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Guide to the Patricia R. Cole and Nancy J. Flanakin National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence Records

Overview of the Collection

Creator Collector National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence (U.S.)
Collection Title Patricia R. Cole and Nancy J. Flanakin National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence Records
Dates 1977-2007
Identification 02/2011-007
Physical Description 8.00 linear feet
Language of Materials English
Repository University of Houston Libraries M.D. Anderson Library 4333 University Drive Houston, TX, 77204-2000 URL: Email: Phone: 713-743-9229

Historical Note:

Deborah Tucker and Sarah Buel formed the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCDSV) in 1998 to provide customized training and consultation on domestic and sexual violence issues at the national level. Both Tucker and Sarah come from strong backgrounds in the fight against domestic violence. In 1973, Tucker volunteered with the first rape crisis center in Texas. She became the Assistant Director of the Austin Rape Crisis Center and then became the Executive Director of the Austin Center for Battered Women from 1977 until 1982 ( Tucker was the first Executive Director of the Texas Council on Family Violence, 1982 - 1996.

Sarah, herself a domestic violence survivor, has worked for more than 30 years with battered women and abused children within the legal system. Sarah is currently the Faculty Director of the Diane Halle Center for Family Justice at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University. Prior to her current position she was a Clinical Professor at The University of Texas School of Law, having started, then co-directed, their Domestic Violence Clinic. She teaches "Domestic Violence and the Law", and some of her students’ papers have been included in the NCDSV records.

Deborah Tucker and Sarah Buel together formed a consulting firm in 1996 called Tucker, Buel, and Associates. The firm provided customized consultation and training to end violence against women. In May of 1998, the two women joined forces again and co-founded the National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence.

The organization has played a national role in several areas. It participated in the passage of the Violence Against Women Act, it collaborated in training with the National Sheriffs’ Association and the National Center for Rural Law Enforcement, and several staff members of the NCDSV participated in the Department of Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence (DTFDV). The National Defense Authorization Act established the DTFDV in 1999. Twelve senior members from the Department of Defense and twelve subject matter experts from the private sector comprised the members of the task force. The duty of the task force was to review and evaluate current Family Advocacy Programs and policies and make recommendations for improvement. The task force provided the Department of Defense with a strategic plan to improve domestic violence programs. Staff traveled to both Asian and European military installations to evaluate existing programs and to make recommendations. Tucker served as Co-Chair of this task force from 2000-2003.

Scope and Contents

The Patricia R. Cole and Nancy J. Flanakin National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence Records documents the organization’s work in providing training and consultation to organizations interested in the prevention of domestic and sexual violence. The collection includes correspondence, legal and legal style documentation, financial documents, printed materials, creative works, clippings, transparencies, forms, publications, posters, CDs, a VHS tape, note cards, handwritten notes, and ephemera created and maintained by The National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence (NCDSV). Because all records had been previously transferred from the organization to create a reference library at UT Austin, it was not possible to maintain original order. Additionally, the files of published literature in the field of domestic violence were removed as this material was deemed not an organic part of the organization's documentation. Where possible, folder contents were kept intact.

The records are arranged into six series with the bulk of the records dated 1998-2004. Administration, Conferences/Workshops, DTFDV (Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence), TCFV (Texas Council on Family Violence), Training/Education, and Tucker, Buel & Associates comprise the main series. The Administration series contains approximately half of the total records. Half of this first series consists of correspondence and a third consists of records of the co-founder, Sarah Buel.

The records are arranged into six series with the bulk of the records dated 1998-2004.  Administration, Conferences/Workshops, DTFDV (Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence), TCFV (Texas Council on Family Violence), Training/Education, and Tucker, Buel & Associates comprise the main series.  The Administration series contains approximately half of the total records.  Half of this first series consists of correspondence and a third consists of records of the co-founder, Sarah Buel.

Administration records (1977-2007, 200 folders) are grouped into seven sub-series; Board of Directors, Donations, Executive Director, Memberships, Resume, Staff, and Staff Projects. Notable records include keynote speeches given by Sarah Buel at various conferences, Buel’s published works on domestic violence, and papers submitted by students of her “Domestic Violence and the Law” class taught during Buel’s time at the University of Texas Law School. Email threads in Nancy Flanakin’s correspondence reveal the NCDSV involvement in issues of national importance. An example of this is the 2004 correspondence showing the organizations involvement in reinstating the domestic violence exclusion in the Homeless Management Information System law. Under this act, domestic violence organizations were being forced to reveal shelter locations in order to sustain certain kinds of funding. Notable documents also include Patricia Cole’s work on welfare reform in regards to domestic violence victims and the Staff Bios contained in the Grant Proposal for Women’s Safety Initiative under the sub-series of Staff Projects.

The Conferences/Workshops records (1995-2005, 38 folders) contain conference folders or packets along with publications, printed material, forms, correspondence, ephemera, and handwritten notes. NCDSV members either participated in or attended the conferences/workshops listed. Notable records include Patricia Cole’s work on poverty and domestic violence at the Tenth Annual National Conference on Domestic Violence and Sarah Buel’s “Expert Witness” presentation at the 2001 Workshop of the same name.

The DTFDV (Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence) records (1996-2004, 101 folders) illuminate staff involvement during the three year period that DTFDV operated. This series is divided into four sub-series: Documents/Reports, Meetings, Site Visits, and Staff Documents. Under the sub-series “Meetings”, the April 2000 Initial Meeting documents the purpose, mission, and vision of the DTFDV.

The TCFV (Texas Council on Family Violence) records (1980-2007, 60 folders) are divided into six sub-series: Administration, Conferences, Ephemera, Manuals, National Domestic Hotline, and Reports/Documents. Both the Administration and Manuals sub-series contain important documents that NCDSV used as reference in creating its own organization and training methods.

The Training/Education series (1977-2007, 34 folders) is divided into four sub-series: Educational Materials, Handouts, Manuals, Slide/Presentations. A particularly chilling handout is a copy of a handwritten note containing a batterer’s rules for his victim.

The small series of Tucker, Buel & Associates contains records (1995-1998, 12 folders) created and maintained by NCDSV members. Items of interest include the materials from “A Domestic Violence Institute for Law Enforcement Trainers” and training materials for a coordinated community response to domestic violence.

The fonds deficiencies’ are that it does not contain founding documents, financial records particular to the NCDSV, and other administrative records.

Acronyms Employed in the Records and Finding Aid

BIPP: Batterer Intervention and Prevention Project

COBTH: Conference of Boston Teaching Hospitals

DTFDV: Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence

DOD: Department of Defense

DV: Domestic Violence

HASC: House Armed Services Committee

HMIS: Homeless Management Information System

LECC: Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee

NCADV: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

NCDSV: National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

NDVH: National Domestic Violence Hotline

NNEDV: National Network to End Domestic Violence

SOFA: Status-of-Forces Agreement

TANF: Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

TCFV: Texas Council on Family Violence

USAF: United States Air Force

VAWA: [National] Violence Against Women Act


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National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence (U.S.)
Genre/Form of Material:
Clippings (information artifacts)
Records (documents)
Personal Name:
Buel, Sarah
Tucker, Debby
Topical Term:
Abused women -- Care
Family violence

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation:

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence Records. Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id123182

Scope and Contents
Correspondence, legal and legal style documentation, receipts, printed materials, creative works, clippings, transparencies, charts, handwritten notes, and ephemera, 1977-2007 (200 folders) comprise the records in the Administration series. The series is divided into seven sub-series: Board of Directors, Donations, Executive Director, Memberships, Resume, Staff, and Staff Projects. The Board of Directors sub-series contains the records of three of the NCDSV board members: Sarah Buel, Rus Funk, and Toby Myers. The Staff sub-series consists of records of six staff members: Valinda Bolton, Patricia Cole, Nancy Flanakin, Vickie Smith, Christina Walsh, and Julie Walters. Correspondence contains not only the fax, email print-out, or letter, but also any documents referred to in the correspondence. The sub-series are arranged alphabetically and within that, the sub-sub-series are also alphabetical. At the lowest level the records have been arranged chronologically.
ArchonID id123188
Board of Directors
ArchonID id123189
Sarah M. Buel (Director Emeritus)
ArchonID id123190
Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id123229
Testimony before US Senate 1990
2 ArchonID id123230
Greenville County Grant 1992
ArchonID id123191
Box Folder
1 3 ArchonID id123232
Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1987, 1991
4 ArchonID id123233
Boston Area Violence Prevention 1991
5 ArchonID id123234
Immigrant battered women 1993
6 ArchonID id123235
Health care response to DV 1994
7 ArchonID id123236
Project Safe 1994
8 ArchonID id123237
Ortho Video Project 1994
9 ArchonID id123238
Jane Doe, et al. v. Purity Supreme 1995
10 ArchonID id123239
American Medical Assoc. 1995
11 ArchonID id123240
COBTH 1995
12 ArchonID id123241
News article 1997
13 ArchonID id123242
Migrant Clinicians Network 1997
14 ArchonID id123243
Dept. of Health and Human Services 1997
15 ArchonID id123244
“Divorce from Justice” article 1998
16 ArchonID id123245
Ambassador Programs 1998
17 ArchonID id123246
Training on DV 1999
ArchonID id123192
Creative Works
Box Folder
1 18 ArchonID id123248
“Family Violence: Recommendations for Courts and Communities” draft undated
19 ArchonID id123249
“Domestic Violence: It Can Happen to Anyone” 1993
20 ArchonID id123250
National College of District Attorneys 1994-1995
21 ArchonID id123251
The Texas Prosecutor 1996-1999
22 ArchonID id123252
VAWA 1998
23 ArchonID id123253
DV and the law 1999-2000
24 ArchonID id123254
Law School Education on DV 2003
25 ArchonID id123255
Counsel for Battered Women 2003
ArchonID id123193
Box Folder
1 26 ArchonID id123257
Harvard Law School DV manual undated
27 ArchonID id123258
DV Case Strategies for Prosecutors undated
28 ArchonID id123259
Training remarks undated
29 ArchonID id123260
Firearms and DV undated
30 ArchonID id123261
Family Violence/Domestic Violence undated, 1996
31 ArchonID id123262
Improving Medical Interventions 1998
ArchonID id123194
Box Folder
1 32 ArchonID id123265
North Dakota Judicial Conference 1993
33 ArchonID id123266
American Medical Assoc. 1994
34 ArchonID id123267
South Carolina Solicitors’ Assoc. 1995
35 ArchonID id123268
Annual Judicial Conference Of Michigan 1996
36 ArchonID id123269
Montana Board of Crime Control 1997
37 ArchonID id123270
DV Coalition of Greater Chattanooga, Inc. 1997
Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id123271
Georgia Commission on Family Violence 1997
2 ArchonID id123272
Victims of Violence 1997
3 ArchonID id123273
Alaska Network on DV 1998
4 ArchonID id123274
4th Annual DV Conference for Professionals 1998
5 ArchonID id123275
Fifth Annual Perinatal Partnership 1998
6-10 ArchonID id123276
Air Force Family Advocacy Provider’s Conference 2000
ArchonID id123195
Student Papers
Box Folder
2 11-29 ArchonID id123282
DV and the Law 1994-1995, 1997-2003
ArchonID id123196
Rus Ervin Funk (Secretary)
ArchonID id123198
Award Information
Box Folder
3 1 ArchonID id123302
Acceptance Speech for the 2000 Frederick Douglass Award 2000
2 ArchonID id123303
Leadership for a Changing World Nomination 2002
ArchonID id123199
Creative Works
Box Folder
3 3 ArchonID id123305
Leaving No Child Behind 1997
4 ArchonID id123306
“What to do with men” 1998
5 ArchonID id123307
“Partners in Healing: Working With Significant Others" 1999
6 ArchonID id123308
“Educational Programs to Reach Men” draft 1999
7 ArchonID id123309
Date rape 2000
8 ArchonID id123310
Coordinated response 2000
9 ArchonID id123311
Prostitution 2000
10 ArchonID id123312
Military vs. women (magazine article) 2001
11-13 ArchonID id123313
Impact of sexism 2004
14 ArchonID id123316
Sexual Assault Report 2005
ArchonID id123200
Box Folder
3 15 ArchonID id123318
Future for advocacy undated
16 ArchonID id123319
Zorza paper with Funk Comments undated
17 ArchonID id123320
Various Documents 2000, undated
ArchonID id123197
Toby Myers (Vice-Chair)
Box Folder
3 18 ArchonID id123322
Clipping - Houston Breakthrough 1978
19 ArchonID id123323
Consultation: Expert witness contributor 2005
20 ArchonID id123324
Correspondence 1992, 2005
21 ArchonID id123325
Formal Paper on sex roles 1977
22 ArchonID id123326
Published Work 1997
ArchonID id123201
ArchonID id123202
Jane’s Due Process
Box Folder
3 23 ArchonID id123328
Jane’s Due Process organizational documents 2001, 2003
ArchonID id123203
Executive Director – Deborah Tucker
Box Folder
3 24 ArchonID id123331
Award: Teaching Tolerance 2002
25 ArchonID id123332
Clippings – New York Times 2004
26-51 ArchonID id123359
Correspondence 1987, 1994, 1996-2004,  undated
Box Folder
4 1 ArchonID id123385
Notes undated
2-3 ArchonID id123386
Publications with Tucker Quotes 1997, 2002-2005
4 ArchonID id123388
Published Works 2003
ArchonID id123204
Box Folder
4 5 ArchonID id123390
NCADV 2000
6 ArchonID id123391
National Center for Women and Policing 2001
7 ArchonID id123392
Center for Research on Women 2002
8 ArchonID id123393
Survivors in Service 2002
9 ArchonID id123394
National Center for Victims of Crimes 2004
ArchonID id123205
Box Folder
4 10 ArchonID id123396
Edward Brandt Resume undated
ArchonID id123206
ArchonID id123208
Valinda Bolton (Military Project Coordinator , Training Director)
Box Folder
4 11 ArchonID id123398
Correspondence 1999, 2000, 2003
ArchonID id123209
Patricia Cole (Assistant Director)
Box Folder
4 12 ArchonID id123400
Correspondence undated, 1999-2002
13-18 ArchonID id123401
Published works: welfare in regards to DV victims 1997-1998, 2000-2001, undated
19 ArchonID id123407
Reviews 1998, undated
ArchonID id123210
Nancy Flanakin (Library Coordinator)
Box Folder
4 20-21 ArchonID id123410
Battered Women in Prison Project 2006
22 ArchonID id123412
Class visits 2006
23-34 ArchonID id123413
Correspondence 2001-2004
Box Folder
5 1-14 ArchonID id123425
Correspondence 2004-2007
15 ArchonID id123439
Diversity Institute undated, 2005-2006
16 ArchonID id123440
Domestic Violence, Welfare, and Poverty Bibliography 2004
17 ArchonID id123441
Job Description at SSW undated, 2005
18 ArchonID id123442
Library relocation to SSW 2005-2006
19 ArchonID id123443
Listservs subscription information 2003-2006
20 ArchonID id123444
Orders under consideration 2003-2006
21 ArchonID id123445
Quotes from Nancy 2003
22 ArchonID id123446
Receipts/Orders 2006-2007
23-32 ArchonID id123447
Reviews undated, 2002-2005
33 ArchonID id123457
Student Contact Sheets 2006
34 ArchonID id123458
Thank-yous 2006
35 ArchonID id123459
Time and leave 2006
ArchonID id123211
Vickie Smith (Training Coordinator, Deputy Director)
Box Folder
6 1 ArchonID id123461
Correspondence 2000, 2003
2 ArchonID id123462
Reviews 2003, 2004
ArchonID id123212
Christina Walsh (Technical Assistance Director, Communications Director)
Box Folder
6 3 ArchonID id123464
Clipping: Nurseweek 2001
4 ArchonID id123465
Correspondence 1999, 2000, 2002-2005
ArchonID id123213
Julie Walters (Sexual Assault Projects Director)
Box Folder
6 5 ArchonID id123467
Correspondence undated, 2004, 2005
6 ArchonID id123468
Publication with Walters quotes 2004
ArchonID id123207
Staff Projects
Box Folder
6 7 ArchonID id123470
Doors of Hope Project 1998-1999
8-10 ArchonID id123471
Agenda for the Nation drafts with comments 1999-2000
11 ArchonID id123474
Betty Lou Beets - clippings 2000
12 ArchonID id123475
Grant Proposal for Women’s Safety Initiative 2000
13 ArchonID id123476
Proposal for Program for Prosecutors 2001
14 ArchonID id123477
Sex Trafficking 2004

ArchonID id123183

Scope and Contents
Correspondence, publications, printed materials, forms, handwritten notes, and ephemera, 1995-2005 (38 folders) comprise the records in the Conferences/Workshop series. The series details the NCDSV's participation in or attendance of conferences (including web conferences and teleconferences) and workshops. The items in this series are arranged chronologically.
Box Folder
6 15 ArchonID id123480
Visualizing the Future without Domestic Violence 1995/1996
16 ArchonID id123481
Domestic Violence in Latin America and the Caribbean 1997
17 ArchonID id123482
World Conference on Family Violence 1997
18 ArchonID id123483
Technical Assistance 1998
19 ArchonID id123484
Grantmakers conference 1999
20 ArchonID id123485
The Next Millennium Conference 1999
21 ArchonID id123486
Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence 1999
22 ArchonID id123487
TCFV Let’s Get Real 2000
23 ArchonID id123488
National Sexual Violence Prevention Conference 2000
24 ArchonID id123489
Improving Criminal Justice Center’s Response 2000
25 ArchonID id123490
LECC Executive Summit 2000 2000
26 ArchonID id123491
Tenth Annual National Conference on Domestic Violence 2000
27 ArchonID id123492
Advocacy In and Out of the System 2000
28 ArchonID id123493
DV Training for Rural Officers 2000
29 ArchonID id123494
Stalking Package 2000
30 ArchonID id123495
Changing Role of Law Enforcement in Ending Violence Against Women 2000
31 ArchonID id123496
Stalking Package 2000
32 ArchonID id123497
NTCDSV Conference presentation 2001
33 ArchonID id123498
ProTex statewide conference 2001
34 ArchonID id123499
Multi-Cultural Forum on Violence Against Women 2001
35 ArchonID id123500
Building Solutions with Chemically Addicted Clients 2001
36 ArchonID id123501
Trapped by Poverty/Trapped By Abuse 2001
37 ArchonID id123502
NTCDSV Workshop – Expert Witness 2001
Box Folder
7 1 ArchonID id123503
Evaluating Systems presentation 2002
2 ArchonID id123504
Violence Against Women 2002
3 ArchonID id123505
Emerge - 2002 2002
4-5 ArchonID id123506
Advanced Facilitations Skills Workshop 2003
6 ArchonID id123508
Trapped by Poverty/Trapped By Abuse 2003
7 ArchonID id123509 Strategic Planning Meeting 2004
8 ArchonID id123510
Teleconference hosted by NNEDV on HMIS 2004
9 ArchonID id123511
Teleconference hosted by VAWnet on housing 2004
10 ArchonID id123512
Fatality Review Audioconference 2004
11-12 ArchonID id123513
Emerge 2005 2005
13 ArchonID id123515
Jewish Women International 2005
14 ArchonID id123516
Web Conference – Toward a Community Solution 2005
15 ArchonID id123517
Coordinated Response to Domestic Violence on Military Bases 2005

ArchonID id123184
DTFDV (Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence)

Scope and Contents
The DTFDV series contains printed materials, handwritten notes, note cards, correspondence, creative works, charts, publications, and ephemera 1996-2004 (101 folders). It is divided into 4 sub-series; Documents/Reports, Meetings, Site Visits, and Staff Documents. The series details the NCDSV's involvement with the Defense Task Force on Domestic Violence. Of note is the testimony of Deborah Tucker to the Senate of the United States providing an overview of the work done by the DTFDV. This document can be found under the sub-series, Staff Documents. The material has been arranged alphabetically by record type, and then within that, chronologically.
ArchonID id123214
Box Folder
7 16 ArchonID id123519
US Army Europe Stats undated
17 ArchonID id123520
US Army Assessment/Treatment Response undated
18 ArchonID id123521
Military Protection Orders undated
19 ArchonID id123522
Sample Memorandum of Agreement undated
20 ArchonID id123523
Memorandum of Agreement between Hoke County, NC and Fort Bragg undated
21 ArchonID id123524
Department of Defense Stats undated
22 ArchonID id123525
SOFA Host Nations undated
23 ArchonID id123526
DOD Response to DTFDV Second Year Report undated
24 ArchonID id123527
Victim Safety Notes North Carolina Trip undated
25 ArchonID id123528
Case Review Committee 1996
26 ArchonID id123529
San Diego Experiment undated, 2000
27 ArchonID id123530
DOD Report to Congress 2000
28 ArchonID id123531
DOD Public Affairs Plan 2000
29 ArchonID id123532
USAF Law Enforcement Response 2000
30 ArchonID id123533
Data on Spouse Abuse in Military Brief 2000
31 ArchonID id123534
Initial Report Media Response 2001
32 ArchonID id123535
Misconduct by Civilians Information Paper 2001
33 ArchonID id123536
Safety Planning 2001
34 ArchonID id123537
Security Codes 2001
35 ArchonID id123538
DOD Response to DTFDV First Year Report 2001
36 ArchonID id123539
General Garry L. Parks Bio 2002
37 ArchonID id123540
Victim Safety Protocol 2002
38 ArchonID id123541
Law Enforcement Protocol 2002
39 ArchonID id123542
Protocols for Third Year Report 2002
40 ArchonID id123543
NNEDV Response to DTFDV Second Report 2002
41 ArchonID id123544
Fort Bragg EPICON Report 2002
42 ArchonID id123545
DOD and Lautenberg Amendment 2002
43 ArchonID id123546
HASC 2003
ArchonID id123215
Box Folder
8 1 ArchonID id123548
April 2000 – Initial Meeting
2 ArchonID id123549
July 2000
3-4 ArchonID id123550
November 2000
5-9 ArchonID id123552
January 2001
10-12 ArchonID id123557
March 2001
13 ArchonID id123560
June 2001
14 ArchonID id123561
October 2001
15-16 ArchonID id123562
November 2001
17-18 ArchonID id123564
January 2002
19-23 ArchonID id123566
March 2002
24-25 ArchonID id123571
November 2002
26 ArchonID id123573
DC Pentagon Meeting 2003
ArchonID id123216
Site Visits/Conferences
Box Folder
8 27 ArchonID id123576
Virginia Tech 2000
28-30 ArchonID id123577
Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune 2000
Box Folder
9 1 ArchonID id123580
Victim Safety Workgroup 2000
2 ArchonID id123581
Valinda Bolton’s European Site Visit folder (with European Calendar) 2001
3 ArchonID id123582
Valinda Bolton’s Europe travel papers 2001
4 ArchonID id123583
Tucker’s Europe travel papers 2001
5 ArchonID id123584
European Schedule 2001
6 ArchonID id123585
Stuttgart 2001
7 ArchonID id123586
Heidelberg 2001
8 ArchonID id123587
Ansbach 2001
9 ArchonID id123588
Hohenfels 2001
10 ArchonID id123589
Kaiserslautern 2001
11 ArchonID id123590
Dachau 2001
12 ArchonID id123591
Rothenberg 2001
13 ArchonID id123592
Nuremberg 2001
14 ArchonID id123593
Ramstein 2001
15 ArchonID id123594
Spangdahlem 2001
16 ArchonID id123595
Naples 2001
17 ArchonID id123596
United States European Command (USEUCOM) Workgroup minutes 2001
18 ArchonID id123597
Thank you letter 2001
19-21 ArchonID id123598
Europe Trip notes and notecards Victim Safety Workgroup 2001
22 ArchonID id123616
Pacific Command (PACOM) Calendar 2001
23 ArchonID id123617
Pacific Trip – Tucker 2001
24 ArchonID id123618
Yongsan & Area II 2001
25 ArchonID id123619
Pacific Trip – Valinda 2001
26 ArchonID id123620
EUSA visit – South Korea 2001
27 ArchonID id123621
Kaden 2001
28-29 ArchonID id123622
Okinawa Women’s Group 2001
30 ArchonID id123624
Japan 2001
31-33 ArchonID id123625
Hawaiian Shelter 2001
34-35 ArchonID id123628
Fort Bragg 2002
36 ArchonID id123630
Executive Leadership Training 2003
ArchonID id123217
Staff Documents
Box Folder
9 37 ArchonID id123632
Handwritten notes undated
38 ArchonID id123633
Tucker testimony to senate undated
39 ArchonID id123634
Tucker travel forms 2000
40-41 ArchonID id123635
Correspondence 2000-2002
42 ArchonID id123637
Bolton/ Walsh Dallas Trip Itinerary 2002
43 ArchonID id123638
Tucker memo to Senate 2004

ArchonID id123185
TCFV (Texas Council on Family Violence)

Scope and Contents
The TCFV series contains documents, financial reports, publications, a VHS tape, CDs, posters, ephemera, and correspondence (including Toby Myers letter of resignation from the Board) 1980-2007 (60 folders). The records have been divided into six sub-series Administration, Conferences, Ephemera, Manuals, National Domestic Violence Hotline, and Reports/Documents. Within the sub-series the material has been arranged alphabetically by record type.
ArchonID id123218
Box Folder
10 1 ArchonID id123640
Annual Reports 1991-1996
2 ArchonID id123641
Board Of Directors Meeting Minutes & Agenda 1997, 1998
3 ArchonID id123642
Correspondence 1993, 1995-1998, 2001, 2003
4 ArchonID id123643
Executive Director Monthly Update 1993-1995
5 ArchonID id123644
Financial Reports undated, 1995-1998
6 ArchonID id123645
Meetings & Agenda 1995, 1998-2000
7 ArchonID id123646
Organizational Chart 1994
8 ArchonID id123647
Policies and Procedures undated, 1981, 1992, 1994, 1995,2003
9 ArchonID id123648
Work plans and strategies undated, 1994-1998
ArchonID id123219
Box Folder
10 10-13 ArchonID id123650
Annual Conferences 1984-2005
14-15 ArchonID id123654
Conferences/Workshops 1983, 1990, 1995, 1998-2000, 2004
ArchonID id123220
Box Folder
10 16 ArchonID id123657
Button and key chains undated
17-18 ArchonID id123658
Legislative Agenda Summaries 1993, 1995
19 ArchonID id123660
Men Make Choices kit undated
20 ArchonID id123661
Newsletters 1982-1983
21 ArchonID id123662
Service Directories 1994, 1995, 1997, 2001, 2002
22-30 ArchonID id123663
Various Brochures/Pamphlets undated, 1980, 1982, 1984-1985, 1990-1991, 1996-2000, 2002, 2004, 2007
ArchonID id123221
Box Folder
11 1 ArchonID id123673
Access to Safety, Justice and Opportunity 2002
2 ArchonID id123674
Assisting Battered Immigrant Women 2000
3 ArchonID id123675
Assisting Immigrant Survivors of Abuse 2003
4-5 ArchonID id123676
Executive Director Resource Manual 1995
6 ArchonID id123678
A Guide to Traveling Safely 2000
7 ArchonID id123679
Law Enforcement: A Model Response for Family Violence Cases undated
8 ArchonID id123680
Lesbian Battering Technical Assistance Packet 1995
9 ArchonID id123681
Listen Up! A Guide to Training Communities on Domestic Violence 1997
10 ArchonID id123682
Prosecution: A Model Response for Family Violence Cases undated
11 ArchonID id123683
TCFV Training Institute undated
12 ArchonID id123684
Technical Assistance Manual for Volunteer Programs 1995
13 ArchonID id123685
Technical Assistance Packet 1998
14 ArchonID id123686
Texas Council On Family Violence (CD) 2003
15 ArchonID id123687
Working Together for Change 1992
ArchonID id123222
National Domestic Violence Hotline
Box Folder
11 16 ArchonID id123689
Documents Regarding Statistics 1996, 2002, 2003, 2005
17 ArchonID id123690
Ephemera undated, 2000, 2001, 2004
18-19 ArchonID id123691
Hotlines Newsletter 1995, 1999-2005
20 ArchonID id123693
Posters – oversized undated
21 ArchonID id123694
Report on assessing service needs 2005
ArchonID id123223
Box Folder
11 22-24 ArchonID id123696
Battering Intervention and Prevention Project 1994-1995, 1998
25 ArchonID id123699
Forms undated, 1996, 1997
26 ArchonID id123700
Technical Assistance Log undated, 1998
27-30 ArchonID id123701
Various Reports/Documents undated, 1985, 1994-1998, 2003

ArchonID id123186

Scope and Contents
The Training/Education series contains documents, transparencies, published works, handwritten notes, and ephemera 1977-2007 (34 folders). It is divided into four sub-series; Educational Materials, Handouts, Manuals, and Slides/Presentations. This series reveals the consultation, training and education work of the NCDSV. The material has been arranged alphabetically by record type, and then within that, chronologically.
ArchonID id123224
Educational Materials
Box Folder
12 1 ArchonID id123706
Statewide Implementation of the Family Violence Option in Texas 1999
2-3 ArchonID id123707
DV Training Plan 1999, 2000
4 ArchonID id123709
Welfare Reform 2000
5 ArchonID id123710
Domestic Violence Policy and Protocols 2000
6 ArchonID id123711
Working with Local TANF 2002
7-15 ArchonID id123712
Formal Papers (not written by NCDSV) undated, 1977, 1978, 1990, 1995, 1997
ArchonID id123225
Box Folder
12 16 ArchonID id123722
Personalized Safety Plans undated
17 ArchonID id123723
Dating Violence undated
18 ArchonID id123724
Rape and Sexual Assault undated
19 ArchonID id123725
Organizational training undated
20 ArchonID id123726
Various handouts on DV issues undated, 1995, 1999
ArchonID id123226
Box Folder
12 21 ArchonID id123728
Domestic Violence and Child Support Enforcement Statewide Implementation of the Family undated
22-23 ArchonID id123729
Establishing Expertise as an Ethical Expert Witness 2007
24 ArchonID id123731
Getting There Safely 2003
25-26 ArchonID id123732
A Guided Discussion on the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence 2007
26 ArchonID id123733
A Guided Discussion on the Prevention of Domestic and Sexual Violence 2007
27 ArchonID id123734
Technical Assistance Packet 2002
ArchonID id123227
Box Folder
12 28 ArchonID id123736
Workplace response to DV undated
29 ArchonID id123737
Kids at the crime scene undated
30 ArchonID id123738
Counseling DV victims undated
31 ArchonID id123739
Welfare and DV 2000
32 ArchonID id123740
Women’s educational groups 2002
33 ArchonID id123741
Coordinating community response 2003
34 ArchonID id123742
Theater on DV 2005

ArchonID id123187
Tucker, Buel & Associates

Scope and Contents
The small series of Tucker, Buel & Associates consists of printed documents, correspondence, transparencies, published materials, and ephemera 1995-1998 (12 folders). The series contains work of the Tucker, Buel & Associates organization. The material has been arranged alphabetically by record type.
Box Folder
12 35 ArchonID id123744
Consultation on “Ring of Fire” Play 1995
36 ArchonID id123745
Correspondence undated, 1997-1998
37 ArchonID id123746
Conference on “The Silent Witness Initiative" 1997
38 ArchonID id123747
Conference on Women’s Health 1998
39-41 ArchonID id123748
Domestic Violence Institute for Law Enforcement Trainers 1997
42 ArchonID id123751
Membership in National Membership for Nonprofit Boards 1997
43 ArchonID id123752
Resume 1998
44 ArchonID id123753
Slides/Presentations 1998
45-46 ArchonID id123754
Training Material undated, 1998