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Margaret B. Carter Papers:

A Guide

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Carter, Margaret, 1909-1988
Title: Margaret B. Carter Papers
Dates: 1926-1976
Dates (Bulk): 1944-1974
Abstract: Margaret Carter was a political strategist for the Democratic Party in Tarrant County, Texas. Her papers relate to various political organizations and activities in the county and state.
Identification: AR239
Extent: 24 boxes (10 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Biographical Note

Margaret Parkington Carter, the "Grand Dame of Liberal Texas Politics," served behind the scenes as a political strategist for the Democratic Party in Tarrant County. She served on the Texas Democratic Party State Executive Committee. She was also an active volunteer in several women’s groups and civic organizations in Fort Worth. She died on August 14, 1988.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, minutes, speeches, reports, newspaper clippings, photographs, printed material, and memorabilia. Includes Jack Carter’s campaign materials for Democratic County Chairman of Tarrant County and for Texas State Senator, 1944-1946 as well as scrapbook of Helen Gahagan Douglas, U.S. Representative from California, 1946-1953. Records of the following organizations are included: American Association of University Women, 1938- 1966; Democratic Party campaign and convention materials, 1944-1970; Democratic Organizing Committee, 1956-1959; Texas Democrats, 1957-1959; Tarrant County Democratic Executive Committee, 1944-1966; Tarrant County Democratic Organizing Committee, 1952-1974; Tarrant County Democratic Women’s Club, 1944-1973; Texas Democratic Women’s State Committee, 1953-1967; Young Democratic Club of Tarrant County, 1945-1948; Young Democratic Clubs of America, 1945-1946. Correspondents include: Lyndon Johnson, Jim Wright, Ralph Yarborough, Adlai Stevenson, Eugene McCarthy, Sam Rayburn, John F. Kennedy, Sarah T. Hughes, Lillian Collier, and Minnie Fisher Cunningham. Includes materials on topics such as labor reform, civil liberties, atomic energy, the United Nations, Fascism, communism, labor unions, the right-to-work issue, McCarthyism, voting machines, Vietnam, and women’s rights. Has material on politicians and the political climate of Texas. Includes information on Business and Professional Women’s Club of Fort Worth, Texas Election Law Study Committee, Texas Regular Party, American Civil Liberties Union, Neighborhood Action, Inc., Sid Richardson Foundation and University of Texas controversy regarding Homer P. Rainey. Includes the publications, A Democratic Newsletter and Friends of Democracy’s Battle.


The Margaret B. Carter Papers are organized into four series:
Series I. Subject-Document Files. Arranged alphabetically and thereunder chronologically.
Series II. Miscellaneous Files. Arranged chronologically.
Series III. Newspaper Clippings. Arranged chronologically.
Series IV. Oversize and Memorabilia



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Index Terms

These materials are indexed under the following headings in the catalog of The University of Texas at Arlington Library. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Carter, Margaret, 1909-1988--Archives.
Carter, Jack--Archives.
Douglas, Helen Gahagan, 1900- --Archives.
Carter, Jack.
Douglas, Helen Gahagan,1900-
Tarrant County Democratic Organizing Committee (Tex.)--Records and correspondence.
Democratic Party (Tarrant County, Tex.)--Records and correspondence.
Democrats of Texas--Records and correspondence.
Tarrant County Democratic Executive Committee (Tex.)--Records and correspondence.
Tarrant County Democratic Women’s Club (Tex.)--Records and correspondence.
Texas Democratic Women’s State Committee--Records and correspondence.
Young Democratic Club of Tarrant County (Tex.)--Records and correspondence.
Young Democratic Clubs of America--Records and correspondence.
Democratic Party (Tarrant County, Tex.)
Democratic Organizing Committee (Tarrant County, Tex.)
Democrats of Texas.
Tarrant County Democratic Executive Committee (Tex.)
Tarrant County Democratic Women’s Club (Tex.)
Young Democratic Club of Tarrant County (Tex.)
Young Democratic Clubs of America.
Women in politics--California.
Women in politics--Texas.
Women in community organization--Texas.
Tarrant County (Tex.)--Politics and government--Sources.
Texas--Politics and government--1865-1950--Sources.
Texas--Politics and government--1951- --Sources.
United States--Politics and government--1945-1989--Sources.
United States--Foreign relations--1945-1989--Sources.
Alternate Titles
Texas Political History Collection

Related Material

AR110, Series 26: Texas AFL-CIO Records (Democratic Party Series)

Oral history interview with Margaret B. Carter, 1976

Oral history interview with Margaret B. Carter, 1981

Separated Material

AR265: Margaret B. Carter Papers, 1940-1982

Three manuscript boxes of Jack P. Avery papers which were received with this collection were separated and processed as his papers. AR238: Jack P. Avery Papers, 1942-1975

The Civil Liberties Quarterly, 1947-1961, was removed and added to the Library's holdings. In Fact, a weekly free press newspaper, 1941-1944, was returned to Mrs. Carter. The Library has this serial on microfiche.

Administrative Information


Margaret B. Carter Papers, AR239, Box Number, Folder Number, The University of Texas at Arlington Library Special Collections.


Gift, 1976.

Processing Information

The materials were received loose in boxes, folders, and envelopes some of which were not labeled. Original folder titles were maintained. Unlabeled folders were assigned descriptive subject titles by the Archives' staff. Single letters filed by subject were placed in general correspondence files. Miscellaneous loose materials and newspaper clippings which could not be readily integrated into the subject files are in chronological order at the end of the collection. Oversize printed material including newspapers, newspaper clippings, and posters were removed from the subject files and were placed in oversize boxes along with a scrapbook and several political buttons.

Container List

Series I. Subject-Document Files

Box Folder
1 1 Abernathy, Byron R. 1957
Address to the Texas Democratic State Women's Committee.
2 Amendments 1965-1966
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, notes booklet.
3 Amendments 1967-1968
Newspaper clippings, notes, booklets, newsletter.
4 Amendments 1969
Correspondence, newsletters, notes, bumper sticker, voting statistics.
5 Amendments 1970-1971
Correspondence, newsletter, newspaper clippings, booklets, notes.
6 American Association of University Women 1938-1946
Correspondence, charters, constitution, report, program, newspaper clipping, booklet.
7 American Association of University Women 1947
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, journals.
8 American Association of University Women 1948-1949, undated
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets.
9 American Association of University Women 1948
The 32nd Annual Report of the Conference Board.
10 American Association of University Women 1950-1953, 1965-1966
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, report, constitution, bulletins, programs, booklets, notes, ballot.
11 Arlington, Texas 1952
List of names, addresses and occupations by precinct.
Box Folder
2 1 Atomic Energy 1945-1946, 1955, 1963
Copy of H.R. 5364, news releases, leaflets, The Nation supplement.
2 Boren, James H. 1957-1958, undated
3 Burns, John III 1955
Correspondence, report about Lyndon Johnson, desegregation and related subjects.
4 Business and Professional Women's Club of Fort Worth
Correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, notes, lists, questionnaire, printed materials, 1948-1951, undated (Materials are primarily about the Equal Rights Amendment, Jury Service, and the Legal Status of Women in the United States).
5 Butler, Paul 1955, 1957
Correspondence, resolution of the Democratic Advisory Council of Texas, newspaper clipping.
6 Campaigns, 1944-1946 1944-1946
Correspondence, questionnaires, Republican National Convention Proceedings, political leaflets and handouts, newspaper clippings, miscellaneous.
7 Campaigns, 1944-1946 approximately 1944-1946
Correspondence, booklet, announcements, list of candidates, questionnaire, newspaper clippings, Texas Regulars Party materials.
8 Campaigns, 1960 1958-1960
Correspondence, political leaflets, bumper sticker, newspaper clippings, voter's guides, voter statistics, bulletins, AFL-CIO News, Lyndon Johnson News, photographs.
9 Campaigns, 1964 1964-1965
Correspondence, new releases, political leaflets and handouts, blockworker program materials, bumper sticker, Texas Republican Precinct Plan.
10 Campaigns, 1966 1966, undated
Correspondence, political handouts, bumper sticker, voting statistics.
11 Campaigns, 1968 1967-1968, undated
Correspondence, minutes of the Committee for Better Voter Participation, newspaper clippings, political flyers and handouts, newsletters, notes, bumper stickers, lists, note cards, voter statistics.
Box Folder
3 1 Campaigns, 1968 1967-1968, undated
Newspaper clippings.
2 Campaigns, 1970 1967, 1969-1970, undated
Correspondence, voter's guide, reports, political handouts, article reprint on voter registration, newspaper clippings, miscellaneous.
3 Campaigns, 1970 1970
Lists: candidates, precinct chairmen, telephone, new voters, Yarborough supporters, official ballot.
4 Campaigns, 1970 1970
Voter statistics and analysis, poll watchers certificates, workers instructions, map of Ft. Worth, notes, note cards.
5 Carter, Jack approximately 1944-1946
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, political handouts, statistics, campaign materials and platform, handwritten drafts of letters and statements for the campaigns for Democratic County Chairman and State Senator.
6 Carter, Jack approximately 1946
Drafts of speeches (typescripts, handwritten and note cards), newspaper clippings.
Box Folder
4 1 Citizens for TVA 1954, undated
Printed material.
2 City Election Returns
Newspaper clippings, ordinance, voting statistics, 1971 (See Oversize Box 147 for official tabulation of election returns sheet, 1971)
3 City Politics 1928, 1937-1940, undated
City of Fort Worth Charter, annual report, voting statistics, flyers, "Stowe's Chronicle" newspaper clippings.
4 City Politics 1945-1947, undated
Correspondence, questionnaire, leaflets, notes, report on postwar employment and construction, drafts, newsletter, newspaper clippings.
5 City Politics 1953, 1964-1967, undated
Newspaper clippings, correspondence, leaflets, note cards.
6 City Sales Tax 1967, undated
Correspondence, voter's guide, newsletters, newspaper clippings.
7 Civil Liberties 1942-1949
Leaflets on various topics, mailings, reprints.
8 Civil Liberties 1942-1948
Booklets on civil liberties, freedom in wartime, trade unions.
9 Civil Liberties 1950-1957, undated
Leaflets, pamphlets, correspondence, newspaper clippings, mailings, The Nation, reprints.
Box Folder
5 1 Civil Liberties 1951-1960
Annual reports of the American Civil Liberties Union.
2 Civil Liberties, Correspondence, note cards 1960-1961
3 Civil Liberties, Texas Civil Liberties Union 1971
Newspaper clipping, statement, legislative bulletins.
4 Civil Rights 1944, 1963, 1971, undated
Booklet, reports, correspondence, copy of H.B. 796, newspaper clippings.
5 Code of Ethics 1971
Correspondence between Lloyd Willard and state legislators.
6 Connally, Senator Tom 1944-1951
7 Connally Resolution undated
Note cards.
8 Conservative Organizations and Propaganda 1949-1961, undated
Typescripts, newsletters, correspondence, bulletins, news releases, statements.
9 Conservative Organizations and Propaganda 1949-1955, undated
Leaflets, pamphlets, reprints, newspaper clippings.
10 Conservative Organizations and Propaganda 1952-1956, undated
Booklets, journals, reprint.
Box Folder
6 1 Convention, 1944 1944, undated
Newspaper clippings.
2 Correspondence, General 1945-1949
3 Correspondence, General 1952-1959
4 Correspondence, General 1960-1969
5 Correspondence, General 1970-1975
6 Creighton, Thomas W. 1966-1967
Correspondence, Legislative Opinion Reports, notes.
7 Democratic National Convention 1944
8 Democratic National Convention 1952
Lists of delegates.
9 Democratic Organizing Committee 1956-1959, undated
Correspondence, Democratic Platform, resolutions, news release, agenda, lists, precinct materials, songs.
10 Democratic Party of Texas 1952, 1955
Analyses of political activity in Texas.
11 Democrats of Texas
Correspondence, rules, report, constitution, speech, newsletter, bulletins, clippings, delegate lists, 1957-1959, undated (Galley sheet, "The Story of the Democrats of Texas", 1957 is in Oversize Box 147)
12 Dissenting Democrats of Texas 1968
Correspondence, leaflets, mailing about Senator McCarthy.
13 Dollars for Democrats 1956
Correspondence, lists of precinct leaders, precincts and active Democrats.
14 Douglas, Helen Gahagan (U.S. Representative - California)
Correspondence, bulletin, speeches, newspaper clippings, lists, photographs, 1946-1953 (See scrapbook in Oversize Box 151)
Box Folder
7 1 Dugger, Ronnie
Correspondence, typescript report about Senator Lyndon Johnson, 1956-1964, undated (See also: Texas Observer, 239-19-10)
2 Education 1949-1955, undated
Correspondence, pamphlets, booklets, petition, reprints.
3 Education, Integration 1954-1955
Correspondence, speech, booklets, newspaper clippings.
4 The Education of Women for Social and Political Leadership 1969, 1971.
Symposium programs and materials.
5 Edwards, India 1950-1953
6 Election Code undated
Copy of bill, untitled.
7 Election Code (S.B. 987) 1969-1970, 1975, undated
Copy of bill, correspondence, newsletters, graph, maps.
8 Election Code 1967, 1973
Bill summaries and analyses, correspondence, statement copy of S.B. 697, list of bills, newspaper clippings.
Box Folder
8 1 Election Code Information from Schieffer 1973
Correspondence, notes, bill summaries and analyses, photocopied materials.
2 Election Code Revision 1966-1973
Correspondence, notes, paper on voter registration, newsletters.
3 Election Law Study Committee 1965
Supplement to House Journal, 1951, Committee report.
4 Election Law Study Committee 1966
Subcommittee report.
5 Emergency Peace Campaign 1937
Handbook, poem, newspaper clippings, speakers outline.
6 Enviromental and Housing Issues 1971
Correspondence, newsletter, leaflet.
7 Establishment Democrats 1962-1963
Correspondence, program, meeting notice, Young Democratic Club materials, clippings.
8 Farm Land Tax Amendment 1970
Correspondence, pamphlets, notes, newspaper clippings.
9 Farm Worker Emergency Relief Fund 1968-1972
Correspondence, fact sheets, statements, newsletter (The California Migrant Ministry).
10 Fascism and Communism 1945-1956
Correspondence, fact sheets, newsletters, article reprints, newspaper clippings, statistics, pamphlets, leaflets.
Box Folder
9 1 Fascism and Communism 1946-1953
Booklets, government documents.
2 Finances 1957-1968
Correspondence, financial records.
3 Fiscal Policy (U.S.) 1939-1951, undated
Printed materials, study, statement, charts.
4 Foreign Policy 1939-1948
Speeches, reports, reprinted articles, periodicals.
5 Foreign Policy 1948-1954, undated
Reports, reprinted articles, newsletters, speeches, leaflets.
6 Foreign Policy 1942-1946
Booklets, pamphlets.
Box Folder
10 1 Foreign Policy 1948-1955
Booklets, pamphlets.
2 Fort Worth Democratic Club (Shrivercrat Activity) 1953-1955, undated
Correspondence, newspaper clippings.
3 Friends of Democracy's Battle 1949-1950
4 Fuller, Helen (Managing Editor of the New Republic) 1952-1966, undated
Correspondence, copy of New Republic.
5 Holiday, Rev. C.A. 1963
Letter, newspaper clippings.
6 Johnson, Lyndon
Correspondence, newsletters, 1946-1953 (See also: 239-2-3, 239-7-1, 239-16-13)
7 Johnson, Lyndon 1954-1959
Correspondence, speech, newsletter.
8 Johnson, Lyndon 1960-1965, undated
Correspondence, Inaugural invitation, leaflets, notes, L.B.J. Organizers, precinct organization materials.
9 Johnson, Lyndon 1954-1967, undated
Newspaper clippings.
10 Kennard, Don 1969-1970, undated
Correspondence, programs.
11 Kennedy, John F. 1957, 1960, undated
Correspondence, printed material.
12 Kennedy's Texas Trip 1960, 1963
Correspondence, newsletter, prayer, newspaper clippings, photograph.
13 Labor 1938-1947, undated
Print material, reports, letter, flyer.
Box Folder
11 1 Labor 1948-1952, undated
Printed material, notes.
2 Labor 1955-1963, undated
Correspondence, printed material, survey.
3 League of Women Voters 1940-1953, undated
Printed material, notes.
4 Legislation (61st session) 1969, undated
Correspondence, notes, voting statistics.
5 Legislation 1973
Newspaper clippings.
6 Legislative Information System of Texas 1975
List of legislation.
7 Legislature (60th) 1966-1967
Newspaper clippings, report, printed material.
8 Letters to the Editor 1946-1960, undated
Correspondence, personal statement, clippings, The Nation, drafts of letters.
9 Liberal Organizations 1949-1952, undated
Correspondence, printed material.
10 Liberal Organizations 1953-1958, undated
Correspondence, printed material.
11 Liberal Organizations 1963-1967, undated
Correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, charts, ribbon, resolutions, printed material.
Box Folder
12 1 Liberal Organizations 1946-1965, undated
Printed material.
2 Libraries 1945-1976
Correspondence, bibliography, lists, printed material.
3 Local Officials (County) 1963
Letter, newspaper clippings.
4 Lumber 1959
Newspaper clippings, copy of H.B. 158.
5 McCarthy, Eugene 1967-1968
Correspondence, lists of supporters, campaign materials, bumper stickers, note cards, campaign ribbon.
6 McCarthy, Eugene 1968
Newspaper clippings.
7 McCarthyism 1952-1955, undated
Printed material, speeches, letters.
8 McCarthyism 1953-1954, undated
Newspaper clippings.
9 Medical Care 1950-1955
Printed material.
10 Military Industrial Complex 1969
Newspaper clippings.
11 Mitchell, Stephen A. 1952-1953, undated
Correspondence, newspaper clipping, news release.
12 National Economic Policy 1940-1950, undated
Essay, printed material.
13 National Health Insurance 1943-1950, undated
Printed material.
14 National Politics 1945-1946
Correspondence, news release, newspaper clippings, bulletins, printed material.
15 National Politics 1962-1963
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, postcard of President Kennedy.
Box Folder
13 1 National Voter 1951-1958
Newsletters of the League of Women Voters of the U.S.
2 Neighborhood Action, Inc. 1967, undated
Correspondence, minutes, personnel policy, calendar, newspaper clippings, bulletin.
3 O'Connor, Harvey 1953-1955
Correspondence, photograph, printed material.
4 Party Membership Bills 1967, undated
Discussions of proposed bills, list, newspaper clipping.
5 Peace and Oil 1971
Correspondence, printed material, note cards.
6 The People's Business (Weekly newspaper) 1946
7 The People's Legislative Committee 1946, 1948-1949
Correspondence, pamphlets, newspaper clippings.
8 Politics Before 1951 1945-1951
Correspondence, data on national issues, resolutions, catalog, notes.
9 Poll Tax Repeal 1963
Correspondence, newspaper clippings.
10 Poll Watchers 1964
List, election code.
11 Pool Bill 1957
Correspondence, newspaper clippings.
12 Precinct Analyses 1952-1956
Box Folder
14 1 Precinct Analyses 1954-1958
2 Precinct Analyses 1958-1959
3 Precinct Chairmen 1956
4 Precinct Chairmen 1966
5 Precinct Chairmen Races 1963-1964
6 Precinct Conventions 1948-1954
Resolutions, reports, statistics, lists.
7 Precinct Conventions 1968, undated
Name cards, news releases, correspondence, description of a precinct convention, resolutions, notes, printed material, 45rpm record ("A Democratic Precinct Convention").
8 Precinct Leaders 1956-1962
Correspondence, lists.
9 Precinct Statistics 1952-1956
Lists, song, statistics.
10 Precinct Statistics 1958
11 Precinct Statistics 1958-1960
12 Precincts 1966
Lists, blockworker materials, maps, newspaper clippings.
13 Primaries 1966
Correspondence, printed material, bumper sticker, statistics.
Box Folder
15 1 Primary Convention 1956
Minutes, resolutions, pace lists, returns.
2 Primary Returns 1957, 1962
3 Pro America Women 1954
Lists, note cards.
4 Proposed Bill to Elect Senatorial District Chairmen 1967
5 Race Relations 1943-1947, undated
Printed material.
6 Race Relations 1953-1955, undated
Correspondence, printed material.
7 Race Relations 1955-1956, undated
Printed material, notes.
8 Race Relations 1962-1966, undated
Printed material.
9 Rainey, Homer P.
Correspondence, 1944-1947 (Includes Women's Committee for Educational Freedom materials)
10 Rainey, Homer P. 1945-1946
Box Folder
16 1 Rainey, Homer P. 1944-1947
Printed material.
2 Rainey, Homer P. 1945-1946
The State Observer, printed material.
3 Rainey, Homer P. approximately 1944-1945
Newspaper clippings.
4 Public Housing 1944-1945
Reports, correspondence.
5 Randolph (Mrs. R.D.) Meeting 1957
Correspondence, lists.
6 Rayburn (Sam) Dinner 1955
7 The Reeder School, Inc. undated
Correspondence, program.
8 Republicans 1952-1955
Correspondence, song sheets, magazine articles, newspaper clippings.
9 Republicans 1962-1963
Correspondence, brochures, newsletter, newspaper clippings.
10 Right Wing Propaganda 1946-1948
Printed material.
11 Rogers, Hamilton 1953-1954, 1956
Petition, lists.
12 Roosevelt, Franklin 1940-1945
Certificates, leaflets, sheet music.
13 Scientists and Engineers for Johnson and Humphrey 1963-1964
Brochures, speech transcript.
14 Sid Richardson Foundation 1961
15 Skelton, Byron 1957, 1961
16 South Side Democratic Club 1958, 1964
Box Folder
17 1 Special Senatorial Election 1957
Correspondence, lists, printed material.
2 Speeches undated
Speeches on note cards, handwritten drafts, and typescripts about Texas constitutional reform and the Democratic Party.
3 State Democratic Convention 1970
Newspaper clippings.
4 State Legislation 1946-1947
Correspondence, report, bulletin, booklets, leaflets, statement, floor plan of the House, newspaper clippings.
5 State Politics 1958, 1962-1963
Correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, John Connally sticker, printed material.
6 Stevenson, Adlai 1952-1957, undated
Correspondence, speeches, leaflet, Stevenson sticker, printed material, (Includes Democratic National Committee correspondence).
7 Taft-Hartley Act 1953-1954
Statement, newspaper clippings, magazine.
8 Tarrant County Democratic Convention 1944
Platform, order of business, resolutions, minutes, list, report, notes.
9 Tarrant County Democratic Convention approximately 1946
Lists of delegates.
10 Tarrant County Democratic Convention 1956
Correspondence, minutes, lists of delegates, resolutions, agenda, order of business.
11 Tarrant County Democratic Convention 1958
Minutes, lists of precinct leaders, letter, voting statistics, newspaper clippings, resolutions, note cards.
Box Folder
18 1 Tarrant County Democratic Convention 1962
Political analyses, statistics, lists, letter, convention instructions.
2 Tarrant County Democratic Convention 1964
Political calendar, Democratic platform, newspaper clippings.
3 Tarrant County Democratic Convention 1964, 1966
Voting statistics, essay, resolutions, delegate lists, newspaper clippings.
4 Tarrant County Democratic Executive Committee 1944, 1946
Reports, resolutions, minutes, manual, note cards, correspondence.
5 Tarrant County Democratic Executive Committee 1954, 1956
Correspondence, minutes, lists, newspaper clippings, convention analysis, precinct materials.
6 Tarrant County Democratic Executive Committee approximately 1960-1966
Correspondence, lists, resolutions, convention materials, report, news release, printed material.
7 Tarrant County Democratic Organizing Committee 1952-1956
Correspondence, lists, minutes, printed material, receipts.
8 Tarrant County Democratic Organizing Committee 1957-1958
Correspondence, reports, constitution, lists, agenda, notes.
9 Tarrant County Democratic Organizing Committee 1959
Correspondence, lists, bulletin.
10 Tarrant County Democratic Organizing Committee 1961-1962
Correspondence, lists, pamphlet, order of business.
11 Tarrant County Democratic Organizing Committee 1964-1967
Correspondence, lists, minutes, constitution, description of organization, newsletters, petition.
Box Folder
19 1 Tarrant County Democratic Organizing Committee 1968-1974, undated
Correspondence, minutes, lists, constitutions, statistics, notes, Democratic party platform and rules.
2 Tarrant County Democratic Women's Club 1944-1949
Correspondence, membership card, receipts, minutes, notes, by-laws, lists of members, The Democratic Digest (contains photograph of Mrs. Carter).
3 Tarrant County Democratic Women's Club 1950-1951
Correspondence, by-laws, newspaper clippings, program, poster, receipt, biographtical sketches of prominent U.S. women.
4 Tarrant County Democratic Women's Club 1953-1954
Correspondence, printed material, Know Your State surveys.
5 Tarrant County Democratic Women's Club 1960-1973, undated
Correspondence, resolutions, printed material, lists, photograph.
6 Taxation and Fiscal Policy 1951-1954, undated
Printed material.
7 Taylor, Glen 1947
Letter, printed material.
8 Texas Democratic Women's State Committee 1953-1967, undated
Correspondence, brochures, constitution and by-laws, printed material, Minnie Fisher Cunningham materials.
9 Texas Liberal Democrats 1964-1968, undated
Correspondence, constitutions, typescript of magazine article, printed material, notes, map at districts 10 and 12, receipts, lists of contributions, reports.
10 Texas Observer 1954-1955
Correspondence (including tenative plan to organize the newspaper and personal background information about the first editor, Ronnie Dugger), newspaper clipping.
Box Folder
20 1 Texas Social and Legislative Conference 1946-1950
Correspondence, minutes, legislative program, printed material, Marion Storm obituary.
2 The Texas Spectator 1947-1948, undated
Correspondence, cartoon, reports, printed material.
3 Tidelands 1950-1953
Correspondence, printed material.
4 Tomlinson, Homer 1953
Copy of letter written about Tomlinson.
5 United Nations Organization 1944-1949
Printed material about UNESCO, the Breton Woods Agreements, and the Nation Associates.
6 Vietnam 1966-1967
Correspondence, Vietnam speech and drafts, printed material.
7 Voter Registration 1966-1968
Studies, report, procedures, copy of S.B. No. 1, voter's kit, newspaper clippings.
8 Voting Machines 1962-1968, undated
Correspondence, analysis, printed material, notes.
9 Voting Machines 1969-1973
Correspondence, procedures, survey, analyses, notes, studies, printed material.
10 Voting Records 1943-1948
Printed Material.
Box Folder
21 1 Welfare Amendment Campaign 1969, undated
Correspondence, news release, financial reports, studies, lists, printed material.
2 Welfare Reform 1970-1971
Correspondence, receipt, newspaper clippings.
3 Women Democrats 1926, 1945-1949, undated
Correspondence, printed material.
4 Women's Committee for Educational Freedom 1945-1947, undated
Correspondence, minutes, list of membership, news release.
5 A World Trade Policy in the National Interest 1957-1958
Printed material.
6 Wright, Congressman Jim 1954-1970
Correspondence, newsletters, photographs, printed material.
7 Yarborough, Senator Ralph 1957-1963
Correspondence, bumper stickers, statement, news release, newsletter, newspaper clippings, printed material.
8 Yarborough, Senator Ralph 1964-1970, undated
Correspondence, printed material, newsletters, lists, articles of association.
9 Yarborough Precinct Figures 1954-1961
Box Folder
22 1 Young Democratic Club of Tarrant County 1945-1948, undated
Correspondence, speeches, radio script, resolutions, minutes, constitutions, printed material, studies.
2 Young Democratic Club of Tarrant County 1945-1946, undated
Membership lists.
3 Young Democratic Club of Tarrant County 1945
Membership receipts.
4 Young Democratic Clubs of America 1945-1946
Newsletters, address, program, correspondence, constitution, minutes, newspaper clippings, charter application.
5 Young Democratic Clubs of Texas 1967
Letter, resolution.

Series II. Miscellaneous Files

Box Folder
22 6 Miscellaneous 1944-1946
Lists of precinct chairmen, voters, and candidates
7 Miscellaneous 1948-1954
Printed material, resolution
8 Miscellaneous 1960-1969
Printed material, orders of impoundment, statistics, essay
9 Miscellaneous 1972-1974
Report, lists, telephone questionnaire, notes
10 Miscellaneous undated
Printed material, lists, notes, essays
Box Folder
23 1 Miscellaneous, names and addresses on index cards undated

Series III. Newspaper Clippings

Box Folder
23 2 Newspaper clippings 1945-1955
3 Newspaper clippings 1957-1975
4 Newspaper clippings 1960-1961
5 Newspaper clippings 1964
6 Newspaper clippings undated
7 Newspaper clippings undated

Series IV. Oversize and Memorabilia

Box Folder
23 8 Term Paper: "Margaret Carter, Crusader for Reform" 1981
Box Folder
OS147 7 Newspapers, posters, speech, newsletters, galley sheet, tabulation of election returns 1939-1976
(scattered dates)
Box Folder
OS151 5 Political Buttons (5), Johnson-Humphrey, McCarthy approximately 1964, 1968
6 Political Posters 1946-1950 (9)
7 Map of Tarrant County 1963
8 Scrapbook, Representative Helen Gahagan Douglas 1947
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs.
Box Folder
OS154 1 Newspapers and oversize newspaper clippings 1938-1973