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Carl P. Brannin Papers:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Brannin, Carl P., 1888-1985
Title: Carl P. Brannin Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1904-1987
Abstract: Brannin was a journalist and social activist and was active in politics, labor union organizing, and the civil rights movement. He was a charter member of the American Civil Liberties Union and an organizer of the Dallas Civil Liberties Union. Brannin’s papers focus on the Dallas Civil Liberties Union but also include personal materials, records of the Texas Civil Liberties Union, and records of the American Civil Liberties Union.
Identification: AR285
Extent: 12 boxes (4.75 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Biographical Note

Brannin, born in Cisco, Texas, was a longtime resident of Dallas. A journalist and social activist, Brannin along with his wife, Laura, was active in politics, labor union organizing, and the civil rights movement. He was a charter member of the American Civil Liberties Union (founded in 1920) and an organizer of the Dallas Civil Liberties Union (founded in 1962).

Carl Brannin was a lifelong protestor, social activist and civil libertarian. Economist Henry George was his mentor, but he was also influenced by the writings of Upton Sinclair, some of which may be found in Box 9. Mr. Brannin ran as the socialist candidate for governor of Texas in 1936 and was a charter member of the Dallas chapters of the American Civil Liberties Union and the Americans for Democratic Action. He was also involved with Clergy and Laymen Concerned about Vietnam, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, the Southern Leadership Conference and the Unitarian Church. He was a tireless writer of letters to the editor, many of which are reprinted in the book Dissenting Opinion (Box 4). Mr. Brannin's extensive travels are reflected in the files for his trips to Alaska, England, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Spain, Chile and Cuba. On Being Concerned, a biography of Carl Brannin and his wife Laura, is in Box 7.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, minutes, financial records, speeches, newspaper clippings, newsletters, constitutions, reports, rosters, press releases, notes, and miscellaneous printed material. Brannin’s papers focus on the Dallas Civil Liberties Union during the period that he served as member of the Board of Directors, membership chairman, and secretary, 1962-1974, but also include personal materials, records of the Texas Civil Liberties Union, 1964-1974, and records of the American Civil Liberties Union, 1954-1974, including their periodical, Civil Liberties. A folder of the Dallas Civil Liberties Union records contains clippings, letters, and notes on the Lee Harvey Oswald case, describing events after the Kennedy assassination and after Oswald’s death.



Material retained was sorted by subject and document type and arranged into four series. Folders were arranged alphabetically within each series and the material within each folder placed in chronological order.
  • Series I. Personal Papers
  • Series II. American Civil Liberties Union
  • Series III. Chile
  • Series IV. Cuba



Open for research.

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Index Terms

These materials are indexed under the following headings in the catalog of The University of Texas at Arlington Library. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Brannin, Carl, 1888-1985--Archives.
Oswald, Lee Harvey.
Dallas Civil Liberties Union--Records and correspondence.
Texas Civil Liberties Union--Records and correspondence.
American Civil Liberties Union--Records and correspondence.
Civil rights--Texas--Dallas--Sources.
Civil rights--Texas--Sources.
Dallas (Tex.)--Politics and government--Sources.
Alternate Titles
Texas Labor Archives
Texas Civil Liberties Union, Dallas Chapter

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Separated Material

AR82: Carl P. Brannin Papers, 1957-1973

AR91: Carl P. Brannin Papers, 1915-1974

All duplicate material was discarded. Most of the books were either transferred to Special Collections or sent to Collection Development for possible addition to the circulating collection (see holding file for lists). Miscellaneous newspaper and magazines were discarded (see holding file for lists). Twenty-eight issues of the Dallas News (Iconoclast) from 1971-1975 and 6 issues of 4 Walls from 1975-1977 were transferred to Special Collections. Newspapers and magazines containing articles on the assassination of President Kennedy were added to Collection 188. Publications of the Unitarian Church were discarded. Twelve posters were forwarded to the librarian in charge of minority materials. Newspaper clippings were photocopied and the original clippings discarded.

Administrative Information


Carl P. Brannin Papers, AR285, Box Number, Folder Number, The University of Texas at Arlington Library Special Collections.


Gift, 1979.

Processing Information

The collection, when received, consisted of 17 partially filled record center boxes containing a hodgepodge of newspaper clippings, correspondence, pamphlets, books, and so forth.

Container List


Series I. Personal Papers

Box Folder
1 1 Americans for Democratic Action 1948-1974, undated
Report, constitution and by-laws, letter, newspaper articles, notes, pamphlets.
2 Americans for Democratic Action, Dallas Chapter 1947, 1951-1961, undated
Charter, invitations, notices, correspondence, newspaper clippings, telegram, statement, memoranda, flyer, "The Story of Dallas ADA", list of expenses, cards.
3 Americans for Democratic Action, Dallas Chapter 1953-1964, undated
4 Americans for Democratic Action, Dallas Chapter 1953-1954
Newsletters, bulletins.
5 Americans for Democratic Action, Dallas Chapter, Executive Board Meeting 1954-1956, 1961
6 Americans for Democratic Action, Dallas Chapter, General Meeting 1954-1956
7 Appreciation Dinner March 18, 1977
8 Saul Baernstein 1969-1973, undated
Correspondence, bibliography of Saul Baernstein's professional papers, mailing list.
9 Baldwin, Roger 1953, 1964, 1968-1971
Profiles, correspondence, biographical notes, newspaper clipping.
10 Barnes, Harry Elmer 1958, 1963
11 Bigelow, Herbert S. 1957, 1961, 1974
Biography, note, newspaper clipping, letter.
12 Biographical Material 1961-1965
Notes of meeting with C. Brannin, and Carl Brannin in the Pacific Northwest 1926-1922 and 1925-1933, 1984
13 John Birch Society 1961-1963, undated
Pamphlets, newspaper clippings, excerpt from Congressional Record, report, statement of purposes and activities.
14 Books (excerpts) 1922, 1968, undated
"The Case of Anton Karachum", "Eleven Years in Soviet Prison Camps", copy of inscription, "An Atheist's Apology".
15 Book Reviews 1934, 1945, 1961-1975
16 Braden, Carl 1961-1975
Petition, obituaries, program for memorial service, correspondence.
17 Carl Brannin Verses Wilson Speir Lawsuit 1974-1975, undated
Newspaper clippings, statement, resolution, legal documents, "Monthly Action Reports", correspondence, testimony, TV commentary, newsletter.
18 Carl Brannin (articles about) 1971-1977
Box Folder
2 1 Carl Brannin (articles by) 1922, 1934, 1975, undated
2 Carl Brannin Memorial 1985, undated
Obituary, pamphlets, an address, "The Citizen Articulate", tape, correspondence.
3 Laura Haeckl Brannin 1965, undated
Note, poems, memorial addresses, memorial announcement, correspondence, 1965 yearbook.
4 Bridwell Library (SMU) 1965-1966, undated
Book plates, correspondence, lists, broadside, excerpt from book.
5 Brannin, Stephen Bruce 1958
Newspaper clippings.
6 Cards 1931-1975
7 Cartoons 1933-1939
8 Cartoons 1940-1968, undated
9 Catholic Inter-Racial Council Award 1968, undated
Pamphlet, announcement, newspaper clippings, excerpt from church newsletter, program, benedictions, cards, speeches, correspondence, lyric.
10 Central Intelligence Agency 1977-1978
Newspaper clippings, correspondence.
11 Channel 13 "Newsroom" 1970-1976
Correspondence, notes, magnet tape profile of Laura and Carl Brannin, feedback on "Newsroom Profile", newspaper clippings, cassette tapes, script.
Box Folder
3 1 Civil Liberties 1964, undated
Handbook, article.
2 Clergy and Laymen Concerned (Dallas Peace Committee) 1969-1973, undated
Speeches, newsletter, invitation, notice, letter, flyers.
3 Communism 1954, 1961-1973, undated
Addresses, report, copies of articles, commentary, excerpt from the Congressional Record, leaflets, newsletter, newspaper clippings.
4 Commonwealth College 1933-1934
Catalog supplement, newsletter.
5 Constitution undated
Excerpt from the Congressional Record, pamphlets, presidential election guide, excerpts, brochure.
6 Correspondence 1934-1958
7 Correspondence 1960-1965
8 Correspondence 1966-1969
Coreespondence, expense report, telegram.
9 Correspondence 1970-1973
10 Correspondence 1974-1978, undated
Correspondence, bulletin.
11 Correspondence (Miscellaneous) undated
Box Folder
4 1 Dallas 1962-1969, undated
Newsletter, newspaper supplement, news report, magazine article, newspaper clipping, letter.
2 Dallas Committee for a Peaceful Solution in Vietnam 1967
List of instructions, flyer.
3 Dallas Committee for Democratic Action 1946-1947, undated
(See also: Americans for Democratic Action, Dallas Chapter) - Proposed draft of constitution, minutes, committee list, newsletter, recommendations, platform.
4 Dallas Community Conference undated
Note, pamphlet.
5 Dallas Educational Film Committee 1961-1964, undated
Correspondence, transcript, report.
6 Dallas Independent School District 1955-1967, undated
Newspaper clippings, correspondence, recommendation, newsletter, card, flyer, enrollment policies, survey sheet, note, fact sheet, list of standards for transfer.
7 Dallas Independent School District Dossier 1976
7 Dallas Peace Committee
(See Clergy and Laity Concerned)
8 Dallas Public Library Exhibit Honoring Carl Brannin 1976, undated
News release, letter, photographs.
9 Death Penalty 1966-1977
Petition, newspaper clippings, bulletin.
10 Debs, Theodore and Eugene 1919, 1930, 1935
Letter, biographies.
11 Miriam de Ford (Mrs. Maynard Shipley) 1961-1975, undated
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, card, notes, book review.
12 The Depression 1975, undated
Pamphlet, newspaper clippings.
13 Disarmament 1962-1963, undated
Newspaper clippings, pamphlet, bill, newsletter, excerpt from speech.
14 Dissenting Opinion 1969-1977
Correspondence, commentary, book.
Box Folder
5 1 Donations (Books and Periodicals) 1965-1978, undated
Correspondence, lists.
2 Donations (Cash) 1958-1977, undated
Correspondence, newspaper clippings.
3 Education / Vocational Education 1961-1977, undated
Reprint of article, newspaper clippings, newsletter, minutes, description of Dallas Vocational School, report, petition, letter.
4 Edwards, George 1961-1977
Correspondence, newspaper clipping, list of bequests.
5 Edwards, George Clifton 1919, 1937, 1947-1977
Articles, newspaper clippings, correspondence, statement, testimonials, eulogy, excerpt from memoir, memorandum, notice of hearing, news release, newsletters.
6 Farm Labor 1920, 1955-1976, undated
Newspaper clippings, articles, pamphlets, report, newsletters, address, flyers.
7 Farmer-Labor Party 1922, 1938, undated
Campaign, book, pamphlet, periodical.
8 Fascism 1950, undated
Excerpt from Congressional Record, articles.
9 Flag Law 1970-1974
Newspaper clippings.
10 Free Speech 1915, 1920, 1964
11 George, Henry 1966
12 Gonzales, Henry 1957-1958, undated
Newspaper clippings, lists, financial statements, correspondence, note, bumper sticker, leaflet.
13 Highlander Folk School 1959, undated
Address, sermon.
14 Honors 1963-1977, undated
Certificate, lists, photograph, announcement, newspaper article, newspaper clippings, invitation, tributes.
15 Hoover, J. Edgar [1964], 1975
Article, newspaper clipping.
16 HUAC (House Un-American Activities Committee) 1952-1968, undated
Lists, pamphlet, newspaper clippings, fund raising, letter, correspondence, appendix to hearings, bulletin, special supplement, order blank, notice.
16 Jails
(See Prisons)
17 Johnson, Lyndon B. 1964-1967, undated
Article, newsletter, newspaper clippings, essay.
Box Folder
6 1 Kennedy Assassination 1963-1964, 1973
Notice, invitation, newspaper clippings, handbills, transcript, magazines editorials, articles, newsletter.
2 Labor 1924-1937, 1953-1977, undated
Correspondence, ticket, newspaper clippings, newsletters, article, invitation, minutes, booklet, pamphlet, bulletins.
3 Lambert, George 1975, undated
Biography, eulogy.
4 League for Industrial Democracy 1936, undated
Pamphlet, newspaper clippings.
5 Legal Cases 1943-1974, undated
newspaper clippings, pamphlets, article.
6 Letters to the Editor 1925, 1933-1938, undated
7 Letters to the Editor [1940]-1946
8 Letters to the Editor [1950]-1959, 1974
9 Letters to the Editor 1960-1965
10 Letters to the Editor 1966-1969
11 Letters to the Editor 1970-1978
12 Letters to the Editor (not published) 1933-1974, undated
Box Folder
7 1 McCarran Act 1963, undated
Excerpt from newsletter, statement, pamphlets.
2 McCormick, Harry 1966, undated
Newspaper clippings, note, articles, correspondence, tributes, essay.
3 Mexican Trip 1922-1923
4 Miscellaneous 1934-1978, undated
Articles, newspaper clippings, address, pamphlets, certificates, list, note, newsletters, essay, label, photographs, program, bumper sticker, letter, travel notes.
5 Mooney, Tom 1931, 1935
6 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 1948, 1957-1969, undated
Pamphlets, essays, correspondence, newspaper clipping, article, booklet.
7 Nuclear Power 1961, 1978, undated
Newspaper clippings, booklet, bumper sticker.
8 Obituaries 1960-1974, undated
9 O'Connor, Harvey 1953-1963, undated
Pamphlet, correspondence, news release, copies of book covers.
10 Olan, Rabbi Levi A. 1962-1969
11 Ombudsman 1963-1964, undated
Commentary, memorandum, interview, remarks, notice.
12 On Being Concerned (See also De Ford, Miriam) 1966-1974, undated
Correspondence, contract, statement, list of expenses, proof sheets, church newsletter, note, book review, purchase order, book.
13 "Operation Abolition" (See also H.U.A.C.) 1961, undated
Newspaper clippings, article, correspondence, news release, pamphlet.
14 Personal 1906, 1915-1977, undated
Correspondence, conference ribbon, newspaper clippings, certificates, membership book, diploma, poem, pamphlets, quotation, newsletter, invitation to inauguration of Jimmy Carter, cards, blank form.
15 Photographs 1920, 1977, undated
16 Plumb Plan 1919
Newspaper article.
17 Poems 1917-1975, undated
18 Police Brutality 1965, 1970-1974
Sermon, newspaper clippings, article.
Box Folder
8 1 Political (Miscellaneous) 1953-1976, undated
Map, flyers, card, correspondence, slate, fact sheet, post card, pamphlets, leaflets, buttons, bumper stickers, book mark.
2 Political Material 1944-1976, n.d
Article, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, newsletter, correspondence, campaign platforms, news release, pamphlets, excerpts from script, card.
3 Postcards 1924-1976, undated
4 Prisons / Jails 1958-1977, undated
Pamphlet, newspaper clippings, notice.
5 Promoting Enduring Peace 1967-1977, undated
Reprints of articles, letter, order forms, cards, announcement.
6 Racial Affairs 1954-1987, undated
Newspaper clippings, articles, speeches, correspondence, newsletter, booklets, bulletin, directory, annual report, notices.
7 Racial Leaflets undated
8 Radical Groups 1962-1963
Newspaper clippings, magazine, excerpt from Congressional Record.
9 Rainey, Homer 1945
Newspaper clippings.
10 Religion 1967-1977, undated
Essays, booklet, article, transcript, excerpts from book, newspaper clipping.
11 Right-Wing Groups 1956-1966, undated
Pamphlets, bulletin, newspaper clippings, poster, flyer.
12 Roosevelt Day Dinner 1953-1954
Newsletter, reports, newspaper clippings, photographs.
13 Roosevelt Day Dinner 1955-1956, undated
Requisitions, correspondence, minutes, budgets, reservation, announcements, schedule, programs, photographs, certificates, seating arrangements, news release, financial reports, constitution and by-laws, balance sheets, note, lists, poster.
14 Roosevelt Day Dinner 1958, undated
Correspondence, newspaper clippings, tickets, photographs, note, flyers.
15 Roosevelt Day Dinner 1961, undated
Correspondence, lists, notice, newspaper clippings, financial statement.
16 Roosevelt Day Dinner (Miscellaneous) 1953-1963, undated
Correspondence, announcements, financial report, lists, telephone list.
17 Russia 1927, 1932, undated
Newspaper clippings.
Box Folder
9 1 Sacco-Vanzetti 1952, 1960, undated
Article, newspaper clippings, letter, cartoon.
2 Sims / Davis Rape Trial 1961-1962, 1968, undated
Newspaper clippings, correspondence, pamphlet, notes, essay, commentary.
3 Sinclair, Upton - The Brass Check, The Goslings, Letters to Judd, Upton Sinclair: Biographical and Critical Opinions 1921, 1924, undated
advertising leaflets, announcement.
4 Socialism 1936, 1973-1977, undated
Newspaper clippings, list of Socialist Party nominees and platform, description of socialist funeral service, articles, booklets, flyer, poster, letterhead stationery.
5 Socialist Pamphlets 1904, 1918, 1920, 1929, 1931, 1932, 1937, undated
6 Southern Conference Educational Fund Inc. 1948-1965, [1967-1972], undated
Declaration of Civil Rights, articles, pamphlets, newsletter, newspaper clippings, news releases, correspondence, fact sheets, post card, questionnaire excerpt from legal dissent.
7 Southern Methodist University 1954, 1967-1969, 1978
Paper, newspaper clippings, underground school newspaper.
8 Taxes 1952-1964, 1977
Pamphlets, article, newspaper clippings, correspondence, newsletters, excerpts from Congressional Record, news releases.
9 Thursday Luncheon Club 1964-1966
10 Travel (Alaska) 1963, undated
Correspondence, flight schedule, tickets, brochure.
11 Travel (England) 1970, undated
12 Travel (Israel) 1967-1968, undated
Postcard, maps, pamphlets.
Box Folder
10 1 Travel (Japan) 1968, undated
Post cards, photographs.
2 Travel (Mexico) 1962, 1964, undated
Pamphlet, photograph, notice, post card, blank form.
3 Travel (Miscellaneous) 1961-1968, undated
Post card, articles, photographs, letter card, pamphlets, tickets, note, receipt, newspaper clippings, correspondence, essay.
4 Travel (Russia) 1925, 1967-1968
Correspondence, article, newspaper clippings.
5 Travel (Spain) 1969, undated
Cards, post cards, ticket, pamphlets, receipt, map.
6 Unemployment 1912, 1934-1935, 1975
Journal, newspaper clippings, constitution, excerpt from House Journal, notes, article.
7 Unitarian Church 1946-1978, undated
Pamphlets, correspondence, newsletters, newspaper clippings, sermon, minutes, announcement, articles, address, leaflet.
8 Unitarian-Universalist Migrant Ministry 1976, undated
Correspondence, article.
9 United Nations 1962, 1965, undated
Excerpt from Congressional Record, pamphlets, letter, essay.
10 University of Texas Controversy 1944
Testimony statement.
11 Vietnam 1967-1969, 1976-1977, undated
Newspaper clippings, articles, notice of annual luncheon, newsletter, correspondence, advertisement, order forms.
11 Vocational Education
(See Education)
12 W.R.R. Interview 1975
13 War Resistance / Peace 1965-1972, undated
Newsletters, article, pamphlets, invoice, form letter, report, leaflets, order forms.
14 Zioncheck, Marion A. 1934, 1938, 1966, 1974
Newspaper clippings, list, letter.


Series II. American Civil Liberties Union

Box Folder
11 1 American Civil Liberties Foundation of Texas, Inc. 1971, 1975, 1976
List, foundation reports.
2 American Civil Liberties Union 1953-1974, undated
Article, pamphlet, newspaper clippings, flyer, correspondence, minutes, agenda, unaudited report, newsletters, memoranda, amendment, ballot.
3 American Civil Liberties Union: Annual Report 1957-1958, 1970-1971, 1975
4 American Civil Liberties Union: Pamphlets 1930-1973, undated
5 Dallas Civil Liberties Union 1962-1974, undated
Correspondence, newsletters, list, telephone marketing instructions, invitation, newspaper clippings, memorandum, notices, minutes, note, news report, flyers, pamphlet.
6 Dallas Civil Liberties Union: Board Meetings 1969-1974, undated
7 Other Affiliates 1972, 1967, undated
Pamphlets, letter, list, card.
8 Texas Civil Liberties 1969-1972, undated
Correspondence, proposal, news releases, minutes, summary of Senate Bill 56, budgets, legislative bulletins.
9 Texas Civil Liberties Union: Monthly Action Report 1973-1977


Series III. Chile

Box Folder
11 10 Articles 1972-1975
Newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, articles.
11 Articles (by Brannin) 1972, undated
12 Correspondence 1971-1976, undated
13 Miscellaneous 1971-1972, 1976, undated
Announcement, tickets, receipts, foreign currency exchange forms, travel information, notice, pamphlets, correspondence, newsletter, brochures, note, form.
14 Notes 1971-1972, undated
15 Photographs and Post Cards 1972, undated


Series IV. Cuba

Box Folder
12 1 Articles 1962-1978, undated
Magazine articles, newspaper clippings, magazine, newsletter, book review, editorial, letter.
2 Article (by Brannin and notes for articles) 1969-1973, undated
3 Correspondence 1969-1970, undated
4 Miscellaneous 1963-1975, undated
Report, news release, travel, instructions, newspaper clippings, article, receipt, tickets, list, note, form.
5 Notes and Diaries 1969, undated
6 Photographs 1969-1970, undated
Letter, photographs.