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Robert Lichten Papers:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Lichten, Robert L. (Robert Lyon), 1921-1971.
Title: Robert Lichten Papers
Dates: 1956-1971
Abstract: Robert Lichten served as vice president of the Texas Civil Liberties Union and president of the Dallas Civil Liberties Union. Papers contain correspondence, minutes, financial statements, speeches, newspaper clippings, lists, articles, and printed material pertaining to the Dallas Civil Liberties Union, the Texas Civil Liberties Union, and the American Civil Liberties Union.
Identification: AR283
Extent: 10 boxes (4.58 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Biographical Note

Robert Lyon Lichten served as vice president of the Texas Civil Liberties Union and president of the Dallas Civil Liberties Union. Born in Texas in 1921, Lichten worked on the development of the tilt-rotor aircraft as an engineer for Bell Helicopter until his death in 1971.

Scope and Contents

Papers contain correspondence, minutes, financial statements, speeches, newspaper clippings, lists, articles, and printed material pertaining to the Dallas Civil Liberties Union, the Texas Civil Liberties Union, and the American Civil Liberties Union.


Papers consist of 119 folders arranged in 3 series:
  • Series I. Dallas Civil Liberties Union, 1956-1971
  • Series II. Texas Civil Liberties Union, 1965-1971
  • Series III. American Civil Liberties Union, 1965-1971
Folders have been arranged alphabetically within each series, and the material within each folder has been placed in chronological order.



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Lichten, Robert L. (Robert Lyon), (1921-1971)--Archives.
Texas Civil Liberties Union--Records and correspondence.
American Civil Liberties Union--Records and correspondence.
Dallas Civil Liberties Union--Records and correspondence.
Civil rights--Texas--History--Sources.
Civil rights--Texas--Dallas--History--Sources.
Dallas (Tex.)--Civil rights--History--Sources.
Alternate Titles
Texas Labor Archives

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Robert Lichten Papers, AR283, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.


Gift, 1978.

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The retrospective updating and conversion of this finding aid was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Special Collections "Documenting Democracy: Access to Historical Records" project, 2014-2015.

Container List

Series I. Dallas Civil Liberties Union, 1956-1971

Box Folder
1 1 American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, Inc. 1970
Correspondence, annual report.
2 Annual Report 1965-1966
Correspondence, financial statements.
3 Armband Case (Butts vs. Dallas I.S.D.) 1965-1971
Correspondence, statements, news release, editorial, notes, agenda, newspaper clipping, copy of check, guidelines for students, list, flyer.
4 Armband Case (Legal Documents) 1967-1971, undated
5 Armband Case (Newspaper Clippings) 1963-1971
6 Baernstein, Saul 1966-1969, undated
Notice of speaking engagement, correspondence, notes, report.
7 Bail System 1969-1970
Newspaper clippings, legal document.
8 Ballots 1965-1966
9 Board of Directors 1962-1970
Lists, correspondence, minutes, memoranda, notes, agenda, ballot, questionnaire.
10 Board of Directors Meetings 1965-1970, undated
Correspondence, meeting notice, agenda, minutes, notes.
11 "Civil Riots, U.S.A." 1965-1966
Pamphlets, correspondence, newspaper clippings, statement, telegram, newsletter, notes.
12 Closed Cases 1966
Correspondence, newspaper clippings.
Box Folder
2 1 Congressional Redistricting Case 1971
Notes, correspondence, lists, maps.
2 Constitution and By-Laws 1962, 1967, 1970, undated
Newsletter, proposed amendments, letter, constitution and by-laws.
3 Corporal Punishment 1966, 1971, undated
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, magazine article, legal document.
4 Correspondence March, 1966-March, 1967
5 Correspondence April, 1967-December, 1968
6 Correspondence 1969-1971, undated
7 Dallas Area Police - Community Adjustment Project 1969-1971
Notes, guidelines, correspondence, invoice, receipts, newspaper clippings, project summary, financial report, bill, magazine article.
8 Dallas Independent School District, Student Pledge 1967-1969
Newspaper clippings, correspondence, excerpt from Texas Penal Code, policy statement, agenda, resolution, copy of pledge.
8 Dallas Notes
see Obscenity Case
9 Dallas Symposium: The Administration of Criminal Justice 1968-1969
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, Steering Committee lists, notes, notice of Steering Committee meeting, agenda, minutes, reports, announcement, brochures, invoice, program, registration form, remarks by speakers, booklet, bibliography, biography of Ramsey Clark, magazine article, workshop suggestions.
10 Fair Park Homeowners Case 1970-1971
Newsletter, notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, questions for legal brief, list, memoranda, legal documents, constitutional questions.
11 Financial Records 1966-1971
Box Folder
3 1 Haircut Cases 1966-1970, undated
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, memoranda, legal documents, article.
2 Hicks Case 1970
Notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings.
3 House Bill 254: Wiretapping 1967
Minutes, correspondence, vote summary, copy of bill.
4 "Ice" 1970-1971
Magazine clipping, newspaper clipping, notes, reservation card, correspondence, financial document, list, ticket.
5 Involuntary Commitment (Morris and Goodman) 1966-1968
Legal documents, correspondence, memoranda, notes.
6 Justice 1969-1971
7 Keyes Case 1956-1967
Correspondence, memorandum, application.
8 Lawyer Recruitment 1966
9 Legal Committee 1967-1969
Correspondence, memorandum.
10 Legal Correspondence 1966-1971
Memorandum, correspondence, notes, questionnaire, invoices, excerpt from Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure.
11 Legal Material, Miscellaneous 1966-1969, undated
Correspondence, legal documents, memoranda, articles, report.
12 Legal Material, Miscellaneous 1968-1971
Correspondence, legal documents.
13 Legg, Reagan 1967
Newspaper clippings, newsletter, letter, profile, news release.
14 Loyalty Oath (Everett Gilmore) 1966-1968
Notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, legal documents.
15 McAllister Case 1970-1971
Notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, legal document, narrative.
Box Folder
4 1 Meetings, Conferences (Miscellaneous) 1966-1971
Notices, memorandum, correspondence, agenda, newsletter, notes.
2 Membership Lists 1964-1969
3 Membership Recruitment undated
Lists of prospects.
4 Mentally Ill, Civil Rights 1965-1969
Manuals, correspondence, newspaper clipping, news release, statement, newsletter, consultant data form, handbook.
5 Miscellaneous 1966-1971
Flyers, lists, brochure, notes, pamphlet, map, newspaper clippings, news releases, newsletter, notes, notification of suspension.
6 Morris, Willie 1968
Correspondence, invoices, program, newspaper clippings, list of expenses.
7 Movie Classification Case 1967-1968
Newspaper clippings, letter, legal document.
8 Newspaper Clippings 1966-1970
9 Obscenity Case (Stein vs. Batchelor) 1968-1970
Flyer, legal documents, newspaper clippings, correspondence, notes, copy of Dallas Notes
10 Pemberton, Jack 1966
Correspondence, lists, newspaper clipping, business card, newsletter.
11 Police 1967-1970
Newspaper clippings, correspondence, news releases, magazine article, statement.
Box Folder
5 1 Public Relations 1967-1968, undated
News release, correspondence, newspaper clippings, agenda, notices of meetings.
2 Sanity Case (Dr. Harold Eidinoff) 1967-1968
Newspaper clippings, correspondence.
3 Shotgun Squad 1967
Memorandum, correspondence.
4 Southwestern Law Enforcement Institute 1969-1970
Correspondence, notes, bulletin, roster, pamphlets, business card, newsletter, profile.
5 Stone Mall Case 1967
Correspondence, newspaper clippings.
6 Telephone and Letter Requests 1967-1970
Notes, correspondence, memoranda, report.
7 Vagrancy 1967-1969
Correspondence, legal documents.
8 "Z" 1970
Ticket, flyers, notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, financial material, editorial.
9 Ziegler, Samuel E. 1966-1968
See also: Board of Directors
Correspondence, newspaper clippings.

Series II. Texas Civil Liberties Union, 1965-1971

Box Folder
5 10 American Civil Liberties Foundation of Texas, Inc. 1969-1971
By-laws, articles of incorporation.
11 Board of Directors 1966-1968
Memoranda, agendas, minutes, reorganization proposal, notes.
12 Board of Directors 1969-1971
Memoranda, correspondence, notes, minutes, map.
13 Chuck Wagon Incident 1970, undated
Memoranda, flyers.
14 Committees, Miscellaneous 1966-1970
Request, minutes, correspondence, recommendation.
15 Constitutions 1967-1970
Proposed amendments, correspondence, statement, constitutions, memoranda.
16 Correspondence 1966-1971
Box Folder
6 1 Development 1965-1966
Growth chart, recruiting pamphlet, memoranda, correspondence, notes.
2 Executive Committee 1967-1971
Correspondence, news release, minutes, memoranda, notes.
3 Financial Documents 1967-1971
4 Legislative Bulletins 1971
Statement, bulletins, news release.
5 Membership Material 1971
Membership lists.
6 Membership Recruitment 1966-1967
Memoranda, proposal, recruitment material.
7 Miscellaneous 1966-1970
Selective Service material, financial documents, notes, job description, memoranda, flyers, lists, legal documents.
8 News Releases 1965-1971
9 Newspaper and Journal Articles 1966-1970
10 Progress Report 1968
11 Reorganization of TCLU 1967
Correspondence, proposal.
12 TCLU Newsletters 1965-1968
13 Texas Chapters, Other 1966-1971
Newsletters, minutes, newspaper, memoranda, statements, correspondence, invitations, ticket, proposed constitution, by-laws, list of Fort Worth Board of Directors, summary.

Series III. American Civil Liberties Union, 1965-1971

Box Folder
6 14 American Civil Liberties Union Foundation 1970
Letter, project proposals with budgets, pamphlets.
15 Roger Baldwin Foundation 1966-1968
Legal documents, annual reports, prospectus, financial material, correspondence, brochures, news release, guidelines, newsletter, memoranda, by-laws.
Box Folder
7 1 Biennial Conference 1966
Reports, lists, program, papers.
2 Biennial Conference 1968
Memoranda, reports, newspaper, notes.
3 Biennial Conference 1967-1970
Agenda, program, information sheet, list of participants, list of workshop assignments, memoranda, reports on workshops, resolutions, suggested amendments to constitution.
4 Biennial Conference 1968
Conference papers.
5 Biographies 1969, 1971, undated
6 Board of Directors 1966-1970
Memoranda, staff survey, proposal.
7 Board of Directors 1966-1969
Minutes, statement, agenda.
Box Folder
8 1 Civil Disobedience 1967-1968
Memoranda, articles, policy statement, newspaper, text of Board minutes, analysis, voting instructions.
2 Civil Liberties 1965-1971
Magazine articles, newspaper clippings, newspaper, newsletter.
3 Civil Liberties 1966-1970
4 Community/Human Relations 1968-1971, undated
Magazine articles, newspaper clippings, newsletter, program.
5 Constitution 1968-1969
Memoranda, constitution.
6 Correspondence 1966-1971
7 Crime Control 1968
Fact sheet, memoranda, bulletin.
8 Docket of Cases 1966
9 Drugs 1969-1971, undated
Newspaper clippings, statement.
10 Feature Press Service 1966-1968
11 Fiftieth Anniversary 1969-1970
Memoranda, pamphlet.
Box Folder
9 1 Financial Reports 1962-1969
2 Inside ACLU 1969
3 Litigation Procedures 1966
4 Manual of Organization 1968
5 Marijuana 1967-1969
Memoranda, news release.
6 Memoranda 1966-1970
7 Military 1967-1970
Newspaper clippings, articles, newspapers, Vietnam map, pamphlets, army regulations.
8 Miscellaneous 1963-1971, undated
Pamphlets, statement, magazine articles, notes, excerpt from Congressional Record, publication lists, speech, newsletter, lists.
9 News Releases June - December, 1966
10 News Releases January - June, 1967
Box Folder
10 1 News Releases July - December, 1967
2 News Releases January - September, 1968