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University of Texas at Arlington Women's Center Records:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas at Arlington. Women's Center.
Title: University of Texas at Arlington Women's Center Records
Inclusive Dates: 1969-1984
Abstract: The UTA Women’s Center, comprised of three administratively separate organizations--the Center for Women’s Studies sanctioned in 1974, the Women’s Center, and the Displaced Homemakers Center established in 1978--was set up to meet the needs of women and to increase the awareness of women’s issues on the UTA campus and in the surrounding community. The Center for Women’s Studies offered academic courses for credit on a variety of topics of interest to women. The Displaced Homemakers’ Center was established as a pilot program in January 1978 and was closed in late 1979 due to lack of funding. The records include correspondence, memos, reports, newspaper clippings, booklets, pamphlets, newsletters, budgets, lists, photographs, course descriptions, and news releases. The records were created and collected by faculty and staff of the Women’s Center.
Identification: AR337
Extent: 8 boxes (4.17 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

The University of Texas at Arlington Women's Center was an umbrella organization that included the Women's Center, the Displaced Homemakers' Center, and the Center for Women's Studies. Established in February, 1974, the Center for Women's Studies offered formal courses (for credit) on topics such as "Women in Society,""History of the American Woman," and "20th Century American Women Writers". The Center for Women's Studies and the Women's Center offered continuing education courses, workshops, and seminars on subjects of interest to women: "How to Go to College When You're Over 25,""The Woman and Her Car,""Assertiveness,""Women and Family Violence" and so forth. In 1976 the Women's Center sponsored a week long "Women in the Arts Festival" featuring programs emphasizing contributions made by women in the performing and visual arts. The Displaced Homemakers Center was established as a pilot program in January, 1978. This program, along with the Women's Center, were closed in late 1979 due to lack of funding. Professor Jeanne Ford resigned as director of the Women's Studies Center in February, 1983.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, memos, reports, newspaper clippings, booklets, pamphlets, newsletters, budgets, lists, photographs, course descriptions, and news releases. The records were created and collected by faculty and staff of the Women’s Center.



The records are organized into two series:
Series I. General Files, 1972-1984.
Series II. Subject Files, 1963-1982.
Folders are arranged alphabetically within each series and material in each folder is arranged chronologically.



Open for research.

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University of Texas at Arlington. Women’s Center--Records and correspondence.
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University Archives

Related Material

AR426: University of Texas at Arlington Women’s Center Records, 1974-1989

Separated Material

The UTA Women's Center collection originally included records for Womanfair, the Third Annual Conference of the South Central Women's Studies Association held at UTA in 1980. The records for this event were removed from the Women's Center collection and will be processed as a separate collection.

All newspapers, newspaper articles, and newsletters published by or relating to women's organizations outside the state of Texas were discarded, as were six posters.

Administrative Information


University of Texas at Arlington Women's Center Records, AR337, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.


Gift, 1991.

Accessioned as number 91-57.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Series I. General Files, 1972-1984

Box Folder
1 1 Activities 1976, undated
Reports, course list, notes, lists.
2 American Association of University Women 1974
Letter, lists.
3 Arlington Fine Arts League 1979, undated
Minutes, statement, address lists.
4 Brochure for Women's Center undated
Brochure, photographs.
5 Budget 1977
6 Calendars (Monthly) 1975-1979
7 Center for Women's Studies 1974
Project explanation, budgets, correspondence, form, memoranda, outline, lists, note.
8 Center for Women's Studies 1975-1976
Proposal outline, memoranda, budgets, lists, proposals, notes.
9 Center for Women's Studies, Coordinating Committee 1974-1975
Lists, minutes, report, fliers.
10 Center for Women's Studies, Correspondence 1974-1977
11 Center for Women's Studies, Faculty 1974, undated
Memoranda, report, statement, vitae, notes.
12 Center for Women's Studies, General Information 1983, undated
Lists, newsletter, notes, proposal for course, report, copy of speech, pamphlet.
13 Center for Women's Studies, History and Purpose 1974, 1983
Copies of newspaper clippings, reports, notes.
14 Child Care 1973, undated
Program review, manuals, pamphlet, form, appendix item.
15 Connections 1981
16 Correspondence, General 1974
17 Correspondence, General 1975
Schedule, proposed budget, mailgram.
18 Correspondence, General 1976
19 Correspondence, General 1977
20 Correspondence, General 1978
21 Correspondence, General 1979
22 Correspondence, General 1980
Box Folder
2 1 Correspondence, Intra-University 1978
2 Correspondence, Intra-University 1979
3 Correspondence, Women's Center Closing 1979
4 Correspondence, Women's Studies (Incoming) 1973-1978, undated
Guide, research paper, bulletin, copy of newspaper clipping, mission statement, memoranda, reports, program descriptions, lists, proposal, program, copy of article, minutes.
5 Correspondence, Women's Studies (Outgoing) 1972-1976, undated
Application, pamphlets, schedule, news release, memoranda, course descriptions, notes, outline.
6 Dallas Women's Coalition 1977-1979, 1981-1983
Lists, minutes, notes, reports, newsletters.
7 Day Care 1974, 1976
Project program guide, letter, notes, pamphlet.
8 Displaced Homemakers 1978-1979
Invitation, reports, pamphlets, fact sheet.
9 Equal Times Column 1978
10 "Expanding Dimensions" 1974
Program, notes, letter.
11 Expenses, Miscellaneous 1979
Travel Authorization request.
12 Fellowships, Miscellaneous 1976-1978
Correspondence, program, pamphlets, newsletter.
13 Ford, Jeanne 1973, 1976-1980, 1983
Correspondence, notes, application, voucher, copies of newspaper clippings, vitae, organization chart.
14 Fort Worth Women's Center 1976-1979
15 Kitty, Genovese Women's Project, See: International Womens' Day
16 Gifts 1983
Form, letter.
17 Grants, Ford Foundation 1974, 1976, 1979
Forms, booklet.
18 Grants, U.S. Office of Education 1976-1977
Budget summary, forms, letter, rules.
19 Grants, Women's Educational Equity Act 1975-1977, undated
Correspondence, pamphlets, annual report, news release, excerpts, preliminary statement.
20 Guide for UTA Women Students 1982, undated
21 Guidelines, Writing with Non-Sexist Terminology 1982
Box Folder
3 1 International Women's Day 1977
2 International Women's Year 1975-1978
Pamphlet, news releases, newsletters, rules, flier, budget, copies of newspaper clippings, newspaper.
3 International Women's Year (National Women's Conference) 1977
Copies of newspaper clippings.
4 Mail Received 1976
sheets.
5 Minutes 1975-1976
6 Miscellaneous 1976-1979, 1982, 1984
Address lists, report, pamphlet, correspondence, symposiums, copy of newspaper clipping, poster, questionnaire, copy of speech.
7 National Organization for Women 1972-1976, 1981
Newsletters, pamphlets, summaries, lists, correspondence, handbook, copies of newspaper clippings, reports, guidelines, copies of speeches, minutes, newspaper, outline, form, information sheets, flier.
8 National Organization for Women, Arlington 1972, 1976, 1978
Constitution, by-laws, correspondence, fliers, newsletter.
9 National Organization for Women, Dallas County 1975-1976, 1979
Newsletters, flier.
10 National Organization for Women, Fort Worth Chapter 1975-1979
Newsletters, membership list.
11 National Women's Conference 1977
Pamphlets, newsletters, memorandum, magazine, schedules, bulletin, flier.
12 National Women's Political Caucus 1983
Program for convention.
13 Organizations (General) 1977-1979
Directions, lists, letter, notes, fact sheet.
14 Prison Advisory Committee 1978
Correspondence, proposed program.
15 Programs 1975-1977
Agenda, myth sheet, mission statement, fliers, copy of newspaper clipping, lists.
16 Programs 1978-1979
Flier, pamphlets, notes, newsletters.
17 Programs and Services undated
18 Publicity 1975-1979
Fliers, radio commercials, news releases, memoranda, correspondence, schedule.
19 Publicity (Newspaper) 1974-1979, 1982
Copies of newspaper clippings.
20 Seminars, Art Classes 1978
Memoranda, notes, course descriptions, resume, table.
Box Folder
4 1 Seminars, Assertiveness Training 1975-1977, 1979
Correspondence, memorandum, news release, flier, notes, photographs.
2 Seminars, Auto Mechanics 1977-1978
Correspondence, news releases, course descriptions, copy of newspaper clipping, request, list.
3 Seminars, Awareness 1978-1979
Memorandum, lists, letter, notes, schedule.
4 Seminars, Battered Women 1978
Flier, memorandum, notes, resumes, correspondence, news releases.
5 Seminars, College After Age 25 1973-1975
(See Also: Seminars, Recruitment)
Report, correspondence, course descriptions, radio advertisements, news release, flier, lists, invitation.
6 Seminars, Committee for Artistic and Intellectual Freedom in Iran (CAIFI) 1976-1977
Copies of newspaper clippings, statements, news bulletin, application, book excerpt, notes, fact sheet.
7 Seminars, Co-Respondents 1976
Correspondence, agreement, poster, pamphlet, photographs.
8 Seminars, Exploring Emotional and Physical Potential 1978-1979
Memoranda, news release, course description, fliers, list, income-expense statement, letter.
9 Seminars, Guitar Class 1978
Letter, course descriptions, notes.
10 Seminars, Household Repairs and Energy Management 1979
Fliers, memoranda, correspondence, resume.
11 Seminars, Miscellaneous 1979
Memoranda, fliers.
12 Seminars, Mothering 1979
Correspondence, news release, fliers.
13 Seminars, Parent Education Group undated
14 Seminars, Promised Land 1974-1975
Copies of newspaper clippings, news release, agreement, flier, notes, address list.
15 Seminars, Rape Awareness and Self Defense 1978
Correspondence, press release, news release, copies of newspaper clippings.
16 Seminars, Recruitment 1974, 1976
Announcement, correspondence, memorandum, programs, lists, notes, radio advertisements.
17 Seminars, Women and Family Violence (Child Abuse and Neglect) 1979
Flier, correspondence, news release, radio announcements, resume, vita, copies of newspaper clippings.
18 Seminars, Women Writers 1974
Pamphlet, syllabus.
19 Seminars, Yoga Course 1977
Correspondence, news releases, copies of newspaper clippings, course description, resume, sign-in sheet.
20 Speakers, Benton, Suzanne 1976-1977
Copies of articles, copies of newspaper clippings, letter, memorandum, announcement, pamphlets.
21 Speakers, Burrows, Winnie 1983
Correspondence, pamphlet.
22 Speakers, Godmilow, Jill Brico, Antonia 1974-1976
Copy of article, fliers, copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, reports, program, agreements, financial information, newsletter, news releases, photographs.
23 Speakers, Gore, Susan 1979
Letter, notes, job description, vita.
24 Speakers, Gray Silva 1977
News release, copy of speech, resumes, list, notes.
25 Speakers, Howe Florence 1973-1974
Correspondence, schedule, copy of newspaper clipping, notes.
26 Speakers, Levertov, Denise 1978-1980
Correspondence, notes, agreements, memoranda, contract, news release, schedule, announcement, biographical information, copy of article.
27 Speakers, Metzger, Fran 1975
Notes, form, letter, schedule list.
28 Speakers, Miscellaneous 1972, 1975-1978
Copy of article, copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, pamphlets, newsletter, fliers, information sheets.
29 Speakers, Olsen Tillie undated
30 Speakers, Reed, Evelyn 1975
Copies of newspaper clippings, notes, flier, newspaper.
31 Speakers, Rich, Adrienne 1978
Memoranda, letter.
32 Speakers, Simpson, Peg 1979
Memoranda, notes.
Box Folder
5 1 Research 1978
Tables, memorandum.
2 Services
(See Programs and Services)
3 Status of Women Committee undated
Report, notes, copy of newspaper clipping.
4 Survey Responses 1975
Memorandum, report, questionnaire, list.
5 Swedish Institute 1978
Correspondence, vita, application, notes.
6 Telecommunications Advisory Committee 1980-1981
Correspondence, memoranda, statistical information, glossary, list, questionnaire.
7 Texas Legislature 1977
Legislative packet.
8 WEAL (State) Convention 1974
9 Women in the Arts Festival (Contracts) 1976, 1979
Memorandum, contracts, letter.
10 Women in the Arts Festival (Correspondence) 1976
11 Women in the Arts Festival (Financial Documents) 1976
12 Women in the Arts Festival (Grant Application and Vitae) 1976
13 Women in the Arts Festival (Lists) 1976
14 Women in the Arts Festival (Miscellaneous) 1976, 1979, undated
Minutes, memoranda, entry form, notes, form, photographs.
15 Women in the Arts Festival (Newspaper Articles) 1976
Copies of newspaper clippings, news release, flier.
16 Women in the Arts Festival (Programs/Performers) 1975-1976
Copy of article, correspondence, pamphlets, memorandum, schedules, flier, list, biographical information, agreement.
17 Women in the Arts Festival (Publicity) 1976
Memorandum, correspondence, news releases, newsletter, list, schedule, notes, invoices, copy of newspaper clipping, bumper sticker.
18 Women in the Arts Festival (Slide Lists) 1976
19 Women's Center Open House 1978
Invitation, guest book.
Box Folder
6 1 Women's Educational Equity Communications Network (WEECN) 1979-1980
2 Women's Information and Services Exchange (WISE) 1978-1979
Course description, memorandum, correspondence, notes, lists, minutes, map.
3 Women's Organizations 1975
Letter, notes, mission statements.


Series II. Subject Files, 1963-1982

Box Folder
6 4 Abortion 1976-1981
Copies of newspaper clippings, letter, newspaper, pamphlets, newsletter.
5 Adoption undated
6 Affirmative Action 1975-1976, 1979-1980
Correspondence, copy of newspaper clipping, memorandum, symposium paper.
7 Alcohol 1977
Pamphlets, correspondence, newsletters, flier, lists, questionnaires.
8 Birth Control 1976
Pamphlets, newspaper article.
9 Assertiveness 1975
Copy of magazine article, copy of newspaper clipping.
10 Black Women 1971
11 Business Ownership 1976, 1978
Legislative information, seminar information, copy of newspaper clipping.
12 Chicana Women 1978
Excerpt from book (copy of), pamphlet.
13 Consciousness Raising 1969-1976
Copies of magazine and journal articles, copies of newspaper clippings, guide, pamphlet, list.
14 Credit 1978
Correspondence, copy of speech, flier, resume, list, notes.
15 Economic Status 1970-1977
Booklets, news release, programs, newsletters, report, handbook, copy of newspaper clipping.
16 Education Amendment, Title IX 1972, 1977
Booklets, correspondence, pamphlet, form, resolution.
Box Folder
7 1 Education, Non-Sexist 1976-1978
Booklets, book, notes, schedule, bibliographic resource guide, list, questionnaires.
2 Education, Sexism In 1971, 1973-1975, 1977
Copies of articles, reports, memoranda, copy of newspaper clipping, guidelines, journal, proposal, lists.
3 Education, Women In 1972, 1977-1978, 1981
Report, copies of newspaper clippings, newsletters.
4 Equal Employment Opportunity 1972, 1974, 1976, 1978
Legislative information, copies of articles, guidebook, pamphlets, newsletter, booklet.
5 Equal Pay Act 1963
Highlights of legislation.
6 Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) 1972, 1974-1975, 1977, 1980-1982
Pamphlets, reports, schedule, program, copies of newspaper clippings, flier, newsletter, correspondence, legislative information.
7 Equal Rights Amendment (Anti-ERA) 1970, 1974
Newsletters, copies of newspaper clippings.
8 Feminism 1969 1971, 1974
Leaflet, copies of magazine articles, report.
9 The Feminist Press 1975, 1977-1978
Supplemental readings for students, outline, paper explaining structure, educational projects and grants concerning The Feminist Press, booklet, copy of magazine article, correspondence, list of media, news releases, memoranda, newsletter, copy of payables account form general ledger, minutes.
10 The Feminist Press 1979
Booklet, correspondence, minutes, memoranda, announcement, itinerary, suggestion list, leaflet, schedule, proposed revisions.
Box Folder
8 1 Harassment 1979, undated
Newspaper, memorandum, handbill, pamphlets.
2 Labor Movement, Women In 1973, 1975
Leaflet, letter, schedule, booklet, notes.
3 Lesbians 1978-1980
Newsletters, correspondence, order form, pamphlet, flier.
4 Miscellaneous 1973, 1978-1983
Copy of article, copies of newspaper clippings, paper.
5 Project on the Status and Education of Women 1975, 1977-1979, 1983-1984, undated
Report, correspondence, newsletters, legislative information, news release, flier.
6 Rape 1976-1979
Pamphlets, correspondence, statistical information, manual, newsletter, memoranda, booklets, lists, report, notes, posters.
7 SMU/Human Resource/Women's Center Library Bibliography undated
8 Sex Roles 1971-1973
Revised version of paper, copies of journal articles, copy of newspaper clipping.
9 Women In The Twentieth Century World 1975
Studies on Women and development.
10 Women's Movement 1969-1973, 1977, 1981
Copies of articles, copies of newspaper clippings, booklet, paper.
11 Women's Studies 1974-1979, undated
Report, memoranda, copies of newspaper clippings, correspondence, course descriptions, handbill, job descriptions, fellowship announcement, list, newsletter, fact sheet, paper.
12 Women's Studies Courses 1973