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Merchant Shipping in the Republic of Texas Collection:

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Title: Merchant Shipping in the Republic of Texas Collection
Dates: 1837-1845
Abstract: This collection contains shipping manifests, licenses, a letter, and other legal and financial documents related to the merchant shipping industry during the years of the Republic of Texas.
Identification: GA37
Extent: 9 folders (0.17 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries

Historical Note

Ocean shipping, particularly between New Orleans and Republic of Texas ports, was important in providing supplies to the new Republic, bringing both people and materials to its shores. Shipping was also instrumental in transporting the Republic's main export, cotton, to New Orleans and ports beyond. Other Texas exports included lumber and wool. Although the most significant shipping routes were between New Orleans and the Texas ports of Galveston and Velasco, the Republic of Texas also boasted other port cities due to its long coast line including Matagorda, Brazos, and Port Lavaca.

Scope and Contents

The Merchant Shipping in the Republic of Texas Collection is comprised of manifests, licenses, financial and legal documents, a letter, and a variety of other documents related to licensing vessels involved in shipping merchandise in and out of the ports of the Republic of Texas. Also included are two documents of protest by citizens regarding customs collections, ship manifests, bonds, and receipts. Most of the documents pertain to vessels shipping between the Port of Matagorda and New Orleans although the ports of Brazos, Galveston, Lavaca, Velasco, Mobile, New York, and Philadelphia are also represented.


Materials are arranged chronologically in 9 folders.



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Merchant Shipping Collection
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Merchant Shipping in the Republic of Texas Collection, GA37, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Libraries.


Gift, 1974.

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Box Folder
GA37 1 1837
Merchant Shipping
1 Item 1. Master's oath on clearing outward. 15 May 1837
Port & district of New York. Oath of Henry Peterson, master of the brig Belvedere, bound from New York to Velasco, Texas, that the manifest is true and correct, that all duties have been paid, that the ship is bound for Velasco, and all cargo is consigned there.
15 May 1837, before James Campbell, Deputy Collector. [Printed form]
1 Below. certification. 14 October 1846.
Ms. certification that this document is as true copy of the original manifest on file and that the named vessel cleared the port of New York 15 May 1837. S/ Geo. Davis, collector.
33.8 × 20.8 cm. 3 folds. top edge slightly torn. Stain
1 Over. Outward Forward Manifest.
[List and value of cargo, mostly building materials (nails, ropes, bricks, window glass), and foodstuffs (coffee, raisins, port, butter, lard), and]
"A number of Emigrants with Luggage & Provisions and farming utensels & c." Signed Henry Peterson.

Box Folder
GA37 2 1838
2 Item 1. Coasting license for the Open sloop Davie Crockett. March 15, 1838
License No. Ten, District and Port of Matagorda. Issued to Alvin E. White for twelve months from date. S/ Geo. W. Collingsworth, Col.
MsDA. 32.6 × 19.8 cm. 3 horizontal, 2 vertical folds, some foxing at folds.
OVER: License No. 10 / Sloop David Crockett / A.E. White/ Register P. 14 / March 15, 1838.
2 Item 2. Certificate of Health, District of Mobile. April 10, 1838
[Clearance for the] American Schooner Independance of Mobile, in the State of Alabama, laden with an assorted Cargo of which Isiah K. Pitman under God, is master… [bound for Matagorda,] with fourteen Persons included the Master of the said Schooner, and eight passengers.
[port of Mobile is free of] Plague, or dangerous contagious disease.
April 10, 1838. S/ Tho. Stringer, Ds. Collector. [Seal.]
Printed form, names and date filled in.
25.1 × 19.6 cm. Seal, lower left corner, two folds, very light foxing at folds.
2 Item 3. Customs House of Clearance, District and Port of Mobile. May 14, 1838
Clearance for the Schooner Tiger, Samuel S. [B or R] earse master, bound for Galveston with a cargo of lumber and ship stores. May 14, 1838. S/ Thos. Stringer, Collector.
Printed form, names and other information filled in. 33 × 20.2 cm. American Eagle center; just below this [Cooper & Leavens - Printers]. Custom House seal lower left.
2 Item 4. Coasting license for the Schooner Black Jack. 26 May 1838
License no. 11 issued to J. T. Belknap and Chal. Francis, District of Matagorda, for twelve months from date. 26 May 1838. Geo M. Collingsworth, Coll., by S/ Thos. H. Broun.
MsD, 21 × 26.7 cm., two vertical folds, one horizontal fold. Embossed seal of the Matagorda District, lower left, cartouche below Broun's signature. In two pieces, torn along center fold.
[Full description of ship from temporary registration in New Orleans on 13 April 1838.]
OVER: License No. 11 / of the Schn. Black Jack / Granted May 20th 1835 / at the Port of Matagorda / See Register A page 16.
2 Item 5. Coasting license for the open boat, Try It Again. 19 July 1838
License No. 15, issued to Rich'd Grimes, for twelve months from date 19th July 1838, Geo M. Collingsworth, Coll. S/ Tho's H. Broun.
MsD. 24.6 × 19.5 cm.; three horizontal folds, one vertical fold, embossed seal of the Matagorda District lower left. Pencilled note upper right, "#1, see back." Cartouche below Broun's signature.
OVER: License No. 1st / for the Open Boat / "Try-it-Again / [illigible] July 19th 1838 / See Register A Page 20 / for the District and Port / of Matagorda ---.
[The supercription "License No. 1st" and the pencilled note on the face seem to be in error. License No. 10 and 11 were issued in March and May respectively. See items 1 and 4 above.]
2 Item 6. Certificate of Clearance, Port of New York. 25 October 1838
For John Benton, master and ship J. Ch. Merchant, for Matagorda with a cargo of provisions, lumber and stores, For Matagorda, 25 October, 1838. S/ Geo Davis, Collector. S. W. S. Coe*, Naval Officer.
Printed form, filled in. Eagle and shield, upper left corner with, A. S. Gould, Printer, 114 Nassau Street below. Embossed seal of the Customs House below and overlapping eagle; embossed seal of the Naval District of New York above Coe's signature.
*This signature is clearly COE. Mechlin & Winder's General Register of the Navy (1848) shows a William S. Coxe who resigned in 1820, but Hammersly indicates this officer was cashiered in 1814. Hammersly lists two Coe's, a midshipman who was discharged in 1801 and an acting assistant surgeon who served for about a year during the Civil War.
2 OVER: Text of the "Act regulating passenger ship and vessels" signed by Monroe 2 May 1819. American eagle top center.
2 Item 7. Certificate of Clearance, Port of New York, for Stephen Morse, master of the Sch[ooner] Solomon Francis, for Texas, with a cargo of lumber, furniture, and stores; cleared 23 November 1838. 23 November 1838
Signatures of collector and naval officers are illegible. Printed form as above.
2 Item 8. List of Customs House Bonds due, and placed with J. C. Watrous, Esq., for collection.
Ledger sheet listing 23 customs bonds, dated from November 3, 1837 to May 31st, 1839. Receipt of July 20. 1839, dated at Houston, signed by John C. Watrous. Total of bonds, $12,337.30 There is an error in the amount of the bond of W. D. & R. M. Lee, noted in the right margin.
2 OVER: Certification that this is a true and correct list, signed by --C. Eldridge, chief clerk, dated at the Treasury Dept. 28 August 1839.
2 Following: Note of the correction in the Lee bond signed by H. H. Starr, Sec. of the Treasury.
32.1 × 19.2 cm. As folded. File note on back. Some yellowing along folds.

Box Folder
GA37 3 1839
3 Item 1. License to carry on the coasting trade for one year.
Issued to Otise Sage, master, of the sloop Yankee Traveller for one year from (illegible) of January, 1839. Signed by (illegible) for George M. Collingsworth, collector. Printed form, 42.1 × 26.3 cm. Badly foxed and mildew-stained. Text on right 2/3 of page. At head of sheet: A star with "Printed at the Telegraph Office" below it. Two vertical folds. Torn, pieces missing along folds.
3 Item 2. Customs Bond. Sabine District. 1 May 1839
Binding Thomas W. Read (or Reid), John G. Bingham (?) and Thomas J. Allen for $508.28 1/4 against duties on goods arriving on the steam ship Cuba, [] Carson, master, from New Orleans. Bond dated 1 May 1839, due 1 November 1839. S/ T. W. Read, J. G. Bingham (?), and Thos. J. Allen. Printed form, 32.7 × 19.8., left edge cut irregularly. Paper watermarked with eagle on cliff overlooking sailing ship on water with the word "HUDSON" below.
3 OVER: Thos. W. Reid, Bond.
3 Item 3. Document concerning the open boat Tyron. 2 July 1839
3 a. Bond of Thos. Hanson, James H. Selkirk and Thomas M. Dennis for $200.00.
Bond to be forfeited if the open boat Tyron when licensed as a coaster violates the customs laws during the one year following the issue of license.
S/ T. Hanson, James H. Selkirk. Thomas M. Dennis.
3 b. Affidavit to entitle a vessel to a license.
Made by Thomas Hanson, swearing that he owns the open boat Tyron and that he is a citizen of the Republic. S/ T. Hanson and John G. Lonsdale (?) deputy collector.
3 c. Second part of affidavit, also signed by Hanson and Lonsdale.
Printed form, 31.8 × 19.8 cm. One horizontal, two vertical folds, Lightly foxed.
3 Item 4. Document concerning the sloop Sarah.
3 a. Bond of Robert O. W. M. McManus, Th. M. Dennis, and Elijah [illegible] of 10 July 1839, for $200.00 to be forfeited. if the sloop Sarah, Robert. O. McManus, master violates customs regulations within two years. 10 July 1839
S/ Robert O. W. M. McManus, T. M. Dennis, Elijah [illegible].
3 b. Affidavit to entitle a vessel to a license.
Made by Robert O. McManus, swearing that he is the owner and master of the sloop Sarah and that he is a citizen of the Republic.
S/ Robert O. McManus and John C. Lonsdale, deputy collector, district of Matajorda.
3 c. Citizenship certificate, signed as in "b" above.
Printed form, 31.8 × 19.8 cm. One horizontal, two vertical folds. Some foxing and browning along folds.
3 Item 5. Receipt. Treasurer's Officer. Austin. Oct 29, 1839.
Asa Brigham to James H. Starr. Note that Wm. T. Austin, Collector of the Port of Brazos has deposited $500.00 "on Account of Duties". S/ Asa Brigham, Treasurer.
ANS, 19.6 × 16.1 cm. Two horizontal folds. Torn on folds.
OVER: File note, W. T. Austin / $500.= / Oct 29, 1839

Box Folder
GA37 4 January-April 1840
4 Item 1. Clearance for the Schooner May(?), outbound from New York for Matagorda, with a cargo of dry goods, shoes, hats, crockery, hardware, etc., and stores, David H. Soring (?), master. January 13, 1840.
Dated from the custom-House, New York.
S/ [illegible], collector, and W. S. Coe, naval officer. Embossed seals of the Custom House and Naval District.
OVER: Text of the 1819 Act Regulating Passenger Ships and Vessels.
Printed form, 32.6 × 20.5 cm. 3 folds
4 Item 2. Entry of Merchandise Imported by J. R. Value & Co. on board the Brig Orizaba. Davis master from Philadelphia. 22d January 1840.
List of merchandise showing amount and description of merchandise (Mostly fabrics, motions, hardware and fancy goods), value and duty assessed.
Single sheet, 31.7 × 19.5 cm. Continued on reverse.
4 Item 3. Customs bond for $708.00 posted 22 January 1840, by J. R. Value and Co., G. W. Ward, and I. W. Morse to cover duty on the cargo of the brig Orizaba from Philadelphia, assessed value $354.00. 22 July 1840
Due 22 July 1840. S/ J. R. Value & Co., G. W. Ward, I. (or J.) W. Morese.
Cancellation/receipt across face, "Received payment, J. G. Lonsdale."
OVER: Bond No. 52, due 22 July 1840. Signed. J. R. Value & Co., G. W. Ward, I.W. Morse. //Enter Day Book P.
Printed form, 20.3 × 16.5 cm., one horizontal fold.
4 Item 4. Business license issued to J. R. Value and Co., for one year issued and signed by Thomas M. Dennis, county clerk, Matagorda County. February 4, 1840
MsD, 20.9 × 16.5 cm. Edges cockled, one horizontal fold. Unreadable embossed seal.
4 Item 5. Corporation of Matagorda. 1 February 1840
License "to sell merchandise", issued to J. R. Value and Company, issued 1 February 1840. Fee of $75.00.
S. G. W. Ward, mayor, [illegible], secretary, and [illegible] treasurer. Pencilled note, "paid 8 May 1840.
Printed form, 24.8 × 20.2 cm. Two horizontal folds, edges slightly nicked. Ink faded.
4 Item 6. Coasting manifest, Schooner Gorton, K. G. Fogg, master.
Cargo manifest for the Schooner Gorton, bound from Galveston to Matagorda. Includes horse collars, unspecified merchandise, gun powder, lime, and "Four Table, 1 side brd. & 1 Sophy".
4 1. Affidavit of the master that the manifest is true and correct. S/ L. G. Fogg, master. 4 February 1840.
S/ James L. Hamilton, Collector.
4 2. Clearance for the Groton for Matagorda from Galveston. S/ James L. Hamilton.
4 3. File note, "Manifest - /Sch'r Groton / L. G. Fogg Mastre [sic] / from / Galveston.
Printed form, 39.9 × 32.1 cm. One horizontal, three vertical, torn in one fold.
Attached: Customs Clearance certificate for the Sch'r Groton, 7th February 1840. S/ James M. Hamilton, D. Collector. Embossed seal of the port and district of Galveston.
Printed form, 18.7 × 14.9 cm.
4 Item 7. "Entry of Merchandise Consigned to J. R. Value & Co. Imported on board the Sch. Henry, Aule, master, from New Orleans. 9 March 1840.
Handwritten ledger sheet listing cargo (potatoes, pilot bread, coffee, sugar, onions, molasses, soap, whiskey, and oil), value, markings, and duty.
Note at bottom, "Paid 31 Mch 1840."
OVER: "Entry of Groceries from W. C. Tompkins & Co. Matagorda.
4 Item 8. Entry of Merchandise, imported by J. R. Value & Co., on board the Sch. Maria Tucker Master, from New Orleans. 13 April 1840
Handwritten ledger sheet listing cargo (misc., including corn, flour, sperm candles, tobacco, starch, hardwood, sewing notions, spices and medicines, cow bells, and a bung starter), value, mark and duty. Pencilled note, "paid 22 Apl 1840".
OVER: Entry of Merchandise Imported (Squiggle) Sch. Maria, Tucker, 13 Apl 1840.
MsD, 31.7 × 19.5 cm.
4 Item 9. "At a Meeting of the Citizens of Columbia held in pursuance of a previous notice, for the purpose of taking into consideration, the arrangement proposed to be adopted in relation to the entry of merchandise, Imported by the Citizens of Columbia and Brazoria, by order of the Secretary of the Treasury, and devising such means as would be likely to obviate the delays and difficulties resulting from the said arrangement…" etc. April 10, 1840
A. Underwood, esq., Chairman, John Adriance (?) sec. April 10, 1840.
Complain of the citizens of Columbia about customs collections, through the port of Velasco. A set of nine resolutions to the point and concluding resolutions to: 1. publish the first nine in the Brazoria Courier; 2. form a committee to "address a letter to the Hon. Sec. in relation to the subject matter of complaint"; 3. to send copies of the resolution to Brazoria; and 4. to send a copy of the resolutions to the Secretary of the Treasury.
Signed by Underwood, Advance and twenty-two citizens of Columbus.
Two folio sheets, folded once; 19.8 × 31.9 cm, as folded. First and second pages blank, text begins p.3, ends p. 7. Hole in p.[7], numbered 5.

Box Folder
GA37 5 May 1840
5 Item 1. Receipt for goods transhipped from the brig Sam Houston to a lighter. 3d. May 1840
[Luggage, goods and provisions.] S/ Silvanus Snow. Matagorda Port.
Approx 16.1 × 20.5 cm. All edges torn irregularly.
5 Item 2. "Received on board lighter (torn) Balck from the Brig Sam Houston in good order" &c [list of goods]. May 3d. 1840
S/ Wm. E. Lutheran (?).
Approx 16.1 × 17.5 cm. All edges irregularly torn. Note at right angles, "Not examined".
5 Item 3. Received on board the lighter Try it again from Brig Sam Houston in good order [list goods, incl 4 flour pots]. Port Matagorda. 3d. May 1840.
S/ John Makey (?) (?) [Below] Lost Luggage.
Approx 12.1 × 13.9 cm., all edges torn irregularly.
5 Item 4. Port of Matagorda 5 May 1840 received in good order from the Brig Sam Houston on board Lighter Try it again the following [list of merchandise and marks]. 5 May 1840
S/ John Makey (?)
OVER: Lighter receipt, Brig Sam Houston. May 5th 1840. Inspected on Bayou.
Approx 20.3 × 16.3 cm., all edges ragged.
5 Item 5. Received on board Lighter Black Jack from the Brig Sam Houston the following in good order. May 4th 1840.
S/ Wm. E. Linsthe … (?) [List of merchandise and marks].
Port Matagorda.
OVER: Inspected on Bayou.
5 Item 6. Entry of Merchandise Imported by J. R. Value & Co., on board the Sch. Champion, Winch, master from New Orleans. 4 May 1840
[List of merchandise with marks, value and duty.]
OVER: Entry of Merchandise Imported Sch. Champion. 4 May 1840
MsD. 31.7 × 19.5 cm.
5 Item 7. Report and manifest for a Ship or Vessel of the United States, from a Foreign Port. … Cargo laden on board the Schooner Maria whereof B. W. Tucker is master, which Cargo was taken on board at New Orleans …bound for Matagorda and Linns Landing, Texas.
Printed form of Manifest with three sheets added with wax attachments. Seven columns; marks, numbers inclusive, packages and contents, by whom shipped, to whom shipped or if to order, place of consignees' residence, ports of destination. Attachments to manifest hand line.
5 a. Reverse of printed form: B. W. Tucker's sworn statement as master to the accuracy of the manifest.
Sworn and subscribed February 5, 1840, before A. (?) Watts, Collector of the District of La Vaca.
5 b. Reverse of additions: Manifest for cargo added La Vace for Matagorda and New Orleans.
File note at bottom (cover as folded): #11 Manifest-Sch. Maria, B. W. Tucker Master from New Orleans via Lavaca Feb. 18th 1840.
5 c. Attached: MsD, District and Port of La Vaca Customs Clearance for the Schooner Maria, "Cargo per manifest affixed." February [] teenth, 1840.
S/ Wm. A. Watts. Deputy Collector. Seal of the Customs House District of La Vaca.
17.3 × 19.8 cm.
Printed document, 40.2 × 32.8 cm. before additions. Overall length 118.5 cm. Multiple folds, some tears at folds. Paper extremely brittle and fragile. Oversized; stored in MC-3.
5 Item 8. Customs Clearance, Port of Matagorda. May 25th 1840.
To the Inspector on board the Schooner Maurice. Clearance for A. Sheppard to land one bbl. sugar, one bag coffee, two barrels Molasses. S. J. C. (orG.) Lonsdale, Deputy Collector.
Printed document, 33.1 × 20.1 cm. Water stain at left edge.
5 Item 9. Customs Clearance, Port of Matagorda. May 25th, 1840.
To the Inspector on board the Schooner Maurice. Clearance for Boyd & Hemply (?) to land a shipment of foodstuffs. S/ J. G. (or C.) Lonsdale, deputy collector.
Printed document, 33.1 × 20.1 cm. Right edge damaged.
5 Item 10. Customs Clearance, Port of Matagorda. May 25th 1840.
To the inspector on board the Schooner Maurice. Clearance for J. R. Lewis to land eight casks molasses, [] wine, one Box Books. S/ J. G. (or C.) Lonsdale, Deputy collector.
Printed document, 33.1 × 20.1 cm. Left edge lightly water stained.
5 Item 11. Entry of merchandise Imported by W. W. Stewart on the Schooner Dream whereof [I.V.] ? Koffstery (?) is Master, from New Orleans, Port of Matagorda. Augs. 10, 1840.
Invoice covers a shipment of foodstuffs to Stewart and a trunk containing the personal effects and clothing of Francis Henderson, shipped care of Stewart.
OVER: Stewart's affidavit concerning the invoice and the file note. Latter concludes, "Enter Day book V. 38, Register B. V. 38 Register C. V. 42.

Box Folder
GA37 6 1841
6 Item 1. Mortgage. Thomas Cayce to J. R. Value and Company.
Cash advances, groceries, provisions, etc., against his corn and cotton crop Witnessed by J. R. Lewis (?) and Orville Earll. Acknowledged before William J. (or I.) Jones, judge of the 2d. Circuit Court.
OVER: No. 1280 / Thomas Cayce / to / J. R. Value & Co. / Mortgage / August 5, 1841 / Received for Record August / 11th 1841. Below: Republic of Texas / County of Matagorda / Recorder's Office / Recorded in Book E / Page 333 & 334, which / I hereby certify in Mata / gorda the 12th day of / August 1841/ S/ Chas S. Remard (?) / Clerk & Recorder. / Fees 2.37.
MsD. 32.8 × 20 cm. Single foolscap sheet, 1 fold.
6 Item 2. Business license. To J. R. Value & Co., Matagorda County.
License to sell "Foods, Wines & Merchandise" for the year ending 24th January 1842 … Given September 15th, 1841. S/ Chas. S. [Illegible but probably Remard or Remark, as above], clerk, County Court.
Embossed seal of Matagorda County.
OVER: License / J. R. Value & Co. / for year from 27 Jany / 1841.
MsD. 20.3 × 15.6 cm., one fold, slight foxing
6 Item 3. Consignee's certificate.
Form of receipt. J. R. Value & Co., acknowledging receipt of cargo of earthenware, glass, boots and shoes shipped aboard the schooner Henry Clay, A. L. Edwards, Master, out of New Orleans, canceled at Matagorda, 3-6 November, 1841. Consigned by R. D. Blossward.
FILE NOTE: (Duplicate) / Debenture / Certificate / of mdse. of Henry Clary / 6 Nov 1841.
6 1. Oath of the Master and Mate
Certifying delivery as specified over. S/ A. L. Edwards, Master, and Thos. Harvey, Not[ary] Pub[lic].
6 2. Statement of Thomas Harvey that the annexed statements of J. R. Value are "just and true and deserving full faith and credit."
Attached by Harvey's notary seal over blank consul's certificate.
6 3. Merchant's Certificate.
William Hillard and G. W. Ward's declaration that Value's certificate is "just and true" etc., also declaring that there is neither an American Consul or Public Agent for American merchants in Matagorda. S/ William Hillard, G. W. Ward.
Printed form, 42.9 × 26.7 cm. MsD, 26.7 × 21.0 cm attached with was under notary's seal.

Box Folder
GA37 7 1842
7 Item 1. State License, issued 20 January 1842, to J. R. Value & Co. 20 January 1842
"to retail Goods, Wares and Merchandise … they having paid the License Tax of One Hundred Dollars …". S/ Chas S. Runard (or Remard), County Clerk of Matagorda County. Embossed seal of the County Court, Matagorda County.
OVER: File Note "J. R. Value & Co. / State License / for the year ending / January 29, 1843."
MsD. 20.2 × 15.6 cm.
7 Item 2. Alden A. M. Jackson to E. Lawrence Stickney, Acting Secretary of the Treasury, Galveston. 24th February 1842
Jackson reports that circumstances have prevented his going to Austin for a final settlement of accounts following his resignation as Collector of Customs for Galveston. Asks if he can settle his accounts from Galveston, "as really I have not the means now in hand to defray the journey". S/ Alden A. M. Jackson. P.S. "His excellency the President arrived here with his lady this morning - the general looks better than I remember ever to have seen him.
"I have commenced a mercantile business here in a small way, …" [solicits patronage, closing again]. Respectfully and sincerely, Alden A. M. Jackson.
ALS. 24.4 × 19.5 cm., as folded, addressed and sealed on back. No stamps.
7 Item 3. Invoice. Boutin Gally & Co., goods consigned and freight billed to Frederick Huttner, esq're, of Matagorda, at $1.25 per barrel. Receipt of goods on board the Schooner Henry, acknowledged by Richard Grimes, master, at New Orleans. 8 August 1842.
OVER: Addressed: A Madame / Madame Meignen / Matagorda.
Printed form, 28.7 × 23.2 cm. Cut of Liberty and maritime themes, upper left corner. One stain, left center.

Box Folder
GA37 8 1843
8 Item 1. Letter, Robert [] Hannay to James H. Cocke, Esq. Collector at Galveston. Dated Galveston, 18th Dec 1843. 18th Dec. 1843.
Protests collection of duties on goods imported on the Brigantine Britannia, William Lock, master; arguing that they are not dutiable under the Revenue Act of January 27, 1842. Promises suite against Cocke to recover duties and cost of suit.
H. Cocke, Esq, to James H. Cocke, Esq.
ALS: 32.1 × 20.2 cm. Single sheet, three horizontal folds.
8 Item 2. Documents concerning the Schooner Caroline.
8 A. Bond of John Marden, Claas Hanson, and Wm. Russell of 21 December 1843, for $500.00, to be forfeited if the schooner Caroline, Claas Hanson, master, violated the customs regulations within two years.
S/ Jn. M. Marden, Claas Hanson, Wm. Russell [printed seals]. Witness G. R. Jaries (?).
8 B. Affidavit to entitle a Vessel to a License.
Made by John M. Marden of Matagorda, swearing that he is the owner of the Schooner Caroline, Claas Hanson, master, and a citizen of the Republic. S/ Jh. M. Marden, attested 21st Dec. 1843, S/ Galen Hodges, Deputy Collector [District of Calhoun].
8 C. Citizenship certificate of Clauss (sic) Hanson, master of the Schooner Caroline, granted coasting license number 13.
S/ Claus Hanson, attested Galen Hodges, Deput Collector, 21 Dec. 1843.
File note: Bond for License of / Schr. Caroline / Dec. 21st 1843.
Printed form, 21.8 × 19.8 cm. One edge slightly ragged. Two vertical, one horizontal fold.

Box Folder
GA37 9 1845
9 Item 1. Entry of Merchandise, Imported by Samuel A. Maverick in the Schooner Native whereof Jacob Matson is Master, from New Orleans to the Port of Cavallo. Jany 29th 1845
Cargo list (foodstuffs, fabric & sewing notions, shoes, hair brush, ivory comb, dyestuffs, and seed), value and duty.
OVER: Maverick's affidavit supports the customs declaration. Dated 29 Jan, 1845, goods to be landed and duty paid in the District of Matagorda. Unsigned.
Printed form, 33.7 × 21.5 cm., all edges ragged, three folds, light stains.