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Office of the Dean of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Arlington, Records:

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Creator: University of Texas at Arlington. College of Liberal Arts. Office of the Dean
Title: Office of the Dean of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Arlington, Records
Inclusive Dates: 1951-1976
Bulk Dates: 1961-1966
Abstract: Correspondence, memoranda, enrollment statistics, 1956-1966, Ph.D. proposals, lists, minutes, printed material, questionnaires, reports, foundation and scholarship material. These are the working files of the Dean of Liberal Arts office. Included is correspondence with university departments and committees, grants and scholarship programs, and correspondence with other universities. The collection covers the period when S. T. Keim was dean, June 1960-May 1967, followed by his successor, Charles H. Green, June 1967-1975.
Identification: AR328
Extent: 5 boxes (2.08 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Scope and Contents

The material in this collection is from the files of S.T. Keim (Dean of Liberal Arts, June, 1960-May, 1967) and his successor Dean Charles H. Green (June, 1967-1975). Of particular interest are the files containing Ph.D. proposals (the first Ph.D. program at UTA was launched in 1969).



The records are organized in three series. Within each series the folders are arranged alphabetically, and within each folder the material is arranged chronologically.
Series A. Academic Affairs
Series B. General Files
Series C. Grants and Scholarships



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University of Texas at Arlington. College of Liberal Arts. Office of the Dean--Records.
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AR325: Arlington State College Dean's Files

Administrative Information


Transfer, 1977.


Office of the Dean of Liberal Arts, University of Texas at Arlington, Records, AR328, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

Processing Information

The collection was received in fair order but contained a large amount of extraneous material. The following items were disposed of: government documents, issues of Higher Education, vouchers, miscellaneous financial records, duplicate budgets, absence reports, faculty review forms, class enrollment statistics, duplicate class schedules, class rolls by department, form letters to graduates, individual degree plans, enrollment reports. The size of the collection was reduced from eight boxes of assorted sizes to two record center boxes.

Container List


Series A. Academic Affairs

Box Folder
1 1 Art Department, 1961-1965, 1975-1976
Memoranda, plan, correspondence, schedules, news releases, newspaper clippings, advertisements, announcements, event calendars, suggested degree plan, lists.
2 Barksdale, E.C. (Government, History and Sociology Departments), 1958-1972
Forms, correspondence, memoranda, program, essay, personal data, speech, activity summary.
3 Clarkson, Rev. William, 1973
Correspondence, memorandum, transcripts.
4 Degrees Held by Faculty, 1963-1964
Memoranda, degree distribution tables, analysis with tables.
5 DeLap, Rolling (Baptist Student Union), 1965, 1970
Transcripts, correspondence biographical data.
6 English Department Search Committee, 1969
Memoranda, correspondence, biographical data.
7 Exchange Program, 1960-1961
Correspondence, memoranda, list of speakers.
8 Faculty Advisory Committee, 1963-1965
Memoranda, minutes, questionnaire, preamble, recommendations, list.
9 Faculty Promotions, 1963-1964
10 Faculty Strength, 1963-1965
Memoranda, tables, statistics, report of faculty recruiting, lists.
11 Foreign Language Department, 1960-1963
Enrollment estimates, correspondence, memorandum, proposal.
12 History Department, 1961
Department summary, correspondence, memorandum, course outlines, course description.
13 Joyner, Howard W. (Art Department), 1958-1976
Personal data, correspondence, memoranda, itinerary, art pilgrimage notice, invitation, personnel transaction forms, announcement, activity summaries of staff members.
14 Military - Memoranda, correspondence, 1963-1964
15 Miscellaneous - Forms, memoranda, letter, 1954-1965
16 Music Department - Correspondence, course lists, tables, memoranda, statistics, advertisement, blueprints, book lists, 1964
17 Offers accepted - Lists, 1966-1970
Box Folder
2 1 Ph.D. Proposal (Business Administration), undated
2 Ph.D. Proposal (Chemistry), 1969
3 Ph.D. Proposal (Foreign Language), 1971
4 Ph.D. Proposal (Mathematics), undated
5 Ph.D. Proposal (Psychology), 1969
6 Promotion Policy, 1966
7 Psychology Department - Budget requests, memoranda, letter, recommendation form, 1963-1964
8 Physical Education (Women) - Memoranda, budget requests, correspondence, proposal for repair to women's gymnasium, invitation, 1963-1964
9 Research Council (Liberal Arts) - Memoranda, minutes, correspondence, lists of prospective research projects, outlines of projects, recommendations, 1961-1963
Box Folder
3 1 Research Proposals - Memoranda, correspondence, 1863-1964
2 Robinson, Duncan (English) - Personnel forms, memoranda, correspondence, lists of speech department objectives, news release, personal data, 1954, 1959, 1963-1976
3 School of Liberal Arts (Memoranda from the President) - Table, lists, 1965-1966
4 School of Liberal Arts (Memoranda to the President) - Correspondence, 1966
5 Slaughter, Richard L. (Speech) - Correspondence, personnel forms, memoranda, personal data, 1951, 1958-1972
6 Sociology Department - Memoranda, enrollment tables, essays on the importance of sociology, 1960-1963
7 Teaching Salaries, Positions and Rank Distribution (Texas Commission on Higher Education) - Lists, tables, memoranda, statistics, correspondence, 1958-1965
8 Tenure - Regulations concerning tenure, minutes, tenure, philosophy, notes, memorandum, proposed rules of tenure, letter, 1965-1966
9 Terminal Degrees - Table, statistics, list, memoranda, 1960-1966
10 Williamson, Robert L. (History, Sociology and Government Departments) - Correspondence, telegram, personnel forms, memoranda, newspaper clipping, personal data, 1963-1975


Series B. General Files

Box Folder
3 11 Bicentennial Program )Texas Colleges and Universities) - Minutes, correspondence, memoranda, project proposal, newspaper clippings program, description of bicentennial program, notes, advertisement, summary of program, 1971-1975
12 Christian Science College Organization - Correspondence, newsletter, lists, constitution, booklet, pamphlets, 1968-1974
13 Dallas United Nations Association (D.U.N.A., Honorary Committee) - Proclamation, memorandum, correspondence, 1966-1970
14 D.U.N.A. (Minutes) - Lists of officers and board members, 1968-1971
15 D.U.N.A. (Miscellaneous) - Advertisement, invitation, programs, proclamations, by-laws, leaflets, report, correspondence, pamphlet, memorandum, list, 1963-1970
Box Folder
4 1 D.U.N.A. (Visit of Mexican Ambassador) - Correspondence, agenda, advertisement, 1968
2 Enrollment - Tables about enrollment data, statistics, correspondence, memoranda, 1956-1966
3 Miscellaneous - Memoranda, recommendations of the cost committee, list, correspondence, table, 1960-1966
4 Personnel - Memorandum, policy manual 1965
5 Questionnaires for Graduates, undated
6 Questionnaires for Graduates, undated
7 Questionnaires for Graduates, undated
8 Questionnaires for Graduates' Employers - Correspondence, 1961-1963
9 Questionnaires for Potential Graduate Students - Letter, 1963, undated
10 Secondary Education Certification Program - Memoranda, bulletin, position papers, notes, 1962-1963
11 Southwestern Social Science Association - Program, letter, 1963
Box Folder
5 1 Teacher Education and Certification - Report, 1965
2 Television Education - Reader's Digest reprint, booklet, RCA Educational TV News, correspondence, bulletins, newspaper clippings, Saturday Review reprint, fact sheet, memoranda, Continental Classroom course outline, list, 1960-1963
3 Texas Education Agency - Correspondence, memoranda, policy statement, announcement, course lists, 1960-1965
4 United Nations, N.Y.C. - Leaflets, memoranda, film catalogue, proclamation, paper outlining accomplishments of the United Nations, order sheet, committee report, guide, press releases, 1967


Series C. Grants and Scholarships

Box Folder
5 5 Danforth Foundation - Memorandum, note, correspondence annual report, leaflet, 1963-1964
6 ESSO Education Foundation Research Grant - Memoranda, request, 1964
7 Ford Foundation - Booklets, announcement, leaflet, worksheet packet, application forms, 1961-1963
8 Foreign Policy Regional Conference (Southern Methodist University) - Correspondence, 1964
9 Fulbright Visiting Scholarships - Correspondence, seminar outline, information sheet, lecture suggestions, notices, book of visiting scholars who received government grants, memorandum, booklet, Teacher Exchange Opportunity book, 1961-1965
10 Kent Fellowship Program - Correspondence, memorandum, leaflet, 1963-1965
11 National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Booklet, letter, memoranda, 1963
12 National Defense Graduate Fellowship - Announcements, letter, leaflet, graduate program catalogue, 1964-1966
13 Scholars and Fellows Program (Tulane University) - Correspondence, plan description, leaflet, 1964
14 Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans (Miscellaneous) - Memoranda, correspondence, booklet, announcements, description of Rhodes Scholarship Trust, 1962-1960
15 Southern Fellowship Fund - Advertisement card, leaflets, memorandum, 1961-1963
16 Support of Students and Teaching Programs (Federal) - Memoranda, guide book, 1961, undated
17 Robert A. Welch Foundation (ASC Program) - Annual report, brief report, correspondence, memoranda, photograph, 1960-1965
18 Wilson, Woodrow National Fellowship Foundation - Correspondence, fellowship descriptions, 1962-1965