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Creator Collector University of Houston. University Commission on Women
Collection Title University Commission on Women Records
Dates 1999-2010
Identification 02/2012-008
Physical Description 1.50 linear feet
Language of Materials English
Repository University of Houston Libraries M.D. Anderson Library 4333 University Drive Houston, TX, 77204-2000 URL: Email: Phone: 713-743-9229

Historical Note:

On September 24, 1999, then University of Houston President, Arthur K. Smith, appointed twenty-four university affiliated women to the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women for a two-year period in an effort to address the issues and concerns of women on the university campus. Two months later, at the request of the commission, President Smith expanded the commission to thirty-five members, including males and other identified persons. The following year work groups were formed and consultants began gathering information on the status of women at the University of Houston. The Committee on the Status of Women (CSW) also proposed the formation of a Women’s Resource Center (WRC) to President Smith who deferred his final decision on the proposal until the commission’s final report. On September 21, 2001 the Final Report with executive summary was forwarded to President Smith.

In 2002 Kathy Anzivino and Anne Jacobson were elected as co-chairs of the commission and committees began work on specific recommendations including the process of creating a single, permanent, campus wide advisory group on women's issues at the university. The University Commission on Women became a permanent organization in May of 2003 upon President Smith’s approval of the bylaws recommended for its operations. On January 12, 2004 the commission held its first official meeting.

Scope and Contents

This collection includes materials related to the University Commission on Women (UCW). The majority of the materials included in the collection revolve around the governance and operation of the organization with a large series being dedicated to the mentoring program. The collection consists of six series: Governance, Meetings, Mentoring Program, Reports, Research, and General Information.


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University of Houston
University of Houston. University Commission on Women
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Agendas (administrative records)
Bylaws (administrative records)
Financial records

Administrative Information

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University Commission on Women Records. Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id139697

Scope and Contents
This series consists of material related to the operation of the University Commission of Women. Included are bylaws, a brief history of the UCW, as well as information regarding scholarships and members.
Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id139707
By-Laws 2003
2 ArchonID id139708
Committee Members 2003-2005
3 ArchonID id139709
Committee Members 2006-2008
4 ArchonID id139710
Committee Members 2009-2010
5 ArchonID id139711
Correspondence 2001, 2004, 2006-2009
6 ArchonID id139712
Financials 2005-2010
7 ArchonID id139713
Goals & Recommendations undated
8 ArchonID id139714
History undated
9 ArchonID id139715
Officer Ballot 2010-2011
10 ArchonID id139716
Planning Materials 2010
11 ArchonID id139717
Priorities 2008
12 ArchonID id139718
Resolutions undated
13 ArchonID id139719
Scholarships 2009-2010
14 ArchonID id139720
Sub-Committee 2001, 2009

ArchonID id139698

Scope and Contents
This series contains materials related to the meetings of the UCW. The second sub-series consists of meeting materials as well as other materials distributed during the meetings. The third sub-series contains only meeting minutes.
ArchonID id139703
Box Folder
1 15 ArchonID id139722
March-November 2004
16 ArchonID id139723
17 ArchonID id139724
January-November 2007
18 ArchonID id139725
January-December 2008
19 ArchonID id139726
January-December 2009
20 ArchonID id139727
February-July 2010
ArchonID id139704
Meeting Materials
Box Folder
1 21 ArchonID id139729
First Meeting October 1999
22 ArchonID id139730
November 1999
23 ArchonID id139731
March-April 2000
24 ArchonID id139732
June 2000
25 ArchonID id139733
July 2000
26 ArchonID id139734
August 2000
27 ArchonID id139735
September 2000
28 ArchonID id139736
December 2000
29 ArchonID id139737
February-March 2001
30 ArchonID id139738
May 2001
31 ArchonID id139739
August 2001
32 ArchonID id139740
September 2001
33 ArchonID id139741
Meeting with President Renu Khator February 19, 2009
ArchonID id139705
Box Folder
1 34 ArchonID id139743
February-July 2004
35 ArchonID id139744
February-April 2005
36 ArchonID id139745
January, September-October 2006
37 ArchonID id139746
38 ArchonID id139747
39 ArchonID id139748
40 ArchonID id139749
February-July 2010

ArchonID id139699
Mentoring Program

Scope and Contents
The materials contained in this series relate to the UCW mentoring program. The UCW established the program after conducting a study on the need for mentoring in 2004. The program was designed to help mentors and mentees develop to their full professional potential and provide economic benefits to the University of Houston.
Box Folder
1 41 ArchonID id139751
“An Implementation Study” 2007
42 ArchonID id139752
Correspondence 2004-2009
43 ArchonID id139753
Evaluation/ Survey 2007-2008
44 ArchonID id139754
Focus Groups 2004
45 ArchonID id139755
Junior Female Faculty Focus Group 2004
46 ArchonID id139756
Mentee Application Form undated
47 ArchonID id139757
“Mentoring for Results” 2000
48 ArchonID id139758
“Mentoring in a Higher Education Environment” undated
49 ArchonID id139759
Mentoring Style Indicator undated
50 ArchonID id139760
Objectives and Agenda undated
51 ArchonID id139761
Program Matches undated
52 ArchonID id139762
Survey 2004
53 ArchonID id139763
Proposal 2006-2007
54 ArchonID id139764
Staff Protégé Application undated
55 ArchonID id139765
Subcommittee Meeting November 2006
56 ArchonID id139766
“Train Mentor-Protégé Partners and Trainers” 2004
57 ArchonID id139767
Various undated

ArchonID id139700

Scope and Contents
This series consists of reports conducted by the UCW. Included are reports on child care, domestic partner benefits and executive summaries. Of importance is the Report on the Status of Women from October 2007, the first conducted by the UCW.
Box Folder
1 58 ArchonID id139770
Annual Report 2005-2006
59 ArchonID id139771
Attachments 1999
60 ArchonID id139772
Child Care Center 2001-2008
61 ArchonID id139773
Domestic Partner Benefits May 2010
62 ArchonID id139774
Domestic Partner Benefits October 2010
63 ArchonID id139775
Drafts 2001
64 ArchonID id139776
Drafts Spring 2007
65 ArchonID id139777
Executive Summary March 2001
66 ArchonID id139778
Executive Summary March 2001
67 ArchonID id139779
Executive Summary 2001
68 ArchonID id139780
Executive Summary May 2005
69 ArchonID id139781
Extension of the Probationary Period for Childbirth or Adoption 2006
Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id139782
FY04 End of Year 2003
2 ArchonID id139783
Final Report September 21, 2001
3 ArchonID id139784
Report on the Status of Women October 2007
4 ArchonID id139785
Response June 2000
5 ArchonID id139786
Response 2001
6 ArchonID id139787
Response January 2002
7 ArchonID id139788
Response 2008
8 ArchonID id139789
Survey Sub-Committee 2007

ArchonID id139701

Scope and Contents
This series contains research materials of the UCW. Included are surveys as well as statistics concerning the University of Houston and comparable educational institutions.
Box Folder
2 9 ArchonID id139791
Affirmative Action Plan 2000-2001
10 ArchonID id139792
Campus Environment Survey 2007-2009
11 ArchonID id139793
Climate Survey 2007
12 ArchonID id139794
Fact Sheets 2007
13 ArchonID id139795
Statistics 2005-2010

ArchonID id139702
General Information

Scope and Contents
This series consists of materials related to the UCW that do not fit into the previous series. Included are articles pertaining to the UCW, organizational brochures, and information related to Jeanneret Associates, a consulting firm employed by the UCW.
Box Folder
2 14 ArchonID id139797
Articles 2000, 2007-2008
15 ArchonID id139798
Brochures/Handouts undated
16 ArchonID id139799
Jeanneret Associates 2000-2001
17 ArchonID id139800
Various undated