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Independent Metal Workers Union Records, Local 1:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Independent Metal Workers. Local 1.
Title: Independent Metal Workers Union Records, Local 1
Dates: 1946-1964
Abstract: Local 1 of the Independent Metal Workers Union represented the employees at the Hughes Tool Company in Houston, Texas. Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, agreements, apprenticeship material, arbitration case files, legal documents, financial reports, bulletins (concerning job vacancies and considerations), announcements, election data, grievance files, handbills, newsletters, lists, tape recordings, and phonograph records.
Identification: AR329
Extent: 11 boxes (5 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

The records indicate that several unions, other than IMWU, tried to organize the workers at Tool Company in Houston, Texas. In 1952 the International Association of Machinists made a bid to represent the employees. Elections were held in 1954 and 1957, and the union was overwhelmingly rejected. In 1956 the Confederated Unions of America tried to affiliate with the IMWU and as late as the Spring of 1958 was still attempting to work out the details of a merger. There is no record in the collection, however, that a merger ever took place. Starting in 1954 and continuing to 1964 (at which date the collection stops), the United Steelworkers of America repeatedly attempted to organize the workers. The fact that the collection was donated to the Archives by the Steelworkers suggests the union was successful in its efforts to replace the IMWU at the Hughes Tool Company.

Scope and Contents

The collection contains files of the Independent Metal Workers Union, Local 1, which represented the workers at the Hughes Tool Company in Houston, Texas. Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, agreements, apprenticeship material, arbitration case files, legal documents, financial reports, bulletins (concerning job vacancies and considerations), announcements, election data, grievance files, handbills, newsletters, lists, tape recordings, and phonograph records.


Arranged alphabetically and thereunder chronologically.



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Independent Metal Workers. Local 1--Records.
Alternate Titles
Texas Labor Archives

Administrative Information


Gift of Donald F. Cole, Business Manager, United Steelworkers of America, Local 1742, 1980.


Independent Metal Workers Union Records, Local 1, AR329, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

Processing Information

The collection was in no order when received. Folders were placed in alphabetical order and the material within each folder was arranged chronologically. Folders with similar headings were combined where possible. Thirty-one tape recordings of Executive Council meetings and general meetings were placed together in a records center box. A list of these reel-to-reel tapes appears at the end of the inventory. The collection was reduced in size from 10 linear feet to 5 linear feet. The following records were discarded: receipts, bulletins for job vacancies (representative samples were retained), utility bills, bank statements, duplicate form letters, payroll deduction forms and W-2 forms.

Accessioned as 80-18.

Container List

Box Folder
1 1 Agreements, 1948-1952, 1955-1963
2 Amendments, 1947-1957
Letter, memoranda.
3 Apprenticeship, 1947-1948, 1952, 1955-1961
Apprenticeship standards, agreement, amendment, bulletin, rate schedules, handbook, lists.
4 Apprenticeship Agreement Supplement, 1947
5 Apprenticeship Manual, 1947
6 Arbitration Cases, 1955-1956
Memoranda, correspondence, legal documents, grievance forms, list.
7 Arbitration Cases, 1957-1960, undated
Correspondence, legal documents, memorandum, arbitration guide, projection, transcript of grievance council meeting.
8 Attorneys (Baker, Botts, Andrews, Walne), 1946-1948
Bills, correspondence.
9 Attorneys (Baker, Botts, Andrews, Parish), 1949-1952
Correspondence, memorandum.
10 Attorneys (Talbert & Giessel), 1955-1956
Correspondence, bills.
11 Attorneys (Lanier, Talbert, Giessel, Cutherell), 1956
12 Attorneys (Talbert, Giessel, Cutherell), 1957-1960
Correspondence, bills.
13 Attorneys (Parker, Robert B.), 1959-1960
Box Folder
2 1 Bills Paid, 1954-1957
Correspondence, notice.
2 Bulletins (Job Vacancies and Considerations), 1947-1949
3 Bulletins (Job Vacancies and Considerations), 1950-1956
Memoranda, correspondence.
4 Bulletins (Job Vacancies and Considerations), 1957-1960
Correspondence, memorandum.
5 Bureau of National Affairs, 1957-1960
Correspondence, form letters.
6 Cancellations and Out of Service Memoranda, 1954, 1960
7 Cargill, A.R. (Personal), 1956-1957
Correspondence, photographs.
8 C.I.O., 1959
Labor newsletters, announcement, leaflet, memorandum, letters.
9 Confederated Unions of America (C.U.A.), 1956-1957
Newsletter, correspondence, constitution, programs, report, notices, quarterly statements, minutes, changes to the constitution, memorandum.
10 C.U.A., 1958
Quarterly statement, constitution, correspondence, memoranda, statement of Don Mahon, minutes, statement of Elmo F. Rogers, report, charter application, booklet.
11 Contracts (IMWU), 1953-1957
12 Cooley, Schweikart & Seaman, 1947, 1949, 1954
Bills, correspondence, bond application, fidelity bonds.
13 Correspondence (Delmar, J.M.), 1960
14 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1946-1947
Box Folder
3 1 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1948
Memoranda, announcements.
2 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1949
Announcements, memoranda.
3 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1950
Memoranda, announcements.
4 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1951
5 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1952
Memoranda, announcements.
6 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1953
7 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1954
8 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1955-1956
Rate schedule, memoranda.
9 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1958-1959
10 Correspondence (Hughes Tool Company), 1960
Box Folder
4 1 Correspondence (Independent Metal Workers Union), 1946
2 Correspondence (IMWU), 1947
Agendas for grievance committee meetings.
3 Correspondence (IMWU), 1948
Notice, agendas for grievance committee meetings, lists of new members.
4 Correspondence (IMWU), 1949
Agendas for grievance committee meetings, notice.
5 Correspondence (IMWU), 1950
Agendas for grievance committee meetings.
6 Correspondence (IMWU), 1951
Agendas for grievance committee meetings.
7 Correspondence (IMWU), 1952
Agendas for grievance committee meetings.
8 Correspondence (IMWU), 1953
Agendas for grievance committee meetings.
9 Correspondence (IMWU), 1954
Agendas for grievance committee meetings, affidavit.
10 Correspondence (IMWU), 1955
Agendas for grievance committee meetings, regular IMWU meeting announcements.
Box Folder
5 1 Correspondence (IMWU), 1956
Agendas for grievance committee meetings, regular IMWU meeting announcements.
2 Correspondence (IMWU), 1957
Agendas for grievance committee meetings, regular IMWU meeting announcements.
3 Correspondence (IMWU), 1958
Regular IMWU meeting announcements.
4 Correspondence (IMWU), 1959
5 Correspondence (IMWU), 1960
Committee list, notices.
6 Correspondence (Miscellaneous), 1956-1960
7 Council Resignations, 1959-1960
8 Deductions and Back Dues, 1960
9 Doctors' Reports, 1956-1962
Bills, memoranda, correspondence, note, doctors' releases.
10 Election Data, 1946, 1958-1960, undated
Correspondence, expense lists, check sheet, legal documents, ballot tally, list of name appearing on ballot, election results, list of nominations, list, notice of election.
11 Federal and State Tax (Employer's Quarterly Reports), 1954-1960
Correspondence, tax forms, book, change back notices, wage list, notices of overpayment, tax rate notice, Employer's Tax Guide, reminders.
12 Financial Statements and Reports, 1950-1957, 1960
Box Folder
6 1 Grievances, 1946-1948
2 Grievances, 1949
3 Grievances, 1950
4 Grievances, 1951-1952
5 Grievances, 1953
6 Grievances, 1954
7 Grievances, 1955
Memoranda, correspondence.
8 Grievances, 1956
9 Grievances, 1957
Box Folder
7 1 Grievances, 1958
2 Grievances, 1959
3 Grievances, 1960-1961
List of grievance men, memoranda, correspondence.
4 Grievances, 1962
5 Grievances, 1963-1964
6 Handbills, 1950-1957
Notices, amendatory agreement, memoranda, correspondence.
Box Folder
8 1 Handbills, undated
Memoranda, bulletins, "The Truth About Color in the IAM", official ballots, notices, correspondence, policy statement, tales of Tool Room Willie, newsletters, questionnaires.
2 Harris County Independent Unions, 1954-1957
Bulletins, correspondence, minutes, notices, reminders, statement, proposed constitution, proposed by-laws, memoranda.
3 Hourly Rate Schedule, 1947-1953, 1956, 1959
Salary job specification forms, charts, rate schedules.
4 Hughes Tool Company, 1957-1958
Bulletins, memoranda, correspondence, legal notice.
5 IAM (International Association of Machinists), 1957-1959
Bulletins, memoranda, leaflet.
6 IAM News Bulletin, 1954-1956
7 I.A. of M. Bulletin, 1952-1954
8 Industrial Accident Claims, 1960-1964
Correspondence, forms, notices.
9 Independent Metal Workers Union, 1947, 1953, 1956-1959, 1963
Constitution, memoranda, legal documents, resolution, bulletins, letter, petition.
10 Insurance, 1954-1961
Correspondence, plans, policy, certificate, proposal.
11 Insurance, undated
Progress report, newsletter, booklets, certificates of insurance, plans.
Box Folder
9 1 Job Evaluation, 1955-1958
Correspondence, lists, memoranda, schedule.
2 Job Specifications (Hourly Rated), 1946-1958
Forms, charts, schedules.
3 Laid Off Employees, 1956-1960
4 Magazines and Newsletters, 1956
The Independent's Journal, subscription statements, "Union News and Views", essays, list of grievances, column.
5 Meetings, 1954-1960, undated
Notices, agendas, reports.
6 Memoranda From Hughes Tool Company, 1948
7 Minutes (General and Executive Council Meetings), 1950-1952
8 Minutes (General and Executive Council Meetings), 1953-1956
Attendance records.
9 Miscellaneous, 1946-1952, 1955-1961, undated
Memoranda, correspondence, list of lawyer's fees, rate range sheet, award, agreement, employee lists, officer list, pamphlets, balance sheets, affidavit, licensing provisions, notice, charts, questionnaire.
10 National Labor Relations Board, 1944-1946
Correspondence, legal documents, announcement.
11 National Labor Relations Board, 1952-1954
Legal documents, correspondence, notice, bulletin, certificates.
12 National Labor Relations Board, 1955-1957
Certificates, correspondence, annual reports, affidavit, statement of assets, memorandum, legal documents, notices.
13 National Labor Relations Board, 1958-1960
Certificates, legal documents, correspondence, petition, telegrams, notice, lists, election check sheet, instructions, flyers.
14 Negotiations, 1946, 1953-1955, 1959-1960, 1964, undated
Formula for man hours wage charts, memorandum, correspondence, legal documents, bonus plan, newsletter, wage agreement, flyers, summary.
15 Overtime Rules, 1953
Agreement, policy.
Box Folder
10 1 Pension Plans, 1959-1963
2 Petitions, 1951, 1954, 1957
Memoranda, note.
3 Protective Equipment, 1954
4 Recall From Layoff, 1959-1960
Lists, memoranda.
5 Recordings (Meetings with Mr. Delmar), 1957
6 Recordings (Meetings with Mr. Kinney), 1957
7 Retirement and Incentive Plans, 1946, 1954-1958
Booklets, correspondence, proposal list, handbook.
8 Secretary of State (Austin, Texas), 1956-1959
Labor union annual reports, statements of assets, memoranda.
9 Steelworker(s) News, 1964
10 Trial and Discipline Committee, 1957-1959
Memoranda, correspondence.
11 U.S. Department of Labor (Bureau of Veterans Reemployment Rights), 1955-1958
Memoranda, correspondence.
12 U.S. Department of Labor Reports, 1959-1960
Certificate, supplement, correspondence.
13 USA-CIO News, 1954, undated
14 Vacations, 1956-1963
Schedules, plans policy, proposed changes.
15 Wage Agreements, 1948-1950, 1953-1960
Memoranda, correspondence, schedule, charts.
16 Withdrawal Notices, 1949, 1957-1960
11 Reel to Reel Tapes
1-4 Arbitration Meetings, January, 1957
5 Executive Council Meeting, October 4, 1956
6 Executive Council Meeting, October 4, 1956
7 Executive Council Meeting, December 6, 1956
8 Executive Council Meeting, November 13, 1957
9 Executive Council Meeting, February, 1958
10 Executive Council Meeting, May 27, 1959
11 Executive Council Meeting, January 16, 1960
12 Executive Council Meeting, July 12, 1960
13 Executive Council Meeting, October, 1960
14 Executive Council Meeting, September 12, 1961
15 Executive Council Meeting, December 14, 1961
16 Executive Council Meeting, January 16, 1962
17 Executive Council Meeting, March 13, 1962
18 Executive Council Meeting, April 10, 1962
19 Executive Council Meeting, April 16, 1963
20 Executive Council Meeting, November 12, 1963
21 Executive Council Meeting, March 16, 1964
22 General Meeting, June 24, 1956
23 General Meeting, July 15, 1956
24 General Meeting, December 9, 1956
25 General Meeting, February 7, 1957
26 General Meeting, May 19, 1957
27 General Meeting, June 18, 1960
28 General Meeting, February 14, 1961
29 General Meeting, January 20, 1962
30 General Meeting, June 12, 1962
31 General Meeting, April, 1964