albert Sidney
Joiner, B. P.
Jones, Anson, 1798-1858.
Jones, Henry
Jones, John Rice
Jones, Oliver
Jordan, James
Kane, C. V. S.
Kennard, Anthony D.
Kerr, S. H.
Kessler, Charles N.
Kessler, Ferdinand
Keys, Howard
Kiar, Pedro
Kleberg, Rudolph, 1847-1924.
Kleinert, August
Knowles, John A.
Kokernot, Dan L.
Ladron de Guevara, Antonio
Laferty, _____
Laffite, Jean
Laky, Joel
Lamar, Mirabeau Buonaparte
Lambarri, Ignacio de
Lamothe, Samuel V.
Landrum, John
Landrum, William
Landrum, Zachariah
League, Thomas M.
Lee, Abner
Lee, James B.
Lee, Robert E.
Lefevre, Arthur, Jr.
Leftwich, Jesse
Leftwich, Robert
LeGrand, A.
Lenz, Louis
Lesassier, Luke
Letona, Jose Maria
Lewis, Asa M.
Linas, Antonio
Lincoln, Robert T.
Lindley, Joseph
Lindley, Samuel
Lockhart, Byrd
Logan, H. M.
Logan, William G.
Logan, William L.
Logan, William M.
Lonsdale, John G.
Lopez, Gaspar Antonio.
Lopez, Melchor
Loughridge, J. R.
Lubbock, Francis Richard
Lyon, Sidney S.
Maas, Samuel
Mabry, S. W.
Mabry, Woodford Haywood
McClintock, James H.
McClure, Bartholomew D.
McCoy, Samuel
McDonald, Alex R.
McDonald, William
McFarland, J. R.
McFarland, William
McGehee, Thomas G.
MacGreal, Peter
McIntire, Margaret
McIntire, William
McKenzie, Abner H.
McKenzie, Alfred Kenneth
McKenzie, John Witherspoon Pettigrew, 1806-1881.
McKinney, Thomas F.
McKnight, Charles D.
McMahon, Isaac
McMillon, John, Sr.
Malloy, A. G.
Manchaca, Jose Antonio
Manchola, Rafael
Manzano, Joaquin Maria
Margil de Jésus, Antonio, 1657-1726.
Marin, Francisco
Marin de Porras, Feliciano
Martinez, Jose Gabriel
Martinez, Jose Miguel
Martinez, Manuel
Mason, Charles
Mason, John Y.
Mauer, William
Maxey, Samuel Bell
Mayfield, Earle Bradford, 1881-
Mayfield, James S.
Melton, Ephraim Charles
Menchaca, Miguel
Menefee, John Sutherland
Merriam, H. C.
Meyer, Louis
Meyrick, Edwin
Midkiff, George
Mier y Teran, Manuel de
Miles, Edward
Millard, Henry
Miller, Elizabeth
Miller, James B.
Miller, James H. C.
Miller, Thomas R.
Millican, Elliot
Millican, William
Mills, Roger Quarles
Miramontes, Martin
Mitchell, Asa
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, W. H.
Montgomery, William
Moore, Edwin Ward
Moore, John W.
Mora, Juan
Morgan, David
Morgan, James
Morris, Francis Asbury
Morris, Howard
Morris, L. Dow
Morrison, Edward
Morrow, Temple Houston
Morton, Anderson
Muldoon, Michael
Musquiz, Ramon
Mussey, Hart
Muzquiz, Jose Miguel
Navarro, Angel
Navarro, Jose Ignacio Sanchez see Sanchez Navarro, Jose Ignacio
Nelson, Richard
Nepomuceno Almonte, Juan see Almonte, Juan Nepomuceno
Nixon, George A.
Nixon, Jorge Antonio see Nixon George A.
Nolan, Philip
Noriega, Francisco de Mier
Noriega, Joaquin
Northrup, L. B.
Nunez de la Vega, Francisco
Oakley, Henry A.
O'Brien, George W.
Ogden, Howard
O'Malley, Charles
Ord, Edward Otho Cresap
Otano, Guillermo
Padilla, Juan Antonio
Parkes, Elizabeth
Parkes, G. L.
Parmer, Martin
Parrott, Guillermo see Parrott, William
Parrott, William
Patrick, James Blair
Patton, William Hester
Payne, Banyan
Pea, William K.
Pedraza, Manuel Gomez see Gomez Pedraza, Manuel
Peebles, R. R.
Pena, J. F. de la
Perez Fernandez, Antonio
Perry, A. G.
Peterson, John
Pettus, William
Phelan, Andrew J. F.
Phelp, Franklin
Philip V, King of Spain, 1683-1746.
Philips, Zeno
Pike, Albert
Pillsbury, Timothy
Pinchback, James
Pinchback, John
Porter, John James
Pott, Burd P.
Potter, R. W.
Power, James
Prince, Major
Puis, Francisco
Pulliam, W. E.
Pulsifer, Joseph P.
Quime, Lorenzo
Quintero, J. A.
Quitman, John Anthony
Rabb, Andrew
Ramirez, Antonio
Randle, William H.
Randolph, Thomas
Rankin, William
Rattan, Littleton
Rattan, Wade H.
Ray, Robert
Raymond, Charles H.
Raymond, James Hervey
Reagan, John Henninger
Reed, John N.
Requeno, Francisco
Reyes, Isidro, 1798-1848.
Reynolds, E. C.
Reynolds, George W.
Reynolds, James W.
Richardson, Charles O.
Richardson, Stephen
Rigby, Benjamin
Riggs, J. M.
Riley, R. W.
Robb, George H.
Robbins, Nathanial
Roberts, Elisha
Roberts, Oran Milo
Roberts, William
Robertson, A. B.
Robertson, Duncan
Robertson, Rachel P.
Robertson, Sterling Clack
Robinson, George
Robinson, James W.
Robinson, William
Rodgers, James
Rodgers, Samuel
Rodrigues see also Rodriguez
Rodrigues, Mariano
Rodriguez see also Rodrigues
Rodriguez, Fernando
Rodriguez, Juan
Rogers, Raleigh
Rogers, Robert
Rogers, Samuel
Ross, Benito
Ross, James
Ross, James J.
Ross, Lawrence Sullivan
Ross, Reuben
Royall, Richardson Royster
Royer, Richard
Rubalcava, Alexo de
Rubio, Pedro Jose
Rugeley, E. S.
Ruggles, Daniel
Rusk, Thomas Jefferson
Saddler, John
St. Cyr, H. de
Salazar, Diego de
Saldana, Andres de
San Jose, Maria Luisa de
Sanches see also Sanchez
Sanches, Juan Jose
Sanchez see also Sanches
Sanchez Navarro, Jose Ignacio
Sanders, Thomas
Sanders, William R.
Santa Anna, Antonio Lopez de, 1794?-1876.
Sargent, William
Saucedo, Jose Antonio
Saunders, _____
Schneider, L.
Scritchfield, Polley
Sessions, Boon
Shannon, John
Shannon, Owen
Shelby, Anthony B.
Shepherd, William M.
Sheppard, Morris, 1875-1941.
Shepperd, William
Sheridan, Philip Henry
Shoemaker, W. R.
Simpson, John J.
Sims, Richard
Smith, Henry
Smith, Hezakiah
Smith, Thomas N.
Smith, Wilie B. D.
Smither, Robert G.
Snively, Jacob
Soler, Miguel Cayetano
Somervell, Alexander
Somerville, Miller
Sparks, Richard
Sprague, J. R.
Springer, John M.
Staples, Estevan M. L. see Staples, Stephen
Staples, Stephen
Starke, Minnie G.
Starke, Neal
Stephens, H. B.
Stephison, James
Sterne, Adolphus, 1801-1852.
Steuart, George H.
Steuart, Mary
Stevens, Thomas
Stevenson, Matilda Coxe
Stewart, Anderson
Stewart, Charles Bellinger
Stewart, Julia T.
Stowell, George H.
Strang, James J.
Stuart, Daniel
Sublett, Felipe see Sublett, Philip A.
Sublett, Philip A.
Sujan, Rafael
Swan, Orange
Swartwout, Samuel
Swett, _____
Swindells, John W.
Swisher, John Milton
Talbert, John
Tally, John R.
Tamayo, Pablo Diez
Taylor, Carlos Stanfield see Taylor, Charles Stanfield
Taylor, Charles Stanfield
Taylor, William B.
Taylor, Zachary
Terrell, Alexander Watkins
Tevis, Nancy
Tevis, Noah
Theyss, J.
Thompson, Waddy
Thorn, Frost
Thronhill, Parthenia
Throckmorton, James Webb
Tijerina, Antonio
Tobar, Juan
Tobin, John Wallace
Togores, Andres Feliu y see Feliu y Togores, Andres
Townsend, Isabella
Townsend, William S.
Towson, N.
Trapaga y Pardo, Maria
Travis, William Barret
Treat, James
Triptett, Robert
True, Clara D.
Tucker, B. W.
Tuley, Will A.
Tyler, Daniel
Urban, Joseph
Usher, Patrick
Vail, Daniel Hamilton
Valdes, Francisco
Valdes, Francisco Cuerbo y
Vansickle, B. A.
Vehlein, Jose see Vehlein, Joseph
Vehlein, Joseph
Veramendi, Juan Martin de
Vernoy, James D.
Viesca, Jose Maria
Vigil, Jose T.
Vigil, Teodoro
Vigness, David M.
Vilemont, Luis
Villeveque, Laime
Walker, Douglas
Walker, J. S.
Wallace, Caleb
Wallace, James
Waller, Edwin
Walsh, George
Ward, Cyrus T.
Wardliff, _____
Warren, H. K.
Warsheim, Jeremiah
Watson, John H.
Webb, James
Webster, Daniel
Weinert, Willie Mae
Weldon, V.
Wharton, William Harris
Wheeler, A.
Wheeler, L. T.
White, A.
White, Archibald S.
White, Dudley J.
White, James G.
White, Samuel Addison
White, Walter C.
Whitehead, Thomas
Whiteman, Lewis
Whiteside, James
Wilburn, Ransom
Wilcox, C. M.
Williams, Samuel May
Williamson, B. M.
Willie, James
Wilson, Edward L.
Wilson, James W.
Winfrey, A.
Winn, J. B.
Winston, W.
Winters, James
Woll, Adrian
Woodbury, John Lucius
Woodbury, Juan Lucio see Woodbury, John Lucius
Woodbury, Lucio see Woodbury John Lucius
Woodward, Henry H.
Wright, Travis G.
Wurzbach, W. A.
Ximenes see Jimenes
Young, Jesse
Young, John
Young, Samuel
Young, William T.
Yriarte, Bernardo
Zendeja, Joaquin Flores
Ziegler, Jesse A.
Abilene (Tex.)
Acequia de San Ildefonso (N.M.)
Alamo de Parras (Mexico)
Arroyo del Salado (Tex.)
Austin (Tex.)
Austin County (Tex.)
Bahia, La see La Bahia
Beaumont (Tex.)
Beaver Island (Mich.)
Bell County (Tex.)
Bexar see San Antonio de Bexar
Bexar County (Tex.)
Brazoria County (Tex.)
Brazos River (Tex.)
Brazos Santiago Pass (Tex.)
Brenham (Tex.)
Buffalo Gap (Tex.)
Burkburnett (Tex.)
Caldwell County (Tex.)
Camp Preslow (Tex.)
Cherokee County (Tex.)
Chicago (Ill.)
Chisholm Trail
Cincinnati, Ohio
Ciudad Victoria (Mexico) see Victoria (Mexico)
Clarksville (Tex.)
Coahuila y Tejas see Coahuila y Texas (Mexico)
Coahuila y Texas (Mexico)
Colorado County (Tex.)
Colorado River (Tex.)
Corpus Christi (Tex.)
Corsicana (Tex.)
Cowes (England)
Durango (Mexico)
El Paso County (Tex.)
Evergreen (Tex.)
Falls County (Tex.)
Fayette County (Tex.)
Fort Chadbourne (Tex.)
Fort Concho (Tex.)
Fort Davis (Tex.)
Fort Defiance (N.M.)
Fort Defiance (Tex.)
Fort Ewell (Tex.)
Fort Robinson Reservation (Neb.)
Fort Towson (Okla.)
Galveston (Tex.)
Galveston County (Tex.)
Golandrinal Pass
Goliad (Tex.) see also La Bahia (Tex.)
Goliad County (Tex.)
Gonzales (Tex.)
Harris County (Tex.)
Harrisburg County (Tex.)
Huntsville (Tex.)
Jackson County (Tex.)
Jasper County (Tex.)
Jefferson County (Tex.)
La Bahia (Tex.) see also Goliad (Tex.)
Laredo (Tex.)
Leona Vicario (Mexico)
Liberty County (Tex.)
Little Rock (Ark.)
McLennan County (Tex.)
Marshall (Tex.)
Matagorda (Tex.)
Matamoros (Mexico)
Menard Creek (Tex.)
Milam County (Tex.)
Missouri River
Monclova (Mexico)
Monterrey (Mexico)
Montgomery County (Tex.)
Mt. Vernon (Franklin County) (Tex.)
Mt. Vernon (Washington County) (Tex.)
Nacogdoches (Tex.)
Nacogdoches County (Tex.)
Nashville (Tenn.)
Natchez (Miss.)
Natchitoches (La.)
Navarro County (Tex.)
Neches River (Tex.)
New Mexico
New Orleans (La.)
New York
North Dakota
Nuevo Leon (Mexico)
Paris (Tex.)
Pass Cavallo (Tex.)
Patula (Mexico)
Perry County (Ind.)
Point Isabe l (Tex.) see Port Isabel (Tex.)
Polk County (Tex.)
Port Isabel (Tex.)
Port of Corpus Christi (Tex.)
Presidio County (Tex.)
Presidio de Rio Grande (Mexico)
Red River County (Tex.)
Reynosa (Mexico)
Rio Bravo see also Rio Grande
Rio Grande see also Rio Bravo
River Neches Settlemen t(Tex.)
Robertson County (Tex.)
Rusk (Tex.)
Sabine Pass (Tex.)
Sacatal (Mexico)
Salado Creek (Tex.) see Arroyo del Salado
Salt Lake City (Utah)
Salt Lakes (El Paso County (Tex.))
Saltillo (Mexico)
San Antonio (Tex.) see also San Antonio de Bexar
San Antonio de Bexar
San Augustine (Tex.)
San Augustine County (Tex.)
San Elizario (Tex.)
San Felipe de Austin (Tex.)
San Fernando de Bexar see San Antonio de Bexar
San Francisco (Calif.)
San Francisco Creek (Tex.)
San Luis Potosi (Mexico)
Seguin (Tex.)
Swartwout (Tex.)
Tamaulipas (Mexico)
Tevis Bluff (Tex.)
Titus County (Tex.)
Tory Hill (Tex.)
Trinidad, Rio de la (Tex.) see Trinity River (Tex.)
Trinity County (Tex.)
Trinity River (Tex.)
Tulancingo (Mexico)
Urbana (Ohio)
Venango County ( Pa.)
Vera Cruz (Mexico)
Victoria (Mexico)
Washington County (Tex.)
Wood County (Tex.)
Wootan Wells (Tex.)
Ysleta (Tex.)
Zacatecas (Mexico)
Abilene reporter
Abilene reporter-news
Abstracts of title
Alamo (San Antonio, Tex.)--Siege, 1836.
American Battle Monuments Commission
American Granite Association
Amnesty oaths
Apache Indians see Lipan Apache Indians
Apache Indians see Mescalero Apache Indians
Baker and Bordens imprint
Ballinger and Jack (law firm)
Banks and banking
Batchelder see Wynn and Batchelder
Battles see name of individual battle
Bennyhoof Petroleum Company
Bison, American
Bonds, Administrator's
Border affairs-Texas-Mexico
Brazoria imprint
Brazos Colony
Brigham, S. B., & Company
Buffalo, American see Bison, American
Burk-Hamlin Oil Syndicate
Burnet Colony
Cattle drives
Cattle trails
"Cattle Trails to Kansas Ran through Seguin" (article)
Census - Indians, 1828
Census--Texas--La Bahia, 1826
Census--Texas--San Antonio de Bexar, 1820
Certificates of registration
Choctaw Indians
Choctaw Nation
Cities and towns
Citizenship see also Certificates of registration
Civil War, 1861-1865--Texas
Clow, Martin, and Company
Colleges see Universities and colleges
Colonization laws - Mexico see Mexican colonization laws
Columbia (Steamer)
Comanche Indians
Confederate States of America - Financial affairs
Confederate States of America - Military affairs
Consolidated Fund of Texas
Constitutions - United States see United States. Constitution
Convention of 1833
Cordova Rebellion
County records (Alabama) - Chambers County
County records (Indiana) - Perry County
County records (New Mexico) - Santa Fe County
County records (Texas) - Austin County
County records (Texas) - Bexar County
County records (Texas) - Caldwell County
County records (Texas) - Cherokee County
County records (Texas) - Colorado County
County records (Texas) - El Paso County
County records (Texas) - Fayette County
County records (Texas) - Galveston County
County records (Texas) - Goliad County
County records (Texas) - Harris County
County records (Texas) - Harrisburg County
County records (Texas) - Jackson County
County records (Texas) - Jasper County
County records (Texas) - Jefferson County
County records (Texas) - Liberty County
County records (Texas) - Montgomery County
County records (Texas) - Nacogdoches County
County records (Texas) - Presidio County
County records (Texas) - Red River County
County records (Texas) - San Augustine County
County records (Texas) - Travis County
County records (Texas) - Washington County
Court orders
Criminals see Outlaws
Currier and Company
Customs administration
Daughters of the Confederacy see United Daughters of the Confederacy
"Descripcion englobo de la Provincia de Texas" (report)
Diezmos see Tithes
Diseases see name of individual disease
Donation warrants see Land grants
Edrington v. League
Emeline (schooner)
Estates see Wills and estates
Finance see Banks and banking
Financial affairs: Personal affairs are listed here. See also under political entity for financial affairs of governments.
Frontier Battalion
Gaceta del Gobierno Supremo del estado de Coahuila y Tejas (newspaper)
Galveston, Battle of, 1863
General Convention of Delegates Representing the Citizens and Inhabitants of Texas (1833 : San Felipe, Tex.)
Gonzales Volunteers
Government affairs - United States see United States - Government affairs
Governors' papers see under individual state
Grand Jury records
Graves and graveyards see Cemeteries
Guadalupe Hidalgo, Treaty of
Gulf, Western Texas, and Pacific Railroad
Gutierrez-Magee Expedition
Hamlin and Company
Harris County Historical Society
Harvey Crude Oil Company
Headright certificates
Health resorts
Historical markers
"Historical Monuments and Plaques" (speeches)
House of Representatives. United States see United States. Congress. House of Representatives
Impresarios see Empresarios
Indians of Mexico see also Indians of North America
Indians of North America see also names of individual tribes
Indians of North America see also Indians of Mexico
International relations
J. Lahens & Co. see Lahens, J., & Co.
John A. Merle & Co. see Merle, John A., & Co.
Kansas Cavalry Volunteers
Killarney Oil and Gas Company
Knights of San Jacinto
Lahens, J., & Co.
Land grants
Land law
Land speculation
League, Andrews & Company
Legal affairs: Personal affairs are listed here. See also under political entity for legal affairs of governments.
Legislative Record
Levy, Benjamin, imprint
Lipan Apache Indians
Liquor laws
Littoral leagues
Lunatic Asylum at Austin (Texas)
McKenzie College (Texas)
Maria (schooner)
Markers, Historical see Historical markers
Mary Hunt (steamer)
Merchants and stores
Merle, John A., & Co.
Mescalero Apache Indians
Methodist Church
Mexican colonization laws
Mexican Indians see Indians of Mexico
Mexican newspapers
Mexican War, 1846-1848
Mexico - Financial affairs see also Spain - Financial affairs
Mexico - Foreign relations
Mexico - Geography
Mexico - Government affairs see also Spain - Government affairs
Mexico - Military affairs see also New Spain - Military affairs
Mier Expedition
Military affairs - Mexico see Mexico - Military affairs
Military affairs - New Spain see New Spain - Military affairs
Military affairs - United States see United States - Military affairs
Mines and mining - Gold
Mines and mining - Salt
Minnesota Oil and Refining Company
Monterrey (Mexico), Cathedral of
Nashville Guards
Navajo Indians
New Spain - Military affairs
New Washington Association
Newspapers see place of origin
Newspapers - Mexico see Mexican newspapers
"Northern Islander" (proposed newspaper)
Oil and gas
Oil Finding and Developing Company
Oil industry
Oregon Volunteers
Pardons see Prisons, pardons, and paroles
Paroles see Prisons, pardons, and paroles
Peters' Colony see also Texas Agricultural, Commercial, and Manufacturing Company
"Philip Nolan and His Companions" (article)
Politics and politicians - Texas
Port Gibson, Battle of
Postal service
Power and Hewetson Colony
Power and Hewitson Colony see Power and Hewetson Colony
Powers of attorney
Presidio de Rio Grande
Prisons, pardons, and paroles
Provisional Government of Texas
Real estate
Redmond Rancho
"Relations of the Republic of Texas and the Republic of the Rio Grande" (lecture)
Republic of Texas see Texas. Republic
Republic of the Rio Grande
Republican Party
Revolution of Texas see Texas Revolution
Reward posters
Rio Bravo del Norte Colony
Rio Grande, Presidio de see Presidio de Rio Grande
Rio Grande Post
Rivers and navigation
Robertson Colony
S. B. Brigham & Co. see Brigham, S. B., & Co.
Sabin and Henderson (law firm)
Salt mines see Mines and mining - Salt
San Antonio and Mexican Gulf Railway
San Antonio de Valero see also Alamo
San Antonio (Texas) YMCA
San Ildefonso Community Ditch (New Mexico)
San Jacinto, Battle of
San Juan Bautista Mission
Santa Clara Pueblo Indians
Saracen (ship)
Scarlet fever
Senate. United States see United States. Congress. Senate
Shenandoah Valley Campaign (1862-1863)
Shiloh, Battle of
Shiloh Battlefield
Ships and shipping see also names of individual ships
Somervell Expedition
Sons of Temperance
Spain - Financial affairs
Spain - Government affairs
Spanish title books
Speeches, Political
Standard Reserve Oil Company
State Bank & Trust Company (San Antonio, Texas)
States' Rights
Stevenson v. True et al.
Sweetwater Advance
Tennessee Cavalry
Texas Agricultural and Manufacturing Company see Texas Agricultural, Commercial, and Manufacturing Company
Texas Agricultural, Commercial, and Manufacturing Company
Texas Almanac
Texas Central Railroad Company see Texas Central Railway Company
Texas Central Railway Company
Texas Declaration of Independence
Texas - Diplomatic affairs
Texas - Financial affairs
Texas. General Council.
Texas--Politics and government
Texas. Governor.
Texas--History--Revolution, 1835-1836
Texas Independence Day
Texas Land and Loan Company
Texas. Laws, etc.
Texas. Legislature
Texas. Legislature. House of Representatives
Texas--Military affairs
Texas. Navy.
Texas newspapers
Texas Rangers
Texas State Military Board
Texas. Supreme Court
"The Texian Grand March" (sheet music)
Texian Loan
Tonkawa Indians
Treasury warrants
United Daughters of the Confederacy
United States. Army
United States Army Headquarters, District of the Pecos
United States. Congress. House.
United States. Congress. Senate
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Military Affairs
United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Post-Offices and Post-Roads
United States. Constitution
United States Fifth Military District
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865 see also Confederate States of America
United States--History--Civil War, 1861-1865--Texas
United States - Military affairs
United States Office of Army Clothing and Equipage
United States Ordance Depot
United States--Politics and government
United States. Treasury Dept.
United States. War Dept.
Universities and colleges
Wanted posters see Reward posters
Washington County District Court (Tex.)
White v. Millican
Whiting, Samuel, imprint
Wills and estates
Wynn and Batchelder
Young Men's Christian Association
Zavala Grant

Detailed Description of the Collection



3N175 Allen, Isaac, Administrator's Bond. Estate of George Holroyd, May 2, 1863.
Almonte, Juan Nepomuceno, Letter. To E. A. Black concerning plants, January 30, 1843.
Annexation Abstract. Copy of a January 24, 1846, document.
Archer, Branch Tanner, Treasury Warrant. Additional pay, December 7, 1841.
Arkansas, Real Estate Bank of the State of, Stock Certificate. To Thomas C. Harland, Little Rock, May 15, 1839.
Armstrong, Jacob, Power of Attorney. To Jacob de Cordova, May 11, 1847.
Austin, Henry, Authorization. To navigate the Rio Bravo with steamboats, March 1, 1830.
Austin, Moses, Promissory Note. October 15, 1802(?),
Austin County, Texas, Cross Interrogatories. September 19, 1842.
Bailey, Joseph Weldon, Letter. Answers request for autograph, October 17, 1901.
Barr, Robert, Estate Papers:
Financial papers, 1831-1838.
Correspondence, 1854-1860.
Legal documents, 1854-1860.
Miscellaneous legal notes.
Bassett, Thomas, Deed. One league in the Zavala Grant sold to David Brown, December 20, 1835.
Baylor, Robert Emmett Bledsoe, Items. Bill of exceptions, Greenwood v. Cockerell, legal instruction to plaintiff, November 29, 1845; undated.
Beaumont, Texas, Abstract of Title. Made by O'Brien, Bordages & O'Brien, May 25, 1895.
Beauregard, Pierre Gustave Toutant de, Letter. Concerns land speculation in Texas, July 9, 1857.
Becerra, Rafael, Land Grant. Includes request and grant, title registered in Nacogdoches, 1835-1838.
Belden, Samuel A., Resolutions. Regards payment to Belden by Mexico, February-March 1852.
Bell, Peter Hansborough, Items. Treasury warrant for protection of Corpus Christi, letter of recommendation for Edward Morrison to Guy M. Bryant, October 2, 1845; February 5, 1850.
Berry, David, Bond. For purchases from James J. Ross estate, San Felipe de Austin, March 2, 1835.
Bexar County, Texas, Items.
Meeting of Chief Justice and two County Commissioners to create new precincts, March 18, 1846;
oath of office of Edward Dwyer as County Commissioner including sworn statement concerning dueling, July 28, 1846.
Binnion, Martin, Letter. To family in Tennessee urging them to come to Texas, January 19, 1847.
Black, Green B., Estate Papers. Sworn statement by Lelah Barber that she is Black's mother, taken in Alabama, November 4, 1844.
3N176 Blanco, Victor, Items.
Proclamation concerning roads, October 29, 1826;
decree of citizenship of Cameron and Hewetson, September 13, 1827.
Bolinger, Peter, Indictment. For establishing a ferry and charging ferriage without a license, October term 1843.
Borden, Gail, Jr., Receipt. December 10, 1836.
Bowles, Benjamin estate land survey, Bastrop County, ca. 1840
Bradburn, Juan Davis, Items.
Petition to secure navigation rights on the Rio Grande, May 9, 1828;
power of attorney to Henry Austin, October 5, 1828.
Brigham, S. B., & Company Stock Certificate. September 1, 1840.
Bunton, John Wheeler, Interrogatories. Concerns billiard room brawl, November 1838.
Burnam, Jesse, Administrator's Bond. January 2, 1850.
Burnet, David Gouverneur, Items. Promissory note, bill of sale, January 6, 1842; September 11, 1850.
Bustamante, Anastacio, Indian Treaty. September 18, 1822.
Butler, Anthony, Promissory Note. January 15, 1846.
Calleja del Rey, Felix Maria, Letter. To Viceroy Jose de Iturrigaray concerning danger from Anglo-Americans, contemporary copy, August 20, 1805.
Cameron, John, Power of Attorney. To A. White, August 19, 1833.
Carabajal, Nicolas, Petition. Requests land, July-August 1826.
Carroll, Daniel Joseph, Contract Synopsis. Concerns contract with Englishment to bring colonists to Texas, undated.
Chandler, Hugh, and James, Thomas, Notice. Concerns guardianship application, March 5, 1845.
Charles III (of Spain) Cedula. Concerns report on missions and requests report from bishop of Guadalajara including information on Texas, March 19, 1765.
Charles IV (of Spain) Resolution. Elevates Antonio Ramon Gomez Canalizo to precentor of Church, October 11, 1792.
Cherokee County, Texas, Court Petition. For payment of court costs in estate of Mary Ann Heflin, July 1874.
Civil War Petition. To retain services of Capt. V. Weldon, January 14, 1865.
Clark, Edward, Letter. Governor of Texas to Clement Reed Johns, July 4, 1861.
Coahuila y Texas Decrees.
Resignation of Elguezabal and appointment of Cantu, March 1835;
duty on imports, February 15, 1825
organizing office of Secretary of Congress, June 7, 1825
verifying nomination of council, August 31, 1825;
concerning tobacco and salaries, September 12, 1829;
concerning tobacco, May 23, 1829.
Coahuila y Texas Expedientes.
Petition for land in Patula,
charges against ex-alcalde,
petition for land granted by Viesca, 1823-1830.
Combs, Leslie, Stock Certificate. Consolidated Fund of Texas, January 29, 1842.
Convention of 1833 Memorial. Petition for separate state-hood, repeal of anti-immigration laws, Indian defense, tariff exemptions, in English, April 13, 1833.
Corpus Christi, Texas, Resolution. Requests city be made port of entry, passed August 23, 1856.
Crittenden, John Jordan, Autograph. November 6, 1844.
Culberson, Charles Allen, Letter. Concerns pardon, January 17 (ca. 1895).
Cuney, Philip M., Receipt. For costs in case of Henderson v. Cuney from Edwin Waller, July 12, 1848.
Darden, Stephen Heard, Letters. Business of Comptroller of Public Accounts, October 25, 1875, and August 14, 1876.
Darnell, Nicholas Henry, Treasury Warrant. For service as captain of company of mounted volunteers, December 26, 1860.
Davis, Edmund Jackson, Items. Endorsement, memorandum, January 26, 1870; March 25, 1880.
Davis, Joseph, Query. Concerns colonization laws, August 23, 1833.
Dawson, David land survey, Robertson County, Republic of Texas, 1844
DeMorse, Charles, Government Bonds. October 1, 1840, and January 1, 1841.
Dewees, Lydia estate land survey, Colorado County, 1847
Duval, Thomas Howard, Permission to Register. July 16, 1867.
Edrington v. League Record. Concerns a slave used as security for a loan, 1842-1845.
El Paso County, Texas, Records.
Reports of sessions, 1875-1876
depositions, October 1887;
citation, April 11, 1870;
letter from Times Publishing Company, March 3, 1884.
Evans, E. R., Estate Sale Order. January 2, 1838.
Facio, Felix, Letter. Concerns Comanche uprisings instituted by revolutionaries in Texas and New Mexico, undated.
Fannin, James Walker, Letter. To Henry Foley, Refugio, wants to purchase ready-made clothing. February 24, 1836.
Filisola, Vicente, Letter. Concerns attack by Indians and Texans, January 4, 1838.
Fink, Casper, Will. April 28, 1860.
Fisk, James L., Expeditions Collection. Correspondence, diaries, announcement, guide to gold fields, 1862-1924.
3N177 Fowler, John, Jr., Letter. To Hamilton Fish concerning Samuel Ellis pamphlet, April 14, 1845.
Gaceta del Gobierno Supremo del Estado de Coahuila y Tejas, January 18, 1833, and June 17, 1833.
Garcia, Jose Maria, Petition. To dean of cabildo for prebend, September 20, 1831.
Garcia, Luciano, Report. Concerns benefits of colonizing Texas, October 15, 1823.
Garven, John E., Honorable Discharge. May 9, 1839.
Gayle, William B., Court Order. For collection of judgment, December 17, 1839.
General Council Circular. Reports messages from Stephen F. Austin concerning Mexican fortification of San Antonio and movement of Texas forces, undated (October 1835).
Gilbert, Charles E., Sr., Papers:
Historical vignettes.
Matagorda County material.
Letters and miscellaneous, 1940, 1958, and undated.
Gillaspie, Jennie P., Promissory Notes.
To State Bank & Trust, May 24, 1910;
to Thomas N. Smith, September 26, 1910
to State Bank & Trust, February 20, 1912.
Glass, George M., Deed. One league of land in the Zavala Grant sold to A. Hotchkiss, December 14, 1835.
Grimes, Jesse, Autograph. Fragment, March 29, 1838.
Gulf, Western Texas, and Pacific Railroad Ledger. September 1, 1881, to March 31, 1898.
3N178 Hagler, Ralph, Letter. To his brother in Tennessee, June 2, 1850.
Hamilton, Andrew Jackson, Items.
Letter concerning payment to Dr. Shepherd for services in the Mier Expedition, September 13, 1858;
brief in McGehee v. Shaffer case, undated.
Hamilton, J. W., Memorandum. Concerns various tracts of land, undated.
Harbour, John J., Items.
Amnesty Oath, August 7, 1865;
Certificate of Registration, October 24, 1865.
Harris, William Plunkett, Letter. To William B. Travis concerning sale of land to pay debts, May 18, 1834.
Haskins, Francis J., Application. Seeks registration in San Felipe to sell vessel, May 5, 1831.
Heck, Randle D., Deed. Transfer to R. P. Boswell, March 22, 1860.
Henderson, James Pinckney, Items.
Citations for Samuel V. Lamothe on complaint of Henderson, March-April 1844;
letter concerning payment for supplies to Texas militia in 1824, April 28, 1853.
Henderson, James Wilson, Letter. Concerns John W. Moore's financial affairs, undated.
Higgins, John, Land Grant. One section from the Texas Agricultural and Manufacturing Company, April 6, 1844.
Hill, H. R. M., Letter. Concerns money George A. Nixon paid to raise troops for Texas, June 28, 1836.
Houston, Sam, Letter. Deals with the advisability of making additional collectoral districts at Paso Cavallo and Sabine, photostat, January 19, 1847.
Hoxey, Asa, Promissory Note. To John W. Hall, January 18, 1836.
Hubbard, Richard Bennett, Letter. Refers to political support to be given to John W. Swindells and son, December 29, 1882.
Hunter, Robert R., Letter. Concerns ship Saracen that has not brought papers to consulate in England, December 2, 1839.
Huston, Felix, Letters.
To Sylvester Hatch admitting damage done by army on his land, December 19, 1838;
to S. W. Wikoff concerning need of help for Commodore Moore, January 11, 1843.
Ireland, John, Item. Concerns statement by Col. Erath, October 8, 1886.
Iturbide, J. de, Item. Report of interim president on efforts to free Santa Anna and to acquire money for depleted treasury, May 21, 1836.
Jasper County, Texas, Item. Certifies that Isaac McMahon, assessor, has made his returns and is entitled to pay, December 10, 1839.
Johnston, Albert Sidney, Letter. Transmits monthly statement for August as paymaster of United States for Texas frontier, September 7, 1850.
Jones, Anson, Items.
Letter concerning collection of notes for John Menefee, December 1, 1849;
claim for payment for mileage as member of Second Congress of the Republic, January 27, 1854.
Jones, John Rice, Letter. Accompanies inventory and appraisal of Eastland's property, November 27, 1843.
Jones, Oliver, Petition. As assignee for James Fisher to recover debt from Amasa Ives, July 12, 1838.
Kleberg, Rudolph, Letters. Replies from congressman to constituent, July 17, 1901, and October 4, 1901.
La Bahia Items.
Census of April 1826;
regulations concerning taxes, September 13, 1827.
Lafitte, Jean, Aphorisms. French language, Lafitte autograph, undated.
Land Law Document Excerpts. Copied from Texas Declaration of Independence of 1835 and Plan and Powers of the Provisional Government, Article XV, filed as exhibits on December 1, 1847.
Legislative Record Excerpt. Activity of the day including speech of A. W. Terrell for Texas Independence Day, April 12, 1905.
Lenz, Louis, Speech. "Historical Monuments and Plaques Erected or Placed by the State of Texas or Patriotic Groups in Harris County, Texas," February 3, 1959.
Littoral League Correspondence. Translations of documents between Teran and political chiefs under him concerning the reckoning of littoral leagues, 1830-1831.
Logan, William M., Letter. Asks A. Winfrey to pay note owed him to another person, October 31, 1839.
Lopez, Gaspar, Papers. Concerns problems of Commandant of Eastern Internal Provinces of Mexico, chiefly Indian depredations and how to finance troops to prevent them, fragments, and 1821-1824, 1827, 1831, 1836, undated.
Mabry, Woodford Haywood, Letter. Answer to query about employment in Frontier Battalion, March 10, 1896.
McCoy, Samuel, Deed. To two lots in the town of Gonzales, December 28, 1833.
McKenzie, John Witherspoon Pettigrew, Papers:
Letters received, 1833-1839.
Letters received, 1840-1847.
Miscellaneous letters, 1837-1838, 1843.
Miscellaneous items, 1837-1847 and undated.
3N179 McKinney, Thomas F., Land Grant. Petition and decree granting land on the Neches River, May 1, 1829.
McMillon, John, Sr., Administrator's Bond. As guardian for Martha Earp, May 28, 1855.
Margil de Jesus, Antonio, Papers:
Letter to Sister Luisa Maria de San Jose, holograph and signed, June 21, 1712.
Report on the mission system of the Southwest, August 15, 1725.
Letter to General Commissary concerning schools and missions, experiences in Guatemala, arrival in Texas, progress on missions, copy, undated.
Simon del Hierro documents, 1771 and undated.
Beatification documents, September 9, 1775, and June 23, 1780.
Maria, Schooner, Items. Cargo manifest, permission to land cargo, February 20, 1840; May 25, 1840.
Marin de Porras, Feliciano, Letter. Communication from Bishop of Nuevo Leon to those religious under him concerning hard times because of Bernardo Gutierrez and insurgents, July 19, 1813.
Martinez, Jose Miguel, Report. Requests promotion and relates past services as vicar of La Bahia and so forth, January 16, 1832.
Martinez, Manuel, Deed. Land in San Antonio de Valero to son, Jose Gabriel, January 6, 1833.
Maxey, Samuel Bell, Committee Reports. United States Senate Committee on Military Affairs and Committee on Post-Offices and Post-Roads, 1884.
Mayfield, Earle Bradford, Papers. Letters to Mayfield on various official business, 1892 (1927-1928) 1930.
Mayfield, James S., Item. Concerns pay of judge of First Judicial District of Republic, April 27, 1841.
Menchaca, Miguel, Contract. Veramendi testifies to legitimacy of Menchaca's sale of land, August 2, 1847.
Mexican War Papers:
Congressional documents, May 1846.
Personal letters, 1846-1847.
Quartermaster Department letters, December 1847.
Army accounts, 1847-1848.
Letters to D. W. Davenport, 1848.
3N180 Midkiff, George, Petition. For land in Goliad, 1829-1830.
Mier y Teran, Manuel de, Report. Concerns Indians inhabiting Department of Texas, including census, 1828.
Miles, Edward, Letter. To Captain William M. Logan discussing general affairs, August 6, 1839.
Miller, James B., Items. Deed, oath that he owes nothing to John W. Cole, March 23, 1833; April 5, 1843.
Miller, Thomas R., Deed. To Benjamin Fuqua, August 22, 1835.
Mitchell, Asa, Petition. For writ of attachment of Edwin Waller's property, January 24, 1843.
Monterrey Cabildo Decree. Approving collections of the administrator of the Province of Texas for the year 1794, March 1801.
Montgomery County, Texas, Records.
Deposition, September 28, 1840
bond, September 28, 1840;
bond, summons, January 5, 1841; March 16, 1841.
Morgan, James, Invitation. To a dinner given for him by stockholders of the New Washington Association, July 24, 1837.
Morris, Francis Asbury, Letter. Attorney General answering letter from Charles Mason, October 1, 1841.
Musquiz, Ramon, Letter. Refers requests for land to governor of Coahuila y Texas, February 12, 1829.
Nolan, Philip, Item. Excerpt from the Texas Almanac including biographical sketch of Nolan, 1868.
Noriega, Francisco de Mier, Letter. Communicates congressional decree making Coahuila y Texas a separate state, May 28, 1824.
"Northern Islander" Item. Publisher's notice and news stories in typescript concerning the Mormons in upper Michigan, December 12, 1850.
Nuevo Leon, Diocese of, Diezmo Collection Reports. Twenty-five reports with cover letter, 1774-1803.
Ogden, Howard, Treasury Warrant. For provisions for Lt. Kennedy's Company, December 16, 1861.
Otano, Guillermo, Power of Attorney. July 9, 1902.
Payne, Banyan, Power of Attorney. To John Dinsmore, April 16, 1832.
Pea, William K., Enlistment. April 3, 1837.
Perry, A. G., Receipt. For note to John Hall from Logan and Gray, Payable to heirs of Joel Laky, May 3, 1840.
Pettus, William, Promissory Note. From Wheeler and Pettus to Wynn and Batchelder, September 21, 1839.
Philip V (of Spain) Cedula. Instructions to Viceroy for Governor of Nuevo Leon, June 13, 1743.
Philips, Zeno, Baptismal Certificate. Signed by Muldoon with S. F. Austin as sponsor, July 8, 1831.
Pike, Albert, Letter. Declines invitation and sends daughter instead, January 29, 1874.
Pinchback, John, Appointment. As administrator of estate, April 30, 1855.
Power, James, Agreement. Will give part of land to James Denison to represent him in suit, January 3, 1835.
Power and Hewetson Colony Item. Concerns approval of Power and Hewetson and Martin de Leon claims (copy of later date), March 10, 1832.
Presidio de Rio Grande Items. Printed official communications sent to alcalde of Presidio de Rio Grande, 1824-1825.
Raymond, Charles H., Letter. Concerns petitions against Winford Bailey and note against Colthorp, January 1, 1840.
Reagan, John Henninger, Letters.
Concerns possibilities of L. B. Northrup's land, June 10, 1870;
to autograph seeker citing Jefferson Davis' book on Civil War as the best, October 1, 1897.
Reed, John N., Petition. For letters of administration for estate of William Sargent, September 14, 1838.
Reward Posters Collection.
Charles Bryer, North Dakota, December 14, 1921;
James W. Hoit, San Antonio, 1922;
Juan Alarcon (Mexico), July 3, 1911.
Reyes, Isidro, Items. Letters on transfer of Army of the North to Adrian Woll and reports on state of army and equipment and costs, January-February 1843.
Reynolds, George W., Accounts. General merchandise accounts used as an exhibit in court, 1841-1843.
3N181 Richardson, Stephen, Deed Conveyance. To Thomas Davis, August 25, 1838.
Rio Grande Post Item. Bargas Machuca notifies Altamirano of restitution of his post at Rio Grande, May 15, 1714.
Rio Grande Sketchbook. "Sketches along the Boundary Line West of the Rio Grande by J. Theyss," 1855.
Robb, George H., Petition. Requests land, recommendations included, request granted, 1829.
Roberts, Elisha, Petition. Requests and is granted land for cattle raising, 1829-1830.
Roberts, Oran Milo, Petition. Letter to Supreme Court asking delay of court case, April 1867.
Robertson, A. B., Power of Attorney. July 3, 1856.
Rodrigues, Mariano, Item. Land grant and sale of land in 1808 and 1833, General Land Office copy, November 20, 1838.
Rodriguez, Fernando, Power of Attorney. To Samuel May Williams, February 2, 1833.
Rogers, Robert, Application. Oath that he was in Texas throughout the Revolution and has not received land, February 2, 1838.
Ross, James, Treasury Warrant. Pay for hauling archives to Austin, February 12, 1844.
Ross, Reuben,
Items. Letter to governor of Coahuila y Texas requesting permission to colonize, May 5, 1826;
copy thereof with referral to governor, May 11, 1826;
renewal of petition to president, September 10, 1826;
contemporary copy of letter from Viesca citing 11 articles of colonization, May 16, 1828.
Royall, Richardson Royster, Receipt. For cattle driven "to the army by order of the President," February 13, 1837.
Royer, Richard, Letter. Asks for money to be left with the barkeeper of the steamer Columbia, December 24, 1838.
Ruggles, Daniel, Letter. Concerns Indian depredations at Redmond Rancho, July 6, 1854.
Rusk, Thomas Jefferson, Items.
Senate report concerning patent on machine to charge percussion caps, January 25, 1849;
obituary clipping, incomplete and incorrect, undated.
St. Cyr, H. de, Item. Transfer of mortgage to Edouard Dupassens of New Orleans, March 18, 1859.
San Antonio de Bexar Census. 1820.
San Juan Bautista Foundation Papers. Concerns request for land near Monclova to found mission and town, 1699.
San Saba Realty Company letter promoting real estate in San Saba, sent to employees of the Santa Fe Railroad, 1910
Santa Anna, Antonio Lopez de, Travel Expense Account. For trip as prisoner to Washington, D. C., June 4, 1838.
Santa Rita de Morelos, Mexico, land survey, 1828-1829
Saucedo, Jose Antonio, Letter. Cover for an expediente from the alcalde of La Bahia concerning tobacco, September 29, 1827.
Schneider, L., Treasury Warrant. August 26, 1861.
Scritchfield, Polley, Agreement. Concerns debt, August 13, 1835.
Sessions, Boon, Headright Certificate. July 4, 1839.
Sheppard, Morris, Items.
Senate speech on prohibition and states' rights, December 29, 1914;
miscellaneous letters as senator, 1918-1937.
Sims, Richard, Items. Copies of letters requesting title to land, November 17, 1825, and March 4, 1827.
Smith, Hezakiah, Curator's Bond. As guardian of the estate of Edward Manton, October 13, 1842.
Snively, Jacob, Letter. Asks Burnet for certificate of citizenship for Charles Engleman, November 11, 1847.
Soler, Miguel Cayetano, Letter. Concerns the king's request to have Luis Vilemont's report about Louisiana examined, April 1, 1799.
Somervell, Alexander, Letter. Concerns politics and social affairs in Austin, December 22, 1841.
Sons of Temperance Speech. History of Texana Division and examples of evils of intemperance, incomplete, 1858.
Spanish Title Books. Trace Mexican grants to document them for the Republic, 1825-1839:
Book A.
Book (B)
3N182 Starke, Minnie G., Papers:
Diaries, 1908 and 1909.
Legal documents, 1898-1902.
Sterne, Adolphus, Items.
Petition and headright, 1835;
survey for Sterne, March 9, 1838.
Steuart, George H., Correspondence. Personal letters during the time Steuart was stationed in Texas, 1853-1855.
Stevenson v. True et al. Record. New Mexico case concerning use of the Rio Grande for irrigation, 1914.
Stewart, Anderson, Letter. Concerns bringing Mrs. Stewart to her husband, July 22, 1842.
Stuart, Daniel, Petitions.
With others, request for land in Texas for a colony, undated;
request and land grant including map, January 8, 1823;
with others, request for land and offer to supply militia, 1823;
discussion of points in Stuart's petition, 1823.
Swan, Orange, Petition. For judgment and collection of note, April 23, 1855.
Swartwout, Texas, Stock Certificate. One share, undated.
Tamaulipas (Mexico), Items.
Request for cooperation in emergency caused by Texas colonists, November 17, 1835;
order to establish a military post on the Rio Grande, July 31, 1848.
Texas Navy Resolution. United States Senate record of resolution of Texas Legislature to incorporate officers of the Texas Navy in the U.S. Navy, February 29, 1848.
Texas State Military Board Items.
Record book of bonds, February-September 1862;
letter concerning gun contract, January 22, 1863.
Texas Supreme Court Documents.
Republic of Texas summons, July 19, 1844;
State of Texas mandate, December 7, 1855.
"The Texian Grand March" Sheet Music. Dedicated to Sam Houston, with lithograph, 1836.
Thornhill, Parthenia, Item. Court order, June 7, 1848.
Throckmorton, James Webb, Letter. To Swisher concerning soldiers' claims, July 20, 1855.
Tobin, John Wallace, Letter. Concerns unpaid debt to R.P. Ingrum, undated.
Tulancingo (Mexico), Tax Levy. Circular levying contribution of 40,000 pesos to fight Texas rebels and related letters, 1835-1836.
Tuley, Will A., Letter. Describes trip to Mexico, March 14, 1889.
3N183 United Daughters of the Confederacy History. Texas Division biographies, accounts of battles, miscellany, 1912.
United States Army Headquarters, District of the Pecos, General Orders No. 1. Abolishes all military districts in the Department of Texas and recognizes great service of the troops, February 7, 1881.
United States Army Inclosure Instructions. With examples, 1870.
United States Office of Army Clothing and Equipage Letters. Asks for Army account books, January 2, 1856, and April 5, 1856.
United States Ordnance Depot Receipt. For forage for two horses, May 1, 1851.
United States Treasury Department Letter. Concerns treaty with Mexico, Forward to Webster, July 5, 1842.
United States War Department General Orders No. 59. List of military divisions and department commands, August 6, 1866.
Usher, Patrick, Honorable Discharge. May 29, 1836.
Valdes, Francisco, Item. Letters concerning exemption of Coahuila y Texas from taxes plus discussion of European entanglements, 1803-1804.
Viesca, Jose Maria, Letters.
Cover letter for San Felipe de Austin tax plan, April 24, 1829;
letter concerning S.F. Austin's answer to query about Villaveque's request for land, February 21, 1831.
Vigness, David M., Item. Paper read before Texas State Historical Association, "Relations of the Republic of Texas and the Republic of the Rio Grande," April 1952.
Walker, J. S., Report. Reconnaisance trip north of Fort Defiance, New Mexico, cover letter, September 20, 1859; February 17, 1925.
Warren, H. K., Letter. Inquires about 1829 grant to John Dominguez, August 1, 1846.
Weinert, Willie Mae, Article. "Cattle Trails to Kansas Ran through Seguin," undated.
White v. Millican Interrogatories. Concerns transfer of land from Lee to Miller to White, February 14, 1839.
Whiteman, Lewis, Texian Loan Certificate. Issued to Whiteman, transferred to Robert Triptett, January 11, 1836.
Whiteside, James, Deed. To land in Fayette County and recorded in Mt. Vernon (Washington County), November 24, 1843.
Williams, Samuel May, Letter. Concerns money raised by Williams in Mobile and the company he outfitted to fight in Texas, July 14, 1836.
Williamson, B. M., and Travis, William Barret, Letter. To government of Coahuila y Texas asking support for Robertson's Colony, copy of Spanish translation, February 6, 1834.
Woll, Adrian, Proclamation. Announces resumption of hostilities against Texas, copy of June 19, 1844, document made on July 4, 1844 (see also oversize document).
Woodbury, John Lucius, Petitions.
Consolidation of land claims;
requests for land, approved but later denied, 1823 and 1828.
Wootan Wells, Texas, Item. Prospectus and letter quoting prices, etc., October 28, 1889.
YMCA Solicitation. Request for money, January 10, 1910.
Young, John, Letterpress. Concerns his business and his personal life including five daughters living with relatives in Baltimore and includes reference to Texas affairs, 1844-1845.
3N184 Oil and Gas Collection:
Benedict Farm papers, 1865 and undated.
Bennyhoof Petroleum Company papers, [Click for images] 1864-1866 and undated.
Ohio River Valley records, [Click for images] 1853, 1864-1865, and undated.
Bowen, George S. and George E., papers, 1902-August 1903.
Bowen, George S. and George E., papers, September-December 1903 and undated.
Bowen, George S. and George E., papers, January-April 1904.
3N185 Oil and Gas Collection:
Bowen, George S. and George E., papers, May-December 1904 and undated.
Bowen, George S. and George E., papers, 1917-1920.
Bowen, George S. and George E., papers, miscellaneous undated.
Clippings, 1878-1919 and undated.
Oil publications, 1859-1866, 1893.
Miscellaneous printed material, 1901-1903, 1909, 1917-1919, 1934, and undated.
3S191 General Council Ordinance. Provisional government of Texas creates a loan of $1,000,000 to be solicited from the United States, December 5, 1835.
Hirshfeld, Henry, Appointment. By Governor Ross to be "manager for the Lunatic Asylum at Austin," September 29, 1887.
McClintock, James H., Land Grant. Land on San Francisco Creek granted by O. M. Roberts, September 14, 1882.
New Mexico Penitentiary Pay Rolls. April 1898, November 1898, November 1900, and November 1903.
Robertson Colony Memorial. Requests Mexican government to receive delegation from group wishing to colonize, witnessed by governor of Tennessee with many autographs including Sam Houston's, NOTE: This document is on permanent loan to The University of Texas at Arlington. March 2, 1822.
Texas Declaration of Independence. Baker and Bordens imprint, March 2, 1836.
Wilburn, Ransom, Land Grant. July 10, 1857.
Woll, Adrian, Proclamation. Announces resumption of hostilities against Texas, copy of June 19, 1844, document made on July 2, 1844 (see also copy in 3N183).
Oil and Gas Collection:
The Standard Reserve Oil Company ad
2 copies
Trapshooter-Triangle Oil Company, Proceedings of the Board
Parker Review, (reproduction of first page) -- 22 January 1904
2 copies
Rio Bravo del Norte Colonization Roster.
3S192 Rio Bravo del Norte Colonization Roster. One hundred sixty-seven colonists on their way to Rio Bravo ask for living quarters, April 17, 1834.
3N181 Photograph Collection:
"Sketches along the Boundary Line West of the Rio Grande" by J. Weiss, 1855.
3N182 Photograph Collection:
Sam Houston receiving Santa Anna's sword, lithograph.
3N183 Photograph Collection:
Views of Wooten Wells, Texas, letterhead 1889,

3S1 Photographs
Civil War camp scene -
Dunovant, Adelia A. -
Dunovant, William -
Dunovant, William, sarcophagus -
El Paso Plaza and Church -
Goree, Thomas J. -
Hamlin, Frank B. -
Ireland, John -
Johnston, Albert Sidney -
Matagorda souvenir stationery -
Burkhart, G., store
Matagorda church
Matagorda courthouse
Matagorda Hotel Colonadohouse
Matagorda Masonic Hall
Williams, Robert H., residence
Oil industry pictures -
Cerro Azul oil well
Harvey Crude Oil Company holdings
Mexican oil photos [Click for image]
Minnesota Oil and Gas Company sites in Kansas [Click for image]
Oil finding device [Click for image]
Oil regions in Pennsylvania [Click for image]
Oil scenes of early oil business
Oil tanker E. L. Doheny, Jr.
Oil well being drilled
Miscellaneous unidentified
San Fernando Cathedral -
Sheridan, Philip Henry -
Tehuacana, Texas: Indian fort and gold mine
Texas (battleship) -
Washington Rubber Company of Pennsylvania -
Yarnell, Jesse