University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

A Guide to the John Avery Lomax Family Papers, 1842, 1853-1986

Descriptive Summary

Creator Lomax, John Avery, 1867-1948.
Title Lomax (John Avery) Family Papers
Dates: 1842, 1853-1986.
Abstract Papers of John Avery Lomax (1867-1948) and family members. Lomax was a collector of North American folk songs, publishing collections of folk songs and serving as curator, Archive of American Folksong, Library of Congress. He also served the University of Texas as secretary to the president and to alumni organizations until 1917. The collection includes song lyrics, music, sound recordings, literary productions, diaries, and scrapbooks.
ID 30425536
Extent 45 ft., 7 in.
Language English.
Repository Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Collector and publisher of North American folk songs, born in Mississippi; settled near Meridian, Texas (1869); served University of Texas as secretary to the president and to alumni organizations until 1917. He published collections of folk songs (1910, 1927-1947) and a memoir (1947); and served as curator, Archive of American Folksong, Library of Congress. Married Bess Baumann Brown (1904), who died in 1931, and Ruby R. Terrill (1934). Fathered four children: Shirley Lomax Mansell Duggan; John Avery Lomax, Jr.; Alan James Lomax; and Bess Brown Lomax Hawes.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, song lyrics, music, literary productions, diaries and logs, scrapbooks, classified files, financial records, photographs, phonograph recordings, audio tapes, newspaper and magazine clippings relate to John A. Lomax, Sr., and family members. Papers concern American folksongs and folklore, Huddie Ledbetter ("Lead Belly"); Library of Congress Music Division; and the University of Texas.



Organized into 8 series: 1. Susan F. Cooper (Mrs. James Avery) Lomax 2. John A. Lomax, Sr. 3. Bess Baumann Brown Lomax. 4. Ruby Rochelle Terrill Lomax. 5. Shirley Lomax Mansell. 6. Bess Brown Lomax Hawes. 7. Alan James Lomax. 8. John A. Lomax, Jr. Series 2 arranged into 9 subseries: Personal; Early teaching career; University of Texas career; Texas A & M College; Harvard University; Investment and banking business; Folk poetry and folk songs; General folklore; Various other activities. Series 8 contains subseries related to Margaret Marable Lomax, John M. Lomax (John Lomax, III), and Joseph F. Lomax.


Portions of series 4 is restricted from public access. Quotations from the unpublished writings of John A. Lomax, Sr., may be published only with the permission of the majority of his surviving children.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Ferguson, James Edward, 1871-1944
Rainey, Homer P. (Homer Price), 1896-
Subjects (Organizations)
Ex-students' Association of the University of Texas.
Archive of American Folk Song.
Texas Folklore Society.
African Americans--Folklore.
African Americans--Songs and music.
Cowboys--Songs and music.
Folklore--United States.
Folk music--United States.
Folk poetry, American.
Folk-songs--United States.
Other Authors
Ajayi, Lattevi H.
Blank, Les.
Crane, Edward, 1883-1959.
Dobie, J. Frank (James Frank), 1888-1964.
Green, Shirley R., d. 1903.
Ferguson, James Edward, 1871-1944
Hawes, Bess Lomax, 1921-
Leadbelly, 1885-1949.
Lomax, Alan, 1915-
Lomax. Bess Baumann Brown.
Lomax, John, III.
Lomax, John A. (John Avery), 1907-1974.
Lomax, Joseph Franklin, 1949-
Lomax, Margaret Marable, 1908-1973.
Lomax, Ruby T. (Ruby Terrill)
Lomax, Susan F. Cooper.
Mansell, Shirley Lomax, 1905-
Rainey, Homer P. (Homer Price), 1896-
Tartt, Ruby Pickens, 1880-1974.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

James Avery Lomax Family Papers, 1842, 1853-1986, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Collection



3D147 Susan F. Cooper (Mrs. James Avery) Lomax item: "Trip to Texas," 1914
John A. Lomax, Sr., papers:
Family correspondence:
Bess Baumann Brown Lomax:
1898-April 1904
3D148 May 1904-1923 and undated
3D149 Undated
Ruby Rochelle Terrill Lomax
1933-April 1934
3D150 May 1934-March 27, 1935
3D151 March 28, 1935-October 15, 1936
3D152 October 17, 1936-1947 and undated
Shirley Lomax Mansell and family, 1910-1947 and undated
John Avery Lomax, Jr., and Margaret Marable Lomax:
3D153 1940-1948 and undated
3D222 Alan James Lomax, 1919-1948 and undated
3D153 Bess Brown Lomax Hawes and family, 1931-1947 and undated
Alice Lomax Pedigo and Eugene R. Pedigo, 1899-1948 and undated
Brown Family:
1903-1947 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 1 Oversize magazine clipping, 1944
3D153 Miscellaneous family, 1890-1948 and undated
3D154 Friends and colleagues, correspondence and other papers:
Eugene C. Barker, 1898, 1906, 1919, 1926, 1943-1948, and undated
William J. Battle, 1897, 1900, 1911-1921, 1931-1947, and undated
Roy Bedicheck, 1900-1919, 1934-1947, and undated
H. Y. Benedict, 1901, 1907, 1917-1920, 1930-1937, and undated
L. B. R. Briggs, 1898-1932 and undated
L. G. Bugbee, 1899-1901
Orville Bullington, 1917-1947
Oscar Callaway and Stella Callaway, 1900, 1910, 1931-1947, and undated
Genevieve Chandler, 1936-1947 and undated
Choate School, 1929-1935, 1945, 1946, and undated
James B. Clark Family, 1897-1904, 1943, 1944, and undated
Tom Connally, 1904-1924, 1940
Edward Crane, 1900, 1917-1948, and undated
3D155 Tom Peete Cross, 1919-1924
Donald Day and the Southwest Review, 1942-1947 and undated
J. Frank Dobie, 1922-1950, 1964, 1965, and undated
E. P. R. Duval, 1904, 1914-1920, 1940-1945
Shirley Green:
1897-June 1899
3D156 July 1899-July 1902
3D157 August 1902-1903
Undated and fragments
George Herzog, 1934-1936 and undated
Tom A. Hight, 1911, 1912, 1924-1940
Will C. Hogg, 1916-1922
Gene Boardman Hoover, 1935-1938, and undated
John B. Jones, 1912, 1915, 1929-1945, and undated
Richard H. Kimball family, 1900-1904, 1917, 1923, 1935, 1937, 1947, and undated
George Lyman Kittredge, 1907-1943 and undated
Huddie Ledbetter ("Lead Belly"):
Various materials, 1934-1944 and undated
3D200 Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1934-1951, 1960-1977, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 5 Oversize, 1945 and undated
3D157 Janice Reed Lit, 1933-1940 and undated
J. E. McCauley, 1910-1925, 1944
Sidney E. Mezes, 1897-1931
Charles S. Potts, 1904-1910, 1934-1946, and undated
3D158 William L. Prather family, 1899-1903
Carl Sandburg, 1920-1934, 1945, 1947, and undated
Ruth Crawford Seeger and Charles Seeger, 1937-1946 and undated
John Lang Sinclair family, 1901, 1912-1925, 1935-1948, and undated
Reed Smith, 1934-1944
Harry R. Stephens, 1911, 1942-1947, and undated
SMS Ranches, Frank S. Hastings, and W. G. Swenson, 1916-1920, 1935-1945
Ruby Pickens Tartt, 1936-1948, 1964, and undated
Jean Thomas, 1933-1937 and undated
Stith Thompson, 1933-1934, 1944-1946, 1966
William D. Totten, 1911-1917, 1933
Leslie Waggener family, 1917-1947
Alonzo Wasson, 1915-1917, 1940-1947, and undated
Barrett Wendell, Jr., 1917-1947 and undated
3D159 Barrett Wendell, Sr., 1907-1924 and undated
George T. Winston, 1898-1904 and undated
Lewis T. Winston and P. H. Winston, 1899-[1903?]
Edgar E. Witt, 1900-1947
Ray Wood, 1939-1944 and undated
3D160 1912-1935
3D161 1936-1948 and January-December undated
3D162 Undated
Financial records:
Insurance and loans on policies, 1893-1947 and undated
Correspondence, invoices and receipts:
1900-1947 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 1 Oversize tax receipt, 1928
3D162 Bank books, 1906-1908, 1915
Check stubbs, 1926-1927
Checks to Mrs. Susan F. Lomax, 1899-1914
Miscellaneous checks:
1900-July 1945
3D163 Aug. 1945-1946
Deposit Slips, 1911-1947
Bank statements, 1933-1946
Miscellaneous, 1920, 1937, and undated
Student Papers:
Various schools, colleges, and universities, 1880-1898, 1903, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 1 University of Texas diplomas, 1897, 1906
3D163 Harvard University:
1904-1907 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 1 Diploma, 1907
3D163 Organizations, correspondence and other materials:
Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, 1900-1901, 1912-1925, 1947, and undated
Modern Language Association, 1912-1941
Various organizations, 1907-1925, 1936-1947, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 1 Oversize Philosophical Society of Texas membership, 1936
3D163 Diary and ledger, 1934-1935
3D164 Eightieth birthday:
John Avery Lomax: His 80th Birthday, bound of letters, 1947
Loose materials removed from John Avery Lomax: His 80th Birthday, 1911, 1947-1950, and undated
Photocopy of John Avery Lomax: His 80th Birthday and loose materials, 1911, 1947-1950 and undated
Other correspondence, 1947
Correspondence, 1948 and undated
3D165 Newspaper clippings, 1948
Will and estate papers, 1942-1948
Miscellaneous items, 1948
Biographical materials, 1936, 1947, 1948, and undated
Lomax family tree, coat of arms, and other materials, 1910 and undated
Early teaching career, [1888-1895?]
University of Texas career:
Business correspondence, 1898-1930, 1940-1947, and undated
General correspondence:
3D166 1901-1925 and undated
Working Students' Bulletin, 1911-1912 and undated
Cullen F. Thomas Scholarship/Alumni Loan Fund correspondence:
Cullen F. Thomas, 1912-1914
January-June 20, 1913
3D167 June 21-September 1913 and undated
Correspondence courses:
Correspondence, 1913-1914
Syllabus for folklore course, undated
Statistics, 1911-1914
Texas Legislature and proposed merger of University of Texas with
Texas A & M College:
Legislative bills, amendments, lists of legislators, newspaper clippings, and other materials, 1913 and undated
Governor James E. Ferguson controversy:
John A. Lomax vs. G. S. McReynolds et al, 1917
3D168 Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other materials, 1916-1918, 1925, 1940-1944, and undated
"Random Recollections of the University `Bear Fight,' " reminiscence, undated
Ex-Students Association:
Correspondence, 1919-1925, 1942, 1945
Historical reminiscence, 1942
Magazine clippings, 1962
Printed item, undated
Homer Price Rainey controversy, correspondence and other materials, 1939-1947
Various printed items and newspaper clippings:
1904-1945 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 1 Oversize Book of Texas prospectus, 1916
3D169 A & M College:
Long Horn, prospectus, 1904
Commencement dance program, 1906
Correspondence, 1906-1917, 1945-1947, and undated
Notes and reminiscences related to student strike of 1908, ca. 1945-1947
Harvard University, correspondence and printed material, 1909-1919, 1936-1942, and undated
Investment and banking business:
Lee, Higginson & Company and investments, correspondence, 1917-1925
"Liberty Bond Selling in World War I," reminiscence, 1942
Republic National Bank, Dallas, correspondence and other materials:
box folder
2.325/V62 1 Oversize brochure, "How to Modernize Your Home," undated
3D169 Folk poetry and folk songs:
Ballad collecting:
1906-May 1913
3D170 June 1913-1947 and undated
Carnegie Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation grants, 1907-1909, 1933-1935, 1942
Recording equipment, 1932-1936 and undated
3D171 Prisons and prisoners, 1933-1942 and undated
Lectures and performances:
Alone, or with Alan Lomax:
1910-Sept. 1915
3D172 Oct. 1915-1948 and undated
box folder
2.325/V 62 1 Oversize Items, 1910-1916
3D172 With Huddie Ledbetter ("Lead Belly"), 1934-1935
3D173 Publishing:
Articles, 1907-1947
General, 1909-1947 and undated
Securing permissions to reprint, 1917, 1930-1947
Granting permisssions to reprint:
3D174 1940-1947 and undated
Copyright and authorship controversy related to "Home on the Range," 1853, 1904-1911, 1930-1949, and undated
Musical compositions and arrangements by others, 1914-1947 and undated
Permissions for concert performances, radio broadcasts, record publishing, and motion picture films by others, 1919-1948 and undated
1911-Feb. 10, 1917
3D175 Feb. 11, 1917-1947 and undated
Responses and requests:
3D176 1946-1948 and undated
Library of Congress affiliation, 1933-1947 and undated
Work Projects Administration, Federal Writers' Projects, 1936-1941 and undated
Folklore Societies, 1910-1946 and undated
Lyrics, notes, and music:
Classification system, file cards:
I, Cowboy and Western Frontier Songs, A-L, undated
II, Negro Songs, A-D, undated
III, Traditional Songs, undated
IV, Child Ballads, undated
V, Indian Songs, undated
VI, French Songs, undated
VII, Spanish Songs, undated
VIII, Railroad Songs, undated
IX, Army Songs, undated
X, Sailor Songs, undated
XI, Lumbermen Songs, undated
XII, Play Songs, undated
XIII, Old Religious Songs, undated
XIV, Collier Cobb Songs, undated
XV, Miscellaneous songs, undated
Songs, undated
[Frontier?] Sayings, undated
3D177 Classified Songs:
I, Cowboy and Western Frontier Songs:
A, 1865, 1906-1915, 1937, and undated
B, Ranger Songs, undated
C, 1904-1910 and undated
D, 1894, 1907-1915, and undated
E, 1909-1911 and undated
F-H, 1910-1915 and undated
3D178 J, undated
K, undated
L, 1895-1911 and undated
II, Negro Songs:
General, 1912, 1939, and undated
1-20, undated
3D179 121-145, undated
B, undated
C, undated
D, undated
III, Traditional songs, undated
IV, Child Ballads, undated
V, Indian Songs, undated
VI, French Songs, undated
VII, Spanish Songs, undated
VIII, Railroad Songs, undated
IX, Army Songs, undated
X, Sailor songs, undated
XI, Lumbermen Songs, undated
XII, Play Songs, undated
XIV, Carolina Coast Songs From Collier Cobb, undated
XV, Miscellaneous Songs, undated
Unclassified songs:
Cowboy songs, undated:
1909-1938 and undated
3D180 1895-1945 and undated
Ranger songs, undated
Negro songs, undated
3D181 Negro songs collected from Ruby Pickens Tartt, undated
Negro songs and other religious songs, undated
Negro songs and other miscellaneous songs, undated
Traditional English ballads, undated
Child ballads, undated
Spanish songs, undated
3D182 Army songs, undated
Sailor songs, undated
Prison songs, undated
Texas songs, undated
Cotton songs, undated
Bawdy songs, undated
Dance calls, undated
"Old Popular Song Texts," undated
Children's songs:
"American Mother Goose," undated
3D183 "American Mother Goose," undated
General, undated
General songs, "Not used anywhere," undated
General songs, undated
3D184 General songs, undated
3D185 General songs, undated
3D186 General songs, undated
3D187 General songs, undated
box folder
2.325/V62 2 Oversize, 1913, 1928-1942, and undated
3D187 Literary Productions:
Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads:
ca. 1910
box folder
2.325/V62 3 Oversize words and music, undated
3D187 Songs of the Cattle Trail and Cow Camp, ca. 1918
American Ballads and Folk Songs, ca. 1934
Negro Folk Songs as Sung by Lead Belly, ca. 1936
Our Singing Country:
Manuscript and notes, ca. 1941
3D188 Manuscript and notes, ca. 1941
Rejected material, 1941
box folder
2.325/V62 3 Oversize rejected material, ca. 1941
3D188 Folk Song, U.S.A, ca. 1947
Adventures of a Ballad Hunter
General, ca. 1943-1947
Alabama, ca. 1943-1947
Arkansas, ca. 1943-1947
Florida, ca. 1943-1947
Mississippi, ca. 1943-1947
Tennessee, ca. 1943-1947
Virginia, ca. 1943-1947
Rough drafts:
Preface, Chapters 1 ("My Life in Bosque County") and 2, ca. 1943-1947
3D189 Chapters 3 through 12, ca. 1943-1947
Unidentified chapters, ca. 1943-1947
3D190 Unidentified chapters, ca. 1943-1947
Semi-final draft, ca. 1943-1947
Final draft:
Preface, Chapters 1 through 4, ca. 1943-1947
3D191 Chapters 5 through 11, ca. 1943-1947
Cow Camps and Cattle Herds, ca. 1945, 1966
Articles, lectures, and other short pieces:
Drafts and notes:
"Iron Head (James Baker) and "Clear Rock" (Mose Platt), undated
"Los Pastores," undated
"Henry Truvillon (Trevelyan?)," undated
Cowboy articles, undated
Century Magazine article, undated
"Miscellaneous Negro Reels" (Classification IIC) [article?] for West Texas Historical Association Yearbook, undated
3D192 "Miscellaneous Negro Reels" (Classification IIC) [article?] for West Texas Historical Association Yearbook, undated
"Vulgar" Negro Songs (Classification IID) article for American Historical Review, undated
"Archive of American Folk Song of the Library of Congress," undated
Lectures at Texas State College for Women, undated
Lecture on Negro spirituals, undated
Printed items:
"Cowboy Songs of the Mexican Border," Sewanee Review, January 1911 (2 copies); and Texas Magazine, March 1911
"Cowboy songs, " M.A.B. (Mainly About Books), February 1912
"Some Types of American Folk Song, Journal of American Folklore, January-March 1915
"Self-pity in Negro Folk-Songs," Nation, August 9, 1917
"Cowboy Lingo," Sunny Slopes of Long Ago, Texas Folklore Society Publication 33, 1966 (first published 1920)
Miscellaneous pieces, fragments, and notes, undated
3D193 Miscellaneous pieces, fragments and notes, undated
3D194 Miscellaneous pieces, fragments, and notes, undated
3D195 Miscellaneous pieces, fragments, and notes, undated
3D196 Miscellaneous pieces, fragments and notes, undated
2.325/V62 Literary productions with others:
3 Sunny Slopes of Long Ago, Texas Folklore Society Publication 33, 1966:
3 Galley proofs
3D196 Page proofs
"Report of the Committee on Folksong of the Popular Literature Section of the Modern Language Association of America," Southern Folklore Quarterly, June 1937
"The Southwest, Inventory and Sampling," Saturday Review of Literature, May 16, 1942
Literary productions by others:
Collier Cobb, 1909;
Shearin, 1911;
Chapman, 1916;
Thompson, 1922;
Fletcher, 1931;
Espinosa, 1932;
White and O'Malley, 1934;
Ruby T. Lomax, 1939;
Building America, 1942;
Day, 1945,
Bluestein, 1962;
Brininstool, undated;
Butler, undated;
Chittenden, undated;
Unidentified, undated
3D197 Ives, 1922;
Ostrander, 1945;
Prude, 1950;
Houston, 1953.
Correspondence, 1909-1923, 1933-1947
Song anthologies and sheet music:
Negro songs, 1850, ca. 1905, 1907, 1928, and undated
3D198 Various songs, 1868, 1922, 1930-1941, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 4 Oversize sheet music, 1842, 1853, 1858, 1909, 1910, 1920-1943
3D198 Recording trips, daybook notes, and reports, 1937-1942 and undated
Great Texas Cattle Trail, 1875
Roads, Houston-Austin-Waco-College Station, Texas, area, [1900-1940]
box folder
2.325/V62 4 San Francisco, California-Reno, Nevada area, undated
4 Road and Railroad Map of Puerto Rico, 1932-1933
3D198 Printed material related to Library of Congress:
"Archive of American Folksong, A History, 1928-1939," 1940
3D199 Statements, reports, catalogs, articles, and other items, 1936-1947, 1964, 1968, and undated
box folder
3.235/V62 5 "Provisional Check-List of Disks (Excluding Primitive) in the Archives of American Folk Song in the Library of Congress," 1936
(2 copies)
3D199 Ballard Branch (Virginia) Bog Trotters materials:
1940 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 5 Oversize, undated
5 Newspaper: W. Lee O'Daniel News, 1940
3D199 Newspaper and magazine clippings and other printed items: Related to John A. Lomax, Sr.:
1893, 1904-1946
3D200 1947-1958 1966, and undated
box folder
3.235/V62 5 Oversize, 1912, [1941?], 1947
3D200 General folkmusic subjects:
1908-1951 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 5 Oversize, 1920, 1935, 1947
3D201 General folklore:
Lattevi H. Ajayi, Yoruba tales:
Correspondence, 1909-1920 and undated
Original texts and typescripts, ca. 1909-1920 and undated
Lomax, "Stories of an African Prince, Yoruba Tales," Journal of American Folklore, January-March 1913
Texas Folklore Society printed material, [1910?], 1928-1943, and undated
Folklore course outline, undated
"Negro lore", notes, undated
Works Progress Administration materials:
Interviews, undated
Writers Division stories, 1936-1938 and undated
Federal Writers Project, Nebraska, 1939
"Negro lore", 1936-1937 and undated
Negro stories, 1937 and undated
3D202 Ex-Slave stories, 1936-1937 and undated
Miscellaneous folklore, 1937 and undated
Instructions for interviewers, catalog, and correspondence, 1936-1941 and undated
Vivid terms and phrases:
Notes, undated
Notecards, undated
Cowboy language, correspondence, 1916, 1921, 1936-1945
Notes, undated
3D203 Notecards, undated
3D204 Literary productions:
By Lomax:
"Old Mackenzie Trail" (poem), 1908
"Cowboy Lingo," 1915
Book review, "Pioneers of the Ozarks," by Lennis L. Broadfoot, 1944
"Texas Cowboy Tournaments," undated
By J. E. McCauley, "A Cowboy for to Be," 1920-1924, 1942
By Cora Melton Cross, "Stories of Old Trail Drivers of Long Ago: Col. Jack Myers Potter Tells About Life on Cattle
Range in Early Days," Semi-Weekly Farm News, 1934
By various authors:
Cobb, 1910;
Anderson and Cundall, 1910;
Pound, ca. 1914;
Stewart and Watt, 1916;
Hastings, 1916;
Humphreys and Davis, 1921;
Boas, ed., 1922;
Crutchfield, 1929;
Williams, 1931;
Adams, 1936;
Davidson, 1944;
Thompson, 1945;
Guthrie [1942-1945];
Leisy, 1946;
Emrich, 1946;
Pratt, undated;
Bertelson and Cureton, undated;
Niemoller, undated;
Walton, undated;
Unidentified, 1937 and undated;
Several authors, 1943
Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin, 1937-1942
Southern Folklore Quarterly, 1938
Folklore advisors, undated
TSCW student reports, undated
Newspaper and magazine clippings and other printed items:
Articles from Wild West Weekly, 1937 and undated
Articles from West, undated
3D205 Articles from various publications and other items:
1910-1941, 1950, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 5 Oversize items, 1936 and undated
3D205 Various activities:
Literary productions:
By Lomax:
Articles on Will C. Hogg:
Drafts, notes, and magazine clippings, 1940, 1968, and undated
Correspondence and newspaper clippings, 1925, 1930-1946, and undated
Various items:
Texts, 1898, 1903-1911, 1920, 1944, and undated
Correspondence, 1904, 1909, 1918, 1920, 1930, 1941-1947
By various authors, 1903, 1911, 1930, and undated
Santa Anna's saddle, correspondence, 1929-1937
3D206 Newspaper and magazine clippings and other printed items:
1861, 1895-1957, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 5 Oversize, 1913, 1930-1947, and undated
3D206 Clippings from unidentified sources:
1934 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 5 Oversize, undated
3D206 Miscellaneous and unidentified items, 1931, 1936, 1945, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 5 Cartoon by and of O. Henry, undated
3D207 Bess Baumann Brown Lomax papers:
General correspondence:
1895-1931 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 6 Oversize letter, undated
3D207 Financial papers, 1903-1928 and undated
Religious papers, 1898-1908 and undated
School papers:
box folder
2.325/V62 6 Diploma, 1898
3D207 Latin, 1923, 1924, and undated
3D208 English literature, 1903 and undated
Literary productions:
Stories, essays, and poetry, undated
Notes and fragments, undated
Authored by others:
Poetry book, 1903-1909, and undated
Books, stories, and poetry, 1858, 1878, 1886, 1903, 1908, 1923, and undated
Authorship unknown, 1901-1905 and undated
Music books:
Notebook from lessons with Bedford F. Moore, 1929
Notebook of A. Baumann, undated
Glee Hive: A Collection of Glees and Part Songs, 1853
box folder
2.325/V62 6 Oversize note pages, undated
3D208 Miscellaneous materials, 1887, 1907-1931, and undated
3D209 Ruby Rochelle Terrill Lomax papers:
Family correspondence, 1877-1883, 1894-1904, and undated
Correspondence and other personal papers, 1895-1961 and undated
Literary productions and radio interview transcript, 1918-1928, 1940-1955, and undated
Newspaper clippings, 1925-1938, 1948-1953, 1966, and undated
Miscellaneous printed items, 1921-1923 and undated
Adventuring in New York, 1923
Travel notes, undated
Testimonial book, University Baptist Church, 1937
Final illness and death:
3D109 Correspondence and other papers, (RESTRICTED) 1955-1962
3D209 Newspaper clippings, condolences, biographical notes, funeral register, florists' cards, 1961-1962
3D210 Shirley Lomax Mansell papers:
Correspondence, 1925-1978 and undated
School papers:
box folder
2.325/V62 6 Diplomas, 1919, 1921
3D210 Juvenile play, 1914
Newspaper clipping, 1919
Book pages and inscription, undated
Chris C. Mansell, medical school notes, undated
Bess Brown Lomax Hawes papers, 1930-1978 and undated
3D222 Alan James Lomax papers:
Family, 1931-1974 and undated
3D223 General, 1925-1948 and undated
School papers, 1920-1933 and undated
Radio scripts, 1941-1945 and undated
3D210 Literary productions, 1930-1943, 1959-1977, and undated
Printed materials:
Choate School, 1929, 1931
American School of the Air, Teacher's Manual, 1940-1941
Programs, 1941, 1986
3D211 Newspaper and magazine clippings:
1926-1986 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 6 Oversize, 1986
3D211 Miscellaneous, 1931, 1936, 1977, 1980, and undated
John A. Lomax, Jr., papers:
Curtis Publishing Company, magazine subscription contest, 1915-1918:
Bound printed material and correspondence
Unbound printed material, correspondence, and notes
Newspaper clipping
box folder
2.325/V62 6 Scrapbook pages
3D211 Pecan sales venture, printed material, correspondence, and notes, 1921-1924 and undated
Bank book, 1913-1916
Boy Scouts of America items, 1919-1924
School papers:
High school:
box folder
2.325/V62 6 Admission diploma, 1920
3D211 University:
Newspaper clippings, 1925 and undated
Margaret Marable Lomax:
3D212 1941-1949
General family:
1914, 1924-1950, 1960-1969, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 6 Oversize, undated
3D212 General:
3D213 1969-1973 and undated
Log of automobile tour, 1932
Literary productions:
Related to 1932 automobile tour, 1932, 1943, and undated
Related to various subjects, 1944, 1963-1969, and undated
Newspaper clippings, sports, 1937, 1946-1967, and undated
Diaries, 1935-1940
Scrapbook materials:
Family, 1947, 1957, and undated
Military career:
1943-1945, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 6 Oversize, 1942
3D213 Sports, 1944-1962 and undated
Folksongs, undated
Miscellaneous, 1936, 1946, 1957, and undated
1961-1963 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 6 Oversize, 1961, 1963, and undated
3D214 Death: newspaper clippings, correspondence, and other materials, 1974, 1975
Materials related to John A. Lomax, Sr.:
Portrait in oil, University of Texas:
Correspondence, 1963-1973 and undated
Presentation ceremony, April 18, 1964
Literary production by Richard T. Fleming:
"Lomax Profile," ca. 1966
Research materials and notes, 1923, 1933-1937, 1947, 1962-1967, and undated
Correspondence, 1962-1971 and undated
Cow Camps and Cattle Herds, correspondence, 1965-1968 and undated
3D215 Historical marker, Meridian, Texas, 1970-1971
University of Texas plaque, 1976-1977
1961, 1969, 1982
box folder
2.325/V62 7 Oversize magazine clipping, 1969
3D215 Materials related to Margaret Marable Lomax:
Personal, 1908, 1927-1944, 1958-1973, and undated
Deaths of parents, Agnes and Frank Marable, 1962, 1963, and undated
Printed programs, 1955-1976 and undated
Newspaper and magazine clippings, 1953-1974 and undated
Notes, lectures, song lists:
and fragmentary 1950-1972, undated,
box folder
2.325/V62 7 Oversize, undated
3D216 Song repertoire:
Songbook, undated
Best Songs from the Lomax Collections, 1966
Alphabetical file of texts:
Typescripts, undated
Manuscripts, 1910, 1942, 1948, 1965-1968, and undated
Transcriptions of tunes by Hally Wood, 1969, 1977, and undated
Field recordings made by John A. Lomax, Sr., and Alan Lomax for Library of Congress, Archive of American Folk Song:
Inventory of recordings at University of Texas at Austin, undated
Listing of recordings held by Center for Intercultural Studies in Folklore and Oral History, 1967
Transcriptions by Hally Wood, 1934 and undated:
3D217 F291-F322
Recordings not in the UT Folklore Center
Songs of the Almanac Singers, 1941-1942
Songs from various sources, 1936, 1949, 1958-1964, and undated
[Boy Scout?] song book, Fort Worth, Texas, 1969
Classified files:
Folk Song, U.S.A., (reprinted as Best Loved American Folk Songs), reviews and correspondence, 1948, 1953, 1964-1971
3D218 Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins:
1960-1973, 1982
box folder
2.325/V62 7 Oversize printed item, 1969
3D218 "The Blues According to Lightnin' Hopkins," Les Blank correspondence, 1967-1977
Blind Lemon Jefferson:
1930, 1967-1969, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 7 Historical Map of Freestone County, undated
3D218 Huddie Ledbetter ("Lead Belly"), 1950, 1969-1971
Mance Lipscomb, 1966-1976 and undated
Houston Folklore Society:
Periodical publications, 1966-1972
Other materials, 1955-1966 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 7 Oversize magazine clipping, 1963
3D218 Texas Folklore Society, 1954-1973 and undated
KHFI-FM Summer Music Festival, Houston, Texas:
box folder
2.325/V62 7 Oversize materials, 1964
3D218 Berkeley [California] Folk Music Festival:
box folder
2.325/V62 7 1970
3D219 Institute of Texan Cultures:
1968, 1969, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 7 Oversize, 1968 and undated
3D219 Kerrville Folk Festival, 1972, 1977 and undated
Smithsonian Festival of American Folklife, 1968-1970
Texas Heritage Folk Festival, 1965-1966
Brian Cope, 1970-1971
Les Blank and Flower Films:
1967-1982 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 7 Undated
3D219 Folkways Records, 1956-1977 and undated
"Yellow Rose of Texas," 1955-1970 and undated
George "Bongo Joe" Coleman, 1977, 1978, and undated
Alex Moore, 1974-1982
Ed Badeaux, 1963, 1964
Newspaper clippings and printed items:
1939, 1950-1986
3D220 Undated
box folder
2.325/V62 7 Oversize magazine clippings and printed item, 1964, 1979, and undated
3D220 Texts for record albums, 1970, 1971, and undated
Publications of various folklore societies:
1958-Autumn, 1970
Winter 1970-1971
box folder
2.325/V62 7 List of singers and songs, Ramsey Prison Farm, Texas, 1951
3D220 Newspaper and magazine clippings on various subjects, 1946, 1955-1986, and undated
Materials related to John M. Lomax (John Lomax III), 1967-1980 and undated
Materials related to Joseph F. Lomax:
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and other items, 1963-1986 and undated
3D221 Cajun French festivals in Houston, newspaper clippings, correspondence, printed material:
1975-1983 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 7 1977 and undated
3D221 Record company catalogs:
Arhoolie - Free Reeders:
1972-1977 and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 7 Oversize Arhoolie, 1971
3D221 Golden Memories - Yazoo, 1974-1977 and undated
Les Moeurs de la Paroisse de Vermillion en Louisiane, by Elizabeth Brandon, 1955
A Tribute to Woody Guthrie, 1972
Miscellaneous items:
1847, 1938-1948, 1965, 1966, and undated
box folder
2.325/V62 7 1983, and undated
3D224-3D228, 3J128a Acidic and fragile original papers. Preservation photocopies are filed in collection.



3Y44 John A. Lomax Sr.:
General, ca. 1875-1947 and undated
3S236 Second Annual Meeting of the Association of Alumni Secretaries,
University Club, Chicago, Nov. 22, 1913
3Y44 Family, 1897-1968 and undated
John A. Lomax, Jr.:
General, 1908, 1924-1970, and undated
3S236 Pencil sketch portrait, undated
3Y44 Family:
General, 1941-1963
Margaret Marable Lomax:
General, 1914, 1925, 1938-1942, 1962, and undated
3S236 Harris County Grand Jury, May term, 1956
3Y557 John M. Lomax (John Lomax III) and Joseph F. Lomax, 1944-1964
Travel albums, 1964
Alan Lomax and family, ca. 1915, 1956-1968, and undated
Shirley Lomax Mansell and family, 1915 and undated
Bess Lomax Hawes and family, undated
3Y558 Bess Baumann Brown Lomax and Brown family:
General, 1906, 1919, and undated
3S236 Portrait, ca. 1900
3Y558 Ruby Terrill Lomax, 1934, 1960, and undated
Shirley Green, undated
Family members, friends, and unidentified persons, 1936-1964 and undated
Musicians, 1939, 1965-1980, and undated
Tex Ritter, cowboys, Indians, and the Old West, 1885, 1899-1917, 1939, and undated
Landscapes, and other subjects, 1891-1914, 1929-1948, 1957-1963, and undated
3Y559 Scrapbook travel photographs, 1961-1963, and undated
Scrapbook and other travel postcards, 1910-1919, 1942, 1947, 1961-1963, and undated
Presentation of John A. Lomax, Sr., portrait, University of Texas, 1964
Dedication of John A. Lomax, Sr., historical marker, Meridian, Texas, 1971
Reception, opening of John A. Lomax, Sr., exhibit, Barker Texas History Center, (prints, color slides, and negatives) 1982
3W143c Reproductive prints of photographs in the Lomax archive, made for exhibit at the UT Butler School of Music
3Y559 Negatives: [RESTRICTED]
Color and safety film, 1964 and undated
407 Five nitrate, of women in garden, with envelope, "Miss Terrell," undated
Possibly nitrate, undated