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University of Texas at Arlington 1972-1973 Self-Study Records:

A Guide

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas at Arlington.
Title: University of Texas at Arlington 1972-1973 Self-Study Records
Dates: 1967-1974
Identification: AR139
Extent: 4 boxes (1.2 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

The UTA 1972-1973 Self-Study was formally initiated in Spring, 1972, for presentation to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in the process of its ten-year reaffirmation accreditation as a senior institution. Jack R. Woolf was the self-study director. Members of the University Committee on Committees served as the Steering Committee, which, in turn, oversaw the work of the eleven Standards Committees: Purpose, Organization and Administration, Educational Program, Financial Resources, Faculty, Library, Student Personnel, Physical Plant, Special Activities, Graduate Program, and Research.

Departmental studies committees were also formed, made up of faculty from each department. The subject matter of the departmental self-study paralleled that of the institutional self-study. Copies of the departmental self-study reports may be found in Series B of the collection; however, these reports were not included in the final published self-study.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, minutes, self-study reports, charts, manuals, lists, roster, booklets, and notes. Files of J. R. Woolf; and records of the steering committee; the standards committees; and the departmental committees. Includes a supplement which is a review of the self-study by faculty organizations, 1974, and printed copies of the university self-study as well as the separate departmental self-studies.


The collection is organized in two series:
  • Series A: Institutional Self-Study
  • Series B: Departmental Self-Studies
The files in Series A are arranged sequentially: general or introductory material first, then steering committee files, followed by files for the standards committees, and at the end of the series records of the Southern Association Visitation Committee and a published copy of the reports of the eleven standards committees, The University of Texas at Arlington Self-Study, 1972-1973.
Series B contains the self-study reports compiled by each academic department. The folders are arranged in alphabetical order.



Open for research.

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Woolf, J. R. (Jack Royce), 1924-
University of Texas at Arlington. Steering Committee.
University of Texas at Arlington--Accreditation.
Alternate Titles
University of Texas at Arlington Self-Study.
University Archives

Separated Material

AR334: Arlington State College Self-Study Records.

Departmental self studies for 1962-1963 (copies are in AR334, Arlington State College Self-Study Records)

Duplicates of 1973 departmental self-studies

Requests for data and other ephemeral material

Data forms and other information later incorporated in the published self-study

Administrative Information


Transferred from the Political Science Department, The University of Texas at Arlington, 1974, 1977.


University of Texas at Arlington 1972-1973 Self-Study Records, AR139, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

Processing Information

AR139 originally consisted of 2-1/2 manuscript boxes of processed material, primarily departmental self-studies. In 1992 two shipping crates (4 linear feet) of unprocessed 1972-1973 self-study records were found. This unprocessed material was heavily weeded. The remaining records, which largely concerned the institutional self-study, were added to AR139 (See Series A). The inventory was partially rewritten to incorporate the additions.

Container List

Series A: Institutional Self-Study

Box Folder
1 1 Guidelines, 1971-1972
Booklets, excerpts from manuals, manual.
2 Endorsement of Self-Study, 1971-1972
Correspondence, memoranda, minutes, resolution, list.
3 Organization of Self-Study, 1971-1972
Comments, memoranda, statement, report, list.
4 Woolf, J.R. (Self-Study Director), 1973
5 Steering Committee, 1972-1973
Memoranda, correspondence.
6 Steering Committee, 1972
7 Self-Study Committees, 1972-1973
Memoranda, recommendations, report, lists.
8 Calendars, 1972
Memorandum, flow chart.
9 Standard One Committee (Purpose), 1972
Memoranda, minutes.
10 Standard Two Committee (Organization and Administration), 1972, 1974
Survey results, memorandum.
11 Standard Three Committee (Educational Program), Part A (Admissions and Enrollment), 1967-1972
Charts, manual excerpts, memoranda, list, minutes, notes, report, form.
12 Standard Three Committee (Educational Program), Part A (Admissions and Enrollment), 1973, undated
Newsletter, correspondence, memoranda, rules and regulations, notes.
13 Standard Three Committee (Educational Program), Part B (Curriculum and Instruction), 1967-1968, 1972-1973
Summaries, memorandum, minutes, letter.
14 Standard Four Committee (Financial Resources), 1972-1973
Memoranda, notes.
15 Standard Five Committee (Faculty), 1972-1973
Memoranda, report, list.
16 Standard Six Committee (Library), 1970-1973
Reports, tables, memoranda minutes, charts.
17 Standard Seven Committee (Student Personnel), 1969, 1971-1973
Constitutions, memoranda, charts, information request, report, lists, minutes.
18 Standard Eight Committee (Physical Plant), 1972-1973, undated
Reports, memoranda, tables, lists.
19 Standard Nine Committee (Special Activities), 1971-1972
Proposed revision, letter, memoranda, report addition.
Box Folder
2 1 Standard Ten Committee (Graduate Program), 1972
Memoranda, report, list.
2 Standard Eleven Committee (Research), 1972
Request, minutes, memoranda.
3 Southern Association Visitation Committee, 1973-1974
Correspondence, memoranda, roster, report.
4 Self-Study, 1972-1974

Series B: Departmental Self-Studies

Box Folder
2 5 Accounting, 1972-1973
Minutes, memorandum, report.
6 Aerospace Engineering, 1972-1973
Memorandum, report.
7 Architecture, 1972-1973
Memorandum, report.
8 Art, 1973
9 Athletics, 1972, undated
10 Biology, 1972-1973
Memorandum, minutes, report.
11 Business Administration, 1972-1973
Memoranda, report.
12 Chemistry, 1972-1973
Minutes, memorandum, report.
13 Civil Engineering, 1972-1973
Minutes, memorandum, report.
14 Communications, 1972-1973
Memorandum, minutes, report.
Box Folder
3 1 Economics, 1972-1973
Minutes, memorandum, report.
2 Education, 1972-1973
Memorandum, reports.
3 Electrical Engineering, 1972-1973
Minutes, memorandum, report.
4 Engineering Graphics, 1973
5 English, 1972-1973
Memorandum, minutes, report.
6 Foreign Languages, 1972-1973
Memorandum, minutes, report.
7 Geology, 1972-1973
Memorandum, report.
8 Government, 1972-1973
Memorandum, minutes, report.
9 History and Philosophy, 1972-1973
Minutes, report.
10 Industrial Engineering, 1972-1973
Minutes, memorandum, report.
11 Mathematics, 1972-1973
Memorandum, minutes, report.
12 Mechanical Engineering, 1973
13 Military Science, 1972-1973
Memorandum, report.
14 Music, 1972-1973
List, minutes, report.
15 Physical Education, 1972-1973
Memorandum, minutes, report.
Box Folder
4 1 Physics, 1972-1973
Memoranda, minutes, report.
2 Psychology, 1972-1973
Memoranda, report.
3 Social Work, 1973
Letter, report.
4 Sociology, 1972-1973
Minutes, report.
5 Urban Studies, 1972-1973
Memorandum, report.