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Finding Aid for the Winter Family Collection, 1817-1960s

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Winter family
Title: Winter Family Collection
Dates: 1817-1960s
Creator Abstract: This collection holds papers from six generations of the Winter family, beginning with Ann Clarke, born in 1779. Over the course of these generations, the family moved from North Carolina, to Alabama, to Louisiana, to Missouri, and finally to Texas.
Content Abstract: The materials in this collection date from 1817 to the 1960s. All of the material belonged to Edwina Winter and her family. The bulk of the collection is composed of the papers of generations of Mrs. Winter's mother's family. The collection includes books, scrapbooks, correspondence, diaries, newspaper clippings, memoirs, autograph books, calling cards, ledger books, and photographs.
Identification: AC-339
Extent: 18 cubic feet in 28 boxes
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Tyrrell Historical Library, Beaumont Public Libraries,  695 Pearl St,  Beaumont, TX 77701

Biographical Note

Ann Clarke, great-grandmother of Novaline James Baldwin, was born July 31, 1779, to John Clarke, and moved to Montgomery, Alabama, in the fall of 1817. She married Michael Molton on May 29, 1792. Col. Michael Molton was born August 4, 1770, in Duplin County, North Carolina. He moved to Tennessee and was colonel in a regiment in General Jackson's army. He went, with his regiment, on three expeditions down the MIssissippi River, and participated in the Battle of New Orleans. After the war was over he continued in the service of the government, and saw action at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend, where his son was killed. He died August 31, 1817 in Meridianville, in Madison County, Tennessee. Children of Michael Molton and Ann Clark Molton were Michael Clarke Molton, born February 7, 1794 (died at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend against the Creek Indians, March 27, 1814), Ann Maria (May 24, 1796 - October 27, 1805), James Kenan (April 8, 1798 - February 14, 1816), Eliza Jane (1803-1855). Ann Clarke Molton married three more times after Michael Molton's death. She married Thomas Powell in 1822, who died in 1823; William D. Carter in 1825, who died May 24, 1828; and David Bullock, on August 31, 1829. Ann died sometime after 1850, probably in Montgomery.

Eliza Jane Molton, the daughter of Ann Clarke and Michael Molton, was born in 1803 in Meridianville, Madison County, Tennessee. She married John Edmondson on September 9, 1818, in Montgomery, Alabama. She died on September 26, 1855, of yellow fever, at Mobile, Alabama. She danced with General Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Lafayette, when he visited Montgomery, Alabama, in 1824.

John Edmondson, husband of Eliza Jane Molton, was born in Virginia in 1791. He was one of thirteen men who settled the town of Montgomery, Alabama, where he moved in the spring of 1816. He was the first lawyer who settled in Montgomery, and was also clerk of the first court. He issued his own license when he married Eliza. He was proprietor of the Old Montgomery Tavern, where General Lafayette stayed during his visit to Montgomery. Edmondson died at Livingston, Alabama, in 1842. He and Eliza had two children, Sarah Ann and Eliza Virginia. Eliza Virginia was born July 28, 1825, married John Burke on May 1, 1845, and had nine children.

Sarah Ann Edmondson, daughter of Eliza Jane Molton, was born September 20, 1821, in Montgomery, Alabama. She lived in Algiers, a suburb of New Orleans, from 1856-1876. She moved to Greensburg, Louisiana, in 1879, where she died on March 19, 1886, and was buried in Greensburg Cemetery. Her first husband was Isaac Dorgan James, whom she married on January 12, 1840. James was born April 2, 1810, in Nicholsville, Kentucky, one of sixteen children. He died September 11, 1847, of yellow fever, in Houston, Texas. Sarah and Isaac had three children: Novaline Molton; Antoinette Marion James; and Leon Clark James. Novaline was born August 25, 1841. Antoinette was born December 8, 1844, married William A. Solomon in St. Louis in November 1870, and died on September 20, 1912. Leon was born on October 15, 1847, and died in infancy.

Sarah Ann Edmondson's second marriage was to Judge Sanford Lavangee, on February 14, 1856, in Mobile, Alabama. Mr. Lavangee died January, 1878, on the U. S. dredgeboat McAlester. They had one daughter, Ida Octavia Lavangee, born August 29, 1857, and died March 6, 1863, at New Orleans.

Novaline Molton James was born August 26, 1841, in Montgomery, Alabama. She married George Baldwin on March 3, 1864, in Algiers, Louisiana. The Baldwins lived in St. Louis from 1864 to 1879. She was a member of the First Methodist Church in St. Louis. She died at age 86 on January 25, 1928, at the home of her daughter, Sadie B. Bettis, and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery. She had lived in Beaumont for 35 years.

George Baldwin, husband of Novaline James, was born November 28, 1836, in Red Lyon Fayette County, Pennsylvania. As a young man, he worked on steamboats in New Orleans, Memphis, and St. Louis. In the 1870s, he operated St. Louis Kitchener, until financial reverses caused him to sell his business and relocate to Greensburg, Louisiana. Baldwin worked on plantations in Louisiana in the 1880s. He died on November 15, 1885. He and Novaline had five children: Rosa Lee, born 1866 in St. Louis; Irvin Sanford, born February 16, 1868 in Carondolet, Missouri; Sarah Letitia "Sadie", born September 23, 1871; Novaline George, born February 2, 1874, at Carondolet, and Ida Belle, born June 22, 1878, at St. Louis.

Rosa Lee Baldwin graduated from Norvilla Collegiate Institute in Louisiana in 1884, and spent several years teaching school. She married Reverend George G. Woodbridge, a Presbyterian minister, on August 27, 1890. She died at the Manse, Miden, Louisiana, on July 22, 1907. She and George had two children: Novaline, known as Aline, and Samuel Baldwin Woodbridge.

Irvin Sanford Baldwin graduated from Norvilla Collegiate Institute in 1885.

Sarah "Sadie" Baldwin married Frank Jewel Bettis (1867-1913) on August 27, 1890. In the early 1890s they lived in Orange, but the family moved to Beaumont in 1893, where she was prominent in the social life of the city. She was active in the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Colonial Dames of America. Sarah Bettis died at the age of 80 and was buried in Magnolia Cemetery.

Frank J. Bettis, spouse of Sarah Baldwin, was born in St. Louis on October 2, 1867. His parents were I. H. and A. E. Ostrander Bettis. The family moved to Orange in 1877, and in 1892 he came to Beaumont. He was connected with the Beaumont Lumber Company. He later organized the Beaumont Box and Crate Company, which merged into the Bettis Manufacturing Company. Frank J. Bettis died November 22, 1913, and is buried in Magnolia Cemetery. Sarah Baldwin and Frank Bettis were the parents of three children: Novaline; Frankie Bettis, who died from meningitis as a student at the University of Texas; and Irvin H. Bettis.

Novaline Bettis was born November 9, 1891, in Orange, Texas. She graduated from Beaumont High School in 1909, and from the Kidd-Key Conservatory in Sherman, Texas, in 1910. She married Edgar Alfred Holland of Houston on October 7, 1914, in Beaumont. She died on October 14, 1962, in Beaumont.

Edgar Alfred Holland was born January 14, 1890 in Fort Worthy, Texas. His parents were Edwina Catherine Buell (1870-1953) and lawyer and judge George Embry Holland (1868-1962). Novaline and Edgar A. Holland had two children, Edwina Holland Winter, and George E. Holland II, born October 28, 1920, in Orange, Texas.

Edwina Holland Winter was born September 11, 1917, in Orange, Texas. She married John Dawson Winter, Jr., on February 5, 1943.

John Dawson Winter, Jr., was born May 4, 1909, to John Dawson Winter and Roberta Powers Winter. He grew up at Edgar, Mississippi. A career army officer, who achieved the rank of lieutenant colonel, he graduated from the Virginia Military Institute, in Lexington, Virginia. He was in Texas on official business when he met Edwina. He was active in St. Mark's Episcopal Church, where he sang in the choir. He was active in many other musical groups, as well, including singing in a barbershop quartet and playing saxophone in a jazz group.

John Dawson Winter III, known as "Johnny", was born February 23, 1944, in Beaumont, Texas. He is a noted blues and rock guitarist and singer. He began singing and playing musical instruments at a young age. As youngsters, Johnny and his brother, Edgar, performed in local talent shows and on local television. At fourteen, in 1957, Johnny organized a rock group, Johnny and the Jammers, with his brother, Edgar, playing piano. In the early 1960s Johnny made records for regional labels. Around that time Johnny was the opening act for such performers as Jerry Lee Lewis and the Everly Brothers. He and his brother traveled the South for several years before he recorded an album, Johnny Winter which was praised by John Lennon and Rolling Stone. This recognition led to a contract with Columbia Records. As a Columbia artist, he made five hard rock and roll blues albums. He produced Muddy Waters' comeback album which won a Grammy award.

Edgar Holland Winter was born December 28, 1946, in Beaumont, Texas. He has synthesized rock, blues, and jazz melodies. A gifted musician, he is primarily noted for singing and playing alto saxophone, but also plays keyboards, bass, guitar, and drums. He and his brother Johnny played together as teens at local venues. Edgar was signed to Epic Records in 1970, after performing on his brother's album Second Winter. He formed the rhythm and blues group White Trash in the early 1970s, which broke up in 1972. He then formed another group, White Trash and Roadwork, which recorded the single "Keep Playing that Rock and Roll", which reached number 70 on the rock and roll charts. In 1973 they recorded the album They Only Come Out at Night which reached number 3 on the rock charts and featured the single, "Free Ride." He also released a hit single, "Frankenstein," which hit number one in 1973, and sold more than a million copies. The group dissolved in 1975. Edgar and Johnny recorded an album together in 1976, titled Together Live and have continued to tour and record together. Edgar has also worked on movie scores.

Irvin H. Bettis was born October 4, 1895, and died June 4, 1970, in Harris County, Texas.

Novaline George Baldwin was born February 2, 1874, in St. Louis. She graduated from Norvilla Collegiate Institute of Greensburg, Louisiana. On June 25, 1897, she married Charles Henry Stroeck, and the couple had one daughter, Rosa Lee. Novaline was active in community affairs. She was president of the board of the YWCA, a member of the Colonial Dames of America, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the United Daughters of the Confederacy. She served as regent of her local DAR chapter.

Charles Henry Stroeck was born November 2, 1871, near New Braunfels, Texas. As a youth he came to Beaumont. Stroeck first served as a licensed druggist, and later was a bookkeeper at the First National Bank of Beaumont. On January 25, 1902, he was made cashier of the American National Bank. A diligent worker, he was later elevated to the vice-presidency of the bank, and became its president after the death of B. R. Norvell in 928. He served as president of the American National Bank until 1937. A 1951 publication of the American National Bank wrote of him, "It was Mr. Stroeck's lot to guide the bank during the extreme conditions of the depression. It was during these trying times that the depth of his character and ability were made apparent to Beaumont."

Rose Lee Stroeck was born in 1898, and married Arthur J. Thompson on December 19, 1923. They divorced in 1928. Rosa died on December 4, 1936.

Scope and Content Note

The Winter Family Collection holds the papers of six generations of the Winter family. It reveals the history of a well-to-do Southern family as it moved westward throughout the nineteenth century. These papers include tax records, legal documents, business records, newspaper clippings, correspondence, magazines, souvenir booklets, and obituaries. The collection includes a significant number of photographs and photograph albums, dating from the 1860s to the 1960s. The photographs include many portraits of family members, and candid shots depicting their lives. Scrapbooks created by various family members, which hold newspaper clippings and other memorabilia, are also contained in the collection. Musicians Johnny and Edgar Winter are descendants of the family, and the collection includes a few papers describing their early careers; however, some photographs and papers related to the Winter brothers are currently restricted in respect for their privacy. Additionally, the collection holds genealogy materials, including the research files created by the family, and published books on family names. Rare copies of fictional books are also part of the collection.


Organization of Collection

This collection is organized into 32 series.
Papers of Ann Clark Moulton Carter Bullock, 1814-1850
Papers of Eliza Jane Edmondson, 1825-1855
Papers of Sarah Edmondson James Lavangee, 1863-1886
Papers of Novaline James Baldwin, 1889-1925
Papers of George Baldwin, 1864-1885
Papers of James W. Baldwin, 1877-1904
Papers of Rosa Lee Baldwin Woodridge, 1888-1907
Papers of Sarah Baldwin Bettis, 1870s-1950s
Papers of Frank J. Bettis (Husband of Sarah Baldwin), 1891-1913
Papers of Irvin H. Bettis (Father of Frank Bettis), 1880-1912
Papers of Novaline Bettis Holland (Daughter of Sarah Baldwin Bettis), 1909-1938
Papers of Edgar A. Holland (Husband of Novaline Bettis), 1889-1949
Papers of Edwina Holland Winter (Daughter of Novaline Bettis Holland), 1917-1957
Papers of Johnny and Edgar Winters (Sons of Edwina Holland Winter), 1958-1962
Papers of George E. Holland II (Brother of Edwina Holland Winter), 1931-1933
Papers of Frankie Bettis (Daughter of Sarah Baldwin Bettis), 1909-1911
Papers of Irvin Hunter Bettis (Son of Sarah Baldwin Bettis), 1904
Papers of Novaline Baldwin Stroeck (Daughter of Novaline James Baldwin), 1882-1954
Papers of Rosa Lee Stroeck (Daughter of Novaline Baldwin Stroeck), 1904-1936
Papers of Ida Belle Baldwin (Daughter of Novaline James Baldwin), 1882
Papers of Antoinette James Solomon (Sister of Novaline James Baldwin)
Papers of Ellen Edmondson Burke (Aunt of Novaline James Baldwin), 1840s-1940s
Publications, 1823-1929
Artifacts and Natural History
World's Fair Ephemera, 1893-1904
Journals, 1857-1890
Correspondence, 1861-1863
Scrapbooks, 1862-1904
Photographs, 1860s-1960s
Oversized Items, 1860s-1920s
Publications Held in Genealogy Section of Library


Access Restrictions

Some materials related to Johnny and Edgar Winter are restricted; other restrictions may also apply.


The Tyrrell Historical Library does not hold copyright for most of its collections. The researcher must secure permission to publish. All requests for permission to publish or quote from manuscripts must be submitted to the Tyrrell Historical Library. The researcher assumes full responsibility for complying with copyright, literary property rights, and libel laws.

Index Terms

Personal Names
Winter, John Dawson, III, 1944-
Winter, Edgar Holland, 1946-
Family life
Rock music
Blues music
Montgomery (Ala.)
St. Louis (Mo.)
Autograph albums
Clippings (information artifacts)

Separated Material

The following publications are held in the genealogy section of the Library Division: Baldwin Genealogy Supplement; Historical Southern Families, Volume 1; Genealogy of the Hannum Family, Descended from John and Margery Hannum Settlers in Chester County, Pennsylvania; Holland: A History of the Virginia Holland Families from 1620-1963; Molton Family and Kinsman: Reminiscences to the Year 1857; Moulton Annals; Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1800; The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy: The Standard Genealogical Encyclopedia of the First Families of America, Volume III; Youngblood-Armstrong and Allied Families.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Winter Family Collection, 1817-1960s, AC-339, Tyrrell Historical Library, Beaumont, Texas.

Acquisition Information

Donated by Edwina Winter and George E. Holland, 2000 September 15.

Processing Information

Processed by Tyrrell Historical Library staff, 2000.

Finding aid revised and encoded by Tyrrell Historical Library staff, 2013 May.

Detailed Description of the Collection


Papers of Ann Clark Moulton Carter Bullock, 1814-1850

Box Folder
1 1 Ann Bullock tax receipt, Montgomery, Alabama, 1837
2 Ann Carter tax receipt, Montgomery, Alabama, 1838
3 Ann Carter tax receipt, 1843
4-5 Ann Bullock will, 1850
6 Obituary of Colonel Michael Moulton, 1817
7 Will of William Carter, 1828
8 Lieutenant Michael Clark Molton Memoriam (son of Colonel Michael Molton), 1814
9 Transcript of memorial to Michael Clark Moulton


Papers of Eliza Jane Edmondson, 1825-1855

This series contains a letter from John Edmondson to Eliza, in which he wrote of his intent to move to Texas: "I have further, and on mature and deliberate reflection come to the conclusion that by going to Texas I have no doubt of making a fortune for us all in a few years." The other letter from John Edmondson was sent to his daughters, and discusses illnesses, deaths, and finances.
Box Folder
1 11 Newspaper clippings regarding Eliza Jane Edmondson's experiences during Lafayette's visit to Alabama in 1825
12 Receipts for the burial of Eliza Jane Edmondson, 1855
13 Correspondence from John Edmondson to his wife, Eliza Jane Edmondson, 1837 January 31; John Edmonson to his daughters, Sarah Ann and Virginia, 1837 June 27; John Edmondson purchase of town lots in Montgomery County, Alabama, 1825


Papers of Sarah Edmondson James Lavangee, 1863-1886

Box Folder
1 14 Transcriptions of poetry, recipes, and home remedies, undated
15 Sarah Lavangee receipts, 1863, 1871; Calling cards, obituary, 1886
16 Correspondence received by Sarah Lavangee, 1876, 1881
17 Copy of the marriage license of Sarah James and Judge S Lavangee, 1856
18 Biographical information on Isaac Dorgan James
19 J. S. Lavangee certificate of qualifications as an inspector on a steam vessel, 1874
20 Newspaper clippings about the death of J. S. Lavangee, 1878 January
21 Papers regarding financial compensation to Sarah Lavangee for the death of J. S. Lavangee, 1879


Papers of Novaline James Baldwin, 1889-1925

Box Folder
1 22 Calling cards, undated
23 Correspondence, 1890-1895
24 Correspondence, 1904-1912
25-26 Correspondence, 1913
27 Correspondence, 1914-1928
28 Financial records, 1913-1914
29 Legal document, 1892
30 Legal document, 1914
31-46 Memoirs
Box Folder
2 1-9 Memoirs
10 Newspaper clippings, 1910s-1920s
11 Visit to Alabama, 1913
12 Oil stocks, 1902
13 Oil stocks, 1922-1923
14 Poem about son, 1889
15 United Daughters of the Confederacy application, 1906


Papers of George Baldwin, 1864-1885

Box Folder
2 16 License as engineer of a steamer, 1863 August 31
17 Certificate to act as an engineer on the steamer T. L. McGill, 1864 October
18 Papers regarding transportation on steamer Continental, 1864 November 1
19 Certificate of enrollment as a militiaman of Missouri, 1865
20 Notes on George Baldwin's military service
21 Correspondence received by George Baldwin, 1874, 1876
22 Receipts, 1866-1884
23 Papers regarding Baldwin's business, St. Louis Kitchener, 1870s
24 Formulas for paint, St. Louis Kitchener, 1874, 1875
25 Letter of recommendation, 1884
26 Obituaries, 1885


Papers of James Baldwin (Brother of George Baldwin), 1877-1904

Box Folder
2 27 Temperance pledge, 1877
28 Obituaries, 1904


Papers of Rosa Lee Baldwin Woodbridge, 1888-1907

Box Folder
2 29 Calling cards, undated
30 Class attendance roster, Chapman School of St. Helena Parish, 1888; "Mr. Leftowich's children", 1890
31 Correspondence, 1899
32 Essay, "A Memory of 63", undated
33 Essay, "Purity: Intellectual, Political, Moral", undated
34 Newspaper clippings, 1890s-1907
35 Poetry, undated


Papers of George Woodbridge

Box Folder
2 36 Woodbridge family's heritage of serving as Presbyterian ministers, 1917 January 24


Papers of Sarah Baldwin Bettis, 1870s-1950s

Box Folder
2 37 Illustrations from a book belonging to "Sadie Baldwin"
38 Correspondence, 1870s-1880s
39 Correspondence, 1900s
40 Newspaper clippings, 1900s-1950s
41 Poetry, undated
42 Will, 1914


Papers of Frank J. Bettis (Husband of Sarah Baldwin), 1891-1913

Box Folder
2 43 Correspondence, 1899-1913
44 Newspaper clippings, 1900-1913
45 Sale of real estate, Lot 548, Block 3, 1897-1899
46 Deeds to part of James W. Bullock League, 1891, 1897
47 Bettis Manufacturing Company, 1905
48 Bettis Manufacturing Company, 1909


Papers of Irvin H. Bettis (Father of Frank Bettis), 1880-1912

Box Folder
2 49 Certificate of qualifications as an engineer of a steam vessel, 1890
50 Correspondence and calling cards, 1904
51 Newspaper clippings, 1912, undated
52 Sarah Bettis certificate of membership, Methodist Episcopal Church, 1870
53 Pearl Bettis (sister of Frank J. Bettis), 1882
54 Walter D. Bettis, 1909


Papers of Novaline Bettis Holland (Daughter of Sarah Baldwin Bettis), 1909-1938

Box Folder
2 55 Commencement program, Beaumont High School, 1909
56 Invitation to commencement, North Texas Female College, 1910
57 Catalogue of North Texas College Kidd-Key Conservatory, Sherman, Texas, 1910-1911
58 Essay, "Gods of the Hearth," undated
59 Correspondence, 1910-1938
60 Newspaper clippings, 1914-1938


Papers of Edgar A. Holland (Husband of Novaline Bettis), 1889-1949

Box Folder
2 61 Commencement programs and invitations, Orange High School, 1905
62 Correspondence, 1905-1939
63 Ephemera, 1911-1928
64 Holland's Jewelry Store, undated
65 George E. Holland newspaper clippings, 1889-1949
66 Letters to George E. Holland, undated


Papers of Edwina Holland (Daughter of Novaline Bettis Holland)

Box Folder
3 1 Dick Dowling Junior High graduation program, 1930
2 Bridge luncheon program, 1931; piano recital program, 1931, 1933
3 Latin tournament program, 1932; Children of the American Revolution, 1932
4 Graduation program and invitation, Beaumont High School, 1933
5 Ward-Belmont School diploma, 1935
6 University of Colorado commencement program, 1937
7 Wedding ephemera, 1942
8 Certificate, National Resources Conference, Industrial College of the Armed Forces, 1957
9 Correspondence, 1937
10 Newspaper clippings, 1917-1930s
11 Newspaper clippings, 1933-1939


Papers of John and Edgar Winter (Sons of Edwina Holland Winter)

Box Folder
3 13 "Johnny and the Jammers," Independent Teen Times, 1960 October 17
14 Newspaper clippings, 1960
15 James Bowie Junior High School, promotion day program, 1961
16 Commencement invitation, Beaumont High School, 1962


Papers of George E. Holland II (Brother of Edwina Holland Winter)

Box Folder
3 18 School mementos, 1931-1937
19 Correspondence received, 1932-1933
20 Newspaper clippings
21 Poetry, undated
22 Sketches of houses, undated


Papers of Frankie Bettis (Daughter of Sarah Baldwin Bettis), 1909-1911

Box Folder
3 23 The Bee, a monthly publication of Beaumont High School, 1911 February
24 The Bee, 1911 March
25 The Bee, 1911 April
26 The Bee, 1911 May
27 Correspondence, 1911
28 Newspaper clippings, 1909


Papers of Irvin Hunter Bettis (Son of Sarah Baldwin Bettis), 1904

Box Folder
3 29 Irvin Hunter Bettis 1904


Papers of Novaline Baldwin Stroeck (Daughter of Novaline James Baldwin), 1882-1954

Box Folder
3 30 Book inscribed to Novaline G. Baldwin, 1883
31 Norvilla Collegiate Institute catalogue, commencement programs, 1888-1889
Box Folder
4 1 Letters of recommendation concerning Novaline Baldwin [Stroeck]'s teaching career, 1893-1896
2 Calling cards, undated
3 Correspondence, 1882-1891
4 Correspondence, 1891
5 Correspondence, 1891-1894
6 Correspondence, 1896-1902
7 Correspondence, 1902-1903
8 Correspondence, 1912-1927
9 Newspaper clippings, 1880s-1954
10 Ration book, World War II, circa 1941-1945
11 Scrapbook, circa 1900
12 Papers of Charles H. Stroeck (husband of Novaline Baldwin Stroeck), 1897, 1937


Papers of Rosa Lee Stroeck (Daughter of Novaline Baldwin Stroeck), 1904-1936

Box Folder
4 13 Correspondence, 1904-1917
14 Newspaper clippings, 1904-1936


Papers of Ida Belle Baldwin (Daughter of Novaline James Baldwin), 1882

Box Folder
4 15 Newspaper clippings, 1882


Papers of Antoinette James Solomon (Sister of Novaline James Baldwin), 1870-1912

Box Folder
4 16 Papers, 1870-1912


Papers of Ellen Edmondson Burke (Aunt of Novaline James Baldwin), 1840s-1940s

Box Folder
4 17 Copy of correspondence, 1865
18 Advertising pamphlets, circa 1925
19 Book for children, "Mother Goose for Youthful Bankers," undated
20 Calendar, Jesse E. Longe coffee roaster, Beaumont, Texas, 1908
21 Calendar with young girl sewing, undated
22-23 Calling cards, undated
24 Christian literature, 1909
25 Dance card, circa 1890s
26 Daughters of the American Revolution ribbon, 1920
27 Handkerchief and card, circa 1920s
28 Image of William H. Harrison
29 Image of steamboat "Susie B", circa 1870s
30 Information on family heirlooms, undated
31 Invitations, 1880s-1890s
32 Invitations, 1900s
33 Louisiana State lottery ticket, 1891
34 Manuscript, "A Wedding Present," undated
35 Newspaper clippings, Christian, 1892-1919
36 Newspaper clippings, Civil War, 1860s
37 Newspaper clippings, Confederate, early 1900s
38 Newspaper clippings on the memoirs of elderly people, 1910s-1920s
39-40 Newspaper clippings, household hints and recipes, 1860-1920
41 Newspaper clippings, humor, undated
42 Newspaper clippings, obituaries, 1880s-1909
43-48 Newspaper clippings, poetry, circa 1850-1920
49 Newspaper clippings, Spanish-American War, 1898
50 Newspaper clippings, temperance and social issues, 1880s-1920
51 Newspaper clipping, poem "Queen of the Neches" about Beaumont during the Spindletop boom, circa 1902; Newspaper clippings on temperance and social issues, 1880s-1920
52 Newspaper clippings on weddings and engagements, circa 1900-1940
53 Newspaper clipping on Whig politics, 1840s
54 Painting of a black physician, copy, by Harry Roseland, copyrighted 1902
55 Poems transcribed, undated
56 Postcards, circa 1900
57 Proclamation, 1892
58 Program, First United Methodist Church, 1919
59-60 Scrap art, 1880s-1900s
61 World War I papers, 1917-1919



Box Folder
4 62 Godey's Ladies Book
63 Housekeeper's Weekly, A Journal of Home Help Information and Entertainment, 1891 November 21
64 Housekeeper's Weekly, 1891 December 5
65 Housekeeper's Weekly, 1891 December 12
66 Housekeeper's Weekly, 1891 December 19
67 Housekeeper's Weekly, 1891 December 26
68-69 Housekeeper's Weekly, 1892 January 2
70 Housekeeper's Weekly, 1892 January 9
71 Housekeeper's Weekly, 1892 January 23
Box Folder
5 1 The Mayflower, a gardening publication, 1890 September
2 Our Little Ones, a Baptist publication, 1893
3 Vinegar Bitters Almanac 1872, Ayer's American Almanac, 1887
4 The New Orleans 1888 Almanac, Hostetters Illustrated United States Almanac 1889, Marshall's Illustrated Almanac and Pocket Compendium, 1914
5 Every Day Almanac and Home Helps, 1922, 1925, 1928
6 The Mikado, comic opera by Gilbert and Sullivan, 1885
7 Christian publications
8 Teetotal Songster
9 Gaskell's Compendium of Self-Teaching Penmanship, 1883; Old Folks' Favorite Songs, undated
10 Catalog of hair accessories, 1912


Artifacts and Natural History

Box Folder
5 11 "Novie's New Dresses 1897"
12 Novaline James Baldwin hair
13 Rosa Lee Baldwin Woodbridge hair
14 Irvin [Baldwin? Bettis?] hair


World's Fair Ephemera

Box Folder
5 15 World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
16 Ads from St. Louis World's Fair, 1904
17 World's Fair Souvenir, 1904



Box Folder
6 1 Clark
2-16 Molton
17 James
18 Edmondson
19 Baldwin, original family record, 1772-1907
20-28 Baldwin
29-31 Chads
32 Buell
33 Reese-Holland
34-35 Holland
36 Ostrander
37 Bettis
38 Stroeck



Box Folder
7 1 Journal of Sarah Ann Lavangee, 1872 August 25 - 1878 September 4
2 Journal of Novaline James, 1861 July 26 - 1864 September 4; Journal of Novaline M. Baldwin, 1864 July 3 - 1916 October 5
3 Journal of George Baldwin, 1857 January 1 - 1859 May 14
4 Journal of George Baldwin, 1859 May 18 - 1860 March 31
5 Journal of George Baldwin, 1960 April 1 - 1861 February 26
6 Journal of George Baldwin, 1862 July 16 - 1862 August 20
8 Nine journals of George Baldwin, 1864-1871
Box Folder
9 1 Journals of Rosa Lee Baldwin, 1884 July 3 - 1885 January 17
2 Journals of Rosa Lee Baldwin, 1885 January 18 - 1885 November 7
3 Journals of Rosa Lee Baldwin, 1885 December 19 - 1887 April 20
4 Journals of Rosa Lee Baldwin, 1887 April 28 - 1888 May 17
5 Journals of Rosa Lee Baldwin, 1888 May 22 - 1888 September 19
6 Journals of Rosa Lee Baldwin, 1888 December 31 - 1890 May 30


Letters from George Baldwin to Novaline James, 1861-1863

Box Folder
10 1 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 May 20
2 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 June 9
3 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 June 23
4 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 July 11
5 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 July 14
6 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 July 30
7 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 August 4
8 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 August 11
9 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 August 12
10 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 August 25
11 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 September 8
12 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 September 22
13 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 October 5
14 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 October 26
15 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 November 13
16 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 November 24
17 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 November 26
18 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 December 11
19 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 December 18
20 Memphis, Tennessee, 1861 December 25
21 Memphis, Tennessee, 1862 January 5
22 Memphis, Tennessee, 1862 January 20
23 Memphis, Tennessee, 1862 February 2
24 Memphis, Tennessee, 1862 February 16
25 Memphis, Tennessee, 1862 March 2
Box Folder
9 26 Memphis, Tennessee, 1862 March 18
Box Folder
10 27 Memphis, Tennessee, 1862 April 6
28 Memphis, Tennessee, 1862 April 20
29 Cookstown, Pennsylvania, 1862 August 31
30 Cookstown, Pennsylvania, 1862 October 12
31 Birmingham, Pennsylvania[?], 1862 November 30
32 Memphis, Tennessee, 1862 December 8
33 Birmingham, Pennsylvania, 1863 January 4
34 Birmingham, Pennsylvania, 1863 February 18



Box Volume
11 1 Poems by J. A. Holland, 1929
2 The Sands of Time: A Text, A Proverb, and a Sentiment for Every Day in the Year, Thomas W. Hanford, compiler. Chicago: Donohue, Henneberry, & Co., 1885
3 Souvenir of New Orleans, 69 Photo Views, circa 1885
4 Autograph album with blue velvet cover, belonged to Charles Stroeck, has inscriptions, many in German, dated 1891
5 Autograph album with brown leather cover, belonged to Novaline Baldwin Stroeck, inscriptions dated 1892-1893
6 Autograph album of Novaline Baldwin [Stroeck], inscriptions dated 1886-1890
7 Scrapbook with brown cloth cover, inscribed: "Sep 10 1880 Pearl Bettis From her friend Agnes Smith". Includes newspaper clippings and calling cards.
12 Two scrapbooks of newspaper clippings compiled during the Civil War in New Orleans, clippings of poetry, descriptions of battles, generals, and conditions on the home front
Box Folder
13 1 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, 1862-1890
2 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, 1884-1903
3-4 Scrapbooks of newspaper clippings, circa 1880s
5-6 Scrapbooks of advertising cards, late 1800s
14 Scrapbook compiled by Novaline James Baldwin and given to her daughter, Sadie Baldwin Bettis, in 1904. The book includes newspaper clippings from 1862-1905 and a one dollar Confederate bond dated 1864.
Box Volume
15 1 The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Translated out of the Original Tongues and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Rev[ised?]. New York: Daniel D. Smith, 1834. Inscribed: "Edmonson " June 23, 1837
2 The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated Out of the Original Tongues. New York: American Bible Society, 1855. Belonged to the George Baldwin family, includes family newspaper clippings, marriage certificate of George Baldwin and Novaline James, and roster of family births and deaths.
3 A Collection of Hymns for Public, Social, and Domestic Worship. Nashville: Southern Methodist Publishing Company, 1859. Inscribed: "A Present To My Wife Novaline Baldwin St. Louis, Jan 1, 1865"
4 A Collection of Hymns for Public, Social, and Domestic Worship. Nashville: Southern Methodist Publishing Company, 1859.
5 The New Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Together with the Apocrypha. Philadelphia: John Edwin Potter, 1863. Belonged to the Bettis family; includes photographs, newspaper clippings, and genealogical data, 1833-1938
6 A Collection of Hymns for Public, Social and Domestic Worship. Nashville: A. H. Redford for the ME Church South, 1866. Inscribed: "Presented with much love to My Dear Mother Mrs. Sarah A. Lavangee"
7 The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments. Oxford: University Press, 1868. Inscribed: "Mrs. M. N. Solomon"
8 The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments. Glasgow: William Collins, Sons and Company, 1872.
9 Holy Bible. Inscribed to Letitia H. Baldwin, 1873
10 Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible: Or the Whole of the Old and New Testaments. A. J. Johnson, editor. New York: A. J. Johnson and Son, 1875. Family Bible of George and Novaline Baldwin; includes family births and deaths, 1836-1937
11 Gospel Hymns Combined Embracing Volumes No. 1, 2 and 3 as Used in Gospel Meetings and Other Religious Services. New York: Biglow and Main, 1879.
12 The New Hymn Book: A Collection of Hymns for Public, Social and Domestic Worship. Nashville, Tennessee: Southern Methodist Publishing House, 1881.
13 Manna ober Gebetbuchlein fur die Catholique Schuligend. [Manna Above: Prayer Book for Catholic Schools]. Regensburg: P. Deharbe, 1884. Inscribed: "Carl Stroeck."
14 The New Hymn Book: A Collection of Hymns for Public, Social and Domestic Worship. Nashville, Tennessee: Southern Methodist Printing House, 1886.



Box Folder
16 1 Sarah James Lavangee, circa 1860
2 Judge Sanford Lavangee[?], circa 1860
3 Novaline James[?], circa 1857
4 Novaline James Baldwin, circa 1885
5 Novaline James Baldwin, circa 1896 or 1897
6 Novaline James Baldwin, circa 1910
7 Novaline James Baldwin, circa 1920s
8 Novaline James Baldwin and her descendants: Sadie Baldwin Bettis, Novaline Bettis Holland, and Edwina Holland [Winter], circa 1919
9 Novaline James Baldwin with her daughter, Sadie, great-granddaughter, Edwina, and grandson, Irwin Bettis, circa 1919
10 Novaline James Baldwin with her daughter, Sadie Baldwin Bettis, circa 1919
11 Novaline James Baldwin and her great granddaughter, Edwina Holland Winter, circa 1919
12 Novaline with a group of women. Novaline is third from the left, her daughter, Sadie, is second from the left, circa 1920s
13 George Baldwin age 35, Thomas Baldwin, James Baldwin age 41, 1870
14 Rose Baldwin, circa 1870
15 James Baldwin and family, circa 1910
16 James Baldwin and family, circa 1910
17 James Baldwin's daughter[?], circa 1860
18 [H.?] Baldwin, circa 1885
19 Elmy, Bell, Lizzie, sisters of George Baldwin, circa 1877
20 Elizabeth Barker, sister of George Baldwin, 1890s
21 Emma Barker, niece of George Baldwin, circa 1900
22 Letitia Baldwin, mother of George Baldwin, circa 1860
23 E. S. Baldwin and family, 1910
24 Rosa Baldwin[?], circa 1900
25 Rosa Baldwin[?], circa 1900
26 Rosa Baldwin Woodbridge, circa 1900
27 Rosa, Aline, and Sam Woodbridge at their home in Houston, 1894 or 1896
28 George and Rosa Woodbridge with their children, 1890s
29 George Woodbridge residence, Minden, Louisiana, circa 1907
30 Samuel Baldwin Woodbridge, circa 1895, 1901
31 Samuel Baldwin Woodbridge, circa 1911
32 Norvilla Collegiate Institute, Louisiana; shows building and pupils, circa 1880s
33 Irvin Baldwin[?], circa 1885
34 Sadie Baldwin, circa 1875
35 Sarah and Novaline Baldwin, 1870s
36-39 Sarah "Sadie" Baldwin, 1880s
40 Rosa Lee, Sadie, and Novaline Baldwin, 1890s
41 Novaline and Sadie Baldwin, circa 1900
42 Sadie Baldwin, circa 1900
43 Sadie and Irvin Bettis, circa 1900
44 Sarah Bettis, 1910s-1920s
45 Sadie Baldwin Bettis, circa 1920s
46-49 Sadie Bettis in her Colonial Dames costume, circa 1920s
50 Sarah Baldwin Bettis telling fortunes, circa 1940
51 Bettis-Holland family gathering
52 Frank J. Bettis with daughters Novaline and Frankie, circa 1897; Frank J. Bettis funeral flowers, 1913
53 Frank J. Bettis residence, circa 1900
54 Bettis Manufacturing Company float, circa 1915
55 I. H. Bettis, circa 1900
56 Captain I. H. Bettis, circa 1895
Box Folder
16A 1 Captain and Mrs. I. H. Bettis, circa 1895
2-3 Mrs. I. H. Bettis, circa 1895
4 L. L. Bettis, circa 1890s
5 Col. W. D. Bettis, 1896
6 Frankie Bettis, Novaline Bettis, circa 1897
7 Novaline Bettis Holland, undated
8 Novaline Bettis, 1904
9-10 Novaline Bettis Holland, circa 1920s
11-12 Novaline Bettis Holland, circa 1940s
13 Edgar A. Holland, circa 1894
14-15 Edgar A. Holland, circa 1915
16 Edgar A. Holland, small scrapbook of photographs of a vacation in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, circa 1910
17 Photographs of Beaumont and vacations taken by Edgar A. Holland, circa 1930
18 Cuthbert and Tabitha Reese (parents of Elizabeth Holland, who was the mother of J. A. Holland), circa 1885
19 J. A. Holland family, Fort Worth, Texas, including George E. Holland, circa 1885
Box Folder
17 1 Buell family photographs, 1860s
2 Fred Holland[?], undated
3 George E. Holland, 1936
4 Four generations of Holland men: clockwise from baby: George E. Holland II, grandfather George E. Holland, father Edgar A. Holland, and great-grandfather, J. A. Holland, 1920
5 Judge George E. Holland with his great-grandson, John Dawson Winter, 1944
6 Holland family snapshots, circa 1930s-1940s
7-12 Edwina Holland childhood photographs, 1917-1930
13 Edwina Holland as a young woman in 1937
14-15 Edwina Holland as a young adult, late 1930s - early 1940s
16 Edwina Holland, 1940s-1980s
17-18 Edwina and George Holland, circa 1920-1930
19 George Holland II, circa 1920 - early 1940s
24 John D. Winter, 1940s
25 [John Winter's parents' home, 1940s?]
26-27 Frankie Bettis, circa 1915-1918
28 Irvin Bettis childhood photographs, circa 1898-1908
29 Irvin Bettis as a World War I soldier, circa 1918
Box Folder
18 1-2 Novaline Baldwin, Charles Stroeck, 1890s
3 Charles Stroeck as a young man, 1880s-1890s
4 Novaline Stroeck and her daughter, Rosa Lee, circa 1906
5 Ida Belle Baldwin, circa 1882
6 Ida Octavia Lavangee, circa 1863
7 Beaumont High School football team, 1912
8 Nea Portwood Butler, circa 1920
9 Molton family of Alabama, 1920s
10 [Norvilla Collegiate Institute graduating class?], 1888 June 28
11 Oil derrick with gusher [three women, Rosa, Sadie, and Novaline Baldwin?], undated
12 Oil well gushing, circa 1901
13 Oil field scene at Spindletop, circa 1901
14 Oil field scene, circa early 1900s
15 E. W. Brown Horse Show, 1941 May 17
16 Holland House, Orange, Texas
17 Sailboat, "Folly at Sabine Pass", shows lumber on the dock, circa 1900
18 Rice threshing, circa 1910
19 Acme Glass Company, 1121 Red River, Austin, Texas, circa 1930
20 Walking beam of the Clifton in Pipkin Park, circa 1940
21 Phelan House, circa 1940; San Jacinto Building clock tower, circa 1940
22 Country Club, circa 1940s
23-24 Beaumont scenes of Orleans Printing Company and Flooded Streets, 1955 April
25 Railroad tracks, circa 1940
26 Scenes along the river, circa 1940
27 Miscellaneous photos of Beaumont
28 O'Brien Oak, circa 1940
29 River and Jefferson County Courthouse, circa 1940
30 Bridge on the river
31 Forest Lawn Memorial Park, circa 1940
32 Port of Beaumont, 1955
33 Fishing photographs, circa 1940s
34 Log cabin, circa 1930s
35 Ox team carrying lumber through the woods, circa 1930s
36 Nicholls Hotel, circa 1885
37 San Antonio, 1941
38 Photos of baby
39 Photo of man in military uniform - Frank Bettis[?]
40 Photo of young man, taken at Anderson's of Houston
41 Charles Stroeck and another young man
42 Photo album pages, with photos of Rosa Lee Stroeck, the Bettises, the Stroecks, and "Grandmother Baldwin"
43 Girls climbing tree
44 Sadie Bettis
45 Pearl Portwood[?]
46 Photo of woman
47 Edwina "Winnie" Buell Holland, 1930s
48 Edgar Allen Holland, before 1920
49 Photo of woman
50 Sadie Bettis[?], circa 1915
51 Mrs. George E. Holland
52 Sadie and Novaline Bettis; Photo of young man
53 Unidentified People
54 Photo of woman
55 Dora Link[?]
56 Photo of young woman - Novaline Stroeck[?] - circa 1885
57 Bettis Family Group
58 Sadie Bettis with daughters[?]
59 Unidentified Places
60 Photo of little girl, with hand tinting, circa 1910
61 Photograph portraits taken in Boston, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Denver, Colorado, 1860s-1890s
Box Volume
19 1 Photograph album with brown leather cover. Inscribed: "Novaline M. Baldwin A Gift From my husband St. Louis Mo July 1864", and includes photographs of Letitia Baldwin, Sarah A. Lavangee, J. S. Lavangee, Ida Lavangee, Ida Bell Baldwin, and others, 1860s-1880s
2 Photograph album wtih black leather cover. Inscribed: "Pat. Oct. 17, 1865" and "This album belonged to Sarah Ann La Vangee", and includes photographs of Sarah Ann Lavangee, Rosa Lee Baldwin, James Baldwin
3 Photograph album with dark brown leather cover; includes photographs of Ostrander and Bettis family, 1860s-1870s
Box Folder
20 1 Irvin Bettis as a high school student, circa 1915
2-3 Irvin Bettis as a graduate of Texas A&M, 1921
4 Irvin Bettis and the Mechanical Engineering Class at Texas A&M, 1921
5-6 Irvin Bettis, 1936
7 Irvin Bettis and Novaline Bettis Holland
8 Novaline George Baldwin as a child, circa 1876
9 Novaline Baldwin [Stroeck], circa 1894
10 Novaline Baldwin Stroeck, circa 1920s
11-21 Unidentified people
22-25 Unidentified places
26 Photographs, circa 1900
27 Photo of young girls in tree, circa 1900
28 Crepe myrtle tree in Orange, Texas
29 Photos of woman, taken by Ostebee
21 Photographs of rice threshing, beach scenes, early automobiles, circa 1915
22 Bunyan, John. The Pilgrim's Progress. Philadelphia: G. G. Evans, 1859. Inscribed: "To Geo. E. Holland Presented by Geo. W. Holland His Grandfather"
The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott Baronet, in Ten Volumes, Vol. VI. Edinburgh: A. Constable, 1823. Belonged to Charles H. Stroeck.
Webb, Mrs. J. B. Jewess of Julamerk, Vol. 1 and 2. London: Parry and Co., Publishers, 1850. Belonged to Charles H. Stroeck.
Box Volume
23 1 Photograph album: Includes photographs of Edwina and George Holland and oil field scenes, 1920s-1930s
2 Photograph album: Includes photographs of George and Edwina Holland, 1920s
3 Photograph album: Includes photographs of parades in Beaumont, circa 1936


Oversized Items

Box Folder
24 1 Newspaper clippings on Eliza Jane Edmondson
2 Novaline James Baldwin memoirs, undated
3 Novaline James Baldwin newspaper clippings, 1916, 1928
4 Sadie Baldwin and Frank Bettis marriage certificate, 1890 August 27
5 Bettis Manufacturing Company, undated
6 Bettis family newspaper clippings, 1908-1926
7 Novaline Bettis Holland newspaper clippings, 1929-1948
8 Edwina Holland Winter newspaper clippings, 1923-1958
9 Declaration of Independence 1776-1876, presented by F. W. Humphrey & Co Retail Dealers in Mens, Boys' and Children's Clothing Centennial Memorial, 1876
10 Two images: Picture of woman titled "In the Sweet Summer Time", circa 1910; Watercolor of Cajun style houses and sail boats signed "Novaline"
11 Newspaper clippings on the Civil War, 1860s-1920s
12 Newspaper clippings on Zilphia Berwick, 1926, and Clara Chaison, 1928; Anti-smoking clipping, 1913
13 Newspaper clippings on Sam Houston, 1920s
14 Christian publications: Children's Friend, 1892 August 27; People's Pulpit, A Religious Newspaper, 1909 April; The Southwestern Presbyterian, 1904 October 12; The Visitor, A Weekly Illustrated Paper for Young People, published by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, 1910 November 27
15 Comfort, 1897 August, 1899 September, People's Home Journal, 1918 August
16 Harpers, "Mark Twain's 70th Birthday," 1905
17 Genealogy on the Holland family
18 Genealogy on the Molton family
Box Volume
25 1 Thompson, Maurice. Alice of Old Vincennes. Toronto: William Briggs.
2 Gray, Thomas. Elegy, Written in a Country Church Yard, And Other Poems. New York: Robert Carter & Brothers, 1853
3 Collins, Wilkie. Heart and Science; A Story of the Present Time. New York: John W. Lovell Co.
4 The Natural History of Land Birds. New York: Hurst & Co., Publishers: 1852. Inscribed: "Edgar Holland. Fort Worth Texas Friday Dec. 10th"
5 Carleton, William. The Poor Scholar, and Other Tales of Irish Life. New York: D. J. Sadlier & Co., 1880.
Box Volume
26 1 Photograph album with blue velvet cover; includes photographs of James Baldwin, Sarah Lavangee, Novaline James Baldwin, Sarah Baldwin Bettis, and Frankie Bettis, circa late 1800s - early 1900s
2 Photograph album with wooden cover; belonged to the Holland family; includes tintypes and carte de visites, 1870s - early 1900s
3 Photograph album with red fabric cover; Photographs were taken in Beaumont, Texas; Norton, Kansas; and McKeesport, Pennsylvania, 1860s-1890s
Box Volume
27 1 Scrapbook with newspaper clippings of poetry from the late 1800s
2 Scrapbook - Inscription: "Rosa L. Baldwin Grandma gave this book Xmas 1878 St. Louis, Mo"; contains newspaper clippings, scrap art, calling cards, and a photograph and obituary of Ida Lavangee, 1866
Box Volume
28 1 Photograph album with photographs of boating and camping, and of Edwina Holland Winter and George Holland III, circa 1910


Publications Held In Library Division

1 Baldwin, C. C. Baldwin Genealogy Supplement. Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Leader, 1889.
2 Boddie, John Bennett. Historical Southern Families: Volume I. Redwood City, California: Pacific Coast Publishers, 1957.
3 Hannum, Curtis H., compiler. Genealogy of the Hannum Family, Descended from John and Margery Hannum, Settlers in Chester County, Pennsyvlania. Chester, Pennsylvania: Horace F. Temple, 1911.
4 Holland, Kirk Davis. Holland: A History of the Virginia Holland Families from 1620-1963. Salado, Texas: Anson Jones Press, 1963
5 Molton, Thomas Hunter. Molton Family and Kinsmen: Reminiscences to the Year 1857. Birmingham, Alabama: Birmingham Publishing Company, 1922.
6 Nugent, Nell Marion. Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1800. Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1974-1979.
7 Virkus, Frederick A., editor. The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy: The Standard Genealogical Encyclopedia of the First Families of America, Volume III. Chicago: F. A. Virkus and Company, 1928
8 Youngblood, Frances and Floelle Youngblood Bonner. Youngblood-Armstrong and Allied Families. Pensacola, Florida: Frank R. Parkhurst and Son, 1962