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Guide to the Minnie Fisher Cunningham: The McArthur-Smith Research Papers

Overview of the Collection

Creator Collector McArthur, Judith N.Collector Smith, Harold L.
Collection Title Minnie Fisher Cunningham: The McArthur-Smith Research Papers
Dates 1914-1999
Identification 02/2013-005
Physical Description 3.00 linear feet
Repository University of Houston Libraries M.D. Anderson Library 4333 University Drive Houston, TX, 77204-2000 URL: Email: Phone: 713-743-9229

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of the research materials of Drs. Judith McArthur and Harold Smith. Included are copies of materials held at other institutions as well as the authors’ notes. The collection is divided into six series: Minnie Fisher Cunningham, People, Conventions/Conferences, Organizations/Committees, Issues, and Photographic Material. All materials relate to Minnie and her various efforts across differing fields of interest. The bulk of the papers consist of correspondence between Minnie and individuals and organizations. The series is organized thematically and alphabetically.

Note: A significant portion of the materials included in the collection are photocopies or reprints acquired from institutions other than the University of Houston and as such the holding institution must be cited where applicable.


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Note: A significant portion of the materials included in the collection are photocopies or reprints acquired from institutions other than the University of Houston and as such the holding institution must be cited where applicable.

Access Terms

This Collection is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Corporate Name:
League of Women Voters of Houston
National American Woman Suffrage Association
Texas Equal Suffrage Association
Genre/Form of Material:
Clippings (information artifacts)
Records (documents)
Speeches (documents)
Personal Name:
Cunningham, Minnie Fisher, 1882-1964
Topical Term:
Suffragists -- Texas
Women -- Political activity -- Texas
Women -- Suffrage -- Texas

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Minnie Fisher Cunningham: The McArthur-Smith Research Papers. Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.

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Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id148566
Minnie Fisher Cunningham

ArchonID id148567
Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id148615
2 ArchonID id148616
3 ArchonID id148617
4 ArchonID id148618
General Biography
5 ArchonID id148619
Gubernatorial Campaign 1944
6 ArchonID id148620
7 ArchonID id148621
8 ArchonID id148622
Primary Sources
9 ArchonID id148623
Primary Sources
ArchonID id148568
League of Women Voters
Box Folder
1 10 ArchonID id148625
11 ArchonID id148626
12 ArchonID id148627
Cunningham In
13 ArchonID id148628
Edwards, Mary Stuart
14 ArchonID id148629
15 ArchonID id148630
Interracial Cooperation 1920s
16 ArchonID id148631
17 ArchonID id148632
National Headquarters
18 ArchonID id148633
19 ArchonID id148634
20 ArchonID id148635
21 ArchonID id148636
ArchonID id148569
Senate Race
Box Folder
1 22 ArchonID id148638
23 ArchonID id148639
Anti-Smith Democrats
24 ArchonID id148640
25 ArchonID id148641
26 ArchonID id148642
Finances (Dorothy K. Brown)
27 ArchonID id148643
28 ArchonID id148644
29 ArchonID id148645

ArchonID id148570

Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id148647
Adams, Mark
2 ArchonID id148648
Barry, Maggie W.
3 ArchonID id148649
Brown, Dorothy K.
4 ArchonID id148650
Carter, Margaret
5 ArchonID id148651
Catt, Carrie Chapman
6 ArchonID id148652
Collier, Lillian
7 ArchonID id148653
Creekmore, Faith
8 ArchonID id148654
Cunningham, B.J.
9 ArchonID id148655
Dobie, J. Frank
10 ArchonID id148656
Edwards, India
11 ArchonID id148657
Ellis, Coswell
12 ArchonID id148658
Garcia, Hector
13 ArchonID id148659
Goodman, Adele
14 ArchonID id148660
Graham, Frank
15 ArchonID id148661
Granbery, John
16 ArchonID id148662
Grimmet, Beulah
17 ArchonID id148663
Hall, Winter
18 ArchonID id148664
Hardeman, D.B.
19 ArchonID id148665
Hill, Kate Adele
20 ArchonID id148666
Hogg, Louisa Pearson
21 ArchonID id148667
Highes, Sarah T.
22 ArchonID id148668
Johnson, Lyndon B.
23 ArchonID id148669
Kennedy, John F.
24 ArchonID id148670
Lathrop, Julia
25 ArchonID id148671
Mason, Lucy
26 ArchonID id148672
McAllister, Dorothy
27 ArchonID id148673
McCallum, Jane
28 ArchonID id148674
Mitchell, Stephen
29 ArchonID id148675
Newell, Blair Emily
30 ArchonID id148676
Parten, J.R.
31 ArchonID id148677
Patman, Wright
32 ArchonID id148678
Rainey, Homer
33 ArchonID id148679
Randolph, Frankie Carter
34 ArchonID id148680
Rayburn, Sam
35 ArchonID id148681
Sherwin, Belle
36 ArchonID id148682
Stevenson, Adlai
37 ArchonID id148683
Truman, Harry
38 ArchonID id148684
Wallace, Henry A.
39 ArchonID id148685
Williams, Aubrey
40 ArchonID id148686
Wright, Jim

ArchonID id148571

Box Folder
2 41 ArchonID id148688
Congressmen and 1956 Democratic Convention
42 ArchonID id148689
Get Out the Vote 1924
43 ArchonID id148690
Political Party Convention 1924
44 ArchonID id148691
Pan American Conference 1922
45 ArchonID id148692
Rural-Urban Conferences
46 ArchonID id148693
Southern Conference for Human Welfare
47 ArchonID id148694
Texas Social & Legislative Conference
48 ArchonID id148695
White House Conference on Women in Post War Policy Making 1944

ArchonID id148572

Box Folder
2 49 ArchonID id148697
Agriculture Adjustment Administration
50 ArchonID id148698
Americans for Democratic Action
51 ArchonID id148699
Civil Service Commission 1925
Box Folder
3 1 ArchonID id148734
Consumer Division, National Advisory Commission
2 ArchonID id148735
Democratic Advisory Council
3 ArchonID id148736
Eleanor Roosevelt and Democratic National Committee
4 ArchonID id148737
Federal Bureau of Investigation
5 ArchonID id148738
Federation of Women's Clubs
6 ArchonID id148739
General Federation of Women's Clubs
7 ArchonID id148740
National Archives
8 ArchonID id148741
National Committee to Defeat the Unequal Rights Amendment
9 ArchonID id148742
National Defense Advisory Commission
10 ArchonID id148743
National YWCA
11 ArchonID id148744
People's Legislative Committee
12 ArchonID id148745
People's Library Movement for Texas
13 ArchonID id148746
Rice University Unpublished Paper March 18, 1999
14 ArchonID id148747
Roosevelt Library
15 ArchonID id148748
Rosenburg Library-Galveston
16 ArchonID id148749
Sam Houston State University
17 ArchonID id148750
State Democrat Executive Committee
18 ArchonID id148751
State Observer
19 ArchonID id148752
20 ArchonID id148753
Texas A&M Extension Service 1914-1970
21 ArchonID id148754
Texas Democratic Party
22 ArchonID id148755
Texas Women's State Committee
23 ArchonID id148756
Texas Federation News
24 ArchonID id148757
Texas Federation of Women's Clubs
25 ArchonID id148758
Texas Observer
26 ArchonID id148759
U.S. Department of Agriculture
27 ArchonID id148760
Walker County
28 ArchonID id148761
Women's Committee for Educational Freedom
29 ArchonID id148762
Women's Committee on Economic Policy for Texas
30 ArchonID id148763
Women's Division-Democratic National Convention
31 ArchonID id148764
Women's Joint Congressional Committee
32 ArchonID id148765
Women's National Democrat Club

ArchonID id148573

Box Folder
3 33 ArchonID id148767
34 ArchonID id148768
35 ArchonID id148769
36 ArchonID id148770
37 ArchonID id148771
Agriculture Post-1945
38 ArchonID id148772
39 ArchonID id148773
Civil Rights/Integration
40 ArchonID id148774
Equal Rights/FDR
41 ArchonID id148775
42 ArchonID id148776
National Defense
43 ArchonID id148777
Nutrition and Food Policy
44 ArchonID id148778
45 ArchonID id148779
46 ArchonID id148780
47 ArchonID id148781
Post-Suffrage Politics
48 ArchonID id148782
49 ArchonID id148783
Voting 1920s
50 ArchonID id148784
Washington, D.C.

ArchonID id148574
Photographic Material

Box Folder
3 51 ArchonID id148786
Photographic Reprints
52 ArchonID id148787
Book Photographs