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Federation of Houston Professional Women Records, 1981-2001

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Federation of Houston Professional Women
Title: Federation of Houston Professional Women Records
Dates: 1981-2001
Abstract: The Federation of Houston Professional Women (FHPW) is an alliance of women's professional organizations, chartered by the state of Texas as a non-profit, non-partisan business league. Each member organization, although diverse in style and structure, has professional or businesswomen members focusing on education, networking, specific careers or community service. The Federation of Houston Professional Women Educational Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to education and the advancement of knowledge of women in the Houston community.
Identification: 1998-006
Quantity: 8 boxes; 10 linear feet
Repository: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Historical Note

Throughout 1980, the various Houston area chapters of the American Business Women’s Association gathered at quarterly “Community Meetings” in order to “exercise greater impact” through coordinated organization. In March 1981 these meetings opened to other Houston area women’s groups. The overwhelming response of women throughout the city suggested a need to create an “umbrella” organization. From this effort sprang the Federation of Houston Professional Women (FHPW), established in September 1981, and chartered by the state of Texas in 1982. The FHPW would “help professional women serve as a resource to each other and to the community by providing educational, networking, and support group activities to its members, focus on empowering individuals to achieve their goals by addressing general concerns of women in civic, community, personal, and professional pursuits, and unite individuals of our member organizations to promote a place of influence and power.” Together, the various groups involved in the Federation would attempt to educate women about the political process to foster activism that would create a more favorable environment for business women in Houston. (General FHPW information is found in Box 1, Folder 7).

As of 1994, the FHPW Foundation, Advisory Board, Executive Board, Board of Directors, several committees, and the voting delegates of the member organizations composed this “organization of organizations.” Various prominent personalities from the Houston area sat on the Advisory Board. The Board of Directors included the Executive Board and the Directors of the various committees; the number and names of the committees have varied over the years. Until 1993, the FHPW published its news in the Federation Exchange. After 1993, the newsletter became known as the Federation Focus. A bulk mailing, the Delegate Digest, informed delegates of upcoming activities. Delegates kept their organizations informed about FHPW activities, and had voting privileges in Federation decisions.

Initially, the Federation planned four major activities: quarterly general meetings, a spring event, an annual awards banquet, and various workshops throughout the year. As the organization grew, the executive body and number of meetings multiplied. The FHPW continued to hold quarterly meetings open to all women involved in the Federation, as well as annual Delegate Updates to inform new voting delegates about their responsibilities and the FHPW’s activities. The Executive Board and Board of Directors met monthly, as did several committees. The Awards Banquets in the autumn of each year continue to honor prominent and active women in Houston’s business community. The Federation continues its educational outreach not only through workshops, but also through community service and the sponsorship of conferences promoting women in business and politics.

The FHPW’s Educational Foundation was planned in 1993 with a mission to award scholarships and gifts to aid and advance the education and knowledge of women in the community. FHPWEF received tax-exempt status 501(c)3 in 1994 and as a charitable foundation is able to receive funds from contributions by individuals or member organizations, gifts, and special fundraisers. The Educational Foundation's Governing Board includes the FHPW’s current president and president-elect. Five additional members are nominated by a committee consisting of the Educational Foundation’s current president and the FHPW’s current president and immediate past president. The Educational Foundation’s voting body is the Governing Board and the FHPW Board of Directors.

Scope and Contents

The papers of the Federation of Houston Professional Women consist primarily of meeting notices, agendas, and minutes; fliers for Federation or Federation-sponsored activities; financial reports; membership rosters; and photographs. The majority of the material falls between 1990 and 1997. The collection does, however, contain the minutes of the original meeting of the FHPW in 1981. Member organization rosters give researchers an impression of women’s business and professional activities throughout the Houston area in the 1980s and 1990s.

The records are arranged into four series: Administration, Events, FHPW Educational Foundation, and Mixed Media. The original organization of the records varied according to president. Usually it was chronological by year, topical within each year, then chronological within each topic. Material from the earliest years was interspersed throughout the different series. The current organization was imposed upon the collection to standardize the filing, and to integrate the years.


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Federation of Houston Professional Women


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Donation by the Federation of Houston Professional Women, 1998 and 2002.

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Leigh Fought, March 1999

Additional processing by Pavan Sirsi, April 2003;

Reprocessed by Joanie South-Shelley, January 2004

Detailed Description



This series contains material pertaining to the administrative activities of the FHPW. It has been divided into five sub-series: Organizations, Boards, Committees, Financial, and Delegates. The majority of the items concern meetings of various boards and committees.
This sub-series contains ten folders of administrative material pertaining to the history of the FHPW, including correspondence and legal documents, dating from 1981 to 1999. It is arranged alphabetically.
box folder
1 1 By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation, 1982-1997
2 Calendars, 1981-1999
3 Call Logs, 1998-1999
4 Correspondence, 1985-1994
5 Correspondence, 1996-1999
6 Job Descriptions, 1996-1997
7 History, 1981-1993
8 Newspaper Clippings, 1987-1996
9 Policy and Procedures Manual, 1990
10 Proclamations, 1992, 1994
11 Stationery, n.d.
This sub-series contains thirteen folders, dating from 1981 to 1999, arranged alphabetically. The majority of the material pertains to the activities of the Board of Directors, and includes notices, agendas, and minutes for the Board and Executive meetings. The meeting minutes of the Board of Directors and the Executive Board have been interfiled chronologically.
box folder
1 12 Advisory, 1989-1996
13 Board of Directors and Executive Board, 1981-1987
14 Board of Directors and Executive Board, 1988-1990
15 Board of Directors and Executive Board, 1992-1993
16 Board of Directors and Executive Board, 1994-1995
17 Board of Directors and Executive Board, 1996
18 Board of Directors and Executive Board, 1997
19 Board of Directors and Executive Board, 1997
20 Board of Directors and Executive Board, 1998
21 Board of Directors and Executive Board, 1998
22 Board of Directors and Executive Board, 1999
box folder
2 1 Rosters, 1986-1993
2 Rosters, 1993-1999
This sub-series contains fifteen folders, dating from 1982-1999 and is arranged alphabetically, concerning the various committees that report to the FHPW Board of Directors.
box folder
2 3 Ambassador, 1996-1997
4 By-Laws, 1988-1999
5 Civics Projects, 1986-1999
6 Civics Projects, Classy Clown Corps, 1994-1998
7 Communication, 1984-1997
8 Credit Union, 1988
9 Database, 1988-1999
10 Education, 1987-1997
11 Internet, 1996
12 Long-Range Planning, 1987-1996
13 Membership, 1987-1999
14 Nominating, 1982-1996
15 Program, 1988-1999
16 Speakers Bureau, 1982-1996
17 Ways and Means, 1988-1999
This sub-series of twelve folders comprises the group’s financial records from 1982-1999. Most of the material consists of Treasurer’s Reports.
box folder
2 18 Audits, 1982, 1991
19 Credit Cards, 1993, 1996
20 Dues Reports/Membership, 1983-1999
21 Income Tax Information, 1985-1990
22 Treasurer’s Report, 1986-1989
23 Treasurer’s Report, 1992-1993
24 Treasurer’s Report, 1994
25 Treasurer’s Report, 1995
box folder
3 1 Treasurer’s Report, 1996
2 Treasurer’s Report, 1997
3 Treasurer’s Report, 1998
4 Treasurer’s Report, 1999
This sub-series of twenty folders dates from 1981 to 2000, and contains material regarding delegates to the FHPW. The Delegate Digest was a monthly mailing of fliers intended to keep delegates from the member organizations informed about FHPW activities. The Quarterly General Meetings information, consisting of notices, agendas, and minutes, was sent to delegates in packet form.
box folder
3 5 Delegate Digest, 1989
6 Delegate Digest, 1990-1991
7 Delegate Digest, 1992
8 Federation Exchange, 1989
9 Information Packets, 1985-1997
10 Focus, 1993-1994
11 Focus, 1995-1997
12 Focus, 1998-1999
13 Member Roster, 1981-1984
14 Member Roster, 1985-1989
15 Member Roster, 1992-1994
box folder
4 1 Member Roster, 1995-1996
2 Member Roster, 1997-1998
3 Member Roster, 1999
4 Quarterly General Meetings, 1981-1984
5 Quarterly General Meetings, 1987-1990
6 Quarterly General Meetings, 1992-1997
7 Quarterly General Meetings, 1998-2000
8 Update, 1984-1998
9 VIP, 1997



This series concerns the activities and events sponsored by the FHPW. It is divided into two sub-series: Awards Banquet and Programs and Workshops. These contain fliers , programs, and paperwork pertaining to the many events sponsored by the FHPW.
Awards Banquet
This sub-series is arranged chronologically and contains material regarding the annual awards banquet, the FHPW’s largest annual event.
box folder
4 10 Awards Banquet, 1982-1987
11 Awards Banquet, 1988-1990
12 Awards Banquet, 1991-1992
13 Awards Banquet, 1993
14 Awards Banquet, 1994
15 Awards Banquet, 1994
16 Awards Banquet, 1995
17 Awards Banquet, 1996
18 Awards Banquet, 1997-1998
19 Awards Banquet, 1999
20 Awards Banquet, 2000
21 Awards Banquet, 2001
Programs and Workshops
This sub-series contains eleven folders dating from 1981-1994, arranged in chronological order.
box folder
5 1 Miscellaneous, 1981-1993
2 Miscellaneous, 1994-1997
3 A Quality You, 1987
4 Team Politics in Organizations, 1988
5 Garage Sale, 1989
6 Logo Contest, 1989
7 Women of the 90s, 1989
8 The Women’s Event, 1994
9 Visions, the Women’s Expo, 1994
10 Houston Women’s Show, 1994
11 Houston International Festival, 1994


FHPW Educational Foundation

This series consists of the records of the FHPW Educational Foundation. Materials consist primarily of event records and scholarship applications, with the majority dating from 1995 to 1998 and a small amount from before 1995. The series also contains minutes, logos, and mission statements. This series is arranged into three sub-series: Administration, Scholarships, and Events.
This sub-series contains six folders pertaining to the administrative of the Educational Foundation.
box folder
5 12 Correspondence, 1996-1997
13 Financial, 1996-2000
14 Governance Documents, 1994-1998
15 Governing Board, 1994-2000
16 Minutes, 1994-2000
17 Miscellaneous, 1996-1997
This sub-series contains scholarship applications pre-dating the formation of the Educational Foundation, as well as material from after its creation. The records consist primarily of applications and correspondence related to scholarships. Additionally, the series includes sample application forms, rules governing the application and scholarship awarding process, and background research conducted about other organizations that had similar scholarship schemes.
box folder
5 18 Applications, 1988-1996
19 Applications, 1997
20 Applications, 1998-1999
21 Background Research, 1993-1998
22 Outside Sources, 1994-1997
The seven folders in this sub-series contain material regarding the Educational Foundation’s events. The Alley shows were of significance since they were the prime fundraisers for the foundation, which awarded scholarships from these funds.
box folder
5 23 Alley Theatre, 1995-1997
24 Alley Theatre, 1998
25 Alley Theatre, 1999-2000
26 Coffee, Tea and Italia, 1997
27 Coffee, Tea and Italia, 1998
28 Galveston Summer Musical, 1996
29 Ideahouse Grand Revue and Tour, 1998


Mixed Media

This series contains mixed media of photographs, slides, and different kinds of tapes. The series is divided into two sub-series: Photographs and Slides, and Tapes. The three audio tapes mainly concern FHPW orientations. The magnetic tapes contain records of FHPW logos, mission statements, awards banquet meeting minutes, and Board minutes. The videotapes are of awards banquets.
Photographs and Slides
This sub-series of thirty-four folders contains photographs, slides and negatives dating from 1984-1995. It is divided into three sub-sub-series: events, meetings, and people. Included are photos taken during awards banquets and rehearsal tea parties, as well as official headshots of the honorees.
box folder
6 1 Awards Banquet, 1984
2 Awards Banquet, 1985
3 Awards Banquet, 1988
4 Awards Banquet Rehearsal Tea, 1991
5-7 Awards Banquet, 1992
8-9 Awards Banquet, 1993
10 Awards Banquet, 1994
11 Awards Banquet Rehearsal Tea, 1995
12 Awards Banquet, 1996
13 Awards Banquet, undated
14 Exhibit, 1991
15 Miscellaneous, 1984-1986
16-17 10th Anniversary, 1991
- slides
18 Awards, 1993
- slides
19 Federation Exchange, 1991
- slides
box folder
6 20 Delegate Update, 1985-1986
21 General, 1985
22 General, January 1986
23 Historian Committee, 1986
24 Miscellaneous, 1990's
box folder
6 25 Honorees - Slides, 1982
26 Honorees - Slides, 1983
27 Honorees - Slides, 1984
28 Honorees - Slides, 1985
29 Honorees - Slides, 1994
30 Honorees - Slides, 1995
31 Honorees - Slides, 1996
32 Honorees - Slides, 2001
33 Members - Slides, 1994
34 Miscellaneous, 1984-1990
This sub-series is divided into three sub-sub-series: Audio, Magnetic, and Video, dated 1993-1999. The three audio tapes mainly have the federation orientations. The magnetic tapes contain records of federation logos, mission statements, awards banquet meeting minutes, and federation board meeting minutes. The videotapes are of awards banquets and the opening of the federation.
box folder
7 - FHPW, 1987
- Federation Orientation (Old), undated
- Federation Orientation, undated
box folder
7 - FHPW Logo/Statements, undated
- Awards Banquet, 1997
- Awards Banquet, Focus, 1997
- Minutes, 1997
- Board Meeting, 1998
box folder
7 - Awards Banquet, 1987
- Awards Banquet, 1990
- Awards Banquet, 1991
- Awards Banquet, 1993
- Awards Banquet, 1994
- Awards Banquet, 1996
- Awards Banquet, 1998
- Awards Banquet, 1999
- Rehearsal Tea, 1997
- Federation Opening, undated
- (Untitled), undated


Oversized Box 8

This box contains oversized materials from several series. Separation sheets in the relevant folders direct the researcher to the materials located in Oversized Box 8.