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Guide to the Greater Houston Women's Foundation Records

Overview of the Collection

Creator Greater Houston Women's Foundation
Collection Title Greater Houston Women's Foundation Records
Dates 1989-2000
Identification 1999-006
Physical Description 3.50 Linear Feet
Language of Materials English
Repository University of Houston Libraries M.D. Anderson Library 4333 University Drive Houston, TX, 77204-2000 URL: Email: Phone: 713-743-9229

Historical Note:

The Greater Houston Women's Foundation (GHWF) was established in 1990 by a group of Houston women who were concerned that only four to five percent of nationwide charitable donations were allocated to help women and girls. Consequently, the Greater Houston Women's Foundation was created to focus specifically on the needs of women and girls in Houston, and the mission of the Greater Houston Women's Foundation is to provide funding for projects and programs that benefit women and girls. Through grants, the Foundation gives back to the community seventy-five percent of the money donated.

Each year, the Greater Houston Women's Foundation awards grants to agencies and programs that are devoted to women and girls. The Grants Committee reviews proposals and makes its recommendations to the Board of Trustees, who then finalize the selection. The Foundation typically awards grants to seven to twelve agencies per year, at its annual Grants luncheon. The Foundation strives to award grants to a diversity of programs. Recent recipients include the Chinese Community Center, the Women's Home and the Women's Resource and Crisis Center in Galveston, Project Row Houses, Chinquapin School, ESCAPE Family Resource Center, the Houston READ Commission, and the San Jacinto Girl Scouts.

Education is another important component of the Greater Houston Women's Foundation The Foundation sponsors a number of educational seminars and conferences, many of which feature prominent Houston women who address issues such as career enhancement and the importance of self-confidence and self-esteem for women and girls. The main focus of the Foundation's educational efforts, is however, financial planning and money management.

The Greater Houston Women's Foundation and several institutions of higher learning in the Houston area, including the University of Houston, Texas Southern University, and Houston Community College, have worked together on research projects which examine current issues relevant to women. These studies have focused on topics such as the "glass ceiling" in the workplace, childcare and benefits, and girls and gangs. Copies of the completed research projects can be found in the Houston Public Library and its branches, and they are also distributed to elected officials. Based upon the findings of the research project, each year the Greater Houston Women's Foundation presents its Excellence awards to local businesses in recognition of their progressive policies. Recent recipients of the Excellence awards include Shell Oil Company, Mir Fox and Rodriquez, PanEnergy Corporation, and Browning-Ferris Industries.

Although no items relating to it are included in the collection, in 1992 the Greater Houston Women's Foundation, in conjunction with PBS station KUHT, developed and produced a television series entitled "Focus on Success." The Greater Houston Women's Foundation also participates in programs such as the national "Take Our Daughters to Work Day." Many prominent women have been involved in some manner with the Greater Houston Women's Foundation, including Oprah Winfrey, Nellie Connally, Elizabeth Rockwell, former Secretary of Labor Lynn Martin, former United States Ambassador to Austria Swanee Hunt, and local celebrities Jan Carson and Shara Fryer.

Scope and Contents

The records of the Greater Houston Women's Foundation (GHWF) consist mainly of documents related to the organization, including financial and administrative records, membership records, newsletters, correspondence, and some oversize material such as promotional posters and placards.

The material is arranged into eleven series: Administrative Records, Articles, Correspondence, Education, Ephemera, Financial Records, Invitations, Membership Records, Newsletters, Oversize Materials, and Studies/Research.


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For privacy reasons, membership records and lists cannot be photocopied.

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Greater Houston Women's Foundation
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Women -- Societies and clubs -- Texas -- Houston

Administrative Information

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Donated by Greater Houston Women's Foundation, 1999

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Joanie South-Shelley, October 1999

Detailed List of Contents

Administrative Records 1990-2000

Scope and Contents
This series contains thirteen folders, dating from 1990 to 2000. In general, the original order has been maintained, although some changes have been made to facilitate access. The folders contain minutes and memoranda of the Board of Trustees meetings and Executive Committee meetings. There were no minutes for 1992. The series also contains policies and procedures guidelines for the organization, as well as a sublease agreement. Unless they were attached to the minutes of meetings, some items, such as Treasurer's Reports have been moved to other series. The Foundation did not hold board meetings in December of any year. A number of miscellaneous financial documents were placed at the back of the original folder dated 1997, and these items have been moved and re-foldered.
Box Folder
1 1 Brochures, undated
2 Committees 1990-1991
3 Grants and Grantees 1990-1998
4 Meetings 1991
5 Meetings 1992
6 Meetings 1994
7 Meetings 1995
8 Meetings 1996
9 Meetings 1997
10 Meetings 1998
11 Meetings 1999
12 Policies, Procedures, Plans 1997, 1999-2000
13 Sublease Agreement 1991

Education 1991-1999

Scope and Contents
This series contains ten folders, dating from 1991 to 1999. It contains materials such as flyers, brochures, and packets pertaining to educational seminars and conferences sponsored by the Greater Houston Women's Foundation. Most of the educational seminars concern financial planning and money management.
Box Folder
1 14 Moneyworks I, undated
15 Moneyworks I (in Spanish), undated
16 Moneyworks II, undated
17 Moneyworks Credit, undated
18 Moneyworks Crédito, undated
19 Moneyworks for Teens, undated
20 Moneyworks for Young Adults, undated
21 Smart Money I, undated
22 Women: Starting Out, Changing and Re-Emerging 1991-1996
23 Miscellaneous Education Brochures 1997-1998

Studies/Research 1992-1997

Scope and Contents
This series contains six folders, dating from 1992 to 1997. The folders are arranged chronologically rather than alphabetically in order to show more clearly the issues of interest to the Greater Houston Women's Foundation over the years. Included in this series are the research projects and studies compiled by the Greater Houston Women's Foundation, in conjunction with such institutions as the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work, the University of Houston College of Business Administration, Texas Southern University, and Houston Community College. Topics of the studies include the status of women and girls in Houston, corporate relationships with female-owned businesses, education and employability, and girls in gangs.
Box Folder
1 24 Greater Houston Women's Foundation Excellence Awards, Funded Research 1992-1994
25 Promoting Partnerships: Successful Corporate Practices for Mentoring Women Business Owners 1994
26 Family Friendly Benefits: What's Happening in Houston? 1995
27 Corporate Responsibility, A Focus on Girls and Gangs 1996
28 The Status of Women and Girls in Greater Houston 1997
Box Folder
2 1 The Gap Between Education and Employability 1998-1999

Newsletters 1990-1999

Scope and Contents
This series contains one folder of newsletters of the Greater Houston Women's Foundation, dating from 1990 to 1999. Beginning in 1992, four newsletters a year were produced. The newsletter holdings are not complete: numbers 2 and 3 of 1992 are missing; the Spring 1997 issue is missing, although it may have been made a part of the Winter 1996-1997 issue, which precedes it; the Winter 1997, Spring 1998, and the Summer and Fall 1999 issues are missing.
Box Folder
2 2 Newsletters 1990-1999

Financial Records 1990-1997

Scope and Contents
This series contains eighteen folders, dating from 1990 to 1997. It includes records such as bank statements, financial statements, invoices, receipts, and treasurer's reports. Within the series, the sub-series are arranged alphabetically and then chronologically. Most of the financial records have been left in their original order, although a few sub-series were created to facilitate access to the records.
Box Folder
2 3 Bank Statements 1990
4 Bank Statements 1991
5 Bank Statements 1992
6 Budget 1991-1992
7 Deposit Account Form 1990
8 Financial Statements 1995 and 1994
9 Financial Statements and Independent Auditors' Report 1996-1997
10 Financial Statements and Independent Auditors' Report 1997-1998
11 Invoices, Receipts, Expenses 1990
12 Invoices, Receipts, Expenses January-June 1991
13 Invoices, Receipts, Expenses July-December 1991
14 Miscellaneous Financial Documents 1996-1997
15 Summary of Income and Expenses 1990-1992
16 Tax and Appraisal Records 1990-1991
17 Treasurer's Report 1990
18 Treasurer's Report 1991
19 Treasurer's Report 1992
20 Treasurer's Report 1993

Correspondence 1900-1998

Scope and Contents
This series contains thirteen folders, dating from 1990 to 1998. It includes mostly thank-you notes, general correspondence to and from members of the organization, and internal memoranda. The creator had a separate folder, labeled "thank-you notes," which was arranged in roughly chronological order by year. Some items had post-it notes saying "correspo from member" or just "correspo," but all the items were in the "thank-you notes" folder. Several cards are from prominent Texas and Houston women, and the notes generally refer to luncheons, programs or fundraisers sponsored by the Greater Houston Women's Foundation.
Box Folder
2 21 Correspondence to GHWF 1990
22 Correspondence to GHWF 1991
23 Correspondence to GHWF 1992
Box Folder
3 1 Correspondence to GHWF 1993
2 Correspondence to GHWF 1994
3 Correspondence to GHWF 1995
4 Correspondence to GHWF 1996
5 Correspondence to GHWF 1997
6 Correspondence to GHWF 1998
7 Correspondence from GHWF 1990-1995
8 Internal Memos 1990
9 Miscellaneous Correspondence 1990
10 Business Cards, undated

Invitations 1991-1999

Scope and Contents
This series contains three folders, dating from 1991 to 1999. It includes invitations to the Celebration luncheons, the Excellence awards luncheons, the Membership luncheons, and to various other luncheons, roasts and fundraisers sponsored by the Greater Houston Women's Foundation. The folder contents are arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
3 11 Annual Luncheons/Excellence Awards 1992-1997
12 Celebration Luncheons 1991-1999
13 Miscellaneous Invitations 1992-1999

Membership Records 1990-1994

Scope and Contents
This series contains twenty folders, dating from 1990 to 1994. It contains records and documents pertaining to membership in the Greater Houston Women's Foundation. The materials in this series have been left in their original order. The creator organized the membership applications according to the monetary donation level. The items were then arranged alphabetically by member's name. The database membership record has been left in its original order, with some additions. Not all of the pages of the database membership record are numbered, and so page numbers and letters have been assigned to the unnumbered pages to ensure that they remain in their original order. For example, the page following 7 is 7a. In some cases, page numbers, such as 28, are missing, and there is only one page (27a) between 27 and 29. In other cases, there is a page between the numbered pages (32a is between 32 and 33), or multiple pages between numbered pages (33a and 33b are between 33 and 34). When a charter member's application was missing, the creator inserted a blank sheet with the charter member's name. The membership lists for 1992 and 1993 were arranged according to zip code, rather than alphabetically, and that arrangement has been retained. Some of the membership applications are dated and others are not. Some of these dates may pertain to a renewal of membership, rather than to an original membership. Membership records and lists cannot be photocopied.
Box Folder
3 14 Charter Affiliate Membership Applications 1990-1991
15 Charter Associate Membership Applications 1990-1991
16 Charter Founders Membership Applications 1990-1991
17 Charter Investors Membership Applications 1990-1991
18 Charter Sustainer Membership Applications 1990-1991
19 Early Membership/Recruitment 1989-1990
20 Founding Board 1990
21 Affiliate Membership Applications A-L 1991
Box Folder
4 1 Affiliate Membership Applications M-Z 1991
2 Associate Membership Applications 1991
3 Founders Membership Applications 1991
4 Investors Membership Applications 1991
5 Sustainer Membership Applications 1991
6 Membership Applications 1993
7 Membership List 1991-1993
8 Membership List 1992
9 Membership List 1993
10 Miscellaneous Membership Information 1990-1993
11 Membership Certificates and Blank Membership Applications, undated
12 Database Membership Record 1990-1994

Articles 1900-1999

Scope and Contents
This series contains two folders, dating from 1990 to 1999. One folder contains articles that specifically mention the Greater Houston Women's Foundation, while the other folder contains articles that concern women in general.
Box Folder
4 13 GHWF 1990-1999
14 Women in General 1994, 1996


Scope and Contents
This series contains two undated items, a pink T-shirt and a silver pin of three interlocking circles in a green felt drawstring bag. These items have been separated and placed in box 5.
Box Item
5 1 T-Shirt, undated
2 Silver Pin, undated

Oversize Materials

Scope and Contents
This series contains fourteen oversize items, most of which are large placards and promotional materials. Only a few of the items are dated. The placards have been separated; some have been placed in oversize box 6 and three others have been placed within a folder on top of box 6.
Box Item
6 1 Artboards for Brochures (2), undated
2 Placard - Celebration Luncheon, undated
3 Placard - Education, undated
4 Placard - Excellence Awards Luncheon (2), undated
5 Placard - Excellence Luncheon, undated
6 Placard - Grants, undated
7 Placard - Splashtown 1998
8 Placard - Ticketmaster/Randalls/Channel 11, undated
9 Placard - Women's Water Park Challenge 1993
Drawer OVS_Folder
F.8 6 Placard - Endowment Campaign 1998
7 OVS Checks- United Service Association for Health Care (2) undated