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James S. Vecchio Papers:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Vecchio, James S.
Title: James S. Vecchio Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1960-1976
Bulk Dates: 1973-1974
Identification: AR130
Extent: 12 boxes (4.79 linear ft.)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Historical Note

Texas state representative for District 33J, Grand Prairie, Dallas County, Texas, during the 63rd Legislature, 1973, and the Texas Constitutional Convention, 1974; vice-chair of the Executive Branch Committee during the convention.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, reports, news releases, newspaper clippings, programs, schedules, delegate roster, agendas, fact sheets, proposals, bills, briefs, directory, manuals, journals, constitutions, and printed material. Includes Vecchio’s papers from the 63rd legislative session, but primarily his records of the Constitutional Convention, including the annotated Texas constitution, constitutions of other states, rules of the convention, background material on constitutional revision in Texas, official committee reports, and the official journal of the convention.



The papers are arranged alphabetically by subject and thereunder chronologically.



Open for research.

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Vecchio, James S.--Archives.
Texas. Constitutional Convention.
Texas. Legislature. House of Representatives--Officials and employees.
Constitutional history--Texas --Sources.
Texas--Politics and government--1951- --Sources.
Alternate Titles
Texas Political History Collection.

Administrative Information


Gift of James Vecchio, March 30, 1976.


James S. Vecchio Papers, AR130, Box Number, Folder Number, Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library.

Container List


Box Folder
1 1 Accomplishments, 63rd Legislative, Regular Session, Summary, 1973
2 Administration Committee, List of Members and Report, 1974
3 Arkansas, Study on Constitutional Revision, undated
4 Branch Banking, correspondence, 1973-74,
Speech by Wright Patman, on banking, 1974
5 Campaign Contributions and Expenditures, Memorandum, 1974
6 Candidates for the Texas House of Representatives - 64th Legislature, List of Candidates and their addresses
7 Citizens' Guide to the Texas Constitution, 1972
8 Committee Budgets and purchasing Procedures, correspondence, 1974
9 Committee Schedules (weekly), 1974
10 Constitutional Convention Telephone Directory, 1974
11 Constitutional General Revision Correspondence, 1974
12 Constitutional Revision, A Report to the 57th Legislature, Vol. II, 1960
13 Constitutional Revision Materials Available in the Legislative Reference Library, 1974
14 Constitutional Revision - Miscellaneous Material:
Constitution Speech, 1976. Guidelines For Solicitation of Contributions for CTC, 1975. General Provisions. Cartoon. Seat arrangements chart, undated
15 Constitution of Texas, Vol. I, an Annotated and Comparative analysis. Articles I through IV, 1974
Box Folder
2 1 Constitution of Texas, Vol. II., an Annotated and Com., Analysis, Articles V-through Vlll, 1974
2 Con. of Texas, Vol. 111., an Annotated and Comparative Analysis, Articles IX through XVII, 1974
3 Con. Revision Study-Joe W., Corr., Report of Study-Exhibit A. H. Background and History Infor. List of Problem. 1973
4 Convention - General, Correspondence, Proposed Schedule, Organizational Chart, 1973-74
5 Convention Information Center, Correspondence, 1974
6 Convention Schedules, 1974
7 Corporate Income Tax, Chapter 34, undated
8 Correspondence Against Lary Amendment, 1974
9 Correspondence From the President of the Convention, Price Daniel, Jr., 1974
10 Correspondence, General, from January '73 to March, '74
11 Correspondence, General, from April, 1974 to July, '74 and undated
12 Correspondence on Constitutional Convention Program 243
13 Correspondence on Education Article
Box Folder
3 1 Criminal Justice Plan for Texas, 1973
2 Dallas County Commissioner's Resolution, Correspondence, 1974
3 Dallas-Fort Worth Regional Transportation Study, 1973
4 Dallas-Fort Worth Regional U-TACV System, Preliminary Engineering Report, 1973
5 Early Childhood Development in Texas: 1972
6 Education Committee Information,
List of Members, Memorandum, 1973 and 1974, News Clipping, Undated Correspondence, 1974, Agenda of First Public Hearing, 1974
7 Education Committee, Report (Proposals), 1974
8 Education Committee Official Second Reading Adoption, Art., VII, undated
9 Education Committee Schedule and Correspondence, 1974
10 Education, Recommendations Concerning Article VII, Constitution, 1974
11 Elected and Administrative Officials, 1973-1975
12 Energy Crisis Committee, House, Report, 1973-74
13 Energy Crisis, Correspondence, Agenda, Questionnaire, 1973-1974
14 Environment Study, Student Independent Research Report, 1973
15 Executive Committee, Proposals, Article IV, Undated
Box Folder
4 1 Executive Committee, Amendment, List of Proposals, Proposals, 1974
2 Executive Committee,
Agenda, Minutes, Proposals, Reports, Statements by Ben F. McDonald, Jr., Emmette S. Redford, William H. Abington and Joe Wyatt, Jr., Hearing Schedule, List of Witnesses, Testimony of John C. White, Presentation of Harry P. Burleigh, Remarks of Stephen C. Paine, The Executive Constitution of other states
3 Finance Committee,
General Information undated, Memorandum, 1974, List of Members, Proposals, Comment on Section 10 of the Education Article, 1974, Agenda of First Public Hearing, 1974, Records, 1972 and undated
4 General Land Office, the report of Bob Armstrong, Commissioner, undated
5 General Provisions Committee, General Information,
Agenda of First Public Hearing, 1974. Memorandum, 1974, List of Members, Articles: 1973 and undated
6 General Provisions, Official Committee Report, 1974
7 General Provisions, Committee Schedule, 1974,
Correspondence, 1974
8 General Rules on Constitution Revision and Convention.
List of Members, Memorandum - 1973-1974. Voting Position chart, Article XVII, 1974, Proposed Schedule, 1973, Rules
9 Good Roads Amendment, Texas Constitution, 1974
10 Highway Program, Attitudes of Texas Voters, 1974
11 Highway Trust Fund,
Correspondence, 1973; 1974 Statement by the Texas Good Roads Association
12 Hill, John, Correspondence, 1974 & undated
13 Horse Racing and the Pari-Mutuel, 1972
Box Folder
5 1 Index of "A New Constitution For Texas" by Subject, undated
2 Initiative, Referendum, Recall Statement, A brief Summary, Correspondence, 1974
3 Intergovernmental Issues in Constitutional Revision, 1973
4 Judiciary Committee,
Staff report - Article V, 1974; Official Committee Report - Article V, 1974 and other reports; Agenda of Public Hearing, 1974, List of Members, Correspondence, 1974
5 Judiciary Committee Correspondence, 1974
6 Justice in Dallas County, A Preliminary look at the administration of, 1972
7 Legislation, Summary of Proposed State, 1973
8 Legislative Budget Office, 1973
9 Legislative Master List, 1973
10 Legislative Reference Library, Lists of Publications, 1974
11 Legislature, Committee: Report of the Article III, 1974
12 List of Members Assigned Committee, undated
13 Local Government Committee Official Report,
Article IX, 1974, Second Reading Adoption, 1974
14 Louisiana, Proposed Constitution, 1974
15 Moore, Margaret, Report and Memorandum, 1974
16 Moore, Margaret, Legislative Weekly Report, Memorandum, 1974
17 Motor Vehicle Insurance Reform, 1972
18 Nuclear Power In Texas, Implications, 1973
19 New Constitution for Texas; Section Outline, 1974
Box Folder
6 1 News Clippings, 1973-1974
2 News Release, Correspondence, Reports, Statement by Bob Armstrong, Press, 1974
Background of Constitutional Revision in Texas.
3 Official Finance Committee, Report, 1974
4 Official Journal of the Constitutional Convention, 5th day - 30th day, 1974
5 Official Journal of the Constitutional Convention, 31st day - 48th day, 1974
6 Official Journal of the Constitutional Convention, 49th day - 65th day, 1974, 82nd day, 1974
7 Official Journal of the Constitutional Convention, 66th day - 82nd day, 1974
Box Folder
7 1 Official Journal of the Constitutional Convention, 83rd day - 91st day, 1974
2 Official Journal of the Constitutional Convention, 92nd day - 100th day, 1974
3 Official Journal of the Constitutional Convention, 101st day - 104th day, 1974
4 Official Journal of the Constitutional Convention, 105th day - 115th day, 1974
5 Official Journal Index of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Texas, 1974
6 Official Journal Index of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Texas, 2, 1974
Box Folder
8 1 Official Journal Index of the Constitutional Convention of the State of Texas, 3, 1974
2 Offshore Oil Terminals, Legal Framework, 1973
3 Parimutuel Gambling, Correspondence, News Clipping, 1974
4 Permanent University Fund, Correspondence, Statements, 1974
5 Pertinent Committee Information, List of Members, Documents, Agenda of the First Public Hearing, Correspondence, Proposals, Schedule of Meetings, Report, Certification of the Resolution, 1974
6 Planning Committee, Proposed Rules of Procedure, 1974
7 Procedures Manual, Constitutional Convention of Texas, 1974
8 Prosecutors' Offices, Study of, 1974
9 Proposals #1-22, for Incorporation, 1974
10 Proposals #23-40, for Incorporation, 1974
11 Proposals #41-54, for Incorporation, 1974
12 Proposals #55-114, for Incorporation, 1974
Box Folder
9 1 Proposals #115-172, for Incorporation, 1974
2 Proposals #173-245, for Incorporation, 1974
3 Proposals #246-332, for Incorporation, 1974
4 Proposed Judiciary Article to the Constitution, 1972
5 Public Housing, 1974
6 Public Information, Committee, List of members, Correspondence, =Memorandum, Statistic Chart of Wats Line, 1974
7 Reapportionment in the seventies, 1973
8 Reform Legislation by Texas Legislative Council, 1973
9 Report on Examination, 1973
10 Relevant Correspondence to General Provisions Committee. Correspondence along with news clipping, 1974
11 Resolutions No. 6-176, Reports, 1974
12 Resolutions For Submission No. 2-11, Report, 1974
Box Folder
10 1 Resolutions For Submission No. 12-21, Report, 1974
2 Resolutions For Submission No. 22-32, Report, 1974
3 Rights & Suffrage, Official Committee Report List of members, Reports, 1974
4 Rights & Suffrage, Amendments and Separation of Powers Committee, List of members, Agenda of First Public Hearing, Reports, Paper clipping, Printings, 1974
5 "Right to Work". Correspondence, 1974
6 Roll Call Record & Record Votes, 1974
7 Rules Committee, Report, 1974
8 Rules Committee, Report, 1974
9 Rural Views, Report, 1973
10 10% Sales Tax on Property-Statement Against by W. Peveto, Correspondence, 1974
11 Secretary of State, Correspondence, Statements, 1974
12 Smith, Preston, Remarks, 1974
13 State Constitutions, modernizing 1966-1972
14 State Debt, Statement, undated
15 Study of The Lieutenant Governor. Printing Correspondence, 1971-73
16 Style and Drafting Committee, List of members, undated
17 Style and Drafting Committee: Report of The Articles II-V, 1974
Box Folder
11 1 Style and Drafting Committee: Report of The Articles VII-XI, 1974
2 Submission and Transition Committee, List of members, undated
3 Summary of Committee Actions, 1973-74
4 Texas Bar Journal, Constitutional Revision, 1973
5 The Texas Constitution, Its Impact on: Administration, 1973
6 The Texas Constitution, Its Impact on: Criminal Justice System, 1973
7 The Texas Constitution, Its Impact on: Education, 1973
8 The Texas Constitution, Its Impact on: The Judiciary, 1973
9 The Texas Constitution, Its Impact on: Public Welfare, 1973
10 The Texas Constitution, Its Impact on: Suffrage, 1973
11 Texas Constitutional Revision Commission, Report, 1973
12 Texas Constitutional Revision Commission, Report, 1973
Box Folder
12 1 Texas In Action, Report, 1974
2 Texas Industrial Commission, Programs & Services, 1974
3 Transportation Planning, Unified Operations Plan 1973, Unified Work Program 1973-74