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Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc., Records:

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Creator: Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc.
Title: Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc., Records
Dates: 1930-1989
Abstract: The Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club was organized in 1930 as a professional organization for working women interested in community, professional, and individual growth and development. Records contain correspondence, official organizational documents, minutes and reports of meetings, programs and publications, yearbooks, scrapbooks, audio tapes, and slides. The activities of women from diverse careers as well as economic, political, and social issues of the day are reflected in these records. Individual members throughout the club's sixty-year history have maintained club records.
Identification: AR303
Extent: 8 boxes (4.3 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Historical Note

The Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club was an outgrowth of a series of interviews conducted among employed women in Arlington, Texas, during the fall of 1929. Members of the Business and Professional Women's Club of Fort Worth, Texas, were responsible for conducting these interviews. Their purpose was to canvass a neighboring community for women actively employed who would be interested in both self-improvement and involvement in civic, cultural and social affairs of Arlington. The results of the Fort Worth club's survey succeeded in arousing the interests of some forty to fifty women who had been interviewed earlier. These Arlington women, from such diverse careers as teachers, stenographers, beauticians, librarians, journalists, social workers, and real estate agents, came together in April 1930. They elected as their president, Miss N. Effie Eagleton, who was an associate professor of history at North Texas Agricultural College, a forerunner of The University of Texas at Arlington. The first year of organizing concluded in October 1930, when the Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club was presented with its official charter from the Federation of Business and Professional Women (B&PW), its national organization.

In the early days of the Arlington B&PW Club, members were active in community building. These Arlington working women launched a vital organization during the challenging years of The Great Depression, with important results. The club's first project was a fund-raising campaign in 1931 which earned $68.00 to contribute to the City Librarian's salary and the library fund. The club continued to generate contributions in support of its community library, struggling for existence. Other B&PW Club outreach programs included assistance to children and families in need, community beautification, even the sponsorship of the first Girl Scout Troop in Arlington. In spite of the difficult economic climate of the 1930s when fund-raising efforts took precedence, club members were involved in social activities. Records suggest a grand gathering in June 1932, when the Arlington club sponsored a horse show and races at Arlington Downs and entertained other B&PW members attending the state convention in Dallas. For all of their efforts toward community improvement, club members worked for issues affecting their working lives, such as economic parity, job security, and legislative support on the state and national levels for the equal rights amendment in 1937.

Changing projects and organizational restructuring of the growing Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club were shaped by the economic issues in American society during the successive decades. During the 1930s, club members focused on the depressed economy of Arlington, while the 1940s reflected war service when Uncle Sam needed a helpmate in the wartime economy and in the new women's branches of the Armed Forces. The 1950s brought about an increasing interest in peace and international cooperation as evidenced in Arlington B&PW scholarship programs and projects. To promote international understanding among working women, club members supported the World Friendship Fund to assist women from other countries seeking business and professional experience in the United States, the Sally Butler International Scholarship to encourage Latin American women to come for graduate study in the United States, the Minnie L. Maffett Memorial Fund for training Chinese nurses and many other career-oriented activities for women. Beginning in the 1960s, the focus of the club reflected more emphasis on personal development and legislation affecting working women, uniform marriage and divorce laws, property rights, and the national campaign in support of the Equal Rights Amendment.


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Meeks, Gail. "Arlington B&PW Club." Unpublished research paper. UTA, Fall, 1990. Arlington B&PW Club Collection, Box 3, Folder 1.

Scope and Contents

The Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club Records document the first business club in Arlington, Texas, and contain the original records of the club dating from 1930 to 1989. Contents include a wide range of official documents and related printed materials from the founding of the club by and for working women.

The Club Records include correspondence, constitutions, organizational documents, such as the original charter, by-laws and minutes, official reports, treasurer's records, and club histories written by several members, including the first president, N. Ethie Eagleton. Of interest is an unpublished research paper entitled "Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club" which discusses the history of the club written in 1990 by UTA student, Gail Meeks. The Printed Materials series includes yearbooks, club programs and community projects, B&PW publications, newspaper clippings, and club scrapbooks.

An audiotape and a slide collection can be found in Box 3, Folder 9. Please ask for assistance from the staff if either are to be previewed.


Records are arranged in an alphabetical sequence based on the subject assigned each folder within a series. Materials in each folder are arranged in chronological order. Undated material will be found at the end of each folder. Records are divided into two series:
Series I. Club Records, 1930-1989 (32 folders)
Series II. Printed Materials and Scrapbooks, 1931-1984 (40 folders)



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Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc. (Tex.)--Records and correspondence.
Women--Societies and Club--History--Sources.
Arlington (Tex.)--History--Sources.
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Historical Manuscripts Collection

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Arlington Business and Professional Women's Club, Inc., Records, AR303, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.


Gift, 1990.

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The retrospective updating and conversion of this finding aid was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications & Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Special Collections "Documenting Democracy: Access to Historical Records" project, 2014-2015.

Container List

Series I. Club Records, 1930-1989

Box Folder
1 1 Awards Earned by Club, 1955-1986
State and national B&PW awards, certificates from American Field Service, and community citations.
2 Awards, Forms and Applications, 1985-1986
B&PW printed forms and applications for scholarships to be presented by the club.
3 By-laws and Rules, 1959-1986
Official documents of organization, including by-laws and two revisions.
4 Charter and Constitutions, 1930-1949, undated
Original document with names of charter members, October 24, 1930. Constitutions of 1948 and later revision, undated.
5 Conferences and Conventions, 1957-1976
Records pertaining to annual district, state and national conventions.
6-10 Correspondence, 1947-1989
Districts, General, Texas and U.S. Federations.
Folders 6-7, Districts include inter-district official business from state to local clubs in B&PW District 11, 1947-1983.
Folder 8, General includes individuals, businesses and other institutions, 1949-1988.
Folder 9, Texas Federation, Ft. Worth headquarters, official directives to Arlington club, 1947-1989.
Folder 10, Canada and U.S. or "The Federation" with headquarters in Washington, D. C., 1941-1976.
Box Folder
2 1-3 Financial Documents: Reports, 1956-1986
Reports from club committees, in conjunction with state and national federations' directives.
Folder 1, 1957 - December 1976.
Folder 2, January 1977 - April 1988.
Folder 3, Ledger, June 1, 1954 - July 1, 1981. Record-keeping book with monthly budgets, including fragments of budget-planning.
4-6 Financial Documents: Treasurers' Records, 1956-86
Bank statements for the club.
Folder 4, July 1956 - December 1965.
Folder 5, January 3, 1966 - June 28, 1974.
Folder 6, June 3, 1975 - May 30, 1986.
Box Folder
3 1 History, 1949-1990
Club histories written by members, including earliest by first president, N. Ethie Eagleton (Nov., 1949), and others by Lillian Cannon, Lou Thomas, and unsigned fragments. Unpublished research paper by Gail Meeks, UTA student (1990).
2-4 Meetings: Minutes and Reports, 1930-1989
Minutes of board meetings and committee reports
Folder 2, 1930-1935.
Folder 3, May 23, 1944 - December 14, 1961.
Folder 4, January 11, 1962-1989.
5-6 Membership, 1961-1987
General and new members.
Folder 5, General includes committee reports and state B&PW directives to Arlington club.
Folder 6, New Members includes membership drive materials, letters to prospective members, and lists of new and prospective members for 1984-1988.
7 Officers and Committees, 1975, undated
Duties of each official and committee ennumerated in organizational document from the Federation.
8 Photographs, undated
Club members at gatherings.
9 Projects and Programs, undated
Audio-visual materials.
One audiotape and a slide presentation from the national B&PW for educational programming.
Box Folder
4 1-5 Projects and Programs, 1957-1988
Folder 1, General, 1960-1973.
Folder 2, General, 1974 -1988. Monthly club programs and community-wide projects.
Folder 3, National B&PW Foundation.
Folder 4, Scholarships, 1957-1981.
Folder 5, Women and Legislative Issues.
6 Skits for Club Programs, 1959-1980
11 program skits for membership programs.
7 Speeches, 1958-1986
4 presidential speeches and 1 outline on notecards.

Series II. Printed Materials and Scrapbooks, 1931-1984

Box Folder
4 8 Invitations, 1969-1984
Six printed invitations, B&PW club and others.
9 Newspaper Clippings, 1956-1976
Club activities reported in area newspapers.
10-12 Programs, 1932-1988
Folder 10, Conventions, 1932 - June 1971.
Folder 11, Conventions, 1972 - July 1981.
Folder 12, Miscellaneous, 1932-1988. Informal invitations received or sent from other individuals or organizations.
Box Folder
5 1-8 Publications, 1954-1988
Announcements for club programs and projects related to issues of civic participation, world affairs and personal development for working women.
Folder 1, B&PW, General, 1955-1965.
Folder 2, B&PW, General, 1969-1974.
Folder 3, B&PW, General, 1975-1986.
Folder 4, Newsletters, Districts, 1961-1974.
Folder 5, Newsletters, Districts, 1975-1988.
Arlington club and others within districts of Texas.
Folder 6, The Texas Woman, July, 1967-Oct., 1983.
Folder 7, U.S. and Canada, October 1954 - February 1971.
Folder 8, U.S. and Canada, 1972-1979.
Box Folder
6 1 Publications: B&PW Supplies, 1969, undated
Official mail-order catalogs.
2-24 Scrapbooks: Original, 1931 - August 2, 1956
The first scrapbook maintained by club members divided in separate folders, see as follows:
Folder 2, Annual programs and officers.
Folder 3, Bulletins, 1936 - February 9, 1937.
Folder 4, First club yearbook.
Folder 5, April 1931 program.
Folder 6, June 10, 1932 newspaper clipping.
Folder 7, March 8, 1932 program.
Folder 8, April 12, 1932 letter.
Folder 9, April 19, 1932 program.
Folder 10, June 12, 1932 Horse Show program.
Folder 11, 1933 newspaper clipping.
Folder 12, March 18, 1933 letter.
Folder 13, 1934 newspaper clipping.
Folder 14, October 4, 1935 newspaper clippings.
Folder 15, 1935 mailer, unknown source.
Folder 16, 1935-36 program and songsheet.
Folder 17, 1936 Constitution.
Folder 18, Education Fund, loan information.
Folder 19, April 27, 1936 letter.
Folder 20, May 1936 newspaper clippings.
Folder 21, August 12, 1938 letter.
Folder 22, 1939-1946 newspaper clippings.
Folder 23, November 12, 1949 Eagleton club history.
Folder 24, 1950-1956 newspaper clippings.
25-27 Yearbooks, 1931-1982
Yearbooks produced by the club.
Folder 25, Yearbooks, 1931-1962-3.
Folder 26, Yearbooks, 1964-5 and 1975-6.
Folder 27, Yearbooks, 1976-7 and 1981-2.
7 Scrapbooks, Club Activities, 1956-1959
3 bound club scrapbooks, dating 1957, 1957-58, and 1958-59. (1931-1956 club scrapbook is located in Box 6, folders 2-24.)
8 Scrapbooks, Club Activities, 1959-1967
3 bound scrapbooks, 1959-60, 1960-61, and 1961-1967.
Also includes 1 poster, "Honor Roll of Past Presidents, 1930-72," and 1 oversized photograph, members at style show, undated