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Fred J. Agnich Papers:

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Descriptive Summary

Creator: Agnich, Fred J., 1913-
Title: Fred J. Agnich Papers
Dates: 1970-1988
Abstract: Fred Agnich served from 1970 to 1986 in the Texas House of Representatives, representing District 33-R. Papers include correspondence, clippings, office records, and legislative papers. The collection is divided into four series and includes material pertaining to his election campaigns, his participation in the 1974 Constitutional Convention, Agnich's legislative duties during his terms of office, and Agnich's special interests in wildlife and conservation projects.
Identification AR350
Quantity: 4.0 linear ft.
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Special Collections, The University of Texas at Arlington Library

Biographical Note

Fred J. Agnich was born on July 19, 1913, in Eveleth, Minnesota. He attended the University of Minnesota where he took a Bachelor of Arts in Geology in 1937. That same year he came to Texas and began working as a geophysicist for Geophysical Services, Inc. (which would become Texas Instruments, Inc.). Mr. Agnich spent many years at Geophysical in exploration for petroleum, abroad and throughout the United States. In 1951 he became Executive Vice President of Texas Instruments; in 1956 President; retiring from the board in 1961.

Mr. Agnich worked in fund raising for a number of years, successfully campaigning for the Republican Party during the 1950s. In 1960 he chaired fund raising activities for Richard Nixon and in 1964 for Barry Goldwater. Agnich accepted the position of Dallas County Republican Party Chairman in 1966 and in 1972 was elected Republican National Committeeman by his fellow Texas Republicans.

In 1969 Fred Agnich was approached with the suggestion of running for the Texas legislature. He accepted the challenge and won easily in 1970 on a Republican ticket from District 33-R, Dallas. He ran for and successfully won that legislative seat until stepping down in 1988. While in the Texas House of Representatives he served on a variety of committees, though most often on Appropriations and Finance, chairing the Environmental Affairs Subcommittee on Wildlife throughout his legislative career.

Agnich's interest in the environment grew out of his experiences in building and managing his 3500 acre ranch, located southeast of Athens, Texas, during the 1960s. Not only was it a working ranch, he used his considerable engineering and geological expertise to build a 3000 foot dam which filled a 500 acre lake. Agnich turned this area into a huge wildlife refuge which he used to research conservation strategies; experience to be utilized later in his political work.

During his career in Austin, Fred Agnich served in the 63rd Legislature, which had been entrusted by the citizens of Texas to rewrite the Texas Constitution, unaltered since 1876. Agnich served on the Finance Committee. Conducting research and preliminary studies during 1973, the Constitutional Convention was held in 1974. Although eventually rejected by the voters, the work of the 63rd Legislature remains a landmark event in Texas history.

Mr. Agnich retired in 1986 to his home in Dallas, where he lives with his wife, Brooksie. Of his three children, William, Richard and James, Richard resides in the Dallas area.

Scope And Contents

Series I., Election Campaigns (1970-1986), includes correspondence, financial records, and campaign material. The material is organized chronologically within each separate folder; folders have been maintained in the order in which they were received from the Agnich office.

Series II., Constitutional Convention (1973-1974), contains a prodigious volume of material detailing Agnich's involvement with the 63rd Legislature and the Constitutional Convention. Files are listed by topic and range from General Provisions through various specific issues in the text of the Texas Constitution. The material has been organized in a chronological or numerical order where possible within each separate file. Files are arranged alphabetically by subject within this series.

The third series, Legislative Duties, includes files from Agnich's terms of office (1971-1986). Files include material on specific issues such as abortion and bussing and specific House bills through general topics such as school finance, energy, and conservation. Included are files of correspondence. The material has been organized in a chronological or numerical order where possible within each separate file. Files have been organized by subject within this series.

Series IV., Wildlife and Conservation Projects, concerns Agnich's involvement with wildlife and conservation (1970-1983). Files include proposed legislation, reports, correspondence, and committee reports. The material has been organized within separate files in a chronological order where possible. Files have been organized by subject.


The Fred J. Agnich Papers are organized in four series:
Series I. Campaigns
Series II. Constitutional Convention
Series III. Legislative Duties
Series IV. Wildlife and Conservation Projects



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Texas Political History Collection

Separated Material

Some materials have been discarded from the Fred J. Agnich Papers, including duplicates, form letters, canceled checks, random mailing lists, and expense receipts for copies, postage, signs, printing, American flags, and campaign events.

Administrative Information


Fred J. Agnich Papers, AR350, Box Number, Folder Number, The University of Texas at Arlington Library Special Collections.


The Fred J. Agnich Papers were donated in November, 1988, to The University of Texas at Arlington by Fred Agnich of Dallas, Texas.

Processing Information

Finding aid prepared by Woodley Oren Truitt III and Laura Foss, January 24, 1994.

Container List

Series I. Campaigns

Box Folder
1 1 Initial Support, 1971-72
Correspondence and memos regarding Agnich's entry into politics.
2 Campaign Account, 1970
Income and expense statement.
3 Campaign Account, 1970
Payroll records.
4 Campaign Account, 1970
Bank account records.
5 Campaign Account, 1970
Correspondence, letters of solicitation and thanks.
6 Campaign Account, 1970
Budget, record of budgeted campaign expenditures.
7 Campaign Expenses, 1970
Record of expenses.
8 Campaign Strategy, 1970
Strategy of how the campaign was to be conducted.
9 Campaign Outline, 1970
'Campaign-1970', contents of binder compiled by Agnich office staff containing records of campaign publicity program.
10 Campaign, 1970
Swing precincts, demographic data, strategy in swing precincts.
11 Campaign, 1970
List of invitations to breakfast meeting 6-15-70.
Box Folder
2 1 Campaign, 1970
Confidential report on voter attitude toward Agnich.
2 Campaign, 1970
Digest of political biography of rival candidate Joe Ratcliff.
3 Campaign, 1970
Record and text of television and radio commercials.
4 Campaign, 1970
Cards and letters endorsing Agnich.
5 Campaign, 1970
Fish Fry, invitation list and correspondence pertaining to fish fries held in June and July, 1970.
6 Campaign, 1970
Records of invitations and attendance at campaign reception held Oct. 21, 1970 at the Dallas Petroleum Club.
7 Campaign, ND
List of those endorsing Agnich.
8 Campaign, 1970
Mailers, advertisements.
9 Campaign, 1970
News Clippings.
10 Campaign, 1970
Post-campaign documents, victory party invitation list, voter analysis, certificate of election.
11 Campaign, 1970
Letters of congratulation.
12 Campaign, 1970
13 Correspondence, 1972-74, 1984
Questionnaires, 'thank you's, endorsements, congratulations, requests, invitations.
14 Elections, 1970, 1972, 1974
Flyers, clippings, mail-outs.
15 Financial Support, 1974-86
Letters of contribution from both individuals and political action committees.

Series II. Constitutional Convention

Box Folder
3 1 Administration Committee, 1974
Resolutions and committee reports on convention budgets.
2 Chairman, 1973-74
Statements, clippings, memos, press releases from the office of Price Daniels, Jr. to delegates.
3 Committee Assignments, ND
List of representatives and their individual group responsibilities.
4 Convention Committee Summaries
Information releases for the press, public, and delegates.
5 Convention Planning Committee
Plans, agenda, facilities, budget, and correspondence concerning preliminary plans.
6 Daily Calendars, 1974
Proposed work schedule for delegates during convention.
7 Daily Reports, 1974
Actual work schedule for delegates during convention.
Box Folder
4 1 Delegates' Questionnaires, ND
Various sampling by district of voter opinion regarding the Constitutional Convention.
2 Final Votes, 1974
List of submission resolutions, voting records.
3 General Correspondence, 1974
Letters and memos to and from delegates.
4 General Research, 1974
Information, history, and guidelines on style, drafting of constitutions, with notes taken on subject.
5 History of Articles, 1974
Weekly status report on progress of proposals.
6 Implications Study, 1975
"State and Local Finance Implications of the Proposed Constitution".
7 Interest Groups, ND
Correspondence, questionnaires, requests, and information sent to Agnich, and his handwritten notes on these.
8 Letters re: Constitutional Convention 1974
Constituents' letters and Agnich's responses on specific subjects.
9 Methods of Submission, 1974
Information and guidelines on procedure and format of proposal submission.
10 Proposal Preparation, 1973
Physical example of proposal form.
11 Public Information Office, 1974
Memos, reports, summaries of Constitutional Convention activities including a breakdown of WATS line usage.
12 Questionnaire, 1973
Agnich's own; summary and 10 returned examples from his district.
13 Republican Strategy, 1973
Goals and objectives for constitutional revision.
14 Resource Materials, 1973
Information on constitutional revision prepared for delegates by Legislative Reference Library.
15 Revision, 1972-74
Correspondence, random requests, proposals, information, from the public regarding changes in the constitution.
Box Folder
5 1 Revisions Commission, 1973-74
Press releases, statements, correspondence, schedules for activities, updates on progress.
2 Rules Committee, 1974
Proposals and resolutions.
3-4 Rules of the Convention, 1973-74
Planning, procedures and forms; Rules of Procedure and Procedures Manual.
5 Submission and Transition, 1974
Correspondence, memos, and history of submission.
6 Summary Comparison, 1974
Article by article comparison of tentatively approved Constitution to Constitution of 1876.
7 Clippings-Education, 1974
Constitutional mandate; funding of public education, colleges.
8 Clippings-Executive, 1974
Governor's term and powers.
9 Clippings-Final Vote, 1974
Disputes and compromise.
10 Clippings-Finance, 1974
Taxes and funding, bonds.
11 Clippings-General, 1974
Reform, schedule changes, special interests, personalities.
12 Clippings-General Provisions, 1974
Specific issues: environment, gambling, initiative.
13 Clippings-Judiciary, 1974
Judiciary reform; terms and powers.
14 Clippings-Legislature, 1974
Salaries, sessions, powers.
15 Clippings-Local Government, 1974
County home rule.
16 Clippings-Pre-Constitutional Convention, 1973-74
Opinions, proposals, prospects.
17 Clippings-Right to Work, 1974
Conflicts and discussions: labor issues.
18 Convention Information, 1974
"Additions to the Language"; "Contents of Official Newspaper"; "Contents of Side by Side Comparison"; "Contents of Introduction to be Used"; "Public Service Announcements".
Box Folder
6 1-3 Convention Information, 1974
"Official Style and Drafting Committee Report" (per article).
4-5 Convention Information, 1974
"Official Style and Drafting Committee Report (Final Third Reading)" (per article).
6 Convention Information, 1974
Committee Submission ("Official Second Reading Adoption") (per article).
7-8 Convention Information, 1974
"Resolution For Submission of the Proposals of the Convention to the Qualified Electors of the State" (nos. 2-13.)
Box Folder
7 1-3 Convention Information, 1974
The Texas Constitution-An Annotated and Comparative Analysis.
4 General Provisions, 1974
Proposals of committee, correspondence concerning subjects under general provisions.
5 General Provisions, 1974
Proposals for amendments.
6 General Provisions, 1974
Beaches, correspondence concerned with public access to beaches, petition supporting minority report to be added to Article 10, section 22, report on public beach access rights.
7 General Provisions, 1974
Branch Banking, correspondence.
8 General Provisions, 1974
Child Care Centers, correspondence concerning constitutional convention proposal 156.
9 General Provisions, 1974
Environment, proposals, for amendments to Article 10, memos on environmental protection, notes on proposals, vote record on environmental amendments.
Box Folder
8 1 General Provisions, 1973-74
Environment, background and research material, correspondence.
2 General Provisions, 1974
Gambling, correspondence on para-mutual gambling.
3 General Provisions, 1974
Medical Practitioners, correspondence on regulation of practice of medicine, background material.
4 General Provisions, 1974
Public Employees Retirement, recommendations for amendment, correspondence.
5 General Provisions, 1974
Separate and Community Property, proposed amendments, to Article 10, section 8, background material on property rights.
6 General Provisions, 1974
Right to Work, constitutional text concerning right to work, memos, pro, anti right to work issue propaganda.
7 General Provisions, 1973-74
Right to Work, correspondence, lists of addresses and form letters.
8 General Provisions, 1974
Right to Work, correspondence.
9 General Provisions,
'A New Constitution for Texas: Text, Explanation, Commentary' (Austin, Texas Constitutional revision Commission, Nov. 1973.)
Box Folder
9 1 Environment, 1970
Public Trust Doctrine, photo-copies of Law Review and notes for constitutional revision.
2 Environment, 1974
General Provisions, Versions of Amendment 10, copy of Sierra Club press release concerning constitutional environmental provisions.
3 Environment, 1974
General Provisions, Correspondence.
4 Legislative Proposals, 1974
Various proposals for constitutional amendments.
5 Legislature, 1974
6 Legislature, 1974
Committee Report, Committee on the Legislature, recommendations for constitutional amendments.
7 Rights and Suffrage, 1974
Committee Action, report of committee with recommendations for constitutional articles.
8 Rights and Suffrage, 1974
Proposals for changes in articles of Bill of Rights.
9 Rights and Suffrage, 1974
10 Rights and Suffrage, 1974
Committee Report on Article 1 and preamble.
11 Executive, 1974
Committee report, proposals for revision of Article 4.
12 Executive, 1974
Proposals for amendments.
13 Executive, 1974
14 Judiciary, 1974
Committee report, committee on Article 5, supplemental report, material on structure and powers of judiciary.
Box Folder
10 1 Judiciary, 1974
Proposals for amendment of Article 5.
2 Judiciary, 1974
3 Education, 1974
General recommendations for changes concerning public education.
4 Education, 1974
Proposals for amendment of Article 7.
5 Education, 1974
Committee Action, report of committee on education, proposals for amendment.
6 Education, 1974
Permanent University Fund, correspondence.
7 Education, 1974
Aid to non-public schools, correspondence.
8 Education, 1974
General Correspondence.
9 Local Government, 1974
Committee report, impact reports, position report with recommendations for amendments.
10 Local Government, 1974
Proposals for amendments of Article 9.
11 Local Government, 1974
Box Folder
11 1 Finance, 1974
Committee report on Article 8.
2 Finance, 1974
Comments on committee report, report of committee on submission and transition, submissions for amendment of articles concerning finance and taxation, reports of committee action.
3 Finance, 1974
Research and background material, opinion survey, recommendations by various state departments, staff memo on issue questions, correspondence.
4 Finance, 1974
Testimony before committee.
Box Folder
12 1 Finance, 1974
Proposals for amendment of Article 8.
2 Finance, 1974
State debt, specific information on Texas state debt, documents defining state debt, recommendations for amendment.
3 Finance, 1971-73
Background of Texas state debt.
4 Finance, 1974
Research data on state debt and constitutional provisions in states other than Texas.
5 Finance, 1974
Correspondence concerning the committee on finance.
6 Finance, 1974
Dedicated road funds, research data.
7 Finance, 1973-74
Correspondence concerning dedicated road funds.
8 Finance, 1974
Ad Valorem taxes, research information on revision of ad valorem tax provision.
9 Finance, 1974
Correspondence concerning ad valorem taxes.
10 Finance, 1974
Equal and Uniform, staff paper on equal and uniform taxation.
11 Finance, 1974
Correspondence concerning equal and uniform.
12 Finance, 1974
Welfare ceiling, correspondence.
13 Finance, 1974
Veterans organizations exemptions, correspondence.
14 Finance, 1974
General correspondence on tax issues.

Series III. Legislative Duties

Box Folder
13 1 Perspective, ND
Texas legislature in perspective, articles by Agnich.
2 "Classic" letters, ND
Funny, rude, unusual correspondence.
3 Conservation Issues, 1971, 1988
4 Financial Records, 1971
Office finance records, bank statements, invoices.
5 Payroll, 1971
Office payroll records.
6 Game Plan, ND
Plan for legislative session.
7 Dirty Thirty, 1971-72
Correspondence, press releases, memos, news clippings.
8 Abortion, 1972, 1983-84
9 Bussing, 1971-76
School desegregation, correspondence.
10 Energy Crisis, 1972-76
Correspondence and clippings concerning alternative energy sources and possible solutions.
11-12 Environment, 1969-76
Correspondence, clippings, information regarding subjects such as wildlife preserves and nuclear energy.
13 Retirement Letters, 1987-88
Correspondence concerning Agnich's retirement from the legislature.
Box Folder
14 1 Environmental Citizens Suit, 1975
Information, correspondence, and legislation relating to feasibility of citizen's rights to civil suit.
2 Export Expansion, 1971-73
Correspondence regarding Agnich's position on Regional Export Expansion Councils.
3-4 Legislature, 1974-75, 75-76
Constituent file.
5 Legislature, 1973
General file, letters, clippings, intact as taken from Agnich office file.
6 Legislature, 1972
7 Legislature, 1973
8 Legislature, 1974-76
9 Legislation, 1977-81
Text of legislation introduced or sponsored by Agnich: H.B. 1, 1375, 1435, 1789, 1131, 481, 475, 267, 432, H.R.116, H.C.R.180, S.B.666.
Box Folder
15 1 H.B.1, 1983
Wildlife Conservation, text of bill, memos, list of representatives for and against.
2 H.B.1, 1983
'The Effects of the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1983 on Title 7'.
3 H.B.1, 1983
Commission agenda item, amendments to hunting and fishing proclamation 1983-84.
4 H.B.1, 1983
Report of House Environmental Affairs Committee concerning the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1983.
5 H.B.1, 1983
Report of Sub-committee on the Uniform Regulatory Act.
6 H.B.1, 1983
Documents from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. on changes resulting from WCA.
7 Wildlife Conservation Act, 1983
Proposed rules for statewide hunting and fishing.
8 Wildlife Conservation Act, (WCA) 1983
Texans for Wildlife Conservation, letters and materials by the TWC supporting the WCA of 1983.
9 WCA, 1982-83
Clippings for the WCA.
10 WCA, 1983
Clippings against the WCA.
11 WCA, 1982-83
Correspondence for the WCA.
12 WCA, 1982-83
Correspondence against the WCA.
Box Folder
16 1 House Bill 56, 1987
Information, correspondence, and legislation; site studies for radioactive waste.
2 House Bill 1551, 1987
Information, correspondence, and legislation regarding hotel occupancy tax.
3 Initiative and Referendum, 1979
Correspondence, legislation and three bound studies on "the case against".
4 Legislation, 64th Session, 1975
Examples of legislation submitted by Agnich.
5 Legislative Correspondence, 1984-88
Letters of support from constituents and contributors, 'thank you's for support from Agnich's office; complaints, requests, notes and cards.
6-8 Personal, ND
Poetry written by Agnich; his photograph; biographical data; clippings; certificates.
9 Special Session, 1982
Issues dealt with during the 67th Legislature, including repeal of ad valorem property tax.
Box Folder
17 1 Second Session, 1972
Documents from special session.
2 Third Session, 1972
Documents from special session.
3 Fourth Session, 1972
Documents from special session.
4 62nd Legislature, 1972
News clippings.
5 63rd Legislature, 1973-74
Documents from regular session.
6 64th Legislature, 1975
Seating chart.
7 64th Legislature, 1975
List of legislation sent to governor.
8 64th Legislature, 1975
9 Intergovernmental Affairs, 1982-84
10 Special Session, 1984
Farm Workers Insurance, Text of proposed legislation, correspondence, documents giving overview and background on issue.
11 68th Legislature, 1984
12 68th Legislature, 1984-85
Text of H.B. 95, 113, 403, 470, 572, 573, 1061, 1843.
13 68th Legislature, 1985
Box Folder
18 1 National Advisory Board on State Fisheries and Wildlife, 1969-73
Document defining board and its functions.
2 NABSFW, 1970
3 NABSFW, 1971-73
4 NABSFW, 1970-71
Hunting Information.
5 Environmental Affairs Subcommittee, 1980
Committee reports.
6 Environmental Affairs Committee, 1981
Text of H.B. 1435.
7 Southwest Region Energy Council, 1983-84, 1988
Documents prepared by and for.
8 Energy, 1982-83
House Interim Committee on Energy, correspondence, related legislation.
9 Energy, 1984
Report on Operations of Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Authority.
10 Energy, 1984
Interstate Oil Compact Commission, documents defining commission, correspondence.
Box Folder
19 1 Public School Finance, (PSF) ND
Special House Committee on Alternatives to Public School Financing, document defining committee, meeting report 8-24-76, meeting report 10-19-76, draft of bill for public school finance.
Evidentiary documents B,C,D,E,F,H,I.
Background and research materials.
Material from Texas Education Agency.
Recommendations by Texas Research League and Texas Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations.
6 PSF, 1-16-76
Austin public hearing.
7 PSF, 2-10-76
Houston public hearing.
8 PSF, 3-4-76
Edinburgh public hearing.
9 PSF, 3-18-76
Dallas public hearing.
10 PSF, 4-1-76
Necogdoches public hearing.
11 PSF, 4-23-76
San Angelo public hearing.
12 PSF, 5-7-76
Austin public hearing.
13 PSF, 5-13-76
Haskell public hearing.
14 PSF, 5-24-76
Canyon public hearing.
15 PSF, 6-4-76
San Antonio public hearing.
16 PSF, 6-23-76
Austin public hearing.
17 PSF, 1976
Report of Comptroller of Public Accounts.
18 PSF, 7-19-76
Committee meeting.
19 PSF, 6-4-76
Interim staff report.
20 PSF, 1976

Series IV. Wildlife and Conservation Projects

Box Folder
20 1 Conservation, 1985-86
Documents from the Texas Conservation Foundation and the Texas Conservation Coalition.
2 Environmental Affairs, 1986
Documents dealing with conservation of natural resources.
3 Environmental Affairs, 1985-86
4 Environmental Affairs, 1985-86
Committee on Environmental Affairs, memos, letters, and documents prepared by and for.
5 Environmental Affairs, 1982-83
News clippings.
6 Conservation Information, 1970-73
Correspondence, studies, and reports regarding wildlife protection.
7 Conservation Information, 1971-84
Correspondence between Agnich and the Texas Wildlife Department.
8-9 Conservation Legislation, 1974-75
Studies, reports, and legislation directed specifically to the Wildlife Subcommittee.
Box Folder
21 1 Conservation Information, 1975
Subject of land use; correspondence and copy of speech given by Agnich.
2-3 Conservation Legislation, 1975
"Parks and Wildlife Code-A Non-substantive Revision of Statutory Law Relating to Wildlife Resources, Water Safety, and State Parks" (submitted to the 64th Legislature).
4-6 Conservation Information, 1977-83
Reports, clippings, statistical listings, testimony, and legislation regarding the Uniform Wildlife Regulatory Act.
7 Conservation Information, 1980-81
Correspondence and background from Heritage Conservation regarding Houston Project.
8 Conservation Legislation, 1981-82
Support letters regarding repeal of fish and game laws to be reworked in the Uniform Wildlife Regulatory Acts.
Box Folder
22 1-3 Conservation Legislation, 1983
"The Effects of the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1983 on Title 7. Local and Special Laws, Parks and Wildlife Code" (by representative, alphabetically).
4 Conservation Legislation, 1983
"The Effects of the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1983 on Title 7. Local and Special Laws, Parks and Wildlife Code- and Commissioners Court Approval/Disapproval Authority" (by county, alphabetically).