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Veteran's Village Records, 1945-1956

Descriptive Summary

Title: Veteran's Village Records
Dates: 1945-1956
Abstract: Veteran's Village was a collection of converted navy barracks and trailers, which formed a nucleus of ex-servicemen's housing. The Veteran's Village became a community in itself, complete with a constitution, governing council, regular newsletter, and nursery school. This collection contains material dealing with the organization of the Veteran's Council, the UH Veteran's Club, newsletters as well as announcements, petitions, and press releases.
Identification: 1977-007
Quantity: 1 Box; 0.5 Linear Feet
Repository: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Organization History

The University of Houston played an important part in the United States' efforts during the Second World War. Among its many contributions, the institution housed the first Naval School established in a college, training more than five thousand navy personnel and several hundred Army and Navy pilots. Following the war, many of the nations servicemen and women returned to colleges and universities to take advantage of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944 - better known as the GI Bill of Rights. Under the GI Bill, veterans received up to $500 a year from the government to cover tuition and fees as well as a monthly stipend.

Just as the University of Houston contributed to the war effort, following the war it contributed to the education of thousands of returning veterans. Many UH students used the GI Bill to further training obtained in the military, learn a vocational trade, or pursue college degrees. By 1945, a steady influx of veterans created a shortage in student housing. The Board of Regents realized the university needed more housing and on November 9, 1945 allotted $194,000 for temporary quarters. A week later UH accepted a gift of three hundred trailers. The converted navy barracks and the trailers formed a nucleus of ex-servicemen's housing known as the Veterans Village. Rent ranged from $30 to $37.50 a month.

The Veterans Village became a community in itself, complete with a constitution, governing council, regular newsletter, and nursery school. A veteran's club also formed on campus and drew many of its members from those living in the Village. The Veterans Club and Veterans' Council concerned themselves with veterans rights and even petitioned Congress for an investigation into local bureau of veterans affairs in late 1945 and early 1946 when numerous UH students did not receive their disbursements. In 1956, due to deteriorating conditions, the last trailer was removed as the Veterans Village yielded to the expanding campus.

Scope and Contents

The Veteran's Village Records contain material dealing with the organization of the Veteran's Council, the UH Veteran's Club, newsletters as well as announcements, petitions, and press releases. Items date from 1945 to 1956 with most of the material dating from the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The collection is arranged into seven series: Constitution, Veterans Club Meetings, Record of Activities Council, Petitions, Press Releases and Announcements, Nursery School, and the Village News (the Village newsletter). The original arrangement has been kept intact where possible, however some minor rearrangement was necessary to facilitate research. Material is arranged chronologically within each series. When possible, folder headings used by the originators have been adhered to in arranging and describing the records.


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University of Houston
University of Houston. Veteran's Office.
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Related Material

For additional information on veterans affairs at the University of Houston, researchers should consult the UH Veterans Office Records.

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Patrick J. Nicholson, In Time: An Anecdotal History of the First Fifty Years of the University of Houston (Houston, TX: Pacesetter Press, 1977), 404-405.

Detailed Description

box folder
1 1 Constitution
There is one folder in this series containing two constitutions for the Veterans Club of the University of Houston. The first version is marked as a copy of the October 1945 document, while the second is a revised copy from September 1955. Each constitution also lists by-laws for the organization.
1 Constitutions, 1945 and 1955

box folder
1 2-5 Veterans' Club Meetings
The four folders in this series hold material created between 1945 and 1956. The bulk of the items in this series are minutes from Veterans Council meetings. Most of the notes are handwritten, apparently by the same person. This individual was likely R. O. Jonas, chief counselor for veterans during the post-war era and a faculty sponsor of the Veterans Club. The material dated 1945 and 1946 appears to have been removed from a notebook and contains several newspaper clippings pertaining to veteran's activities at the university as well as lists of club members.
2 Notebook Contents and Minutes, 1945-1946
3 Minutes, 1950, 1953
4 Minutes, 1955
5 Minutes, 1956, undated

box folder
1 6 Record of Activities Council
This series contains a notebook with material dating from 1946 to 1947. Items within the notebook range from minutes of meetings and newsletters, to announcements of activities and correspondence.
6 Record of Activities Council - Notebook, 1946-1947

box folder
1 7 Petitions
There is one folder in this series containing material from 1945. The petition was designed by the Veterans Club to assist veterans who had not received their subsistence allowances during the latter months of 1945.
7 Petitions, 1945

box folder
1 8 Press Releases and Announcements
There is one folder in this series. The bulk of the series content is undated. That which is dated ranges from 1946 to 1947.
8 Press Releases and Announcements, 1946-1947, and undated

box folder
1 9-13 Nursery School
There are five folders in this series, with material dating from 1947 and 1948. Each folder is an individual sub-series dealing with different aspects of the creation of a nursery school for the Veterans Village. Items include the initial proposal, administrative policies, purchase orders and requisitions, and a conversion plan.
9 Proposal, 1947 and undated
10 Administrative Policies, 1948 and undated
11 Purchase Orders, January-February 1948
12 Requisitions, January-February 1948
13 Conversion Plans, 1947

box folder
1 14-19 Village News
The six folders in this series contain copies of the Village News from November 1946 through 1950, with some undated items. The Village News chronicles important events in the Veterans Village as well as providing names of council officers for specific areas of the Village.
14 Village News, November 1946
15 Village News, January-September 1947
16 Village News, 1948
17 Village News, 1949
18 Village News, 1950
19 Village News, undated