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San Jacinto Collection

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Title: San Jacinto Collection
Dates: 1824-1892
Abstract: Most of the documents in the collection bear the names or the signatures of individuals who fought in the battle or were significant to the history of the Republic of Texas.
Identification: 1976-001
Quantity: 1 ms. box
Repository: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Historical Note

The Battle of San Jacinto was the final military engagement of the Texas Revolution. Mexican troops, under the command of General Santa Anna, had overextended themselves while following the Texian forces that were retreating from earlier defeats. The two armies were camped within a mile of each other near Harrisburg, Texas.

On the afternoon of April 21, the outnumbered Texans, led by Sam Houston, staged a surprise attack and routed the Mexican forces within twenty minutes. General Santa Anna escaped initially, only to be discovered later disguised as a Mexican soldier.

Due to the events at the Battle of San Jacinto, the Republic of Texas gained its freedom from Mexico, and remained independent until 1845, when it was annexed to the United States.

Scope and Contents

The San Jacinto Collection contains original documents and prints relating to the Battle of San Jacinto in the Texas War for Independence. The documents contained in this collection include promissory notes, pay scrip, discharge papers, printed portraits, and correspondence. Many of the individuals associated with the battle of San Jacinto are represented, including Sam Houston and David Burnet. Most of the documents in the collection bear the names or the signatures of individuals who fought in the battle or were significant to the history of the Republic of Texas.

The collection is organized chronologically, with undated materials being filed at the back.


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Austin, Stephen F. (Stephen Fuller), 1793-1836
Austin, Moses, 1761-1821
Texas -- History -- To 1846
San Jacinto, Battle of, Tex., 1836.
Texas -- History -- Revolution, 1835-1836.

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Donated to the University of Houston in 1976 by Mr. Frell Albright

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Margaret O'Brien, 1997

Detailed Description of the Collection


Box Folder
1 1 Austin, Stephen Fuller--clipped signature, Augusto de 1824
2 Moses A. Foster--Promissory note, San Felipe de Austin, 28 March 1830
3 Austin, Stephen Fuller--Honorable discharge for D.D.D. Baker, Thos. Osburn, John Kunst(?). Signed "S.F. Austin" Nov. 23, 1835.
4 Austin, Stephen Fuller--Honorable discharge for Alex Russell, Signed "S.F. Austin" Nov. 24, 1835.
5 Austin, Stephen Fuller--Texas Loan bond No. 366 made out to Thos. D. Carneal, signed "S.F. Austin," "B.J. Archer," and "Wm. H. Wharton" on "this eleventh day of January, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six."
6 Smith, Erastus (Deaf). Pl Copy No. 67. Endorsed pay warrant to Erastus (Deaf) Smith; color portrait of Erastus Smith, list of 2nd regiment, including Erastus Smith; related newspaper article "The missing piece in the Deaf Smith puzzle" from Tempo February 18, 1968.
7 Pl Copy 4 No. 647, "The treasury of the Provisional Government of Texas you will pay to James W Robinson on order twenty five dollars out of any monies in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. [unknown signature] Auditor" March 4th 1836
8 Pl Copy 5 No. 514 "The Treasurer of the Provisional Government of Texas you will pay to Stephen Townsend on order nine dollars out of any monies in the Treasury not … H.C. Hudson Controller [unknown signature] Auditor"--"Cancelled" March 7, 1836
9 Kornegay, David S.--Agreement with Mr. Cocke stating that Kornegay will receive 100 acres for taking Mr. Cocke's place in the Texas Army-- March 13th, [] 1836.
10 Burnet, David G.-- Eight line ms. headed Fort Travis, ti Captain Harris of the sloop "Ohio" to take on the lading from the Steamer "Yellow Stone" and "Will take special care of the same while on his vessel." Signed by Burnet with "President" below rubric. Verso headed Galveston, signed by Captain Jno. E. Ross, being a receipt for the return of the cargo "now on board the Yellow Stone." 26 April 1836May 9th, 1836,
11 Burnet, David G.--Ms, receipt for 6 beef cattle from Reason Green "now herded at the Residence of Nathaniel Lynch," for the use of the Texas Army, signed James Seymom, initialed and notated by Burnet. June 2, 1836,
12 VIA No. 31 Handwritten warrant issued to the firm of McKinney and Williams for $463, signed H.C. Hudson, Controller and A. Brigham, Auditor. Cancelled. 9 June 1836,
13 "The Pennsylvanian" with "General Houston's official report" of the battle of San Jacinto June 11, 1836,
14 Houston, Sam--"First Texian Loan Scrip No. 227" for 640 acres of land made out to Thomas D. Carneal of Cincinnati, Ohio, "eleventh day of January, 1836," signed by Henry Smith and Sam Houston "twentieth of June" 1838.
15 Ms. pay slip on blue paper for $24.00 for three months services ending June 16, 1836 made out to George Fennell, dated and signed by "James D. Owen Paymstr.. Volunteers Texas" 23 June 1836
16 Receipt for printing of 1500 certificates of Texas Land Scrip, signed by "Jas. Desban" and "Wm. McKean. "New Orleans, " "Rec'd New Orleans of Messrs. Thos. Toby & Brothers One hundred Dollars in full of the above a/c" 13th June 1836.25th June 1836
17 Texas Land Scrip Articles of Agreement and Thomas Toby's commission at land agent. "True copy of Sept. 7, 1837
Extent (4 pp.)
18 Seguin, Juan N. Pay on partly printed form, $100.00 issued from Velasco, signed A. Brigham, auditor, H.C. Hudson, comptroller, endorsed verso by Seguin. 17 September, 1836,
19 Berry, William M. Pay scrip no. 26 for $70.48 dated Velsaco signed H.C. Hudson, Comptroller and A. Brigham, Auditor. 23 September 1836,
20 First Texas scrip no. 392 for 640 acres of land to John B. Budd of Philadelphia. New Orleans, 26th September 1836.
Extent (4 pp.)
21 Cl. 820 promissory note to Peter Castles for $90, dated "Columbia " Oct. 9, 1836.
22 Austin, Stephen Fuller. Promissory note from Austin to John F. Martin: "On the first day of March next I promise to pay John F. Martin on order one hundred twenty five dollars for an express horse - for the use of the army - S.F. Austin" Novr. 17th 1835.
23 Promissory note, dated issued by the Republic of Texas, signed by Sam Houston and Henry Smith. "The Treasurer of the Republic of Texas will pay to or order fifty dollars in twelve months from the date, with interest at ten percent per annum, in accordance with an act of Congress passed June 9, 1837" Nov. 13th 1837,
24 Fennell, George. Mss. letter to his brother, dated New Orleans. Gives a first-hand account of the Battle of San Jacinto. Nov. 14, 1836,
25 Promissory note no. 2724, dated for fifty dollars, signed by Mirabeau B. Lamar. Jany. 28, 1839,
26 Promissory note no. 4073 for ten dollars, dated signed by Mirabeau B. Lamar. Jan. 25, 1840,
27 Promissory note no. 634, dated signed by Mirabeau B. Lamar, without interest. Jan. 27, 1840,
28 Portion of 2 three dollar bills issued by the "Bank of Texas " version used to print two dollar bills for the State of Louisiana (1848);(1862).
29 Portion of 2 five dollar bills from the "Bank of Texas;" verso used to print a one dollar bill for the State of Louisiana (1848)(1862)
30 Austin, William T.-- Ms. letter to Dr. Anson Jones, Washington, May 24, 1850.
31 Burnet, William E. -- Ms. letter to his father from Ft. Smith Jan. 10th 1861.
32 Burnet, William E. -- Ms. letter to his father from Fort Smith, January 5/61
33 "The Western Pioneer" (2 photocopies on 4 pp.) Item at Barker Texas History Center for Texas Newspaper Project
34 Funeral announcement for Gen. Sam Houston, Huntsville, with black bordered portrait of Houston. July 27, 1863
35 Sam Houston's official report of the battle of San Jacinto published in pamphlet form; Amasa Turner reprint. 1874
36 Photograph of Dr. Richard P. Peebles with list of members of Chace's company, including Peebles.
37 Engraved portrait of Santa Anna in military uniform, 1844.
38 Battle of San Jacinto (engraving)
39 Portrait of Sydney Sherman (print).
40 Portrait of Santa Anna in military costume from Gleason's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion"
41 Sam Houston Illustration of the wounded Houston falling from his horse 1793-1863
42 Sam Houston, engraved portrait of Houston in military uniform
43 Sam Houston, illustration of Houston dictating orders to Hockley
44 Fragment of article in "Galveston News", with correction to list of those killed in the battle of San Jacinto. Aug 6 [1867],