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Guide to the Betty C. Jukes Papers

Overview of the Collection

Creator Collector Jukes, Betty C.
Collection Title Betty C. Jukes Papers
Dates 1918-2014
Identification 02/2014-008
Physical Description 26.00 linear feet
Language of Materials English
Repository University of Houston Libraries M.D. Anderson Library 4333 University Drive Houston, TX, 77204-2000 URL: Email: Phone: 713-743-9229

Biographical Information:

Betty C. Jukes, originally from Orlando, Florida, moved to Houston in 1967 with her husband, Harry Jukes, in 1967. Betty founded the First Junior Woman’s Club of Houston and the Houston Junior Woman’s Club, of which she was the president from 1968-1969. Betty also served as president of The Woman’s Club of Houston from 1973-1976, where she coordinated a large number of philanthropic events and charity programs. She also coordinated events for the Houston March of Dimes, the Houston School for the Deaf, the Houston Youth Symphony and Ballet, and the Clean Houston Proud Partners Luncheon. Other organizations that Betty has been involved with include the World Wildlife Fund, the Charles A. Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Memorial Fund, the Mercury Seven Foundation, the Helen and Immanuel Olshan Texas Music Festival, and Friends of the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston, and more.

Scope and Contents

This collection is predominantly comprised of documents related to Betty Jukes’ nearly fifty years as an event planner, philanthropist, and volunteer in Houston. Organizations of note that Mrs. Jukes was involved with include the Houston Junior Woman’s Club, The Woman’s Club of Houston, the Charles A. Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Fund, and more. Spanning the years of 1967 through 2014, this collection also includes various awards and ephemera that Betty Jukes received throughout her career, and many interesting letters of correspondence between Mrs. Jukes and persons of note such as Lady Bird Johnson and Ima Hogg. Items are filed according to organizational affiliation and year.


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Open for research

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This Collection is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Corporate Name:
Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Fund
Houston Junior Woman's Club (Houston, Tex.)
Woman's Club of Houston (Houston, Tex.)
Genre/Form of Material:
Clippings (information artifacts)
Personal Name:
Jukes, Betty C.
Topical Term:
Performing arts
Philanthropists -- Texas

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation:

Betty C. Jukes Papers. Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries.

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id163707
Woman's Clubs of Houston

Scope and Contents
This series contains materials related to the First Junior Woman’s Club of Houston, the Houston Junior Woman’s Club, and the Woman’s Club of Houston.
ArchonID id163761
Junior Woman's Clubs
ArchonID id163763
First Junior Woman's Club of Houston
Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id163766
First Junior Woman's Club of Houston Invitations and Newsletters 1967-1969
ArchonID id163764
Houston Junior Woman's Club
Box Folder
1 2 ArchonID id163770
Reports 1966-1970
3 ArchonID id163771
Notes 1967-1969
4 ArchonID id163772
Correspondence 1967-1970
5 ArchonID id163773
Minutes 1967-1969
6 ArchonID id163774
Membership Lists 1967-1970
7 ArchonID id163775
Organizational Papers 1967
8 ArchonID id163776
By-Laws and Constitution 1967-1996
9 ArchonID id163777
Newsletters 1968-1969
10 ArchonID id163778
Correspondence 1970-1979
11 ArchonID id163779
Creative Living/Miss Wheelchair America 1972
12 ArchonID id163780
Newsletters 1974-1977
13 ArchonID id163781
Programs 1967-1979
14 ArchonID id163782
Newsletters 1978-1979
15 ArchonID id163783
Programs 1980-1985
16 ArchonID id163784
Newsletters 1980-1981
17 ArchonID id163785
Newsletters 1982-1983
18 ArchonID id163786
Newsletters 1984
19 ArchonID id163787
Newsletters 1985-1989
20 ArchonID id163788
Correspondence 1980-1989
21 ArchonID id163789
Invitations 1968-1989
22 ArchonID id163790
Programs 1986-1992
23 ArchonID id163791
Newsletters 1990-1991
24 ArchonID id163792
Newsletters 1992-1993
Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id163793
Newsletters 1994-1995
2 ArchonID id163794
Newsletters 1996-1997
3 ArchonID id163795
Newsletters 1998-1999
4 ArchonID id163796
Invitations 1990-1999
5 ArchonID id163797
Correspondence 1990-1999
6 ArchonID id163798
Newsletters 2000-2001
7 ArchonID id163799
Newsletters 2002-2003
8 ArchonID id163800
Newsletters 2004-2005
9 ArchonID id163801
Newsletters 2006-2007
10 ArchonID id163802
Newsletters 2008-2009
11 ArchonID id163803
Newsletters 2010-2011
12 ArchonID id163804
Invitations 2000-2014
13 ArchonID id163805
Correspondence 2000-2014
14 ArchonID id163806
Press Releases 1967
15 ArchonID id163807
Publicity 1968-1999
16 ArchonID id163808
Speeches and Miscellaneous 1968-1999
17 ArchonID id163809
Programs - Other 1968-2009
18 ArchonID id163810
Response Cards and Blank Forms 1973-1992
19 ArchonID id163811
Blank Letterheads and Envelopes undated
20 ArchonID id163812
Ephemera 1974-2002
21 ArchonID id163813
Press Kit 1968
22 ArchonID id163814
Photos 1968-2001
Box Item
3 1 ArchonID id163815
Event Programs and Cookbooks 1967-2009
ArchonID id163762
The Woman's Club of Houston
Box Folder
4 1 ArchonID id163819
Correspondence 1968-1975
2 ArchonID id163820
Press 1921-1980
3 ArchonID id163821
Programs 1968-1994
4 ArchonID id163822
Invitations 1968-1979
5 ArchonID id163823
Newsletters 1968-1979
6 ArchonID id163824
Correspondence 1976-1992
7 ArchonID id163825
Newsletters 1970-1975
8 ArchonID id163826
Invitations 1970-1975
9 ArchonID id163827
Newsletters 1976-1978
10 ArchonID id163828
Newsletters 1978-1980
11 ArchonID id163829
Invitations and Response Cards 1980-1990
12 ArchonID id163830
Newsletters 1980-1983
13 ArchonID id163831
Newsletters 1981-1984
14 ArchonID id163832
Newsletters 1984-1987
15 ArchonID id163833
Newsletters 1988-1989
16 ArchonID id163834
Newsletters 1991-1992
17 ArchonID id163835
Invitations and Response Cards 1991-2000
18 ArchonID id163836
Correspondence 1993-1994
19 ArchonID id163837
Newsletters 1993-1996
20 ArchonID id163838
Invitations and Response Cards 1990-2000
21 ArchonID id163839
Correspondence 1990-2000
22 ArchonID id163840
Newsletters 1997-1999
23 ArchonID id163841
Correspondence 2001-2014
24 ArchonID id163842
Newsletters 2003-2005
25 ArchonID id163843
Invitations and Response Cards 2004-2014
26 ArchonID id163844
Newsletters 2006-2014
27 ArchonID id163845
Newsletters 2010-2014
Box Folder
5 1 ArchonID id163846
Financials 1974-2014
2 ArchonID id163847
Member Lists and Sign-Up Sheets 1974-2014
3 ArchonID id163848
Bios and Resumes 1974-2014
4 ArchonID id163849
Calendars 1974-2014
5 ArchonID id163850
By-Laws and Rules 1974-2014
6 ArchonID id163851
Minutes 1974-2014
7 ArchonID id163852
Membership Forms 1974-2014
8 ArchonID id163853
Notes 1974-2014
9 ArchonID id163854
Awards and Miscellaneous 1974-2014
10 ArchonID id163855
Scenarios and Agendas 1974-2014
11 ArchonID id163856
Press 1974-2014
12 ArchonID id163857
General Federation of Women's Clubs 1974-2014
13 ArchonID id163858
Texas Federation of Women's Clubs 1974-2014
14 ArchonID id163859
Texas Clubwoman Magazines and Newsletters 1974-2014
15 ArchonID id163860
General Federation of Women's Clubs Magazine and Reports 1974-2014
16 ArchonID id163861
Photos 1974-2014
17 ArchonID id163862
Junion Sorosis - Florida 1967
18 ArchonID id163863
Houston Town and Country Magazine (Press) 1973-1976
19 ArchonID id163864
Legal Paperwork and Correspondence [RESTRICTED] 1973-1975
Box Item
6 1 ArchonID id163865
The Woman's Club of Houston and Houston Junior Woman's Club Yearbooks

ArchonID id163708
Environmental Conservation Philanthropic Work

Scope and Contents
This series contains materials from activities related to the Charles A. Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Fund, an organization that funds scientific grants focused on environmental conservation and technological innovation. Also included here are Jukes’ files related to the Mercury Seven scholarship fund and the 1982 World Wildlife Foundation of Houston’s dinner honoring His Royal Highness Prince Philip of England.
ArchonID id163868
Charles A. Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Fund
Box Folder
7 1 ArchonID id163895
Correspondence 1977
2 ArchonID id163896
Correspondence 1983
3 ArchonID id163897
Correspondence January-May 1984
4 ArchonID id163898
Correspondence June-December 1984
5 ArchonID id163899
Newsletters 1977-1999
6 ArchonID id163900
Invitations, Response Cards, and Tickets 1977-1985
7 ArchonID id163901
Programs 1977-1984
8 ArchonID id163902
Minutes 1977-1985
9 ArchonID id163903
Invitations, Response Cards, and Tickets 1986-2014
10 ArchonID id163904
Correspondence 1985-1990
11 ArchonID id163905
Correspondence 1991-2014
12 ArchonID id163906
James and Ellie Newton Correspondence 1983-1999
13 ArchonID id163907
Newsletters 2000-2005
14 ArchonID id163908
Newsletters 2006-2010
15 ArchonID id163909
Financial Reports 1977-2014
16 ArchonID id163910
Grant Information 1977-2014
17 ArchonID id163911
Notes and Bio Sheets 1977-2014
18 ArchonID id163912
Minutes 1998-2003
Box Folder
8 1 ArchonID id163913
Promotional Pamphlets and Brochures 1977-2014
2 ArchonID id163914
Event Planning Miscellanea and Receipts 1977-1984
3 ArchonID id163915
Miscellaneous Event Programs 1977-1987
4 ArchonID id163916
Photos 1977-2014
5 ArchonID id163917
Press and Publicity 1938-2003
6 ArchonID id163918
Schedules 1977-2000
7 ArchonID id163919
Miscellaneous Aviation Newsletters 1975-2008
8 ArchonID id163920
Member Lists 1977-2005
9 ArchonID id163921
Rulebooks and "Welcome to Houston" 1977-2000
10 ArchonID id163922
Programs 1985-2014
11 ArchonID id163923
Confederate Air Force 1977
12 ArchonID id163924
Uncommon Friends 1977-1999
13 ArchonID id163925
Miscellanea 1986-1998
14 ArchonID id163926
15 ArchonID id163927
Membership Invitation Forms 1983
ArchonID id163869
Mercury Seven Foundation
Box Folder
9 1 ArchonID id163928
Correspondence January-August 1985
2 ArchonID id163929
Correspondence September-December 1985
3 ArchonID id163930
Correspondence 1986-1988
4 ArchonID id163931
Correspondence 1989-2014
5 ArchonID id163932
Member Lists 1985
6 ArchonID id163933
Notes 1985-2014
7 ArchonID id163934
Scholarship Information and Frequently Asked Questions 1985
8 ArchonID id163935
Coca Cola in Space 1985
9 ArchonID id163936
Proposals for M-7 1984-1985
10 ArchonID id163937
50th Presidential Inauguration Parade Informational Packets 1975
11 ArchonID id163938
Biographies and Resumes 1975-1985
12 ArchonID id163939
Press and Publicity 1975-2013
13 ArchonID id163940
Business Cards
14 ArchonID id163941
Form Letters 1986
15 ArchonID id163942
Schedules and Agendas 1986
16 ArchonID id163943
Blank Forms 1986
17 ArchonID id163944
Miscellanea 1962-1980
18 ArchonID id163945
Meeting Minutes 1985
19 ArchonID id163946
Company Informational Sheets 1986
20 ArchonID id163947
21 ArchonID id163948
Legal 1984
22 ArchonID id163949
Financials 1984-1986
23 ArchonID id163950
Photos 1984-1989
ArchonID id163870
World Wildlife Foundation
Box Folder
10 1 ArchonID id163951
Commercial 1982
2 ArchonID id163952
Correspondence 1982
3 ArchonID id163953
Press Releases (1 of 2) 1982
4 ArchonID id163954
Press Releases (2 of 2) 1982
5 ArchonID id163955
Notes 1982
6 ArchonID id163956
Security Schedules and Agendas 1982
7 ArchonID id163957
Menus 1982
8 ArchonID id163958
Invitations and Response Cards 1982
9 ArchonID id163959
His Royal Highness Prince Philip's Ephemera and Packet 1982
10 ArchonID id163960
Hotel 1982
11 ArchonID id163961
Tax Paperwork 1982
12 ArchonID id163962
Member and Director Lists 1982
13 ArchonID id163963
Scenarios 1982
14 ArchonID id163964
Programs 1982
15 ArchonID id163965
Seating Charts and Guest Lists 1982
16 ArchonID id163966
His Royal Highness, Press 1982
17 ArchonID id163967
Rice University 1982
18 ArchonID id163968
Awards 1982
19 ArchonID id163969
Reports 1982
20 ArchonID id163970
Financials 1982
21 ArchonID id163971
Biographies, Curriculum Vitae, and Resumes 1982
22 ArchonID id163972
Miscellanea 1982
23 ArchonID id163973
Photos 1982

ArchonID id163709
Luncheon / Dinner Benefit Committees

Scope and Contents
This collection has materials related to various benefit galas and luncheons that Jukes planned over the course of her career. Included here are planning materials and invitations from the Houstonians of the Year dinner and Clean Houston Proud Partners’ Luncheon.
ArchonID id163875
Houston School for the Deaf Auxiliary Committee/Houstonians of the Year Dinner
Box Folder
11 1 ArchonID id163975
Correspondence 1975-1984
2 ArchonID id163976
Correspondence 1985-1989
3 ArchonID id163977
Invitations 1975-1989
4 ArchonID id163978
Programs 1981-1982
5 ArchonID id163979
Programs 1983-1984
6 ArchonID id163980
Programs 1985-1987
7 ArchonID id163981
Programs 1988-1989
8 ArchonID id163982
Notes 1981-1989
9 ArchonID id163983
Financials 1980-1984
10 ArchonID id163984
Dinner Auction Lists and Inventories 1981-1983
11 ArchonID id163985
Directories 1980-1983
12 ArchonID id163986
Seating Charts and Floor Plans 1980-1983
13 ArchonID id163987
Scenarios and Agendas 1970-1983
14 ArchonID id163988
Reservations and Responses 1981-1983
15 ArchonID id163989
Officer Lists and Committee Member Lists 1981-1983
16 ArchonID id163990
Invitation Drafts 1981-1983
17 ArchonID id163991
Reply Cards 1981-1983
18 ArchonID id163992
Informational Sheets and Fact Sheets 1981
19 ArchonID id163993
Press and Publicity 1983
20 ArchonID id163994
"The Voice" Newsletters 1983-1984
21 ArchonID id163995
Miscellanea 1981-1985
22 ArchonID id163996
Photos 1975-1984
ArchonID id163876
Clean Houston Proud Partners Luncheon
Box Folder
12 1 ArchonID id163998
Correspondence 1984-1985
2 ArchonID id163999
Correspondence 1986
3 ArchonID id164000
Correspondence 1987
4 ArchonID id164001
Correspondence 1988
5 ArchonID id164002
Newsletters 1986-1987
6 ArchonID id164003
Agendas and Meeting Minutes 1986-1987
7 ArchonID id164004
Seating Charts 1985-1987
8 ArchonID id164005
Contracts and Membership Lists 1986-1987
9 ArchonID id164006
Invitations and Response Cards 1985-1993
10 ArchonID id164007
Luncheon Scenarios 1985-1987
11 ArchonID id164008
Scripts and Speeches 1985-1987
12 ArchonID id164009
Press Releases 1985-1987
13 ArchonID id164010
Financials 1985-1987
14 ArchonID id164011
Notes 1985-1987
15 ArchonID id164012
Brochures, Flyers and Ephemera 1984-1987
16 ArchonID id164013
Purchase Forms 1984-1987
17 ArchonID id164014
Letterhead 1984-1987
18 ArchonID id164015
Biographical Sketches and Fact Sheets 1984-1987
19 ArchonID id164016
Awards and Certificates 1985-1986
20 ArchonID id164017
Christmas at Courtlandt Place 1985
21 ArchonID id164018
Photos 1984-1987
22 ArchonID id164019
Publicity 1984-1987
23 ArchonID id164020
Mayor's Proud Partners Luncheon Programs 1985-1988
24 ArchonID id164021
Mayor's Proud Partners Luncheon Programs 1989-1998

ArchonID id163710
Arts Philanthropy

Scope and Contents
This series contains materials from the Houston Youth Symphony and Ballet, the University of Houston Moores’ School of Music Society, the West Point Cadets Glee Club Concerts, the Houston Grand Opera and the Theater Under the Stars of Houston, the Houston Symphony—Women’s Committee, and various Houston museums.
ArchonID id163877
Houston Youth Symphony and Ballet
Box Folder
13 1 ArchonID id164025
Correspondence 1950-1983
2 ArchonID id164026
Correspondence 1984-1985
3 ArchonID id164027
Correspondence 1986-1988
4 ArchonID id164028
Correspondence 1989
5 ArchonID id164029
Correspondence 1990-1996
6 ArchonID id164030
Meeting Minutes 1966-1984
7 ArchonID id164031
Meeting Minutes 1985-1987
8 ArchonID id164032
Meeting Minutes 1988
9 ArchonID id164033
Meeting Minutes 1989-1991
10 ArchonID id164034
Reports 1948-1968
11 ArchonID id164035
Newsletters 1980-1990
12 ArchonID id164036
Scenarios and Agendas 1984-1990
13 ArchonID id164037
Invitations and Response Cards 1978-1983
14 ArchonID id164038
Invitations and Response Cards 1984-1989
15 ArchonID id164039
Invitations and Response Cards 1990-1995
16 ArchonID id164040
Articles of Incorporation 1948-1998
Box Folder
14 1 ArchonID id164041
Financials 1963-1986
2 ArchonID id164042
Financials 1987-1999
3 ArchonID id164043
Concert Programs 1980-1989
4 ArchonID id164044
Cultural Leader of the Year Programs 1979-1984
5 ArchonID id164045
Cultural Leader of the Year Programs 1985-1989
6 ArchonID id164046
Cultural Leader of the Year Programs 1992-1993
7 ArchonID id164047
Cultural Leader of the Year Programs 1990-1991
8 ArchonID id164048
Guest Lists (1 of 2) 1979-1989
9 ArchonID id164049
Guest Lists (2 of 2) 1979-1989
10 ArchonID id164050
Publicity and Press 1980-1989
11 ArchonID id164051
Press Releases 1987
Box Folder
15 1 ArchonID id164052
Blank Forms 1980-1986
2 ArchonID id164053
Photos 1985-1987
3 ArchonID id164054
Articles of Amendment 1963-1989
4 ArchonID id164055
Fact Sheets 1965-1985
5 ArchonID id164056
Biographies and Resumes/Curriculum Vitae 1988
6 ArchonID id164057
Rulebooks/Handbooks 1987-1990
7 ArchonID id164058
Notes 1985-1990
8 ArchonID id164059
Job Descriptions and Contracts 1985-1989
9 ArchonID id164060
Member Lists and Directors, and Executive Committee Lists 1980-1987
10 ArchonID id164061
Miscellanea 1984-1989
ArchonID id163878
University of Houston, Moores School of Music Society
Box Folder
15 11 ArchonID id164064
Correspondence 1989-1996
12 ArchonID id164065
Correspondence 1997
13 ArchonID id164066
Correspondence 1998-2014
14 ArchonID id164067
Invitations and Response Cards 1990-1996
15 ArchonID id164068
Programs 1990-1996
16 ArchonID id164069
Programs 1997-1998
17 ArchonID id164070
Programs 1999-2014
18 ArchonID id164071
Press Folders, Packets 1997-2014
Box Folder
16 1 ArchonID id164072
Financials 1990-2009
2 ArchonID id164073
Fliers and Pamphlets 1994-1997
3 ArchonID id164074
Business Cards
4 ArchonID id164075
Board Directories 1998-2001
5 ArchonID id164076
Collegium Magazine and Houston Lifestyle 1997-1999
6 ArchonID id164077
Guest Lists 1982-1997
7 ArchonID id164078
Concert Schedules and Membership Pamphlets 1994-2011
8 ArchonID id164079
Photos undated
9 ArchonID id164080
Response Cards and Tickets 1997
10 ArchonID id164081
Invitations 1997-2014
11 ArchonID id164082
Publicity 1978-2002
12 ArchonID id164083
Infrastructure Information, Fact Sheets, and Biographies 1990-2002
13 ArchonID id164084
Correspondence undated
14 ArchonID id164085
Meeting Minutes 1990-1991
15 ArchonID id164086
Board and Executive Committee Member Lists 1991-1998
16 ArchonID id164087
Notes 1990-2002
17 ArchonID id164088
Scenarios, Seating Charts, and Blank Forms 1997
18 ArchonID id164089
Letterhead and Posters 1990-2000
19 ArchonID id164090
Organizational Paperwork, Miscellaneous 1991-1997
ArchonID id163879
West Point Cadets' Glee Club Concerts
Box Folder
16 20 ArchonID id164093
Houston Concert Programs 1979-1990
21 ArchonID id164094
Concert Programs - Other Cities 1983-1984
22 ArchonID id164095
Fact Sheets 1979-1981
23 ArchonID id164096
Scenarios, Agendas, and Schedules 1979
24 ArchonID id164097
Publicity and Press 1979-1982
25 ArchonID id164098
Invitations, Response Cards, and Tickets 1979-1981
26 ArchonID id164099
Correspondence 1981-1988
Box Folder
17 1 ArchonID id164100
Correspondence 1978-1979
2 ArchonID id164101
Correspondence 1980-1981
3 ArchonID id164102
Member and Cadet Lists 1978-1981
4 ArchonID id164103
Ads and Appearances, and Blank Forms 1978-1981
5 ArchonID id164104
Financials 1979-1981
6 ArchonID id164105
Notes 1979-1981
7 ArchonID id164106
Charts and Floor Plans 1978-1981
8 ArchonID id164107
Photos 1978-1982
9 ArchonID id164108
Audio Reel undated
ArchonID id163880
Houston Grand Opera and TUTS
Box Folder
17 10 ArchonID id164110
Houston Grand Opera Programs and Correspondence
ArchonID id163881
Houston Symphony Society - Women's Committee
Box Folder
17 11 ArchonID id164112
Member and Officer Lists 1974-1976
12 ArchonID id164113
Concert Programs 1973-1976
13 ArchonID id164114
Correspondence 1975-2001
14 ArchonID id164115
Yearbooks 1971-1975
15 ArchonID id164116
Yearbooks 1976-1991
16 ArchonID id164117
Press, Publicity, and Bios
17 ArchonID id164118
Organizational Materials and Notes 1975
ArchonID id163882
Houston Museums
Box Folder
17 18 ArchonID id164120
Museum of Fine Arts and Houston Museum of Natural Science 1975-1986

ArchonID id163711
Health Advocacy and Volunteer Work

Scope and Contents
This series contains materials from Betty Jukes’ work related to St. Joseph’s Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital, the Huffington Center on Aging, the Mental Health Association of Texas, the American Cancer Society, and the Houston March of Dimes.
ArchonID id163883
St. Joseph's Hospital
Box Folder
17 19 ArchonID id164122
Informational Sheets and Newsletters 1970-1981
20 ArchonID id164123
Notes, Minutes, and Financials 1972-1991
21 ArchonID id164124
22 ArchonID id164125
Correspondence 1970-1991
ArchonID id163884
Other Houston Hospitals
Box Folder
17 23 ArchonID id164127
Newsletters 1974-1978
24 ArchonID id164128
Newsletters 1979-1983
ArchonID id163885
Huffington Center on Aging
Box Folder
18 1 ArchonID id164130
Event Programs 1997-1999
2 ArchonID id164131
Notes 1997-1999
3 ArchonID id164132
Correspondence 1997
4 ArchonID id164133
Correspondence 1998
5 ArchonID id164134
Correspondence 1999-2012
6 ArchonID id164135
Correspondence undated
7 ArchonID id164136
Miscellanea 1997
8 ArchonID id164137
Women's Health Summit Manual 1998
9 ArchonID id164138
Guest Lists, Scenarios, and Seating Charts 1998
10 ArchonID id164139
Biographies and Fact Sheets 1998-1999
11 ArchonID id164140
Women's Health Summit Invitations 1997-1998
12 ArchonID id164141
Newsletters 1997-2000
13 ArchonID id164142
Photos 1998
14 ArchonID id164143
Publicity 1998-1999
ArchonID id163886
Mental Health Association of Houston
Box Folder
18 15 ArchonID id164145
Miscellaneous Memorabilia and Notes 1980
16 ArchonID id164146
Photos 1979-1981
17 ArchonID id164147
Correspondence and Invitations 1980
18 ArchonID id164148
Financials, Schedules, and Guest Lists 1980
19 ArchonID id164149
Biographical Sketches and Press Releases 1980
ArchonID id163887
American Cancer Society
Box Folder
18 20 ArchonID id164151
American Cancer Society 1983
ArchonID id163888
March of Dimes
Box Folder
18 21 ArchonID id164153
Press 1971-1975
22 ArchonID id164154
Photos 1971-1975
23 ArchonID id164155
Biographies and Fact Sheets 1981
24 ArchonID id164156
Programs 1972-1976
25 ArchonID id164157
Programs 1977-1983
26 ArchonID id164158
Guest Lists and Nominee Lists 1972-1973
27 ArchonID id164159
Invitations 1971-1983
28 ArchonID id164160
Correspondence 1971-1979
29 ArchonID id164161
Financials 1972-1973
30 ArchonID id164162
Event Planning Miscellanea 1972-1975
31 ArchonID id164163
Silver Screen Gourmet Gala Invitation 1982

ArchonID id163712
Miscellaneous Philanthropic and Volunteer Work

Scope and Contents
This series contains miscellaneous photos related to Houston public works and parks. Additionally, materials from the short-lived Aquarium Society of Houston and other miscellaneous philanthropic projects of Betty Jukes’ reside here.
ArchonID id163889
Box Folder
19 1 ArchonID id164165
Miscellaneous Photos undated
2 ArchonID id164166
Buffalo Bayou Photos 1998
3 ArchonID id164167
City of Houston Photos undated
ArchonID id163890
Aquarium Society of Houston
Box Folder
19 4 ArchonID id164169
By-Laws 2000
5 ArchonID id164170
Meeting Minutes, Notes, and Financials 2000
6 ArchonID id164171
Correspondence 2000
ArchonID id163891
Miscellaneous Philanthropy
Box Folder
19 7 ArchonID id164173
Northwood University Board 1980-1996
8 ArchonID id164174
Houston Baptist University 1968
9 ArchonID id164175
Nonprofit Marketing Strategies, General 1988-1999
10 ArchonID id164176
Houston Public Library 1983
11 ArchonID id164177
Miscellaneous Press, Articles by Betty Jukes 1999-2008
12 ArchonID id164178
50th Annual Congress of Cities 1974-1975
13 ArchonID id164179
Newcomer's Club of Greater Houston 1992-1994
14 ArchonID id164180
Kincaid School 1974-1982
15 ArchonID id164181
Miscellaneous Newsletters and Correspondence 1974-1984
16 ArchonID id164182
Miscellaneous Event Programs 1980-1983
17 ArchonID id164183
Miscellaneous Invitations 1982-1983
18 ArchonID id164184
Miscellaneous Détente Ball 1975-1983
19 ArchonID id164185
Miscellaneous Delicate Papers 1918-1966
20 ArchonID id164186
Pearls of Pakistan 1978

ArchonID id163713
Scrapbooks, Ephemera, and News Clippings

ArchonID id163892
Box Item
20 1 ArchonID id164191
The Woman's Club of Houston Scrapbook 1973-1975
2 ArchonID id164192
Woman's Club Scrapbook 1974-1975
3 ArchonID id164193
Woman's Club Scrapbook (purple) 1975
4 ArchonID id164194
March of Dimes National Register (black binder) undated
5 ArchonID id164195
University of Houston "Grand Ladies" Scrapbook undated
6 ArchonID id164196
Moores School of Music Annual Luncheon Scrapbook 1997
7 ArchonID id164197
Clean Houston Synopsis Scrapbook 1984
8 ArchonID id164198
Committed: The 100-Year History of The Woman's Club of Houston 1893-1993
Box Item
21 1 ArchonID id164199
Moores School of Music Grand Opening "Misc. Photos" 1996
2 ArchonID id164200
March of Dimes Scrapbook (green binder) 1973-1976
3 ArchonID id164201
Moores Opera House Grand Opening Scrapbook 1997
4 ArchonID id164202
The Woman's Club Making Bev Sills and Honorary Member 1973-1974
Box Item
22 1 ArchonID id164203
"U.H. MOORES SCHOOL OF MUSIC" Scrapbook 1997
2 ArchonID id164204
"THE WOMAN'S CLUB OF HOUSTON" Scrapbook 1974-1976
3 ArchonID id164205
Moores School of Music "Six Evenings of Note" Scrapbook 1997
4 ArchonID id164206
"THE WOMAN'S CLUB OF HOUSTON" Yearbook Binder 1990
5 ArchonID id164207
"THE WOMAN'S CLUB OF HOUSTON" Yearbook Binder 1991
6 ArchonID id164208
"FIRST JUNIOR WOMAN'S CLUB" Yearbook Binder 1966
7 ArchonID id164209
"THE WOMAN'S CLUB OF HOUSTON" Yearbook Binder 1990
8 ArchonID id164210
"The Woman's Club of Houston" Yearbook Binder 1992
9 ArchonID id164211
"The Woman's Club of Houston" Yearbook Binder undated
10 ArchonID id164212
"THE WOMAN'S CLUB OF HOUSTON" Yearbook Binder (blue) undated
Box Item
23 1 ArchonID id164213
Houston Youth Symphony Cultural Leader of the Year Scrapbook 1988-1991
2 ArchonID id164214
Houston Youth Symphony and Ballet Scrapbook 1989-1991
3 ArchonID id164215
The Woman's Club 82nd Anniversary Scrapbook 1974
4 ArchonID id164216
"UH PARTIES" Scrapbook undated
5 ArchonID id164217
Houston Youth Symphony and Ballet Scrapbook 1988-1989
OVSBox Item
27 1 ArchonID id164243
HJWC Scrapbook 1968
ArchonID id163893
Box Item
24 1 ArchonID id164219
50th Annual Congress of Cities Nametag - Betty Jukes December 1974
2 ArchonID id164220
Texas Municipal Leagues Annual Conference Nametag - Lillain Heath October 1975
3 ArchonID id164221
"DON'T SPOIL THE SOIL, RECYCLE USED OIL: Muscular Dystrophy Association" Button undated
4 ArchonID id164222
"Captain Clean: Honorary Chairman of Litter League Clean Houston" Button undated
5 ArchonID id164223
Clean Houston "OP': 1985" Button 1985
6 ArchonID id164224
"Celan Houston: Just a Pick-Up Away!" Button (4 copies) undated
7 ArchonID id164225
"Warner (heart)'s The National Fitness Classic at the Houstonian, May 13-15, 1983" May 1983
8 ArchonID id164226
Armstrong Ranch Matchbook 1982
9 ArchonID id164227
World Wildlife Fund - U.S. Matchbook November 1982
10 ArchonID id164228
Charles A. Lindbergh 50th Anniversary Commemorative Medallion 1977
11 ArchonID id164229
Houston Hunter and Jumper Charity Show "Sponsor" Button (2 copies) undated
12 ArchonID id164230
"Keep Texas Beautiful" Button (2 copies) undated
13 ArchonID id164231
"Season's Greetings from UHD" Golden Snowflake undated
14 ArchonID id164232
"Beautify Texas Council: K.T.B.C.T." Embroidered Fabric Patch undated
15 ArchonID id164233
Houston Youth Symphony Embroidered Fabric Patch (2 copies) undated
16 ArchonID id164234
"Enjoy Coca-Cola" Commemorative Pen undated
17 ArchonID id164235
"Houston's Pioneer Women & Today's Leaders: 100 Years" Glass Coaster (2 copies) 2000
18 ArchonID id164236
"Armstrong Ranch: Half Moon Brand" Branded Leather Medallion 1982
19 ArchonID id164237
Florist's Card addressed to Betty Jukes undated
20 ArchonID id164238
UH MSM "Six Evenings of Note" CD (3 copies) 1997
21 ArchonID id164239
"40 Years of HJWC" DVD 2008
ArchonID id163894
News Clippings
OVSBox Item
25 1 ArchonID id164244
"Clean Houston selling trash bags to help fund beautification program", Houston Chronicle April 1987
2 ArchonID id164245
"Clean Houston peddling trash bags to help fund beautification program", Houston Chronicle April 1987
3 ArchonID id164246
"Clean up Houston with donation", Houston Chronicle 1987
4 ArchonID id164247
"Mayor to Throw the Switch on First Annual Courtlandt Place Outdoor Christmas Tree", TOWN December 1985
5 ArchonID id164248
"Chamber Dateline: Clean Houston Honors Chamber Volunteers, Staff", Houston Magazine January 1986
6 ArchonID id164249
"Holford puts in a long night; gunman a hit" (Houston School for the Deaf), Houston Post October 1983
7 ArchonID id164250
"Arabian horse truly statuesque in sculptor Wilson’s rendering", Houston Chronicle 1981
8 ArchonID id164251
"Vice President George Bush…congratulates Richmond sculptor Bob G. Wilson on his Handsome Spirit of Freedom bronze horse that was presented to the Bushes as 1981 Houstonians of the Year" 1981
9 ArchonID id164252
"Courtlandt Place Historical Association, Clean Houston join forces in holiday benefit", Houston Chronicle December 1985
10 ArchonID id164253
The Magazine of The Houston Post December 1985
11 ArchonID id164254
"Clean Houston looks proudly upon west programs", Houston Chronicle February 1986
12 ArchonID id164255
"KQUE’s Ronnie Renfrow adds new direction to busy career", Houston Chronicle November 1985
13 ArchonID id164256
"Christmas on Courtlandt Place", Houston Post December 1985
14 ArchonID id164257
Randall’s Flagship ad with Clean Houston promotion April 1987
15 ArchonID id164258
Randall’s Flagship ad with Clean Houston promotion April 1987
16 ArchonID id164259
"March of Dimes", Houston Post January 1974
17 ArchonID id164260
"Big City Beat" (March of Dimes mention), Houston Chronicle October 1978
18 ArchonID id164261
"University receives award: Flame of Truth Award honors Borman for contributions to higher education and mankind", Houston Chronicle November 1978
19 ArchonID id164262
"Patton’s son says phantom aided in battle", Houston Chronicle November 1980
20 ArchonID id164263
"UT stadium surprise leads to lengthy Hill Country ‘weekend'", Houston Post November 1978
21 ArchonID id164264
"West Point Cadets sing out", Houston Chronicle January 1979
22 ArchonID id164265
"Love for city shows in new book of photos", Houston Chronicle October 1986
23 ArchonID id164266
"The Houston Century", Houston Chronicle December 1999
24 ArchonID id164267
"Big City Beat" (WWL mention), Houston Chronicle August 1982
25 ArchonID id164268
"Prince Philip due in fall for wildlife fund-raiser", The Houston Post July 1982
26 ArchonID id164269
"11.6 million jobless as rate hits 10.4%", The Houston Post November 1982
27 ArchonID id164270
"Larger schools’ pay, facilities used in setting goals at TSU", Houston Post November 1978
28 ArchonID id164271
"Military might be a threat to democracy in Argentina", Houston Chronicle November 1982
29 ArchonID id164272
"Lindbergh a star in numerous areas", Houston Chronicle May 1984
30 ArchonID id164273
"Warm-up bash for benefit is royal hit", Houston Post May 1984
31 ArchonID id164274
"Doolittle honored here with Lindbergh Award", Houston Chronicle May 1984
32 ArchonID id164275
"Arts show a talent for raising funds", USA Today 1980s
33 ArchonID id164276
"Underwater eagle", Discover Magazine August 1983
34 ArchonID id164277
“Astronauts in Action on Tranquility Base, the Moon”, Houston Chronicle August 1969
35 ArchonID id164278
“Why Houston Should Have a Symphony Orchestra” undated
36 ArchonID id164279
“Arabian horse truly statuesque in sculptor Wilson’s rendering”, Houston Chronicle September 1981
37 ArchonID id164280
“Tribute to the Duke: Amateur artist fighting legal battle in effort to market statue of late actor John Wayne”, Houston Chronicle March 1980
38 ArchonID id164281
“Betty Jukes Heads Gala IX”, The United Methodist Reporter, The Spire October 1984
39 ArchonID id164282
Obituary for Ben Love, Houston Chronicle January 2006
40 ArchonID id164283
“Love Through the Years: Highlights in the life of Benton F. Love”, Houston Chronicle January 2006
41 ArchonID id164284
“M.D. Anderson role praised”, Houston Chronicle January 2006
42 ArchonID id164285
“Memorial service Saturday for ex-Chronicle publisher”, Houston Chronicle January 2006
43 ArchonID id164286
“City loses 2 business titans”, Houston Chronicle January 2006
44 ArchonID id164287
Commemorative page for Richard James Vaughn Johnson, Houston Chronicle January 2006
45 ArchonID id164288
“Where There’s a Harp, There’s a Milligan” (Houston Youth Symphony and Ballet mention), Houston Chronicle March 1974
46 ArchonID id164289
“In tune with youth: The Houston Youth Symphony and Ballet”, Houston Post March 1974
47 ArchonID id164290
“The Bob Herrings: Constant hosts have charity event formula: food, fun and fast”, Houston Chronicle December 1979
48 ArchonID id164291
“Comix Annex provides proving ground for developing jokesters”, Houston Post August 1984
49 ArchonID id164292
“Youth Symphony and Ballet to honor businessman as cultural leader”, Houston Chronicle January 1983
50 ArchonID id164293
“Top state court upholds decision against county: Epileptic awarded damages”, The Houston Post January 1985
51 ArchonID id164294
“Collective memories: For more than a century, mothers and daughters alike have been exploring educational, social, and philanthropic outlets as members of a handful of Houston women’s literary clubs”, Houston Chronicle January 2000
52 ArchonID id164295
“Green Tea today”, Houston Post January 1974
53 ArchonID id164296
“1997—1998 Fine Arts Calendar”, Houston Chronicle August 1997
54 ArchonID id164297
Houston Press fine arts calendar February 1998
55 ArchonID id164298
“A Gift of Music”, Houston Chronicle September 1997
56 ArchonID id164299
“Volunteer leadership honored”, Houston Chronicle May 1997
57 ArchonID id164300
“How Donors Can Keep Universities Honest”, The Wall Street Journal September 1997
58 ArchonID id164301
“Song sung at funeral”, Houston Chronicle September 1997
59 ArchonID id164302
“Sounds of music: Concert series to mark grand opening of UH music facility”, Houston Chronicle September 1997
60 ArchonID id164303
“HMM seeks $1 million in contributions”, Houston Chronicle November 1983
61 ArchonID id164304
“Fourth of July sparks continued success for “Dragnet””, Houston Post July 1987
62 ArchonID id164305
“Double the benefits: It was a night of nights at the Shamrock parties”, Houston Chronicle October 1985
63 ArchonID id164306
“Lights cast glow over first caroling ‘Movable Feast’”, Houston Chronicle December 1985
64 ArchonID id164307
“Potpourri” segment of The Houston Post December 1985
65 ArchonID id164308
“Oilers entering draft day with hope of moving up”, Houston Chronicle April 1987
66 ArchonID id164309
“Bottoming out: Houston hopes worst over”, Houston Post March 1987
67 ArchonID id164310
“Wildlife benefit honoree Prince Philip charms guests with casual air”, Houston Chronicle November 1982
OVSBox Item
26 1 ArchonID id164311
“Society Today: And the Legend Rolls On: Rolls Royce with a Legendary Past in St. Patrick’s Day Parade”, Houston Chronicle March 1968
2 ArchonID id164312
“Junior Woman’s Club President Welcomes New Members”, Houston Chronicle February 1969
3 ArchonID id164313
“Black Tie Dinner Climaxes Founder’s Week”, Orlando Evening Star February 1967
4 ArchonID id164314
“Junior Forum presents Showtime 74 May 3”, Westside News May 1974
5 ArchonID id164315
“Woman’s Club shares the wealth”, Houston Chronicle April 1989
6 ArchonID id164316
“75th Birthday is Observed”, The Houston Post October 1968
7 ArchonID id164317
Discovery Dateline newsletter July 1999
8 ArchonID id164318
“‘Civil War’ team heads to ‘Havana’”, Houston Chronicle October 1998
9 ArchonID id164319
“Former Egyptian first lady Sadat to speak here”, Houston Chronicle August 1998
10 ArchonID id164320
“Jehan Sadat honored for her work”, Houston Chronicle October 1998
11 ArchonID id164321
“Cast Trades Pajamas for Bathing Suits”, Houston Chronicle June 1975
12 ArchonID id164322
“New Directions opens program to help rehabilitate juveniles”, Houston Post December 1974
13 ArchonID id164323
“Two New Junior Clubs Help Mark a Diamond Anniversary”, Houston Chronicle October 1968
14 ArchonID id164324
“81st Birthday Luncheon of The Woman’s Club”, unknown source November 1973
15 ArchonID id164325
“Woman’s Club of Houston prepare for coming Club Year at their home”, Houston Post—Dispatch November 1928
16 ArchonID id164326
“Women’s Club to Host Autumn Art and Garden Tour”, Houston West Side Reporter November 1972
17 ArchonID id164327
“Society Today: Ice Is Nice”, Houston Chronicle June 1972
18 ArchonID id164328
“Gandhian activist tours U.S. to gain moral support from Indians here”, Houston Chronicle April 1983
19 ArchonID id164329
“America’s Pioneer Astronauts Strut the Right Stuff”, Star Magazine March 1985
20 ArchonID id164330
“Sally Ride worries that girls face bias against careers in science”, Minneapolis Star and Tribune May 1985
21 ArchonID id164331
“The Shuttle: America Poised for a Return to Space”, New York Times April 1981
22 ArchonID id164332
“Flight Plan Depicts Perils and Hopes”, New York Times April 1981
23 ArchonID id164333
“YMCA Plans National Program from People Who Have Had Heart Attacks”, Houston Chronicle March 1976
24 ArchonID id164334
“Although She Had Cancer, Author Refused Surgery”, Houston Chronicle December 1972
25 ArchonID id164335
“Beverly Sills Coming for Benefit”, Houston Chronicle December 1972
26 ArchonID id164336
“MOD chairwoman slated at dinner”, Westside News December 1972
27 ArchonID id164337
“March of Dimes Ball: Cocktail Party in the Clouds”, Houston Chronicle March 1976
28 ArchonID id164338
“Contemporary Arts Will Rock Back the Clock”, Houston Chronicle July 1973
29 ArchonID id164339
“MOD gala plans under way”, Houston Chronicle February 1983
30 ArchonID id164340
“The Mini Page”, Houston Chronicle February 1983
31 ArchonID id164341
Lindbergh Heritage Edition 1985
32 ArchonID id164342
“Art from the sea and soul”, Weekend News and Press January 1985
33 ArchonID id164343
“Houston Style Progress Review”, Houston Chronicle January 1981
34 ArchonID id164344
“Cadet Glee Club to Give Benefit Performance”, Suburbia-Reporter February 1979
35 ArchonID id164345
“West Point Cadet Glee Club to Appear”, Northwest News March 1979
36 ArchonID id164346
“Reveling in Houston’s art scene”, Houston Post March 1981
37 ArchonID id164347
“Spa to go feminine again, host 2 ex-Cabinet officials”, Houston Post February 1981
38 ArchonID id164348
“What do these women want? Peanut clusters to sports cars”, Houston Chronicle February 1981
39 ArchonID id164349
“600 fete club’s founder”, Houston Chronicle November 1992
40 ArchonID id164350
“Woman’s club celebrates 25th anniversary”, Houston Post November 1992
41 ArchonID id164351
“Ghoulish tours in LA and NY”, Houston Chronicle October 1992
42 ArchonID id164352
“Problems for Latin America: Birth Control Ban Will Have Little U.S. Effect, Expert Says”, Houston Chronicle August 1968
43 ArchonID id164353
“Teens Called Unprepared for Motherhood”, Houston Chronicle August 1968
44 ArchonID id164354
“Jr. Women’s Club Honors Guests”, Westside News April 1969
45 ArchonID id164355
“Be right: Uses for calling cards”, Houston Chronicle December 1978
46 ArchonID id164356
“Tanglewoodite elected president of Junior Woman’s Club”, Westside News May 1972
47 ArchonID id164357
“Talented Husband Is a Real Treasure”, Houston Chronicle April 1969
48 ArchonID id164358
“Tender Loving Care”, Westside News April 1969
49 ArchonID id164359
The C-J Salutes”, Columbus Citizen-Journal April 1973
50 ArchonID id164360
“Gadabout”, Houston Chronicle July 1974
51 ArchonID id164361
“A Texas-Size Thank You to England’s Great Salesman: HRH Prince Philip”, Houston Chronicle March 1966
52 ArchonID id164362
“Goodwill Begets Goodwill”, Houston Post March 1966
53 ArchonID id164363
“Hope, Gaitlin lean toward topping Gavrel bill: Richard Tallboys, left, Winnie Carter, Russell Train”, Houston Post October 1982
54 ArchonID id164364
“Prince Philip sets casual tone”, Houston Chronicle November 1982
55 ArchonID id164365
“Man who spent 35 years carving Crazy Horse dies”, Houston Post October 1982
56 ArchonID id164366
“At home: Harris & Carroll Masterson”, Houston Post October 1983
57 ArchonID id164367
“What people are doing”, Houston Post October 1983
58 ArchonID id164368
“SUPER TEXANS…”, Houston Post October 1983
59 ArchonID id164369
“DeBakey keeps whirlwind pace as he nears 75”, Houston Post September 1983
60 ArchonID id164370
“LINDBERGH”, News and Record March 2000
61 ArchonID id164371
“He Talked, Money Walked”, Charlotte Observer October 2009
62 ArchonID id164372
“Living Mercury members to reunite here for banquet”, Houston Post April 1984
63 ArchonID id164373
“Friends of Girards pack Ma Maison for dinner”, Houston Post April 1984
64 ArchonID id164374
“Knox Bridges: THE MONEY TRAIL”, Charlotte Observer October 2009
65 ArchonID id164375
“Cruise to offer spectacular view of Halley”, Houston Post December 1985
66 ArchonID id164376
“State Department dinner shimmering milestone”, Houston Chronicle December 1985
67 ArchonID id164377
“Tents for stealing away Pakistani-style”, Houston Chronicle July 1978
68 ArchonID id164378
“Pearls of…”, Houston Post July 1978
69 ArchonID id164379
“‘Pearls of Pakistan’: Conceived as a gala exhibit of native crafts, it’s become a world marketing showcase”, Houston Post July 1978
70 ArchonID id164380
“Ben Shaw and style trends walked the same novel runways”, Houston Chronicle July 1978