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Paulia P. Weaver Papers:

A Guide

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Weaver, Paulia P., 1931-
Title: Paulia P. Weaver Papers
Dates: 1952-1969
Dates (Bulk): 1955-1966
Identification: AR147
Extent: 11 boxes (4.58 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

Born in 1931 in Pancake, Texas, Ms. Weaver graduated from Texas Woman's University in 1951 with a B.A. in government. She was a secretary for the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America, active in local, state, and national Democratic Party organizations; president of the Dallas County Young Democrats (1957-1958), National Committeewoman (1958-1960) for and president (1961-1963) of the Young Democratic Clubs of Texas, and delegate to the Third Atlantic Conference of Young Political Leaders.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, reports, minutes, constitutions, speeches, convention materials, manuals, kits, lists, newsletters, newspaper clippings, newspapers, articles, resolutions, photographs, platforms, directories, and booklets. Includes personal correspondence as well as correspondence with national Democratic party officials, members and officers of other Young Democratic Clubs, politicians, and legislators. Materials are included for national, state, and local party conventions as well as campaign materials for local and national party candidates. Records are included for the Young Democratic Clubs of America, the Young Democratic Clubs of Texas, the Young Democratic Club of Dallas County, the Dallas County Democrats, and the Democratic National Committee.


The papers were arranged in four series to reflect geographic divisions:
Material within folders was left in the order in which it was received due to the volume of undated material. Some items were rearranged to conform to chronological order. Some national, state and local material as well as personal correspondence is scattered throughout the collection per original order.
Series I. National: Young Democratic Clubs of America
Series II. State: Young Democratic Clubs of Texas
Series III. Local: Young Democratic Clubs of Dallas County, Dallas County Democrats
Series IV. Miscellaneous: Personal and General



Open for research.

Literary Rights Statement

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Index Terms

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Weaver, Paulia P., 1931- --Archives.
Democratic Party (Tex.)
Democratic Party (U.S.)
Young Democratic Clubs of America--Records and correspondence.
Young Democratic Clubs of Texas--Records and correspondence.
Young Democratic Club of Dallas County (Tex.)--Records and correspondence.
Democratic National Committee (U.S.)--Records and correspondence.
Dallas County Democrats. Executive Committee--Records and correspondence.
Women in politics--Texas--Sources.
Women in politics--United States--Sources.
Alternate Titles
Texas Political History Collection

Separated Material

The following materials were removed from the Weaver papers and placed in the Political Memorabilia Collection:

1. Sticker: "Young Democrats National Convention, Dec. 1,2,3, 1955 Oklahoma City"
2. Corn Cob Pipe: "Smoke 'em out Adlai, We Need you badly"
3. Mileage Computer: Mial-Dial, "Out of the Fix in '56 - Vote Democratic"
4. Badge: "Delegate, 10th Biennial Convention, Young Democratic Clubs of America, Reno, Nevada, Nov. 7,8,9, 1959"
5. Badge: Paulia Weaver, Texas "YDC of America, 11th Biennial Convention, (YDC) National Committee"
6. Headband, paper with blue feather "Howe"
7. Delegate Badge; "Paulia Weaver, President, Texas YD's. National Committee, Dec. 6-9.1961, Miami Beach, Fla., 12th Biennial Convention, YD's of America"
8. Delegate Badge: "Miss Paulia Weaver, 14th Biennial Young Democratic National Convention, Dec. 11-14, 1963, Las Vegas, Nevada"
9. Ribbon, blue & white: "Rally to O'Malley for President"
10. Bumper Sticker: "Vote for Cleary, Democrat for Congress! and Medicare" 1962
11. ID Badge: "Poll Tax Deputy, Dallas County"

Administrative Information


Gift of Paulia Weaver, 1976.


Paulia P. Weaver Papers, AR147, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

Processing Information

The papers were received in unlabeled folders along with some local material. Record types were mixed within folders, and were in chronological order with much undated material throughout. A few folders came in reverse chronological order.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I. National

Young Democratic Clubs of America
Box Folder
1 1 Convention, Oklahoma City, Okla. Resolutions of the Convention of the Young Democratic Clubs of America, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous Records, 1955
2 Convention, Reno, Nevada. Resolutions, Club Constitutions, Newspapers, Democratic Platform, Miscellaneous, 1956-1957
3 Convention, Toledo, Ohio. Programs, Resolutions, Miscellaneous, 1959
4 Convention, Miami Beach, Florida. Letters, Resolutions, Miscellaneous Records, 1961
5 Convention, Las Vegas, Nevada. Program, Newspapers, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 1962-1964
6 Medicare Campaign Kit, Congressional Campaign Material, TV Spot Announcements, Scripts, Copy of Medicare Bill, 1962
7 Twelve Sample Speeches on Medicare, 1962
8 Stevenson Campaign Material. Clippings, Articles, Correspondence, Miscellaneous Records, 1952
Box Folder
2 1 National Membership Drive Material. Booklets, Congressional Records, Pamphlets, Newsletters, Miscellaneous Records, May - June, 1962
2 National Campaign Conference for Democratic Women. Records of Conference, Newsletters, Booklets, Congressional Records, Miscellaneous Records, Winter 1961 - June, 1962
Subseries B: Democratic National Committeewoman Records
Box Folder
2 3 Campaign Material, National Democratic Committee Material, Correspondence, Clippings, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, January - June, 1958
4 Campaign Material, First Voters Kit, Registering Young Voters as Democrats, National Democratic Committee Materials, Correspondence, Miscellaneous, July - September, 1958
5 National Democratic Committee Materials, Correspondence, Campaign Materials, Lists of Young Democratic National Committee Officers, Texas Young Democratic Officers List, Miscellaneous, October - December, 1958
6 Correspondence, Convention Related Material, Reports, Clippings, Lists, Congressional Record, Miscellaneous, December - May, 1959
(Left in reverse chronological order as received)
Box Folder
3 1 Correspondence, Material on National Committee Meetings, Reports by California Federation of Young Democrats, National Officer Lists, Congressional Record, Miscellaneous, May - January, 1959
(Left in reverse chronological order as received)
2 Correspondence, Clippings, Congressional Record, Miscellaneous, January - October, 1960
Subseries C: Miscellaneous
Box Folder
3 3 Correspondence, Lists of Officers, Clippings, National Committee Meeting Minutes, Officers List of Young Democrats, Miscellaneous, January - April, 1961
4 Correspondence, Booklets, Newsletters, Officers Lists, Miscellaneous, May - June, 1961
5 Correspondence, Lists, Newspapers, Clippings, Miscellaneous, July - August, 1961
6 Correspondence, Young Democratic Club Newsletters, Convention Memos and Bulletins, Miscellaneous, September - October, 1961
7 Correspondence, Newsletters, Booklets, Memos, Miscellaneous, November - December, 1961
8 Constitutions, 1958, 1961, undated
Box Folder
4 1 Correspondence, Newsletters, Pamphlets, Congressional Records, Miscellaneous, January - March, 1962
2 Correspondence, Newsletters, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, April - June, 1962
3 Correspondence, Newsletters, Clippings, List of Young Democratic Officers, Miscellaneous, July, 1962
4 Correspondence, National Committee Material, Pamphlets, National Federation of Colleges, Young Democrats Campaign Manual, Miscellaneous, August, 1962
Box Folder
5 1 Correspondence, Newsletters, Pamphlets, 87th Congress Voting Records, Miscellaneous, September - October, 1962
2 Correspondence, Newsletters, Clippings, Young Democratic Officers List, Miscellaneous, November - December, 1962
3 Correspondence, Newsletters, Farm Labor Program Report, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, January - March, 1963
4 Correspondence, Pamphlets, Map of Nonwhite Population in Southern States, Membership Drive Material, Newsletters, National Committee Material, Miscellaneous, April, 1963
5 Correspondence, Newsletters, Clippings, State Convention Material, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, May - June, 1963
Box Folder
6 1 Correspondence, Newsletters, List of Officers, Pamphlets, Clippings, Miscellaneous, July - August, 1963
2 Correspondence, Newsletters, Clippings, Miscellaneous, September, 1963
3 Correspondence, Pamphlet, Newsletters, Magazine, The Liberal Democrat, National Committee Material, Clippings, Miscellaneous, October, 1963
4 Correspondence, Newsletters, National Officers List, Pamphlet, Miscellaneous, November - December, 1963
5 Correspondence, Convention Bulletin, Pamphlet, Newsletters, Miscellaneous, January - July, 1964
6 Correspondence, Newsletters, Young Democratic Clubs Officers List, Clippings, Miscellaneous, August, 1964 - December, 1964
Box Folder
7 1 Correspondence, Congressional Record, Newsletter, Clippings, Miscellaneous, January - November, 1965
2 Correspondence, Clippings, Miscellaneous, 1966-1967
Subseries D: U. S. Delegate to the Third Atlantic Conference for Young Political Leaders
Box Folder
7 3 Correspondence, Newsletters, News Releases, Pamphlets, January - July, 1963
4 Correspondence, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 1962-1963
5 Lists of Delegates, Speeches, Reports, Proposals, Travel Book and Travel Records, 1963
6 Booklet: "France, Aid and Cooperation," 1962 Pamphlet on Paris, circa 1963
7 Booklets: "France and the Atom,""France and Europe,", 1962
8 Booklets: "Facts about Germany,""Ring Politischer Jugend," (Dailey Calendar in German), 1962 - 1963
9 Lufthansa Timetable, Two Pamphlets about Bonn, Germany, 1963
10 Pamphlets about Berlin and Germany, 1960, 1961
11 Miscellaneous, German Pamphlets, 1962-1963

Series II. State: Young Democratic Clubs of Texas

Box Folder
8 1 Correspondence, Clippings, Reports, "Woman's Place in Politics," Kit, Pamphlets, Resolutions, 1954-1957
2 Correspondence, Pamphlets, Membership List of Dallas County Young Democrats, State Convention Material, Minutes, Newsletter, Clippings, Miscellaneous, February - December, 1959
3 Correspondence, Clippings, Rosters, State Convention Material, Campaign Material, Miscellaneous, January - December, 1960
4 Correspondence, National and State Officers Lists, Miscellaneous, January - March, 1961
5 Correspondence, Pamphlets, Minutes, List of Young Democratic State Executive Committee Members, Biographical Sheets of Texas Young Democratic Club Officers, April, 1961
6 Correspondence, Clippings, Newsletters, Pamphlets, District Map of Texas, State Executive Committee Material, Miscellaneous, May - June, 1961
Box Folder
9 1 Correspondence, Clippings, Newsletters, Young Democratic State Executive Committee Material, Miscellaneous, September, 1961
2 Correspondence, Young Democratic National Convention Information, Membership Lists for U. T. Austin, Blank forms for Membership, Minutes and Constitution, Newsletters, Clippings, October - December, 1961
3 Correspondence, State Executive Committee Meeting Material, Newsletters, January - February, 1962
4 Correspondence, Newsletter, State Executive Committee Materials, State Convention Program, Membership List, Miscellaneous, March - April, 1962
5 Correspondence, Clippings, Club Listing, State Executive Committee Material, Convention Meeting Minutes, Newsletters, May - June, 1962
6 Correspondence, Newsletters, Young Democrat Club Officers List, Nueces County and Bexar County Constitutions, Miscellaneous, July - August, 1962
7 Correspondence, Newsletters, State Convention Minutes, Directory of Delegates to National Convention, National Membership Drive Kit, September - December - 1962
8 Correspondence, Executive Committee Meeting Materials, Newsletters, Miscellaneous, January - May, 1963
Box Folder
10 1 Correspondence, Newsletters, Miscellaneous, June - October, 1963
2 Correspondence, Newsletters, Membership Lists, Young Democrat Publications, Kennedy Memorial Newspapers, November - December, 1963
3 Correspondence, Newsletters, Clippings, State Convention Program, Minutes, History of Young Democratic Clubs, Forms, January - December, 1964
4 Correspondence, Reports, Newsletters, Clippings, Pamphlets, January - October, 1965, 1966, 1967, undated
5 State Convention Program, Miscellaneous, 1965
6 State Constitutions, 1958-1962

Series III. Dallas County Democrats

Box Folder
10 7 Committee Minutes, By-Laws, Newsletter, Attendance Records, 1957-1958
Box Folder
11 1 Election Survey Showing Party Affiliation (taken from ringed notebook), 1960
2 Precinct Records, Workers Names and Addresses, (taken from ringed notebook as 147-11-1) Precinct Convention Minutes, 1960

Series IV. Miscellaneous

Box Folder
11 3 Young Democrats Devoted to Gaity, Drinking, Good Times, Missing Meetings and Going on Tours with Crazy Mixed Up Tour Guides, Correspondence, Membership Roster, June - November, 1958
4 Democratic National Convention, Correspondence, Directory, Clippings, Kennedy-Johnson Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 1960
5 Texas Society to Abolish Capital Punishment, Correspondence, Constitution, Minutes, Membership Lists, Miscellaneous (address on folder, 504 West 24th Street, Austin, Texas),
6 North Texas State College Young Democratic Club, Correspondence, Material on Dorothy Jane Holman - Outstanding Young Democrat Collegiate, 1961
7 SMU Symposium Material - The Education of Women for Social and Political Leadership, Correspondence, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous, 1967
8 Adlai Stevenson, Newspaper, Clippings about his death, July 15, 1965
9 Personal Correspondence, Undated and Miscellaneous Correspondence, Clippings, 1959, 1964, undated
10 Personal Correspondence, Membership Forms, Biographical Data Sheet for Paulia Weaver (1958), Miscellaneous, undated
11 Personal Miscellaneous, 1958, 1960-1961, 1966
12 Miscellaneous, Undated
13 Political Buttons: Rally to O'Malley for President, 1963, Two Buttons. Young Democratic Club of America, National Convention, Miami Beach, Florida, 1961, One Button. Ohio, 1959, One Button.,