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Floyd Glass Navy Recruiting Literature Collection, 1941-1949

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Glass, Floyd
Title: Floyd Glass Navy Recruiting Literature Collection
Dates: 1941-1949
Abstract: This collection is composed entirely of U. S. Navy recruiting literature from 1941-1949. Included are booklets, pamphlets, broadsides, posters, promotional materials and some miscellaneous response cards.The collection was donated to the University of Houston Libraries by Floyd Glass, a Houston resident, book collector, and retired Naval officer.
Identification: 1970-002
Quantity: 488 items; 13 boxes
Repository: Special Collections, University of Houston Libraries

Biographical Note

Floyd Glass served in the United States Navy for several years. During World War II, he was stationed abroad in England for some time.

After his retirement from the Navy, Glass and his wife Marjorie moved to Houston. During this time he assembled a fine collection of books on English literature and history, as well as illustrated books and books with unusual bindings. This collection was donated to the University of Houston Libraries in the late 1960s.

Scope and Contents

This collection is composed entirely of U. S. Navy recruiting literature from 1941-1949. Included are booklets, pamphlets, broadsides, posters, promotional materials and some miscellaneous response cards. Materials have been sorted by type of material. Materials for recruiting WAVES (the women's counterpart to the U. S. Navy) have been separated from materials recruiting men.

The 61 booklets (items with several pages), and 129 pamphlets (items made from one or two folded sheets) are arranged alphabetically by title. The miscellaneous items (108 items), which include promotional materials and response cards, are arranged alphabetically by folder heading.

Posters and other broadsheets (190 items, total) have been sorted so that all duplicate materials are together. These materials are arranged at the container level. One box of the posters includes items which were drymounted to acid-free board. These items have been kept together, as have posters and broadsheets which are geared toward recruiting WAVES.

For additional materials held in Special Collections on World War II and the U. S. Navy, see the Cruiser Houston Collection and the William A. Bernrieder Collection.


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Glass, Floyd
World War, 1939-1945
United States. Navy Recruiting.

Administrative Information


The collection was given by the widow of Mr. Floyd Glass, Mrs. Marjorie Glass.

Processed by

Andrea Bean Hough, 1996

Detailed Description



box folder
1 1 Facts about the submarine service. 1945
2 Facts and figures of naval service. 1947
box folder
8 1 Fill the fleet. 1947
box folder
1 3 Going back to civilian life. 1945
box folder
3 1 How you can win your Navy wings. 1942
2 How your college can help you be a naval officer. 1942
3 Jobs in naval aviation. undated
box folder
8 2 Joint Armed Forces prestige campaign. 1949
box folder
3 4 Life in the peacetime Navy. 1945
5 Life in the peacetime Navy. 1945
6 Life in the peacetime Navy. 1948
7 Men make the Navy. 1942
8 Music in the Navy. undated
box folder
1 4 Naval aviation. undated
5 Navy airman. 1948
box folder
3 9 Navy as a peacetime career. 1945
box folder
8 3 Navy educational program. 1942
box folder
1 6 Navy recruit. undated
7 Navy recruit. undated
box folder
3 10 Navy services to help its contractors. 1943
box folder
1 8 Officer's career in the peacetime Navy. 1945
9 Officer's career in the U. S. Navy. 1949
box folder
2 1 Officer's career in the U. S. Navy. 1949
box folder
3 11 Padres of the sea. undated
12 Peacetime Navy's recruitment policy in high schools. 1947
13 Presentation for civic groups: Naval recruiting. undated
box folder
2 2 Re: Officer commissions in the United States. undated
box folder
8 4 Schools and rates for Navy men. 1944
box folder
2 3 See action now with the submarine service. 1944
box folder
8 5 Task force guide. undated
6 U. S. Navy war photographs. 1945
box folder
2 4 Wear wings of Navy gold. undated
box folder
3 14 What about the supply corps? 1946
box folder
2 5 What kind of job can I get in the Navy? 1942
box folder
3 15 Young men needed in Navy radar. 1945
box folder
8 7 Your future in the Navy. 1947
box folder
2 6 Your Navy. 1946
box folder
3 16 Your opportunities in the submarine service. 1945



box folder
3 20 How to serve your country in the WAVES. 1942
21 Join the Waves. 1945
box folder
8 8 Mightiest Navy in the world faces an urgent need. undated
box folder
3 22 Story of you in Navy blue. 1943
box folder
8 9 WAVES wanted. 1944



box folder
4 1 Announcing valuable new benefits for men enlisting or re-enlisting in the regular Navy. 1945
2 Blueprint for your future. 1949
3 Can you unzip a Navy ship? 1949
4 Constant vigilance assures peace. undated
5 Did you know. undated
6 Don't forget your Navy ties. 1945
7 Financial report to a bluejacket. 1948
8 Fly with the fleet. 1949
9 Fly with the fleet. undated
10 For men only. 1948
11 Keys to your future. 1949
12 Let's go Navy. undated
13 Let's GO NAVY. undated
14 Let's GO NAVY for travel and adventure. undated
15 Let's keep in touch in the Naval Air Reserve. 1949
box folder
3 17 Memo to stenographers typists and clerks. 1944
box folder
5 1 Naval Reserve offers you retirement benefits. 1949
2 Navy athletics. 1947
3 Navy offers you a $5000 education in 1946
4 Peacetime Navy is a great life. 1946
box folder
3 18 See Pearl Harbor work in Hawaii. 1945
box folder
5 5 Stay in school. undated
6 Submarine service in the Naval Reserve. 1949
7 To an old shipmate. 1949
8 U. S. Navy material in our library. 1947
9 U. S. N. R. -- A community asset. 1948
10 What's your answer. 1948
11 What's your Navy dollar worth? 1947
12 When does 1 = 3.9? 1947
13 When does 3.9 = 1? 1948
14 Win your Navy wings of gold. undated
15 Your career in electronics. 1947
16 Your commission in Naval aviation. 1948



box folder
6 1 Chance that you may never get again. 1944
box folder
3 19 Facts about the WAVES and the SPARS. 1943
box folder
6 2 How you can help your Navy man. 1944
3 Navy Nurse Corps offers you more. 1948
4 Waves USN. 1949
5 You can help bring your Navy man home. 1944



box folder
7 1 Broken service. 1948
2 Career analysis for junior executives. 1949
3 Hats off! undated
4 Looking ahead. 1946
5 Miscellaneous 1947
6 Navy V-1 Field Officers' manual. 1942
7 Plan now for your future. 1942
8 Radio play for WAVES recruiting. undated
9 Recruitment cards. 1942-1948
10 Recuritment response cards. 1942-1947
11 Requirements for enlistment. 1943
12 Rise and shine, sailors. undated
13 Something for the girls. 1944
14 Suggested mayor's proclamation. 1947
15 To the post commander. 1942
16 Training packet. 1943
17 Victory volunteer certificate. 1942
18 What's ahead for them? undated
19 When will you retire? 1947



8 Posters
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9 Posters
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10 Posters
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11 Posters
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12 Posters
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13 Posters/WAVES
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