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University of Texas Arlington

Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, Series 2: Photographs--People:

Surnames Beginning with the Letter O

Descriptive Summary

Creator:Fort Worth Star-Telegram.
Title:Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, Series 2: Photographs--People (Surnames Beginning with O)
Identification:AR406, Series 2 (O)
Extent:2 boxes
Repository:Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram was formed by the union of the Fort Worth Star and Fort Worth Telegram. It began with the January 1, 1909 issue. The Fort Worth Star was started on February 1, 1906. The Star purchased the Fort Worth Telegram in 1909.

Scope and Contents

This is a portion of AR406, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, Series 2: Photographs--People


Arranged alphabetically.
Surnames beginning with the letter O are in boxes 83-84 of the 125 boxes in Series 2.



Open for research.

Literary Rights Statement

Permission to publish, reproduce, distribute, or use by any and all other current or future developed methods or procedures must be obtained in writing from Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library. All rights are reserved and retained regardless of current or future development or laws that may apply to fair use standards.

Arrangements for reproduction of photographs dated after 1990 must be made directly with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Permission must be obtained from the copyright holder to publish, reproduce, distribute, or use by any and all other current or future developed methods or procedures wire service photographs or photographs by other photographers included in the collection. Wire services photographs will not be reproduced without their written permission.

Administrative Information


Fort Worth Star-Telegram Collection, AR406, Series 2, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.


Gift, 1984-ongoing.

Processing Information

Finding aid prepared by the staff of Special Collections, March 1999.

Container List

Series 2. Photographs--People: Surnames Beginning with the Letter O

83 Oakes, Gary
Oakie, Jackie
Oakley, Florence
Oates, Joyce Carol
Oates, Pappy
Oates, Warren
Oberman, Heiko
Oberon, Merle
O'Bolensky, Marie
O'Brian, Hugh
O'Brian, Phyllis
O'Briant, W.C. (Mrs.)
O'Brien, Bernard
O'Brien, Conor C.
O'Brien, David & (Mrs.)
O'Brien, E. Michael
O'Brien, Edmond
O'Brien, George A.
O'Brien, Joan
O'Brien, Lawrence F.
O'Brien, Louise
O'Brien, Margaret
O'Brien, Pat
O'Brien, Philip F.
Ochab, Edward
O'Connell, Edmund F.
O'Connell, Helen
O'Connell, John A.
O'Connor, B.F.
O'Connor, Basil
O'Connor, Carroll
O'Connor, Dennis
O'Connor, Donald
O'Connor, Eugene A.
O'Connor, Frank
O'Connor, John T.
O'Connor, Tom
O'Connor, Vincent
O'Daniel, John W.
O'Daniel, Molly
O'Daniel, Pat
O'Daniel, W.F.
O'Daniel, W. Lee
O'Dare, Kitty
Oddo, Pat Morgan
Odegard, Peter H.
Odell, Newell H.
Odell, Homer J.
Odell, William
Oden, Delk M.
Odenwalk, Fred
Odlum, Floyd & (Mrs.)
Odnoposoff, Ricardo
Odom, Harold A.
Odom, Monroe
Odom, Veta Mae
Odom, Will E.
O'Donnell, Emmett A. (Rosie)
O'Donnell, Gladys
O'Donnell, Kenneta P.
O'Donnell, Peter Jr.
O'Donnell, Robert J.
O'Donohoe, John G.
O'Donohoe, Joseph G.
O'Driscoll, Martha
O'Dwyer, William
Oenslager, Donald
Oeser, John
O'Faolain, Sean
O'Farrill, Jiminez
O'Feldman, Ric
Offield, H.L. (Mr. & Mrs.)
O'Flynn, Damian
Ogden, W.W.
Ogg, Jack
Ogier, Herbert D. Jr.
Ogilvie, Richard B.
Ogle, Dan
Oglesby, Jackson C. (Mrs.)
O'Grady, Diana
O'Grady, Rohan
O'Hair, Madalyn Murray
O'Haire, Don
O'Hanlon, Kathleen
O'Hara, Barrett
O'Hara, Geoffrey
O'Hara, Maureen
O'Hara, Mike
O'Hara, Peggy
O'Hara, Quinn
O'Hare, Michael
O'Herlihy, Dan
Ohlsson, Garrick
Ohm, Max Helmuth
Ohman, N.B.
Ohman, Nils O.
Oistrakh, David
Ojeda, Fabricio
Ojukwu, C.O.
Okamoto, Kozo
Okawa, Shizuo
O'Keefe, C.A. (Mrs.)
O'Keefe, D.O.
O'Keefe, Dennis
O'Keefe, Gertrude
O'Keefe, George A.
O'Keefe, Walter
O'Keeffe, Georgia
Okuchi, Nobuo
Olan, Levia
O'Laughlin, Tom
Old Smoothies
Old, Archie J. Jr.
Oldak, Sofia
Oldenbourg, Zoe
Oldfield, Barney
Oldham, Kenneth E.
Olds, Robin
O'Leary, Brian T.
O'Leary, E. Danny J.
O'Leary, James O. Sr.
O'Leary, Vincent
Oliansky, Joel
Oline, Martha
Oliphant, H.K. (Mrs.)
Oliphant, Thomas N.
Olivas, Edward
Olive, Milton
Oliver, Dean
Oliver, Foots
Oliver, Jane
Oliver, Kenneth L.
Oliver, Wayne
Olivier, Borg (Giorgio)
84 Olivier, Lawrence
Ollier, Rosa-Marie
Ollison, Wade
Olmstead, Sheldon
Olmsted, Gertrude
Olmsted, Nelson
O'Loughlin, Tom
Olowo, Bernadette
Olsen & Johnson
Olsen, Carl
Olsen, Carol
Olsen, Claude E.
Olsen, George
Olsen, J.C.
Olsen, Patsy
Olson, Einar M.
Olson, Leonard
Olson, Lou Dean
Olson, M.
Olson, Nancy
Olson, Pat
Olson, Paul
Olson, Sigurd
Oltmans, Willem L.
O'Mahoney, Joseph C.
O'Malley, Kathleen
O'Malley, Mary
O'Malley, Patrick
O'Malley, Walter
Omarr, Sidney
O'Meara, Walter
Omer, Mohamed
Omran, Mohammed
Onassis, Aristotle S.
Onassis, Christina
Onassis, Jacqueline Kennedy
Onassis, Tina
O'Neal, Ben G.
O'Neal, Carol
O'Neal, Cora M.
O'Neal, Cothburn
O'Neal, L.E.
O'Neal, Patrick
O'Neal, Ryan
O'Neal, Tatum
O'Neal, Thomas
O'Neal, W.T.
O'Neil, Betty
O'Neill, C. William
O'Neill, Charles
O'Neill, Charlotte Morgan
O'Neill, Dennis (Mrs.)
O'Neill, Eileen
O'Neill, Eugene
O'Neill, Jennifer
O'Neill, Margnet
O'Neill, Marne
Oney, Dawn
Ongania, Juan Carlos
Onion, John F.
Onofrei, Dimetri
Onstad, Niels
Oparin, A.I.
Oppenheimer, J. Robert
Oppenheimer, Mary
Opperman, Richard (Mrs.)
Orban, Robin
Orchard, Malcolm
Ordas, Gordon
O'Reilly, John J.
O'Reilly, Vincent
Orekhov, Fedor T.
Orians, Howard L.
Oribe, Guido
Oringer, Alan
Orlowitz, Elaine
Ormandy, Eugene
Ormsby-Gore, David
Orn, Clayton
O'Rourke, Michael T.
O'Rourke, Tex I.
Orr, Jack
Orr, Joe L.
Orr, Roy
Orr, W.A.
Orr, William P.
Orr, William R.
Orr, Winthrop
Orren, Raymond
Orrick, Andrew D.
Orrick, Luther E.
Orrick, William H.
Orris, Beryl
Ortiz, Roberto M.
Ortiz-Patino, James
Ortiz-Patino, Joanne
Orum, Ann
Orwig, Bill
Osargi, Jiro
Osborn, Elburt
Osborn, Ervin B.
Osborn, Fairfield
Osborn, Harold G.
Osborn, O.H.
Osborne, Charles Jr.
Osborne, Faye
Osborne, Guy E.
Osborne, Kathinka
Osborne, Lon
Osborne, Ralph M.
Osborne, Thomas W.
Osborne, Tom
Osburn, E.R.
O'Shannon, Grania
Osier, Melvin
Osmera, Sergio
Osmond Family
Osmundsen, Ozzie
Osorio, John
Ossenfort, William F. & (Mrs.)
O'Steen, Van
Ostewald, Bibi
Ostling, Richard
O'Sullivan, Maureen
Oswald, Lee Harvey
Oswald, Marina
Oswald, Paul F.
Oswald, Robert
Oswald, Russell
Oswalt, Albert N.
Otepka, Otto F.
O'Toole, Peter
Ott, Eugene
Ott, Jack
Otts, Foy
Oullette, Joseph R.
Oumansky, Alexander
Oursler, Fulton
Ousley, Alvin
Outland, John H.
Ovando, Alfredo
Ovenshine, Alexander T.
Overall, Bill
Overcash, Clifton
Overell, Beulah Louise
Overly, Norris
Overman, Conleth
Overman, Lynne
Overstreet, H.Y.
Ovshinsky, Stanford R.
Owen, Bailey T.
Owen, Ben
Owen, Catherine Dale
Owen, David B.
Owen, Frank
Owen, Guy
Owen, J.H. (Mr. & Mrs.)
Owen, Louis
Owen, Ray
Owen, Reginald
Owen, William James
Owens, Basil
Owens, Bill
Owens, Charles
Owens, Emory E.
Owens, Henry B.
Owens, Herbert F.
Owens, Hugh F.
Owens, Marion
Owens, Patricia
Owens, Sarah
Owens, Scott
Owens, Stanley
Owens, Weldon
Oxford, Emory
Oxford, W.J.
Oxley, Howard
Oxnam, Bromley
Ozee, Ken

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