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Steve R. Mauser Papers:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Mauser, Steve R., 1916-1983.
Title: Steve R. Mauser Papers
Dates: 1946-1980
Dates (Bulk): 1965-1979
Abstract: Steve Rudolph Mauser (1916-1983) was an active member of several labor organizations, especially those pertaining to the meatpacking industry, throughout his lifetime. He served in numerous labor roles including as international union representative for the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America; organizer for the United Packinghouse Workers of America (UPWA); vice president of the Colorado State CIO; and member of the negotiating team for the merger of the AFL and CIO in Texas. Collection contains correspondence, financial documents, legal documents, constitutions, reports, newsletters, minutes, newspaper clippings, lists, proposals, programs, speeches, flyers, pamphlets, manuals, maps, resolutions, ballots, notes, charts, proceedings, books, articles, memorabilia, and tape recordings. These are Mauser's files during the period that he worked in various capacities for the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America in District 5, and earlier for the United Packinghouse Workers of America, 1946-1979. Also included are Texas AFL-CIO materials, 1968-1978, and recordings of the Committee on Political Education of the AFL-CIO, 1971-1972, 1976.
Identification: AR257
Extent: 25 boxes (10.2 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Biographical Note

Steve Rudolph Mauser (1916-1983) was an active member of several labor organizations, especially those pertaining to the meatpacking industry, throughout his lifetime. He served in numerous labor roles including as international union representative for the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America; organizer for the United Packinghouse Workers of America (UPWA); vice president of the Colorado State CIO; and member of the negotiating team for the merger of the AFL and CIO in Texas. Mauser primarily worked in District 5 which included Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Scope and Contents

Contains correspondence, financial documents, legal documents, constitutions, reports, newsletters, minutes, newspaper clippings, lists, proposals, programs, speeches, flyers, pamphlets, manuals, maps, resolutions, ballots, notes, charts, proceedings, books, articles, memorabilia, and tape recordings. These are Mauser's files during the period that he worked in various capacities for the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America in District 5, and earlier for the United Packinghouse Workers of America, 1946-1979. Also included are Texas AFL-CIO materials, 1968-1978, and recordings of the Committee on Political Education of the AFL-CIO, 1971-1972, 1976.


This collection consists of 298 folders arranged in 4 series.
Series I. Correspondence, 1951-1972 (10 folders)
Series II. Organizing Material, 1962-1977 (17 folders)
Series III. Negotiating Material, 1950-1980 (94 folders)
Series IV. Related Material, 1946-1980 (177 folders)
Series V. Recorded Reports and Speeches (13 folders)



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Mauser, Steve R., 1916-1983--Archives.
Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America--Records and correspondence.
United Packinghouse, Food, and Allied Workers--Records and correspondence.
Texas AFL-CIO--Records and correspondence.
AFL-CIO. Committee on Political Education--Records and correspondence.
Labor leaders--United States--History--Sources.
Packing-house workers--Organizing--Labor unions--United States--History--Sources
Packing-house workers--Organizing--Labor unions--Texas--History--Sources.
Open and closed shop--Law and legislation--United States--History--Sources.
Strikes and lockouts--Meat industry--United States--History--Sources.
Packing-houses--United States--History--Sources.
Speeches, addresses, etc.--Labor unions--United States--History--Sources.
Alternate Titles
Texas Labor Archives

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Steve R. Mauser Papers, AR257, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.


Gift, 1980.

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Container List

Series I. Correspondence (10 folders), 1951-1972

Box Folder
1 1 Coyle, Stephen 1969-1971.
2 General Correspondence 1968-1978.
3 Gorman, P. E. 1968-1976.
4 Guereca, Mary Ann 1968.
5 Hathaway, G. R. 1969, 1970.
Correspondence, constitution, list of Merger Committees.
6 Hook, M. W. 1970.
7 Mattox, Jim 1978-1979.
8 Memoranda 1951, 1964, 1967-1979.
9 Talarico, Sam 1976-1978.
Correspondence, financial statements.
10 Twedell, Richard A. 1968-1978.
Correspondence, resolution, sticker, newspaper clipping.

Series II. Organizing Material (17 folders), 1962-1977

Box Folder
2 1 Cal-Tex Meat Company (Amarillo, Texas) 1976.
2 Cornett Packing Company (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) and Local P-1170 1970.
Correspondence, flyers.
3 Decker, Jacob E. and Sons undated
Directory, mailing list, flyer, statement, agreement, request to the National Labor Relations Board, evidence sheets.
4 Farm-Pac Unit (Lubbock, Texas) and Local P-777 1971.
Correspondence, notes
5 Glover, Inc. (Amarillo, Texas) 1976.
6 Hormel, Geo. A. and Company (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 1973.
Directory, sample ballot, correspondence, notes, newsletter, newspapers, legal documents.
7 Iowa Beef Packers (Amarillo, Texas) 1974.
Correspondence, map and Street guide, newsletters, notice, notes, statement, list copies of authorization cards, newspaper clipping.
8 Land H Packing Company (San Antonio, Texas) 1972-1973.
9 Missouri Beef Packers, Inc., (Plainview, Texas) 1974.
Correspondence, legal documents, sample ballot, notes, agreements, flyers, newsletters, affidavit, check, directory.
10 Organizational material 1962-1974.
Pamphlets, newspaper, newspaper clippings, flyers, notice, rate lists, statement, notes, magazine, correspondence, training material, earning statements.
11 Packerland Packing Company (Pampa, Texas) 1975-1977.
Statements of earnings, photocopies of authorization cards, correspondence, photocopies of newspaper clippings, reprint, legal documents.
12 Swift Fresh Meats Company (Cactus, Texas) 1974-1976.
Lists, correspondence, sample ballot, flyers, reports, affidavits, notes, newspaper clippings, legal documents.
Box Folder
3 1 Teamsters 1975.
ABP and IBP - Notice, newsletter, agreements, miscellaneous.
2 Local P-54 1969-1972.
Correspondence, newsletters, flyer, lists, agenda, reports, directories, constitutions.
3 Local P-1170 1976.
Correspondence, constitution.
4 Local P-1200 and Wilson, Cattle-Hog Drivers 1972-1973.
Correspondence, photocopies of authorization cards, notice, sample ballot, petition.
5 Local P-1229 1967-1975.
Rate schedule, notice, flyers, correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, constitution.

Series III. Negotiating Material (94 folders), 1950-1980

Box Folder
3 6 American Beef Packers, Inc. (mostly Amarillo, Texas) 1974-1975.
Agreements, correspondence, newspaper clippings.
7 American Poultry and Egg Company (Gonzales, Texas) 1972.
Agreements, notes.
8 Armour and Company 1952-1953, 1972, 1975.
Pension plan, correspondence, grievance report, miscellaneous.
9 Armour and Company (San Angelo, Texas) and Local P-777 1970.
Correspondence, notes.
10 Armour and Company (Arlington, Texas) and Local P-54, 3rd Step Settlements 1966, 1970-1975.
Notices, reports, correspondence, agreement.
11 Armour and Company (Arlington, Texas) and Local P-54, the 3rd Step Settlements 1970, 1972-1973.
Notices, correspondence, agreements, summary, notes.
12 Armour Food Company (Lampasas, Texas) 1974.
Agreement, notes, list, correspondence.
13 Armour Food Company (Fort Worth, Texas) 1967-1974.
Proposals, rules, exhibit, agreement, correspondence, lists, photocopy of newspaper clipping.
14 Armour Rate Schedule 1967-1968.
Correspondence, rate schedule.
15 Burrus Milling Department, Cargill, Inc. (Dallas, Texas) 1973-1975.
Agreements, proposals, shift work schedule, notes, list.
16 Burrus Milling Department, Cargill, Inc. (Fort Worth, Texas) 1965, 1969, 1972, 1974, 1977.
Correspondence, agreements, proposals, seniority list, notes, photocopy of sample ballot, pension plan, report, summary of insurance plan, insurance policy, insurance certificate.
Box Folder
4 1 Burrus Mills, Inc. and Local P-54 1971.
Correspondence, summary of negotiations, agreement, statement of principles, proposals, notes.
2 Burrus Mills, Inc. and Local P-54 (Arbitration of Grievance No. 13) 1964, 1970-1971.
Correspondence, notes, legal documents.
3 Butchers' Union - Local 508 and Local 633 1937.
4 Campbell Soup Company (Arkansas, Nebraska, Ohio) 1971-1975.
Correspondence, agreements.
5 Campbell Soup Company (Camden, New Jersey) 1965-1967.
Evaluation of personnel, agreements, letter.
6 Campbell Soup Company (Paris, Texas) 1971.
Transcript of grievance hearing.
7 Campbell Soup Company (Paris, Texas) and Local P-1229 1965-1968.
Correspondence, newsletter, notes, rate schedule, resolution, brief, lists, proposals, sample ballot, UPWA constitution, agreements, insurance brochure.
8 Campbell Soup Company (Paris, Texas) and Local P-1229 1969-1975, 1978.
Memorandum of agreement, list, proposals, notes, correspondence, notice, photocopy of newspaper clippings.
9 Central Soya of Texas, Inc. and Local P-54 1968-1977.
Proposals, agreement, list of employees class and seniority date, notes, correspondence, summary of negotiations.
Box Folder
5 1 Colorado By-Products Company (Denver, Colorado) 1967-1972.
Agreement, notes, correspondence.
2 Decker, Jacob E. and Sons (Fort Worth, Texas) 1973-1974.
Notices of appeal, grievance reports.
3 Decker, Jacob E. and Sons (Garland, Texas) 1970-1972.
Correspondence, legal documents, notes, notices of appeal, grievance reports.
4 Decker, Jacob E. and Sons (Garland, Texas) 1973-1978.
Correspondence, notices of appeal, grievance reports, lists, notes, minutes.
5 Decker, Jacob E. and Sons (Garland, Texas) 1976.
Correspondence, agreements, notes, proposals, lists, miscellaneous.
6 Decker, Jacob E. and Sons (Houston, Texas) 1971-1974.
Correspondence, grievance reports, proposals.
7 Decker, Jacob E. and Sons (Texarkana, Texas) 1971-1974.
Fact sheet, agreements, lists, notes, grievance reports, correspondence, contract proposal.
8 Decker, Jacob E. and Sons (Wanda Case) 1968-1972.
Correspondence, agreement.
9 Du Bois Chemicals (Dallas, Texas) 1973-1977.
Agreements, proposals, notes, newsletter.
Box Folder
6 1 Furr's Quality Control 1974-1976.
Correspondence, notices, minutes, notes, flyers, newspaper clippings, proposals.
2 General Organizers Association 1967-1978.
Correspondence, reprints, constitution, receipts, lists, agreement, annual report, official ballot.
3 General Organizers Association (Harry Millstone) 1967-1972.
Correspondence, agreement.
4 Glover Packing Company (Roswell, New Mexico) and Local 391 1975-1977.
Correspondence, analyses, programs, lists, annual report, photocopies of newspaper clippings, wage rate schedule, employee's retirement plan notes.
5 Glover Packing Company (Roswell, New Mexico) and Local 391 1973-1979.
Agreements, proposals, correspondence, newspaper clipping.
6 Golden Feast Poultry Corp. (Mt. Pleasant, Texas) 1972-1975.
Agreements, proposals, insurance booklets, lists, notes, correspondence.
Box Folder
7 1 Gooch Packing Company, Inc. (Abilene, Texas) 1970 and 1972.
Company handbook, correspondence, legal documents, newspaper clippings, appeals, affidavit.
2 Gooch Packing Company, Inc. (Abilene, Texas) and Local P-54 1973.
Proposals, notes, lists, affidavit, correspondence.
3 Greater Kansas City Retail Meat Cutters Contract 1978-1980.
4 Hormel, Geo. A and Company 1974, 1976-1977.
Newspapers, The Unionist.
5 Hormel, Geo. A and Company and Local P-54 1972.
6 Hormel, Geo. A and Company (Dallas, Texas) and Local P-316 1969 and 1974.
Correspondence, memorandum for agreement, lists.
7 Hormel, Geo. A and Company (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) and Local No. 644 1973-1976.
Correspondence, agreement, newspaper, notes, list of job classifications and rates, proposal.
8 Hygrade Food Products Corporation and UPWA 1950-1952.
Master Agreement.
9 Iowa Beef Packers Inc. 1969-1970
Correspondence, release, flyer, reports.
10 Iowa Beef Packers Inc. 1973-1974.
Correspondence, report, memorandum, notes.
11 Iowa Beef Processors, Inc. 1974-1975.
Newspaper, newspaper clipping, notes, correspondence.
12 Iowa Beef Processors, Inc. (Dakota City, Nebraska) 1974-1975.
Newsletter, photocopies of newspaper clippings, agreement.
13 Iowa Beef Processors, Inc. and Teamsters Local 577 1974-1978.
Agreements, letter.
14 Las Lomas Meat Company and Local 391 1970-1971.
Correspondence, agreement.
Box Folder
8 1 Master Agreement Settlements 1970, 1976.
Correspondence, pamphlet, agreement.
2 Melton Provision Company (San Antonio, Texas) 1969.
Correspondence, agreements, notes.
3 Missouri Beef Packers, Inc. (Friona, Texas) and Local P-777 1969-1972.
Proposals, newspaper clipping, copy of article, statement, list, agreement, correspondence.
4 Missouri Cartage Company, Inc. (Friona, Texas) 1969-1970.
Agreement, correspondence, notes.
5 Packerland Packing Company of Texas, Inc. (Pampa, Texas) 1973-1976.
Correspondence, newsletter, notes, agreements, newspaper, copy of article, authorization forms, city map, affidavit, legal documents.
6 Producers Grain Corporation (Fort Worth, Texas) and Local P-54 1969, 1971, 1976, 1978.
Correspondence, proposals, agreements, grievance reports, reprint.
7 Rath Packing Company (Waterloo, Iowa) 1950, 1965-1970, 1973-1975.
Agreements, pension plan, summary, grievance reports, lists, retirement annuity plan, correspondence.
8 San Angelo By-Products, Inc. 1970.
Correspondence, legal document.
9 Schwartzman Packing Company (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and Local 391 1968-1978.
Agreements, proposals, correspondence, legal document, contract, notes, seniority list, insurance plan, reports, pension plan, miscellaneous.
10 Seven A Meat Company (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and Local 391 1971-1972.
Correspondence, proposal, note.
Box Folder
9 1 Superior Meat and Provision Company (For Worth, Texas) 1976.
Insurance plan, notice, proposals, list.
2 Supreme Beef Company (Lubbock, Texas) 1965.
3 Swift and Company 1964-1972.
4 Swift and Company 1970-1975.
Master agreement, correspondence.
5 Swift and Company (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and Local 391 1967-1973.
Correspondence, pension plan, insurance plan, agreement, notes proposals.
6 Swift and Company (Marketing) 1968-1969.
Correspondence, legal document, miscellaneous printed material.
7 Swift Fresh Company (Cactus, Texas) and Local 775 1960, 1976.
Correspondence, flyer, agreement, annual audit report.
8 Traders Oil Mill Company (Fort Worth, Texas) 1968-1978.
Agreement, contract proposals, notes, correspondence, insurance policy.
9 UPWA Male - Female Seniority Settlement 1966-1968.
Lists, agreements, correspondence, newsletters, report, note.
Box Folder
10 1 USS Agri-Chemicals (Dallas, Texas) 1972-1975.
Proposals, correspondence, agreements, insurance plans.
2 West Texas Dressed Beef Co., Inc. (Amarillo, Texas) and Local P-777 1975-1977.
Proposal, agreement, correspondence, note.
3 Wilson Beef and Lamb Company (Hereford, Texas) and Local P-777 1970.
Correspondence, agreements, city map, copies of authorization cards, copy of article, notes, lists.
4 Local 54 and Armour and Company Refinery (Fort Worth, Texas) 1964-1967.
Constitution, hearing, telephone directory, correspondence, notice, seniority lists, agreements, reports, copy of newspaper clipping, notes.
5 Local 171 1970.
6 Local 173 and Armour and Company (Brownsville, Texas) 1970-1974.
Correspondence, notes.
7 Local 173 and Booth Fisheries (Brownsville, Texas) 1969-1971.
Correspondence, statement, proposals, notes, report, list.
8 Local 173 and Reynolds Research and Manufacturing Corp. (McAllen, Texas) 1970.
Correspondence, fact sheet.
9 Local 173 and Right Away Foods Corp. (Edinburg, Texas) 1971.
Correspondence, legal documents.
10 Local 324 1950-1967.
Correspondence, lists, questionnaire, agreements, pamphlet.
11 Local 408 1971-1976.
Newsletters, notes, lists, legal documents.
12 Local 444 (Packerland Strike) 1974.
Reprints, memorandum.
13 Local 591 1972-1973.
Agreement, summons, correspondence, legal documents.
14 Local 775 and Swift Fresh Meats Company (Dumas, Texas) 1976-1978.
Correspondence, agreement, notice, affidavit, notes, minutes, legal documents.
15 Local P-777 1975.
Constitution, note, correspondence.
16 Local P-777 (San Angelo, Texas) 1969, 1974-1975.
Correspondence, notes, agreement.
Box Folder
11 1 Local P-1170 and Oklahoma Paper Mill Supply Company (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 1971.
Agreements, proposal, notes.
2 Local P-1170 and Unit Parts Company (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 1967-1974.
Correspondence, agreement, proposals, notes, report.
3 Local P-1170 and Wickham Packing Company, Inc. 1971.
Correspondence, brief, note.
4 Local P-1200 1972-1973.
Newsletters, correspondence, notes, constitution.
5 Local P-1200 and Wilson and Company, Inc. (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) 1971-1974.
Grievance reports, agreements, lists, notes, newsletter.
6 Local P-1214 1967-1969.
Correspondence, rate schedules, agreements, memoranda, lists.
7 Local 1229 1967.
Constitution, official ballot, report, note.
8 Local 1229 and Campbell Soup Company (Paris, Texas) 1966-1968, 1972-1975, 1977.
Correspondence, agreements, newspaper clipping, notes, proposals, legal documents, wage schedules, notice, memorandum of agreement.
9 Local 1229 EEOC 1969-1974.
Constitution, notice, correspondence, memoranda of agreements, EEOC decision case, report, charts, notes.
10 Local 1229 1967.
Correspondence, agreement, newsletter, grievance report.

Series IV. Related Material (177 folders), 1946-1980

Box Folder
12 1 A. Philip Randolph 1971, 1974.
2 AFL-CIO Legislative Department 1961, 1970-1972, 1975.
Reports, fact sheet, lists of bills.
3 AMCBWNA 1976.
Constitution and By-Laws for Government of Local Unions.
4 Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, Department of Education 1969-1971.
Training programs and materials, film catalog, reprint, correspondence.
5 AMCBWNA 1967.
Employment Survey.
6 AMCBWNA Form proposal and contract undated
7 AMCBWNA, 23rd General Convention 1972.
Resolutions, roll call of delegates.
8 AMCBWNA, 24th General Convention 1976.
Roll call of delegates, transcriptions, resolution.
9 AMCBWNA, National Conference Packinghouse Department 1973 and 1976.
10 AMCBWNA, National Joint Conference 1973.
Agenda, handbook.
Box Folder
13 1 AMCBWNA, Organizers' Conference 1971.
2 AMCBWNA, Organizers' Conference (Retail Department) 1971.
3 AMCBWNA (Washington, D.C.) 1955-1976.
Pamphlets, memoranda.
4 AMCBWNA undated
Printed material.
5 American Association of Retired Persons 1970-1972.
News Bulletin, pamphlets, miscellaneous printed material.
6 Benefits (District 5 and Retail Food Employers Health and Welfare Fund) 1974-1975.
7 Benefits (District 5, Health and Welfare. Trust Fund No. 2) 1970-1975.
8 Benefits (Insurance Plan) 1964, 1968, 1975, undated
Box Folder
14 1 Benefits (Pension) 1964, 1972-1977.
Newsletter, summary annual report, form, pamphlets.
2 Benefits (stocks, profit-sharing) 1971, undated
3 Benefits (Union Health Practice) 1971, undated
Hospital statement, article, reprint, booklet.
4 Boycott Material (Spencer Foods, Inc.) 1969-1971.
Correspondence, instructions.
5 Calendar of due dates of federal report forms for labor organizations whose fiscal year coincides with the calendar year 1970, 1976.
6 Campaign Material 1972.
Flyers, pamphlets, articles, precinct plan.
7 Campbell Soup Company (The Eleventh Decade) 1977.
Booklet, list and map.
8 Civil Rights 1966, 1972, 1974, undated
Pamphlets, correspondence, resolution, reprint, photocopy of newspaper article.
9 Civil Rights Conference (International) 1971.
10 Civil Rights Conference (Second National) 1974.
Workshop reports.
11 Committee On Political Education (COPE) 1969-1978.
Correspondence, newsletters.
12 COPE 1970-1972.
Pamphlets, book, flyers, lists, forms, reports, newspaper clippings (originals and photocopies).
Box Folder
15 1 Congress of Industrial Organizations 1947 and 1951.
2 Cost of Living 1957-1969, 1978.
Correspondence, chart, price index, newspaper clippings, rate schedule
3 Cotton, Eugene 1975, 1977
Letter, releases.
4 District 2, 5, 9, Regional Organizing Conference November 13-15, 1978.
5 District 5, COPE 1971, 1974, 1976.
Correspondence, flyers, bumper sticker, photocopies of newspaper clippings, article.
6 District 5 Council 1971-1975.
Correspondence, constitutions, financial report, financial statements, lists, address, notes.
7 District 5 Council, Executive Board Meeting June 25-26, 1966.
8 District 5 Council, Executive Board Meeting June 17-18, 1967.
9 District 5 Council, Executive Board Meeting June 22-23, 1968
10 District 5 Council, Executive Board Meeting September 30, 1968.
Box Folder
16 1 District 5 Council, 14th Constitutional Convention 1966.
2 District 5 Council, 15th Constitutional Convention 1967.
3 District 5 Council, 15th Constitutional Convention 1967.
Officers Report.
4 District 5 Council, 16th Constitutional Convention 1968.
5 District 5 Council, 17th Constitutional Convention 1969.
6 District 5 Council, 18th Constitutional Convention 1971.
Correspondence, proceedings.
7 District 5 Council, 19th Constitutional Convention 1973.
Reports, financial statements, election results, agenda.
8 District 5 Council, 20th Constitutional Convention 1975.
Minutes, reports.
9 District 5 Council, 21st Constitutional Convention 1977.
Correspondence, call and credentials reports.
10 District 5 Council, 22nd Constitutional Convention 1979.
Call and credentials reports, financial statements.
Box Folder
17 1 District 5, Defense Fund Financial Report 1974-1977.
2 District 5, Leadership Training School Discussion Guide 1958-1959.
3 District 5, Welfare Trust Funds 1970.
4 District 7 Council 1950.
Constitution, directory.
5 District 8 Council, 5th Constitutional Convention 1959
6 District 8 Council, 6th Constitutional Convention 1958.
7 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) 1966-1967.
Correspondence, reprint, question and answer sheets, book.
8 Egg and Poultry Processors and Frozen Food Processors undated
Business listings.
9 Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) 1975.
Notice, illustrative examples.
10 Financial Secretary Instructions 1968.
Printed forms, correspondence, name card.
11 "Ford Foundation Letter" 1971-1972.
12 Gorman, Patrick 1970 and 1973.
Statement and Address.
Box Folder
18 1 High Plains Organizing Committee 1974.
Correspondence, photocopy of newspaper clipping, proposed budget, projected program.
2 Holly Farms Case 1971.
Booklet, resolution, flyer, notice and instructions.
3 How to Read an Annual Report undated
4 Industrial Union Department (IUD) 1969-1972, 1979-1980.
Newsletters, magazine, reprint.
5 International Labor Press Association (ILPA) 1962.
6 International Unions 1968, 1970, 1973, 1974, 1978.
Directories, correspondence, lists, newspaper clipping.
7 Labor Arbitration 1957, 1963-1965.
Pamphlets, summary.
8 Labor Arbitration (Seminar) 1976.
9 Labor Law (Louisiana) 1971.
10 Labor Law (Texas) 1955, undated
11 Labor Law Manual for Texas Workers (Texas AFL-CIO) 1957.
12 Labor Law (Reform Bill, H.R.8410) undated
Pamphlets, flyers, sample letters, presentation drafts, charts, photocopy of newspaper clipping.
13 Labor Management 1977.
Correspondence, release.
14 Labor Union (Texas) 1974.
15 Leased Cars 1968-1978.
Box Folder
19 1 Local Union's Mailing Addresses undated
2 Local Union Mergers 1968-1969.
Correspondence, resolution, constitutions.
3 Louisiana AFL-CIO, Seventeenth Annual Convention 1972.
4 Mauser, Steve (Merger) 1967-1968.
Agreements, correspondence, newspaper clippings, lists, resolutions.
5 Minutes of Meetings 1957-1958.
6 Meat Industry 1971, 1976.
Magazine, reports.
7 Miscellaneous Booklets and Pamphlets 1956, 1959, 1977, undated
8 Miscellaneous Printed Material 1971, 1975, 1980, undated
9 Miscellaneous Printed Material (AFL-CIO) 1979, undated
10 Miscellaneous Printed Material (Meatcutters) undated
11 National Health Insurance 1968-1971, undated
Pamphlet, newsletter, reprints, excerpt from Congressional Record.
12 National Labor Relations Board 1947, 1953, 1959, 1961-1967.
Booklets, release, speech, biographical sketch, correspondence, sample ballot.
13 "New Directions in European Unionism" 1971.
14 Newsletters 1954, 1969-1980.
15 Newspaper clippings (Originals and photocopies) 1962, 1964, 1970-1971, 1974-1979, undated
16 Notes 1977-1978, undated
Box Folder
20 1 Occupational Safety and Health Act 1969-1970.
2 "Officers' Salaries of Supermarkets, Food Processors, Meat Packing Plants" 1973 and 1975.
Handbook, newspaper clipping.
3 Organizational Targets and Project 1969-1971, 1974.
Correspondence, tracts, pamphlets, survey.
4 Organized Labor (Debate Kit) undated
Pamphlets, letter, reports.
5 An Organizer's Guide undated
Guide book.
6 Organizers' Conference 1969.
7 Organizing Material 1959, 1964, 1968, undated
Pamphlets, booklets, handbook, flyers, contract.
8 Packinghouse Department (Functions and Purposes) undated
9 Pay Board 1971-1973.
Correspondence, newspaper, annual report, notes.
10 Pick Congress (Workshop) 1976.
11 Prentice-Hall 1974.
Report Bullentins.
12 Public Law 86-259 1959.
13 Publicity undated
14 Register and Vote undated
15 Research Department 1969-1974.
Correspondence, plant bulletin.
Box Folder
21 1 Retail Union Settlements 1978.
Correspondence, questionnaire, contracts.
2 Right to Work Laws 1954-1965, 1975.
Pamphlets, reprints, magazines, newsletters, speech, booklets, reports, correspondence, newspaper clippings, campaign kit.
3 Safeway Stores, Inc. (Dallas, Texas) 1969.
4 Shop Rite Foods, Inc. (Lubbock) 1970.
5 Standard Kill and Boning Procedures 1955-1967.
Correspondence, lists, working sheets.
6 Social Security 1958-1966.
Newspaper clippings, booklets, memorandum, notes, pamphlets.
7 "Staffgram" AMCBWNA 1968-1975.
Box Folder
22 1 Steelman, Alan 1973-1974.
2 Strike (Manual on Organizing for a Strike) 1967.
3 Strike Material 1975, 1978-1980, undated
Pamphlets, lists, flyers, report.
4 Strike Sanction 1968.
Correspondence, forms.
5 Tarrant County Central Labor Council 1969-1980.
6 Teamsters (Scandals) 1959, 1966, 1973-1976.
Resolution, newspaper clippings (originals and photocopies).
7 Texas AFL-CIO (Informational Kit) 1968-1969, 1972.
Report, booklets, reprints.
8 Texas AFL-CIO, Convention Reports 1971.
9 Texas AFL-CIO, Executive Board Meeting 1973.
10 Texas AFL-CIO, Executive Board Meeting 1978.
Proceedings, pamphlet.
11 Texas AFL-CIO Officers Report 1968-1973.
Newsletters, schedule, booklets, copy of check.
12 Texas AFL-CIO, Operation Legislation 1969-1971.
13 Texas AFL-CIO, Secretary-Treasurer 1965, 1968.
Correspondence, constitutions.
14 Thomas, George 1968.
Memoranda, correspondence, resolution.
15 Training Programs in Oklahoma 1972.
16 United Packinghouse Workers of America (UPWA) 1946.
Contract and By Laws.
17 UPWA, 9th Constitutional Convention (Officers Report) 1954.
18 UPWA, 11th Constitutional Convention (Program Activities Report) 1958.
19 UPWA, Historical Information 1959, 1964.
Pamphlet, printed material.
20 UPWA Newsletter 1965-1968.
Newsletters, pamphlet.
21 UPWA Songs 1951, 1955.
22 UPWA Statement of Policy undated
Printed Material.
Box Folder
23 1 Unemployment Compensation 1967-1971, 1977.
Correspondence, booklet, lists comparing laws, statement, summary.
2 "Union Labor Report" (Bureau of National Affairs) 1978.
3 Union Stewards 1966-1967, undated
Booklets, chart, manual for steward classes, teaching guide, notes, report.
4 United Steelworkers of America undated
5 Voter Education Project 1972.
Annual report.
6 Wage-Price Freeze 1971-1973.
Memoranda, newspaper, newspaper clippings, press release, flyer, note.
7 Wage-Rate (Authorized, P-777) 1974.
8 Wage Rate Department 1966-1967.
Lists, letter.
9 Wage Rate, District 5, Common Labor Rate 1975.
10 Wage Rate, Hourly Rate Patterns (Combined AFL-CIO) 1956.
11 "Wage Rate Book" (UPWA) 1958.
12 Wage Rate Agreement 1970.
Box Folder
24 1 Wage Rate (Packinghouse Wage Survey) 1973.
2 Wage Rate (Survey Of Common Labor Rate In AMC & BW Packinghouse Agreements) 1976.
3 Wage Rate (UPWA Industry Wage Rate Spread) 1963.
4 Women's Activity 1954-1965.
Agreement, suggestions, analysis, correspondence, report, speech, notice, list.
5 Women's Compensation 1950, 1961, 1970, 1977.
Booklets, law bulletin, forms, appeal.
6 Yarborough, Ralph 1968-1970.
Correspondence, program, reports, magazine.
7 Local 13, Transfers 1962-1967.
Newspaper clipping, reports, lists, application form, notes, agreement.
8 Local 54 1966-1967.
Correspondence, official ballots, financial reports, notes, constitutions.
9 Local 447 (Strike Financial Data) 1968-1969.
Receipts, correspondence, field staff weekly reports, lists, reports on strike expenditures, financial records.
10 Local P-591 (Election Protest) 1972-1973.
Correspondence, notices, lists, notes, official ballots.
11 Local P-777 (Guerrero) 1975.
12 Local 1200 undated
13 Local P-1229 1972.
Program and Schedule.
14 Bumper Stickers and Banner undated
15 Cards undated

Series V. Recorded Reports and Speeches (13 folders), June 1971-1972, 1976

Box Folder
25 1 COPE Report, AFL-CIO June 1971.
2 COPE Report, AFL-CIO December 1971.
3 COPE Report, AFL-CIO January 1972.
4 COPE Report, AFL-CIO Febuary 1972.
5 COPE Report, AFL-CIO March 1972.
6 COPE Report, AFL-CIO April 1972.
7 COPE Report, AFL-CIO May 1972.
8 COPE Report, AFL-CIO June 1972.
9 COPE Report, AFL-CIO July 1972.
10 COPE Report, AFL-CIO August 1972.
11 COPE Report, AFL-CIO September 1972.
12 Patrick D. Gorman's statement concerning the election campaign, Fall 1972.
13 "Your Vote Counts" by George Meany, President, AFL-CIO 1976.