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Women in Action Records, 1970-1998

Creator: Women in Action
Title: Women in Action Records
Dates: 1970-1998
Abstract: Women in Action was a coalition of groups and individuals, dedicated to improving women's lives, and whose main project was T.A.M.I. House, a group home for teenage mothers and their infants. This collection contains material pertaining to Women in Action and T.A.M.I. House, including minutes of meetings, correspondence, and financial records, up to the organization's dissolution in 1998.
Identification: 2001-006
Quantity: 3 boxes; 2.5 linear feet
Repository: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Historical Note

Women in Action (W.I.A.), a coalition of member organizations, was founded in 1970 as a committee in the Young Women's Christian Association (Y.W.C.A.) and incorporated in 1974. The following year Women in Action obtained the status of a (501) (c) corporation and in 1976 earned tax-exempt status in Texas. Original members included representatives of women's groups, such as the American Association of University Women and the League of Women Voters, as well as individual women dedicated to improving the lives of women in the Houston area.

For the first fifteen years of its existence, Women in Action coordinated a number of different projects designed to improve the lives of women. Some of the main programs included the Jail Committee and the Welfare Committee. The first of these provided assistance to women in jail, serving as liaisons with attorneys and the inmates' families, appearing in court as a moral support network and to ensure that the inmate was treated fairly, or simply by acting as pen pals to incarcerated women. The Welfare Committee provided assistance in navigating the welfare system and completing the paperwork necessary for receiving assistance. W.I.A. also conducted numerous workshops on health issues, such as venereal disease, aided senior citizens in registering to vote, and was involved with the Women's Information and Referral Exchange Service (W.I.R.E.S.).

By the early 1980s, Women in Action's interests began to shift increasingly toward the problem of teenage pregnancy. Women in Action sought to establish a group home for teenage mothers and their infants; this goal reached fruition in 1985 with the purchase and remodeling of a house. In April 1986 T.A.M.I. House, Women in Action's group home, opened as the only licensed, long-term facility in Houston designed to provide safe housing for teenage mothers and their infants. The T.A.M.I. House program was also designed to prepare the teenagers to lead productive lives and to be responsible and caring parents. The mothers received instruction in child care, nutrition, and basic housekeeping skills; they were encouraged to develop social skills, to return to school, and to acquire the discipline necessary to hold a job. In short, the T.A.M.I. House program provided a caring and nurturing environment while teaching the mothers real-life skills necessary for raising a child.

Women In Action, by a vote of its members, dissolved in 1998 and its assets were conveyed to the Abundant Life Educational Center, Inc., as required by the articles of incorporation.

Scope and Contents

The collection arrived in the archives in good order, and the original order has been maintained for the most part. The collection consists of material dating from 1970 to 1998, and is arranged into four series: Administrative Records, Financial Records, T.A.M.I. House, and Ephemera. The first two series include material pertaining to general W.I.A. activities and to T.A.M.I. House, such as board of director's minutes and newsletters; the T.A.M.I. House series' material pertains only to that project. The folders are arranged alphabetically and then chronologically.


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Young Women's Christian Association (Houston, Tex.)
Women in Action
Women Societies and clubs -- Texas -- Houston.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Women in Action Records, Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.


Donation by Marjorie Green, 2002

Processed by

Joanie South-Shelley, June 2003

Detailed Description

Box Folder
1 1-28 Administrative Records
This series contains twenty-nine folders, dating from 1970 to 1998, arranged alphabetically. This material pertains to the general activities of W.I.A., and includes information on meetings and membership, as well as newsletters and correspondence.
1 Board Duties, 1980-1995
2 Board of Directors/Assembly, 1974-1976
3 Board of Directors/Assembly, 1991-1992
4 Board of Directors/Assembly, 1993-1994
5 Board of Directors/Assembly, 1995
6 Board of Directors/Assembly, 1996-1997
7 Brochures/Information, 1970-1996
8 Conferences, Texas United Community Services, 1976
9 Conferences, Women In Action, 1975
10 Correspondence From, 1973-1995
11 Correspondence To, 1974-1995
12 Correspondence, Support Letters, 1994
13 Directories, 1973-1995
14 Divisions, Criminal Justice Division, 1974-1975
15 Divisions, Welfare, 1974-1975
16 Handbooks, 1989
17 Legal, Miscellaneous, 1974-1993
18 Legal, Dissolution, 1997-1998
19 Membership, 1977-1985
20 Membership, 1987-1989
21 Membership, 1991
22 Membership, 1992
23 Membership, 1995-1996
24 Newsletters, 1975-1978
25 Newsletters, 1979-1997
26 Newspaper Clippings, 1975-1976
27 Notes, 1975-1976
28 Stationery, undated

1-2 Financial Records
The thirty-nine folders in this series are dated from 1973 to 1994 and contain material relating to the finances of Women in Action and T.A.M.I. House.
Box Folder
1 29 Bills, Receipts, January 1994
30 Bills, Receipts, February 1994
31 Bills, Receipts, March 1994
32 Bills, Receipts, April 1994
33 Bills, Receipts, May 1994
34 Bills, Receipts, June 1994
35 Bills, Receipts, July 1994
36 Bills, Receipts, August 1994
37 Bills, Receipts, September 1994
38 Bills, Receipts, October 1994
39 Bills, Receipts, November 1994
40 Budget, 1973-1976
41 Deposit Slips, 1974-1975
42 Ledger (part 1), 1975
Box Folder
2 1 Ledger (part 2), 1974-1975
2 Ledgers, 1976
3 Ledgers, June-July 1992
4 Ledgers, August 1992
5 Ledgers, September 1992
6 Ledgers, October 1992
7 Ledgers, November 1992
8 Ledgers, December 1992
9 Ledgers, January 1993
10 Ledgers, February 1993
11 Ledgers, March 1993
12 Ledgers, April 1993
13 Ledgers, May 1993
14 Ledgers, June 1993
15 Ledgers, July 1994
16 Ledgers, August 1994
17 Ledgers, September 1994
18 Ledgers, October 1994
19 Ledgers, November 1994
20 Ledgers, December 1994
21 Petty Cash Vouchers, January-March 1994
22 Petty Cash Vouchers, April-June 1994
23 Petty Cash Vouchers, September-December 1994
24 Receipts 1979-1980
25 Receipts 1979-1980

2-3 T.A.M.I. House
This series contains twenty-three folders dating from 1985 to 1997. The series has been divided into three sub-series: Building Records, Administrative Records, and Agencies. Most of the material concerns the renovation and operation of T.A.M.I. House, with the third sub-series concerned with government agencies with which T.A.M.I. House interacted.
Building Records
Box Folder
2 26 Architects, 1985
27 Architects/Contractors, 1985
28 Building Inspections, City of Houston, 1985
29 Building Specifications, 1985
30 Building Specifications, 1985
31 Building Specifications, 1985
32 Building Survey, 1985
33 Harris County Appraisal District, 1985
34 Harris County Appraisal District Personal Property Forms, 1986-1989
35 Inspection Report, 1985
Box Folder
3 1 Lien Notice, 1985-1988
2 Loan Agreement, 1985
3 Subcontractors, 1985
4 Title Survey, 1985
5-13 Administrative Records
5 Articles, 1995, 1997
6 Directory, 1986
7 Insurance, 1993-1994
8 Inventory, 1985
9 Invitations, Tenth Anniversary Celebration, 1996
10 Sales Tax, 1993
11 Statistics, 1986-1991
12 Statistics, 1991-1996
13 Volunteers, 1986
14-22 Agencies
14 League of Women Voters, undated
15 Texas Commission on Human Rights Lynn Moreno Complaint, 1993
16 Texas Department of Commerce Economic Censuses, 1992
17 Texas Department of Human Services, 1992
18 Texas Department of Human Services Cost Report, 1993
19 Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services, 1995
20 Texas Health and Human Services Child Care Information, 1988
21 Texas State Department of Public Welfare, undated
22 United Way, 1992-1993

Box Folder
3 23 Ephemera
This series contains one item, a volunteer pin.
23 Volunteer Pin, undated