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Association for Women In Science Records, 1976-2002

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Creator: Association for Women In Science – Gulf Coast chapter
Title: Association for Women In Science Records
Dates: 1976-2002
Abstract: The Association for Women In Science (AWIS) – Gulf Coast chapter is one of the local chapters of the national AWIS. The focus of the organization is to provide equity for women in all fields of science. This collection contains organizational records, financial reports, fundraisers, publications and scholarship records. Items date from 1976 to 2002 with most of the material dating in the early and mid 1990s.
Identification: 2003-003
Quantity: 3 boxes; 2.25 linear feet
Repository: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Historical Note

The Association for Women in Science (AWIS) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1971. The focus of this organization is to work toward the improvement of educational and employment opportunities, as well as achieving equity and full participation for women in all fields of math and science. In addition to the national organization, there are 76 local chapters encompassing over 5,000 members throughout the United States.

The AWIS – Gulf Coast-Houston chapter is composed of approximately 160 members. The mission statement of this chapter is “Promoting opportunities for women to enter the sciences and to achieve their career goals.” The chapter works toward their goals by encouraging the enrollment and participation of girls and women in all levels of math and science education, promoting the achievements of individual women scientists, supporting laws and programs with the goal of increasing the number of women in all fields of science, and by creating links among present and future women scientists.

From 1991-1993 the AWIS-GCH established a local mentoring program that was funded by the Sloan Foundation. This program linked undergraduate students with graduate students, graduate and post-doctoral student with each other, as well as with established women scientists. There was also the Shadow Program, which allowed undergraduate students to spend a day with established women scientists. Also in 1993, the chapter Co-Sponsored the UHWSP conference, The Women’s Health Challenge: Take the Initiative!, which addressed social and political issues that affect women’s health and health policies.

Scope and Contents

The current collection consists of general organizational records. Administrative materials such as agendas, minutes, financial reports, bylaws, correspondences of the AWIS Gulf Coast Chapter are present. Events, fundraisers, magazines, newsletters, publications and other programs make up the rest of the collection. The bulk of the papers are dated between 1993 and 1999.

The records are arranged into twelve series: Organization, Events, Financial, Fundraisers, Magazines, Membership, Mentor, Newsletters, Publications, Scholarships, Other Organizations and Miscellaneous. The arrangement is alphabetical and chronological by year. Financial materials are separated into treasurer’s reports, chapter dues and bank statements. Some related documents also are included in Fundraiser and Scholarship Series. The Events Series is a mixture of documents relevant to AWIS’ events and other organizations’ events. Newsletters have been sorted by those published by Gulf Coast Chapter and those from national AWIS. The current organization was imposed upon the collection to standardize the various methods of filing.


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Association for Women in Science.
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Association for Women In Science – Gulf Coast Chapter, Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.

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Donations by AWIS Gulf Coast Chapter, 2003

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Pavan Sirsi and Priscilla Dubcak, March 2004

Detailed Description



This series introduces AWIS Gulf Coast Chapter and its activities. The series contains seventeen folders. Items within the series date from 1989 to 2002. The series comprises AWIS history, bylaws, correspondences, minutes, photographs among other documents. The bulk of the series is dated in the early 1990s.
box folder
1 1 AWIS, 1992undated
2 Advertising and publicity, 1989-1992, 1995, 1997, 2001
3 Calendar, 1993-1994, 1999
4 Constitution and bylaws, 1991, 1994, undated
5 Correspondence – From AWIS, 1989-2000
6 Correspondence – To AWIS, 1992-2000
7 Correspondence – Within AWIS, 1990-2000
8 Graphics, 1991-1992
9 IT Committee, 2001
10 Letterhead, undated
11 Minutes, 1992-2002
12 Newspaper clippings, 19931999undated
13 Partners, 2000
14 Photographs, 1994undated
15 President’s notes, 2001
16 Publicity Committee report, 1993
17 Website, 1998-2002


Events and Programs

This series contains seven folders. Items in the series date from 1985 to 2000. The series relates to events organized by AWIS or those by other institutions. The programs in this series correspond to AWIS programs such as Bridge to the Future. The series also contains information and flyers about other organizations’ programs. It also contains records of theWomen United event.
box folder
1 18 FHPW Awards, 1993-1994
19 Outreach fair, 1993-2000
20 Bridge to the future, 1998
21 Programs, 1985-2000
22 Flyers of other organizations, 1990-2000
23 Retreat, 1992-1994
24 Sexual Harassment Discussion, 1992
25 Women United Conference, 1999



This series contains thirteen folders. Items within the series date from 1990 to 2002. The bulk of the financial documents are made up of bank statements, chapter dues and treasurer’s reports. There are also folders containing records about donations, 501© (3) status, Kroger share card, Randall’s share card, lunch meeting dues and newsletter dues.
box folder
1 26 501© (3) status, 1990, 1996
27 Account reports, 1998-2001
28 Bank statements, 1994-1996
29 Bank statements, 1998-2002
30 Chapter Dues, 1993-1997
31 Donations, 1993-1994
32 Kroger share card, 1997-2001
33 Lunch meeting dues, 1992-1993
34 Mentor fund receipts, 1992-1993
35 Newsletter dues, 1992-1993
36 Randall’s share card, 2000-2002
37 Receipts, 1993-1994
38 Treasurer’s reports, 1992-1996



This series contains three folders. Items within the series date from 1989 to 2002. As the name suggests, it contains materials concerning the various fundraiser events that AWIS organized. The series also contains a few receipts related to the fundraisers.
box folder
1 39 Flyers, 1989-1999
40 Fundraisers, 1993-2002
41 Receipts, 1993-1994



This series consists of five folders. Items within the series date from 1995 to 2001. The series contains some issues of AWIS magazines between the above-mentioned years.
box folder
1 42 Magazines, 1992-1995
box folder
2 1 Magazines, 1996
2 Magazines, 1997-1998
3 Magazines, 1999-2000
4 Magazines, 2001



This series contains seven folders. Items within this series date from 1983 to 2002. The material consists of membership directories, renewal notices, surveys, nominations, and questionnaires.
box folder
2 5 Membership – AWIS History of Activities, undated
6 Membership Directory, 1982-1990
7 Membership Directory, 1991-1997
8 Membership Renewal Notices, 1993, 2002
9 Membership Survey, 1993, 2002
10 Nominations, 1994
11 Questionnaires, 1989-1993



This series contains two folders. Items within this series date from 1991 to 1993. The material consists of correspondence, planning materials, and surveys and evaluations. The series provides a portrait of the GCH chapter Mentor Program.
box folder
2 12 Mentorship Proposal, Correspondence and Publicity, 1990-1993
13 Mentorship Surveys and Evaluations, 1991-1993



This series contains five folders consisting of items which date from 1976 to 1994. The newsletters are from two sources: AWIS national and AWIS-GCH chapter. The series presents an accurate picture of the organizations activities through the years.
box folder
2 14 Newsletters – Gulf Coast-Houston Chapter, 19761982-1984
15 Newsletters – Gulf Coast-Houston Chapter, 1985-1989
16 Newsletters – Gulf Coast-Houston Chapter, 1990-1994
17 Newsletters – National AWIS, 1985-1987
18 Newsletters – National AWIS, 1987, 1989



This series consist of twenty-one folders. Publications within this series date from 1993 to 2000 and covers varied topics concerning women in science. The folders in this particular series have been arranged chronologically.
box folder
2 19 Conquest, 1993
20 The Scientist, 1993
21 Technology Review, 1993
22 FHPW Focus, 1993-1994
23 Science Agenda, 1995-1996
24 Profiles in Intervention, 1996-1997
25 GEMS, 1998
26 Bayer/NSF award for community innovation, 1998-1999
27 GHWF Newsletter, 1999
28 Edward Jones – Investment Perspective, 2000
29 WEpan National conference, 2000
30 HAWC Catalyst newsletter, 2000
31 Science, 2002
32 "A Hand Up" AWIS mentor program, undated
33 "A Hand Up" AWIS mentor program, undated
box folder
3 1 Guide to publications and resources, undated
2 Professional Women’s magazine, undated
3 Space for Women, undated
4 Women’s health in greater Houston area, undated
5 Success: A Women’s Prerogative, undated
6 Women and health, undated



This series consists of four folders. Items within this series date from 1989 to 2002. The contents provide an overview of the scholarship process from the initiation of the scholarship program through the promotions stage and on to the applications process.
box folder
3 7 Scholarships – Correspondence and Blank Forms, 1989-2002
8 Scholarships – Winning Applications, 2001-2002
9 Scholarships – Flyers, 1999-2002
10 Grants – Application Process, 2000


Other Organizations

This series consists of four folders and has been arranged alphabetically. The items within the series dates from 1992 to 2001. The contents of the series offers a view of other organizations that are interested in promoting science as a field for women to enter.
box folder
3 11 Engineers Council of Houston, 1993-19952001
12 Minority Faculty Association, 2001
13 Professional Black Women Enterprise, 1999
14 Society for Women Engineers, 1992-1994



This series consists of one folder with the materials arranged chronologically. The series contains materials concerning various aspects of the organizations activities.
box folder
3 15 Miscellaneous