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University of Texas at Arlington, Office of the President Records, President E. H. Hereford:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas at Arlington. Office of the President.
Title: University of Texas at Arlington, Office of the President Records, President E. H. Hereford
Dates: 1946-1958
Abstract: Records in this collection follow the North Texas Agricultural College administration of E. H. Hereford which began in 1946 with his appointment as Dean. With the handover of the college from Texas A&M to the University of Texas in 1949, Hereford's title changed to that of President and the former North Texas Agricultural College became Arlington State College. Records also reflect Hereford's contributions to the growth of the college and his repeated efforts to evolve Arlington State College into a four-year school.
Identification: AR258, Series III
Extent: 38 boxes (15.2 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Historical Sketch

Dr. Ernest H. Hereford joined the staff of North Texas Agricultural College as Registrar in 1942. A year later, he became Acting Associate Dean and, following the retirement of E. E. Davis in 1946, he was appointed Dean of the college. When North Texas Agricultural College, which was affiliated with Texas A&M, was placed under the auspices of the University of Texas in 1949, the former North Texas Agricultural College became Arlington State College, and the title of Dean became that of President.

Under the direction of Dr. Hereford, the school began an active program of land acquisition and building construction. The campus was extended south to Mitchell Street through the purchase of numerous lots and residences and to the west by the acquisition of a thirteen-acre tract of land bordered by Cooper Street, Second Street (then referred to as the college farm road) and Trading Horse Creek. A 238-acre black-land farm five miles to the east of the school on Park Row was also acquired, although this was later sold when the agricultural program diminished in importance.

The effects of the Great Depression, World War II, and a parsimonious Texas legislature had held campus construction to a bare minimum for nearly two decades. Hence, when Dr. Hereford became Dean, he lost no time in pressing for funds for improvements and new construction. The results of his efforts were as follows:
1948-1949 Construction of a new dormitory for men (Pachl Hall)
1949-1950 Improvements to walks, curbs and fences, landscaping
1950 Completion of Science Hall
1950 Replacement of 20-year old steam tunnels
1950-1951 Construction of an Engineering Building
1950-1951 Construction of a new steel-decked stadium
1953 Completion of $238,000 Student Union Building containing college exchange store, post office, confectionary and recreational facilities
1956-1957 Construction of a Cafeteria Building (to be joined to the Student Union Building) and installation of air conditioning in both structures
1957 Construction of a dormitory for women (Lipscomb Hall)

In 1949, three years after Dr. Hereford became chief administrative officer, the name of the institution was changed to Arlington State College. The new name reflected, in part, the changing character of the school and its surroundings. To adapt to the rapid industrialization of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the college began to place more emphasis on business and technology and less on agriculture. Short training courses in electronics and aircraft maintenance and night classes in the fields of business administration and engineering were offered. In addition, the liberal arts program was broadened to meet the needs of the increasing number of students who planned to later attend a senior college.

Senior college status had long been sought for Arlington State College, but the goal proved to be as elusive for Dr. Hereford as it had been for Dean Davis. Hereford was responsible for the introduction of legislation in 1953 and again in 1955 to confer four-year status on the institution; both times the bills failed to pass. In 1957, a proposal was submitted to the Texas Commission on Higher Education. The Commission asked for additional time to study the request, but did not send the bill on to the Legislature until December of the following year. By then, Dr. Hereford had died, leaving the direction of the college to its new President, Dr. Jack Woolf.

Scope and Contents

Records in Series III of AR258 reflect Dr. Hereford's successful efforts at spurring the growth of the college as well as his persistent efforts to change the status of the college from a two-year to a four-year institution.


Records consist of 543 folders in 38 boxes arranged chronologically by year and therein alphabetically by topic or document type.



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Hereford, E. H. (Ernest H.), 1894-1958--Archives.
Arlington State College. Office of the President--Records and correspondence.
University of Texas at Arlington. Office of the President--Records and correspondence.
University of Texas at Arlington--Administration--History--Sources.
College administrators--Texas----Arlington--History--Sources.
Arlington (Tex.)--History--Sources.
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University Archives

Related Material

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Administrative Information


University of Texas at Arlington, Office of the President Records, AR258, Series III, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.


Transfer, 1974.

Processing Information

Series III, containing the records produced during Dr. Hereford's administration, was received in good order. All materials, arranged in chronological order, were transferred to new file folders. Original folder headings were retained for the most part, although a few folders were consolidated. Materials on construction projects, which had been filed together, were integrated with other folders under the appropriate year. Records for the years 1955-1956 and 1956-1957 are somewhat incomplete. Records for the period September, 1957 through November 1958 are very incomplete.

Administrative Information

Grant Support

The retrospective updating and conversion of this finding aid was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Special Collections "Documenting Democracy: Access to Historical Records" project, 2014-2015.

Container List

Series III, E. H. Hereford, 1946-1958

33-35 1946-1947
Box Folder
33 1 Alcohol Reports 1946-1947.
Tax-free alcohol forms, memoranda.
2 Alumni Association (Ex-Students Association) 1946-1947.
Correspondence, newsletter.
3 Announcements undated
4 Army-Navy Donations 1946-1947.
Bulletin, memoranda, applications, correspondence, list.
5 Blueprints of Campus (and adjacent property) 1945-1946.
6 Bull Pen Society undated
7 Bureau of Community Facilities (U.S. Office of Education) 1946-1947.
Forms, applications, equipment lists, correspondence.
8 Business Manager 1946-1947.
9 Cooperative Extension Service 1946-1947.
10 Council of College Presidents 1946-1947.
Memoranda, minutes.
11 Directory 1946.
12 Dormitory Revenue Bonds 1936.
Transcript of proceedings.
13 Enrollment Data 1946-1947.
14 Enrollment Data 1947.
15 Faculty Cabinet 1946-1947.
Lists, minutes, memoranda, correspondence, ballot, constitution.
16 Faculty, Miscellaneous 1946-1947.
Lists, correspondence, notes.
17 Faculty Salaries 1946-1947.
18 Financial Reports 1946.
19 Financial Reports January - March, 1947.
Box Folder
34 1 Financial Reports May - August, 1947.
2 Fiscal Department 1947.
3 Government Employment Reports 1946-1947.
4 Graduation 1946-1947.
Lists, correspondence, purchase orders, invitation.
5 Grand Prairie Naval Base 1947.
Correspondence, minute order, telegrams.
6 "H" 1947.
7 Hotel Reservations 1946-1947.
8 Inauguration of Dean Hereford 1947.
Correspondence, list, copy of newspaper clipping.
9 Inauguration of Dean Hereford 1947.
Correspondence, lists.
10 Keltner, Col. Edgar H. 1946.
Correspondence, telegrams, address (by Gen. Wainwright), news release, lists.
11 Legislation 1947.
Correspondence, copy of act.
12 Military 1946-1947, undated
Correspondence, requisition, planning notes, rules.
13 Miscellaneous 1946-1947.
Programs, retirement form, absence reports, survey, proposal.
14 "O" 1947.
15 Property Inventories 1947.
16 Public Address System 1946.
Correspondence, brochure.
17 R.O.T.C. (Reserve Officers Training Corps) 1946-1947.
Memoranda, regulations, list of promotions and demotions, correspondence, list of references on policies.
18 Regulations 1946-1947.
19 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1946-1947.
Correspondence, forms.
20 State Board of Control 1946.
Correspondence, telegrams.
21 State Board of Education 1946-1947.
Correspondence, enrollment statistics, comparative cost studies.
22 State Department of Education 1946-1947.
Correspondence, annual report.
23 Tax File 1947.
24 Texas A&M, Board of Directors 1946-1947.
Correspondence, minute orders, bank notice, construction request, list.
Box Folder
35 1 Texas A&M, General 1946-1947.
Correspondence, copies of bills, telegram, enrollment estimates, fee schedule.
2 Texas Junior College Association 1946-1947.
Correspondence, newsletters, program, proceedings, list.
3 Texas State Teachers Association 1946-1947.
Memoranda, letter.
4 Veterans Administration 1946-1947.
Correspondence, printed material, disposition plan, minute order, telegrams, list of buildings at Naval Air Station, description of veterans' rights.
5 Veterans Contract 1946-1947.
Correspondence, list of specifications, contract supplements.
6 WXYZ 1946-1947.
7 War Assets Administration 1947.
Correspondence, blueprints, receipts, memorandum with forms.
35-39 1947-1948
Box Folder
35 8 Alcohol Reports 1947-1948.
Tax-free alcohol forms, memoranda.
9 American Association of Junior Colleges 1947-1948.
Correspondence, program, brochures, newsletters, memoranda.
10 Association of Texas Colleges 1947-1948.
Minutes, correspondence.
11 Association of Texas Colleges 1947-1948.
Research bulletin, correspondence, financial statements, programs, printed material, enrollment data.
12 "B" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, newsletter.
Box Folder
36 1 "C" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, news release, minutes.
2 Cadet Corps 1947-1948
(Also see R.O.T.C.).
Correspondence, memoranda, invitation, agenda, instructions, printed material.
3 Committee on Coordination in Education 1948.
Correspondence, documents.
4 "D" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, printed material, legal documents.
5 "D" 1948.
Legal documents, correspondence.
6 Davis, E. E. (Dean Emeritus) 1945-1948.
Correspondence, essay (including some biographical material).
7 Dispensary 1947-1948.
Correspondence, program, reports, form.
8 "E" 1947-1948.
Invitation, correspondence.
9 Education 1947-1948.
Memoranda, correspondence, programs, resolutions, newsletters, reprint, minutes, constitution, comparative data on salaries.
10 Ex-Students Association 1947-1948.
Correspondence, minutes.
11 "F" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, notices.
12 Faculty 1947-1948.
Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clipping, enrollment graph, list of faculty, data on teaching loads, regulations for use of film library, results of judging contests, minutes, directory.
13 Federal Agencies 1947-1948.
Correspondence, news release, memoranda, organization chart.
14 Financial, Miscellaneous 1948.
Correspondence, salary schedules, report.
15 Financial Reports 1947.
16 Financial Reports 1948.
17 Fiscal Office Memoranda 1947-1948.
Box Folder
37 1 "G" 1947-1948.
2 Gilmer-Aiken Committee 1948.
Correspondence, lists, report.
3 Government Employment Reports 1947-1948.
4 Graduation 1947.
Lists, order form.
5 "H" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, programs.
6 Hotel Reservations 1947-1948.
7 "I" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, newspaper clipping.
8 Inventory 1948.
9 "J" 1947-1948.
10 "K" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, copy of bill.
11 "L" 1948.
12 "M" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, leaflet.
13 "N" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, financial statement.
14 North Texas Agricultural College 1947-1948.
List of ledger account numbers, organization chart, report, tabulation of votes enrollment data.
15 "O" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, invitation.
16 Orders 1947-1948.
Order forms, invoices, correspondence.
17 "P" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, memorandum, lists, report on the Paideian Club.
18 Personal (Dean Hereford) 1947-1948.
Correspondence, newspaper article on the Dean's inauguration, biographical article, program of inauguration, invoice.
19 President's Office Memorandums 1947-1948.
20 "R" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, list of items purchased for Dean's residence.
21 R.O.T.C. 1947.
(Also see Cadet Corps)
Program summary, correspondence.
22 Rotary International 1948.
23 "S" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, printed material, report.
24 Samples of Mimeographed Material 1947-1948.
25 State Board of Control 1948.
Box Folder
38 1 State Board of Education 1947-1948.
Financial data, biennial report.
2 State Department of Education 1947-1948.
Memoranda, comparative enrollment data, research bulletin, correspondence, cost study, judging contest results, data on faculty.
3 Students 1947-1948.
Data on allocations for student labor, tally sheets for student elections.
4 "T" 1947-1948.
Correspondence, program.
5 Texas A&M 1947-1948.
Correspondence, veteran enrollment statistics, reports by visiting engineering professors, program, appraisals, memoranda, map of campus, copy of act changing name of NTAC to Arlington State College.
6 Texas A&M, Academic Council 1947-1948.
7 Texas A&M (E. L. Angell, Assistant to the President) 1947-1948.
Memorandum, correspondence, copy of changes in Rules and Regulations, radio address.
8 Texas A&M, Board of Directors 1948.
9 Texas A&M (F. C. Bolton, Executive Vice President) 1947-1948.
Correspondence, agenda.
10 Texas A&M (W. C. Freeman, Auditor) 1947-1948.
11 Texas A&M (Gibb Gilchrist, President) 1947-1948.
Correspondence (including annual report), memoranda.
12 Texas A&M (W. H. Holzmann, Comptroller) 1947-1948.
13 Texas A&M System (C. W. Adams, Architect) 1948.
Correspondence, sketches of proposed Science Building.
14 Texas Junior College Association 1947-1948.
Newsletter, roster.
15 Texas Soaring Association 1948.
Newsletters, letter.
16 Traffic Safety 1948.
Correspondence, progress report, seminar program, printed material, minutes.
17 Veterans Administration 1947-1948.
Correspondence, certificate.
18 Veterans Administration 1948.
Correspondence, vouchers, tabulation.
Box Folder
39 1 Visual Aids Library 1948.
2 "W" 1947-1948.
3 War Assets 1947.
Correspondence, sale notice and inventory, shipping order and receipt, forms, justification of need.
4 War Assets 1948.
Correspondence, certificate, forms, shipping order and receipt.
5 War Assets 1948.
Correspondence, forms, shipping order and receipt, agreements, memoranda.
39-43 1948-1949
Box Folder
39 6 "A" 1948-1949.
Correspondence, bulletin, legal documents.
7 Absence Reports 1948-1949.
8 Alcohol Reports 1948-1949.
Tax-free alcohol forms, memoranda, notices.
9 American Association of Junior Colleges 1948-1949.
Correspondence, newsletters.
10 Appropriations 1949.
Letter, tabulation.
11 Arlington Town Hall 1948.
Lists, minutes, correspondence, printed material.
12 Assembly 1948-1949.
Schedule of speakers, program, notices, correspondence, printed material.
13 Association of Texas Colleges 1948-1949.
14 Athletics 1948-1949.
Agenda, correspondence, regulations concerning the Athletic Council.
15 Banquet Committee 1949.
Mock-up of program, correspondence, financial statement.
16 Biennium Appropriations Bill 1949.
17 Biennium Appropriations Bill 1949-1951.
Correspondence, financial documents, summary of appropriations requests, memorandum.
18 Building Bonds 1948-1949.
Correspondence, prospectus, minutes, estimates.
Box Folder
40 1 Bureau of Community Facilities 1948.
1A Council of Presidents 1948
2 "D" 1948-1949.
3 Diplomas 1948.
Lists, invoice, correspondence, program, sample diploma.
4 Discipline Committee 1949.
5 Dispensary 1948-1949.
Reports, letter, examination form.
6 Dormitory 1948.
Original proposals.
7 Dormitory 1948.
Original proposals.
8 Dormitory 1948-1949.
Contract, picture, correspondence, tabulation of bids, contract summary.
9 Dormitory 1948.
General contract.
10 Dormitory 1949.
For additional material on the new dormitory, also see folder titled "Pachl Hall".
11 "E" 1949.
Correspondence, brochure, financial survey.
12 Enrollment 1948-1949.
Lists, comparative enrollment statistics, report, correspondence.
13 "F" 1948-1949.
Financial statement, correspondence, list.
14 Faculty 1948-1949.
Lists, correspondence.
15 Faculty Notices 1948-1949.
Box Folder
41 1 Federal Agencies 1949.
Correspondence, property transfer form, booklet, survey.
2 Financial Reports 1948-1949.
3 Financial Reports 1949.
4 Former Faculty Members 1948-1949.
5 "G" 1949.
6 Government Employment Reports 1948-1949.
7 "H" 1948-1949.
Correspondence, resolution, printed material, list.
8 Higher Education 1949, undated
Memoranda, newsletters, questionnaire.
9 "I" 1948-1949.
Correspondence, announcement.
10 Inauguration 1948.
Correspondence, lists.
11 Inauguration 1948.
Correspondence, lists.
12 Inauguration 1948.
Program, notice, news release, speech, newspaper clippings.
13 Inaugurations 1948-1949.
Correspondence, programs, invitations.
14 Inventory 1949.
15 "J" 1948-1949.
16 "K" 1948-1949.
17 "L" 1948-1949.
"Liquor memo", land purchase option agreement
Correspondence, copy of act, questionnaire.
18 "Mc" 1948-1949.
Correspondence, announcement.
19 "M" 1948-1949.
20 "N" 1948-1949.
Correspondence, newsletter, printed material.
21 NEA NEWS 1948-1949.
Box Folder
42 1 NTAC Social Calendars 1948-1949.
2 NTAC Rules and Regulations 1948-1949.
3 "O" 1949.
4 Organization Charts 1948, undated
5 "P" 1949.
Correspondence, notices, booklets.
6 Pachl Hall (Furnishings) 1948-1949.
Correspondence, diagrams, printed material.
7 Payroll undated
8 Personal 1949.
Telegram, list, itinerary.
9 "R" 1948-1949.
Correspondence, telegram.
10 R.O.T.C. 1948-1949.
Correspondence, memoranda, notice.
11 Recommendations 1949.
12 Reservations 1948-1949.
13 Rotary 1948-1949.
Correspondence, invoice, brochure, newsletters, list of officers.
14 "S" 1948-1949.
Correspondence, minutes, scores for athletic meet, list of members of NTAC class of 1924.
15 Salary Supplement Bill 1949.
Correspondence, copy of bill.
16 Samples of Mimeographed Material 1948-1949.
17 Scholarships 1949.
18 Science Building 1949.
19 Senate (Texas) 1949, undated
Correspondence, lists of Senators and Senate Committees, copies of bills.
20 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1948-1949.
Correspondence, financial statement, membership list, report.
21 State Board of Control 1948-1949.
Correspondence, press release, financial data, biennial budget recommendations, budget estimates.
22 State Board of Education 1948-1949.
Comparative data on enrollment, course offerings and faculty, correspondence, cost studies, graphs, statement of receipts, statement of expenditures.
Box Folder
43 1 Student Affairs 1948-1949.
Correspondence, statistics on student labor costs, notices, election results, regulations.
2 "T" 1948-1949.
Notice, correspondence, memoranda, invitation, program.
3 Texas Commission on Coordination in Education 1948-1949.
Correspondence, bulletin.
4 Texas Junior College Teachers Association 1948-1949.
Correspondence, program, newsletter.
5 Texas Personnel Conference 1948.
Correspondence, summary of committee meeting, programs.
6 Texas Soaring Association 1948-1949.
Letter, bulletin, list of officers and committee members, yearbook, newspaper clipping.
7 Texas State Educational Agency for Surplus Property 1948-1949.
Correspondence, notice, invoice, receipt.
8 Texas State Teachers Association 1948-1949, undated
Letter, copy of bill, summary of constitutional amendments, bulletin, information on Minimum Foundation Program.
9 Text Books 1948.
Correspondence, printed material, report.
10 University of Texas 1948-1949.
Correspondence, newsletter.
11 "V" 1948-1949.
12 Veterans Administration 1948-1949.
13 "W" 1948-1949.
Correspondence, memoranda, newspaper clipping.
14 War Assets 1949.
Telegram, correspondence, memoranda.
43-49 1949-1950
Box Folder
43 15 "A" 1950.
Correspondence, emergency supplements to American Council on Education bulletins.
16 Academic Council 1949-1950.
Correspondence, minutes, list of changes in course offerings, lists of committee members, constitution, rules and regulations, invitation.
17 Administrative Orders 1950.
18 Agenda Items (Approved) 1949-1950.
Correspondence, minute orders.
19 Agenda Items (Approved) 1950.
Memoranda, correspondence, minute orders.
20 Agriculture Department 1949-1950.
Program, correspondence, calendar, 4-H Club Judging Contest material, minutes.
21 Alcohol Reports 1949-1950.
Letter, tax-free alcohol forms, reprint from Federal Register.
Box Folder
44 1 American Association of Junior Colleges 1949-1950.
Newsletters, research bulletin, correspondence, directory material, certificate.
2 American Association of School Administrators 1949-1950.
3 Announcements 1950.
4 Arlington Rotary Club 1949-1950.
Correspondence, newsletters, membership list, printed material.
5 Arlington Town Hall 1949.
Membership list, correspondence, tax form, bank statements, list of refunds.
6 Assembly Programs 1949-1950.
List, correspondence, notice, printed material.
7 Association of Texas Colleges 1949-1950.
Correspondence, notices, report, agenda.
8 Athletics 1949-1950.
Minutes, correspondence, telegram, by-laws.
9 "B" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, booklets, survey.
10 Bonds 1949-1950.
11 Commandant's Office 1950.
Memorandum with inventory.
12 Conferences 1949-1950.
Correspondence, programs.
13 Coronation 1949-1950.
Mailing list, letter.
13a Council of Presidents of State Supported Colleges 1950
14 "D" 1949-1950.
15 Directory 1949-1950.
Correspondence, invoice.
16 Discipline Committee 1949.
17 Employees on Modified Service 1949-1950.
Memoranda, correspondence, service reports, form.
18 Engineering Building 1949-1950.
Correspondence, contract, tabulation of bids.
19 Engineering Building 1950.
20 Engineering Department 1949-1950.
Correspondence, proposal, agreement, program.
21 Enrollment 1949-1950.
Map showing enrollment distribution, lists, summary of enrollment by course and school, correspondence, report, list of graduates.
Box Folder
45 1 "F" 1949-1950.
Estimate on Football Stadium
Fort Worth A&M Mother's Club Yearbook, correspondence, constitution of Fort Worth Farm and Ranch Club.
2 Faculty and Staff 1949-1950.
Announcement of field trip, list of club sponsors and committee members, list of faculty and staff, correspondence, telegram.
3 Financial Reports 1949-1950.
4 Financial Reports 1950.
5 "G" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, government employment reports.
6 Graduation Exercises 1950.
Correspondence, speech.
7 "H" 1949-1950.
8 Hereford, E. H. (Personal) 1950.
Correspondence, form.
9 "I" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, invitation, printed material.
10 "J" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, telegram.
11 "K" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, program.
12 "L" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, copies of legislation affecting state institutions.
13 Legislative Budget Board 1950.
Memoranda, correspondence, income estimates, copy of newspaper article, expenditure classification.
14 "M" 1949-1950.
15 "N" 1949-1950.
16 Notices 1949-1950.
17 Orders 1949-1950.
18 "P" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, notices, memoranda, property inventory.
19 Pachl Hall 1949-1950.
20 Presidents' Council 1949-1950.
Correspondence, comparative salary schedule, student cost formula, projection of student costs, list of sources of operating funds.
21 "R" 1949-1950.
Box Folder
46 1 R.O.T.C. 1949-1950.
Correspondence, memoranda, lists, results of rifle match, program for foreign cadets, cadet exchange program.
2 Recommendations 1949-1950.
3 Reservations 1949-1950.
Correspondence, telegrams.
4 Rules and Regulations 1949-1950.
Memoranda, list, rule book.
5 "S" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, memoranda, invitation, leaflet.
6 Sanitary and Safety Committee 1949-1950.
Correspondence, memorandum, report.
7 Scholarships 1949-1950.
Correspondence, birth certificate, telegram.
8 Science Building 1949-1951.
Correspondence, tabulations of bids, approval of contract change, pattern for tablet, list.
9 Science Building 1949.
Proposal and specifications.
10 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1949-1950.
Newsletters, correspondence, report.
11 Southern Association of Junior Colleges 1949.
Correspondence, announcement, program.
12 Stadium 1950.
Correspondence, tabulations of bids, telegram, blueprints.
13 Stadium 1950.
Proposal and specifications.
14 State Board of Control 1950.
Correspondence, appropriation request, memoranda, income estimate, questionnaire, equipment and repair list, budget estimate.
15 State Board of Education 1950.
List of members, correspondence, list of holders of Good Neighbor Scholarships, cost study, statement of current receipts.
16 Steam Tunnel 1950.
Specifications with addendum, correspondence, contract, telegram, tabulation of bids.
Box Folder
47 1 Student Affairs 1949-1950.
Social calendars, booklets on Alpha Phi Omega, list of members of Student Election Committee, invitation, letter, program for Engineering Society banquet, amendments to constitution of the Engineering Society.
2 Student Correspondence 1949-1950.
3 Student Labor 1949.
Requests for student labor, list of allocations.
4 "T" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, pamphlet, invitation and program, speech, list, Texas Junior College bulletin.
5 Telegrams 1949-1950.
6 Texas A&M 1949-1950.
Correspondence, college calendar.
7 Texas A&M System 1949-1950.
8 Texas A&M System (E. L. Angell) 1949-1950.
Correspondence, memoranda.
9 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors 1949.
Correspondence, lists.
10 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors September 23-24, 1949.
Letter, agenda with related material for meeting held at San Antonio.
11 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors September 23-24, 1949.
Agenda with related material (continued) for meeting held at San Antonio, Texas.
12 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors September 23-24, 1949.
Agenda with related material (continued) for meeting held at San Antonio, Texas.
13 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors on November 23, 1949.
Letter, agenda with related material for meeting held at College Station, Texas.
14 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors on November 23, 1949.
Agenda with related material (continued) for meeting held at College Station, Texas.
15 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors on January 14, 1950.
Memoranda, agenda with related material for meeting held at College Station, Texas.
Box Folder
48 1 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors March 24-25, 1950.
Correspondence, agenda with related material for meeting held in Dallas, Texas.
2 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors March 24-25, 1950.
Agenda with related material (continued) for meeting held in Dallas, Texas.
3 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors June 23-24, 1950.
Letter, agenda with related material for meeting held in College Station, Texas.
4 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors June 23-24, 1950.
Agenda with related material (continued) for meeting held in College Station, Texas.
5 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors June 23-24, 1950.
Agenda with related material (continued) for meeting held in College Station, Texas.
6 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors 1949.
7 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors 1950.
8 Texas A&M System, Board of Directors 1949-1950.
Annual report.
9 Texas A&M System (Gibb Gilchrist) 1949-1950.
Correspondence, memorandum.
10 Texas A&M System (W. H. Holzmann) 1949-1950.
Memoranda, correspondence, comparative summary of revenues and expenditures, proposed budget for State Fair exhibit.
11 Texas A&M System News 1949-1950.
Letter, newspapers.
12 Texas A&M System Officials 1949-1950.
Memoranda, minutes.
Box Folder
49 1 Texas Commission on Coordination in Education 1949-1950.
Correspondence, research bulletins.
2 Texas Education Agency 1949-1950.
Annual report of Arlington State College.
3 Texas Legislative Council 1950.
Correspondence, summary of semi-professional engineering curricula, data on faculty members.
4 Texas Soaring Association 1949-1950.
Newsletters, correspondence, announcement, photographs, magazine.
5 Texas State Teachers Association 1949-1950.
Correspondence, memoranda, newsletter, reports, resolutions.
6 "U-V" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, invitation.
7 Veterans Administration 1949-1950.
Correspondence, tabulation.
8 Visual Aids Library 1949.
9 Vocational Education 1949-1950.
List, memoranda, correspondence, outline of study aids.
10 "W-Y" 1949-1950.
Correspondence, leaflet.
49-53 1950-1951
Box Folder
49 11 "A" 1950-1951.
Legal opinions, correspondence, program notes, program, brochure, press release, memorandum, resolution.
12 Academic Council 1950.
Memoranda, lists, minutes.
13 Agriculture Department 1950-1951.
Correspondence, lists of participants in judging contests, lists of needed repairs and improvements.
14 Alcohol Reports 1950-1951.
Memoranda, tax-free alcohol forms.
15 American Association of Junior Colleges 1950-1951.
Newsletters, correspondence, memoranda, program, telegram, national defense plan, roster, research bulletin.
16 American Association of School Administrators 1950-1951.
Newsletters, memoranda.
17 American Council on Education 1950-1951.
Bulletins, correspondence, report, reprint of article.
18 Applications 1950-1951.
Correspondence, photograph.
19 Appropriations (Proposed) for 1952-1953 1950-1951.
Financial and enrollment data, correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, list of definitions.
Box Folder
50 1 Appropriations (Proposed) for 1952-1953 1950-1952.
Legal opinions, resolution, section of act pertaining to colleges and universities, lists, financial and enrollment data.
2 Armed Forces Day Parade 1951.
3 Assembly Programs 1950-1951.
List, correspondence, program, announcement, printed material, press release, lyrics.
4 Association of Texas Colleges 1950-1951.
Notices, correspondence, program, list of minimum standards.
5 Athletics 1950-1951.
Correspondence, proposed agenda, memoranda, minutes of the Athletic Council, list, data on athletic program.
6 "B" 1950-1951.
Correspondence, memorandum.
7 Bonds 1950-1951.
Correspondence, financial data.
8 "C" 1950-1951.
Correspondence, minutes.
9 Campus Plan 1951, undated
Letter, blueprints.
10 Commandant's Office 1951.
Property inventory.
11 Commission on Coordination in Education 1950-1951, undated
Research bulletin, correspondence, report, financial data.
12 Committee Reports 1950-1951.
Reports, correspondence.
13 Conferences 1950-1951.
Programs, memoranda, correspondence, report.
14 Construction Projects (Miscellaneous) 1950-1951.
Correspondence, financial data, legal opinion, blueprint.
15 Coronation 1951.
15a Council of Presidents of State - Supported Colleges 1950-1951
16 "D" 1950-1951.
Correspondence, summary of questionnaire, membership roster.
17 Directory 1950-1951.
18 Dispensary 1950-1951.
Box Folder
51 1 Engineering Building 1950-1951.
2 Engineering Department 1950-1951.
Correspondence, report, memorandum, notice.
3 Enrollment 1950-1951.
Lists, enrollment summaries, comparative enrollment statistics, telegram.
4 "F" 1950-1951.
Correspondence, speech, membership list, notice.
5 Faculty and Staff 1950-1951.
Tabulation of absences, list of committee members, correspondence, list of faculty and staff, memoranda.
6 Faculty and Staff 1951.
Correspondence, telegram, memoranda, essay, list.
7 Federal Agencies 1950-1951.
Correspondence, bulletins, press release, guide, questionnaire.
8 Financial Reports 1950.
9 Financial Reports 1951.
10 Financial Reports 1951.
11 Fiscal Office 1950-1951.
Financial data, correspondence, ceiling price regulations, letter, memoranda, copy of act, schedule of room and board fees.
12 "G" 1950-1951.
13 Government Employment Reports 1950-1951.
14 "H" 1950-1951.
Correspondence, booklet, invitation.
15 Hereford, E. H. (Personal) 1950-1951.
Correspondence, radio address, messages to the students, invitation, travel expense account forms.
16 "I-J-K" 1950-1951.
Correspondence, inventory.
Box Folder
52 1 "L" 1950-1951.
2 Legislative Budget Board 1950-1951.
Telegram, correspondence, lists, financial data.
3 "M" 1950-1951, undated
Correspondence, invitations, abstract, article.
4 "N" 1950-1951.
Memoranda, correspondence, telegram, program, newsletter, testimony, news release.
5 National Defense Facilities 1950-1951.
Correspondence, reports, telegrams, cost analysis.
6 Newspaper Clippings 1950-1951.
Correspondence, copies of articles.
7 Notices 1950-1951.
8 Orders 1950-1951.
9 "P" 1950-1951.
Notices, correspondence.
10 R.O.T.C. 1950-1951.
Notice, lists, correspondence, memoranda, newsletter, telegrams, regulations, Cadet Code, undated
11 Recommendations 1950-1951.
12 Registrar's Office 1950.
Tabulation of semester hours by department, orientation program, test results, enrollment and credit hour report.
13 Reports (Miscellaneous) 1950-1951.
14 Reservations 1950-1951.
15 Rules and Regulations 1950-1951.
16 "S" 1950-1951.
Correspondence, invitations, memoranda, newsletter, programs.
17 Scholarships 1950-1951.
Correspondence, list, credentials.
18 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1950-1951.
Annual report, correspondence, newsletters, membership list, announcement.
19 Stadium 1950-1951.
Correspondence, cost estimate, approval of contract change, blueprint.
20 State Board of Control 1950-1951.
Correspondence, memorandum.
21 State Board of Education 1951.
22 Steam Tunnel 1950-1951.
23 Student Affairs 1950-1951.
Social calendars, correspondence, baccalaureate and commencement programs.
24 Student Correspondence 1950-1951.
25 Student Labor 1950-1951.
Request forms, letter, memoranda, tabulation of allocations for student labor, regulations governing student labor.
Box Folder
53 1 Student Union Building 1951.
Correspondence, architectural drawings, blueprints.
2 "T" 1950-1951.
Correspondence, program, newsletters, announcements, invitations, statement of status for college librarians, information on the Teachers Retirement System.
3 Telegrams 1951.
4 Texas A&M System 1950-1951.
Correspondence, list, newsletters.
5 Texas Education Agency 1950-1951.
Correspondence, tabulation.
6 Texas Legislative Council 1950-1951, undated
Correspondence, report, outlines, memoranda, recommendations, membership list, report on needs of state-supported colleges.
7 Texas Soaring Association 1950-1951.
Correspondence, newsletters, statement.
8 Texas State Teachers Association 1951.
Bulletins, correspondence, copies of bills.
9 "U" 1950-1951.
Correspondence, booklet, report, calendar.
10 Veterans Administration 1950-1951.
Correspondence, cost-analysis, memorandum.
11 Visual Aids Library 1951.
Minutes, financial statement.
12 "W" 1951.
Correspondence, program, questionnaire.
53-57 1951-9152
Box Folder
53 13 "A" 1951-1952.
Correspondence, comparative salary analysis, brochures, progress report of Arlington Chamber of Commerce, souvenir program for American Bandmasters Association 18th Annual Convention.
14 Academic Council 1951-1952.
Minutes, correspondence, memoranda.
15 Agriculture Department 1951-1952.
Correspondence, memoranda, report.
16 Alcohol Reports 1951-1952.
Tax-free alcohol forms, memoranda, correspondence.
17 American Association of Junior Colleges 1951-1952.
Newsletter, correspondence.
18 American Association of School Administrators 1951-1952.
Letter, memorandum, newsletter.
Box Folder
54 1 Applications 1951-1952.
2 Applications 1952.
3 Applications 1952.
4 Applications 1952,
5 Assembly Programs 1951-1952.
List, correspondence, printed material.
6 Assembly Talent 1951-1952.
Correspondence, printed material.
7 Association of Texas Colleges 1951-1952.
Correspondence, research bulletin, programs, financial statement, proceedings.
8 Athletic Council 1951-1952.
Minutes, correspondence, memorandum.
9 Athletics 1951-1952.
Memoranda, correspondence, telegram, list of homecoming committees, football data, cheer, football schedule.
10 "B" 1951-1952.
Correspondence, invitations, memorandum with book list.
11 Bonds 1951-1952.
Correspondence, forms.
12 "C" 1951-1952.
Correspondence, report.
Box Folder
55 1 Chemistry Department 1951-1952.
Correspondence, memorandum.
2 Commission on Coordination in Education 1951-1952.
Correspondence, minutes, research bulletin.
3 Conferences 1951-1952.
Correspondence, memoranda, programs, telegram, reports, newsletter.
4 Conferences 1952.
Memoranda, letter, programs, report.
5 Construction (Miscellaneous) 1951-1952.
Estimate, correspondence.
6 Coronation 1952.
Correspondence, lists.
7 "D" 1951-1952.
Correspondence, dedication speech, programs, printed material.
8 Directory 1951-1952.
9 Dispensary 1951-1952.
10 "E" 1951-1952.
Correspondence, printed material.
11 Engineering Building 1951.
12 Engineering Department 1952.
Correspondence, program, faculty directory, application, history of terminal courses.
13 Enrollment 1951-1952.
Correspondence, lists, enrollment statistics, chart, map.
14 "F" 1951-1952.
Correspondence, programs, memoranda, printed material.
15 Faculty and Staff 1951-1952.
Lists of faculty members, tabulation of absences, list of standing committees and their members, correspondence, roster, memoranda, circular, schedule, organization chart.
16 Federal Agencies 1951-1952.
Correspondence, newsletters, reports, news release, memoranda, printed material.
17 Fiscal Office 1951-1952.
Correspondence, circular, memoranda, schedule of bond and interest payments, financial report.
18 Fiscal Regulations of Arlington State College 1951.
19 Fiscal Regulations of Texas A&M 1951.
Box Folder
56 1 Government Employment Reports 1951-1952.
2 Grand Prairie Naval Air Station 1947-1948.
Correspondence, lease agreements.
3 Grand Prairie Naval Air Station 1948-1949.
Correspondence, copy of lease agreement.
4 Grand Prairie Naval Air Station 1949-1950.
5 Grand Prairie Naval Air Station 1950-1951.
Correspondence, lease modification, sub-lease, blueprint.
6 Grand Prairie Naval Air Station 1951-1952.
Correspondence, permit, lease agreement.
7 Grand Prairie Naval Air Station (Allen Flying Service, Inc.) 1947-1952.
Correspondence, financial statement.
8 "H" 1951-1952.
8A Hereford, E.H. 1951-1952.
Memoranda, correspondence, report.
9 Inventory 1952.
10 Mechanical Arts Building 1951-1952.
Correspondence, notice, tabulation of bids.
11 Newspaper Clippings 1952, undated
Letter, newspaper clippings, copy of The Cattleman.
12 "O" 1951-1952.
Memorandum, correspondence, inventory.
13 President's Council 1951-1952.
Correspondence, data on library.
14 R.O.T.C. 1951-1952.
Memoranda, correspondence, special orders, list of committees, list of winners of rifle match, program.
15 Registrar's Office 1951-1952.
Orientation program, reports on teaching loads, tabulation of semester hours.
16 Reports (Miscellaneous) 1951-1952.
Memorandum, correspondence.
17 Kenneth Rockwell Case 1952.
18 "S" 1951-1952.
19 Scholarships 1951-1952.
List of holders of scholarships, correspondence, certificate.
20 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1951-1952.
Correspondence, newsletter, program, data on faculty, report, memoranda.
Box Folder
57 1 Student Center Building 1951-1952.
Correspondence, form, tabulation of bids.
2 Student Center Building 1952.
3 Student Affairs 1951-1952.
Correspondence, social calendar, playbill, copies of baccalaureate and commencement programs, rules and regulations.
4 Student Correspondence 1951-1952.
Honor Roll, correspondence, probation list, memoranda, rodeo souvenir annual, report of Discipline Committee.
5 "T" 1951-1952.
Correspondence, programs, invitation, memorandum.
6 Telegrams 1951-1952.
7 Texas Education Agency 1951-1952.
List of criteria, report, correspondence, memoranda, schedule, cost study, civil defense material, list of certificates in use.
8 Texas Soaring Association 1951-1952.
Correspondence, newsletter.
9 Texas State Teachers Association 1951-1952.
Program, correspondence, report on economic status of teachers.
10 "U-V" 1951-1952.
Correspondence, report, list.
11 Veterans Administration 1951-1952.
Correspondence, information supplement, copy of teletype message.
12 "W-Z" 1951-1952.
Correspondence, resolution.
57-61 1952-1953
Box Folder
57 13 "A" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, salary report, progress report, notices, booklet.
14 Agriculture Department 1952-1953.
Announcement, breeding record, correspondence, program, lists, zoning map, proposal for boarding unit, brochure.
15 Alcohol Reports 1952-1953.
Tax-free alcohol forms, notices, correspondence.
Box Folder
58 1 American Association of Junior Colleges 1952.
Correspondence, memorandum.
2 American Association of Junior Colleges 1953.
Correspondence, telegrams.
3 American Association of Junior Colleges 1953.
Correspondence, time schedule, program, memoranda, convention program, report on teachers' salaries, list of contributors, booklet.
4 American Association of Junior Colleges 1952-1953.
Newsletters, study on fund-raising.
5 Applications 1952-1953.
6 Applications 1953.
7 Applications 1953.
7A Arlington State College Mothers' Club 1952-1953
By-laws, minutes, letter, list of officers.
8 Assembly Programs 1952-1953.
List of programs, correspondence, printed material.
9 Assembly Talent 1952-1953.
Correspondence, printed material.
10 Association of Texas Colleges 1952-1953.
Correspondence, program, proceedings, printed material.
11 Athletics 1952-1953.
Minutes of Athletic Council and Pioneer Athletic Conference, memorandum, correspondence, football data, list of officials of Pioneer Athletic Conference.
11A Audit Report 1953
12 "B" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, reprint of article.
Box Folder
59 1 "C" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, instruction manual for property inventory accounting procedures.
2 Commission on Coordination in Education 1952-1953.
Research bulletins, financial report, memoranda.
3 Conferences 1952-1953.
Correspondence, programs, memoranda, report.
4 Construction (Miscellaneous) 1952-1953.
Request form, correspondence concerning the Dean's residence.
5 Convention Letters 1953.
6 Coronation 1953.
Form letter, program.
7 Council of Presidents of State-Supported Colleges 1952-1953.
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, telegram, news releases, notes, list.
8 "D" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, notices, memoranda, report.
9 Dispensary 1952-1953.
10 "E" 1953.
11 Engineering Department 1952-1953.
Memoranda, correspondence, programs, brochure, notices.
12 Enrollment 1952-1953.
Correspondence, enrollment data including student-teacher ratios, maps showing enrollment by county.
13 "F" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, playbills, map, notice, program, memoranda, press release, resource material for teachers.
14 Faculty and Staff 1952-1953.
List, correspondence, memoranda, tabulation of absences.
15 Federal Agencies 1952-1953.
News releases, newsletters, correspondence, leaflet, notice of public hearing, memoranda, announcement.
Box Folder
60 1 Financial Reports 1952-1953.
2 Financial Reports 1953.
3 Fiscal Office 1952-1953.
Memoranda, correspondence, dining hall cost estimates, schedule of fees.
4 "G" 1952-1953.
Correspondence including material on Grapevine Reservoir Project.
5 Government Employee Reports 1952-1953.
6 "H" 1952-1953.
Holiday schedule, correspondence, newsletters.
7 Hereford, E. H. (Personal) 1952-1953.
Correspondence, newsletter, expense account forms.
8 Hereford, E. H. (Personal) 1953.
Correspondence, resume of proceedings, news release, schedule of events, expense account forms, booklet, rose garden chart, certificate.
9 Invitations 1953.
10 Inventories 1953.
11 "J" 1953.
Letter, report.
12 "L" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, newsletter, notice of public hearing, Committee Print, telegram, speech.
13 Legislative Budget Board 1953, undated
Correspondence, financial data.
14 "M" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, booklet.
15 Monthly Reports (to the Chancellor) 1952-1953.
16 "N" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, booklets, news release, newspaper clippings.
Box Folder
61 1 "O" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, dedication program.
2 "P-Q" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, biographical sketch.
3 "R" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, sanitary and safety regulations.
4 R.O.T.C. 1952-1953.
Correspondence, personal history, hospital transfer order, newsletter, memoranda.
5 Registrar's Office 1952-1953.
Reports on teaching loads and courses with small enrollment, letter, course schedules, probation list, honor roll.
6 Reports (Miscellaneous) 1952-1953.
Correspondence, reports.
7 "S" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, evening school schedule printed material.
8 Scholarships 1952-1953.
9 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1952-1953.
Data on faculty, correspondence, report, booklet, newsletters, program.
10 Student Affairs 1952-1953.
Regulations affecting student elections, social calendar, correspondence, requests for student assistants, list of prospective graduates, baccalaureate and commencement programs, probation list, list of student committee members.
11 Student Center 1952-1953.
Correspondence, blueprints, addendum to specifications, tabulation of bids, construction request, notes.
12 Summer School 1953.
Memoranda, correspondence.
13 "T" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, programs, memoranda, newsletter, printed material, invitation, report, extracts from panel discussion, tabulation, questionnaire concerning tuberculosis control.
14 Telegrams 1952-1953.
15 Texas Education Agency 1952-1953.
Correspondence, report, enrollment data, memoranda.
16 Texas State Teachers Association 1952.
Correspondence, resolution.
17 "U-V" 1952-1953.
Correspondence, report.
18 Veterans Administration 1952-1953.
Correspondence, memorandum.
19 "W-Z" 1953.
Correspondence, brochure.
62-64 1953-1954
Box Folder
62 1 "A" 1953-1954.
Correspondence, reprint, report concerning senior college status for Arlington State College, certificate, photograph, academic council minutes.
2 Absence Reports 1953-1954.
3 Agenda Items (with attachments) 1953.
4 Agenda Items (with attachments) 1954.
5 Agriculture Department 1953-1954.
Correspondence, newspaper, list of construction projects.
6 American Association of Junior Colleges 1953-1954.
Reprint, memoranda, newsletters.
7 Applications 1953-1954.
8 Applications 1954.
9 Applications 1954.
10 Assembly Programs 1953-1954.
List, correspondence, printed material.
11 Association of Texas Colleges 1953-1954.
Memoranda, correspondence, proposal, program.
12 Athletics 1953-1954.
Correspondence, news releases, sample agreement, minutes of Pioneer Athletic Conference, minutes of Athletic Council, proposed budget for Physical Education Department, budget of Athletic Council.
12A Audit Report 1954
13 "B" 1953-1954.
14 Board of Directors 1953.
15 Board of Directors 1953.
16 Board of Directors 1954.
Box Folder
62A 1 Board of Directors 1954.
2 Board of Directors 1954.
2A Budget Requests 1953-1954
3 "C" 1953-1954.
Correspondence, reports, list of clubs and members, memorandum, catalog entry.
4 Commission on Coordination in Education 1954.
5 Construction (Miscellaneous) 1953-1954.
Correspondence, bid tabulation report, list of proposed improvements and repairs, telegram, construction request forms, list of bids, proposal for installation of bleachers.
6 Council of Presidents of State-Supported Colleges 1953-1954.
Memoranda, telegrams, minutes, proposals, reports, recommendations, list.
Box Folder
63 1 Dispensary 1953-1954.
1A Drop-out Report 1954.
2 Engineering 1953-1954.
List, memoranda, programs, correspondence, report on terminal program, scholarship announcement.
3 Enrollment 1953-1954.
Correspondence, tabulation of enrollment by county.
4 "F" 1953-1954.
Memoranda, correspondence, printed material, program.
5 Faculty and Staff 1953-1954.
Agenda, correspondence, lists, memoranda, description of field trip, acknowledgment of sympathy.
6 Fiscal Office 1953-1954.
Correspondence, resolution.
7 Fiscal Reports 1953-1954.
8 Fiscal Reports 1954.
9 Government Employment Reports 1953-1954.
10 Insurance 1953-1954.
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes.
11 Inventories 1953-1954.
12 "J-L" 1954
Correspondence, copies of bills.
13 Land Purchases 1954.
14 Memoranda 1953-1954.
15 Miscellaneous 1953-1954.
Correspondence, legal opinion, memoranda, list of bids for salvaged bleachers, notice, tabulation of bids.
16 "P" 1953-1954.
Correspondence, list of claims.
17 Program Plan 1953-1954.
Lists, correspondence, memorandum.
18 "Q" 1953-1954.
Correspondence, questionnaire.
Box Folder
63A 1 R.O.T.C. 1953-1954.
List of staff members, correspondence, memoranda, certificate of appreciation, organization table, fire plan, inventory.
2 Registrar's Office 1953.
Report on teaching loads, orientation program and list of committees.
3 Reports (Miscellaneous) 1954, undated
4 Role and Scope Reports 1954.
Correspondence, reports.
5 Role and Scope Reports 1954.
Correspondence, reports.
6 "S" 1953-1954.
Memoranda, agendas, resolution, copy of bill, correspondence, course outlines.
7 Scholarships 1953-1954.
Box Folder
64 1 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1953.
Data on faculty, correspondence, memorandum, newsletters, list.
2 Student Affairs 1953-1954.
Tabulation of student labor appropriations, honor roll, correspondence, memoranda concerning Ex-Students Loan Fund, probation list, orientation program, Discipline Committee report, baccalaureate list of candidates for graduation, and commencement programs.
3 Student Center 1953.
Correspondence, specifications, printed material.
4 "T" 1953-1954.
Memoranda, Safety Workshop report, speech, correspondence, resolution, newsletters, program, proceedings.
5 Texas Education Agency 1953-1954.
Correspondence, report on criteria and procedures.
6 Texas Legislative Council 1953-1954.
7 Texas Legislative Council 1954.
8 Texas Legislative Council 1954.
9 "U-V" 1953-1954.
64-67 1954-1955
Box Folder
64 10 "A" 1954-1955.
Correspondence, tabulation of absences, art department work request, enrollment data, salary study.
11 Agriculture Department 1954-1955.
Correspondence, statements of account.
12 Applications 1954-1955.
13 Applications 1955.
Box Folder
65 1 Applications 1955.
2 Athletic Department 1954-1955.
Minutes, correspondence.
3 "B" 1954-1955.
Correspondence, proposal.
4 Board of Directors Agenda Items 1954-1955.
Correspondence, minute orders, call for a special meeting.
4A Budget Request 1954-1955
5 "C" 1955.
Coronation program, correspondence, Christmas message, recommendations of Campus Planning Committee.
6 Cafeteria 1955.
Blueprints, correspondence, cost estimate, specifications outline, equipment list.
7 Commission on Coordination in Education 1954-1955.
Correspondence, high school-college study, memorandum, research bulletin.
8 Construction (Miscellaneous) 1954-1955.
Correspondence, list of bids, list of proposed projects.
9 Council of Presidents of State-Supported Colleges 1954-1955.
Correspondence, minutes, memoranda, copy of bill, telegram, study of comparative costs of retirement systems, schedule of Social Security deductions.
10 "D" 1954-1955.
Correspondence, roster, telegram.
11 Dispensary 1954-1955.
12 "E" 1954-1955.
Civil Service form, correspondence, speech.
13 Engineering Department 1954-1955.
Correspondence, memoranda, list of bids.
14 Enrollment 1954-1955.
Correspondence, enrollment data.
15 "F" 1955.
16 Faculty and Staff 1954-1955.
Correspondence, campus inspection report, lists of faculty and staff members, tabulation of teaching loads.
17 Financial Reports 1954.
18 Financial Reports 1955.
19 Financial Reports 1955.
20 Four-Year Bill (Legislation) 1954-1955.
Correspondence, flier, equipment and enrollment estimates, newspaper clipping, copy of act, lists of Senate and House committee members, telegrams.
21 "G" 1954-1955.
Correspondence, government employment reports.
Box Folder
66 1 "H" 1954-1955.
Correspondence, list of provisions of hospitalization plan.
2 "I" 1955.
Correspondence, program.
3 Inventories. 1954-1955.
4 "K" 1954-1955.
5 Legislation 1954-1955, undated
Summaries of pending legislation, Senate, House and committee membership lists, correspondence, copies of bills, excerpts from speech, appropriations request.
6 "M-N" 1954-1955.
Correspondence, certificate of appreciation.
7 Newspaper Clippings 1954-1955.
8 Notices 1954-1955.
9 "O-P" 1954-1955.
Correspondence, telegram, program, list, organization chart, orientation program.
10 Questionnaires 1954-1955.
11 "R" 1954-1955.
Letter, list of roses, editorial for Reveille, enrollment data.
12 R.O.T.C. 1954-1955.
Table of organization, directive, correspondence, promotion list, report, review program, sample brochure, memoranda, schedule of activities, organization roster.
13 Reservations 1954-1955.
14 Rotary Club 1954-1955.
Correspondence, editorial, resolutions, anniversary brochure, anniversary program, photograph, membership list.
15 "S" 1954-1955.
Correspondence, newsletter, memoranda concerning social security coverage, blueprint of addition to Science Building.
16 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1954-1955.
Correspondence, memoranda, financial report.
17 Southern Association of Junior Colleges 1955.
Newsletters, memorandum.
18 Scholarships 1954-1955.
List, correspondence.
19 Student Affairs 1954-1955.
Correspondence, student labor requests, budget request from Dean of Women, medical accomplishment report, list of candidates for graduation, notes, baccalaureate and commencement programs, rules and regulations for students.
20 "T" 1954-1955.
Correspondence, reports, newsletter, invoice, program outline, leaflet, financial data.
21 Telegrams 1954-1955.
22 Texas Commission on Higher Education 1954-1955.
Tables and graphs, correspondence, copy of Legislation, reports.
23 Texas Education Agency 1954-1955.
Correspondence, memoranda.
24 "U-V" 1954-1955.
Note, correspondence.
Box Folder
67 1 Vacations (Christmas) 1954.
2 "W" 1954-1955.
Correspondence, proposal.
67-69 1956-1957
Box Folder
67 3 "A" 1955-1956.
4 Agriculture Department 1955-1956.
Letters, statements of account.
5 Agriculture Department 1955-1956.
Statements of account.
6 American Association of Junior Colleges 1955-1956.
7 Applications 1955.
8 Applications 1956.
9 Applications 1956.
10 Board of Directors, Agenda Items 1955-1956.
Correspondence, minute orders.
11 "C" 1956.
12 Cafeteria Building 1955.
13 Cafeteria Building 1955-1956.
14 Cafeteria Building 1955-1956.
Correspondence, list of bids, notice.
Box Folder
68 1 Cafeteria Building 1956.
Correspondence, printed material, notices, color schedule, list of bids, drapery specifications, order form, equipment lists.
2 Commission on Coordination in Education 1955.
3 Council of Presidents of State-Supported Colleges 1955-1956.
4 "D" 1955-1956.
Correspondence, itinerary, photographs, brochure, profit and loss statement for dining hall.
5 Engineering Department 1955-1956.
6 Enrollment 1955-1956.
Correspondence, enrollment data.
7 Faculty 1955-1956.
Correspondence, list.
8 Financial Reports 1956.
Correspondence, fiscal requests.
9 Financial Reports 1955-1956.
10 Financial Reports. 1956.
11 Government Reports 1935-1956.
12 Inventories 1956.
13 Land 1956.
Letter, report.
14 Library 1956.
Estimate, letter.
15 Military Department 1956.
16 Newspaper Clippings. 1955-1956.
17 Preston Hall (Roof Repair) 1956.
Correspondence, blueprint specifications.
18 R.O.T.C. 1956, undated
Correspondence, schedule of activities, summary of replies to questionnaire, article, questionnaire.
19 Registrar's Office 1956, undated
20 Reports 1956.
21 Scholarships 1955.
Correspondence, pamphlets.
22 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1955.
Data on faculty members, report.
23 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1955-1956.
Report, correspondence, equipment lists, list of faculty members.
Box Folder
69 1 Student Labor 1955-1956.
Lists of allocations and encumbrances, correspondence.
2 "T" 1956.
3 Texas Education Agency 1955-1956.
Correspondence, comparative enrollment data, proposal, memoranda.
4 Women's Dormitory (Lipscomb Hall) 1955-1956.
Correspondence, outline specifications, preliminary estimate, bidders list, printed material, tabulation of bids.
5 Women's Dormitory (Lipscomb Hall) 1956.
69-70 1956-1957
Box Folder
69 6 Applications 1956-1957.
7 Applications 1956.
8 Applications 1956.
9 Board of Directors Agenda Items 1956-1957.
Correspondence, minute orders.
9A Budget Requests 1956-1957
9B Building Program (Ten Year Plan) 1956
10 "C" 1957.
Correspondence, college fact chart.
11 Cafeteria 1956-1957.
Specifications, correspondence.
12 Engineering Department 1956-1957.
Correspondence, printed material on Co-op Plan.
13 Enrollment 1956-1957.
Enrollment data, correspondence.
14 Faculty and Staff 1956-1957.
Correspondence, memoranda, lists, agendas, student-teacher ratios by department.
15 Financial Reports 1956-1957.
Correspondence, memorandum, fiscal requests, semi-annual report.
16 Financial Reports 1956.
17 Financial Reports 1957.
18 Financial Reports 1957.
19 Land Purchases 1956-1957.
Correspondence, property lists.
20 Library 1956-1957.
Correspondence, data on professional staff.
Box Folder
70 1 "M" 1956.
2 Military Department 1956-1957.
Correspondence, list of changes, disposition form, memoranda, schedule of activities, brochure.
3 Newspaper clippings 1956-1957.
4 Physical Education 1956-1957.
Basketball schedule, correspondence concerning the Junior Rose Bowl game in Pasadena, California, telegrams, football statistics, newspaper clippings.
5 Preston Hall (Roof Repair) 1956.
Letter, tabulation of bids.
6 Questionnaires 1956-1957.
Correspondence, list, questionnaires.
6 R.O.T.C.
See Military Department.
7 Social Science Department 1956-1957.
Correspondence, memorandum, report, list.
8 Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 1956.
Correspondence, staff roster, report.
9 Student Center (Proposed Addition) 1957.
10 Student Graduation 1957.
Correspondence, baccalaureate and commencement programs.
11 Women's Dormitory (Lipscomb Hall) 1956-1957.
Correspondence, color schedule, printed material, bid notices, tabulation of bids, notes.
12-23 1957-1958
12 Board of Directors Agenda Items 1957.
13 Board of Directors Agenda Items 1958.
13A Committee on Effective Use of Teaching Personnel 1958.
Correspondence reports.
14 Dormitory for Women (Lipscomb Hall) 1958.
Notice of purchase, correspondence, tabulation of bids.
15 Engineering Building 1957-1958.
Correspondence, list of requirements, construction request outline specifications, cost estimate, building plan and revision of plan.
16 Land Purchases 1958.
Correspondence, proposal, instructions to bidders, agenda item.
16A Land Sale 1958.
Proposal, advertisement, Correspondence, title opinion, blueprints, instructions to bidders, purchase agreement.
17 Student Center 1957-1958.
List of proposed additions, cost estimate, correspondence, tabulation of bids, notice to contractors, specifications, bidders list.
18 Student Center 1958.
19 Texas Commission on Higher Education 1957.
Memoranda, report forms and instructions, correspondence.
20 Board of Directors Material 1958.
Correspondence, report, memoranda, minute orders.
21 Miscellaneous 1958.
Letter, list of holidays, committee membership, paving request, list, memoranda.
22 Student Parking 1958.
Maps of campus, regulations, summary of Parking Comittee meeting, memoranda, reports.
23 Leonard and Gertrude, written by Pestalozzi in 1781. This edition published in 1885.