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Creator Collector Moon, Flora
Collection Title Flora Moon Papers
Dates 1976-2012
Identification 02/2016-006
Physical Description 6.00 linear feet
Language of Materials EnglishChinese
Repository University of Houston Libraries M.D. Anderson Library 4333 University Drive Houston, TX, 77204-2000 URL: Email: Phone: 713-743-9229

Biographical Information:

Flora Moon is a film maker based in Los Angeles, Houston and Boston. Born in Indiana to Chinese immigrants Wei Ning and Tack-Shing Li, Flora knew very little about her Chinese roots growing up until her aunt De Ping moved to the United States in the 1980’s. She learned about her family’s recent history and how they were targeted during the Communist Revolution, as well as their ties to the Tang Dynasty. After visiting the People’s Republic of China and meeting her extended family, Flora created a short documentary film, The Living Tree about her journey discovering her Chinese roots. The majority of this collection contains correspondence, financial information, grant applications and proposals, historical and family research, production notes, audio-visual materials and books pertaining to the research and production of this documentary. Other items include film scripts, periodicals and ephemera from Flora Moon’s film career.

Scope and Contents

The majority of this collection contains documentation and notes pertaining to the creation of the short documentary film The Living Tree. Other items include film scripts, periodicals and ephemera from her film career.


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China -- History
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Chinese Americans
Chinese diaspora

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Flora Moon Papers. Courtesy of Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Detailed List of Contents

ArchonID id172621
Contacts and Correspondence

Scope and Contents
Contact Lists and correspondence with Living Tree consultants, family in China and the United States, and correspondence with museums and archives regarding image rights for The Living Tree.
Box Folder
1 1 ArchonID id172650
Contact Lists and Notes undated
2 ArchonID id172651
Consultants – The Living Tree 1992-1998, 2001-2004
3 ArchonID id172652
Family 1978-96, undated
4 ArchonID id172653
Image Rights A-M 1998, 2003-2005
5 ArchonID id172654
Image Rights M-S 1991, 1993, 2003-2005
6 ArchonID id172655
Image Rights U-Z 2003 -2004
7 ArchonID id172656
Workprint 1978

ArchonID id172622
Financial Records

Scope and Contents
Budgets, financing notes, receipts and other financial records related to the production of The Living Tree.
Box Folder
1 8 ArchonID id172658
Budgets 1994-2004
9 ArchonID id172659
Financing Notes 1996-1998, undated
10 ArchonID id172660
IRS Information 1990-1994
11 ArchonID id172661
Receipts 1992-2004, 2012
12 ArchonID id172662
Resumes Living Tree Contributors undated

ArchonID id172623
Grant Applications

Scope and Contents
Grant applications and responses, organized by funding organization.
Box Folder
1 13 ArchonID id172664
Proposal Drafts
14 ArchonID id172665
Cultural Arts Council Houston and Harris County 1997, undated
15 ArchonID id172666
California Council for the Humanities 1991-1995
16 ArchonID id172667
Corporation for Public Broadcasting 1992, 1998
17 ArchonID id172668
Independent Television Service 2004
18 ArchonID id172669
National Endowment for the Arts 1992-1995
19 ArchonID id172670
National Endowment for the Humanities 1994, undated
20 ArchonID id172671
New York Council for the Humanities 1995-1996, undated
Box Folder
2 1 ArchonID id172673
Texas Council for the Humanities Part 1 1997-1998
2 ArchonID id172674
Texas Council for the Humanities Part 2 1998-2004, undated
3 ArchonID id172675
Other Grant Applications 1991, 1996-2000, 2004

ArchonID id172624

Scope and Contents
Research notes, images and materials related to the research and production of The Living Tree, including personal photos.
Box Folder
2 4 ArchonID id172677
China before 618 AD 2002-2004, undated
5 ArchonID id172678
Tang Dynasty (618-907) 2002 -2003, undated
6 ArchonID id172679
Song / Ming Era (1368-1644) 2003-2004, undated
7 ArchonID id172680
Qing Dynasty before Opium War (1644-1839) 2002-2004, undated
8 ArchonID id172681
Opium Wars (1839-1860) 1998, 2003-2004, undated
9 ArchonID id172682
Qing Dynasty after Opium War (1860-1911) 1998, 2003, undated
10 ArchonID id172683
Republic of China (1911-1949) 1998, 2003-2004, undated
11 ArchonID id172684
Mao Era (1949-1976) 1998, 2003-2004, undated
12 ArchonID id172685
The Cold War Era in the US Part 1 1950-1956, 1998
13 ArchonID id172686
The Cold War Era in the U.S Part 2 1998, 2000-2004, undated
14 ArchonID id172687
Modern China (1976-2016) 1992-1993, 1999, 2003-2004, undated
15 ArchonID id172688
Genealogy and Families 1993-1994, 2004, undated
16 ArchonID id172689
Flora Moon Family undated
17 ArchonID id172690
Interview Transcripts 1992, undated
18 ArchonID id172691
Other Notes 1989-1990, 2003, undated

ArchonID id172625

Scope and Contents
Production notes, rough cuts, script drafts, outlines and thumbnails for the production of the film The Living Tree.
Box Folder
2 19 ArchonID id172694
Production Notes undated
20 ArchonID id172695
Rough Cuts undated
Box Folder
3 1 ArchonID id172696
Script Drafts and Outlines 1986, 1992, 2004, undated
2 ArchonID id172697
Thumbnails 1998

ArchonID id172626

Scope and Contents
Issues of periodicals edited by or contributed to by Flora Moon, speeches, materials from the Where is Home? Conference, brochures and four scripts.
Box Folder
3 3 ArchonID id172699
Amsterdam Weekly Issues 2005
4 ArchonID id172700
Workprint Issues 1976-1978
5 ArchonID id172701
Other Newsletters 1982, 1992, 1994, 1997, undated
6 ArchonID id172702
Speeches 1999
7 ArchonID id172703
Where Is Home? Conference Materials 1997
8 ArchonID id172704
Miscellaneous Ephemera 1985, 1988-1989, 1993, 2000, undated
9 ArchonID id172705
“Amazing Grace and Chuck” Script 1986
10 ArchonID id172706
“Concealed Enemies” Script 1983
11 ArchonID id172707
“The Dark End of the Street” Script undated
12 ArchonID id172708
“Haunted” Script 1982

ArchonID id172627
Audiovisual and Digital Materials

Scope and Contents
Tapes, discs and cassettes, mostly to do with the Living Tree.
ArchonID id172709
VHS and Beta Tapes
1 ArchonID id172710
American Express: Journey through China undated
2 ArchonID id172711
Changing Our Minds: The Story of Dr. Evelyn Hooker undated
3 ArchonID id172713
Cold War Era Footage for the Living Tree undated
4 ArchonID id172714
Film History Foundation Footage Pull Reel Tape 1 undated
5 ArchonID id172715
Film History Foundation Footage Pull Reel Tape 2 undated
6 ArchonID id172716
KBYU’s Ancestor undated
7 ArchonID id172717
Living Tree Demo Tape - VHS undated
8 ArchonID id172718
Living Tree Demo Tape - Beta undated
9 ArchonID id172719
Living Tree Excerpts: Imperial Family Tape 1 undated
10 ArchonID id172720
Living Tree Excerpts: Imperial Family Tape 2 undated
11 ArchonID id172721
Living Tree Film History Reels undated
12 ArchonID id172722
The Living Tree Green Screen Tape 1 undated
13 ArchonID id172723
The Living Tree Green Screen Tape 2 undated
14 ArchonID id172724
The Living Tree Beta Tape 1 undated
15 ArchonID id172725
The Living Tree Beta Tape 2 undated
16 ArchonID id172726
The Living Tree DVD undated
17 ArchonID id172727
The Living Tree VHS undated
18 ArchonID id172728
The Living Tree Promo undated
19 ArchonID id172729
Public Domain Footage undated
20 ArchonID id172730
Phenomenology undated
21 ArchonID id172731
Shanghai Film Studio undated
22 ArchonID id172732
Special Dub for Moon Films undated
23 ArchonID id172733
Westward to China undated
ArchonID id172734
24 ArchonID id172735
Bancroft Library Duplication Services undated
25 ArchonID id172736
British Envoy in Beijing undated
26 ArchonID id172737
British Library Reproductions Disc 1 undated
27 ArchonID id172738
British Library Reproductions Disc 2 undated
28 ArchonID id172739
Cartoon for the Living Tree undated
29 ArchonID id172740
Creative Capital undated
30 ArchonID id172741
Faust Copy 1 undated
31 ArchonID id172742
Faust Copy 2 undated
32 ArchonID id172743
Flora Moon undated
33 ArchonID id172744
Flora A: Big Tree undated
34 ArchonID id172745
Flora B: Love & Marriage undated
35 ArchonID id172746
Flora C: L&M Movie undated
36 ArchonID id172747
Garacci Photography & Digital Imaging undated
37 ArchonID id172748
Imperial Tree undated
38 ArchonID id172749
Luna 1 undated
39 ArchonID id172750
MFA Boston undated
40 ArchonID id172751
MFA Images #1 undated
41 ArchonID id172752
National Anthropological Archives undated
42 ArchonID id172753
Oakland Museum of California undated
43 ArchonID id172754
Splendors of Imperial China undated
44 ArchonID id172755
Tree ILN undated
45 ArchonID id172756
Tree Script undated
46 ArchonID id172757
Unlabeled 3.5” Removable Hard Disk Cartridge undated
47 ArchonID id172758
Unlabeled Image Disk undated
48 ArchonID id172759
Case containing 11 disks related to the Living Tree undated
ArchonID id172760
DV Tapes
49 ArchonID id172761
DV Master: The Living Tree undated
50 ArchonID id172762
Family Tree undated
51 ArchonID id172763
Half Hour Narrative undated
52 ArchonID id172764
Tree 04/23/04
53 ArchonID id172765
Tree VO Diverse Work Master 12/28/99

ArchonID id172628

Scope and Contents
Books used in the research and production of The Living Tree.
Box Item
4 1 ArchonID id172767
Abbate, Francesco Chinese Art 101 Full Color Illustrations
2 ArchonID id172768
Birch, Cyril Stories From a Ming Collection: The Art of the Chinese Story-Teller
3 ArchonID id172769
Chin, Frank et al., Aiiieeeee! An Anthology of Asian American Writers
4 ArchonID id172770
Congressional Quarterly China U.S. Policy Since 1945
5 ArchonID id172771
De Bary, Theodore Sources of Chinese Tradition Volume 1
6 ArchonID id172772
De Bary, Theodore Sources of Chinese Tradition Volume 2
7 ArchonID id172773
Durdin, T, et al., The New York Times report on Red China
8 ArchonID id172774
Eberhard, Wolfram Folktales of China
9 ArchonID id172775
Foreign Language Press The Magic Knife – Folk Tales from China (Fifth Series)
10 ArchonID id172776
Guanzhong, Luo Romance of the Three Kingdoms
11 ArchonID id172777
Grathwol, Robert et al. Oral History and Postwar German-American Relations; Resources in the United States
12 ArchonID id172778
Graubard, Stephen Daedalus Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1991
13 ArchonID id172779
Hawes, Dorothy Schurman To the Farthest Gulf: The Story of the American China Trade
14 ArchonID id172780
Hu, Jason Chinese History in Brief
15 ArchonID id172781
Isaacs, Harold R. Straw Sandals Chinese Short Stories
16 ArchonID id172782
Jackson, Marcy The Grandparent Book
17 ArchonID id172783
Legouix, Susan Image of China: William Alexander
18 ArchonID id172784
Millar, Heather China’s Tang Dynasty
19 ArchonID id172785
National Archives and Records Administration National Archives Records Relating to the Cold War
20 ArchonID id172786
Nieh, Hualing Mulberry and Peach
21 ArchonID id172787
Salisbury, Harrison The New Emperors
22 ArchonID id172788
Smith, Richard China’s Cultural Heritage
23 ArchonID id172789
Tan, Amy The Hundred Secret Senses
Box Item
5 1 ArchonID id172791
Tan, Thomas Tsu-wee Your Chinese Roots
2 ArchonID id172792
Thomson, John China The Land its People
3 ArchonID id172793
Tun, Mao Midnight
4 ArchonID id172794
Van Over, Raymond A Treasury of Chinese Literature
5 ArchonID id172795
Waley, Arthur Monkey Folk Novel of China
6 ArchonID id172796
Waley, Arthur Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China
7 ArchonID id172797
Waley, Arthur The Opium War Through Chinese Eyes
8 ArchonID id172798
Westad et al., Cold War International History Project – 77 Conversations between Chinese and Foreign Leaders on the Wars in Indochina
9 ArchonID id172799
Wolfman, Ira Do People Grow on Family Trees: Genealogy for Kids and Other Beginners
10 ArchonID id172800
Xianyi, Yang Tang Dynasty Stories
11 ArchonID id172801
Yutang, Lin The Vigil of a Nation
12 ArchonID id172802
Zedong, Mao Lun Shi Da Guanxi (The Ten Relationships)
13 ArchonID id172803
Zeitlin, Steven et al. A Celebration of American Family Folklore
14 ArchonID id172804
Unidentified Chinese Text
Scope and Contents
(Chapters are Biography of Hang Yu, Lien Per and Lin Siang Ju, Tsu Yuan, Assassins)
15 ArchonID id172805
Unidentified Chinese Text
Scope and Contents
(Google Translate thinks the spine says Lin Chuan (popular edition) Susie Yong pose Taiwan Commercial Press Release – but searching revealed no results)