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Guide to the Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator University of Houston. Libraries. Special Collections Department
Collection Title Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection
Dates 1657-1975
Identification 12/1969-081
Physical Description 4.00 linear feet
Repository University of Houston Libraries M.D. Anderson Library 4333 University Drive Houston, TX, 77204-2000 URL: Email: Phone: 713-743-9229

Historical Note:

Special Collections collects and preserves historically significant materials. Its holdings comprise a rare book collection and ten main archival collecting areas. In some instances, Special Collections gathers materials on a single topic to preserve them and make them available. In these cases, Special Collections is seen as the creator of the artificially constructed collection.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of manuscripts from a variety of sources. Included are correspondence, legal documents, printed documents, and other formats. In addition to original documents, some folders also contain transcriptions, translations, or preliminary research notes.

Where possible, documents clustered around particular themes or collecting areas have been grouped into series. Within the first four series, items are arranged alphabetically by author or signatory name when possible, otherwise alphabetically by title or description.

Further accessions to the collection have been assigned their own accession numbers and are described in the fifth series. These materials are arranged according to date of acquisition.


Conditions Governing Access:

Open for research

Conditions Governing Use:

Special Collections owns the physical items in our collections, but copyright normally belongs to the creator of the materials or their heirs. The researcher has full responsibility for determining copyright status, locating copyright holders, and abiding by current copyright laws when publishing or displaying copies of Special Collections material in print or electronic form. For more information, consult the appropriate librarian.

Reproduction decisions will be made by Special Collection staff on a case-by-case basis. Patrons are responsible for obtaining permission to publish from copyrights holders.

Access Terms

This Collection is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
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Manuscripts (document genre)

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation:

Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection, Courtesy of Special Collection, University of Houston Libraries.

Processing Information:

Many of the manuscripts in this collection were formerly included in what was known as the "A-Z Collection." Much of that collection was moved into Early Texas Documents and other subject-based collections. The remaining items were reprocessed into the present "Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection" series 1-4 by Matt Richardson in 2016.

Detailed List of Contents

Miscellaneous Manuscripts arranged alphabetically

Box Folder
1 1 Alabama legal documents 1819, 1836, 1840
2 Atkinson, Judge Norman, Harris County. Autograph letter signed, letterhead March 17, 1927
Gift of Frell Albright
3 Bagby, Arthur P., Tuscaloosa, Alabama July 24, 1841
4 Benard, G. Autograph document signed February 14, 1836
Gift of Mrs. Marian B. Enslow, October 1975
5 Bishop, Sir Henry Rowley (composer). Autograph letter signed undated
6 Bosanquet, Eustace F. (member of the Bibliographical Society). Autograph letter signed to Sir George Fordham October 23, 1923
7 Bradley, Roland. Typed signed letters to Bradley
8 Bradley, Roland. Regarding “The Three-Quarter Century Mark Celebration and Exposition” and the proposed Texas Polytechnical Institute approximately 1939
9 “The Three-Quarter Century Mark Celebration and Exposition” and the proposed Texas Polytechnical Institute approximately 1940
10 Brewer, Marcel. Printed document signed. To Howard Barnstone October 12, 1971
Gift of Howard Barnstone
11 Checks and ledgers 1800s
12 Cincotta, Hector Dante. Oda Italiana 1968
13 Connally, Tom. Typed letter signed. To Dr. G.V. Brindley April 28, 1944
Gift of Mrs. G.V. Brindley, October 1970
14 Dobie, James Frank. Autograph letter signed to Alfred Vincent Kidder September 13, 1924
15 Duniway, Abigail Scott. Photograph, signed undated
16 Education in the South probably 1866
17 “Excellency” autograph letter signed regarding a publication “devoted to the calamities of Louis XVI… [and] the virtues of the King of Great Britain,” London February 22, 1807 or 1809
18 Field, Cyrus 1868
19 Georgia land document March 25, 1784
20 Hall files
from the Judge James Hall estate
21 Hawke, Rohn. Correspondence regarding original script of Shakespeare programs 1960
Gift of Pruett, February 2, 1969
22-24 Hawke, Rohn. Original Script of Shakespeare programs and press clippings. Waco, TX approximately 1960
25 Howe, Julia Ward. Autograph letter signed October 15, 1901
27 Johnson, Philip. Two autograph letters signed to Howard Barnstone undated
28 Jovanovich, William (President of Harcourt, Brace and World) to Robert D. Franklin (Director of the Toledo Public Library) June 27, 1963
29 “The Life and Times of a Wayward Person.” Tagalong 1848
30 Lind, Jenny plates
31 Livingston, Edward. Autograph letter signed. undated
32 Louisiana legal, property, and financial documents 1853, 1834, 1811
33 Mazzone, Giovanni, Emancipation document attested to by Domenico Martinetti, Notary Ducal of Turin September 23, 1657
Gift of Frell Albright, December 1976
34 McKenzie, J.A. Autograph letter signed, 3pp. account of a trip to New Orleans approximately 1850
Gift of Frell Albright, Decmeber 1976
35 Mendelsohn, Erich. Autograph letter signed, to Dr. Grunbaum June 25, 1945
36 Miller, Jaoquin. Autograph letter signed, 1p., to Mrs. Gladstone May 21, 1878
37 Monod, Adophe. Saint Paul. w/handwritten translation undated
Gift of Mrs. Elmer J. Rodenberg From the Judge James Hall estate
38 New Mexico water rights document 1880s
39 Niebuhr, Reinhold. Autograph
Gift of Lorene Pouncey
40 Pariset, Francois-Georges. Letter, Bordeaux, France February 15, 1965
41 Radspinner, William Ambrose. Calendar, 1976, with attachments 1976
Gift of “None Other than William Ambrose Radspinner”, January 1977
42 Randolph, Beverly, (8th Governor of Virginia). Autograph letter signed, Richmond December 19, 1789
43 Rainer, S.M. 1854
Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Henry David, December 1969
44 Ransom, Harry. Autograph letter, to Mr. Candler November 29, 1966
45 Schuyler, Peter (New Jersey) May 21, 1795
46 Sermons (2), delivered at Norwald and Rye 1790, 1791
Hall estate
47 Sparks, Jared. Autograph letter signed. Accepts an invitation and mentions his wife is in America August 18 [no year]
48 Starr, Lydia. Teaching contract with Orchard Hill School (Georgia). Found in Junior High Speller, 1923 undated
49 Staub, John. Sketch of Mrs. H.R. Cullen's bath
Gift of Howard Barnstone
50 Tennessee legal documents 1795, 1809, 1822
51 U.S. Government printed documents (Washington, D.C.) 1853, 1907
52 Wilson, James P. Questions on the Bible
From the Judge James Hall estate
53 Wortham, Lyndall
53 Mailgram from Lady Bird Johnson
53 Letter from the University of Texas regarding the class of 1912
53 Packet with photographs, newspaper articles, postcards from Egypt, bookmark, page from Departure and Havana, Galveston Historical Foundation life member card
53 Handwritten speeches
53 List of people and addresses
53 Letter from Houston Museum of Fine Arts
53 Handwritten notes about "around the world on a frayed shoestring"
54 Letter to Archibald Yell (second governor of Arkansas) July 20, 1841
OVS_Box OVS_Folder
2 1 "Description of the Convention-Parliament offering the Crown to the Prince and Princess of Orange, which completed the Glorious Revolution, 1688." undated
2 Devonshire. Last Will and Testament, written at Devonshire 1704
Gift of Mr. Boyd Armstrong, May 1975
3 District of Norfolk and Portsmouth merchandise document April 13 1805
4 Kite Instructions. Young America Kite Company. Broadside Folio. Contains both instructions and patterns 1869
Gift of Mr. Frell Albright
5 Louisiana Plantation Payroll 1866
6 Napolean I, Emperor of the French declaration/broadside July 29, 1802
Gift of Harold G. Richardson
7 “To George the Second King of Great Britain [etc.] The Humble Address of the People called Quakers” approximately 1727
8 “To the Public” resolution regarding the United States Bank,  Samuel Quimby, Anti-Jackson meeting, and Henry Clay. C.K Sinner, Chairman, L.W. Hall and A.G. Holmes Secretaries undated
9 Western District, Orleans Territory. Land document July 12, 1811

U.S. Presidents and National Political Figures

Box Folder
1 26 Johnson, Lady Bird and Lyndon B. Typed signed letters to Lyndall Wortham 1969-1978
53 Wortham, Lyndall
53 Mailgram from Ladybird Johnson
Box Folder
3 1 Burr, Aaron, autograph manuscript unsigned 1802
2 Douglas, Stephen A., signature undated
3 Forsythe, John, autograph letter signed 1837, 1840
4 Hamilton, Alexander, receipt for Treasury Department June 3, 1793
5 Jackson, Andrew, partly printed document signed, State of Tennessee March 18, 1805
Gift of William B. Bates
6 Kennedy, John, typed letter signed to Mrs. Ann Napoletan, Houston July 10, 1961
7 Lincoln, Abraham, autographed note signed, introducting Col. R.W. Thompson June 11, 1865
8 Nourse, Joseph, to Aaron Burr August 25, 1780
9 Tyler, John 1841, 1842
10 Webster, Daniel, printed resolution May 26, 1836
11 Webster, Daniel, signature approximately 1845-1850
12 Van Buren, Martin, D.S. Naval Appointment of C.R.P. Rogers July 8, 1839
OVS_Box OVS_Folder
5 1 Adams, John Quincy, document signed, passport for Doctor Joseph Cloud Junior, Washington October 2, 1823
2 Buchanan, James, printed document signed, passport for Warren Prince, Washington DC February 14, 1849
3 Buchanan, James, secretarial proxy signature on party printed General Land Office document, acknowledging full payment for 40 acres by John Hall of Polk County Missouri June 1, 1859
4 Fillmore, Millard. Signed Land Office Land Office Certificate for grant of land in Missouri to James W. Nolin November 1, 1852
5 Forsythe, John, partly printed document signed, passport for Dr. Ferdinand Stewart and family August 14, 1840
6 Madison, James, document signed, appointing Caleb Hopkins of New York Collector for the District of Gennesee, Washington June 21, 1809
7 Jackson, Andrew, letters patent signed, Washington May 13, 1834
8 Lincoln, Abraham, document signed, appointing William Commons Assistant Surgeon in the Navy February 26, 1864
Gift of Dr. John O. King
9 Pinckney, Charles, printed document signed, South Caroline land grant with survey attached. Land granted to Jacob Boughman, 500 acres. Columbia, South Carolina March 6, 1797
10 Van Buren, Martin, document signed, General Land Office document for Etheldred Owens of Montomery County, Alabama August 1, 1838

Civil War-era Documents

Box Folder
4 1 U.S. Department of War, Annual book of general orders for officers in the US Army 1863-1864
Included in margins are hand written notes by the officer who owned the book.
2 Printed discharge of liability from military duty September 12, 1863
3 Printed orders, Missouri February, 1863
4 Post war ordnance return October 9, 1865
5 Folio cabinet photo showing Sumner with nine members of his staff. Sumner, Major General. E.V. Warrenton 13 November 1862
Gift of Mr. Frell Albright, December 1976
Box Folder
4 6 “A piece of hat worn by Ex-President Davis while in Atlanta Georgia.” Annie M. Barns, autographed letter signed, to Wm. F. Gable, Duluth, GA November 13, 1886, November 30, 1978
7 Benjamin, Judah, P., letter signed, Richmond March 7, 1862
8 Brumbelow, William, autograph Letter signed, written from Chattanooga, Tennessee to his wife. Describes war activity and family matters. August 10, 1863
9 Confederate Resolution, “An Act to Authorize the President to Enlist Troops for Special Service,” Richmond approximately 1860-1862
Gift of George Britton, November 1976
10 Confederate States of America, Congress, Excerpts from the record 1864
11 Jackson, T.J. “Stonewall”, autograph letter signed to Robert E. Lee, on the day before his mortal wounding May 1, 1863
12 Lee, Robert E. autograph letter signed, to Brig. Gen. Ed. Johnson April 18, 1862
13 Louisiana tax assessments for Bacon and Agricultural Products 1864, 1865
14 Nash, James H. autograph letter signed, Richmond October 9, 1862
15 “Original War Songs for Southern Soldiers and their Loved Ones at Home,” printed song sheet approximately 1863-1865
Gift of George Britton, November 1976
16 Setley, Henry Albert. “A Few Rhymes On The Naval Expedition To Port Royal” and “The Battle Of Drainesville”, Camp Pierpoint December, 1861
17 78th Regiment, O.V.U.S.A., printed documents (2) October 22, 1861
18 U.S. Supreme Court document appointing Alexander Stephens as an Attorney and Counsellor January 6, 1847
19 Willis, Edward, letter to Maj. W.H. Taylor (with subsequent notes in a different hand) March 23, 1863

Slave Documents

Documents in this series are arranged by state or territory.
Box Folder
4 20 Etat de la Louisiane. Paroisse St. Landry. Bureau des Hypotheques. (Louisiana, St. Landry Parish) January 9, 1840
In French
21 Sutton, Daniel, document signed. Opeloussas, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. October 12, 1811
22 Maryland. Charles County March 8, 1830
23 Mississippi Territory. Baldwin County, Washington District (3 items) 1810, July 16, 1810, June 12, 1814
24 Mississippi Territory. Washington District, Baldwin County (3 items) July 28, 1809, August 1809, February 3, 1812
OVS_Box OVS_Folder
5 11 Louisiana. St. Landry Parish June 14, 1841
12 State of Louisiana. Bill of Purchase for one male slave January 15, 1859
Gift of William B. Bates

Miscellaneous Manuscripts arranged by date of acquisition

Box Folder
1 55 Standard Oil Co., S.A. Argentina. Photo Postcards 1947
Accession #2016-022
56 Keeland, J.W. Deeds 1939
Accession #2016-023
57 Gilbert and Barker Manufacturing Co. "Organizational History" 1955-1965 [1884]
Accession #2016-024
58 Mamie Baack Abstract of title 1924
Accession #2016-035