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Creator: Faculty Organizations, 1951-2005
Title: Faculty Organizations
Dates: 1951-2005
Abstract: Forms part of the University Archives.
Identification: 1969-063
Quantity: 2.00 Linear Feet
Language of Materials The papers are in English
Repository: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Biographical Note

Faculty Association

The Faculty Association of the University of Houston Constitution and By - Laws, adopted

January 20, 1947 outlined the principle purposes as: to foster a bond of fellowship among its members; to promote the progress of the University of Houston; to act as a service organization and open forum, and to direct the operation of the Faculty Club. Membership was limited to full time faculty, including research faculty of the University of Houston whose duties were primarily non-administrative.

On November 19, 1962, a faculty committee concluded that the first three parts of the Faculty Association Constitution were being served by the Faculty Senate, and that the sole purpose of the Faculty Associates seemed to be; "To direct the operation of the Faculty Club." The merger Committee recommended the amalgamation of the two associations and that a committee composed of the Chairman of the two organization plus two members at large be appointed to rewrite the constitution and by laws of the new organization to be named: University of Houston Faculty Club.

Faculty Assembly

The Faculty Assembly consisted of almost 100 representatives from the institutional department and colleges, with the number of representatives varying from four to one, depending upon the student enrollment within the component involved. The Assembly had an elected president and secretary, a 14-person Faculty Council with its own Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and representative to the Executive Council; and an eight-person Steering Committee. Dr. T.C. Sinclair stated that the purpose of the Faculty Assembly would be to create a "real faculty community of scholars" and that the work of the Assembly would be carried on largely by committees.

Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate adopted its formal Constitution in May 1961, with the goal of providing

"an instrument for cooperative action in attaining such ends as the member may select." The Faculty Senate reorganized, freely, in 1962 at the beginning of the Hoffman administration and formed several new committees including a Committee on University Committees, Student Life, Educational Policy, and Faculty Affairs. The first official faculty handbook was also completed during this period. The Faculty Senate consists of 52 permanent members elected by the faculty.

Shared governance is now a major goal of the organization and is defined by the Faculty Senate as the "collective commitment of the faculty and administration at the University of Houston to work cooperatively, together with the University Constituencies, to achieve a common vision of excellence for the University.

Scope and Contents

The Faculty Organizations records primarily consist of organizational minutes. The records arrived at the archives in relatively good order, which has been maintained where possible. For preservation and access reasons the collection has been re-boxed and re-foldered. New folder titles conform, as closely as possible, to original folder titles, except when the original was obviously incomplete, incorrect, or confusing. Original folder and item order has been maintained whenever possible. Exceptions were made when folders were obviously misfiled or when no order was apparent.

Forms part of the University Archives.

Arrangement of Materials

The collection has been divided into three sub-series; Faculty Association, Faculty Assembly, and the Faculty Senate, with the materials placed into chronological order.


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Detailed Description

Faculty Association Minutes

This series consists of 10 folders in chronological order and date from 1954-1963. The 1959 Constitution and By-Laws of the organization is also included with this series.
Box Folder
1 1 Faculty Association Minutes 1954-1955
2 Faculty Association Minutes 1955-1956
3 Faculty Association Minutes 1956-1957
4 Faculty Association Minutes 1957-1958
5 Faculty Association Minutes 1958-1959
6 Faculty Association-Constitution and By-Laws 1959
7 Faculty Association Minutes 1959-1960
8 Faculty Association Minutes 1960-1961
9 Faculty Association Minutes 1961-1962
10 Faculty Association Minutes 1962-1963

Faculty Assembly Minutes

This series consists of eight folders and date from 1951-1959.
Box Folder
1 11 Faculty Assembly 1951-1953
12 Faculty Assembly Minutes 1954-1955
13 Faculty Assembly Minutes 1955-1956
14 Faculty Assembly Minutes, 1955-1956 (continued)
Box Folder
2 1 Faculty Assembly Minutes, 1956-1957
2 Report of the Standards Committee of the Faculty Assembly, 1957-1958
3 Faculty Assembly Minutes, 1957-1958
4 Faculty Assembly Minutes, 1958-1959

Faculty Senate Minutes

This series consists of 30 folders and date from 1969-2005.
Box Folder
2 5 Faculty Senate Minutes 1969
6 Faculty Senate Minutes 1970
7 Faculty Senate Minutes 1971
8 Faculty Senate Minutes 1972
Box Folder
3 1 Faculty Senate Minutes 1973
2 Faculty Senate Minutes 1974
3 Faculty Senate Minutes 1975
4 Faculty Senate Minutes 1976
5 Faculty Senate Minutes 1976
6 Faculty Senate Minutes 1977
7 Faculty Senate Minutes 1977
8 Faculty Senate Minutes 1978
9 Faculty Senate Minutes 1979
10 Faculty Senate Minutes 1980
11 Faculty Senate Minutes 1981
12 Faculty Senate Minutes 1982
13 Faculty Senate Minutes 1983
14 Faculty Senate Minutes 1984
15 Faculty Senate Minutes 1985
16 Faculty Senate Minutes 1986
17 Faculty Senate Minutes 1987
18 Faculty Senate Minutes 1988
19 Faculty Senate Minutes 1989
20 Faculty Senate Minutes 1990
21 Faculty Senate Minutes 1991
22 Faculty Senate Minutes 1992
23 Faculty Senate Minutes 1993
24 Faculty Senate Minutes 1994
25 Faculty Senate Minutes 1995
26 Faculty Senate Minutes 1996
Box Folder
4 1 Faculty Senate Minutes 1997
2 Faculty Senate Minutes 1998
3 Faculty Senate Minutes 1999
4 Faculty Senate Minutes 2000
5 Faculty Senate Minutes 2001
6 Faculty Senate Minutes 2002
7 Faculty Senate Minutes 2003
8 Faculty Senate Minutes 2004
9 Faculty Senate Minutes 2005