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Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding Records:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding.
Title: Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding Records
Inclusive Dates: 1926-1984
Bulk Dates: 1948-1979
Abstract: A non-profit, educational organization, the Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding was chartered in June, 1954, after its officers, membership, and activities withdrew from the Better Business Bureau of Texas. The bureau's concern is teaching freedom and economics with emphasis on free enterprise to Texas youth. The records include files and personal papers of the executive directors of Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding, records of the Better Business Bureau of Texas, and correspondence with the Texas Education Agency and Texas Education Association.
Identification: AR266
Extent: 48 boxes (19.4 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

The Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding is a non-profit, non-political organization funded entirely by contributions from the business community. Its programs of education and educational assistance were developed under the name Better Business Bureau of Texas from October, 1948 to June, 1954, at which time its activities, members and assets were transferred to the newly chartered Texas Bureau of Economic Understanding. The original purpose of the TBEU, as stated in its charter, was to extoll the free enterprise system. In 1959, however, the Bureau's new director stated that the organization "was formed exclusively to support the teaching of Americanism in Texas public schools and its sole function is to provide financial support for such programs throughout the state."

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, minutes, financial documents, statistics, speeches, photographs, maps, newsletters, lists, newspaper clippings, charter, programs, certificates, reports, and printed material. Files and personal papers of the executive directors of Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding, especially longtime directors, R. H. Lawrence, 1950-1969, and Leon B. Blair, 1970-1979. Includes records of the Better Business Bureau of Texas, 1948-1954, and correspondence with the Texas Education Agency and Texas Education Association.



The records were received in fairly good order. The original chronological division was retained, resulting in the following series:
  • Series A. 1945-1960
  • Series B. 1960-1969
  • Series C. 1970-1984
Folders were arranged alphabetically within each series, and material within each folder was placed in chronological order.



Open for research.

Literary Rights Statement

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Index Terms

These materials are indexed under the following headings in the catalog of The University of Texas at Arlington Library. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Blair, Leon Borden, 1917- --Archives.
Lawrence, R. H. (Robert H.)--Archives.
Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding--Records and correspondence.
Better Business Bureau of Texas--Records and correspondence.
Economics--Study and teaching--Texas.
Free enterprise--United States.
Alternate Titles
Historical Manuscripts Collection

Administrative Information


Gift of Dr. Leon Blair, Executive Director, Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding, 1983.


Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding Records, AR266, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

Processing Information

Some material was discarded: invoices, OPA mailing lists, expense account forms, orders for study material, duplicates of printed material.

Accessioned as 83-12.

Container List


Series A. 1945-1960

Box Folder
1 1 Affiliated Better Business Committees, Greenville, 1948-1949.
Correspondence, newsletters, list.
2 Affiliated Better Business Committees, Miscellaneous, 1947-1949, undated
Organizing plan, list of goals, chart, letter, report, handbook.
3 Affiliated Better Business Committees, Prospects, 1947-1949.
Correspondence, newsletter, note.
4 American Friends Service Committee, 1956-1958, undated
Newsletters, reprint, material concerning seminar, printed material.
5 Apportionment and Reapportionment, 1964-1965, undated
Statements, copies of articles, addresses, resolutions, list.
6 Area Educational Television Foundation, 1957-1960.
By-laws, annual report, fact sheet, newspaper article, printed material.
7 Auditor's Reports and Record of Contributions, 1949-1959.
8 Better Business Bureau, Amarillo, 1948-1949.
Correspondence, transcript.
9 Better Business Bureau, Chicago, 1949.
10 Better Business Bureau, District Offices, undated
List, distribution map, county population data.
11 Better Business Bureau, Fort Worth, 1947-1951.
Correspondence, newsletter, transcript, editorial, brochure.
12 Better Business Bureau, Houston, 1947-1951.
13 Better Business Bureau, Laws and Legal Procedures, undated
14 Better Business Bureau, Miscellaneous, 1944, 1947-1952
Booklet, resolution, copies of Senate bills, essay, articles, radio script, list of contributors, membership application, lists, outline.
15 Better Business Bureau, National, 1946-1948.
Correspondence, pamphlets.
16 Better Business Bureau of Texas- Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding Transfer, 1954.
Correspondence, charter, article, statement of purpose, outline of transfer procedures.
Box Folder
2 1 Better Business Bureau, National, 1949-1951.
Correspondence, telegrams, reports, reprint of article.
2 Better Business Bureau, Organization and Objectives, 1948-1949, 1952, undated
News releases, newsletter, cost estimates, statement of purpose, notes, organization chart, state map.
3 Better Business Bureau, Other, 1947-1952.
4 Better Business Bureau, Publications, 1937, 1947-1950, undated
Bulletin, pamphlets, speech, program.
5 Better Business Bureau, Reports, 1949-1950.
Reports, correspondence, newspaper article, expense account.
6 Board of Directors Meetings, 1948-1949.
Proxies, bulletin, correspondence, agendas, notices, financial statements, telegrams, minutes, list.
7 Board of Directors Meetings, January- August, 1950.
Balance sheet, list of contributors, correspondence.
8 Board of Directors Meetings, September-October, 1950.
Balance sheet, correspondence, telegrams, proxies, lists, agenda, minutes, notes, organization chart, cost estimates.
9 Board of Directors Meetings, October, 1953- June, 1954.
Agendas, financial statement, correspondence, welcoming address, list of contributors, resolutions, proxy, notice, list of directors, minutes of final meeting.
Box Folder
3 1 Board of Directors Meetings, June-October, 1954.
News release (announcing formation of the Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding), list of nominees, correspondence, welcoming address, minutes including those of first board meeting of TBEU.
2 Board of Directors Meetings, 1955.
Notice, correspondence, proxies, minutes, financial reports, list of nominees.
3 Board of Directors Meetings, 1956.
Correspondence, financial data, telegram, proxies, welcoming address, minutes.
4 Board of Directors Meetings, 1956.
List, correspondence, agenda, financial data.
5 Board of Directors Meetings, 1957.
Correspondence, list, agenda, financial data, minutes, proxies.
6 Board of Directors Meetings, 1959.
Notice, agenda, financial data, outline of sponsored projects, correspondence, telegrams, resolution accepting D. A. Hulcy's resignation, excerpts from minutes of annual meeting, list of contributors, copies of articles.
7 Board of Fundamental Education, 1954.
Note, copy of Public Law, letter, copy of newspaper article.
8 Brownwood Project, 1957-1958.
Correspondence, summary of program, booklets, speeches, essays, telegrams, agenda, program.
9 Burnet Project, 1953.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, programs, speech, list, booklet, outlines.
Box Folder
4 1 Burnet Project, 1953-1954
Correspondence, outline, notes, copy of newspaper article, workshop program, list of discussion topics, study guide, plan, notes, questionnaire, booklets.
2 Burnet Project, 1954.
Correspondence, program, list of discussion topics, copy of newspaper articles, economic workshop report, notes, form letter.
3 Burnet Project, 1955-1956.
Programs, correspondence, minutes, copy of newspaper articles, diary, statement, schedule, report on planning conference, list of suggestions, synopsis of panel discussion.
4 C.I.O., 1950-1954.
Printed Material.
5 C.I.O., 1955-1958.
Printed material.
6 Capitalism, 1953-1963.
Printed material.
7 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1957-1959, undated
Newspaper articles, correspondence, programs, book review, report, Freedom Foundation study materials.
8 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1956-1960.
Student newspapers, copies of newspaper articles, excerpts from speech, editorial, programs.
Box Folder
5 1 Chamber of Commerce, 1948-1949.
Newsletter, list, correspondence.
2 Christian Anti-Communism Crusade, undated
Printed material.
3 Citizens Advisory Conference on Education, 1950.
Letter, program and handbook, notes.
4 Citizenship, 1948, 1951-1956.
Printed material.
5 Citizenship Education Project, 1955-1956.
Letter, memoranda, newsletter.
6 Clipping File (Government As Referee…), 1953-1957.
Printed material.
7 Clipping File (Miscellaneous Topics), 1953-1956.
Printed material.
8 Clipping File (We Trust in God…), 1953-1960.
Printed material.
9 Committee for Economic Development, 1949-1950.
Letter, printed material.
10 Communism, 1953-1956.
Printed material.
11 Communism, 1957-1959.
Printed material.
12 Consumer Education Study, 1945-1950, undated
Printed material, report, speech, memorandum, list, letter, news release, description of CES project, excerpts from articles.
13 Consumer Education Study, 1948-1953.
Memorandum, correspondence, notes, speech.
Box Folder
6 1 Consumer Education Study, 1950.
Endorsements, surveys.
2 Consumer Education Study (Conferences), 1946-1947.
Recording, programs, reports, news bulletin, speech, printed material, letter, material on how to set up a conference.
3 Consumer Education Study ("Effective Shopping"), 1948.
Correspondence, photograph, chart.
4 Consumer Education Study ("Effective Shopping"), 1948.
Form letter, manuscript.
5 Consumer Education Study (Miscellaneous), 1950.
Charts, maps, newsletter.
6 Correspondence (Directors), 1948.
7 Correspondence (Directors), 1949.
8 Correspondence (Directors), 1950.
9 Correspondence (Directors), January- May, 1951.
10 Correspondence (Directors), June- December, 1951.
Box Folder
7 1 Correspondence (Directors), 1952.
2 Correspondence (Directors), 1953.
3 Correspondence (Directors), 1954.
4 Correspondence (Directors), January- June, 1955.
5 Correspondence (Directors), July- December, 1955.
6 Correspondence (Directors), January- June, 1956.
7 Correspondence (Directors), July- December, 1956.
8 Correspondence (Directors), January- June, 1957.
9 Correspondence (Directors), July- December, 1957.
Box Folder
8 1 Correspondence (Directors), 1958.
2 Correspondence (Directors), January- March, 1959.
3 Correspondence (Directors), April- December, 1959.
4 Correspondence (General), 1930, 1947-1948.
5 Correspondence (General), 1949.
6 Correspondence (General), 1950-1952.
7 Correspondence (General), 1953-1954.
8 Correspondence (General), 1955-1956.
9 Correspondence (General), January- June, 1957.
Box Folder
9 1 Correspondence (General), July- December, 1957.
2 Correspondence (General), 1958.
3 Correspondence (General), January- June, 1959.
4 Correspondence (General), July-December, 1959.
5 Council for Advancement of Secondary Education, 1953-1959.
Certificate of incorporation, correspondence, agenda, report program, copies of articles, statement of agreement, by-laws, printed material.
6 Dallas Independent School District, 1954-1957.
7 East/West Texas Chambers of Commerce, 1949-1951.
Correspondence, magazine, copies of articles.
8 Economics, 1951-1954, 1958, 1963.
Printed material.
9 Education (General) and Public Schools (General), 1948-1950.
Membership list, correspondence.
10 Education (General) and Public Schools (General), 1951-1956.
11 Education (General) and Public Schools (General), 1958-1960.
Box Folder
10 1 Educational Television, 1953-1955.
Script, correspondence, notes, report, minutes.
2 Educational Television, 1956-1959.
Correspondence, proposal, minutes, notes, script, newsletter.
3 Executive Committee, 1950-1952.
4 F.B.I., 1959-1964.
Printed material.
5 Foundation for Economic Education, 1953-1959.
Reprint of article, newsletter, correspondence, speech, telegram, leaflet.
6 Freedom in Action, 1956-1960, undated
Correspondence, copy of newspaper article, newsletter, booklet, essay.
7 Freedom School, 1959-1960.
Report, copy of newspaper article.
8 Freedometer, 1956.
Brochure and rough draft of brochure.
9 Freedometer, 1956-1957.
Correspondence, distribution list.
10 Freedoms Foundation, 1956-1959.
Essay, booklet, leaflet, newsletter, report, address, list of suggestions.
11 Freedoms Foundation vs. Texas Bureau, 1958-1959.
Correspondence, copy of newspaper article, printed material.
12 Gabler, Mel, 1962-1968.
Newsletters, transcript of testimony, copy of newspaper articles, correspondence.
13 "Great Idea" Conference, 1957-1958.
Lists, correspondence, printed material.
Box Folder
11 1 Heart of Texas Project, 1952, 1954.
Photograph, biographical sketch, correspondence, list, copies of newspaper articles, booklets, program.
2 Heart of Texas Project, January- June, 1955.
Correspondence, newsletters, questionnaire, copies of newspaper articles, news release.
3 Heart of Texas Project, July, 1955-1956.
Correspondence, lists, newsletters, news release, program, quotations, copies of newspaper articles.
4 Heart of Texas Project, 1957.
Correspondence, list, newletters, essay, skit, by-laws, program.
5 Heart of Texas Project, 1958.
Correspondence, newsletter, lists, agenda, minutes, program, skit, essays.
6 Heart of Texas Project, 1959.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, programs, agenda, notice, proposal, report, history of the flag.
7 Heart of Texas Teaching Materials, 1956.
8 Hill Country Project, 1953, 1955.
Statement of Executive Committee, minutes, correspondence, copies of newspaper articles.
9 Hill Country Project, January-May, 1957.
Correspondence, report, list of activities and projects, newletter, evaluations, quiz.
Box Folder
12 1 Hill Country Project, July- December, 1957.
Correspondence, minutes, sample inventory and diary, report.
2 Hill Country Project, January- June, 1958.
Correspondence, newspaper, copies of newspaper articles, assignment sheet, list of activiities.
3 Hill Country Project, July- December, 1958.
Correspondence, valedictory address, programs, report.
4 Houston Independent School District, 1957-1960.
5 Houston Independent School District, 1961.
Curriculum, bulletin.
6 Howard Payne College, 1958, January- June, 1959.
Copies of newspaper articles, articles, school publications, excerpts from report, correspondence, booklets, report, speech, newspaper.
7 Howard Payne College, July- December, 1959, 1960.
Correspondence, financial statement, study guide, program, photographs, copies of newspaper articles, script of play.
8 Hulcy, Dechard A., 1951-1955.
Magazine article, correspondence, copies of newspaper articles.
9 Hulcy, Dechard A., 1956-1960.
Correspondence, copy of newspaper article, newspaper.
10 I.U.D. (Industrial Union Department), 1958, 1960, undated
Printed material.
11 "An Introduction to the Free Enterprise System", 1955.
12 Joint Council on Economic Education, 1948-1949.
Printed material.
Box Folder
13 1 Joint Council on Economic Education, 1948-1951, 1955-1956.
Printed material.
2 Joint Council on Economic Education Newsletter, 1951-1956.
3 Joint Council on Economic Education Newsletter, 1957-1960.
4 Junior Achievement, 1955-1957.
Booklets, copies of newspaper articles, letter, speech, fact sheets.
5 Key Clubs, 1955-1958.
List, program, correspondence, booklet, copy of article, copy of creed.
6 Labor, 1950, 1954-1957, 1960.
Printed material.
7 Lampasas kit, 1960, undated
Printed material, teaching guide, statement for yearbook.
8 Lawrence, R. H. (Personal), 1949-1957.
Telegrams, correspondence, prospectus.
9 Lawrence, R. H. (Personal), 1958-1959, undated
Correspondence, address, certificate, essay by Woodrow Wilson.
10 National Association of Secondary School Principals, 1954-1959.
Correspondence, excerpts from testimony, copy of article.
11 National Education Program, 1955-1959.
Correspondence, newsletter.
12 Newspaper Articles, 1946, 1951, 1956-1959.
13 Organizations (Miscellaneous), 1959-1960.
Printed material.
Box Folder
14 1 Photographs, 1926, 1936, 1932, 1937, 1944-1945, undated
2 Public Relations, 1947-1955.
Copies of newspaper articles.
3 Public Relations, 1951-1955.
4 Public Relations (Board Members), 1948-1951.
Copies of newspaper articles, correspondence, booklet, list.
5 Publications, 1952-1954.
Correspondence, booklet, chart.
6 Publications, 1955.
Correspondence, booklet.
7 Publications (Correspondence), 1956.
8 Publications (Correspondence), 1957-1959.
9 Publication (Foundation for Economic Education), 1948-1955.
10 Publications (Foundation for Economic Education), 1949-1959.
11 Publications (Foundation for Economic Education, 1951-1957.
12 Publications (Miscellaneous), 1947, 1953-1956, undated
13 Publications (Miscellaneous), 1957-1958, undated
14 Publications (Miscellaneous), 1959-1960, undated
15 Publications (Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding), 1956-1959.
Box Folder
15 1 Publicity, 1947-1948.
Copies of newspaper articles, correspondence, news release, draft of brochures.
2 Publicity, 1949-1951.
Copies of articles, correspondence, news releases.
3 Publicity, 1956-1959.
Correspondence, newsletters, copy of testimony, copies of newspaper articles, news releases.
4 Retail Merchants Association, 1946, 1948.
Correspondence, newsletter, report on consumer credit educational program.
5 Retail Merchants Association, 1949-1950.
Correspondence, newsletters, excerpts from report, resolution.
6 Roberts, George, 1959.
7 Southern States Industrial Council, 1953-1955.
Printed material.
8 Speeches, 1942, 1951-1958, undated
9 State Board of Vocational Education, 1948- September, 1949.
Booklets, directory, correspondence, membership list, newsletter, program.
10 State Board for Vocational Education, 1949-1950.
Correspondence, directories, list of vocational homemaking units, programs.
11 Statewide Conference of Superintendents, May-June, 1957.
Correspondence, press releases, conference handout, report, speech, copy of newspaper article, lists.
Box Folder
16 1 Statewide Conference of Superintendents, 1957-1958.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, telegram, list, agenda, course outline.
2 Statistics, 1949, 1954-1960.
3 Suberversive Organizations, 1957.
4 Teacher Publishing Company, 1954-1956, undated
Printed material, draft of booklet, statement, notes, copies of newspaper articles, book list.
5 Television (Educational), 1953-June, 1954.
Resolution, copies of newspaper articles, correspondence, membership list, program, minutes.
6 Television (Educational), July- December, 1954.
List, notes, correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, report.
7 Television (Educational), 1955.
Correspondence, report, membership list, travel code, travel forms.
8 Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding, 1954, 1956.
Correspondence, telegrams, agreement, charter and by-laws, brochure, photographs, draft of brochure, booklets.
9 Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding, Affiliated Groups, 1954.
Minutes, correspondence.
10 Texas Bulletin, 1948-1951.
11 Texas Economic Education Council, 1951-1952.
Workshop program, correspondence, proceedings, membership list.
12 Texas Economic Education Council, 1953.
Syllabus, correspondence, copies of newspaper clippings, copy of editorial, program, newsletter.
13 Texas Economic Education Council, 1956-1958.
Correspondence, mailer describing European seminar, lists, brochures, report, program, membership list, minutes, by-laws.
Box Folder
17 15 You and the Constitution of the United States, 1954-1956.
Correspondence, distribution sheet.


Series B. 1960-1969

Box Folder
18 1 Abilene Christian College, 1961-1969.
Calendar, correspondence, reprint of article, programs, catalogs of course offerings for the American Studies Program, proposal, lists, newsletters, memoranda, essays.
2 Abilene Christian College, 1960-1967.
Printed material.
3 American Economic Foundation, 1960-1964.
Report, correspondence, copy of newspaper article, press release and summary.
4 American Farm Bureau Federation, 1960.
Study of Cen-Tex Project, correspondence, list.
5 American Security Council, 1961-1968.
Correspondence, booklets.
6 Americanism Educational League, 1960-1968, undated
Correspondence, printed material.
7 Americans for Constitutional Action, 1958-1963.
Reprint of newspaper article, printed material, correspondence.
8 America's Future, Inc., 1962-1964.
9 "America's Heritage of Great Ideals", 1961, 1967-1968.
Drafts of booklet, distribution lists, printed material, correspondence.
10 Ankeny College, 1969.
Newsletters, letter, list.
11 Auditors' Reports, 1960-1969.
12 Austin, 1968.
Map, correspondence, list, comments.
13 Bar Associations, 1960-1963.
Box Folder
18A 1 Bar Associations, 1964-1969.
Correspondence, copies of editorials.
2 Bishop Independent School District, 1956-1964.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, program.
3 Board of Directors, Annual Meeting, 1960.
Notice, agenda, financial data, progress report, lists of nominees, minutes, proxies.
Box Folder
19 1 Board of Directors, Annual Meeting (postponed), 1961.
Financial data, list of members, correspondence.
2 Board of Directors, Annual Meeting, 1962.
Notice, correspondence, minutes, list of nominees, financial data, agenda, proxies.
3 Board of Directors, Annual Meeting, 1965.
Notice, correspondence, list of contributors, proxies, minutes.
4 Board of Directors, Annual Meetings, 1967-1968.
Letter, notice, agenda, proxy form.
5 Book Lists, 1961, undated
6 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1961-1963, undated
Correspondence, brochures, copies of newspaper articles, resolution, photograph, program, drafts, study guide.
7 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1960.
Correspondence, script of play, program.
8 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1961-1962.
Correspondence, minutes.
9 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1963-1964.
Correspondence, programs, minutes, list, certificate.
10 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1965-1966.
Correspondence, invitation, programs, notes, agenda.
11 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1967.
Correspondence, constitution, work program, minutes.
Box Folder
20 1 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1968-1969.
Correspondence, copy of newspaper article.
2 Citizens' Councils, 1960, undated
Letter, leaflet, list of programs.
3 Civil Defense, 1959-1961, undated
Correspondence, booklets, lists of speakers and publications, speech.
4 Cold War Education, 1963-1964.
Correspondence, speeches, booklets, copy of newspaper article.
5 Commonwealth of Virginia, 1960-1961, 1964-1965.
Correspondence, outline, booklet, price list.
6 Communism, 1960-1964.
Printed material.
7 Correspondence (Directors), 1960.
Correspondence, description of program.
8 Correspondence (Directors), 1961.
9 Correspondence (Directors), 1962.
10 Correspondence (Directors), 1963.
11 Correspondence (Directors), January- April, 1964.
12 Correspondence (Directors), April- December, 1964.
Box Folder
21 1 Correspondence (Directors), 1965.
2 Correspondence (Directors), 1966.
3 Correspondence (Directors), 1967.
4 Correspondence (Directors), 1968.
Correspondence, flier.
5 Correspondence (Directors), 1969.
6 Correspondence (General), January- June, 1960.
Correspondence, program.
7 Correspondence (General), July- September, 1960.
8 Correspondence (General), October- December, 1960.
9 Correspondence (General), January- February, 1961.
Correspondence, resumé.
10 Correspondence (General), March, 1961.
11 Correspondence (General), April, 1961.
12 Correspondence (General), May, 1961.
13 Correspondence (General), June, 1961.
Box Folder
22 1 Correspondence (General), July- August, 1961.
2 Correspondence (General), September- October, 1961.
3 Correspondence (General), November- December, 1961.
Correspondence, program, pledge.
4 Correspondence (General), January- February, 1962.
Correspondence, programs.
5 Correspondence (General), March- April, 1962.
Correspondence, biography.
6 Correspondence (General), May- June, 1962.
7 Correspondence (General), July- August, 1962.
8 Correspondence (General), September- October, 1962.
Correspondence, workshop, agenda.
9 Correspondence (General), November, 1962.
10 Correspondence (General), December, 1962.
Correspondence, PTA yearbook.
Box Folder
23 1 Correspondence (General), January- February, 1963.
2 Correspondence (General), March- April, 1963.
3 Correspondence (General), May- September, 1963.
Correspondence, programs.
4 Correspondence (General), October- December, 1963.
5 Correspondence (General), January- April, 1964.
6 Correspondence (General), May- July, 1964.
7 Correspondence (General), August- September, 1964.
8 Correspondence (General), October- December, 1964.
9 Correspondence (General), January- March, 1965.
Correspondence, flier, course outline.
10 Correspondence (General), April- June, 1965.
11 Correspondence (General), July- September, 1965.
12 Correspondence (General), October- December, 1965.
Box Folder
24 1 Correspondence (General), January- June, 1966.
2 Correspondence (General), July- September, 1966.
3 Correspondence (General), October- December, 1966.
Correspondence, copy of article, copy of Mayflower Compact.
4 Correspondence (General), January-March, 1967.
5 Correspondence (General), April- June, 1967.
6 Correspondence (General), July- September, 1967.
7 Correspondence (General), October- December, 1967.
8 Correspondence (General), January- February, 1968.
Correspondence, biography.
9 Correspondence (General), March- April, 1968.
10 Correspondence (General), May- June, 1968.
11 Correspondence (General), July- August, 1968.
12 Correspondence (General), September- December, 1968.
13 Correspondence (General), January- February, 1969.
14 Correspondence (General), March- April, 1969.
15 Correspondence (General), May- December, 1969.
16 Correspondence (E. L. Tutt), 1968.
Box Folder
25 1 Correspondence (E. L. Tutt), February, 1969.
2 Correspondence (E. L. Tutt), March, 1969.
3 Correspondence (E. L. Tutt), April- October, 1969.
Correspondence, lists, form letters.
4 Dallas Independent School District, 1960-1968.
Correspondence, leaflet.
5 Edgar Committee, 1961.
6 Education (General) and Public Schools, January- October, 1960.
Correspondence, workshop program.
7 Education (General) and Public Schools, November- December, 1960.
8 Ellis County, America's Heritage Project, 1967-1969.
9 Erath County Schools Project, 1961.
10 F. B. I., 1959-1964.
Articles by J. Edgar Hoover, annual report, magazines, news release.
11 Federal Bureau of Investigation, 1961-1964.
Correspondence, copy of newspaper article, newsletters, booklet.
12 Flick- Reedy Corporation, 1967.
Correspondence, list.
13 Foundation for Economic Education, 1960-1969.
14 "Founding Fathers Believed in God" Article, 1966.
Correspondence, reprints of articles, worship program, leaflet.
15 Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, 1960-1968.
Correspondence, certificate, report reprint of article, announcement, excerpts from letters, program of instruction.
16 Fund for the Republic, 1960-1968.
Correspondence, copies of articles, speech.
17 Gwathmey, Joe, 1965-1971, undated
Correspondence, radio scripts.
Box Folder
26 1 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, January- September, 1960.
2 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, October- December, 1960.
Correspondence, program, excerpts from speech, bibliography.
3 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, January- March, 1961.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles.
4 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, April- June, 1961.
5 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, September- December, 1961.
6 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, 1962.
Correspondence, copy of newspaper article, questionnaire.
7 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, 1963.
Correspondence, agendas.
8 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, 1964.
Correspondence, agendas, program, essay, certificate, article.
9 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, 1965.
10 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, 1966.
Correspondence, essays.
11 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, 1967.
Correspondence, minutes.
12 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, 1968-1969.
Correspondence, program, speech.
13 Houston Independent School District, 1961-1968.
14 Howard Payne College (Democracy-in-Action), 1960.
Correspondence, invitation, program, resumé, excerpts from report.
15 Howard Payne College (Democracy-in-Action), 1961-1963.
Correspondence, program.
Box Folder
27 1 Howard Payne College (Democracy-in-Action), 1961-1963, undated
Programs, speeches, brochures, essay, proposal.
2 Howard Payne College (Democracy-in-Action), 1964-1965.
Correspondence, programs, questionnaire, copies of newspaper articles.
3 Howard Payne College (Democracy-in-Action), 1961-1966, undated
Printed material.
4 Howard Payne College (Democracy-in-Action), 1966-1969.
Correspondence, copy of newspaper article, schedule, list, leaflets.
5 Huley, Dechard A., 1961-1968.
Letter, copies of newspaper articles, obituary, biographical data.
6 Johnson County Study of America's Heritage, 1965.
7 Joint Council on Economic Education, 1961-1964, 1967-1968.
Newsletters, printed material, articles of incorporation.
8 Lawrence, R. H. (Personal), 1959-1966, 1969, undated
Postal card, certificate, correspondence, biographies.
9 Lawrence, R. H. (Personal), 1960-1963.
Membership list, correspondence.
Box Folder
27A 1 Lawrence, R. H. (Personal), 1964-1968.
Correspondence, newsletters, booklets.
2 Letterhead Stationery, 1960-1972.
3 Lynch, John F., 1960-1968.
4 Mailings (General), 1964-1968.
Correspondence, newsletters, memoranda, essay, copies of newspaper articles, pamphlet.
Box Folder
28 1 Maps (Texas), undated
2 Mexican American Bulletin, 1964.
3 Mid-Texas American Heritage Program, 1959-1961.
Correspondence, budget report, minutes.
Box Folder
8 4 Mid-Texas American Heritage Program, 1962-1963.
Correspondence, copy of newspaper article, booklet, program, minutes, code of ethics.
Box Folder
28 5 Mid-Texas American Heritage Program, 1964-1966.
Correspondence, list, minutes, guide, news release.
6 Mid-Texas American Heritage Program, 1967-1970.
Correspondence, minutes, treasurer's report, book list.
7 "The Naked Communist", 1959-1963.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper article, notes on address.
8 The National Education Program, 1960-1969.
Newspaper column, newsletter.
9 National Industrial Conference Board, 1960-1965.
Printed material.
10 Naval Air Station Workshop, 1959-1960.
Printed material, letter, lists.
11 Newspaper Clippings, 1960, 1962, undated
12 Northeast Texas American Heritage Study Program, 1963-1969.
Correspondence, program.
Box Folder
30 5 Publications (Correspondence), 1964-1965.
6 Publications (Correspondence), 1966-1969.
7 Publications (Foundation for Economic Education), 1960-1961.
8 Publications (Foundation for Economic Education), 1962-1966.
9 Publications (Foundation for Economic Education), 1967-1970, undated
Box Folder
31 1 Publications (Miscellaneous), 1961-1963, undated
2 Publications (Miscellaneous), 1961, 1967-1968, undated
3 Publications (National Education Program), 1968-1969.
4 Publications (Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding), 1960-1968, undated
5 Publicity, 1960-1966.
Copies of newspaper articles, correspondence, radio transcript.
6 Quotations, undated
7 Richardson Independent School District, 1959-1968.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, lesson plan.
8 Roberts, George, 1960-1968.
Correspondence, copy of speech, list.
9 Smith County American Heritage Project, 1963-1964.
10 Solicitations, 1965.
11 Solicitations, January, 1966.
12 Solicitations, February-December, 1966.
13 Solicitations, 1967.
Box Folder
32 1 Solicitations, 1968.
2 Solicitations, 1969.
3 Solicitations (Paul Carrington), 1968-1969.
Correspondence, list.
4 Solicitations (E. L. Tutt), 1968.
Correspondence, list, report.
5 Southern Methodist University, 1956-1957, 1960.
Copy of newspaper article, leaflet, letter, report.
6 Speeches and Articles, 1960-1963.
7 Speeches and Articles, 1963-1965, undated
8 Statewide Evaluation and Planning Conference, 1965, 1967.
Correspondence, program, speech, list.
9 Statewide Evaluation and Planning Conference, 1968.
Correspondence, agenda, summary.
10 Statewide Superintendents' Freedom Study, 1959-1960.
Correspondence, expense lists, copy of article, notes.
11 Stretch, Lorena B., 1968-1969.
12 Subversive Organizations, 1961.
13 Teen Activities, 1965, undated
Newspaper, memorandum, booklet.
14 Texas Association of School Administrators, 1958, 1960-1961.
Copy of newspaper article, resolutions, correspondence, list.
15 Texas Association of School Boards, 1957, 1961.
Letter, leaflets.
16 Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding, 1967.
Correspondence, drafts of brochure.
Box Folder
33 1 Texas Bureau for Economic Understanding, 1960, 1967, undated
Correspondence, draft of brochure, lists of projects and contributors, commentaries.
2 Texas Council for Economic Education, 1968-1969.
Lists, correspondence.
3 Texas Education Agency, 1960-1961.
Correspondence, copy of speech, schedule of events.
4 Texas Education Agency, 1962.
Correspondence, essay, list of public school source materials on democracy, copy of speech, booklet, newspaper article.
5 Texas Education Agency, 1963-1964.
Correspondence, education calendar, copy of speech, copy of newspaper article, booklet, logs.
6 Texas Education Agency, 1965-1968.
Correspondence, list, copy of speech.
7 Texas Educational Association, 1960-1961.
Corrrespondence, booklets.
8 Texas Educational Association, 1962-1963.
9 Texas Educational Association, 1964-1965.
Correspondence, announcement.
10 Texas Educational Association, 1966.
11 Texas Educational Association, 1968-1969.
Correspondence, financial data.
12 Texas Farm Bureau, 1961-1962, 1967.
Correspondence, news release, discussion sheet.
13 Texas Research League, 1962-1965.
Newsletter, letter, leaflet.
Box Folder
34 1 Textbooks, 1960-1963, undated
Copies of articles, form letter, pamphlets, resolutions, copies of testimonies given at textbook hearings.
2 Textbooks, 1963, undated
Leaflet, evaluations.
3 Van Zandt County, 1961-1963.
Correspondence, program.
4 Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association (and Future Farmers of America), 1960-1961.
Correspondence, programs, copies of newspaper articles.
5 Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association (and Future Farmers of America), 1962-1963.
Correspondence, programs, directory, booklets, photographs.
6 Wayland Baptist College, 1960-1962.
Copy of newspaper article, correspondence, programs.
7 Wayland Baptist College, 1963, undated
Directory, correspondence, program, printed material.
8 Wes-Tex Project, 1961-1970.
Correspondence, programs, list, copy of newspaper article, photograph.
9 West Texas Schools American Heritage Project, January-June, 1960.
Correspondence, curriculum guide, copies of newspaper articles, program.
10 West Texas Schools American Heritage Project, July-December, 1960.
Correspondence, minutes, copy of speech.
Box Folder
35 1 West Texas Schools American Heritage Project, 1961.
Correspondence, minutes.
2 West Texas Schools American Heritage Project, 1961-1962.
Correspondence, announcement, minutes, song (words and music) program, memoranda.
3 West Texas Schools American Heritage Project, 1963.
Correspondence, minutes, program.
4 West Texas Schools American Heritage Project, 1964.
Memoranda, correspondence, themes, programs, minutes.
5 West Texas Schools American Heritage Project, 1965.
Minutes, correspondence, programs, memoranda, essay.


Series C. 1970-1984

Box Folder
36 8 Annual Meeting, 1970.
Memoranda, proxies, notice, correspondence, minutes.
9 Annual Meeting, 1971.
Proxy form, agenda, minutes, proposed budget, list of nominees.
10 Annual Meeting, 1972.
Notice, correspondence, proxies, agenda, minutes, budget summary.
11 Annual Meeting, 1972.
Notice, proxies, agenda, budget summary, report of nominating committee, minutes.
12 Arnold, Vera, 1972-1975.
Correspondence, newsletters, booklet, agreement.
13 Association of Trial Lawyers of America, 1977.
Correspondence, resumé.
14 Atkins, E. L., 1974-1978, undated
Correspondence, report and 5-year plan.
15 Attimedia, 1976-1977.
16 Auditors' Reports, 1970-1971.
17 Barksdale, E. C., Memorial Fund, 1974-1976.
Obituary, copies of newspaper articles, news release, correspondence, fliers.
18 Better Business Bureau, 1979.
Correspondence, questionnaire.
19 The Brown Foundation, 1973-1979.
Correspondence, evaluation, history of foundation, notes.
Box Folder
37 1 Buhl, M. T., 1973.
2 "The Care and Keeping of Our American Heritage", 1972-1973.
Correspondence, booklet, list.
3 Carlson, Maurice I., 1971-1972.
Correspondence, vita.
4 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1970.
Correspondence, minutes, schedule, commentaries, list, agenda.
5 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1971.
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, expense record, course schedule, questionnaires.
6 Cen-Tex Study of America's Heritage, 1973.
Correspondence, programs, budget, schedule and questionnaires, memoranda, minutes.
7 Chambers of Commerce, 1976-1979.
Correspondence, discussion, draft, notices.
8 Classroom Warfare Against Communism, undated
Outline, draft of text.
9 Clements, (Gov.) William P., 1979.
10 Correspondence (Directors'), 1972-1973.
11 Correspondence (Directors'), 1974.
12 Correspondence (Directors'), 1975.
13 Correspondence (French Colonial Historical Society Prize), 1975-1979.
14 Correspondence (General), 1970-1971.
15 Correspondence (General), 1972.
16 Correspondence (General), 1973.
17 Correspondence (General), 1974.
Box Folder
38 1 Correspondence (General), 1975.
2 Correspondence (General), 1976.
3 Dallas Council on World Affairs, 1977.
Correspondence, biographies, of panelists.
4 DeFan, Helen, 1975-1977.
5 East Texas Baptist College, 1978-1979.
Correspondence, proposal.
6 East Texas State University, 1978-1979.
Correspondence, proposal.
7 Editorial Contest, 1979.
8 Ellis County, 1971-1973.
Correspondence, deposit slips, list.
9 Essays, 1976.
Letter, list, essays.
10 Exxon Company, U. S. A., 1975-1977.
Correspondence, lesson plan.
11 Faith Baptist Bible College, 1970-1971.
Correspondence, examination.
12 Flick-Reedy Corporation, 1972, undated
Letter, note, printed material.
13 Fort Worth Museum of Science and History, 1974.
Printed material.
14 Foundation for Economic Education, Inc., 1970-1972.
Correspondence, printed material.
15 Free Enterprise, 1975-1978.
Correspondence, table of contents, essay.
16 Free Enterprise, 1975, undated
Printed material.
17 Free Enterprise, 1972-1977, undated
Printed material.
Box Folder
39 1 Free Enterprise, 1976-1977, undated
Correspondence, report, bibliography, printed material.
2 Free Enterprise Information (Out of State), 1974, 1978.
Correspondence, syllabus, act.
3 Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, 1970-1979.
Correspondence, newsletters, announcement, application, printed material.
4 Fund for the Republic, 1970-1972, undated
Copies of newspaper articles, memorandum, form letter, printed material.
5 Gabler, Mel (Textbooks), 1962, 1971-1977.
Copies of articles, newsletters, scoresheet, correspondence, news release.
6 Gossett, Judge Ed, 1968-1973.
7 The Great Seal, undated
Copy and negative of seal, description of seal.
8 Guillemot, Pierre, 1972-1978.
Correspondence, speech, news release, biographical data.
9 Heart-O-Texas Study of American Heritage, 1970-1974.
Correspondence, financial statement, copies of newspaper articles, program, certificate.
10 The Heritage Foundation, 1976-1979.
News release, correspondence, newsletters.
11 House Bills and Letter, 1973, 1975, l977.
12 Houston, 1972-1977.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, list.
13 Howard Payne College (Democracy-in-Action), 1970-1971.
14 Howard Payne College (Democracy-in-Action), 1972-1973.
Correspondence, budget, invitation, list, inauguration program, news release.
15 Institute for Free Enterprise Education, 1974.
Correspondence, report.
Box Folder
40 1 Institute for Free Enterprise Education, 1975.
Correspondence, report, leaflets, list, table of contents.
2 Institute for Free Enterprise Education (Inquiries), 1977.
3 Thomas Jefferson Reasearch Center, 1976-1977.
Copy of newspaper article, correspondence, booklet, flier.
4 Junior Colleges American Heritage Project, 1970-1974.
Correspondence, leaflet, budget.
5 Junior Historians of Texas, 1970-1975.
Correspondence, workshop program, newsletters.
6 Junior Historians of Texas, 1976-1979.
Correspondence, data on writing contest, programs, report, financial statement, announcement, newsletter, workshop data.
7 Junior Historians of Texas, undated
Data on history fair, notes, map, program, organization guide, articles, directory.
8 Junior Historians of Texas, undated
Mailing lists.
9 Lilly Endowment, Inc., 1979.
Correspondence, grant request.
10 Liquid Paper Corporation, 1977.
11 Livesay, James L., 1971-1978.
Financial statements, correspondence.
12 Loblolly, 1976-1979.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, negative, photograph, information on Walter Prescott Webb.
13 Mabee Foundation, Inc., 1973-1976.
14 McMurry College (Abilene), 1974-1976.
15 Mailing Lists, undated
16 The Moody Foundation, 1973-1979.
Correspondence, annual report, grant request.
17 National Education Program, 1971, 1974, undated
Letter, newsletters, card.
18 National Leadership Methods, 1975-1976.
Correspondence, proposal, brochure.
19 National Schools Committee for Economic Education, 1976.
Correspondence, evaluation tally, distribution list, printed material.
20 Nichols, Sheridan G., 1976-1979.
Correspondence, vita.
Box Folder
41 1 North Lake College, 1977.
2 Northeast Texas American Heritage Study, 1970-1973.
3 Organizations (Miscellaneous), 1970, undated
Letter, list, printed material.
4 Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company, 1975.
5 Plains American Heritage Program, 1970-1971.
Correspondence, annual report, program.
6 Plains American Heritage Program, 1972-1973.
Correspondence, programs, campaign outline, news notes, brochure.
7 Photographs, undated
8 Projects, 1970-1972.
Lists, correspondence, annual reports, financial statement, programs, minutes, leaflets.
9 Projects, 1973.
Programs, correspondence, financial statements, minutes, memoranda, schedule of activities, by-laws, budget requests, list.
10 Publications (Correspondence), 1970-1973.
11 Regional Education Service Center, 1975-1977.
12 Sid W. Richardson Foundation, 1974-1979.
Correspondence, grant evaluation.
13 Solicitations, January- April, 1972.
List of expenditures, correspondence.
14 Solicitations, July- December, 1972.
15 Solicitations, January- April, 1973.
Box Folder
42 1 Solicitations, May- December, 1973.
2 South Plains America Heritage Program, 1973.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, invitation, photographs.
3 Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, 1975.
4 Southern Methodist University, 1977-1979.
Correspondence, proposed budget, proposal.
5 Southwest Homefurnishings Association, 1977.
6 Southwestern Life, 1976-1977.
Correspondence, minutes (Dallas Federation of Chambers of Commerce), memoranda, copies of newspaper articles, proposal, roster, status, report, leaflet.
7 Statewide Conference, 1970.
Correspondence, speech, biography, flier.
8 Stretch, Lorena B., 1970-1972.
9 Symposium, 1978-1980.
Correspondence, programs, news release, lists.
10 Symposium (Free Enterprise), 1977-1978.
Correspondence, minutes, list, notes.
11 Robert A. Taft Institute of Government, 1970-1974.
Flier, correspondence, mailing lists, brochure.
12 Tenneco, Inc., 1975-1976.
13 Texas A & I University, 1979.
Correspondence, printout, flier.
Box Folder
43 11 Texas Educational Association, 1974.
Correspondence, proposal, with attachments.
12 Texas Educational Association, 1974.
Letter (1984), proceedings of symposium.
13 Texas Educational Association, 1975.
Correspondence, report.
14 Texas Educational Association, 1976.
Correspondence, proposal, program for gifted students.
Box Folder
44 1 Texas Educational Association, 1977-1979.
Correspondence, photographs, speech.
2 Texas Manufacturers Association, 1974.
Correspondence, material for Board of Directors meeting, booklet.
3 Texas State Historical Association, 1972-1974.
Newsletters, correspondence, list, program, memoranda, proposal.
4 Texas State Legislature, 1976-1980.
Correspondence, booklet, copy of act, copy of resolution.
5 Texas Tech University, 1976.
Correspondence, program, brochure.
6 Texhoma American Heritage Project, 1970-1973.
Correspondence, programs, copies of newspaper articles, photographs, budget.
7 Trustees, 1970-1973.
Memoranda, correspondence, program, inventory of W. P. Webb Papers.
8 University of Dallas, 1975-1979.
Correspondence, statements, programs, graduation brochure, address list, course description, announcement.
9 University of Plano, 1972-1973.
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, book review, schedule of courses, theme, grade transcripts, list of proposed courses, history of Frisco, grade report, newsletter, quiz, vita.
10 University of Plano, 1973.
Correspondence, memorial service program, address lists, contract, grade sheet.
11 The University of Texas, 1970-1972.
Correspondence, grade, printouts.
Box Folder
45 1 The University of Texas at Arlington, 1973-1975.
Book reviews, correspondence concerning the Webb Lectures, material concerning E. W. Chester, work-study agreement, list, outline, program, descriptions.
2 The University of Texas at Arlington, 1974.
Correspondence, textbook request, memoranda, nomination form.
3 The University of Texas at Arlington, 1975-1978.
Correspondence, minutes, proposals, memorandum, proceedings, work-study agreement, copy of newspaper article, vita.
4 The University of Texas at Austin, 1977.
Newsletter, correspondence, program, attendance list, announcement.
5 The University of Texas of the Permian Basin, 1973-1979.
Correspondence, request for funds, leaflet.
6 The University of Texas at Tyler, 1976-1979.
Correspondence, address list, certificate, announcement.
7 Upton, Mary Francis, 1977-1980.
Correspondence, announcement.
8 Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society, 1972-1976.
Copy of newspaper article, correspondence, programs, announcement, memorandum, newsletters, speech, History Fair guidelines, brochure.
9 Walter Prescott Webb Historical Society, 1977-1978.
Application, trust agreement, copies of newspaper articles, newsletter, annual report, contest guidelines, leaflet, material on Walter Prescott Webb.
10 Wes-Tex American Heritage Program, 1970-1973.
Correspondence, copies of newspaper articles, programs.