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African American Studies Records, 1990-2001

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Houston. African American Studies Program
Title: African American Studies Records
Dates: 1971, 1990-2001
Abstract: The African American Studies Program was established during the late 1960s and offers courses that focus on the history and culture of African Americans and the contributions that people of African descent have made to civilization. Materials include annual reports, brochures, catalogs, development plans, grant proposals, and reports to the community and date from 1990 to 2001, with one item from 1971.
Identification: 2001-005
Quantity: 3 boxes; 2.5 linear feet
Repository: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Organization History

In response to student demands, the African American Studies Program was established during the late 1960s. The program offers courses that focus on the history and culture of African Americans and the contributions that people of African descent have made to American and world civilizations.

Over the past thirty years the African American Studies Program has added new courses, received additional and continuous funding, stimulated increased student interest, and expanded its associated cultural activities and community presence. Recruitment and retention of African American students has also been an important goal of the African American Studies Program. Enrollment now stands at over 1,600 students.

The organization outlined its goals for the nineties as: (1) creating a new generation of leaders who challenge stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination and belief systems that hinder the intellectual emancipation and personal growth of all members of society, (2) promoting a mutual understanding between various ethnic and cultural groups of the university, and (3) developing an awareness of the richness of the African American experience and the contributions of African Americans to society.

African American Studies Program Handout, Box 2, folder 1.

Scope and Contents

The collection arrived at the archives in relatively good order, which has been maintained where possible. The collection includes information about the history of the African American Studies Program, the First Annual Wilson Whitley Golf Tournament, fellowship programs, and study abroad programs. Materials in the collection include annual reports, brochures, catalogs, development plans, grant proposals, and reports to the community. This collection is divided into four series: Administrative Records, Wilson Whitley Memorial Celebrity Golf Tournament, Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards; and Study Abroad Programs. The collection covers the years from 1990 to 2001 with one item, a Tribute to Lynn Eusan, from 1971.


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Whitley, Wilson

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University of Houston
University of Houston. African American Studies Program.
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Annual Reports

Administrative Information

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African American Studies Records, Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.


Transferred by African American Studies Program, 2001.

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Bobby Marlin, March 2002

Detailed Description

1-2 Administrative Records
Arranged alphabetically, this series contains forty-six folders dating from 1990 to 2001. Overall, the original folder order has been maintained. This series contains a wide range of materials relating to the administration of the African American Studies program. Materials include annual reports, development plans, reports to the community, grant proposals, newsletters, and publications. This series also contains grievance procedures and policy guidelines for the program.
box folder
1 1 Activities Summary, Spring 1992
2 Activities Summary, Fall 1992
3 Annual Report, 1991-1993
4 Annual Report, 1994-1995
5 Atlas Travel Inc., 1993
6 Black Exchange, 1994-1995
7 Books, African American Studies, 1998
8 Brochure Revisions, 1992-1993
9 Budget Line Item, 1991-1992
10 Catalogs, Miscellaneous, 1993-2001
11 Catalogs, Film and Video, 1993-1998
12 Center for the Study of African American Culture, 1992-1995
13 Conference, First Annual African Holocaust, 1994
14 Conference, National (Letters sent), 1994
15 Development Plan, 1992-1993
16 Development Plan, 1993-1994
17 Dinner President, 1993
18 Fundraising, 1994-1995
19 Graduation Reception, 1995
20 Grant Proposal, National Endowment for the Humanities, 1992-1993
21 Grievance Procedures/Policy, 1995
22 Haley, D. Chairperson of the French Committee, 1992-1993
23 Harris, Bernard, 1994
24 Humanities, Fine Arts and Communications, College of, 1999
25 Institute for African American Policy Research, 1995
26 Karenga, Dr. Maulana, 1995
27 Logo, Camera Ready, undated
28 Minority Male Initiative, 1992
29 Minors' Association, 1993-1997
30 Newsletter, UJIMA, 1992-1996
box folder
2 1 Program Informational/History, 1990-1995
2 Programs, Various Institutions, 1990-1992
3 Publications, undated
4 Recruitment, Biology, undated
5 Recruitment, Minority, 1997
6 Report to the Community, 1993-1994
7 Retention Focus Group, 1993
8 Special Projects, May 1995
9 Speakers, 1996-1997
10 Student Publications, 1995
11 Teen Forum, 1995
12 Twenty-fifth Anniversary, 1993-1994
13 Urban Experience Program, 1995
14 Video Inventory, 1997
15 Walk-A-thon, Friends Committee, 1994
16 Women's History Panel, 1996

box folder
2 17-40 Wilson Whitley Memorial Celebrity Golf Tournament
This series contains a wide range of materials relating to the First Annual Wilson Whitley Golf Tournament. Materials in this series consist of correspondence, press releases, mailing lists, and meeting minutes related to the event. The series contains twenty-four folders dating from 1992-1994 and arranged alphabetically.
The tournament was named after Wilson Whitley the late University of Houston All-American football player. In 1976, Whitley was voted the Best Defensive Lineman in college football. He later played professionally with the Cincinnati Bengals for many seasons. After retirement from the National Football League, Whitley worked as an executive for Holiday Inn Worldwide. At the time of his death, he was working on a celebrity golf tournament to benefit the Scholarship Fund of the African American Studies Program. In its first year, the tournament generated over $40,000 in gross revenues. Some of the celebrity players included, Robert Newhouse, Alois Blackwell, Butch Woolfolf, Curtis Duncan, Ross Browner, Isaac Curtis, Francis Page, Andre Ware, Carl Lewis, and Otis Birdsong.
17 Advertisement for Booklet, 1994
18 Celebrity Confirmations First Annual, 1993
19 Celebrity Confirmations, 1994
20 Celebrity Correspondence, 1994
21 Conference Letters-Golfers and Celebrities, 1994
22 Confirmation Letters, 1993
23 Corporate Responses, 1994
24 Corporate Sponsor Confirmation, 1994
25 Friends Committee-Gold Tournament, 1993
26 Golf Tournament, 1993
27 Golf Tournament, Agenda and Minutes, 1993-1994
28 Golf Tournament Correspondence to Corporations, 1994
29 Golf Tournament-Executive Committee, 1993-1994
30 Golf Tournament Income/Expenses, 1993
31 Mailing List for Golf Tournament, 1993
32 Mailing List-Players, 1993
33 Press Release, 1993
34 Registered Players for Tournament, 1993
35 Souvenir Booklet, 1993
36 Things to do List Golf Tournament, 1994
37 Tournament Mailing, 1993
38 Tournament wrap-up Meeting, 1993
39 Wilson Whitley, Memorial, 1992
40 Wilson Whitley Tournament Work Assignments, Members, 1994

box folder
3 1-7 Scholarships, Fellowships and Awards
This series contains seven folders related to various scholarships, fellowships, and awards or tributes to prominent members of the African American community. Materials include applications, scholarship requirements, letters of congratulations to award winners, and a small amount of correspondence. Most of the materials date from the 1995-1996 academic school year. Transcripts have been removed and destroyed, following the Texas Open Records Act. Some of the different awards include: the Sheeler Scholarship Fund, the Academic Excellence Scholarship, the African American Studies Graduate Fellowship Program, the African American Studies Program, Debbie Haley Community Service Scholarship, and the John Ruben Sheeler Memorial Scholarship Awards.
1 Graduate Fellowship Application, 1995
2 Graduate Fellowship Program, Application Materials, 1996
3 Debbie Haley Adult Community Service Award, undated
4 Barbara Jordan, 1996
5 Nia Becnel Memorial, 1992
6 John Ruben Sheeler Memorial Scholarship Award, 1995
7 Tribute to Lynn Eusan, 1971

box folder
3 8-22 Study Abroad Programs
This series consists of fifteen folders, which contain informational materials relating to different study abroad programs including locations in Ghana, South Africa, Tunisia, England, Spain, Zimbabwe, France, India, Israel, and Jamaica. Most of the materials in these folders date between 1996-1999 and are arranged alphabetically.
8 Council Study Abroad, 1998-1999
9 Crossroads Africa, 1998
10 Education Abroad, College Consortium for International Studies, 1998-1999
11 Education Abroad Programs, 1998-1999
12 International Education Fee Scholarship, Study Abroad, 1998
13 Intercultural Communication Class, 1998
14 International Partnership for Service Learning, 1997-1998
15 International Students, 1997
16 Nyanza Project, 1998
17 Syracuse Study Abroad, 1996-1998
18 Tanzania Program-Washington University, 1998
19 Teaching Abroad, 1998
20 Trinidad, 1998
21 Uongozi Institute, 1998
22 Wisconsin Study Abroad, 1998